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Full text of "The Toronto City Directory 1912"

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• ^ ‘(n • J ■ « » " ‘ 



THE FxjlICE census GIVES 

Wl : 



1 ; 



f (J 

7 \ 



> li 

U ■ ; r 



’j ^ prominent 1 

i »'>'!•> that the -- — — 

■ poor ligiire- was due to the fact tliat it : 

. v^HuT liP. i; >)ased uii the number of per- 
\yrnf-. in «!ic iamity. Naturally it was de- 
i ijired <o a^ oid ’dvinp information s hiv'll 
= ya;* ! *:•.• •• 'b't rate and it wa^ not 

:i.wi 1 hi- roiicc =•; iiMi.'. h\ «ii. ■- ipiined ntd 
M*;- tv i.. \-A- (•: .! 0. that Toronto Avas 

;d • 1 i yd: - its i>'.wit -..*e in point t.-f 

OF 42 p^'''' 


ures, and-T, 
Adore Corr(. 



issued by t 
police ccusu.' 
i(7: 1S93, of 1 
ith coinpur; 


pei? ru\ 

the pi'oi 

^ future. 

IIKH. HtO)-' 

^ Hoiuy 

> r: 

rew of) 
“i bee? 

Ilcling's vaciij 
jf vacant fatj 

th the roccA . 
in the snmi\ | 
B,167, and '•h/^j 

ntcrested ii/ 
t lio’A niaj 
pulatidii fis 
lioye returl 

qiqxd aj 

aqq piling 
eqq apqAv' 
)j pa^d^pB 
JituizpBjj 1 

■jqSuq B 
)ta qqoq 

)iqqBnb . 


\ ;jos 
3iW SB 

n i 

C^jynHGS from AN Y PART OF 

Press Clipping Atjeacy 

uww*T DinrcTOHtc*, LIM TKO. p«o 

-ft Charch Street, Toronto, Canada 


30 M 












Calgary Claims Poptilation of 
Over Seventy Thousand — Large 
Increase in Two Years. 

[ i 























To-day Toronto’s boundaries 
are extended to include ISTorth 
Toronto and Moore Park. The 
former joined the city at mid- 
night .Saturday, and the latter 
at midnight Sunday. 

The population of the city is 
increased, according to the 
police census, from 425,407 to 

Its acreage is increased from 
17,920 to 24,275. 

increased from 28 
to a little more 

M |H Its area is in 
mI n square miles t 
■■ Ij I than 38. 


7 E 



the Continent** 

Calgary, Alta., Nov. II. — Tiu 
seventh issue of Hepder^n’s Calgary 
city directory, which has - 

isAued, marke an era of unparalleled 
progress and development recording, 
as it does, an abnormal Increase in the 
population since the last Issue. 

The 1911 directory, after a most 
careful enumeration of the city, 
computed its then- population to be 
about '54,687. The (publishers in the 
latest issue now estimate Calgary s 
residents to number 73,769, this show- 
ing an increase of over 19,000 souls 
for the year. 

An analysis of the nratorlal which 
has guided them in arriving at thm 
estimate will indicate that in every 
class of business, inanufacturinig, in- 
dustrial or coramerfcial, eacli have 
added their resjioctive proportions to- 
ward bunding up these figures. 

The following extract from the 1913 
directory conclusively records the on- 
. ward march of Calgary toward the 
300,000 mark In population. 

Individual Firm Estimate 
names, names, of pop, 

I .Tuivv.'lflifi 12,882 1,057 40,000 

X;a 191 ,21.603 1,717 54,687 

i Nov..’ l:-'2 ....32.732 2,272 73,759 

Multiple u.sed 2,250. 

O'he 1912 directory contains a neatly 
1 comidled street guide, rocoi'dlng Cal- 
: gory’s expan.sion in the increa.sed 
■ nuinber of householders returned. Tlie 
; building permits expected to aipproach 
iiiyi.i'Oi. r If il,:. year qualify tha; 

I extraordinary Increase. In the class) - 
I fled section, indicating the nimsher of 
' new busines-r firms ajid trader, for the 
i year, is ~eoorded the very large In- of 30 per cent., a inagnlflcant 
; advcriiseroc.nt as proving the attr.a:- 
I dions of Calgary from a business 
j vantage. ^ 

r Managing Director; 



Secretary : 

W. B. TAYLOR, B.A., LL.B. 

Assistant Secretary : 


nee organization 


1.250 000 

Desiring to Represent a First-Class 
,d communicate with the 



W 42 PA 


'ore Corn 

issued by 


^ . u 

' 3 the 


'edlbi . 

home" ? 

Pap« ^vard 6 

nexatlon ( AVard 7 

IS '^5 











jfiolice ccusu: 
; 1S93, of 1 
th coinpar^ 



It therefore exceeds the Dominion census by 49,167, and thJ 

like to as., At the present time there are In the city 2.S02 buildings vaca, 
about 445 are summer cottages; 376 vacant stores, 37 vacant fa 

} PGOpi© 

■ he wouldn’ dwellings, 1,038 stores, and 43 factories in process of erection, 
j nity area. The latest police census of 425,407 corresponds with the recc 

the city hi census of 376,240, and the last assessors’ census taken in the sumi’ 
acres, pie- 
. 425.000, 

(persons to t'^ensus by 50,740. 

I was annexe The police census is favored by those specially interested i 
I land area tstatistics, as it is said to give tlie best estimate of hou ma 
, ngures^o*ut taken for the .sole purpose of getting populatio 

I acre. Accord*'*’^'^^'^'^'''' to prejudice the imblic as are those retnr] 

! have before more personal reasons, it is probable that an lumual police 
acre of the fcskcd for. 

are. Greater- ^ 

I to the 


I Phla, 17; 

' falo, 16 
f tl 

fl,crA • ' I; 

. otL — Philadel, 

San Pt-oT 1 -t'nuadel-* 

!n^ti. 13; Washington. J' •3''’"'='"- 

<5,, 20; 

Ts more with 

i citleA mentioned. 


Cleveland, 19. 
23 to the acre 
than any of 

I"'" ^ ~i rr~? til in g 

oq n-BO saiiiijinib jaiABaq aq^ 

‘sassaip Snidi..ip tijos aoj pa^d^pti 
•s?ins puB s:)B00 aoj ‘sjiuiizpBg 


' 17 Toror 

u920 acres (not 18,920) 


census gave it 47S407 ft"' i^ouce 

lation to-day Is 24 no,- Popu- 

3 s area Is only 
and the police 

even more for 

jfj8A iqsintj snoa^snj ‘tjqgijq B uj 
•saABBAV itABaq puB umipatn q:)oq 
ot ‘sauaqQ ap TIt:^'Bg ptrB 
-pB<j 9ss9qon(j qo'Bja q^IH 

•S9i;).t]Bnb » 

are iss 


■able to-day, ’I'oromu 


(Sniping J9tAB9q 9q:j o; S?99JJ8 

Ja-wi; iqpBj 9mj 9q.i utoaj ‘pjoo m 92is 

,fe tha 

double the population which it had a SuiAYOqS ‘spJOO OBUIOq^O 

the beginning of the present centurj pmB ‘9nqB2TI92 ‘9^91^00 ‘qOBjq 

It is half as large again as It was 1 xiou ‘USIUII 9gn9raaBU0 IIOS 
1907. In other words, it has added • n . .a a r 

per cent, to its population in fli ‘sni^JBg 9SS9qon(J qOB^g H**!}! 


AVhere It Stands .Among Citlc.s. 

Even assuming that there are : 
more people in Toronto than t 
assessors report— and there certair 
are more— this city now takes th 
teenth place among the great centi 

iire yoi 

(Times' f 
bondon, Sep! 
‘'Times ’ sets ; 
Canadian ceiisi 
XoroTito, inste! 
376,000 as credi 
leiilly Im.s ove.i 
This brings 
a prominent i 
avers tlial. the 
,)Oor figure-' was 




‘9sCp m :jsBj if|9TniOBqB pgg^uB 
-OBtiS St JajniOBjtmBtn siqi i<!q 
-AOAV 909td iCa9Aa; ‘sqi^piM. qout 

Qi^ puB ‘88 ‘98 ‘38 til uAAoqs 
9q qiAV ‘s9i:^qBnb 9pBa3-q2iq 
!(S90IOq9 pUB S9AB9A). BAISnpOXB 
J() 9U0 9JB fJBp-o; sqpg qoB^a 

•gonBj^j ‘snOfCq jo ‘}9unog 
•p -Q luojj ‘sniiBg puB sqpg 
qoB{a qoig jo spjBiC 000‘S 

sqns s.}9uuoa jo 

due to the fact that its 
: waier rale is based oil the luimlier of per- 
1 eon.s ill I'lic laniily. Natiivally it was de- 
sired to aMiid giving information uliieli 
! '■ .vat mise tla- '.latpi rate and it was not 
■ ant'.! 1 lie police eensas, by ili-scipliiied and 
ill".;' in.IP wa“ tliat Toronto was 
1 .'.'ole lo lake its true, position in point of 

I , leKOofo i fio^ 

■3 uvi 3iO‘B'[q qons- sjo^oo JBindotS |jy 
S> 1HBI9M s.usuio/v\ Kj!iBn{) 

; 3AlS O} (lO^ ja^JBS ptTB aa^ 

d» pu-B SO} ‘[ 30 q paojojujaj jib< 1 Alaaia 
em Sf p^^ 3AV pub sasaA joj 

JOi sjiej ^ 'XjgiSBi^ eueipuj s^usuio^ 

I : S3IZt[ SmjrtjO[[OJ Otp 

_>q uoAOixd SBq aauai.iodxa Suo.'j 
IBA :)S3q aq,; si |i puu ‘a'^iBiaaodap 
■na oq pa^oajip st mB^sicoo atw) 

oq J^J^ISQq pooiSi SI ^Bqj, .wonq aai 
qqiAV ‘niagB pus aiuSu -^.i Aiiq * » 

•s SI ^9m.q JK> y M:1H.A\ 

M4SBQ s^uaui 
)tiBpuB^3 s^uo;^e^ 

•UOB-a os'si ‘X-BpsaupaAl Jeaja o^j;, 

So 01^82 uonoajioo aq^ ui punop 

ij sa-aaMB o;^;bio 3 jj 3 

Xiuo-ssuimuiu^ iijfSf’ susiaap aiduiia At 
rnoia-BA uj asaas sahu jo ^touiq gf [bust^k 

SmqjTBia |'Biii:§uy aijj^ j,[ mq f|gnj- 
»ag jpj ‘Suua^o stqi jaq^aiS y 

w+njAi -uv^ m ‘pt:q pn® 
WB aito^’dAo^S 
aq:j aa^a«jBnS 





the Continent” 

aunoA ano j.upjnOAi eAV 'om 
• jiasjnOA joj aas uto no^t sv ‘«a; aq 
o} ?qSno Ji— uaA'oaq mjAV anjXqj uaAes 
aifBtn oj Japan uj asaas saomao-Bs 
jaod paSaiiB eqi aaaq.ii asrao v s b v*h 
• amXnj jtiduijs sj jjnjs siqj jo r 
• -—A-.,, Dota exB iCeq; a 


snoJsSn'Bp B }ou axe saAp 

•sja^ig pooig . 

pasfi »H inufl i-iitose 
OM 10in‘?na paairoi 

'/n ' 

soijv puB 


S||og pB( ' ' 


i.if"a’ti 6 'h 

OJ "S'.M ‘JJOdsjuBH uiojj All 

it-,r.tur • Rinaa j/ 

F. ' 

R. S. 


p Capi 



are isi 





City Has More Than Doubled in Size Since 1900, and Rate of 
Growth Has Exceeded That of Any Other 
City of Seune Size. 


0^ju'4:§' siqj papqiqxa ajil 


Assessors. Pol 

osaqjj ’s^Boo 3nox M.9U 9q:| piling 

ire Fun 




1912 410,036 42i>, 

1911 374,667 

1910 341,991 

1909 325,302 

1908 287,201 301, 

1907 .... 272,600 

1905 238,642 262, 

1000 199,403 

' 1 

The assessors, who have to-<3ay cor 

eq UBD saptjBnb aaiABaq aq^. apqAv 
‘sassaip Sniclr..ip ;jos aoj pajdBpB 
•£:pns puB s:|Boa aoj ‘saiuiizpBjj 

iCjaA tqsra^ snod:}sn{ ‘t|qSuq b uj 
•saABaAi ABoq puB urarpaui q:|oq 

pleted their work of valuation for ti • at,„a,nTirT 'TrnvTcr TOiur 
year, give Toronto a population 9SS9Tp)Tl(J 

410,036, and assessors are always undi ■sai^.I'[Bnb , 

sutentTy^'evadl^'tSem^.” ^nii^uis, jaiABaq aqq o:| s^ioajja 

According to the figures made .qjlBJ auij aqi UtOJJ ‘pjOO HI aziS 

A’jaAa SuiAVoqs ‘spjoo nBuioq:|0 

double the population which it had a • A t ttvj 

the beginning of the present centurj pUB ‘anqBfltiag ‘0|a;).OO qOBjfq 

It is half as large again as it was i nni.x ‘qsiUlJ asiiauiJBqO }JOS 

1907. In other words, it has added 
per cent, to Its population in 

Where It Stands .Umong Cttlc.s. 

Even assuming that there are : 
more people in Toronto than t 
assessors report— and there certair 
are more— this city now takes th 
teenth place among the great centi 



Are yoi 

(limes' )■ 
lAindon, Sep( 
‘'l imes'’ sets ; 
I'anadian oensi 
Toronto, iiifite! 
I'.'B.OOO as credi 
ioully lias over 
This brings 
,i prominent 1 
tliai tile 


fh ‘sui^Bg assaqond ^^^19 


‘aXp ni jsBj X{ajn]OBqB psojuB 
-jBtiS St jgjnjOBjnuBia siqj rCq 
-AOAV aoatd Xj»Ag -sqjpiAV, tpui 
0^ puB ‘gg ‘9g ‘ZS til UAioqs 
sq ‘saijqBnb apBjS-qSiq 

isaotoqo puB saABOAi aAtsnpoxa 
lu ijatJBA 'saiiJOABj s.uoiqsBj 
JO auo 8JB jCBp-oj sqpg qoBja 
•aouBJ^ ‘snoXq jo ‘jaunog 
•p '3 luojj ‘smjBg puB sqpg 
qoBig qoig jo spj'BiC OOO'S 

I' .Live 

itsti . 
th, ‘ 


li J' 



sqns sgauuog jo 

\ poor iigiiri'^ was due to the fact that its 
I '.carer rai; ic liased mi the mimber of pev- 
' son.-, ill i'lio family. Naturally it de- 
! sired to moid giving iiiformatiim uliieli 
'■ .et'i vai-a 1 lie '.v.stpT' r.ite and it was not 
. '.if'.yi i.lie ijoliee "''. Iiy dl.-eiiiiim'd .iiid 
lie.!' mfll, taken, tliat Toronto was i r 

I !(> '.ik'' !is true uofiilii.u in point of 
i I y . . ■ ■ ! 

I o'WmTi'-ioii. 

I a 

p s^u 8 iuoyv\ XjjiBno ,.09 3,, 

. SAjs o} pagjirea'Bius ao^ ja^jes pun Ssi 
t>a puB eoj ‘[aaq psojojujau j[i8<J, ^j8Aa 
— ®t W pup i>A\. pu-g. suvaA joj 

jjg JOf SJIB(j 5 ‘Xja>90f4 BUBJPUI S^USUIO^ 

, :;saajj Su.jAiiOfjoj. dip 

iq uoAoad seq aouaupxixa ;ottoq^ 

[Ba :;saq »q,^ si |t ■^wqi pug 'a-jiBipaodap 
ina Of}, p94oaaip si }j;0'^a •}iib}S:1]ioo xtio 
04 ifjoisoq poOfSi 81 }i 48^} A\,ou;j[: o - m , 
qi}iAi. ‘ttiBfgn puB awSv 41 A’nq a . 

^ SI Aiatsaii JO V NflU^A. 

'"' 1 ® aSiwS »». 

^ -..jidaries 
.. 'n^liide ^Torth 


Houa 0S'S4 •-■C'Bpsaupa^vV JBap oj;, 

So OVBS UJOJ 4 uoHodn&o aqfj up punoj: 
u sa-aaMB djAis os^;gjaa 3 ja jej-BM. 8a»i 

.tiuo-ssujuiuiiji i«i«'sii8iw>p aiduiia Ar 
rnouBA u{ dSaas Xabu aa ^obic, b( 

^uiqxB.iu }'Ba'i,Suo aip} jjaq rjsn}' 
10^ ‘Suua^o siqi m oaq^ag •» 

">*!» iwai to }o aauv'iva anX 

iijSBo s.uatu 




1 Lb , ^ . «> 

tne Continent 


'ce-Preiidents : 


D. E. KlLGOUR, M.A., 
AJ.A., F.A S. 

Managing Director: 



W. B. TAYLOR, B.A., LL.B. 

Assistant Secretary: 


ASSETS (Exceed) = = = = 



$ 12 , 000,000 


8 , 000,000 


Men of Character and Ability Desiring to Represent a First-Class 
Home Company should communicate with the 







CAPITAL (alUpaid up) 
REST - . - 


$ 15 , 413 , 000.00 
15 , 000 , 000.00 
1 , 855 , 185.30 



R. B. ANGUS. President SIR EDWARD CIJOuSrON, Bart., Vioe-Preside 




H. V. MEREDITH, General Manager 
A. D. BRAITHWAITE, Superintendent of Brai 

F.V. HUNTER, Inspector of Ontario BranoL 

D. R. CLAiriiE, 

Honorary President 


r and Superintendent of Branches 
nt of Branches in British Columoia 

t and British Columbia Branohes 

A. MACNIDER, Chief Insp 
es in Ontario C. S WEENEY, Superintenl 
Superintendent of Branches in the Maritime Pn, 

B- P. WINSLOW, Inspector of N. Wi 
Inspector of Maritime and^Neryfoundiand Bran 



British Columbia 

New Denver 
New Westmin-ster 
Port Alberni 
Port Haney 
Prince Rupert 

“ Westminster 
Vernon [Ave. 


West Summerland 

“ Logan Ave. 


Grand Falls, iJirchyiCove, Bay of Islands Bank of Montreal 


London— Bank of Montreal, 47 Thteadneedle Street, F. Williams Taylor, Manager 


^ /r Chicago, Bank of Montreal, J. M. Greata, Manager 

Y Agents, 64 Wall Stibet Spokane, Wash., Bank of Montreal 

) / ' A. H. Buchanan, Manager 


Mexico City, Bank of MontnSal / ^ C. Nqraworthy, \ 


1 jOntarifl^ 


gNew Brunswick 

Prince Edw^d Island 







1 } 



Chatham ' 

Northwest Provinces 


“ jBank St. 



Altana,-; Man. * 


“ . Hull, P.(|. 



Brandon, Man.l 

Bowman viile 


Grapd Mere 

Grand Falls 

Calgarjf, Alta. \ 




.. Hartland 

Card.‘3t{^. Alta. \ 





Edmonton, Alta.'. 





Gretoa,|Man. K 


/' Port Arthur 

“ .Hochelaga 


^igh Rjver, Alta. - 


Port Hope 

“ Papineau Ave, 


Indi^ Head, Sask^ 



“ Peel St. 

St. John 

, Kaweinde, Man. 


Sault Ste. Marie 

“ Point St. 

Woodstock / 

Lethbridge, Alta. 

Fenelon Falls 

Stirling ^ 

X. Charles 


Magrath, Alta. 

Fort William 


“ Seigneurs St. 

Nova ScoUar 

Medicine Hat, Alta. 


St. Mary's 

“ St. Anne de 


Moose Jaw, Sask. 








“ \Sf. Henri 

Chnso * 

Outlook, Sask. 

,r Barton St. 

“ Bathurst St. 

“ ^West End 

Glace Bay 

Portage la Prairie, Man. 


“ Carlton St. 

“ Westmount 


•Raymond, Alta. 

King City 

•'* pundas St. 


„ North End 

Regina, Sask. 


“ Queen St. 

“ S& Roch 


, Rosenfeld, Man. 


“ Yonge St. 

“ Ufcer Town 

Mihone Bay 

Saskatoon, Sask. 




Po^t Hood 

Spring Coulee, Alta. 





Weyburn, Sask. 



St. Hyaeibthe 





Three ^^rs 

Yarmouth - ■ 

“ Fort Rouge 


’ \ 

“ Logan Ave. 

St. John's 

New York 

Bank of Montreal 

Cn. Y. Hebden 
Y W. A. Bog 
1 J. T. Molineux 


London, The Bank of England < 

“ The Union of London and Smith's Bank, 

“ The London and Westminster Bank, Lta'. 

“ The National Provincial Bank of EngUuid, Ltd. 


New York, The National City Bank 

“ The Bank of New York, N.B.A. 

" National Bank of Commerce ia New York 
" National Park Bank 

Moiit|<teI I W.' M. Bancroft, 



Liverpool, The Bank of Liverpool, Ltd. 

Scotland, The British Linen Bank and Branches 

Boston, The Merchants’ National Bank 
Buffalo, The Marine National Bank, Buffalo 
San Francisco, The First National Bank 

„ The Anglo and London Paris National Bank 

G. G. ADAM, Assistant Manager, Toronto 


The Canadian Bank of Commerce 


$ 11 , 000,000 






SIK EDMUND WALKER, Esq., C.V.O., LL.D.. D.C.L., President Z. A. LASH, Esq., K.C., LL.D: Vice-President 


ALEXANDER LAIRD, General Manager - JOHN AIRD, AssiaUnt General Manager 



Britisb UoiumDlajandjYuko^"^^ 

Western Provinoesj 






Portage la Prairie 





Innisfail ^ 

Prince Albert 


Mission City^ 

ilKlmon Arm 














Nelson . 

Vancouver (6, ’offices) 


Red Deer 


New Westmpnter 





Golden } 


Victoria (2 offices) 








White Horse 


Calgary (42office8) 

Saskatoon (2 offices) 


qaeano ana gueoec 




^^alt 1 





Stony Plain 


Rainy River 





St. Catharines 









Sault Ste. Marie 

Medicine Hat 






The Pas 










MontrW (2 offices) 






Otta^ (2 offices) 

Toronto (14 offices)) 









Party Bound 







Pilrcupine, South 



Fort ^anoesj 

port Arthur 


Fort William 

Port Perry 





.Maritime Provlncesl 


North BatUeford 



Halifax ; 











Willow Bunch 





Winnipeg (7 offices) 


, New. Glasgow' 

Sydney f 




Fincher Creek 




, Parrsboro 

; St. John^ 

^ Shelburne 

High River 






Nei^ York Portland, Ore. San PrancUco Seattle, Wash 


J Mexico City, D.P. 



Commercial Credits issued for use in Surope, the East and West Indies, China, Japan, 
I South America, Australia;' and New Zealand. 


Every attention given to the Collection ot Commercial Paper throughout Canada and 
. in all P.A'fts of the World. 

^nvincrc RanV nAnapfiYWirit Deposits of $1.00 and upwards received 
OtlVlIlgb DdllK. UtspdrUJifinL ^nd cuppent rate of interest allowed. 


Main Office, 21-25 King Street wCst, Cor. Jordan Street D.A. Cameron, Manager; E. P. Gower, Asst.Manager 

1129 Bloor West, Cor. Dufierin^treet E. C. Pringle, Manager 

796-798 Yonge Street, Cor. BKor Street Jas. Brydon, Manager 

714 Queen Street East, C<^ Grant Street J. M. Hedley, Manager 

144-148 King Street East/^arket Branch) T. A. Chisholm, Manager 

246 Carlton Street, Cos/Parliament Street A. H. Crease, Manager 

1331 Queen Street Wfn (Parkdale Branch) W. A. Cooke, Manager 

688-590 Queen Street West, Cor. Bathurst Street E. M. Play ter. Manager 

268 College Streetf^or. Spadina Avenue H. P. D. Sewell, Manager 

460 Yonge Street; Cor. College Street O. C. T. Pemberton, Manager 

197-199 Yonge Street (Yonge and Queen Branch) H. C. Rae, Manager 

941 College Street, Cor. Dovercourt Road E. C. Prli»le, Manager 

942 Gerrard Street, Cor. P^e Avenue N. St. B. 'Young, Manager 

1702 Dundas Street (West Toronto Branch) J. B. McCuaig, Manager 

Safety Deposit Vaults at the Main Office {or the custody of Securities, Valuable Papers, etc. 





Paid-up Capital S4,600,000 
Total Assets 

Rest S'>,6<)'»,000 




Vice-Presicy^ 2nd Vice-President 





THOS. F. HOW, General Manager '^ ^ THOMAS A. BIRD, Inspector 







ONTAItlO (Continued) 
LOND*^!n (Main Branch) 


WellingtonSt. E., Cor. Church , LOSDtjN EAST 

(Main Office) ajKONDON NORTH 

King St. W.. cor. Bathurst , T LYNDHUKST 
Queen St. W., cor. Spadinn ^ . MILLBROOK 
Queen St. E., cor. Parliaineut _ MIIJON 
Queen St. E., cor. Bolton , NEWMARKET 
Elm St. cor. ElizaLcth OAKVILLE 

Yonge St., opp. Albert OIL SPRINGS 

Dundaa St., opp. Arthur OMEMEE 

DundaaSt. ARoncesvallea Ave OTTAWA 
Dundas and Keele Sts. 

if" ’ ®undaa and Talbot Sts. 


QUEIIEC (Continued) 

MONTRl fAt (Contd.) 

512 St. |iairrence Boulevard 
Atwater^ \^e., cor. St. Antoine 
Street L . 









/ ,..v 

feTERBOaP’ ' 
i^ETROLIJ4\ r 




W; TERL(3tt,^ 




VANCOI^ER (Main Branch) 
‘‘j lIJBti^ge and Carrall Sta. 


winMpeg I 









.f’ St. James St., cor. 
(Main Office) 

St. Catherine St., cor. 
Board of Trade 

McGill Si 





















Great Britain — The London 
City and Midland Bank, Lim- 
ited, London. 

New York — The National Bank 
of Commerce 

Chicago — First National Bank 

Buffalo — Manufacturers and 
Traders National Bank 

Detroit — Old Detroit National 



KINGSTON ./ , . 

Correspondents and Special Agents in every Banking Town 

' -A 


Interest paid on Savings Balances at Current Rates. Joint Account opened if re- 
quired, the money in which may be withdrawn by either of two persons, and in the 
event of the death of either, the money may be withdrawn by the survivor. 

TRAVELLER’S CHEQUES and LETTERS of CREDIT Issued on which money may be 
obtained without trouble or delay at all important stopping* places. 

COLLECTIONS made on best terms and remitted for on day of payment. 
DRAFTS ISSUED available in Canada and throughout the world. 


in Canada 




Head Office 






6 , 000,000 


Board of Directoi^s 

, . , * 

SIR EDMUND B. OSLER^ M.P., President WILMOtJd. MATTHEWS, Vice-President 


R. J. CHRISTIE ' -■ A. M. NANTON HON. J. J. FOY, K.C., M.L.A. 

C. A. BOGERT, General Maliager e. a. begg, Chief inspector 

19 /^ranch^ fs in Toronto 


ffice and Toronto Bijpnch- 
andf Daven'pott React 
athuAt Streets j 

et andfflovercourt Road ^ 

_ arvisptreets 
and Cotfingham Streets 
a Aveni/e and College Street 
and VjEtoria Sheets 
iStree/and Broa^iew Avenue 
ueenfand Dundas Streets 

-Cor. Kiiig and Yonge Streets 
f Cornerf Queen and Esther Streets 
t “ iQuaen and Sherbourne Streets 
“ iQueen and Teraulay Streets 
“ 'sherbourne and Linden Streets 
West Toronto, 1704 Dundas Street 
Wychwood — North Bathurst St. 
Lee Avenue, cor. Queen St. 

Deer Park, cor. St. Clair Avenue 
Dupont St., cor. Christie 

Saving^s Department 



Special Attention Given to Savings Accounts 

Travellers’ Cheques and Letters of Credit issued, available in all parts of the World. 

Sterling ’’xchange Bought and Sold 

Accounts of Merchants, Traders, Manufacturers, Farmers, Corporation and individuals 

received on favourable terms. 

A General Banking Business Transacted 





D. R. WILKIE, President 



HON. ROBERT JAFFRAY, Vice-President 

Capital Authorized 
Capital Paid-Up, $6,000,000.00 


Reserve Fond, $6,000,000.00 


D. B. WILKIE, President HON. BOBEBT JAFPBA7, Vice-President 



WM. HAMILTON MERRITT, M.D., St. Catharines W. J. GAGE » 

Province of Ontario 


Wellington and Leader Lane 
(Head Office) 

Yonge and Queen Sts. 

Yonge and Bloor Sts. 

King and York Sts. 

West Market and Front Sts. 
King and .Spadina Ave, 

Bloor and Lansdowne Ave. 
King and Sberboume Sts. 
Bathurst and Dupont Sts. 
Queen St. and Palmerston Ave 
Victoria and Adelaide Sts. 
Dundas and Bloor Sts. 

Queen St. and Roncesvalles Ava' 



Province dt Ontario Province ot Quebec 

(Coti tinned) 

, “ “ (Upper Bridge) 




" (WestEnd) 

" (Market) 


" (East End) 



“ St. Lawrence Bould- 

’*• (Upper Town) 

“ (St. Roch) 

Pro^nce of Manitoba 

I " ■ (North End) 
f ‘‘ (Portage Ave) 

P^vince of Saskatchewan 












Province of Alberta 

Province of Alberta 




,. (East End) 

“ (West End) 

" (North End) 


Province of British Columbia 












“ (Fairview) 

“ (Hastings a nd 

Abbott Sts.) 
Main St. 



Gbbat Britain — LloydsBank limited ( 
Manchester & Liverpool Balding Compi 
The Commercial B^k o£,Scotiand, Limi 
Bank of Ireland ; 

France — Credit Lyonntiis 
Gbbmant — Deutsche Bank 
UNiTBn States — s 

New York — Bank ofVhe Alanbattan Company 
Bank of America 
Merchants National Bank 
National Bank of CoiAtijorce 
Bank of Montreal 
Buffalo — Bank of Buffalo 

Columbia National Bank .’of Buffalo 
The Marine National Bank 
Boston — National Shawmut Bank 
Chicago — First National Bank 
Detroit — Old Detroit National Bank 
Duluth — First National Bank 




njOTED Statbs— -C ontinued 
r Pittsburgh— Bank of Pittsburgh 

f Pluladelphia — Farmers’ and Mechanics’ National Bank 

Fourth St. National Bank 
Franklin National Bank 
St. Paul — Second National Bank 
Minneapolis — Firefc National Bank 
San Francisco — Wells Fargo Nevada National Bank 
Portland, Oreg.— United States National Bank 
China And Japan — Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking 

Aitstbalia, New Zbaland, Tasmania— 

Union Bank of Australia 
Sandwich Islands— 

Yokohama Specie Bank 
Bank of Hawaii, Limited 
South Africa— 

Standard Bank of South Africa, Limited 





LETTERS OF CREDIT and O^FTS issued, available in all parts oF the world. 

MUNICIPAL AND INDUSTRIAL DEBENTURES bought and sold. Special attention to collections. 

SAVINGS DEPARTMENT at all Branches. Interest allowed at best current rates. 

The Mercantile Agency. 

R. Q. DUN & CO. 

Prlnolpal Offloes Dun Bulldlns, 3<K> Broadway. Now Yorlc GIty. 


ABILENE, Texas Pine & North Third Streets. 

A.LBANY, N. Y 4y.61 State Street. 

ALBUQUERQUE, N. Msx.. State Nat'l Bank Bld^., Central Ave. <fe Second St. 

ALLENTOWN. PA Allentown Nat’l Bank BMff.. 7th St A Center Sq. 

AMARILLO, Texas Chancelor Building, 317 Polk Street. 

ATCHISON, Kan 120 North Fifth Street. 

ATLANTA, Ga Austell Building, 10 N. Forsyth Street 

AUGUSTA. Ga Dyer Building, Broad A Eighth Streets 

AUSTIN, TEXAS DriskUl BuUmng. 604 Brazos Street 

BALTIMORE, Md Maryland Trust Bldg., Calvert A German Sts. 

BANGOR, Mb Room 11 Columbia Building. 16 Colombia Street. 

BEAUMONT. Texas Boom8419-420 Pearlstcin Bldg., 693-697 Pearl 8t 

beaver PALLS, Pa 1027 Seventh Avenue. 

BINGHAMTON, N. Y Phelps Bank Building, 18 Chenango Street 

BIRMINGHAM, ALA Woodward Bldg., First Ave. A 20tn Street 

BOSTON, Mass 3 Winthrop Square and 36 Otis Street 

BRIDGEPORT, CONN Room 213, 83 Fairfield Avenue. 

BUFFALO. N. Y Dun Building. 112 Pearl Street 

BUTTE, Mont 606 Phcenix Block, West Park Street 

CAIRO, III 613 Ohio Street 

CANTON, Ohio Room 632 The CourUand,119 North Court Street 

CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA Cedar Rapids Savings Bank Building. 

CHARLESTON, S. C 191 Meeting Street 

CHARLESTON. W. Va Citizens’ National Bank Building. 

CHATTANOOGA. TKNN Hamilton National Bank Building. 

CHICAGO, ILL New York Life Building, La Salle A Monroe Sts. 

CINCINNATI, OHIO ingaUs Building, Fourth A Vine Streets, 

CLEVELAND, OHIO Century Building, 414 Superior Avenue, N. W, 

COLUMBIA, 8. C 1106-7 A 8 Nat’lLoan A Exchange Bank Bldg. 

GOLUMB US, Ga Gilbert Builrling, 17>a East Twelfth Street. 

COLUMBUS, Ohio 508 A 610 Wyaodi^tte Building, Broad A Wall Sts 

DALLAS, Texas 1205 A 1207 M^n'Street 

DAVENPORT, IOWA Whitaker Block! Brady A Third Streets. 

DAYTON, Ohio Conover Buildiiig, Tlit^ A Main Streets. 

DENVER, COL Exchange Buildfiig. I5lh A Araphoe Streets. 

DES MOINES, lowA........SeoarltlesBulI()hiK. 41^16 Seventh St 

DETROIT, Mich Union Trust Bui^ng. 

DUBUQUE, Iowa Kiene BuUtUng. AAIain Streets. 

DULUTH, Minn Lonsdale Bldg.. Su^rior St. A Tlurd Are. West. 

EASTON, Pa --...Corner Centre Hqiidre A Sotiph Third Street 

EAST ST. LOUIS, ILL.. Insurance Building>412 MmsoutI Avenue, 

ELMIRA, N. Y Hulett Building. Eaat Waw A Lake Sts. 

EL PASO, TEXAS 501 Guaranty Trust Buildint 

BRIE, PA Rooms 20-22 Penn Bldg., Stale A Eighth Streets. 

EVANSVILLE, IND 123 Upper First Street ■ 

FORT SMITH, ARK First National Bank Boildint 

FORT WAYNE, iND N. W. oor. Calhoun A Main Siteets. 

FORT WORTH, Texas First National Bank Bldg„Sevfnth A Houston Sts 

GALVESTON, Texas Reymershoffer Bldg., 22^nd A Mechanic Sts. 

QLOVERSVILLE, N. Y h nox Hoilding, Sooth Main Sweet. 

GRAND RAPIDS. MiCH Michigan Trust Building. \ 

GREEN BAY, Wis Citizens’ Bank Bldg., WashingipD A Cherry Sts. 

GREENVILLE. S. C 6 Davenport Building, 118 Soith Main Street 

Harrisburg, Pa commonwealth Trust Buildlhi 222 Market St. 

HARTFORD. CONN 36 Pearl Street. ^ 

HELENA, MONT Main A Edwards Streets. A 

HOUSTON, TEXAS Southern Pacific Bldg., Franklfc A Travis Sts. 

INDIANAPOLIS. IND 631-533 State Life Building, f- 

JACKSONVILLE, FLA Blum Building, 117 W. ForsytlKtreei. 

JERSEY CITY, N. J Commercial Trust Bldg., 16 Exlhaiige Place. 

KANSAS CITY, Mo 1012 Baltimore Avenue. J . 

KEOKUK, Iowa Rooms 12 A 13 Y. M, c. A. BulsEUng. 

KNOXVILLE, Tenn 218 Gay Street • 

LA CROSSE, WIS Room 23 Batavian National Bank BnUding. 

LINCOLN, Neb Rooms 414-416 Fnnke Bnildingir 

LITTLE ROCK, ARK Rooms 117-119 German Natiodhl Bank Bldg. \ 

LOS ANGELES, CAL International Bank Bldg., Temfle A Sptlng Sts : 

LOUISVILLE, Ky Board of Trade Building, ThirdA Main Streets. ' 

LYNCHBURG. Va National Bank Building, 914 M iJn Streets • 

LYNN, Mass Proctor Building, 31 Exchange Street. 

MACON, Ga Foiuth National Bank Buildini t 

MEMPHIS, Tenn 40 South Main Street. 

MENOMINEE. MiCH FUst Nat’lBankBldg.,cor.Mai iSt.AOgdenAve 

MERIDIAN. Miss Rooms 619-620 Miazzia A Woo Is Bldg., 22d Avt 

MILWAU KEE, Wl8 Wells Bldg., Wisconsin A Milw .ukee Streets. 

MINNEAPOLIS, MiNN Commercial B^., Third St. A ] Irat Ave. N. 

MOBILE. Ala St. Francis A Water Streets. 1 

MONTGOMERY, ALA First National Building. 

MUSKOGEE, OKLA 208-209 Iowa Bldg., Second A T Okmulgee Sts 

NASHVILLE, TENN Palmer Building, 304 la Third A rt. N. 

NEWARK, N. J 30 Clinton Street. 

NEW HAVEN, OoNN Orange A Chapel Streets. 

NEW ORLEANS, LA Camp A Common Streets. ’ 

NORFOLK, Va 71 Plume Street. 

OKLAHOMA. OKLA Campbell Building, 10 North I roadway. 

OMAHA, Neb 1222 Harney Street, 

OTTUMWA, IOWA -.-.Electric Building, 209-211 Eae Second Street 

PADUCAH, KY City Nat’l Bank Bldg., Fourth t and Broadwnv 

PENSACOLA, Fla Ameiican Nat’l Bank Bldg., 21 1 So. Palafox St 

PEORIA, ILL Masonic Temple Bldg , 301-7 f Adams Street. 

PHILADELPHIA, PA Betz Bldg.. Broad Street A 8. : enn Square. 

PITTSBURGH. Pa Keenan Bldg., Seventh Street j Liberty Avenue 

PORTLAND, Me 31^ Exchange Street. 

PORTLAND, ORE Chamber of Commerce3ulldl: g. 

PROVIDENCE, R. I 27 A 29 Exchange Street. 

PUEBLO, COL Room 118 PqpeBlock, Main; nd Fourth Sts 

QUINCY. ILL 105»a North Fourth Street. 

READING. Pa Farmers’ National Bank Built ng. 

RICHMOND, VA 1105 East Main Street. 

ROCHESTER, N. Y 602-506 Koohealer German I isurance Building. 

ROOKPOHD, ILL William Brown Building. ®' 

SAGINAW. Mich Rooms 208 and 209 Eddy Building. 

ST. JOSEPH, Mo Corby- Forsee Bui ding. 

8T. LOUIS, Mo Merchants' Exchange Bldg., Pine St Sntranee. 

ST. PAUL, MINN 352 A 364 C©<iar Street 

SALT LAKE, UTAH Tribune Building, 149 South Main Street 

SAN ANTONIO. TEXAS Alamo Nat’l Bank Bldg.. 130 West Oommeroe 8i. 

SAN DIEGO. Cal Timken B»dg. cor. Sixth A E. Streets. 

SAN FRANCISCO, CAL Royal Insurance Bldg., 201 Saosome Stre^ 

SAVANNAH, Ga Genuania Bank Bldg.. Bull A Congress Streets. 

SCRANTON. PA 723 A 724 ConneU Bldg., 131 N. Washington Ave. 

SEATTLE. Wash Rooms 1201.1206 Alaska Bldg., 616 Second Ave. 

BED ALIA. Mo Citizens’ Nat’l Bank Bldg., Main A Ohio Sts. 

SELMA. ALA Gillman Bldg., BroadSttet Waters Alabama St. 

SHERMAN, Texas Murphy Building. 

SHREVEPORT. La Rooms 634, 636 A 630 First National Bank Bldg. 

SIOUX CITY, IOWA Metropolitan Block, Fourth A Jackson Streets 

SPOKANE, WASH Hutton Bldg., Washington St A Sprague Ava 

SPRINGFIELD, MASS 861 Main Street 

SPRINGFIELD, MO —Over Union National Bank, South Side Square. 

SPBINGFIELD, OHIO Fairbanks Bldg , Main St. A Foun.ain Ave. 

SYRACUSE, N. Y 8-9 Wietlng Block, South Sallna Street 

TACOMA, Wash Bank of CaUforala Bldg., 18th St A Pacific Ave 

TAMPA, FLA Rooms 406-406 American National Bank Bldg. 

TOLEDO, OHIO Chamber of Commerce Building, 244 Summit St 

TOPEKA, KAlf Room 2 Shawnee Fire Bldg., 701 Jacason St. 

TRENTON, N. J Rooms 39, 40 A 41 Forst-Ritohy Building. 

TROT, N. Y Cannon Place, Broadway * Second Street 

UTICA, N. Y 68 Utica City National Bank Bldg., Genesee St 

WACO, TEXAS Provident Building. 

WASHINGTON, D. O Nat’l Metropolitan Bank Bl^., 613 16th St, N.W. 

WATERLOO, IOWA . ...••....Booms 509-510 Commercial Bank Bnildlng. 
WHEELING. W. VA ..•♦....National Exchange Bank Bldg., 12th A Main Sts. 

WICHITA, Kan A... .Sedgwick Block/slrst A Market Streets. 

WILKES-BARRE, PA-.T... -Booms 60 A 01 Welles Building, Public Square 
WILLIAMSPORT, PA..A...120 W. Fourth Street. 

WILMINGTON, DEL... A— .511-512 Equitable Bldg., cor. Kith A Market Sts. 
WIlSiNGTON, N. C.—L.-Sonthem Building, Front A Chestnut Streets 
WINSTON-SALEM, N. C^..806, 306 A 807 Masonic Temple Building. 

WORCESTER, MASS 1— State Mutual Building, 340 Main Street. 

YOUNGSTOWN, OHlO....-..Wiok Bldg., cor. West Federal A Phelps Streets. 
ZANESVILLE. OHIO ...— .^Booms 801.303 Masonic Temple, North Fourth St. 


OAIiSABT, Albibta Merchants’ Bank BnlldtnK. 121 Elkhth Are. W. 

EDMONTON, AlbkbtA M<>lco°* Bldg., Jasper Avenue East. 

HALIFAX, N. 8 Royal Bank Bldg., cor. George Hollis Sts. 

HAMILTON, OUT lIHnghson Street South. 

LONDON, Out Maeonlo Temple Bldg., Blchmond A King Sts. 

MONTBIIAL, QUB Board of Trade Building, St. Sacrament Street 

OTTAWA, OUT Booms 86 A 30 Trust Building, Sparks Street. 

QUEBEC, QUB People’s Chambers. 126 St, Peter Street. 

REGINA, SABK Darke Block. 2136 Eleventh Avenue. 

ST. JOHN, N. B „..66 Prince William Street, 

ISASKATOON, BASK .-...Chnbh Bldg., 229 Twenty-flrst Street. 

ITORON’TO.Ont 4-. .70 Bay Street. 

fVANOOUVER, B. 0 1...Molaons Bank Ohanbers, 643 Hastings St. W. 

VICTOBIA. B O i,... 408 Pemberton Bnildlng. 

WINNIPEG, MAS »...Keewayden Bldg., 138 Portage Avenue East 



Banco Naclonal de Cuba Building, 


OHIHUAHUA A.Calle Aldama 110. 

— UADALAJABA RAvenlda Corona No. 130 N. N. 

Sua.YMA 8 -.Bsquliia de VII Avenlda y Calle 23. 

«EXICOCITY 2aCapnchlnasNo. 48. 

MONTERBEY Esqaina Calles Morelos y Pnsbla. 

■OTBREON 1411 Avenlda Hidalgo. 

VglBA CRUZ Avenlda Morelos No. 17, esqulna Benito Jnares 


BtlBNOS AIBE8 Calle Ban Martin No. 191. 


AMSTERDAM, HOLLA»D...Bokin 65 67. 

ANTWERP, BELGIOM 1 Bue Jardin Arbaletrlers. 

BABOELONA, SPAIN Calle de Bilbao 213. 

BERLIN. Geemany BerUn C. 19, Haudelsetatte Petrlplatz, Getraiid 

tonstrasse l/L Ecke Petrlplatz. 

BREMEN, Gkemant.. Langan Strawe 16. 

BRESLAU, Gkbmant Albreohtstrasse 20. ^ , 

BRUSSELS, BstaiDM 68, Bue Mont aux Herbes Potagere.s, 

BUDAPEST, HUNGABT DCak t6r 6 (Anker Palais), Bunapest VI. 

COLOGNE, GBBMANY Schlldergasse 72/74. 

DANZIG. Gkbmant Hundegasse No. 46. 

DORTMUND, Gkrmant DeutscBe National Bank Building. 

DRESDEN, Germany Pragerstrasse 64. 

DtJSSEtiDOBF. GERMANY . . Graf Adolf Straese 48. 

ELBBBPELD. GERMANY — Altenmarkt 11 . 

FRANKPUBT a/M., GBR.. - Zell 104. 

GLASGOW. SCOTLAND Castle Chambers. 66 West Regent Street. 

HAMBURG, GBBMANY Alterwall No. 60. 

HANOVEH, GBBMANY Georgsttasse 45. 

HAVRE, FBanck 6 Rne Anfray. „ _ . . ^ . 

LEIPZIG, GkBMANT Dresdner BAnk.Oebande, Angnstusplatz. 

LILLE, Feakck 36 Bus Paldherbe. 

LISBON, POBTDOAL Rua d'Bl-Rsl. 99. 

LONDON, England “ King’s House,” 36 A 37 King Street, Obeapslde. 

MADBlDrSPAIN 5, Calle Kcbegaiy. 

MAGDEBURG, GERMANY. . .Kaiser Stiasee 98-99. 


MILAN tiT ALT Via MeravlgU 2 (Angolo via Dante). 

MUNICH, Germany Domhof , Kauflngerstrasse 23. 

NUBEMBEBO, Germany. . . KSnigetrasse 76. 

PARIS, France 5 Boulerard Montmartre. 

PLAUEN, GERMANY Albertplat* 8. „ . „ . _ 

PRAGUE, Bohemia Landesbauk-Neugebande, Nekatanka 3. 

ROTTERDAM, HOLLAND .. Leuvehaven 5. 

STBAS8BUBG. 1. B., Gee. ..A lter Welnmarkt 33. 

STUTTGART, GERMANY KBntotrasse 31, B. 

TRIESTE, Austria Via 8. Nlcold 34. 

VIENNA, Acbtbia Vienna. I, Rotenturmetraiso 3T. 

ZUEICH, Biyitzebland "Mercatorium.” 


..33 Grenfell Street. 

.Bank of New Zealand Building, 4 Swanson St. 

. 189 Queen Street. 

.Daigety's Building. 12 Cathedral Square. 

New Zealand Express Building, 9 Bond Street. 
60 Queen Street. 

.Chains House, Martin P/a<’e. 

Nathan’s Bldg., 9 Grey Street. 




ohristohurch. N. Z.... 





CAFE TOWN •....23,24 A 29 Mansion House Chambers, Adderley Sk 

DURBAN..-, 2, 3 A 4 Natal Bank Chambers. 

JOHANNESBURG Commissioner A Harrison Streets. 

POET SLIFABETH MutuaJ Aroade. Main Street. 




y Dealer In t 


Canadian and Foreign Hops. 

^ifole Agent for the Cleveland Faucet Compiufy’s Celebrated 
y ' “Champion” Bydraulio Lager Beer Pumps' and Ale Lifts 
*■' for Hotels. C^rk Pullers, <Lemon Squeezm^, Bottle Baskets, 

/ Corking ni^4|^nes,| Bottle Filling Macl^es, Beer and Wine 
/ Faucets, ^.lce)lpxe|, Wor^ Boards, Oletal Polish, Etc., Etc. 


36 Colbome >Street 






Tru^ees Lic^idators 





Chartered Accountants 




Manufacturer of 



Embossing Dies 




Signs, Etc. 
rial Tablets 
and 0fficg.-8faraps 





Awarded Diplomas at Toronto Exposition, 1901, 1902, 1903, 1904, 1905, 1906 and 1907 

Also Bronze Medal 1904 


77-79 Queen St. f^ast - TORONTO 

Corner Church Street 
Rhone IVlsin 








/' / • 

■XeOUTIVB OfPI0^^346 and S4S Broadway, New York <9ty, U.8 A. 

/ r 1 

THE BRADSTEftET COMPANY gathers information that reflects the 

* .V 

financial condition^nd the controlling circumstances of every seeker of mer- 
cantile credit. I^. business may be defined as of the merchants, by the mer- 
chants, (or the m'erchants. In procur^g, verifying, and promulgating informa- 
tion no effort ii spared, and no reasonable expense considered too great that the 
results may justify its claim as an authority on all matters affecting commercial 
affairs and mercantile credit. Its offices and connections have been steadily ex-' 

tended, and it furnishes information concerning mercantile persons throughout 

' / f 

the civilized world. ^ 

Subscriptions are based on the service furnished, and are available only by 
reputable wholesale, jobbing knd manufacturing concerns and by responsible 
and worthy financial, fiduciary and business corporations. Specific terms may 
be obtained by addressing the company at any of its offices. 

/ coAi^spondence invited / 








THOS. C. IRVING, Gen. Man., Western Canada, Toronto. 





$ 10.00 



A Complete Street Guide 

— OF— 







Copyright Canada, 1912 
By Might Directories, Limited 

Xiasaj-a y, i I 

<■ X4a____ 


This is the thirty 
Directory and is again 
compare favorably in pi 
former editions. 


TORON TO A POP . OF 425,407. 

yerf Much Larger Than ihe Assessort Figures, and Those of the] 
Dominion— Authorities Regard It As More Correct. 

The total census returns of January 
T’ollce Conimissidners to-day is 42,j,407 
314,678; 1905, of |63,749; 1901 

This year we pres recapitulation showing population 

os to buildings v.t 


Map, revised up to dati 

able to revise our Map 

street changes have 1 ,,, 

® . , Maid 1 

with annexations of s Ward 2 

Our present Map, th f 

up to the present tim VV'ard 5 
V^'ard 6 
I Ward 7 

1912, as issued by the Board of 
against the police census of 1908 
of 231, o83; 1897, of 195,987; 1893, of 188,333. 

M-ards, with comparative figures 
ant and in process of erection, is as fodows: 

■''acant Buildloirs Stores. 



Buildings, facant 

71.860 f \ 
72,897 /A 'i 
83,589 \\ 

W . 

lah Pcesent-tltfre^ thfere are in the city 2,802 buildings vacant ot 

uZunt — t stores, 37 vai^tt fac^i-" 























1 Aoo factor 

Th , factories in process of erection A. 

Ihe 1-atest police census of ... . 


376,240, and the last assessors’ census taken 
of 1911. It therefore exceeds the Dominion 
census by 50,740. 

The police census is favored by those 

statistics, as it is said to give the best estimate of just 
city has, it toi.™ 

This edition con 
names, exclusive of 
14,134 over last yeai 


While this is in 
la summer, it sh 
method of enumer 
should, therefore, b‘ 

The City oenta 
kinds, as shown bj 
latter of 4,790 over 
as compared with J 
ineludes houses and buildings : 

The Births, Marriages and Deaths in Toronto for the past 

ice earnings for both 
{ 4tter continues ahead 









only, from July 1st, 

i^tual number of real estate 

corresponds with the rec,6T4^„ VNumber of Transfers 

in the s’ii) 

census by 49.167, 

specially inter-I "t>d75 


city has. It is taken for the sole purpose of getting po;<8 '• ®^-\.'^,039 
therefore not so liable to prejudice the public as Le 

more personal 
asked for. 

reasons. It is probable 

public as are 
that an ann’ 

Land Titles 








year include the transfers for the 




building permits granted and the value of 
ted during the past six years : 

No. of Permits Value. 

3,439 $13,160,398 


six years are as 

follows : 























1908 . . 




New buildings erected, 1906. . . 

.. 4,710 





(< t» (( 

1907. . . 

.. 5,051 





(( (( << 

1908. . . 

.. 5,285 





(( (( 

1909. . 

.. 7,185 

(4 ft << 


.. 8,499 

The different branches of Trade in Toronto are shown by 

(t (4 <( 


. . 9,869 

the following tables : 


The yearly clearings of the Banks in the City, as given by 
Toronto Clearing House, during the past six years : 

1906 $1,219,125,359 

1907 1,228,905,517 

1908 1,166,902,436 

1M9.'.'.‘. 1,437,700,477 

1910 1,595,954,254 

191 1./. 1,852,397,605 

The duties collected at the Toronto Custom House are as 
follows : 


1910 14,077,186 

Increase $1,463,444 

The total assessment of the City of Toronto, as returned 
by the Assessment Commissioner for six years, is as follows : 

’ ,900 . $212,590,045 * 


ions 254,894,259 

ioXo 304,331,284 

Iqio 349,206,510 

1911.' 390,599, 148 

The area within the city limits, not including the portion 
of the city land covered by water, is 28 square miles. 

There are 416.40 miles of streets and 115 miles of lanes, of 
which 289.11 miles are paved and 127.28 are unpaved. 

There are 333.54 miles of sewers and 433.27 miles of 
water mains, with 4,970 hydrants. The average quantity of 
water pumped in 24 hours during 1911 was 41,021,400 gallons. 

In conclusion we tender our sincere thanks to our patrons 
for their support and encouragement. 

74-76 Church Street, January, 1912. 


John C. Gaednbr, President. 

ft OHuft 


Toronto Home of the “Otfice Specialty” Co. 

yyHEN you need new Filing Cabinets or Office Furniture, or a system of filing your 
correspondenre or other records m a simpler, safer, surer w.ay, come to 97 Wellington 
. West, The Glass Front,” and you can select the exact equipment you need from 
the largest and finest stock of Filing Cabinets in Canada. 

We make everything in Filing Systems, Filing Cabinets in Steel and Wood, and Supplies. 

97 Wellington Street West 
Telephone Main 4240. 

Branches— Halitax. St. John, Quebec, Montreal, 
Ottawa, Hamilton, Winnipeg’, Reg’ina, 
Calgary, Vancouver. 

or H/OH catois nuNo caa/nsts 

^ fflFFicE S pecialty M1:G;0. 



Abbreviations 304 

Addenda ' 

Alphabetical list of names 365 to 1425 

Banking and Financial 2-12 

Business Classifications 1427 to 1630 

Index to Advertisers 24 



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Miscellaneous Directory 1631 

Street Directory 67 to 364 

Suburban Villages S3 to 66 

Title page 21 

Too late for regular Insertion 29 

Index to Suburban Villages 


Bedford Park (See North Toronto) . . 40 

Davlsville (See North Toronto) 40 

Earlscourt 34 

Egllnton (See North Toronto) 40 

Humber Bay 36 

Mimico 36 

Moore Park 38 

New Toronto 39 

North Toronto 

Prospect Park (See Earlscourt) 


Spadiua Park 










Index to Miscellaneous 

Ancient Order of United Workmen.. 


Benevolent, Fraternal and National 


Canadian Home Circles 

Catholic Mutual Benefit Association.. 


Chosen Friends. Canadian Order 

Churches and Ministers 

City Government 




County of York (Council, etc.) 

Court House 


Daughters and Maids of England 

Benevolent Society 

Dominion Government 

Educational Institutions 

Eire Alarm Signal Boxes 

Fire Department 

Foresters. Ancient Order of 

Foresters, Catholic Order of 

Foresters, Independent Order of 

•German Benevolent Society . . . 

Governor-General and Staff 


















Harbor Commissioners 

Hospitals, Asylums and Homes 

Inland Revenue 

Irish Protestant Benevolent Society.. 

.Judges of Ontario Courts 

King and Royal F’amily 

Knights of the Maccabees 

Knights of Pythias 

Knights of St. John 

Knights of Malta 

Legal and Judiciary 


Licenses (liquor) 

! Markets 

Masons, Order of 

; Medical I'nstltutlons 

I Meteorological Office 


I Ministry, The (of Canada) 

' Miscellaneous Societies 


Missionary Training Schools 

Oddfellows, Canadian Order of 

I ttddfellows. Independent Order of . . . . 
; Oddfellows, l.Ci.O.F., Manchester 














Ontario Government 1633 

Orange Association 1648 

Osgoode Hall 1634 

Parks and Squares 1643 

Police Department 1635 

I’ost Office 1633 

Pounds 1637 

Prisons, etc 1634 

Province of Ontario 1633 

Public Buildings, Blocks, Halls, etc. 1643 

Railroad Organizations 1653 

St, Andrew’s Society 1651 

St. George’s ^elety 1660 

St. Vincent de Paul Society 1661 

Sons of Canada Benevolent Society.. 1660 
Sons of England Benevolent Society.. 1650 
Sons and Daughters of Ireland Pro- 
testant Association 1660 

Sons of Scotland Benevolent Assn 1650 

Steamboat Inspection 1632 

Temperance Societies 1661 

'Trades and Labor Societies 1661 

Water Works 1637 

Woodmen of the World, Canadian 
Order of 1649 





67 to 95 PEARI. ST. 

Phone Adelaide 1560 



SI IV' 04 

puajuj PUB 

■ flJJOHS 

?'!<? 'll! Arsnoi.Tao 

•Usnoi.Tfto r.\l^ ^inosoi 

yjBS aj» 
T^JiilOliSuidoij ajB 3 
' " I I'lq ‘pfijs 

■Wqiojq apj 

asBooapoad kh,. 

^0,44 on,if 

S8M -Ir puv ‘J 

®e.\i 301 aq, upL’" •'® J” "^wo.v,v 
3ln IWH SXbs 3l,s'^, 


^ l.r 

— PVos jnn 

iqou^aq j-gq, 

. 40TJU'R0 .^u*|os jp " “to *<t:ac 

This is the thirty-seventh annual edition of Toronto City ’' -fn-n. 

Directory and is again presented with the assurance that it will 
compare favorably in point of completeness and correctness with 
former editions. 

B«l oq; 

•m P«v -u^cp „„„ 

irwoi. ; 

The following figures are the Post Office earnings for both 
Montreal and Toronto, showing that the latter continues ahead 
of the Eastern metropolis : 

This year we present our patrons with a copy of our City 
Map, revised up to date. We at first supplied that we would be 
able to revise our Map of three years ago, but since then so many 
street changes have been made, so many new streets laid out, 
with annexations of suburbs, that we found this impossible. 
Our present Map, therefore, is an entirely new one, revised 






















up to the present time. 


This edition contains by actual count 161,364 individual 
names, exclusive of firms, corporations, etc., an increase of 
14,134 over last year. We estimate the 

Population of Toronto as 443,751 

While this is in excess of that of the Federal Census taken 
la summer, it should, however, be remembered that our 
method of enumeration is more thorough than theirs and 
should, therefore, be more accurate. 

•These figures are for nine months only, from July Is*. 
1906, to March 31st, 1907. 


The following table gives the actual number of real estate 
transfers during the last six years : 

Number of Transfers 




Land Titles 


1906 .... 





1907 .... 






. 2,596 



















The City contains 1,364 streets and 81,321 buildings of all 
kinds, as shown by the Street Directory, an increase in the 
latter of 4,790 over last year. Of these 3,789 are shown vacant, 
as compared with 3,724 last year. This increase, of course, 
includes houses and buildings in course of construction. 

The Births, Marriages and Deaths in Toronto for the past 
six years are as follows : 









1907 . . . . 




1908 . . . . 









.. . .9,011 




. . . 10,050 



The different branches of Trade in Toronto are shown by 
the following tables : 


The yearly clearings of the Banks in the City, as given by 
Toronto Clearing House, during the past six years : 

1906 $1,219,125,359 

1907 1,228,905,517 

1908 1,166,902,4.36 

1909 1,437,700,477 

1910 1,595,954,254 

1911 1,852,397,605 

The duties collected at the Toronto Custom House are as 
follows : 

1911 ..$15,540,630 

1910 14,077,186 

Increase $1,463,444 

tThe figures for this year include the transfers for the 
whole county. 


The number of bnilding permits granted and the value of 
the buildings erected during the past six years : 

Fear No. of Permits Value. 

1906 ; 3,439 $13,160,398 

1907 3,572 14,225,800 

1908 3,921 11,795,436 

190^ 5,056 18,154,047 

1910 6,204 21,127,783 

1911 7,296 24,.374,539 

New buildings erected, 1906 4,710 

“ " “ 1907 5,051 

“ “ “ 1908 5,285 

“ “ “ 1909 7,185 

“ '• “ 1910 8,499 

“ “ “ 1911 9,869 

The total assessment of the City of Toronto, as returned 
by the Assessment Commissioner for six years, is as follows ; 

1906 $212,590,045 ' 

1907 236,.391,139 

1908 254,894,259 

1909 304,331.284 

1910. ■. 349.206,510 

1911 390,599,148 

The area within the city limits, not including the portion 
of the city land covered by water, is 28 square miles. 

There are 416.40 miles of streets and 115 miles of lanes, of 
which 289.11 miles are paved and 127.28 are unpaved. 

There are 333.54 miles of sewers and 433.27 miles of 
water mains, with 4,970 hydrants. The average quantity of 
water pumped in 24 hours during 1911 was 41,021,400 gallons. * 

In conclusion we tender our sincere thanks to our patrons 
for their support and encouragement. 


. .loHN C. Gardner, President. 

74-76 Church Street, January, 1912. 

TOHOfy'ro ' i 

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records in a simpler, safer, surer way, come to 97 Wellington 
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the largest and finest stock of Filing Cabinets in Canada. 

\V e m.ake everything m Filing Systems, Filing Cabinets in Steel and Wood, and Supplies. 

97 Wellingt on Street West 
Telepfione Main 4240. 



Branches Halitax, St, John, Quebec, Montreal, 
Ottawa, Hamilton, Winnipeg, Regina, 
Calgary, Vancouver. 

General index 


Abbreviations 364 

Addenda 2'i 

Alphabetical list of names 366 to 1425 

Banking ana Pinanclal 2-12 

Business Classifications 1427 to 1630 

Index to Advertisers 24 


Introductory 22 

Miscellaneous Directory 1631 

Street Directory 67 to 364 

Suburban Villages 83 to 66 

Title page 21 

Too late for regular Insertion 29 

Index to Suburban Villages 


Bedford Park (See North Toronto).. 40 

Davisvllle (See North Toronto) 40 

Earlscourt 34 

Eglinton (See North Toronto) 40 

Humber Bay 38 

Mimico 36 

Moore Park 38 

New Toronto 39 

North Toronto 

Prospect Park (See Earlscourt) 


Spadlna Park 










Index to Miscellaneous 


Ancient Order of United Workmen.. 1649 

Bands 1653 

Benevolent. Fraternal and National 

Societies 1644 

Canadian Home Circles 1640 

Catholic Mutual Benefit Association . . 1649 

Cemeteries 164.3 

Chosen Friends, Canadian Order 1645 

Churches and Ministers 1640 

City Government 1633 

Clubs 1633 

Consuls 1633 

Convents 1642 

County of York (Council, etc.) 1034 

Court House 1634 

Custorns 1632 

Daughters and Maids of England 

Benevolent Society 1(130 

Dominion Government 1631 

Educational Institutions 1637 

Fire Alarm Signal Boxes 1636 

Fire Department 1633 

Foresters. Ancient Order of 1643 

Foresters, Catholic Order of 1645 

Foresters, Independent Order of 1043 

German Benevolent Society . . . - ^050 

Governor-General and Staff 1631 


Harbor Commissioners 1632 

Hospitals, Asylums and Homes 16i9 

Inland Revenue 1632 

Irish Protestant Benevolent Society.. 1660 

.fudges of Ontario Courts 1684 

King and Royal Family 1631 

Knights of the Maccabees 1646 

Knights of Pythias 1646 

Knights of St. John 1647 

Knights of Malta 1647 

Legal and Judiciary 1614 

Libraries 1640 

Licenses (liquor) 1634 

-Markets 1637 

Masons. Order of 1644 

Medical Institutions 1639 

Meteorological Office 1633 

Military 1633 

Ministry, The (of Canada) 1^1 

Miscellaneous Societies 1664 

Missions 1642 

Missionary Training Schools 1642 

Oddfellows, Canadian Order of 1647 

oddfellows, Independent Order of.... 1647 

Oddfellows, I.O.O.F., Manchester 
Unity 1647 


Ontario Government 1633 

Orange Association 1648 

Osgoode Hall 1634 

Parks and Squares 1643 

Police Department 1635 

Post Office 1633 

Pounds 1637 

Prisons, etc 1634 

Province of Ontario 1633 

Public Buildings, Blocks, Halls, etc. 1643 

Railroad Organizations 1653 

St. Andrew’s Society 1651 

St. George’s Society 1660 

St. Vincent de Paul Society 1651 

Sons of Canada Benevolent Society.. 1650 
Sons of England Benevolent Society.. 1650 
Sons and Daughters of Ireland Pro- 
testant Association 1660 

Sous of Scotland Benevolent Assn 1650 

Steamboat Inspection 1632 

Temperance Societies 1661 

'Trades and Labor Societies 1651 

Water Works 1637 

Woodmen of the World, Canadian 
Order of 1649 

MeGBEBOR & MelNTYBB, LIMITED steel column sections 

67 to 95 PEARL ST. Phone Adelaide 1660 ALL SIZES 

Where “Otfice Specialty*' Filing Cabinets are Made. 

’ Factories at 

This is a splendid view of the big " Office Specialty" 

Newmarket, Ontario. j ui 

The total space occupied by the building^ lumber yards, stables 

“'lwrfouracres°''''Thria7g1*LM^^^ on*" th“ righyrSted 

Sections, Halt Sections, and Cabinets of Sofid Construction. 

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Copies on request — phone or write. 

Branches — Halifax, 

MAfitia oFHtoH cBADk nuNO CAAJNSTS Quebec. Montrealf 

>i!Fir.F .Spe cialty MFQitP- Ottawa, Hamilton, Winni- 
" 'garnet naaiiTunImsr^'iMwooa^ peg, Calgary, Vancouier. 

97 Wellington St. West, Toronto 

able to revise our Map 

street changes have 1 ,,. 

® . I ttard I 
with annexations of s Ward 2 

Our present Map, tb | 

up to the present tim Ward 5 
Ward 6 
j H’ard 7 


. . ott,7u!! 

or efecHon, is as fotlotvs: 





71.860 f\ 570 
72,897 \ 300 

83,oS!* vv? \\ 07'> 
18,38>i J b. 337 







‘ Being 






















This edition con 
names, exclusive of 
14,134 over last year 


about 445 

w * * DuiiflUnRS vacant <%£. 

1 or ‘=O'-^‘^«P0nds Uiei the recr d-Tfc 







only, from July Ist, 

tual number of real estate 

census taken in the 

census by 49,167, ai "r 

census of 376,240, and the last assessors , 
of 1911. It therefore exceeds the Dominion 
census bj' 30,740. 

The police census is favored by those specially 
statistics, as It is said to give the best estimate of just 
ity has. It IS taken for the sole purpose of getting po><^ 
therefoie not so liable to prejudice the public as are 
more personal reasons, Jt 
asked for. 

While this is in 
la summer, it sh 
method of enumer 
should, therefore, b' 

The City oonta 
kinds, as shown bj 
latter of 4,790 over 
as compared with 
ineludes houses and buildings 1 

The Births, Marriages and Deaths in Toronto for the past 




y Number of Transfers 


Land Titles 








is probable that an ann- 


-^5j,.Xhis year include the transfers for the 

^ yf buildiog permits granted and the value of 
ted during the past six years : 

No. of Permits 
1906 ; 3,439 

) are as 

follows : 

1907 . . . 







190». . . 







1907 . . 




1911 .. 


1908 . 




New buildings erected, 1906. . . 

.. 4,710 






“ “ 1907... 

.. 5,051 






“ “ 1908... 

.. 5,285 






“ “ 1909. . 

.. 7,185 








The different branches of Trade in Toronto are shown by 
the following tables : 


The yearly clearings of the Banks in the City, as given by 
Toronto Clearing House, during the past six years ; 

1906 51,219,125,359 

1907 1,228,905,517 

1908 1,166,902,4.36 

1909 1,437,700,477 

1910 1,595,954,254 

1911 1,852,397,605 

The duties collected at the Toronto Custom House are as 
follows : 

1911 515,540,630 

1910 , 1 4,077,186 

Increase 51,463,444 

1910 8,499 

1911 9,869 

The total assessment of the City of Toronto, as returned 
bv the Assessment Commissioner for six years, is as follows ; 

1906 .. .. 5212,590,045 ' 

1907 236,391,139 

1908 254,894,259 

1909 304,331.284 

, 9 , o': 349,206,510 

1911.’ 390,599, 148 

The area within the city limits, not including the portion 
of the city land covered by water, is 28 square miles. 

There are 416.40 miles of streets and 115 miles of lanes, of 
which 289.11 miles are paved and 127.28 are unpaved. 

There are 333.54 miles of sewers and 433.27 miles of 
water mains, with 4,970 hydrants. The average quantity of 
water pumped in 24 hours during 1911 was 41,021,400 gallons. 

In conclusion we tender our sincere thanks to our patrons 
for their support and encouragement. 

74-76 Church Street, January, 1912. 


John C. Gardner, President. 

. In* 

t> in ir 


General Index 


tfpWUcal list of names ; : ! i .'s® 

Banking anfl Y4CT to 

Rnsiness Classifications 

Index to Advertisers 








Miscellaneous Directory 

Street Directory 

Suburban Villages 

Title page • ■ 

Too late for regular 


67 to 
.83 to 








Index to Suburban Villages 


Bedford Park (See North To^o^to).^ ^ 

navisvllle (See North Toronto;. ^ 

Earlscourt . . . ■■••••• ’.V' '-nnioi ' . 40 

Egllnton (See North Toronto; ^ 

Humber Bay ' 36 

Mlmlco 38 

Moore Park 39 

New Toronto 

P?os^°Park (Se4‘ Biriscourt) . 


Spadina Park 










Index to Miscellaneous 


Ancient Order of HnRed Workmen.. 1649 
Kvolent." Fraternal' 'ana National 

Societies • • • • • I<i46 

Stholte“MutTa? Benefit issociation . . 1^9 

?"hrer F?lends.';capi'an' Order! ! . . . 1^ 

Churches and Ministers ^^33 

City Government 

Clubs 16:i3 

Consuls .. 1642 

Convents Vt; ’ ' ’ Vn' ' ‘oVW 1634 

County of Vork (Council, etc.) 

Court House ' • 1332 

DaugMers ' 'and ''MateV ' 'of ' 'in'glana 

Harbor Commissioners 


Sos^rtairisyrums and Homes . . . . ■ • • 1«» 
IHsh ^Protestant B^evoient Society . . 1^ 

.Tudges of n'!!® !'.!!! 1631 

King and Royal Bamlly 

Knights of the Maccabees -[(HQ 

Knights of PytWas 

Knights of St. John 



Ontario Government ; 

Orange Association ^334 

Osgoode Hall 1343 

Parks and Squares .,335 

Police Department ^33.3 

Post Office . 1637 

Pounds . . 1634 

Prisons, etc. .■■•••. . 1633 


Knights of Malta 4334 | Railroad Organizations 

Legal and J udieiary 4343 Andrew’s Society 4333 

Libraries 1634 St! George’s Society ..••••• 

Licenses (liquor) 1637 St. Vincent de Paul Society ■••••• 

Markets 1644 of Canada Benevolent Society.. 

Masons. Order of • • • 1339 irngland Benevolent Society . . 

Medical Institutions ,33., ] Sons of Kngianu dcuc. „ 

Meteorological Office 4333 | gons and Daughters of Irel d 

Military . r-i AlLVlii ! '!!! 1631 testant Association 

Benevolent Smdrty !!!!!!!!! 1631 I Ministry, The (of Canada) Scotland Benevolent Assn... . 

iStena?rsXTlons''.;:::::'.^ l|7 Miscellaneous Societies 

Fire Alarm Signal Boxes 4333 Training Schools 







Steamboat Inspection 

Temperance Societies 


Fire Department Missionary Training - 1^7 Trades and Labor Societies — * 

Foresters. -Ancient Order of ^345 oddfellows, Canadian Order of ...... - Works 


(lerinan Benevolent Society 
Governor-General and Staff 



67 to 95 PEARl. ST 


Phone Adelaide 1560 

— 123 — 



The BRITISH ALUMINIUM GO., Ltd., London, Eng. 

Office and Warehouse; ' 60 FRONT 8T. WIST, TORONTO 


SpseisI Attention Given te Experiments! Work 

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left top corner cards and 1575 

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Blatchford T Lewis .V 1591 

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BlundalJ Piano Co 1580 

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Bogue & Henry 1568 and 1609 

Boiler Inspection and Insurance Co. . 447 

Boiler Repair & Grate Bar Co 1517 

Bollard Arthur 447 

Bolte Auguste 10 

Bolus W J Co, Ltd US 

Bond Fred W 1603 

Booth-Coulter Copper & Brass Co, 

Ltd 1481 

Booth G & Son . . . .430, 1455, 1571 and 1604 

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left top lines and l-V.O 

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right bottom lines and 467 

British American Business College.. 1472 
British Royal Cyclone Cleaning Wks 1463 
British & Canadian Underwriters . . . 467 

Brltuell .Albert 467 

Britnell John, Ltd •. 467 

Brock W R ,& Co 469 

Brodie W A 1591 

Broomhall-Patterson 1563 

Brouse, Mitchell & Co 472 

Brown Alexander Milling & ElevatO) 

Co, Ltd 472 

Brown, Erichsen & Macnaughton . . . 474 

Brown James left bottom corner cards 

Brown Merritt A 477 

Brown Madame N 1640 

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Browne W A & W H 1613 

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Bryant Press, Ltd opp 482 

Buchanan, Seagram & Co 483 

Buckland H G 1691 

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Bulletin Service Co 

485, 1459, 1476 and 1566 

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Burns P & Co 490 

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left bottom lines and 492 

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Cale E .4 1477 

Caledonian Fire Ins Co 498 

Callum Robert 499 

Cameron Miss Kathleen 1662 

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Canada P'ouudry Co, Ltd 

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Canada Lumber Co, Ltd 


Canada Metal Co left bottom lines 

Canada National h’ire Insurance Co.. 

right side line front cover 

Canada Paint Co, The 606 

Canada Permanent Mortgage Corp... 

2 and 506 

Canada Wire & Cable Co, Ltd 

left and right bottom comer cards 

Canadian Automatic Transportation 

Co, Ltd 506 

Canadian Bank of Commerce 3 

Canadian Consolidated Rubber Co, 

Ltd 507 

Canadian Cork Cutting Co 1484 

Canadian Detective .4geney 1490 

Canadian Explosives, Ltd 508 

Canadian Fairbanks-Morse Co, Ltd.. 

left top lines 

Canadian Feather & Mattress Co, Ltd 1555 

Canadian Fire Insurance Co 508 

Canadian Fog Signal Co, Ltd 508 

Canadian General Electric Co 509 

Canadian Inspection & Testing La- 
boratories, Ltd 1601 

Canadian Kodak Co, Ltd 506 

Canadian Linotype, Ltd 1686 

Canadian Oil Companies, Ltd 

1569 and 1573 

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left top lines 

Canadian Picture Frame Co 1581 

Canadian Polyglot Institute 

1472 and 1619 

Canadian Seamless Wire Co, Ltd . . . 1455 

Canadian Suspender & Mfg Co 1614 

Canadian Typewriter Co 1623 

Candler Wm & Co 1464 

Cannon T & Son 1482 

Caplan Harry 1500 

Carey Philip Mfg Co, The 1599 

Carling Brewing & Malting Co 513 

Carter & Co 1508 

Case Egerton R 1575 

Case G A, Ltd 519 

Cassels, Brock, Kelley & ■ Falcon- 

bridge 520 

Casslna James 1672 

Cement Products, Ltd 1438 

Central Business College 523 and 1472 

Central Canada Loan & Savings Co.... 523, 

Central Press Agency, The 523 

Chadwick & Rogers left bottom lines 

Chalkley R & Son 1477 

Chamberlin Metal Weather Strip Co 1436 

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Charlesworth & McKee 528 

Cisterna Paul 1604 

City Dairy Co, Ltd 

right top corner cards, 1462, 1466, 

1486. 14.87 and 

City Towel & Apron Supply & Laun- 

Clarke & Swabey 639 

Clarke’s Shorthand College 1472 

Clarkson E R C & Sons 640 and 

Clarkson & Cross 10, 540 and 

Clatworthy & Son, Ltd 

Claxton Thomas, Ltd 







Coales George O 544 

Cobbledick N B 


Cody Bros 1624 

Coggins Wm G 1598 

Cobpurg Matting & Carpet Co, Ltd.. 

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The Insurance Men 

OSNERAL INSURANCE BROKERS— Fire— Ufe— Accident— Health and Plate Glass 


— 24 — 

Confeberation Xtte 

|T O R O M X O 

I Canadian Company 


Colbran Mrs MG 

Coles George, Elmited 

Collins Simon low 

Colonial Fixtures, Ltd H-*' 

Colonial Investment & Loan Co 

left top corner cards 

Colombia Phonograph Co 553 

Columbian Conservatory of Music . . . 1502 

Commercial Union Assurance Co 

left bottom lines 

Confederation Life Association 

right top iines, 555 and 1533.. 

Conger Coni Co, Ltd 555 and 14TO 

Connecticut Fire Insurance Co 5.i0 

Construction Supply Co 15‘.iO 

Consumers Gas Co 

front cover, 558 and 

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left bottom lines and 1548 

Delaware, Lackawanna & Western R. 



Denison A R & Stephenson 14,37 

Denison George T Jr 1445 

Dennis Wire & Iron Works Co 15.36 

Dennison Herbert J S 157.5 

Denton, Grover & Field opp 610 

Designing & Draughting Co 1490 

Dickinson’s Dye Works 1496 

Dillemuth Harr.v G 1508 

Dillons, Limited 1466 

Dlnsmore Arthur J 1513 

Dixon Henry 1575 

Doane Bros 61.8 

Domestic Ijaundry, Ijtd opp 620 

Dominion .Artificial Limb Co 1438 

Dominion Bank 7 

Dominion Rond Co, TAd 1451 

Dominion Brewery Co, Ltd 621 

Dominion Ilrldge Co 621 

Dominion Business College 1472 

Dominion Carriage Co, Ltd 621 

Dominion Envelope Co, Ltd 1563 

Dominion Fire Insurance Co front cover 

Dominion Guarantee Co, Ltd , .488 and 621 

Dominion Linseed Oil Co, Ltd 1569 

Dominion Livery and Dominion 

Coaches 622 

Dominion Mercantile Protective Asso- 
ciation, Ltd 1565 


Dominion of Canada Guarantee & Ac- 
cident Insurance Co 622 

Dominion Press Clipping Agency 

Domiulon Securities Corp 622 

Dominion Transport Co, Ltd 622 

Donatt Otto 1513 

Dorenwend Co of Toronto, Ltd 1523 

norland Miss Helen 1626 

Douglas Bros, Ltd 1598 

Douglas & Ratcliff, Ltd 1574 

Doust Joseph 627 

Dovercourt Land Building & Saving 

Co. Ltd right top lines 

Dovercourt Twine Mills 627 

Downer Pattern Works, The 1576 

Doxsee Geo W 1468 

Drummond W A & Co 1488 

Hubois Mme & Fils 632 

; Dufferin Shirt Co, Ltd 1603 

;Dun R G & Co -. 9 

i Durnan W L 1570 

Diithie G & Sons 1698 

1 iworkln S : 1618 

Dykes Philip 640 

Dyinond Gas & Engine Co, Ltd, The.. 1614 

Earls John 642 

Early S M (Royal School of Dancing) 


East Toronto Brick Co 1438 

Eastern Supply Co. Ltd 1459 

Eaton Margifret School of Literature 1472 

; Eaton T Co, Ltd backbone 

I Eccles Machine Co 1550 

I Eclipse Wire & Iron Works 1029 

Eddis Welton C & Sons 1427 

1 Edwards D W 1,592 

Edwards, Morgan & Co 142.8 

‘ Edwards R J & Saunders 1437 

Edwards Wm Harry. 1611 

'Edwardshurg Starch Co. Ltd 4608 

Elder Robert Carriage Works, Ltd ...1464 

Elgle & Jarvis Lumber Co 1548 

Elliott Business College 1460 

Elliott H P 1476 

, Ellis W E 1592 

Emeness Co, Ltd 65.3 

I Emerson G C M' 1505 

English Fredk H 1597 

English’s, Limited 655 and 1592 

I Engravers & Die Sinkers Co 1502 

j Etherlngton Wm 1.540 

I Evans & Gooch right bottom lines 

; Everall George A- Co 

•Ewart J H 1126 and 1339 

; Ewing S H & Sons 660 

j Ewing & Murphy 16.30 

' Excelsior Construction & Paving Co, 

: Ltd 1481 

Excelsior Plate Glass Co 1516 

Expert Ladies Tailoring Co, The 1540 

I Factorv Products, Ltd.... left bottom lines 

Fahey W & R M 1428 

Fallon .Tohn 1498 

I Falls. Chambers &• Co 1428 

Fancy Goods Co of Canada, Ltd 663 

i Farmstead Land Co 664 

• Farrellv ,T P Excavating Machinery 

• Co. The 1503 

Eanlds Wm S 1604 

; Feinherg .Tnllns 1540 

Fenton Eva I 1468 

Ferguson W H (estate) 1480 

Fergnsson G Tower & Co 670 

Eerrler Almon E 1629 

Ferrler W F 15,58 

Epss George 1628 

Eetherstonhangh A Co 1.575 

Eetherstonhangh & Son 1575 

Elniey, Smith & Co 674 

Flrsthrook Box Co, Ltd 1454 

Eft Reform Wardrobe 676 

Flanagan E & J 1592 

Flpsher Ed R 1572 

Fletcher. Mfg Co. Ltd 680 

Fletcher R W Co, Ltd.. 1488, 1576 and 1627 

Follett .Toseph J 683 

Forbes Roofing Co 1598 

Forbes Mrs W R 1654 

Forde A Grade 1478 

Fo.ster, .Armstrong Co, Ltd 687 

Foster Fred 687 

Foster Harold W .A 1445 

Fountain Ed 1496 

Fox A Ross 690 


Foy, Knox A Monahan 691 

Frankish Wm B 1892 

Freek, Clark A Co, Ltd 1823 

Freeman Arthur B MT6 

Fretwell George 1808 

Frost Arthur J 1806 

Frost S A 1600 

Fry Joseph S 1430 

Fullerton, Macdonald A Lytl* 688 

Furness, Suckling A Garrett 696 

Galbraith DAS 1468 

Galloway J Hartley 703 and 1437 

Gamble C A H D 70S 

Gardner George M 706 

Garrett George S C 1824 

Gatlin Institute, The 708 

Gelber Bros ^16M 

General Fire Equipment Co, Ltd 710 

Genuine Antique Co 1435 

George T H 711 

German American Insurance Co 712 

Gibson Bros... left top lines, 713 and 1592 
Gii)Son J G Marble A Granite Co, Ltd 1560 
Gibson, McCormack, Irvin Co, Ltd 
714 and 1548 

Gibson Robert L 714 

(iibson Theron 1025 

Gii)SOn M'ilbert S 1614 

Gilday R 1698 

(ilenn Charles 1523 

Gloy .Adhesives, Ltd 1575 

Goddard J A opp 1465 

Goldman A Co 725 

Goldsmith’s Stock Co of Canada, Ltd 726 

Goodman S A Son 1606 

Gordon, MacKay A Co 730 

Gordon A Gotch 731 

Goulding G A Sons 732 

Graham J J 735 

(iraham Thomas A Sons 1547 

Grainger E A Co 1509 

Granatstein M A Sons 1616 

Grand Union Hotel (Ottawa) 1527 

Grant Contriicting Co 1481 

Gray J AAMlson 740 and 1437 

Gray A Gray 741 

Gray A Jardiue 1692 

Green Bros 1462 

Green Richard 1592 

Greenshields, Ltd 744 

Green street E J 1438 

Greig James 746 

Grenadier Ice A Coal Co 1626 

GrevlIIe A Co 1012 

Guarantee Co of North America 

left bottom lines 

GuIIett Robert M 1660 

Gunn, Roberts A Co 1428 

Gunns, Limited 751 

Gutta Percha A Rubber Mfg Co Of 

Toronto, Ltd 762 

Hall P A Son 1616 

Hallam John 1618 

Hallman F .A A Co 1613 

Ham F A A E 1478 

Hambonrg Conservatory of Music . . 16W 

Hamilton AVm 762 

Hands, Ltd 1440 

llarconrt A Sob, Ltd 788 

Harding AA’ra 1026 

Harkness A Oxley 1476 

Ilarling R Dawson 1610 

Harper Wm 1487 

Harris Abattoir Co 770 

Harris Coal Co, Ltd 771 

Harris B Co of Toronto, Ltd 771 

Harris Lithographing Co 772 

Harris Samuel 773 

Harris W A Co 778 

Harris Wm G 

llarron H .1 

Hart S R A Co 

Hartney F B 

Hartz .7 P Co, Ltd . . , 
Harvey James A . . . 

Ilavill James L 

Hawley ,Tohn 

Hayes .Tohn C A Co. 
Hearn Edward J 

left bottom lines 










Ileffron J J A Co 1665 

Ileintzraan Gerhard Co Ltd 787 

Heintzman A Co right bottom lines 

Ilelpert Bros 1637 

Hepburn John T 1660 

Herbert F H 1437 

Heyes Bros, Ijtd 796 


Gorernment. Municipal, Corpora- 
tion and Industrial, Yielding 
from 4% to 6% 





PHONES MAIN 088-989 



He^s Tbog & Son 

Tight top llnei, 799 and 1S68 

Hickey’s 797 

Hlgel Otto Co, Ltd 18«a and 162« 

Hillock John & Co 1699 

His Master’s Voice Gramophone Co., 804 
Hiscott Dermatological Institute .... 1489 

Hodgins, Helghlngton A Bastcdo 808 

Holdge Marble Co, Ltd, The 1B63 

Holden-Morgan Co, Ltfl 1660 

Holmes Electric Protection Co 811 

Holmes Fred & Sons, Ltd 1482 

, Holt. Renfrew & Co 812 

Holyoake Mrs Ruth P 1664 

Home Charles M, Ltd 161# 

Home Insurance Co of New York.... 813 

Hood G W P 814 

Hope George A Son 1448 

Hopkins E> Burial Co 815 

Home E W 1693 

Horton-Bennett 1693 

Hoskln A Ogden 818 

Hotel Gladstone 1629 

Hough Lithographing Co, Ltd 818 

Howard Furnace A Hardware Co ... 820 

Howells Miss M M 1864 

Hudson Bay Insurance Co.... left top llnea 

Huffman Printing Press Co 1689 

Hunt Robert W Co, Ltd 1601 

Hunter A Deacon 8M 

Hunter A Hunter 829 

Hurst Samuel H 1469 

Hydra, Limited J™8 

Hynes Wm J 1682 

Illinois Engineering Co 1910 

Imperial Bank of Canada 8 

Imperial Clothing Mfg Co 838 

Imperial Glass Works, The 1660 

Imperial Guarantee A Accident In- 
surance Co of New York 836 

Imperial Life Assurance Co of Can- 

ada. Ltd ^9 

Imperial Tobacco Co of Canada, Ltd.,,8S6 
Imperial Trusts Co of Canada, Ltd, 

right top corner cards 

Independent Order of Foresters ^9 

Independent Order of Oddfellows . . . »9 

Industrial Financial Co ....1506 and 1^ 
Insurance Co of North America .... 8OT 
International Mausoleum Co, Ltd .... 16 m 

Inrestment Trust Co, Ltd 8M 

Irish G L 1^ 

Jackes A Jackes 

Jago A Harrle 

James A James left top llnM 

Jarvis AemlUus A Co 8*7 

Jenkins f ^ A T, Ltd 1^ and 15^ 

Jenkins A Hardy 860 and 14^ 

Jermyn A Cole 

Jessop Wm A Sene, Ltd ^ 

Jewell Harry lew 

Johnston, McKay, Dods A tjM 

•Tohnston Thos 

Jones Bros A Co, Ltd- 1990 

Jones F C Llewellyn 

Jones T A Co 1482 and 1607 

.Toselln James S 1619 

Kantel B A ,#«■ 

Kaplan N A Co 

Karn F B Co, Ltd 1920 

Kay Alexander Cycle Co 1447 

Kean Charles J fffl 

Keeley Institute, The SOT 

Keith A Fltsslmons Co S6» 

Kenen A Sclick left bottom lines 

Kennedy School of Shorthand and 

Business Ijij 

Kennedy Wm 1693 

Kent Ambrose A Sons, Ltd 875 

Kent-McClaln. Ltd 1904 

Kents’. Limited 819 

Kerr. Bull. Shaw A Montgomery .... 877 

Kerr. Davidson, Paterson A McFar- 
land SIT 

Kllgour Bros 880 

Kilmer. Pullen A Burnham, Ltd 880 

Klngsmlll, Saunders, Torrance A 

Klngsmlll 883 

Klngstone, Symons A Klngstone .... 883 

Kirby Richard G 884 

KIrtley George 1583 

Kissel Kar Sales Co 1440 

Kitchener James 1672 

Klees John 889 

Lackawanna Railroad 891 



Ladies Wear, Limited 

Laidlaw R A Co 

892, opp 1477 and 1549 

Lake Slmcoe Ice Supply and Cold 

Storage Co of Toronto, Ltd 1529 

Laker C W 1693 

Lang A McNaughton 1693 

Langley James P 
Langley A Howland, .front cover and 



Langmuir James A Co, Ltd 1671 

La Presse (Montreal) 


Large Bros 1649 

Laughton J Leonard 
Law Union A Rock Ins Co, Ltd 
Lawson James F 



Lawson-Reeve Engineering Co 1440 

j Leadlay B A Co 906 

iLeckle John, Ltd.. right top lines and 907 

I Lee-Colllns Co 1471 

: Lee A O’Donoghue 909 

Legg Bros Engraving Co backcover 

Lelghton-Jackes Mfg Co, Ltd 1488 

i Lennox B J 912 and 1437 

1 Le Roy J B A Co 913 

LeVesconte R C 916 

Library Bureau of Canada, Ltd .... 

I left bottom lines 

1 Liverpool A London A Globe Insur- 
ance Co 923 

I Lloyds Plate Glass Insurance Co 924 

Locke J T A Co left top corner cards 

. Lodge W Henry 1481 and 1499 

1 Ixiftua Johu T 929 

London Feather Co Ltd . . left bottom lines 
London Guarantee A Accident Co 

: Ltd 927 

London Mutual Fire Insurance Co 

of Canada 927 

London A Lancashire Fire Ins Co.. 

right top corner cards 

i London A Lancashire Fire Ins. Co. 927 
1 London A Lancashire Life Assce Co 927 

Loretto Abbey 147.3 

I Louise 1540 

Louise 'Madam 1564 

! Lovell Robert 931 

Lowe Bros Ltd 1571. 1573 and 1625 

Lowndes Co Ltd 932 

Luca.s John A Co 1459 

Lye Edward A Sons 1.569 

I Lyman Bros Co Ltd 936 

: Lyman R B A Co 938 

Lyon A Plummer 9.38 

McArthur. Wright A Co 1612 

MoRrady A O’Connor 940 

McCann Mias Louise 1587 

McCarthy. Osier. Hoskln A Harcourt 944 

McOansland Roht Ltd 945 

McConkey Geo S 947 and 148.5 

McConnell A Ferguson 1430 

McCord Samuel 1469 

McCormack W J 1435 

McCurdy Alexander 1478 

McDonald A Halllgan 146,5 

McEaehren, The Cleaner 1469 

McBIroy Wm A A Co 1.560 

McEvoy James 1558 

McParlane Ladder Works 1539 

McGregor A McIntyre, Ltd 

right bottom lines and 1607 

McHenry C A B A Son 991 

McIntosh Granite Co, Ltd, The 1690 

McKeehnIe John 1!S51 

McKIm A, Ltd 1*30 

McLaren D K, Ltd 970 

McLaren J C Belting Co, Ltd 970 


Malone. Malone A Long 997 

Malott Wm Weather Strip Co 1627 

Malton James 1582 

Manitoba Assurance Co front cover 

Manufacturers Life Iu«, Oo 1001 

Mara Wm Co. The 1001 

Marchiment ^mnel W 1503 

Marie Madame 1485 

Marine Insurance Co 1002 

Marion & Marlon 1675 

Marks Stamp Co 1908 

Martin Corrugated Paper A Box Co. 

Ltd 1485 

Martin NLA Co 1439 and 1471 

Maryland Casualty Co 1009 

Mason & Shaw 1011 

Masten, Starr, Spence A Cameron 1011 

Matthews A Ltd 1598 

Matthews Bros, Limited 1013 

Maughan John A Son 1014 

Maxwell W R A Co 1.5.85 

May Madame C 1554 

Mearns Frank S 1017 

Medland A Son left bottom lines 

Meen A Meen 1018 

Melsterschaft School of Languages . . 1473 

Melhulsh Arthur B 1019 

Mendels.sohn Piano Co 1580 

Monger Wm O 1428 

Mercantile Fire Insurance Co 1020 

Mercantile Fire In« Co 

1 Merrill Edward B 1476 and 

. Merry Martin N 

•Metallic Roofing Co of Canada, Ltd 
I Metropolitan Importing A Mfg Co, 

i Ltd 

Meyer Bros 

I Mickle, Dyment A Sou 1549 

I Might Directories Ltd 

opp KKK), opp 1430. opp 1562 and opp 








Millar, Ferguson A Hunier 1026 

I Miller Armour A 1027 

! Miller G M A Co 1437 

'Miller Mfg Co 14TO 

Mills, Raney, Lucas A Hales 1031 

i Milnes Coal Co Ltd, The 

front cover 

Mitchell C H A P H 

Mitchell W A J 

Mltchener J G A Co 

Monarch Fire Insurance Co 1040 

Montreal-Canada Fire Ins Co 1042 

Moon Cnllege 14<3 

Moore Benjamin A Co, Ltd 
Moore John T 

McLaughlin Geo H 1479 

McLean D’Arcy B 1498 

McLean Stinson A Co 972 

McLtire A McIntosh 1629 

McMiilkln F A J 1631 

Macdonald, Garvey A Rowland 983 

Macdonald John A Co, Ltd 984 

Macdonald John L A Co 1893 

Macdonald J Gordon A Co 984 

Macdonald Mfg Co, Ltd 984 

Macdonald, Shepley A Donald 985 

Macdonell. McMaster A Geary 98.5 

Macdonell A Boland 985 

MacGregor A MacGregor 1445 

MncKay John A Co 

987. 1428. 1429 and 1.535 

Mackay J A A Co. Ltd 987 

Mackenzie Kenneth F 988 

M.acMurchy A Denison 991 

Macrae A Macrae 1491 

Major Cleaning, Pressing and Re- 
pairing Co 1469 







Moore A'scollen 1477 

Mo tine A Co 1394 

Morlne A Morine 1047 

Morris A Barton lo94 

Morrison David left top corner cards 

Morrison Robert 1594 

Mouterde Charles .... 10.54. 1606 and 1828 

Mciwat. Langton A Maclennan 1054 

Muldoon James 1546 

Mulock Cawthra A Co 1057 

Mulock. Lee, Milliken & Clark 1067 

Munderloh A Co 1058 

Muntz A Beatt.v ^22? 

Murray-Kay Limited lOOT 

Murray Mrs M ^354 

Murray Printing Co. Lid 158" 

Murray T Alrd 1477 

Mvers Fred B 1624 

- • ■ ■ 1066 


National Drug and Chemical Co of 

Canada, Ltd 

National Electrotype and Stereotype 

Co, Ltd 1069 

National Fire Proofing Co 1481 and 1,507 
National Plumbing and Supply Co 

Ltd 1066 

National Surety Co of N Y 1067 

Neal Albert 1509 

Nenlon Martin 1498 

Neff A C A Co front cover 

Nellson Wm Ltd 1069, 1474 and 1529 

Nellis Travers A Co 1612 

Nelson H W A Co, Ltd 1069 

Nelson Jeremiah 150.3 

Nerllch A Co opp 1079 

New Method Laundry 1643 

New Process Wall Cleaning Co 1627 

, New York Ladles Tailors 1540 

. New York Plate Glass Ins Co 1534 

New York Underwriters Agency 1071 

I New York Window Cleaning do .... 1828 

: Newall A G A Co 1611 

Newman A Amory 1479 

' .Nichols Chemical Co, Ltd . . 1074 and 1487 

Guarantee Company of North America 

MEDLAND & SON, Gen’l Agents, Mail Building, Cor. King and Bay 

— 26 — 

Tel. Main 1067 

The Dovercourt Land 





24 Adelaide St. 


Nichols J -L Co Ltd, The 14;^! 

Nicholson (ieorge 1470 

Nield Ernest IgU 

Nlnteen Hundred Washer Co 1077 

Nixon Herbert 14Si 

Noble Claienw W 1481 and 1507 

Nobles Dominion Detective Agency 1490 

Noel Tbeo Co Dtd, The 1588 

Norris Thomas A Co, Ltd 1608 

North American Life Assurance Co 

North British & 'Mercantile Ins Co ^ 

right bottom lines 

North Realty Co I594 

Norwich Union Fire Insurance So- 
ciety Ltd 1081 

Norerre A L left top lines 

O Hearn James J & Sons 1572 

O’Keefe Rrewery Co of Toronto Ltd 1086 

Office Specialty Mfg Co Tabs 

Ontario Association of Osteopathy . . 1570 

Ontario Inst of Osteopathy 1570 

Ontario Lime Co Ltd opp 1458 

Ontario Show Case Co 1604 

Ontario Veferlnarv College . . . . 109o 

Ormsby A B Ltd 1608 

Orr Bros Ltd bacK paster and 1479 

Osborne & Francis 1094 

Osier & Hammond 1095 

Pacific Coast Fire Insnrance Co 1097 

Page Wire Fence Co Ltd, The 1535 

Palter Bros moq 

Park Florist The ... . 1509 

Farkp R & Co 1102 'and 1490 

Parkinson Wm A 1,5<H 

Parsons Electrical Co, The 1498 

Paterson Manufacturing Co 1107 

Patou James W .... 7 os 

Patrick W G & Co 1474 

Patterson Candy Co oPP 1474 

Peace Metal Weather-Strips 16‘>7 

Pearcy Sanderson & Co Ltd 

p.;,V V„ 1113 and 1207 

POtirs James 1450 

Pea'e°TTo®ti’® top ’corner' cards 

Pease Heating Co Ltd 1115 

Peczenek .Saul l^i? 

Peerless Furnace Co ... . 1511 

Pember Wm T 

Pepper, Lewis Mfg Co i5nn 

Perkins, Erickson & Co iiin 

Perkins. Ince & Co " inq 

Perry James A i75,i 

Perry & Corlett ! .'i i ' 1504 

Peters Wood Turning Works lASo 

Phillips Eugene F Electrical Works 


Rathbone F W 1154 

Rathbone George Ltd 1154 

lUttray A J 1437 

Rawilnson Lionel 1154 

Reed, Shaw & McNaught 1158 

Reeye Charles 1159 

Reeve J T 1159 

Reid Geo & Co 1161 

Reinhardt’s Salvador Brewery Ltd .. 1163 
Reliance Loan and Savings Co of 

Ontario 1163 

Remington Business College 1473 

Rennie Robert & Son 159s 

Reynolds & Co ii65 

Rice. Green & Co Ltd 1499 

Rice R B & Sons 


Phlnnemore James i«i7o 

Phlppeu Bros !!!! *’ 1549 

Phoenix Assurance Co Ltd *“ ii2« 

Phoenix Assurance Co of N Y 1126 

Phoenix Fire Office li‘>« 

Pickering I G tlao 

1127.i4il' and 1617 

Pilkington Bros Ltd llSi 

Pink M C & Co i i ’ ” ’ isa? 

Pioneer Foundry ’" uSo 

Poison Iron Works Ltd naa 

Ponton Douglas i'”; ^ 

left bottom Hues " ami 1594 

Poifiiovsky N L & Co 15^ 

Postletbwalte Wm 

Potts Pattern Works Makers .i’.I!’.'. 1576 

Powell Lumber and Door Co Ltd 1138 

Powiey George Paper Co 1574 

Preston & Chisholm ' 15A4 

Prestwich Wm 1403 

Price Garvey & Co .’’odd 1141 

Princess Chic 

Proctor W b'& Co I 144 

Producers Sales Co 157? 

P^vinclal Insurance Co LImlted"of 

Pullan Elias 

.^■■Rjin laundry Co Ltd opp 1146 

Quebec Fire As.surauce Co .. 114s 

^1^“ Co^^ Renovatl 

head each alphabetical letter ’’a’lid 

<}ueen Fire Ins Co 

Assurance Co of 

left top lines and 1.594 

Richardson J & Sou 148I 

Riches Chas H 1675 

Rldont & l^yb^ right top lines 

Ridout & Strickland 1170 

Ritchie John Plumbing and Heating 

Co Ltd 1172 

Ritclde & Rams.ay Ltd ’....! 1574 

Riverdale Lumber Co 1549 

Robertson Mrs. Jane 1176 

Robinette. Godfrey, Phelan & Hen- 

Q€rson 1177 

Robins Limited left top corner cards 

Itobins & Burden ny.s 

Robinson Daniel H 1178 

Robinson & Heath 1456 ”a’n’d 1486 

Kcchat Paul 1470 and 1619 

Rochester German Fire Ins Co 1182 

Rochester Germicide Co 1491 

Rogers Chas & Sons Co 1183 

rlKht to’p lines 

1184, 1471, 162»and right top corner cards 

RoT^I^^ar.."' top 

Rolph & Clark Ltd "o’nn 1']^ 

Roofers Supply Co Ltd f 1599 

Rosedale’ Tailoring, Cleaning and 

Pressing * 

Ross Fred H & Co 15,S 

R0.S.S & Holmested ’ 1101 

Rotstein Bros lioo 


Rowlatt F Albany mqo 

Royal Clo-ak Co 1105 

Royal Lumber Co, The 1M9 

Royal Swnritles Corporation Ltd”.’.’ 1195 

Royal School of Dancing 1488 

Rushbrook J Ernest ...... TiS 

Sacks N & Co "i" 

■badler A Haworth lofyi 

St Andrews College for Boys 1473 

8^ SH’’ Construction Co Ltd 1549 

St Clair Foundry Co joos 

St John Ambulance Association . 1^)3 

St Lawrence Paper Mills Ltd 1574 

St Margaret’s College 1473 

Sale Julian Leather Goods Co Ltd 

1204 and 1545 

Sanderson A M & Co 1206 and 135 

Sanderson Pearcy & Co, Ltd 

|®t“j’'d«y„Night’ 'Limited ' i|?7 

Saulter Wm i.wq nn/i i?qq 

Saunders Samuel ........... and lo9S 

Savoy Candy Co 1210 ’and 1474 

Schlpper N B & Co Vsia 

Schnaufer Fredk 

Schofield-Holden Machine Co Ltd . . 

Sc’hw’a’r’ti” Louis” JI54 

1541 Scott James P & Co 

'Scott Mercantile AgeScj i^ 

Mon ‘'I'i,®!?, 

Select Ladies Tailors 

Sewell Hendy deQ 1023 ’n’n’d 1 61 1 

Sharpe I N & Son "I.’” 7^ 

Shaw Correspondence ^hool i‘>‘>fl 

bhaw' & Begg right bottom linM 

Shearer & Russell 1533 

Shedden Forwarding Co 1228 

Sheppard J ^530 

Sherman & Hargrave 1231 

• • • • • • • • ■ • • ■’ ■ • I ilStne IgeSoj’ 

Pringle & Booth 1.^77 Scott A- Woim=i«„ ^ ’’’li’’””: 

Queen City ’ Gla's's ’ Co ’lw ’ i ! ! Jlil 

Queen City Oil Co Ltd front cover 

Queen City Press 


Showcases & Fixtures Ltd 1604 

Shurley & Derrett Ltd ’.’. 627 

Sibley E & Son 14^ 

London, ^0 or „ , ■ „ l-«?3 

Ranks Harry R ‘ 1429 

1624|Slgal Moses 14^ 


Slme T Watson 1428 

Simmons John S 150A 

Simon J Austin 1470 

Simpson P & Sons .*..*.* 1230 

Simpson J M 14.36 

Simpson Planing Mill Co ' 1239 

Sinclair Ramsay E left bottom lines 

Singer Sewing Machine Co 1241 

Singer & Singer 1242 

Smart Bag Co ] [ 1246 

Smiley. Stanley & McCausland . 1612 

Smith Bros 1464 

Smith David Engraving & ’ * Lltho- 


c ,77 "22 •• top and right bottom lines 

Smith. Kerry & Chace 1477 

Smith, Mackenzie & Hall 12^ 

Smith, Rae & Greer ’’ 1256 

Smith & Gemmlll 1437 

Soclean Limited 1262 and 1496 

Solway & Cohen leoi 

Southam Bros 1515 

Southam Press Ltd odd T ’64 

Spain & Co ig^ 

Sparrow Geo & Co 1266 

Speight & Van Nostrand !! 1614 

Splrella Corset Co 1268 

Sprachimin Jacob 1541 

^I^^Dgfield Fire & Marine Insurance 

Co 1279 

.Sproat & Rolph .' ’ 1437 

Sproule R K ” 1270 

Stackhouse Miss L A 1467 ' 

Standard Bedding Co ” 155C 

'>272 and 1471 

Standard Life Assurance Co 

Standard Loan Co right top lines 

Stanford J Hunt 143^ 

Star Life Assurance Society .*.!.!!!! 1274 
Stark John & Co .... right bottom lines 

Stauntons Limited 1275 

Steel & Radiation Limited 1276 

Steele, Briggs Seed Co Ltd 1276 

Steele Wm & Sons Co 1437 

Steinberg Louis 1541 

Sternberg Miss Amv 

Stevenson H M ...* “ 46f» 

Stewart C L .* *.’’.*.'*.*' .* ll^ 

Stinson McLean & Co . . .***. . 1*^84 

Stinson & Hollwey 1284 ami 159.5 

1286 and 1624 

Stone W H Co Ltd 1287 

Stoneham Chas A & Co . i2S7 

Stretton Robert 1290 

Snn Insurance Office 1094 

Sun Life Assurance Co .. . loqi 

Swift Charles & Co ilS 

Swift & Co 

Sword Neckwear Co Ltd IW 

Sylvester S A ' i5^ 

Symon.s & Rae * 1909 

.’Szeiiski & McLean front cover 

C & Co 1301 and ^155? 

Taylor John ia94 

Taylor J & J 

Terry F G Co, The ! i5^ 

Tew Richard & Co 1470 

Thayer Ira B & Son 1309 

Thermos Bottle Co Ltd 1 ’ i6:to 

Thiel Detective Service Co 

VI.’.;™ 7 ’,“77 i*Blit bottom ilnes 

Thompson Joseph E 1314 

T^omf" '>3>8 l-tSO 

Thomson Monument Co 15R1 

Thomson Thomas C ! 1317 

Thomson, Tilley & Johnston 1317 

•• ^24. 1318 and 1438 

anorne A M & Co 1620 

Thorne Mulholland & Co ” ' ’ 1429 

Tippet jVrthur P & Co " ’ 1301 

Tod George H .' igoi 

Toronto Ca^t Cleaning Works ’li’.! 1468 

Toronto College of Music 1563 

Toronto Conservatory of Music 1563 

Toronto Detective Agency 1490 

Toronto Dress Plaiting Co 14«2 

Toronto Electric Construction Co 1499 

Toronto Electric Light Co 

right top corner cards 1497 and 1549 

Toronto European Agency 1325 

Toronto Furnace & Crematory Co . . 1512 

Toronto Hardware Mfg Co 1326 

Toronto Hat Block Co 1524 

Toronto Ladies’ Garment Mfg Co .... 1540 
Toronto Laundry Machlue Co Ltd .. 1544 

Properties FOR SALE in ALL 
PARTS of the City and Suburbs 

61 Victoria Street 


PhoM Addaldt 314 TORONTO 


Toronto Xiumber Co 1549 

Toronto Mortgage Co 1326 

Toronto Plate Glass Importing Co 

lytd opp 1326 

Toronto Salt Works 1600 

Toronto Sanitary To-wel Supply Co 1619 

Toronto Saturday Night 1327 

Toronto Taxicabs & Garage Co Ltd . . 

1441 and 1616 

Toronto Weekly Railway & Steam- 
boat Guide Co Ltd 1327 

Toronto Wood Turning Works 1630 

Toronto Woodworking Co 1630 

Torrance 0 Co 1628 

TotoII & Burt 1328 

TugweM H C & Co 1334 

Turner Lumber Co Ltd 1336 and 1349 

Tweddle Thomas 1534 

Tye W F 1477 

Tyrrell Joseph iR 1558 

Tyrrell Wm & Co 1338 

Fnion Assurance Society of Lon- 
don. England 1339 

Union Dairy Co 1529 

Union Fire Ins Co 1339 

Union Trust Co Ltd, The . . left top llne.s 

United Paper Mills Ltd 1574 

United Typewriter Co Ltd 

left top corner cards 

Unwin Murphy & Bsten 1340 and 1614 

Up-to-Date Ladles’ Tailors. The 1541 

Ussher & Co 1595 

Van Camp Jared C 1342 

Van Dusen W B 1342 

Van Kempen & Rishworth 16.30 

Van Slckler J & Co, Ltd 1343 

Verral Storage Co 1613 

Vickers Wm W 1346 

Victoria Paper & Twine Co 1574 

Voos Advertising Novelty Co 1431 


W addell R Ruddock 1348 

Wade Osier 1439 

Wagner Charles F 1438 

Walker G Hawley Ltd 1352 

Waller iS G Co. The 1430 

Walsh James J 1357 

'Warden I & Son 1528 

Warden M G 1.560 

Warden King Limited 1360 

Warwick Bros & Rutter opp 1362 

W.aterloo Mutual Fire Ins Co 1363 

Watson-Smlth Co, The 1628 

Watson, Smoke & Smith 1365 

Watt & Watt 1366 

Webb Electric Co 1499 

Webb George H 1369 

Webb Harry Co Ltd, The 1369 

Weber Samuel 1395 

Wegener A C 1313 

Welnstock .Joseph 1511 

Weir Specialt.v Co 1503 

Welch A A- Son 1373 

Welch Henry J 1428 

Weldon Samuel W 1602 

Weller A & Co 1480 

Wells Business College 1473 

West Louis J & Co 1376 

Western Leather Goods Co .....' 1.545 

Weston F J & Sons 1377 

W'^everstal'I A & Co 1462 

Whale Albert 1625 

Whirlwdnd Carpet Cleaning Co 1464 

Whitaker G S & Co 1595 

JVhlte C A Co 1595 

White Star Dominion T..lne lv3S3 

White & Thomas 1441 1442 and 1602 

Whitfield John Co, The 1551 

Whitney J W G & Son 1506 

j Whitney Law Corp. The ..» 1472 

! Whitworth & Hestali 1565 


Wlckson & Gregg right top lines 

Wiilgar & Brodle .... front cover and l'i89 

XMlklns Press 1^8 

Wilk.s R F & Co 1,391 

Williams Albert 1597 

Williams Herbert 1507 

Williams Joseph C 1569 

Winiamson Rutherford 1428 

Willis. Faber & Co 1396 

Wlllmot Charles M: 14 ^ 

Wilson C & Son 

• right bottom corner cards 

Wilson Harold A Co of Toronto Ltd 1400 
W’ilson, Lytle. Badgerow Co of Ont 

Ltd 1401 

Wilson, Munroe Co Ltd 1402 

Wilson Wm J 1464 

Wilson & Canham Ltd 1404 

Windermere Hall 1449 

Wlnnett John 1464 

Winston John C Co 1406 

Wisker C H 1471 

W’oltz Moulding Mfg Co Ltd 1561 

Wood, Gundy & Co 1409 

Wood H L Co 1004 

Wood & Barnett 1410 and 1596 

Woods-Norrds Ltd 1431 

Woolnough .T W 1604 

Wreyford A Co 1415' 

Wright Henry 1417 

Wright & Co 1582 

■Wvnn Misse.s. The 1419 

Yaffe .TaeO'b 1513 

5'onge St Lumber Co 1-549 

Yorkvllle Laundry 1421 

5’oung John H 1428 .and 1460 

Young J D & Son left top lines 

Young Maitland & Son 1428 

Younger Wm 1446 

Zimmer Vacuum Machine Co 1625 

goocZs purchased abroad 
are cheap that tal^e the 
place of our own labor and our 
own raw material 

BAHERY ZINCS Ingfot Metals 

CO., Limited 







ADDENDA— Too Late For Regular Insertion 

Abel Iveith, tmstr, h 33 Leonard 
Ablanovitz Lazarus, agent, h 6'J William 
Ackerman Ernest L, coud, b 16 ililliceut. 
Wilbert Duff Proprietor, 130 Slmcoe (See 
adv Automobile Llyeries) 

Adama Mary (udd Jobn), h 1)44 King w 
Adamson DaTid. rubber wkr, b 30 Cassel* 

Adamson Geo, b 27 Empire av 
Adie Jobn, acet, b 12C Boultbee av 
Aiklns W Herbert, elk local frt dept G T 
R. b 61 Armstrong av 
Aird Alex D, acet H W Petrie, Ltd, b 
Somerset House 

Altken Harold W, draftsman, b 9 Herman 

Akers Wm F, elk, b 106 Boon av 
Alexander James, trav. li 42 William 
Alexander Sami A, painter, b 25 Lapplu av 
Alexander Wm J, contr 82 Russett av, b 

Alexandra Nurses’ Home, 502 Palmerston 

Algie James, slsmn Lang & McNaughton, 
b 0 Algonquin av 

Allan Mrs Elizabetb G, b 469 Euclid av 
Allan Wm, barber 291 Cburcb and 1014 
Dundas, b same 

Allan Wm, elk, rms 92 Empire av 
Allen G Franklin, mgr Hoyt iletal Co, b 2 
Munro Park av 

Allen Robt T, trav, b 373 Gerrard e 
Allom Wm. coacliman, b 10 Blackmore 
Amory Miss Agnes, bkpr, b 27 Hillcrest 

Amory Susan (wid Jobn), 1 27 Hillcrest 

Amoss Malcolm E, mgr Motor Cycle & 
Equipment Co of Canada, b 54 Dingwall 

Anderson Alexander (Campbell & Ander- 
son), h 90 Admiral road 
Anderson Miss Annie E. agent Singer Sew. 

Ing Machine, b 18 Metcalfe 
Anderson Edwd H. stmftr, h 1206.4 Dnf- 

Anderson Jobn, rms 13 A'lvian 
Anderson Wm, fruit, 1 39 Empire av 
Andrews Abraham, trav, h 373 Markham 
Angus John, plasterer, h 3 Dunedin 
Ansley J G Fredk, genl mgr Educational 
Book Co of Toronto, Ltd, b 135 Cot- 

Apsey Orlando G, trav. h 168 Bartlett av 
Archer Edwd G, studt, 1 220 Beverley 
Arnold Wm. emp Canadian Northern Ry. 
1 56 Yorkvllle av 

Arrletz Prank, insp. b 150 Manning av 
Arthur Mrs Maggie R, rms 3 .Army ter 
Arthur Win. shipner. 1. 3<6 Salem av 
Ashcraft James H. genl mgr Enlon Stock 
Yards of Toronto, Ltd, h 5 Constance 
Ashley Geo A. carp, h 417 Bartlett av 
Atcheson David, press hd Otto Hlgel Co. 
h 20 Camden 

Atherley Fredk, driver, h 104 Ruasett av 
Atkins Harold P. boimkr. h 92 Franklin 

Atkinson Chas, elk, rms 65(1 Gerrard e 
Atkinson Chas H, florist 1204 Bloor w, 1 
104 Wells 

Ault Eltzabeth B (wld Allan S), h 15 Bed- 
ford road 

Ault Wra A. rep Perrin, Freres & Cie, b 3<X5 

Austin Edwd, mach. h 424 Westmoreland 

Automobile Publishing Co, Ltd. Adam F 
Penton pres and genl mgr, 60% Ade- 
laide e 

Awde Rlcbd, b 49 Rusholme Park cres 

B B B Pipes, Wm R Snelgrove rep, 618, 
64 Wellington w 

Babcock Frank, prop Babcock Water Filter 
Co, li 294 Indian rd , 

Babcock Water Filter Co. Frank Babcock 
prop, 10 Toronto Arcade 
Bailey Ernest A, wood wkr, 1 120 Sheridan 

Bailey Joseph D, b 58 Nassau 
Bailey Joseph T, stockkpr, 1 58 Nassau 
Bailey Rlcbd, wtr, 1 522 Eastern av 
Bailey Wm M, shipper, h 120 Sheridan av 
Baird' David, dentist 301 Sherbourne, h 
291 College 

Baird Davis S, mgr Printers’ Specialties, 
Ltd. h La Plaza Apartments 
Baird Robt. agent N A Life Ins Co, b 33 
Homewood av 

Baker S Augustus (Goodall & Baker), h 
19 Laurier av , , 

Baldwin Mrs Eletha A, h 74 St Patrick 
Ball Frank, brklyr. b 56 Auburn av 
Ballantyne Adam W (Ritchie, Ludwig & 
Ballantyne), h 34 Dunvegan rd 
Banks Ernest, adv agent, h 4 Pine ter 
Banks Norman B, mgr Todd Drug & 
Chemical Co. 1 37 Albany av 
Banks Tbos, painter, h 73 Langley av 
Barber George H, mgr Elias Rogers Co, h 
115 Bernard av 

HARCHAHI) & CO. LTD (Pioneer 

Box Factory) W J Barcbard President. 
W O Matthews Vice-President. Frank L 
Barcbard Sei'retary-Treasnrer Box and 
Packing (Vise Manuf i<-tnrers 135-151 Duke 
. (See card Box Manufacturers) 

Uarcroft Ernest, baber. h 289 Berkeley 
Barker Ernest C (Barker & Hollyman), h 
31 Wells 

Barn Tbos, carder, 1 1226 King w 
Barr .Tames, vlce-pres Wrights. Ltd. res 

Rarrns Josenh, plstr. h 19o Davenport ro 
Barrett David, baker h 32 Kenneth av 
Bartlett Ernest, mach. 1 1318 Queen e 
Bartlett Prances (wld Sami J). h 1318 
ejueen e 

Bartlett Sami H, plshr. 1 1318 Queen e 
Batchelor Harold, h 199 Westminster av 
Batchelor Thos W, h 199 Westminster av 
Bateman TjCwIs J (Paton A Bateman ; 

Queen City Realty Co), h 109 Beatrice 
Bates Norman, plmhr, h 42% Bolton av 
,> . TCp .TCr'TX^Tr’ CO W 

Batty Manager. 1.52 Bay (See card Elec- 
trical Contfactors) 

Bausch Frank, agent 239 Victoria, h 84 

Beard Fredk. .rms 269 Withrow av 
Becker E Jay (McKendrlck & Becker), b 
184 Dowling av 
Becker Huheri, b 345 King w 
Bedlev Thos. h 237 Mncdonell av 
Beeton Fredk, lab. 1 112 Shaftesbury av 
Behe Alfred, emp Gendron Mfg Co, I IS 

Behe Chas. emp Gendron Mfg Co, 1 13 

Bell Lance (Gordon A Bell), 1 38 Stafford 
Bell Norman B, elk Goldman A Co, 1 30 
Roxbofough e 

Bell W Frank, carp, 1 80 Jones av 

Bennett Alvlra (wid Stephen H), h 1226 
King w 

Bennett G Ranelagh, mgr United Salesmen, 
311. 158 Yonge 

Bennett Wm R, 1 1228 King w 

'Bennlngs Perclval, brklyr, h 20 King Ed- 
ward av 

Bent .\lbert. h 233 Macdonell av 

Berry Geo P. mgr T H Brown A Co, h 11 
Rlverdale av 

Bertram Melville, vlce-pres Ont Wood Pro- 
ducts, Ltd, h 134 Spadlna rd 
Bertram Robt M, pres Ont Wood Prodnetv 
Ltd, h 116 Russell Hill Drive 
Berwick Peter W, tinsmith, h 447 Concord 

BKST RICHARD C, Chiropractor 
Graduate N S C, 89 Maitland, cor 
Church. I’hone North 340 (See card: 

Best Sampson, stmftr, h 78 R.ussett av 
Beswick John M. carp, h 160 Langford ar 
Black Henry, lab, h 121 Wolseley 
Black Wm, evangelist, b 191 George 
Blair James Q, h 91 Margueretta 
Bland Arthur, slsman, 1 232 River 
Blayney Robert C, mach. h 26 Fisher 
Blaynev Robert H, driver, 1 20 Irisher 
Roddy 'Jame.s S, elk P O. 1 32 Thorold av 
Boehm Joseph G, 1 207 Delaware av 
Bogue Walter B (Bogue & Henry), rm* 
147A Church 

ROGUE & HENRY (Walter B Bogiie, 
James Henry), Wholesale and Retail 
Commercial Stationers, Office 'Supplies- 
Etc, 128 Yonge (See adv Office Supplies; 
also Stationers) 

Bolton Abraham, lab. 1 68 Prescott av 
Bolton Arthur, lab, h 184 De Grasai 
Bolton Ernest, moto, 1 93 Withrow av 
Bolton Howard, elk. 1 93 Withrow av 
Bolton Roy, piano plshr, 1 93 Withrow aT 
Bolton Thos C. roadmaster, b 93 Withrow 

Bottaglio Antonio, fruit 868 Queen e, la 

Bousfield Thos, produce 91% St Lawrence- 
rms 141% King e. 

BOUVIER & SON (Louis R nnd Di*'*- 
lel R). The Winston Six Car, 9 Adelaide- 

west _ . 

Bowerman Harry C, elk Traders Bank, ft 
19 Awde 

Bowers Harry, glasswkr. 1 4 Ernest av 
Bowman James A, bartndr Gibson Holes 
Co. Ltd. h 76 Givens 
Boyd (wid .John), h 191-193 .Tarvi* 

Boyd Robt. stmftr, h 9 Pendrlth av 
Boyd Robt J, bkpr R J Hunter * Co. I 381 
Danforth av _ 

Boyle Mary (wld Matthew?, 1 229 Withrow 

Bradley Edward, lab. h 71 Ann 
Bradshaw Mary (wld John), b, IT ffioxhor- 
ongh w . __ 

Bray John L. .phy 129' Kendal av, b game 
Breach Albert S, driver, 1 42 Baker av 
Breach James B. gdnr, h 42 Baker av 
Breaker Wm. lather, h 69 Ward 
Birecke'n ridge Jaimes C, asst mgr NetT 
Trust Co. Ltd. h 21 CTuny irr 
Breckon Robt H. chief acet Merchant*- 
Fire Ins Co. 1 92 Wlllcocks 
Breward John, shoemkr, h 11 Dnneile 
Briggs Wra A Sons. Ltd (Dundee. Scot- 
land). Macdonald A Sons Canadian rep*- 
paints 176 King e 

Brleht Fredk J, liquor 60 .kngusta av, h- 
146 Carlaw av 

Brock Alfred W. p-lmbr. h 75 Ellsworth «w 
Brookshaw Bertram, comp Meth Book tt- 
Pub House, h 301 Sherbourne 
Broughton John, dlerokr. h 1 Sonthview ^ 
Brown Chas, bkpr Hrlntnell A Co, 1 28* 
Arthur „ 

Brown Chas. sLsman, 1 108 Kew Beach 
Brown David, carp, h 3 Columbus 
Brown Donald, carp, h 106 Kew Beach 
Brown Frank, printer, 1 261 .Arthur 
Brown Geo, gdnr, rms 16 Seaton 
Brown H Ernest, elk, 1 19 West av 
Brown Leonard, plmbr, 1 256 LanedowB*- 
a venue 






Offlee. M. 104 


— 29 — 


Special Attentlan silvan to Man- 
asemoni oTEstates. Prompt Return* 

61 Victoria Street 

Brown Oscar J, h 201 Arthur 
Brown Eoilph. opr, l 261 Arthur 
Brown T H & Co. 0 F Berry mgr. jwirs, 
branch 375 Broadview av 
Browne Oeo T, Jewel engraver, h 31 Globe 

Brownhill Sami, cartage agent 39 Wilton 
av, h 10 Denison sq 
Bryan Predk, I 54 Shannon 
Bryan John A, florist Central Prison, h 54 

Br.vuu M^'m H, 1 54 Shannon 
Brydon Andrew W, brass fnshr. h 232 

Brydon Edwd. pimbr, 1 232 River 
Brydon Thos, erap, 1 232 River 
Bryson Neil W (Panter & Bryson), h 8 

Buchner A C, trav Lltster Pure Food Co, 
Ltd. h 22 Golden av 
Buckley Geo, driver, h r 145 Christie 
Buett Albert E, app Brlgden’Sj Ltd, 1 272 
Gerrard e 

Buie John, h 5. 341 Montrose av 
Bulley Sami, prop Plauet Bicycle Co, 69- 
71 Queen c, h 11 Bowden 
Burgess J Fredk, studt, 1 220 Beverley 
Burke Miss Mary B, h 186 Franklin av 
Burke M Wm, btchr, h 184 Franklin av 
Burke 'Phps. wd turner, 1 286 Franklin av 
Burns .Tames, porter, b 60 Princess 
Burns Thomas J. driver. 1 60 Princess 
Burry Eliza M (wid George), h 172 
Strachan av 

B Hubbard Representative, Manufactur- 
ing Chemists, Flavoring Essence*, Etc, 
122 Wellington w (See card Flavoring 

Butler Sami W. lab, h 80 Gilbert av 
Buxey Geo, driver, rms 26 Clinton 
Byers O L, mgr Honest Injuni Motor Co. 5 
Grand Opera House lane 
Byrne Bdw'd. plshr C J Townsend & Co, 
b 60 Homewood av 
Cadger Isaac, lab, h 20 Dartford rd 
Caiger Wm E. h 614 Bloor w 
Cain Miss Genevieve, stenog Thomson, Til- 
, ley & Johnston, b 447 Jarvis 
Cain Miss Mary T, stenog John Bruce, City 
Hall, b 447 Jarxls 

Caldwell Miss C E, artist 216, 79 Adelaide 

Callow Wm J. mgr Standard Sanitary Mfg 
Co, Ltd, 1 6 Sword 

Cameron Mrs Josephine, h 22 Ladysmith 

Campbell Miss Helen, nurse 502 Palmerston 
av, 1 same 

Campbell Miss Jean, nurse 592 Palmerston 
av, 1 same 

Campbell Wm, ctr, b 181 Leslie 
Campbell Wm C (Campbell & Anderson), 
h 78 De Lisle 

ance Co. The, C E Corbold Manager, 
Room 203 Lurasden Building, 6 Adelaide 
e (See adv Front Cover) 

Canadian Buffalo Forge Co. Ltd, R L 
Smallwood mgr, heating ventilators 400 
Lumsden Building 

Co, Ltd, H C White Manager, 24 Ade- 
laide w 

Canadian Domestic Engineering Co, Ltd, 
51 King w 

Canadian Home Journal, Canadian Wo- 
men’s Magazine Pub Co, Ltd, publrs, 69 

Canadian Motor Boat, Ltd, A F Penton 
ipres and genl mgr, 60% Adelaide e 
Canadian Summer Resort Guide. Fredk 
Smlly publr, room 11, 36 Toronto 
pany (Charles E AiLBibald, New- York) 
162 Bay tSee adv Typewriter Supplies) 
Canadian Women’s Magazine Publishing 
Co. Ltd, Wm G Rook pres, .T Leslie Rook 
frec-treas. 59 ,Tohn 

Cannlff Clarkson M, civ eng 34 Adelaide w-, 
1 655 Yonge 

C.arleton Herbert W, slsman James Bonner. 
1 202 Clinton 

Carter Alfred, tobacco 1578 Queen w, h 

Carter Wm C, h 15 Herman avenue 
Cgrter Wm G. real est, h 137 Greenlaw av 
CARTHY WM C (Universal Liglitiiig 
Fixture Co), h 691 Queen e 

Carver Robt, driver, h 8 Wayland av 
Case Fredk W. asst cash New York Life 
Ins Co, 1 67 Tranby av 
Case Horace R, agent New York Life Ins 
Co, 1 67 Tranby av 
Case John, elk. rms 262 George 
Cassidy Edwin, sec Natl Trust Co, Ltd, h 
107 Beatrice 

Cassidy Henry, shipper, h 23 Sarnia av 
Cassidy James, express 94 Morse, h same 
Catchpole Wm, painter, h 769 Dufferin 
Caughley John, slsmn, h 1178 Dovereourl 

Cawood James W, glazier, h 41 Osb»rne 
P Herbert Manager, Rea,i Estate and In- 
surance, 69 Victoria 

Chamber® .Chas E, acting commissioner ol 
Parks, ‘of flee City Hall, h 123 Pearson .ov 
Chambers Job, lab H H French, 1 209 
Queen e 

Moss President, Automobile Cartage 59 
Richmond w (See card Automobile Cart, 

Chantrey Alfred, slsmn James Bonner, b 
197 Church 

Chaplin Albert V, brklyr, Ih 936 Dufferin 
Chapman John, tmstr, h 22 De Gassi 
Chapman Malcolm, tmstr 1 22 De GrnssI 
Cbeesman Chas H, lab CPK, h 87 Pres- 
cott av 

Cheesman Walter, painter h 49 Leonard av 
Cbeesman Wm, lab, rms 32 Knox av 
Chinn Miss Ethel, stenog International 
'Stock Food Co, 1 42 Woodbine Beach 
Chisholm Agnes, nurse 159 Madison av ,ii 

Churcher Norman, staty 1612 Dundas 
Chureher Raleigh, elk, 1 1612 Dundas 
Civic Guild. W S B Armstrong sec, 506, 
156 Yonge 

Clark Bertram L, mgr Hydra, Ltd, 1 46 
Wilton av 

Clark Henry P, shlppei, h 1077 Dovercourt 

Clark Percy, lab, h 4 Plymouth av 
Clark Wm, engineer, h 36 Morley av 
Clarke Robt N, boots and shoes 32 Clin- 
ton. h same 

Clayton Harriet E ("wld Robt), h 26 Mos- 
cow av ,, 

Clendenen Edwin, driver, h 261 Campbell 

Clews Geo, carp, b 13 Silver av 
Clifford Miss Eleanor, uurse 7 Hazelwood 
av, 1 same ^ , . 

Clifford Henry J. gas Insp, h 7 Hakelwoo* 

Clifton Stationery Co. E McMillan mgr, 
152-154 Pearl „ „ „ 

Cllmo Edwin L, emp Lltster Pure Pood Co, 

Ltd, rms 20 MeGlll 

Cline Jean (wld Herbert; Wilson & Cline), 
1 267 Carlton _ 

Cllsdell Fredk V. mgr Advance Power Co. 
Ltd, rms 60 College 

Clnbb LessLe A. slsmn. h 3rd floor 670 
Bloor w 

Clntchev Peter, lab. h 1117% .Dufferin 
Cluteman Arthur, glass ctr, 1 90 Empire av 
Cluteman Kathleen (wld Arthur), 1 90 Em- 
pire av , 

Coates Eliza A (wld John), 1 27 St Clair 
av e 

Cole Cvrll R, studt. 1 220 Beverley 
Collacntt Sherwood J, •elk T Eaton Co, h 
114 Victor av 

Colonial Apartments. 532 Palmerston av 
Colnnboun Gordon, elk, 1 42 Baker av 
Co'lanhonn Jo'hn, pimbr. 1 42 Baker av 
Comper Hngh B, slater's hlpr Dougla* 
Bros, 1 157 King w 
Compson Geo. lab, rms 727 Lansdowne av 
Connell Marg.iret (wld Joshua), h 15 Cecil 
Connell Rnssell, elk, 1 15 Cecil 
Connor Miss Anna, nurse 863 Bathurst, 1 

Connor Miss Bllzth. h 853 Bathurst 
cook Mrs Mary, shoes 576 College, h same 
COOPER ERNEST O. Mamifactrirev 
and Importer of Cal«fOdar Supplies. 263 
College (See card Calendar Supplies), 
Cooper Herbert E, gloves 152 King e, h 133 
Van Horne 

Cooper Sami, brass ^kr, b 137 Sear 
Co-rbett John H, rep Shaw Correspondence 
School, 1 261 Markham 

Canada National Fire Ins Co, h 148 
Balmoral av 

Corfe Chas B, tlr, h 1324% College 
Cormiell John S G, supt Tor Brewing A 
Malting Co, Ltd, h 286 Simcoe 
The, C S Crabtree President, J. E Hut- 
ton Secretary-Treasurer, 156 Duke (See 
card Paper Corrugated) 

Coster Charles M, driver, 1 185 Avenue rd 
Cox Edwin, h 604 Osslngton av 
Cozzens Harry A, 1 37 Prospect 
Craven John C. proofreader Metb Book 
Room, h 96 Gormley av 
Cromar Cecilia, artist, 1 199 -Albany av 
Crosland Harold, carpet weaver, 1 47 Lynd 

Crossley Arthur, 1 538 King w 
Crouch 'Miss Elizth, evangelist, b 191 

Crowley Miss Susannah, nurse 853 Bath- 
urst. 1 same 

Crowley Wm, bkpr. h 203 Major 
Currie Miss Bessie R. 1 6, 532 Palmerston 

Currie James, surveyor, 1 6, 532 Palmerston 

Currie Mrs Mary S, supt Alexandra Nurse* 
Home, h 6. 632 Palmerston av 
Dale Cecil B, moto. h 1st floor rear 1116 
Dovercourt rd 

Dalgliesh Harry, postman, h 769 Dufferin 
Dalton Chas S, trav. h 120 Walmer road 
Darling Charles T. 1 10 Delisle 
Dates Albert J. studt, 1 220 Beverley 
Davenport Ransom B, resident partner B 
S Wilson & Co, res 188 Jarvis 
Davies John, baker James Brown, h 1210 
Dovercourt rd 

Davy Vernon, wtr, h 63 MdCaul 
Dawes Elizth (wld Dennis), 1 120% Llppln. 

Day Victor, glass beveller b 320 Bain ay 

Deadey Mlchl, moto, b 928 Kingston rd 

De Ladurantaye Ovlla, clgarmkr, h 232 

Demeff Mark, restr 439 King e 
De Podesta Norman, -with United Cigar 
Stores. Ltd (215 Yonge), h 219 Oak 
Devins Isaac N, h 57 Fuller av 
Dewar Fredk, driver James P Hunter, 1 
’ 1 Silver av _ . , 

Dllks Walter, brklyr. h 72 Redwood av 
Ddneen John, mns tchr 1063 Dufferin, h 

H R Livingston Acting Manager, Har^ 
Holwell, Sales Manager, 306 Kent Build- 
ing (See card Oil Manufacturers and 
Refiners) . . _ 

Don Rowing Club, Ed Mack pres, A C 
Mclver see. ft Morley av 
Donaldson Thos, elk. l 853 B^urst 
Dorn Wm G, caretaker, h 2261 St Clair 
av w 

Dowdell Wm A (Jackson & Dowdell), rms 
332 Bathurst 

Driver Geo W. metal -wkr Douglas Bros, 
Ltd. h 2035 Yonge 

Drummond Manager, Dairy Supplies 
i 214-218 King e (See card Dairy Sup- 

Wilbert Duff Proprietor, 130 Simcoe (See 
adv Automobile Liveries) 

Dyke Jabez H, pastor Bathurst St Meth 
Church, b 581 Mnrfclmm 
Ecclestone Arthur. 1 

Edgar Emily (vrld John), h 538 King w 
Edmonds Manley M. h 226 Broadview av 
Edwards Wm E. elk rms 184 De GrassI 
Ellis John F, mng dir Barber-Bills, Ltd, 
b 81 Wellesley 

Ellis John L, bkbndr. h 107 Beaconsfleld av 
ELLIS W’AI E, General Broker and 
Managing Director The Wilkie Townelte 
Realty Co. Ltd, h 1 Webster av 
Engel Nicholas, tlr Lowndes Co. b 236 
Adelaide w 

Evans Harry, lab, h 92 Armstrong av 
Fairfleld Chas J M. trav. h 47 Chelsea av 
Fanning John, gldr, 1 2^ Lansdowne av 
F MacIntyre General Agent, Rooms 27- 
30. 75 Yonge 



L. A. DeLAPLANTE, Limited 

Office and Factory: MAIN ST., BAST TORONTO 
PKienae 830-231 



OeorKia Pinf 




Rea Gum 


'fftMQUEEN wi 



Fenwick Leonard S, elect engineer, h 722 Green Edwd, trav, h 1 Sylvan av 
Indian rd ] Gregory Wm T. trav, h 767 Indian rd 

Fenwick Margaret (wld Murray), I 722 Grover Thos, glass ctr, h 50 Clinton 
In’dlan rd Giunwell Geo, pntr, 1 530 Dnfferln 

Ferguson George, bkpr, h 19 Roseberry ay ,Gurr Wm C, lab h 398 Dnfferln 
Ferguson Miss Jean, nurse 449 Margueretta Gutsell Edwd J,‘ stmftr CPR (West Tor), 
Ferguson Miss Margt, nurse 302 Palmer- ' h 122 Marla 

ston av, 1 same 
FIddes Fredk R, studt, 1 220 Beverley 
Flfleld Wm, btchr, 1 166 Prescott av 
Flfield Wm J, btchr. h 165 Prescott av 
Fink Geo, trunks 149 and 252% Queen w. 
b 149 same 

Fisher Robt C, vice-pres Rice Lewis & Son, 
Ltd. rms 27 Wilton cres 
Fitzgerald Daniel, millwright, 1 74 Follls 

Flatt Walter H, elk, h 4, 341 Montrose av 
Gerrard w (See card Painters) 

Fletcher Robt M. trav. h 162 Bleecker 
Flynn James E, emp Geo Milligan. 1 175 
Bolton av 

Forbes Wm. wtr, h 482 Ontario 
Ford Thos, lab, b 61 Innls av 
Ford Wm (Ford & Le Vine), h 469 Queen 

Ford & Le Vine (Wm Ford, Charles Le 
Vine), rest 469 Queen w 
Forde W J (Forde & Grade), 1 367A 

FORDE & GRACIE (W J Forde, Al- 
bert B (Iracle), Contractors-BuIIders 208 
Stair Building, 123 Bay (See adv Con- 
tractors — Builders) 

Forest James, tuner Gourlay, Winter & 
Leeming. b 276 Lisgar 
Foster Arthur E printer Parmer Bros, Lid, 

1 33 St Mary 

Poster Prank. 1 26 Walter 
Poster Wm J, lumberman, h 26 Walter 
Fountain James, presser, h 221 Sackvllle 
Fountain Wm, painter, h 15 Suburban pl 
Prallck Fredk A, mus, 1 500 St Clarens av 
Fraser Alex, emp Zam-Buk Co, b 290 Os- 
elngton av 

Frazier E Warren, draftsman, h 267 Camp- 
bell av 

Frazier Lizzie (wld Warren), 1 267 Camp- 
bell av 

Fulford C B. Ltd, Leeds. England (br), 
props Zam-Buk Co, Frank Denison mgr, 
208 Dupont 

Gallaher Mrs Matilda, h 1260 Queen w 
Gallon Wm. h 216 First av 
Gardner A Victor (Gardner. Richardson A 
McQueen), h 13 Blnsearth rd 
Garratt Sami, plsihr, h 26 Clinton 
Gatenby Walter, elev opr, rms 115 River 
Geddes Geo. elk John Macdonald & Co, I 
Blrchcllff, Kingston rd 
Gibbs Harry, rms 115 River 
Gibson Miss Bertha, nurse 853 Bathurst 
Gibson James C. pres Gibson, Taylor 
Strathy & Co, Ltd. res London, Eng 
Gibson Jane (wld Thos M), h 55 Breadal- 

John, ECMG, KC, ijLD, Lieutenant- 
Governor Province of Ontario, Govern- 
ment House, Slmcoe, s w cor King w 
Gibson John B gro 814 Bloor w. h same 
Surveyor 1835 Yonge, Davlsvllle, Res 1837 
same (See card Surveyors) 

Glgnac George, brklyr. 1 678 Ontario 
Gill Joseph, shipper, h 215 Christie 
Glen Charles, elk, h 187 Royce av 
(lien James, fireman, 1 187 Royce av 
Goldsworthy Albert J, h 48 Madeira pl 
Goodall John H (Goodall & Baker), h 207 
Westmoreland av 

Goodall & Baker (John H Goodall, S Au- 
gustus Baker), mfrs go-carts and spe- 
cialties 67 Richmond e 
Gordon Chas, lah, rms 284 Booth av 
Gordon James (Gordon & Bell), 1 750 Rich- 
mond w 

Gordon & Bell (James Gordon and Lance 
Bell), staty 742 Queen w 
Gourlle Clarence D, bkpr Lltster Pure 
Pood Co. Ltd, 1 569 Dovercourt rd 
Grade Albert B (Forde & Grade), 1 223 
Booth av 

Granspan Nathan, shoemaker 142 Richmond 
w, h same 

Green Arthur, cabtmkr C J Townsend * 
Co. rms 35 Hayden 

HALL JOHH W (Xlddrle & Co), 1 21 
Olive av 

Hallett Sami, h 10 Montrose av 
HALHTED JAMES A, Banker and 
Broker 402 Manning Chambers, 72 Queen 
w. Res 5 Admiral rd 

Hambley Miss Laura A, tebr . Frankland 
Public Sch-ool, 1 5 Rose av 
Music, Prof Michael Hambourg Dlrecter, 
100 Gloucester (See card Music Teachers) 
Teacher, 100 Gloucester (See card Music 

Hammlll Robt G. real est 131 Victoria ,h 
199 Albany av 

Harding Fredk, 1 112 Eaton av 
Hare John, elk, h 2 Robert 
Harris Fredk R. elk, h 510 Ontario 
Harris James W, storekpr Poison Iron 
Works, h 2(16 Rhodes av 
Harris Nathan, tlr 717 Bathurst, h same 
Hawkley Miss Florence, nurse 502 Palmer- 
ston av, 1 same 

Hayes Edwd. lineman Tor Elect Light Co, 
h 53 Shannon 

Hayes John, res Slmcoe Park 
Hays Harry, h 37 Prospect 
Heaman G^ K, bldr 24 Cheltenham, h 
same 1 

Heath Wm, ca,rp. h 28 Mackay av I 

Henderson Frank A, dk, h 6 Bdgewood ! 

cres i 

Henderson Margt B (wld Andrew), h 55 
Empire av 

Jones Miss Adelaide, bkpr Wrights, Ltd, ) 
72 Clara 

Jones Chas G, driver, 1 45 Bmmerson av 
Jones Wm. fireman CPR (West Tor), 1 138 

Jordan George, 1 220 Beverley 
Joyner A H Winter, genl mgr A H Winter 
Joyner, Ltd. h 7 Spencer av 
Joyner A H Winter. Ltd, A H W Joyner 
genl mgr, A V Walker sec-treas, elect 
spedaltles 76 Bay 

Kelley Christina (wid Charles), h 7 Wash- 
ington av 

Kelley Michael, engineer, 1 1260 Queen w 
Kelley Norman P, clfc, 1 7 Washington av 
Kemp Mfg Co (succeeded by The Sheet 
Metal Products Co of Canada Ltd), 199- 
207 River 

Kennedy Fredk W. mgr Toronto Stamp St 
Stencil Works, Ltd, h 423 Grace 
Kennedy James, lab, h 106 Montrose av 
Kennedy School of Shorthand and Busi- 
ness, The. John Doherty principal, 2n* 
floor 570 Bloor w 

Kentner Reuben, carder, 1 1226 King w 
Kimmitt Miss Rose, nurse ®3 Bathurst, 1 

King Mrs Annie S. h 603 Keele 
King Arthur E, acet, h 35 Oakmount rd 
Knowles Robt W, cabtmkr, 1 194 Bleecker 
Konsie Miss Bertha, 1 83 McCaul 
Kormann Franz J, h 10 Foxbar rd 
Krebm Harry, foreman L Hartman & Ce, 
1 6 Kensington av 
Lackie David, 1 30 Grove av 
Lancaster Harry M, prov chemist Piov 
Board of Health. 1 Dniv of Toronto, 
North residence 

Lands & Produce, Ltd, W G Wood sec, 
40 Wellesley 

Lanphler Herbert, elect McDonald Sc Will- 
son, b 109 Bond 

Latimer Cameron, driver, h 9 Olive av 

Henry James (Bogue & Henry), 1 1<4 , Paxton BenJ W, engineer, h 36 Hastings aV 

Macdonald D R, studt, b 43 Chicora 

Lee Geo J, mfre agt 403, 30 Wellington w, 
h 56 Roxborougb w 


Herbert A P. mgr Century Land Co, Ltd, 
h 254 Havelock 

Hicks Frank A, auditor, h F7 Maitland 

c t i Leech Fredk G, bldr 710 Brock av. h earn* 

A G Str'ath^ Ltd h 2M Wright av j LEGG BROS ENGRAVING CO (Wm 
Hill Tohn mldr h 41 Jfcher ' H. George F and Archibald M O Legg, 

Hill Sydney, eomp. h 2o3 Hastings nv ?Jv^ 

Hill .S Frederick, with Canada Life Ins Co, I Lithographers 5 Jordan, Phone Main 96T 
h 37 Walter ' back cover) 

Hlnks Alfred S, emp Western Leather i Legood Sarah ( wld James), sew mach 299 
Goods Co. Ltd, 1 2 Cambridge i Parliament, h same . 

Holland. James, plshr B M & T Jenkins, h iLepper Julia L (wld Arthur), 1 2 Glen rd 
990 Osslngton av i Levine Hyman, opr, h 23 Geneva av 

Holland Margt (wld John), h 262 George j Lewis Albert, slsman, 1 352 Huron 
Holman Harry, ctr h 693 Lansdowne av 1 Lewis Walter, h 864 Queen e 
Holman Harry W, ctr, 1 693 Lansdowne av : LIghtfoot Walter C, moto, h 727 Lansdowne 
Holwell Harry, sales mgr Dom Linseed Oil ! avenue 
'Co, Ltd, 1 269 Jarvis I Lindsay Nelson, shipper J F Taylor Fbame 

Honeyford Richard, barrister 311 Kent j Co, 1 16 Mutual 
Building, h 256 Sherbonrne Linton James, real estate 351 Spadina av, 

Hoopway Frank, driver, h 18 Sydenham j h 111 Beatrice 
Hotel & Club Garage, Norman Williams | ^has H, sec Tor Golf CTub 

Houston Sami, h 80 Kenwood ar 

Howse Eric, cand. h 2 McGee i seed Oil Co, Ltd, 306 Kent Building 

Hoyt Metal Co, G F Allen mgr, 356-362 | Lloyd Frances (wld Thos), 1 58 Nassau 
^stern av Lloyd Hanmer, 1 58 Nassau 

HUBBARD GEORGE E. Repro.scnta- 

tlve W J Bush & Oo, Ltd, 122 Welling- 
ton w. Res 617 Clinton 
Huglll Burton, slsmn, h HO Beatrice 
Hngll Albert, slsman T Eaton Co, h 352 

HUNTER R J CO (A E Brownlee). 
Gents Furnishings and Merchant Tailors 
117 King w 

Illff Wm S. baker, h 64 Barton av 
Inglis Robt W, moto. h 141 Galt av 
Irvings John, lab, 1 930 Dundas 
Jackson Joseph (A J Thompson & Co), res 
North Toronto 

Jackson & Dowdell (Arthur Jackson, Wm 
A Dowdell), leather 122 Adelaide w 
Jeffers Wm W, elk Education Dept, h 138 

Jenkins Richard C, ins agt, rms 200 Carl- 

Jennings (Tlafence C (Jennings & Wilson), i 
b 22 Beresford Apartments 
Jennings & Wilson (C C Jennings. Harry 
Wilson), mfrs agents 14-15. 24 Welling- 
ton if 

General Assurance Association, Limited, 
of Ixmdoii. Eng, Walter J Morris Branch 
Manager, Room 106 St James Chambers, 
79 Adelaide e 

LOUDON JOHN F, Proprietor Vic- 
toria Ebcchange Hotel, 35 Victoria, b IT 
Yorkvllle av 

Luckett Walter, bkpr, h 678 Ontario 
jMcAlpin Gordon S, studt, 1 220 Beverley 
McAteer John, flreman CPR (West Tor), I 
187 St John’s rd 

McBrien Fred G, b 125 Castle Frank rd 
McCall Edward B, civil eng, 1 220 Beverley 
McCann Louis S, ruler Brown Bros, Ltd, 
b 134 MaepbersoD av 
McClennan Roderick, lab, h 116 River 
McConkey Herbert G, slsman F G Mend- 
ham, 1 173 Western av 
McConnell Arthur W, lecturer In arch Dnlv 
of Toronto, b 632 Bathurst 
McFadden Wm M, optician 848 College, b 
152 Soranren av 



{ E. R. CARRINOTON, I Cable AddrtM 

I Assistant Gen.-Man., Montreal I “Tbielon’! 

Other SEATTLE, Wash. ST. PAUL, Minn. Cai 

— 31 — 



Mm Phoi\*, Malii 4S9 8 Bea. Phone, C o ll. 39 39 


Mllllchamp Reuben, office 109, 19 Mellndn, 
h 184 Ilenth w 

Milne I.eslie, slsinn, b 15 Cecil 
Miiichiii Aaron, J.iver Outwood Coal Co, 
h 10 Abbs 

Mitchell Frank U biller CNO Ry, h 1229 

Moodey IVm ,T, cigars 31 King w, b 159 

RAU HERIiERT A, Real Estate and 
Insurance, Room 621 Traders Bank Bldg, 
Res 23 Shannon 

Rees John, contr 106 Shuter, 1 same 
Reid George B, painter, h 9 Morrison 
Reid Geo I, iusp Traders Bank, 1 5 Admiral 

Reid J Addison, see-treas Oliver, Reid ft 

McGillivray Zella A (wld John A), h 10 
Whitney av 

McHardy James, mgr Thomson's, Ltd, h II 
Wooirrey av 

McKay Robt, comp, 1 566 Pape av 
McKenzie Wm C, grocer 1 Afton av, h same 
McKeown N Fredk, prop Occidental Hotel, 
1620 Dundas, h same 

McKIM A, LIMITED (Toronto and 
Montreal), W B Somerset Director and 
Manager, Newspaper Advertising Agency 
103 Bay (See card Advertising Agency) 
McLean Donald, grocer 299 Roneesvalles 
av, h same 

"McLean James G jr, draftsman. 1 447 Jarvis 
'McMillan E. mgr Clifton Stationery Co, lo2- 
154 Pearl 

McKeil Geo \V, stndt, 1 220 Beverley 
McPherson Wm H, h 352 St Clarens av 
Macdonald .Tohn AV, trav A M Thorne & Co, 

1 50 n»iinbert 

MacIntyre .Tames F. genl agt Federal Life 
Assce Co, h 87 Wallace av 
MacPherson A Ross, stndt. 1 220 Beverley 
Martin Dorcas (wid John ; Noble & Mar- 
tin). 367 Roneesvalles av, h same 
Martin Herbert W, trav, h 115 Howard 
Park av 

Masen Robt F, trav, h 6 Ernest av 
Mn-y John J, with Cudahy Packing Co, 1 9 
Schmidt pi 

Maynard Percy, driver F G Mendham, 1 
li65 Dundas 

Meek Harry, driver, h 92 Doel av 
Meldrum Annie (wld Robt), 1 302 Broad- 
view av 

Meldrum Robt A, gro 302 Broadview av, h 

Mendham Fredk G, grocer 1165 Dundas 
Merrill Frank W (Merrill Medical Co), h 
120 St George 

Merrill Medical Co (Frank W Merrill), 
prop med 93% Church, factory 68 Lom- 

Mest Joseph, opr, h 53 Cameron 
Metter Israel, presser, h 6 Barnaby pi 
Mlkkonen John, 1 517 Wellington w 
Millar James E. elk chief acet's dept. Can 
Bank of Commerce, h 818 Palmerston av 
Millar Wilfrid G, studt, 1 818 Palmerston 

Miller John, lab. rms 69 Ward 
Miller Lt-Col John B, pres Poison Iron 
Works, Ltd, h 98 Wellesley 
Miller Willet G. prov geologist De-r of 
Lands, Forests and Mines, h 21 How- 
land av 

Bioor e 

Moore Louis, 1 63 McCaul 
Morris Sami, emp Toronto Iron Works, 1 
244 Royce av 

Morris Walter J, branch mgr London & 
Lancashire Life & Genl Assce Assn, Ltd. 
of London, Eng, ries Weston, Out 
Moyer Lanson E (The Drug Specialty Co), 
h 14 Radford av 

Mulvogue Margt (wld Patk), h 11 Trinity 

Munro Charles C, buyer, h 14 Deer Park 

Murray, Matber & Co. bond dealers. Toron- 
to General Trusts Building 
Nevlson Margaret (wid Henry), 1 243% 

Nlchol Wm, painter, h 1079 Dufferln 
Nobis Harry AI, heating eng 14 Howland 
av. h same 

Noble Miss Margaret (Noble & Martin), 367 
Roneesvalles av, h same 
Noble & Martin (Miss Margaret Noble, Mrs 
Dorcas Martin), fancy goods 367 Ron- 
cesvalles av 

Nugent Airs Mary, Inmate 55 Belmont 
Nuttall Richd, tmstr, h 72 Stephenson av 
O’Rourke Harold L, studt, 1 220 Beverley 
Oliver John H, mach, h 167 Beaconsfleld "v 
Oliver Joseph H, mng dir Oliver, Reid & 
Co, Ltd, h 5, 1434 King w 
■Joseph H Oliver Managing Director, J 
Addison Reid Secretary-Treasurer, Real 
Estate and Insurance, 45 Adelaide e 
Oriental Rug Co, Simon Alajajian prop, 
136 Drayton av 

Palmer Thos, blksmlth, h 215 Christie 
Panos Nicholas (Speal & Panes), rme 46 
AVilton av 

R Pepper). 86 Richmond e 
Ponton Harry C, h 2201 Gerrard e 
Porter John, fireman, h 280 Woodbine av 
PURVIS JOHN M, Collection Agent 
100 Shuter. h same 

Co. Ltd, h 94 Pricefield rd 
Ridley Airs Ida, cashier T Ehiton Co, h H 
Alpha av 

Riggs Herbert, emp T Eaton Co, 1 128 
Richmond e 

Uochford Airs Sarah, elk, rme 5 Ketchum 

Scientific Food Co, Ltd, rm 31, 20 King e 
Share & Debenture Corp of Canada, Ltd, 
The, 37 Yonge 

Shaw Thos. weaver .1 Henry Peters Co, h 
62 Highfield rd 

ShofT Henry A, prin Grace St School, b 938 
Queen w 

Shunk Amos, caretkr Prospect Park Rink, 
h 1 Palmerston Apts 

Sinclair Arthur, mall driver P O, h rear 571 
St Clarens av 

Sinclair Henrietta (wld James), 1 258 Major 
Slade AA’m, contr 963 DutTerin, h same 
Sl-'ter Robt, driver AIurray-Kay. Ltd. 1 8 

Slingsby Harry, plasterer, 1 99 Follls av 
Slingshy Lizzie (wid Harry), h 99 Follls 

Smallwood Richd L, mgr Can Buffalo 
Forge Co, Ltd, rms 44 Leopold 
Smith Walter J, tmstr Reid & Co, h 128 
AYoolfrey av 

Speed John J, lab, h 15 Wilkin av 
Strathy, D G Hagarty), Real Estate and 
Insurance Agents, Room 302, 8 Welling- 
ton e 

Sturgeon .Tames B, bkbndr Brown Bros. 

Ltd, 1 680 Crawford 
Thomas G Dudley, elk, 1 52 Elm av 
Thomas Wm, real est 18, 32 Adelaide e 
AA'alker AVm, coll Prudential Ins Co, h 447 
Woodbine av 

Want Supply Co, W F Fraser mgr, novel- 
ties 13, 12% Lombard 
Williams A D, mfrs agt 422, 64 Wellington 

Room 601D, 31 Yonge, Res 9 AVoodlawn 
av w (See card Architects) 

$100 Reward. 

The Association of American DireC" 
tory Publishers Will pay $ I O O 
reward for the arrest and conviction 
of any person or persons attempting 
.to collect money on fraudulent direc- 
tory advertisements. 


89 Third Ave,, New York City 

OSTRICH PLUMES London Feather Co., LimltU 







Ro gers f ^ UctncQ r 

PhoneiDEUlOE 1962 


Suburban Directory 




(See Wychwood) 





(Comprising Villages of Bed- 
ford Park, Davisville and 






(See Runnymede) 




3ee Wychwood) 


(Three and a halCtoiles northeast of city) 
Anslow Mrs AmellaS^rocer e s Colridge, 
h same 

Anslow James, baker, H'le s Colridge 
Arnold Elizth (wid AlfredVh 199 Gledhill 
avenue 'v 

Baillie Wm, stonemason, h lOa^ledhlll av 
Banning Percival B A, brklyr, King 

Edward av 'v 

Bannister Frank (Chapman & Bannteter), 
h 46 Gledhill av 

Barras Fredk, lab, h e s Woodbine a? 
Betsworth Geo, lab, h 223 Gledhill av 
Biggar Wm, engineer, h 63 Cedarvale av 
Bing Bdwd, engineer, h 14 Gledhill av 
Bird John, lab, h 141 Cedarvale av 
Bishoprick Henry, grocer 31 Gledhill av, 
h same 

Brammer John, lab, h 217 Cedarvale av 
Brewer Geo T, lab, h 215 Cedarvale av 
Bryant Sami, tmstr, h 107 Cedarvale av 
Burns John, rubber wkr, h 23 King Ed- 
ward av 

Byler John, h 35 Gledhill av 
Cady John, carp, h 93 Gledhill av 
Chapman Harry, lab, h 32 King Edward 

Chapman Walter E (Chapman & Bannis- 
ter), h 46 Gledhill av 
Chapman & Bannister (Walter E Chap- 
man, Frank Bannister), btchrs 46 Gled- 
hill av 

Cracknell Benonla, lab, h e s Woodbine 

Crombie David, carp, h 161 Cedarvale av 
Cross Robt, lab, h 72 King Edward av 
Crowson Geo, brklyr, h 96 Gledhill av 
Dixon James H, btchr, h 69 Cedarvale av 
Dobson John R, lab, h e e Woodbine av 
Duckworth Arthur, brklyr, h 155 Cedar- 
vale av 

Dunsford Joseph, glass wkr, h 22 Col- 
ridge av 

Ellis Percy H, h 719 Woodbine av 
Eveleigh Thos, rubber wkr, h 45 Cedar- 
vale av 

Farnell Wilfred, shipper, h e s Colridge 

Fensom David, bldr, h 85 Gledhill av 

Ferguson Geo E, cabt mkr, h 67 Cedar- 
vale av 

Feroway Chas, lab, h 211 Cedarvale av 
Finlay Wm T, watchman, h 87 Cedarvale 

Garbutt James, mkt gdnr 200 Gledhill av, 
h same 

Garrett Geo, pdlr, h 104 Gledhill av 
Gibson Thos J, carp, h 43 King Edward 

Gidlow Wm, timekpr, h 41 Cedarvale av 
Griffiths Thos, lab, h w s Colridge av 
Guyatt Thos, gdnr, h 249 Gledhlil av 
Guyatt Thos, lab, h 195 Gledhill av 
Haines, Chas, barber, h e s Colridge av 
Hall Frank shoemkr, h 76 Gledhill av 
Hall Wm, h 39 King Edward av 
Harrison John T, carp, h 57 Cedarvale av 
artley Wm, lab, h 15 King Edward av 
ale Wm, lab, h 24 King Edward av 
iMd John, tmstr, h 11 King Edward av 
Hiscack Henry, lab, h 123 Cedarvale av 
Hollo wall Ernest W, lab, h e s Woodbine 

Huck Josjflji, lab, h w s Colridge av 
Hughes ThoSisE, mach, h 153 Cedarvale av 
Jackson Alfreo.^R, lab, h 74 King Edward 

Jennings Albert, h w s Colridge av 
Jones Shadrach, daijy e s Woodbine av, 
h same 

Latham Alex, englneef*-, h 24 King Ed- 
ward av '-H 

Leeks Allred, carp, h 112' Gledhill av 
McDonald Alex, engineer, h K. Gledhill av 
McIntyre Hector, Stocker, h 193 Cedarvale 

Marshall Albert, lab, h e s Colridge av 
Martin Robt, fireman, h 82 Gledhill av 
Mash Henry, pdlr, h 201 Cedarvale av 
Matthews Wm, lab, h 58 Gledhill av V 
May Henry, lab, h 56 Gledhill av 


Miller James, lab, h 181 Cedarvale av 
Milner Joan, btchr, h 21 Gledhi.l av 
Mitchell Daniel, engineer, h 25 Colridge 

Mitchell Geo, brklyr, h w s Colridge av 
Mitchell Henry, lab, h 111 Cedarvale av 
Moses Wm H, h 7 Cedarvale av 
Moulton John, carp, h 49 Cedarvale av 
Murray Dinah (wld Chas J), h 17 Gledhill 

Oakley Geo R, carp, h 105 Cedarvale av 
Old Thos, carp, h 1 King Edward av 

Panes Edwd, mach, h 97 Cedarvale av 
Pate Fredk, brkmkr, h 27 King Edward 

Payne Chas, gdnr, h 95 Gledhill av 
J'erry Wm, engineer, h 181 Gledhill av 
Prior Wm, brklyr, h e s Colridge av 
Pullan Chas, lab, h 68 Gledhill av 
Reid Edwa, driver, h 19 King Edward av 
Robinson Joseph, carp, 1 107 Cedarvale av 
Rogers Geo, ctr, h 81 Cedarvale av 
Rudling >3enj C, porter, h e s Colridge av 
Scott Francis, janitor, h e s Colridge av 
Shirley Geo, lab, h 99 Cedarvale av 
Smith Albert E, brklyr, h 94 Gledhill av 
Smith John W, carp, h 73 King Edward av 
Sparkhall Geo, whol btchr 248 Gledhill av, 
h same 

Streeter Harry, elect, h 35 King Edward 


. - - • , • Stroud Walter, brklyr, h 121 Cedarvale av 

Medland liichd, rubber wkr, h 249 GledhilF O’anner John, h 27 Gledhill av 

aylor Fredk, cattleman, h 120 Gledhill av 
pmpson John, brkmkr, h 30 King Ed- 
^d av 

Thort^on Chas, hat mkr, h 43 Cedarvale 

TreasurWWm, lab, h e s Colridge av 
Tuppen JVgeph L, lab, h 60 Gledhill av 
Venman Fr^k, plstr, h 151 Cedarvale av 
Walker Fred^^lab, h e s Cedarvale av 
Walker Wm hostler, h e s Cedarvale 

Webley Fredk, ca?hu h 121 Gledhill av 



Sidewalk Dodt^, Etc. 

67 to 95 PEARL ST. Phone Adiih|i<>« *960 


— 33 



The British Aiuminium Go., 


Whitmore Ernest, engineer, h 127 Cedar* 
vale av 

Wickens James, lab, h 77 Cedarvale av 
Young Albert, bldr, h 72 Gledhiil av 


(Three and a half miles northwest of P O) 

Adams Wm H, steam ftr, h n s Hatherley 

Allison Thos, carp, h w s Seneca 
Anderson Wm A, lab, h e s ii»nnerdale rd 
ARMITAGE ELI, Postmaster and Gro- 
cer Boon, cor Teignmouth av, h same 
Ashby Arthur, action mkr, h w s Harvie 

Atkins Herbert, lab, h s s Rochdale av 
Avery Geo A, h e s Dufferin 
Baker Geo, plmbr, h s s Eversfield rd 
Ballard Albert E, elk, h w s Dufferin 
Barron Fredk, tmstr, h n s Teignmouth av 
Beck Wm, lab, h e s Nairn av 
Bell Geo, elk, h w s Dufferin 
Bell J Wm, mach, h e s Harvie av 
Bennett Wm, brklyr, h s s Hatherly rd 
Best Fredk. plstr, h w s Earlscourt av 
Birch Edwd, brklyr, h w s Earlscourt av 
Blackmore Richd A, hdware w s Hath- 
erly rd, h same 

Blokam ieginald, sign painter, h w » 
Earlscourt av 

Bocott Henry, painter, h e s Nairn av 
Brierly John, mldr, h s s Hatherly rd 
Brlgandi Pasquale, gdnr. h e s Harvie av 
Bromley Richd, chkr, h w s Ennerdale rd 
Brooks Wm B, lab, h n s Eversfield rd 
Brown Adam, carp, h e s Dufferin 
Brown Joseph, mldr, h n s Teignmouth av 
Bullock Herbert, carp, h n s Hatherly rd 
Bullock Herbert jr, elk, 1 H Bullock 
Buiocli Robt, lab, h s s Hatherly rd 
Burns David, gro Boon cor Teignmouth 
avs, h same 

Burns David jr. mldr. 1 David Burns 
Burns Jas, mach, 1 D Burns 
Burrows (’has C, pntr, h w s Hatherly rd 
Burrows Harry, painter, h w s Dufferin 
Butler Geo W, h e s Boon av 
Campbell Donald, shipper, h s s Evers- 
field rd 

Carus Joseph, lab, h w s Nairn av 
Chalmers T Fredk, baker, h e s Harvie av 
Circus Ernest, plmbr, h e s Dufferin 
Clark Jas, carp, h e s Seneca 
Clark Robt, mason, h s s Eversfield rd 
Clay Walter, painter, h e s Ennerdale rd 
Ck)ffey Chas, sailor, 1 Jas Coffey 
Coffey Jas, lab, h n s Eversfield rd 
Collins Frank E, elk, h e s Dufferin 
Cook John, carp, h e s Dufferin 
Cowa Thos, stone ctr, h w s Boon av 
Coyne Antonio, lab, h e s Harvie av 
Craig Wm J, lab, h n s Preston rd 
Crockett Albert, lab, h w s Dufferin 
Crockett Herbert E, lab, h e s Seneca 
Cutress Geo W, carp, h e s Ennerdale rd 
Davis Jas, carp, h n s Hatherly rd 
Deacon John J, gro s s Eversfield rd, h 

Doherty Thos. packer, b Sami Swift 
Dolby Robt. lab, h e s Seneca 
Donlon Jas, carp, h e s Ennerdale rd 
Dorward John, mach, h Dufferin, cor Ev- 
ersfield rd 

Durrant Toseph, brkmkr, h s s Teign- 
mouth av 

Earlscourt Post Office. Eli Armltage post- 
master, Boon, cor Teignmouth av 
Elliott Chas, plstr. h w s Ennerdale rd 
Bmbleton Thos H, leather wkr, h e s 
Hatherly rd 

Embleton Victor, iron wkr. 1 T H Emble- 

Erskine Alax T, gdnr, h w s Ennerdale rd 
Essex John R, carp, h e a Hlarvie av 
Essex Lancelot P, opr, 1 J R Essex 
F'orbes Robt. baker, h e s Ennerdale rd 
Forest Hiram H. carp, h s s Dynover rd 
Fox Thos, mattress mkr, h e s Harvie av 
Franks Alfred, lab, h w s Hatherly rd 
Freeman Douglas, brklyr, h n s Hatherly 

Gallaher Matthew, cond, h e s Seneca 
Gazzard Harry, lab, h w s Ennerdale rd 
Gibbard Thos J, candy mkr, h w s Nairn 

Gouges Fredk. lab, h w s Dufferin 
Gould John, lab. h w s Dufferin 
Gould John, mach, h e s Ennerdale rd 

Gray Wm, carp, h s s Holmesdale rd 
Griffiths Louis, lab, h s s Holmesdale rd 
Hallam Geo H, plstr, h e s Harvie av 
Hambleton Alfred jr, mldr, h s s Hather- 
ly rd 

Hammond Herbert, grinder, h n s Hather- 
ly rd 

Hardacre Henry, btehr, h s s Dynover rd 
Harding Wm. lab, h s s Dynover rd 
Hardy Alex, lab, h w s Boon av 
Harland Miss Elsie, bkbndr, 1 Thos Cowa 
Harland Harry, lab, 1 Thos Cowa 
Harland Wm, mach, b Thos Cowa 
Harris Henry, mkt gdnr e s Laudei av 
Harvey Alex, soap mkr, h w s Dufferin 
Harvey Jas H, lab, h w s Harvie av 
Harvey John P, roach, 1 Alex Harvey 
Harvey Thos. shipper, 1 Alex Harvey 
Hawkins Henry, carp, h e s Earlscourt av 
Hermstein Joseph, lab, h n s Teignmouth 

Hewitt Alfred, c.k, h w s Nairn av 
Hewdtt Luke, mason, h e s Harvie av 
Hew’itt Wm F, weaver, h s s Ditchling rd 
Heywood F Richd, gdnr, h s s Hatherly rd 
Hibbert Wesley, brklyr, h e s Harvie av 
Hickman John, lab, h e s Ennerdale rd 
Hiicks Thos A. carp, h w s Boon av 
Hill Herman J, painter, h s s Hatherly rd 
Hitchin Wm, plstr, h e s Harvie 
Hocker Cornelius, car clnr, h Teignmouth, 
cor Nairn av 

Hocking Thos A, carp, h e s Dufferin 
Hocking Thos H, contr, h e s Dufferin 
Hockney Ernest, iron wkr, h e s Hatherly 

Hoffland Jas, slsmn, b Geo Bell 
Holden Edwd A, lab, h n s Teignmouth av 
Holloway John, mach hd, h w s Nairn av 
Hood Duncan, comp, h e s Dufferin 
Hope John S, gro s s Hatherly rd, h same 
Hutchinson Frank, gro w s Dufferin, h 

Irwin John, carp, h w s Ennerdale rd 
Jackson Geo, roofer, h e s Boon av 
Jackson Sidney, lab, h e s Harvie av 
James Edwin, mach hd, h n s Ditchling rd 
Johnson Amos W, driver, h n s Hatherly 

Jones Geo, lab, h h s Hatherly rd 
Jones Michi, brKmkr, h w s Dufferin 
Jones Thos, euro, h w s Boon av 
Julian Wm, plstr, h Teignmouth, cor Har- 
vie av 

Kemp Arthur E. lab, h w s Nairn av 
Kemp Geo L, tinner, h e s Dufferin 
Kerr Hugh, mldr. h e s Harvie av 
Kinchin Peter F. shipper, h w s Earlscourt 

Kirkpatrick John, lab. h Brandstone rd 
Knight Chas, lab, h e s Seneca 
Lacey Chas T, elect, h n s Hatherly rd 
! attimer Henry, lab, 1 J Lattimer 
Lattimer John, lab. h w s Earlscourt rd 
i^avender Thos, chkr, h w s Harvie av 
Little John J, general store (br) w s Duf- 
ferin, h Earlscourt cor Ascot avs 
Lovewell Francis B, comp, h w s Hatherly 

McCandlish John J, plmbr, h w s Lauder 

McElligott Thos G, moto. h n s Ditchling 

McGowan Geo, slsmn. h w s Hatherly rd 
Meinn Joseph, carp, h e s Dufferin 
McNab Geo C, lab. h e s Boon av 
McNeil Wm, caretkr, h e s Seneca 
MePhee Duncan, lab, h e s Dufferin 
MacKenzie Gavin F, carp, h w s Earls- 
court av 

Mansbridge Fredk J, dairy e s Dufferin, h 

•Martin Chas W, lab, h w s Ennerdale rd 
Martin Wm, engineer, h w s Harvie av 
May Jas M, bldr. h w s Harvie av 
Maybee Ernest W, gdnr, 1 J T Maybee 
Maybee Jas T, mkt gdnr w s Dufferin, h 

Maybee Miss Lena, slsldy, 1 J T Maybee 
Meaghan Joseph, brass mldr, h w s Har- 
vie av 

Melvin Thos, lab, h s s Ditchling rd 
Meridew Chas, gdnr, h e s Boon av 
Meridew John, action mkr, 1 Chas Meri- 

Miller John, presser, h n s Eversfield rd 
Moreland Chas T, press-mn, h w s Enner- 
dale rd 

Munday Geo brklyr, h w s Boon av 
Mynard Henry, mach, h w s Boon av 

Neivens John, cond, h e s Dufferin 
Neivens Phillip, driver, h e s Dufferin 
N^ss Christina (wid Robt), opr, h n ■ 
Teignmouth av 

Nicholls Arthur, carp, h s s Teignmouth 

Nunn Geo S, meter insp, h w s Harvie av 
Nunn Joseph, meter rdr, b Jas Stevens 
Nunn Joseph jr, lab, h n s Hatherly rd 
Nun.i Robt, fitter, I Geo Nunn 
Painting Percy H, brass fnshr, h n s 
Teignmouth av 

Parker Geo A, tmstr, h w s Harvie av 
Patton Frank, carp, h e s Boon av 
Petherick Richd, carp, b Edwin James 
Phasey Alfred J, gro cor Teignmouth and 
Earlscourt avs, h same 
Phillips Chas, lab, h w s Earlscourt av 
Picolo Sami, lab, h e s Dufferin 
Poston Henry, lab, h s s Dynover rd 
Poston Jas, btehr, h w s Ennerdale rd 
Powell John W, brklyr, h w s Dufferin 
Powell Miss Vashti, 1 Walter Powell 
Powell Walter, brklyr, h e s Dufferin 
Pryor Geo, linemn, h e s Harvie av 
Pulbrook Daniel, mach, h e s Ennerdale rd 
Richards Jas, carp, h e s Harvie av 
Rivers Robt, blrmkr. h w s Harvie av 
Robinson Chas V, confy e s Ennerdale rd, 
h same 

Rogers Chas J, watchman, h e s Boon av 
Rogers Geo H, elk, h n s Hatherly rd 
Runham Wm D, h s s Brandstone rd 
Russ Geo, lab, h e s Boon av 
Sampson Harry, brklyr, h e s Nairn av 
Scott Arnold W, blksmth, h e s Ennerdale 

Scott Robt, plstr, h e s Boon av 
Shaw, Arclid F, carp, h w s Nairn av 
Shulvers Alfred, lab, h w s Dufferin 
yibbick Geo, gdnr, h e s Lauder av 
Silvey Wm, mach, h e s Ennerdale rd 
Simmonds Lionel R. baker, h e s Enner- 
dale rd 

Sloane Jas, bkpr, h e s Dufferin 
Smith Prank, painter, h w s Nairn av 
Smith Harry, brklyr, h w s Earlscourt av 
Smith Wm, lab, h w s Dufferin 
Smith Wm A, lab, h w s Dufferin 
Spiller Chas, florist w s Lauder av 
Stenhouse John, mach, b Chas G Watson 
Stephens Albert L, mldr, h e s Harvie av 
Stevens Jas, painter, h e s Hatherly rd 
Stuart Robt, brklyr, h e s Harvie av 
Sullivan Wm, lab, h n s Teignmouth av 
Swift Sami, shipper, h e s Harvie av 
Taylor C Robt. carp, h w s Nairn av 
Taylor Sidney F, painter, h w s Seneca 
Titus Wm .T, mldr, h e s Harvie av 
Tomlin Walter, carp, h n s Hatherly rd 
Tonkin Harold, carp, h w s Dufferin 
Townley Robt J, mach, h e s Ennerdale rd 
I’riggs Chas, carp, h n s Teignmouth av 
Tromans Benj, mldr, h w s Harvie av 
Tubbs Chas, lab, h e s Ennerdale rd 
Turrell Wm, mach, h e s Ennerdale rd 
Varley Geo, mldr, h n s Eversfield rd 
Viney Horace, carp, h e s Ennerdale rd 
Voice John, driver, h e s Ennerdale rd 
Waite John, carp, h n s Hatherly rd 
Wardrope Miss Janet, opr, 1 John Ward- 

Wardrope John, lab, h w s Nairn av 
Wardrope Malcolm S, plmbr, 1 John Ward- 

Watson Chas G, carp, h n s Teignmouth 

Waugh Geo R. driver, h w s Dufferin 
Webster Thos, carp, h n s Eversfield rd 
Wheeler Albert S, mach, 1 H J Wheeler 
Wheeler Henry J, carp, h w s Boon av 
White Jas, lab, h n s Eversfield rd 
Whitton John, carp, h n s Clandinan av 
Wicks Jas B. ins agt, h s s Eversfield rd 
W^igglns Joseph, plmbr, h e s Dufferin 
Willett Jas. plmbr, h e s Boon av 
Williams Herbert E, pursemkr, h s s 
Hatherly rd 

Wilshlre Lewis, lab, h s s Eversfield rd 
Wilson David, trav, h n s Eversfield rd 
"Witt Catherine C (wid Stephen), h e. s 

Witt Edwd, plstr, h e s Dufferin 
Witt Miss Ellen, oipr. 1 Mrs C C Witt 
Witt Miss Elsie F, opr, 1 Mrs C C Witt 
Witt Herbert S, carp, 1 Mrs C C Witt 
Witt Percivni A, carp. 1 Mrs C C Witt 
Witt Miss WTnnie, opr, 1 Mrs C C Witt 
Wood Horace A, lab, h e s Boon av 
Wooding Richd. lab, h w s Boon av 
^Voodley Edwd H, lab. h n s Teignmouth 

Colonial Realty & Securities Corporation, umited 


Lumsden Building, Cor. ADELAIDE and YONGE STS. Main 1 360 


T O F« O IM X O 


Canadian Company 


(Four and a\ialf miles west of P O) 
Adley Joshua, barber n s Lake Shore rd, 
h same 

Armstrong GeorgeXbrk mnfr n s Lake 
Shore rd, h same \ 

Aymer Chas, mkt gdr^r s s Cannon rd, h 
same \ 

Aymer Geo, mkt gdnr ■« s Cannon rd, h 
same \ 

Ball Geo. shipper, 1 Har^ Ball 
Ball Harland, gdnr, I Harm Ball 
Ball Harry, 'kdnr, h n s lake Shore rd 
Ball Miss Mary, 1 Harry BUI 
Barker John, tile mkr, h s S^^Lake Shore 
road V 

Barnes Thos, brkmkr, b Mrs K Taylor 
Bayley Alfred, mach hd, h s s Q^een 
Bayley Miss Emily, opr, 1 A Bayfey 
Beers Arthur, bartndr Humber Ba^ch Ho- 
tel, 1 same 

Beetham Francis E, boltmkr, h w ^red- 

Bell Miss Bella, wtrs Humber Beach’^o- 
tel, 1 same \ 

Bellemere Miss Charlotte, 1 F BellemVe 
Bellemere Miss Elizabeth, 1 P Bellemere\ 
Bellemere Fredk, tmstr, b w s Macdonah 

Blyth Geo, engineer, h w s Salisbury av 
Boland Thos J, prop Humber Beach Ho- 

Boniface Albert, brkmkr, h e s Frederica 
Boniface Ernest, lab, n s s Queen 
Booker Mlchl, lab. b Geo Wandless 
i'racey Thos, gdnr, 1 J C Rush 
Bradbury Lewis, 1 Mrs S E Brown 
Bradley Lewis T, mkt gdnr n s Queen, h 

Bragg Edwd T, lab, h 11 Davidson cres 
Bragg Frank, nut mkr, b Mrs S E Brown 
BraJthwaite Wm, prln Humber Bay Pub 
Soh, res Toronto 

Broderick JIary (wld Patrick), h w s Salis- 
bury av 

Brown Geo S, ins agt, 1 Mrs S E Brown 
Brown John S, mkt gdnr e s Salisbury av 
h same 

Brown S Elizth (wid Chas H), h Queen, 
cor Salisbury av 

Brown Walter E. gdnr, 1 Mrs S E Brown 
Buss Norman, tmstr, h n s Queen 
Butwell Henry, brick mfr n s Lake Shore 
rd, h same 

Butwell Henry jr, lab, h n s Lake Shore rd 
Butwell Henry, tmstr, h e s Salisbury av 
Butwell Mark, engineer, h n s Lake Shore 

Butwell Richard, h n s Lake Shore rd 
Carson Robert, lab. b e s Oliver 
Charles James W, elk. h w s Salisbury av 
Chesher Wm J, gro, h e s Salisbury av 
Chowns Emma (wid Wm), h 6 Davidson 


Chowns Fredk, lab, 1 Mrs E Chowns 
Chowns Wm, lab, 1 Mrs E Chowns 
Churchward Allred, nutmkr, 1 Robt 

Churchward Robt, mach, h e s Frederica 
Clark Thos, tile mkr, h e s Oliver 
Clark Thos jr, concrete wkr, 1 Thos Clark 
Clark Wm, concrete wkr. 1 Thos Clark 
Clarke Harry J, h w s Salisbury av 
Collins Jas. mkt gdnr n s Queen, h same 
Cox Miss Gladys, drsmkr 1 Sami Cox 
Cox Gustave, gdnr. 1 Sami Cox 
Cox Henry, lab, h e s Frederica 
Cox Sami, mkt gdnr Queen, cor Burgess 
av, h same 

Crowe Catherine (wid Thos S), gro s s 
Lake Shore rd, h same 
Crowe Edwd, jwlr, 1 Mrs C Crowe 
Cullan Miss Agnes, 1 D Cullan 
Cullan David, h w s Salisbury av 
Dandridge Miss Hattie. 1 J Dandridge 
Dandridge Jas, mkt gdnr n s Queen, h 

Dandridge Jas E, 1 J Dandridge 
Dandridge Miss Jane, 1 J Dandridge 
Dandridge Miss Norma, 1 J Dandridge 
Daniels Francis, mkt gdnr, n s Queen 
Daniels Norman, gdnr, 1 F Daniels 
Davison Jas, mach hd, h s s Queen 
Delamere Miss Lillian, tchr Humber Bay 
Pub Sch, 1 Mrs S E Brown 
Devins Isaac N, prop Rivervlew Dining 
Hall and Boat House, res Toronto 
Devins Vernon, mgr Elvervlew Dining 
Hall, 1 same 

Dewey Harry, bartndr Humber Bay Hotel 
Dewsbury Frank, mach, h e s Frederica 
Dickson John, gdnr, 1 E Rowett 
Didsbnry James, bolt mkr, h w s Mac- 
donald av 

Dixon John, lab, h n s Lake Shore rd 
Donovan Patk J, moto, h s s Queen 
Dunn Robt, h e s Frederica 
Dunn Robt Jr, elk, 1 Robt Dunn 
Dutnall John, mldr, h e s Cockburn av 
Dutnall Robt, mach hd, h n s Lake Shore 

Dutnall Walter, Iron wkr, h n s Lake 
Shore rd 

Egles Ernest, painter, 1 Wm Egles 
Egles Wm, painter, h s s Lake Shore rd 
Elett Walter, brkmkr, h w s Macdonald av 
EVans John, bartndr Humber Beach Hotel 
Finnegan David, lab, h s s Lake Shore rd 
Fletcher John, brkmkr, h c s Oliver 
Fonlyce Geo, elect, 1 John Fordyce 
Fordyce Jas K, concrete wkr, 1 John For- 

Fordyce John, lab, h e s Oliver 
Franklyn Arthur, tmstr, h w s Macdonald 

Gair Joseph, printer, h e s Cockburn av 
Gilman Albert, lab, 1 Geo Gilman 
Gilman Chas, lab, 1 Geo Gilman 
Gilman Geo, lab, h w s Macdonald av 
ilman Geo jr, lab, 1 Geo Gilman 
pson Reuben, painter, h n s Lake Shore 

in Thos, porter number Beach Ho- 
tdk I same 

GraALucy (wid Geo), h w s Salisbury av 
eld Chas, mkt gdnr w s Grand av 
Edgar, mach. 1 Thos Greenfield 
GreenflSid Thos, brkmkr, h e s Oliver 
Grigsby ^mos, mkt gdnr e s Grand av 
Grigsby Wm, mkt gdnr n s Queen, h same 
Haack Mi^ Elva, tchr Humber Bay Pub 
Sch, b H'^iw Brown 

Harrington i^v Sami B, pastor St James 
Church ' 

Harris Geo, mitt gdnr e s Larnbton rd, h 

Harrison Joseph, -^lle mkr, h w s Salisbury 

Harwood Ernest, ^concrete wkr, b Thos 

Harwood Geo, lab, hvw s Frederica 
Hawkins Thos, tmstr.vh s s Queen 
Helliwell John S, gdnr\John H Hunter, h 
w s Salisbury av 

Heyworth Frank P, bafijer, h n s Lake 
Shore rd 

Hicks Elizth (wid Thos L)\h s s Queen 
Hicks Octavius L (O L Hhuks & Son), h 
s s Lake Shore rd 

Hicks O L & Son (Octavius Ltand Wm J), 
boat bldrs s s Lake Shore rd. 

Hicks Septimus, sailor, 1 Wm J Hicks 
Hicks Wtn J (O L Hicks & Soh), h n s 
Lake Shore id 

Hodglnson Levi, bolt mkr, h w s Macdon- 
ald av 

Hodson Chas. mach hd, h w s Oliver. 
Holmes Henry, bolt mkr, h n s Queen 
Holmes Wm, mkt gdnr s s Queen, h same 
Humber Bay Hotel, John T Newton pr«p, 
n s Lake Shore rd \ 

Humber Bay Machine Co, Thos McMilla^ 
prop Lake Shore rd, cor Queen 
Humber Bay Mission, Rev Aubrey Vin- 
cent snpt, n s Queen 
MacNicol Postmaster, s s Queen 
Humber Bay Public School, Wm Braith- 
walte prln, e s Cockburn 
Humber Beach Hotel, Thos J Boland prop, 
s s Lake Shore rd 

Hunter John H, barr, h w s Salisbury av 
lies Isaac, lab, h n s Queen 
Jesson Shadrach, shoemkr, s s Queen, h 

Johnson Daniel, h s s Lake Shore rd 
Johnson Elizabeth (wld Wm), h n ■ 

Johnstone Caroline (wld James K), h b s 
Lake Shore rd 

Johnstone Stanley, elk, 1 Mrs C John- 

Joyce Joseph, bartndr Humber Beach Ho- 
tel, 1 same 

Joyce Martin, mgr Humber Beach Hotel, 
1 same 

Keillor Angus, h n s Queen 
Kemp Alfred, h 7 Davidson cres 
Kemp Alfred jr, brkmkr, 1 A Kemp 

Kemp James, brkmkr, h n s Lake Shore 

Kemp John, brkmkr. 1 A Kemp 
Kemp Sydney, lab, 1 A Kemp 
McAlister Thos, tmstr, h e s Cockburn av 
McDonald Mlchl, bartndr Fiumber Bay 
Hotel. 1 same 

McGrath .las. tmstr, 1 J McGrath 
McGrath John, mkt gdnr Queen cor Wes- 
ley av 

McLennan Peter, boltmkr. b Thos Clark 
McLennan Wm, tile mkr, b Thos Clark 
McMann Mlchl, chef Humber Beach Ho- 

McMillan Thos, prop Humber Bay Ma- 
chine Co, res Toronto 
McQuarrie Donald, brkmkr, h s s Queen 
McQuarrie Harvey, iron wkr, I D McQuar- 

McQuarrie Jas, glass bender, 1 D Mc- 

MacNicol Nicol, postmaster and general 
store s s Queen, h same 
Mansell Mrs Esther, wtrs Humber Bay 

Mansell Wm, porter Humber Bay Hotel, 
1 same 

Masters Jas, mkt gdnr w s Larnbton rd 
Meldrum Wm, painter, h 4 Davidson cres 
Milding Aaron, mach, h w s Salisbury av 
Milliner Wm, caretkr, h e s Frederica 
Monteith John, sismn, h s s Queen 
Montgomery Wm, brklyr, h s s Lake 
Shore rd 

Naylor Edwin, brkmkr, b Mark Butwell 
Naylor Thos S, brkmkr, h n s Lake Shore 

Newman John, boltmkr, h e s Cockburn 

Newton Eugene H, studt, I Humber Bay 

Newton .Tohn T, prop Humber Bay Ho- 
tel. 1 same 

Newton John J, elk, 1 Humber Bay Hotel 
Nightingale Wm H, h w s Salisbury av 
Norris John, lab, h n s Queen 
North Harry, gdnr, h s s Cannon rd 
North Wm, mkt gdnr s s Burgess av, li 

North Wm jr, gdnr. 1 Wm North 
Orr Benj. boat bldr. h n s Godson rd 
Orr .Joseph, iron wkr. h Cockburn av 
Padfield .John, painter, 1 Wm J Chesher 
Parker Walter C, mkt gdnr n s Queen, h 

Parker Wm H, 1 n s Queen 
Parmenter Margt (wid Phillip), h e s 
Cockburn av 

Payne Chas, brkmkr, h n s Humber av 
Peacock John W, elk, h n s Lake Shore rd 
Pennal Harry D, elk, h w s Salisbury av 
Piper Frank, bolt mkr, b Thos Clark 
Pomfret Luther, fireman, h 8 Davidson 

Presley Alfred, co constable, h w s Oliver 
Presle.v Miss Annie, mus tchr, 1 Alfred 

Presley Miss Florence I, gro s s Lake 
Shore rd. 1 Alfred Presley 
Presley Wm, tmstr Henry Butwell, h e s 
Salisbury av 

Radmore Jas M, lab, has Queen 
Rankin Richard, mkt gdnr w s Burges* 
av, h same 

IRasson Thos, blksmth s s Lake Shore rd, 
\ h same 

Reilly Robt H. farmer, h n s Queen 
Rlshes Jesse, brkmkr, h e s Salisbury av 
Rlffey Robert, gdnr, h e s Larnbton rd 
Rivetview Dining Hall, Isaac N Devlna 
pro’s. River bank 

Ronafebon Jas C, elk I N Devins, 1 same 
Rowett\ Ernest, mkt gdnr n s Queen, h 

same v 

Rowett 0^, mkt gdnr w s Grand av 
Runnnlls \oseph, carp, h w s Macdonald 
av \ 

Rnnnalls Win, carp, 1 Joseph Rnnnalls 
Rush Geo, iab. h s s Lake Shore rd 
Rush Henry, \ w s Frederica 
Rush Joseph mkt gdnr Queen cor Bur- 
gess av, h same 

Rush Joseph W, mkt gdnr s s Burgess 
St James Church fiAng), Rev Sami B Har- 
rington pastor, vt s Frederica 
Savage Chas, brkmkr, b Mrs K Taylor 

Schneider Wm F, chef Rivervlew DlnlnS 
Hall, 1 same 

Sewell Win, gdnr, 1 Wnt-,Holmes 
Shadwell Chas, carp, h ri'.s Lake Shore rd 
Shadwell Lewis, lab, 1 Cha* Shadwell 


STOCKS Bought and Sold on all the Leading Ex- 
changes. Prompt attention given to Orders 



ASSURANCE CO. of Edinburgh 




Manager for Canada 

Toronto Offices: 

Bank of CoioDiepee Bldg. 


Shannon Patk, tile mkr, h w s Macdonald 

Simpson Geo, co constable, h s s Lake 
Shore rd 

Simpson George H, tel opr, I George Slmp- 

Simp^n Wm J, brkmkr, h e s Salisbury 

Skidmo\ Rlchd D, btchr, h e s Cockburn 

Slee RicliHl, engraver, h s s Lake Shore rd 
Smeaton Miss Kathleen, tchr Humber 
Bay Pub«ch, b Mrs S E Brown 
Smith John\gdnr, 1 Wm Grigsby 
Stickland EAdk, mach hd, b A Bas'Iej- 
Sutherland Fltderlck W, wood wkr, h n * 
Lake Shore %d 

Switzer Alfred \l, carp, h w s Fredrlca 
Taverner Edwd^lab, h n s Amelia 
"Taverner Edwd, tab. h s s Lake Shore rd 
' Taylor Geo, brknfltr, I Mrs K Taylor 
Taylor Kate (wlrfi.George), h n s Lake 
Shore rd 

“Tenney Geo, gdnr, li^m Tomlinson 
'Thompson Frederick, mkt gdnr. e s Lamb- 
ton rd. h same \ 

Todd .las, gdnr, h s s Hurgess av 
Tomlinson Wm, mkt gdnlt e s Lambton rd, 
h same \ 

Trevetham Joseph, nut mte;, b John Wil- 
lis \ 

Trevethan Philip, nutmkr, h ^s Macdonald 
avenue t 

Vincent Aubrey, supt HumbeF Bay Mis- 
sion, h s s Queen 

Walker Frank, gate kpr G T R, rfc Swan- 
sea \ 

Wandless Geo. brkmkr, h s s LakVShore 
rd \ 

M'heeler T,,ouis. h s s Oueen ^ 

Whitehead Jas, bolt mkr. h e s Olivrt. 
Whitehead Sarah (wld Thos). h e s OliVer 
Whitworth Edwd, mkt gdnr s s Burgef 
av, h same 
Whitworth John W, mkt gdnr s s Queen, 
-h same 

Wickson Thos, mkt gdnr n s Queen^ h 

Wlllls John, bolt rakr, h w a Macdonald 

Barnum Lorenzo D, engineer, h n s Stan- 
ley av 

Barnum Norman, painter, 1 L D Barnum 
Barrow Edwd, shipper. 1 Mrs M Barrow 
Harrow Mary (wld .Tohn), ti w s Church 
Bartley Andrew R, trav, h n s Lake Shore 

Beare Herbert F, pressman, h w s Bur- 
lington rd 

Beatty Benj, ydmn, h s s Newcastle 
tlehan Julia (wid Geo H), h w s Ilucklng- 

Birrell Wm, florist, b W J Trafford 
Blrwell Arthur, engineer, h s s Dean 
Black ,Tas, drain digger, h n s Victoria 
Black Wm, h s s Lake Shore rd 
Blair Edwd, plstr, 1 Jas S Blair 
Blair Jas S, plstr, h n s Victoria 
Blair Robt S, lab, 1 Jas S Blair 
Blyth Mitchell, engineer Victoria Indus- 
trial School 

Coxhead Caesar jr, carp, I C Coxhead 
Crabtree .las, color mixer, b M Eland 
Craig Sami, fireman, b G W Mercer 
Cranston Ernest, mldr, b Thos Charnoclc 
Crux Wm R, gdnr, h n s Main 
Cumming John, tel opr, h cor Main and 

Darling Leo, brkmn, b T P Enuessley 
Davey Jas, mkt gdnr n s Main, h same 
Davey Sami, gdnr, 1 James Davey 
Davey Thos, gdnr, h Jas Davey 
Davey Wm, gdnr, 1 J Davey 
Davidson Douglas, h s s Lake Shore rd 
Dear Arthur, gdnr, b S Mitchell 
Dear John H, pressman, h w s Burlington 

Derbyshire Christopher, mach hd, I Jas 

Derbyshire Edwd, tmstr, h n s Portland 
Derbyshire Jas, tmstr. h s s Manchester 

Book Asalom S. agt, h s s Lake Shore rd i Derbyshire Vanister R, brkmkr, 1 Jas 

W'illow John A. gdnr, 1 Rlchd Rankin 
Winger Arnold E, bolt mkr, 1 Edwd Win- 

Winger Edwd, fireman, h e s Oliver 
Worstfold Ernest G, lab, 1 Mrs S E Brown 
“Wright David, mkt gdnr e s Grand av 
Wright John H, mgr S L Wright, res 

Wright Sami L, flour s s Queen, h Brig- 

Yates Lawrence, iron wkr, h 9 Davidson 


(Seven Miles West of P O) 

Adams Joseph A, elect, h s s Soutiiainp- 

Alkenhead Jas A, sludt, I Rev .las R 

Alkenhead Rev Jas R, pastor Mimico 
MethodH* Ch, h w s Mimi„.j .av 
Allies Percy, printer, h n s Albany av 
Archer Hyla F, brkmkr, h n s Southamp- 

Archer Jas, mason, h n s Melrose av 
Ardlng Albert, hrklyr, h Milton cor Mel- 
rose av 

Ardis John, lab, b T P Bnnessley 
Armstrong John W, engineer, h n s Main 
Armstrong Wm H, mach, h e s Superior 

^Arthur Joseph, lab, b J C Fenny 
Ashton Edmund, tile burner, h w s Mil- 

-Ashton Robt, driver, 1 B Ashton 
Atherton Prank, carp, h n s Murrie 
Atkinson Milford J, h s s Symons 
Atkinson Sami G, carp, h s s Symons 
Bailey Harry, elk, 1 T R Bailey 
Bailey Thos R, carp, h n s Drummond av 
Baker Alfred, arch, h n s Robert 
Barclay Alexander, carp, has Macdonal'* 

(Barker Geo, ydmn, b Geo Greenway 
Barkley Sami, color mixer, b M Bland 
Barlow Robt. brass fnshr. h e s Mimico 

Barnum Jay, painter, h n s Stanley av 

Dods Andrew D, sec-treas Ontario Sewer 
Pipe Co, Ltd, h w s Station rd 
Doherty Rev George E, rector St Tieo 
(R C) Church, h w s Station rd 
Donaldson Archd (Burns & Donaldson), h 
s s Lake Shore rd 

Donnelly Chas, brass wkr, 1 Mrs B Don- 

Donnelly Ellen (wid Chas). h s s Main 
Douglas Thos F, pdlr, h w s Burlington rd 
Dowdell Robt J, engineer, h n s Main 
Drummond Hester A (wid John W), h w 
s Church 

Dunlop Wm, carp, h e s Wesley 

Book George W, plmbr, IAS Book 

i Boulter Wm, foreman, h w s Mimico av 
Bowering John, h n s Lake Shore rd 
Bowman Wm .1, h s s Lake Shore rd 
Brady Roland B, car repr, h n s Vanevery 
Brennan Joseph, brass wkr, h n s Symons 
Brishoise Joseph, brkmn, b Windsor Ho- 

Broadbent Sami, brkmn, b Windsor Ho- 

Brooks Thos, fireman, b W J Trafford 
Brown Mrs Annie, cook Victoria Indus- 
trial Sch 

Brown Miss Letltla A, tchr Victoria In- 
dustrial School . , - „ . 

Brown Phillip H, carp, h e s Mimico av i Dunlop Wm J, carp, h Wellesley cor Mel- 
Brydaon ,Tohn, tmstr, h e s Station rd ; ^ ^ r , a. 

Bryer Geo E, carp, b N Bryer Dutnall Robert, boltmkr, h n s Lake Shorn 

Bryer Newman, carp, h e s Superior av i , , , , ^ 

Bnndook Elijah, carp, h s s Symons ! Earle Jas, barber, h s s Manchester av 

Biindoek Herbert, lab, 1 B Bundock I S Lake Shore rd 

Bundoek Stanley, lab, 1 E Bundock ; ” ® ) Ictoria 

urgess Walter W, carp, h n s Southamp- ® ® Symons 

ojj > r I p;ia,nd Matthew, carp, h n s Symons 

B'fcns Alex (Burns & Donaldson), h s s j 

jake Shore rd I Elliott Geo. foreman, h n s Hillside av 

Bui^ Robt, lab, 1 Alex Burns I i,u 

BurnS), & Donaldson (Alex Burns, Archd Mimico Public 

Don^dson), contrs s s Lake Shore rd _®®®’ ® ^ ,5 Church 

^ Ennessley Trueso P, Iron wkr, h s s 

Southampton av 

Burt W%n H, cement wkr, h e s Burling- 
ton rdv. 

Burwell -Arthur M. eng, h s s Dean 
Bush Albe'tt, engineer, h S Mitchell 
Butch.ard Afrs May, matron Victoria In- 
dnstrial Seta 

Butler Percy, florist, b W J TBBfford 
C-nraphell Duncan, engineer, h n s He- 

Campbell Kenne^, engineer, b 

Carr Arthur, fireman, h W J Trafford 
Carrlck .Joseph, firertan, b T P Ennessley 
Carson Harry A. elk. 1 H P Carson 
Carson Henry P, lab, h n s Lake Shore 

Carson Wm J. h s s Lake Shore road 
Chappell Thos, h s s Macdonald av 

Evans Ellis, gdnr, h n s Symons 
Face Jas, stock kpr, b Jas S Blair 
Farrington Ernest, paper mkr, h s s Van- 

Featherstonehaugh Fredk B, barr, has 
Lake Shore rd 

Penney .Tohn C, lab, h e s Burlington rd 
Mrs V ! Ferguson John, chef, h w s Albert av 
I Ferrell Jas, brkmn, b T P Ennessley 
Ferrie Douglas, mach hd 1 Jas Ferrie 
B’errle Jas, gro n s Southampton, h same 
Ferrler Chester, supt Victoria Industrial 
Sell, h Main, cor Howland av 
Ferrler Miss Irene, tchr Victoria Indus- 
trial Sch. 1 Chester Ferrler 
Finch Arthur, mldr, h Church cor Ma^c- 
donald av 

Finch Henry, tilemkr, h e s Albert av 

Charnock Thos, carp, h n s Symons 
Chatterson Theodore, color mixer, b AVm [ F!"®® ^®®''V ® 'j, ® 

Boulter i Fish Thos, plstr, h s s Symons 

Chippendale Edwin, coal w s Church, h 
e s same 

Chisholm Erastus, h w s Church 
Clark Wm H. carp, h w Burlington rd 
Clement John H, ydmn, h s s Lal^e Shore 

Clough Henry, brass mldr, h J Hunter 
Cochrane Jas, h n s Heman 
Cochrane Jas E, brass wkr. h n s Heman 

Cochrane Miss Jane, opr, 1 Jas Cochrane ® urseman ivirs 
Cochrane Samuel, opr, 1 J Cochrane . dustrial Sch 
Gnnk Frank hrkmkr. h n s Smithfli-untorf'. i- ursman GeO. 

Foreman Harry, h e s Church 
Forgle Wm, express n s Lake Shore rd, 
h same 

Foster Rose I (wld Thomas), h n s Van- 

Free Jas (Smith & Free), h e s Burlington 

P’ulton Geo, lab, h s s Vanevery 
Fulton Jas, lab, h n s Macdonald av 
Furseman Mrs Jean, matron Victoria In- 

Cook Frank, brkmkr. h n s Southampton 

Cook Miss Helen, asst matron Victoria 
Industrial Sch 

Cooper John, florist e s Louise, h same 

Cooper Raymond, brass mldr, b E T 
S Wayne 

Corbett Frank, shoemkr s s Macdonald 
av, h same 

Coulton Arthur, elk Mimico Supply Co, h 
e s Church 

Coulton .lowat, mgr Mimico Supply Co, h 
n s Lake Shore rd 

Coulton Jowet, gro n s Lake Shore rd, h 

Coxhead Arthur C. bldr, h e s Superior av 

Coxhead Caesar, contr Superior cor Stan- 
ley av, h same 

farmer Victoria Industrial 


Gair Wm, tmstr, h e s Station rd 
Gamble Bevnon, brkmn, b Jas Fulton 
Oaree Albert L, foreman, h n s Southamp- 

Ganiett Joseph A, brkmkr, h e s Wesley 
Gari^ Patk J, cond, h e s Mimico av 
Gauld^Geo B. asst supt Victoria Industrial 

Godfrey Forbes, phy Albert cor Stanley av 
Godfrey Fredk, fireman, b W J Trafford 
Gordon AnJhjew, carp Victoria Industrial 
School * 

Gormaly Geo 3^ trav, 1 Wm J Woods 
Gorra.ily James, A, stock broker, 1 Miss 
.Agnes Stock 


Toronto Office, 49 Wellingfton St. E. 

London, Eng. 

Tel. Main 251 


Residence Tel. North 124 

T. C. BL06G. City Agent 

Residence Tel. North 154 

The Dovercourt Land 





24 Adelaide St. E. 

Graham Wm A, brkmkr, h Portland cor 

Greenway Geo, trimmer, h s s Manches- 
ter av ^ ^ 

Grohba Carl. (Grobha & Wandrey), h w s 
I'hurcli ^ X 

Grobba & Wandrey (Carl Grobba, Ernest 
Wandrey), ^ctrists e s Church 
Haines ChasAbartndr Windsor Hotel, 1 
same \ 

Hall Janet (wiATrueman). 1 A G Orr 
Hamilton John,\3rkmkr. b Wm Hamilton 
Hamilton Wm, Ae burner, h e s Wesley 
Hammond Geo, h e s Albert av 
Hammond Geo E\ elk I Geo Hammond 
Hanscombe aas J,%Ile burner, h s s Man- 

fl V 

Hardy Thns, lab. b \ F Douglas 
Hare Walter, carp \ s s Main 
Harkins Miss Floren^^. tchr Mimico Pub- 
lic Sch, res Toronto 
Harlock Albert E. ydmn. 1 Jas Harlock 
Harlock Jas, foremn, An s Drummond av 
Harlock Norman. Utho,% Jas Harlock 
Harlock Walter, elk, 1 Jas Harlock 
Harper Walter T, engineer, h n s Pigeon 
avenue \ 

Harriet Wm. blrmkr, b 7>:. Campbell 
Harris Andrew D, pres The Ontario Sew- 
er Pipe Co, Ltd, res Toronto 
Harrison Arthur G, painter, 1 J Harrison 
Harrison Chas A, h Lake Shore rd, cor 

Harrison Edwd T, color mixer^U J Harri- 

Harrison Ernest J, tel opr. 1 J "Harrison 
Harrison John J, shipper, h w Station 

Harrison Joseph, carp, h s s Manchester 
avenue * 

Hastings Wra, eng, h n 8 Murrle \ 
Heather Charles (H Heather & Son),"^^ H 

Heather Herbert (H Heather & Son),\h 
w s station rd \ 

Heather H & Son (Herbert and Cha8)>^ 
plmbrs w s Station rd, h same 
Hendry Donald, farmer, h e s Church 
Hendry Francis, farmer, h n s Lake 
Shore rd 

Hendry Robt, farmer, h n s Robert 
Henry John M, switchman, h w s Victor 

Henry Robt, watchmn, h n s Main 
Henry Wm, lab, b T F Douglas 
Herod Archibald, brklyr, 1 R M Herod 
Herod Herbert, btehr, 1 R M Herod 
Herod Jas, tmstr, h e s Queens av 
Herod Robert M, brklyr, h w s Queens av 
Herod Wm, tel opr, 1 R M Herod 
Hewlingson Andrew, gdnr, b S Mitchell 
Higgins Wm, lab, h e s Louise 
Hines Sidney, brkmkr, h e s Station rd 
Hird John C, engineer, li e s Superior 

Hodsdon Leonard, engineer, h e s Station 

Hogg Thos, engineer, h e s Albert av 
Holdenby Geo B, assessor, h Rose av 
Holland Thos, brkmkr, h e s Burlington 

Horwood John C B, arch, h s s Lake 
Shore rd 

Howden Phillip, tmstr, h e s Louise 
Howell Arthur F, lamp lighter, h w s 

Howland Wm. builder, b N Bryer 
Hughes Chester M, h s s Lake Shore rd 
Hughes Frank J. engineer, h n s Main 
Humphreys Albert W, lab, b A Putman 
Hunt John, fitter, h n s Macdonald av 
Hunter Joseph, emory mixer, h n s 

Hunter Wm H, barr, h s s Lake Shore rd 
Hutchins Edwd J, trav, h n s Lake Shore 

Tnglis Win R, b s s Lake Shore road 
Isaacson Peter, lab, b T P Ennessley 
Jackson Arthur, bkpr, h e s Superior av 
Jackson Chas, h s s Manchester av 
Jackson Harry, emory mixer, i Chas Jack- 

Jackson John, brkmkr, b Chas Jackson 
James Wm. elk, b Jas Free 
Janssens Leopold, engineer, h s s Van- 

Jarvis Fredk, engineer, h e s Albert av 
Jarvis Fredk PI, baker. 1 Jarvis 
Jo.vnes Edward, engineer, bus I-ake Shore 

Jermyn Percy, civil engineer, h s s Lake 
Shore rd 

Jewell Geo H, cond, h e s Mimico av 
Johnson Alex R, dairy s s Elizabeth, h 

Johnson Chas, driver, 1 A R Johnson 
Johnson Isaac, carp, h w s Mimico av 
Johnson Isaac S. carp, h e s Harold av 
Johnson Wm H, lineman, h w s Louise 
Johnston John, baker w s Station rd, h 

Jones Alfred, brkmkr, b T P Enness'ey 
Jordan Miss Kate, 1 W H Armstrong 
Kablefleish Henry, 1 H P Wilson 
Kay Geo J, carp, 1 Mrs Mary Kay 
Kay John, ins adjuster, h w s Victor av 
Kay Mary (wid John), h s s Lake Shore 

Kay Wm F, ms adjuster, 1 Mrs Mary Kay 
Kennedy Andrew W, tmstr, 1 Wm Ken- 

Kennedy Miss Ethel, opr, 1 Wm Kennedy 
Kennedy Harold, lab, 1 Wm Kennedy 
Kennedy Miss Laura, stenog, 1 Wm Ken- 

Kennedy Robt, lab, h w s Louise 
Kennedy Wm, lab, h w s Queens av 
Kenney Miss Marion, h n s Lake Shore 

Kent Clarence, brkmn, b Windsor Hotel 
Kerr John, fireman, b W J Trafford 
King Chas, caretkr, h n s Elizabeth 
King Miss Maud V, elk, rms Wm Hast- 

Kirkhan Thos, paper wkr, b J Brennan 
Kirkhan Wm, driver, b J Brennan 
Lambert Wm, carp, b Jas Leigh 
Lanchberry Percy, lab, h s s Macdonald 

Landsborough Sami, tile burner, b T P 

Eangley John, lather, h n s Victoria 
Lauber Ross I, tel opr, b D A McGee 
Leadley Wm T, freight agt, h s s Lake 
Shore road 

Lee Jas T, oiler, h n s Victoria 
eedham John (Lomas & Leedham), h w 
s Church 

gett Wm. carp, b J Wlncott 
Lfch Jas, tile burner, h e s Burlington rd 
Lems Albert E, pressman, h e s Burling- 
toft rd 

Lewi\Arthur, trackman, b E Ashton 

wkr, h e s 

Arthur, concrete 

ne Miss Blizth, tchr Victoria In- 

(Lomas & Leedham), h w s 

wkr, h n s Murrie 
t Mrs R I Foster 
Victoria Indus- 


Mimi' ^ 


Lomas & Le^ham (Wm Lomas and John 
Leedham), l|tchrs Church cor Newcastle 
Lowther Thos^^, contr. h e s Church 
Lubbock Wm H^engineer, h w s Victor av 
Lucken Harry, fweman, b E T Swayne 
Lynden Miss KatHira, matron Victoria In- 
dustrial Sch 

McAree John V, joV'Dalist, h n s South 
ampton av 

McCrea Mervin T, bn 
McDonald John, carp 
McFavden Duncan, tc 
trial Sch 

McGee David A, engineer^ e s Church 
McGee Harry, h s s Lake\Shore rd 
McGill Thomas, dentist, h s'^e Lake Shore 
road ' 

McGuire Alfred E, brkmn, b 5^s V War- 
ner \ 

McGuire PJlizth (wid John), h s 8 Main 
McGuire Francis, lab. 1 Mrs B McGuire 
McHenry A^ex, ydmn, h e s Albert" av 
Meinnis John, cond, h w s Albert ay 
McKay John, lab, b T P Ennessley \ 
McKenzie Ihos C, h s s Lake Shore rd-, 
McNeill Miss Isabel, tchr Mimico Pub Sch, 
b John W English 

McRae Duncan D, carp, h w s Mimico 3jV 
Machell Henry T, phy, h s s Lake Shore rd 
MacMillan Rev Alex, pastor Mimico Pres- 
byterian Ch, h n s Southampton 
MacMillan Ernest C, organist, 1 Rev Alex 

Malcomson Richd J, yd foreman, h s s 

Maloney Fredk, brkmkr, 1 Mrs M A Ma- 

Maloney Jas, elk J Coulton, h e s Queens 

Maloney Mary A (wid Timothy), h w s 
Station rd 

Maloney M,elville. tmstr, 1 Thos H Maloney 

Maloney Thos H, engineer, h n s Heman 
Marks Charles M, optician, h n s Lake 
Shore rd 

Martin Chas, chef Windsor Hotel 
Martison Wra. engineer, b D Campbell 
Mayo Wm T. trav, h s s Lake Shore ra 
Mercer Geo W, car repr, h s s Dean 
Merley Herbert, car repr, b Chas Moore- 

Methven Andrew, brkmn, h s s Macdonald 

Miller Wio C, lab, b Wm G Wigg 
Milne Frank C, ydmn, h n s Symons 
Milne John, trackman, b Jas Watt 
Mimico Coal & Wood bupply Co, Edwin 
Chippendale prop, e s Church 
Mimico Methodist Church. Rev J R Aik« 
enhead pastor, e s Church 
Mimico Planing Mill (Joseph Smith, Jas 
Free), opp Mimico Station 

POST OFFICE, Austin Wer- 
den Postmaster, e s Church 
Mimico Presbyterian Church, Rev Alex 
MacMillan pastor, cor Mimico av and 

Mimico Public School, John W English 
prin, cor Church and Mimico av 
Mimico Station, T H Sumner station mas- 
ter, n s Manchester av 
Mimico Supply Co, J Coulton mgr, gro- 
cers e s Church 

Mlsner Henry, shipper, b 'Wm Hastings 
Mitchell Alex, engineer, h w s Victor av 
Mitchell Squire, elk, h s s Newcastle 
Monk Geo, brkmkr, h e s Alexandra 
Montgomerv Sami, wtchmn Victoria In- 
dustrial Sch. 

Moore Chas, hirmkr, b Wm Forgie 
Mborehous Chas. car insp, h s s Van- 
every _ 

Moorehouse Joseph, mldr, h n s Vanevery 
Morris Mrs Anne, matron Victoria Indus- 
trial Schl 

Morris Wm, farmer Victoria Industrial 

Morrison James, tailor Victoria Industrial 

Morrison Mrs Jennie, matron Victoria In- 
dustrial Sch 

Myers Wm J. plshr, h w s Ijouise 
Newman Albert, tile burner, b A F How- 

Northfield Herbert, car repr, b S Mitchell) 
O'Donnell Chas, h w s Station rd 
O’Donnell Chas, tmstr, h s s Simpson av 
O'Donnell MIchl J. agent, h n s Main 
O'Donnell Thos, tmstr, h s s Simpson av 
O’Neill Thos. engineer, b W J Trafford 
Ogden Albert, barr, h s s I.ake Shore rd. 
Ontario Sewer Pipe Co, Ltd, A D Harris 
pres. Andrew Dods sec, e s Burlington 

Ormsliy Albert B, li s s Lake .Shore road 
Orr Andrew G, h w s Albert av 
iPalk Norman, postman, I Wm H Palk 
vpalk Wm H, gilder, bus Stanley av 
Pgacock Geo, hdwre n s Lake Shore rd, 
•h same 

P^rot Miss Lonise, asst matron Victoria 
IfVdustrial Sch 

Pet^s Lyman, ydmn, h s s Newcastle 
Pettinger Wm E, shoemkr Victoria In- 
dustrial Sch 

Pickled Walter, elk, h e s Alexandra 
Prest Aink H, h s s Lake Shore road 
Preston ^o, slsmn, h n s Vanevery 
Price Ri(J 4 d, car repr, b A F Howell 

F. J. SMITH CO.|™a„S“ 


— 37 — 



Price-Green Chas, h w s Church 
Putman Alfred, brklyr, h e s Burlington 

Reid Miss Mary J, baker Victoria Indus- 
trial School 

Rice Thos L, h s s Lake Shore rd 
Rlcnardson George, tchr Victoria Indus- 
triml School 

Rick|r Albert C, asst Forbes Godfrey, 1 

Ridinfc Thos, gdnr, h n s Melrose av 
Riley ytm, brkmkr, h n s Portland 
Rltchli Herbert, h s s Lake Shore rd 
Robert# Fredk, carp, b A Putman 
Robertson Josephine (wld Frank), h s s 
T ake Shore rd 

Robinson Arthur, stone ctr, b J Hunter 
Robinson Fredk, stone ctr, b J Hunter 
Robinson Thos, nnper ctr, h n s Dean 
Roffe Rev Alfred W. h s s Lake Shore rd 
Rose Henry, lab, h n s Symons 
Royce Isaiah W, coll, h w s Church 
Russell Jbs, engineer Victoria Industrial 

Ryan Miss Mary A, tchr Mimlco Public 
Sch, 1 Miss Agnes Stock 
St Leo (RC) Church, Rev George E 
Doherty rector, w s Church 
Salter Thomas L, band master Victoria 
Industrial School 

Sarson Arthur W, engineer, h n s Pigeon 

Savllle Harris, elk Mlmico Supply Co, b 
Edwin Bland 

Scott David H, 1 Harry McGee 
Serson John, phy n s Southampton av 
Sharp Miss Mabel, asst matron Victoria 
Industrial Sch 

Sharrock Anne (wid Herbert), matron 
Victoria Industrial Sch 
Shea Wm ), fireman, b T P Ennessley 
Shelton Robt H, h w s Victor av 
Sheppard Harvey, h s s Lake Shore rd 
Sheridan Matthew, car insp, h e s Burling- 
ton rd 

Shuman Arthur, blrmkr, h n s Murrie 
Siddall Hugh, h n s Vanevery 
Singleton John, fireman, b T P Enness- 

Skelton Robert H, genl mgr Ontario Sewer 
Pipe Co, Ltd, h w s Victor av 
Slater .Tohn, blksmth, h n s Macdonald 

Smales John E, mldr, h s s Symons 
Small .Tas W, btehr w s Church 
Smith Chas A, mach, 1 J A Smtih 
Smith Edwd G, tile burner, h e s Alex- 

£LTld 1*£L 

Smith Edwd L. carp, 1 J A Smith 
Smith Miss Effie, nurse Victoria Industrial 

Smith Joseph (Smltlr & Free), h w s Vic- 
tor av 

Smith Joseph J, h e S Victor av 
Smith Nelson, engineer, h cor Lake Shore 
road and Albert av 

Statham Harry mech engr, h n s Robert 
Stewart BenJ, tchr Victoria Industrial Sch 
Stewart Harvey B, gro,, Church cor Van- 
every, h same 

Stirk Albert, ins agt, h n s Robert 
Stock Miss Agnes, h e s Church 
Stock Edwd C, switchman 1 Mrs M Stock 
Stock Jas .T. customs officer, h s s Lake 
Shore road 

Stock Lawrence, clk. 1 .T J Stock 
Stock Mary (wid Edwd), hlw s Victor av 
Stortz John H, foreman, h w s Church 
Street David, lather, b Robi Kennedy 
Street .Tas W, bldr, h e s Cliurch 
Stubbs Daniel C, tmstr, h n s Heman 
Stubbs Geo, btehr, h Albert av cor Lake 
Shore rd 

Sumner Thos H, station mailer Mlmico 
Station, h n s Pigeon av V 
Swayne Edwd T. rlk, h s s El^abeth 
Sweet Thos O, h w s Albert av 
Tavlor Alfred H. clk. h s s Hemin 
Telfer Ernest G, painter, I Mrs G B Tel- 

Telfer B (wid Tom), h e s Superior 

Telfer Jas H. weight insp, h w a Buck- 
ingham t 

Telfer John, ticket agt, h s s Plgedti av 
Temple Andrew, mkt gdnr w’ s Church, h 

Temple Andrew Jr, gdnr, 1 A Temple: 
Temple .Tohn. driver. 1 A Temple 
Thomas Hugh, fireman, b Percy Allies 
Tillson Harry, fireman, b W J Traffdrd 

Tlzzard David, mkt gdnr Evans av 
oronto Fire Brick Co, John E Webb 
mgr. w s Audley 

afford Ernest W, stock kpr, 1 W J Traf- 

T^fford Walter J, tinner, h n s New- 

ayne C Francis, Ins agt, 1 Rev Canon 

Tr#nayne Rev Canon Francis, rector 
rlst Ch, h w s Church 
Treinayne Rev Herbert O, asst rector 
Clwlst Ch, 1 Rev Canon F Tremayne 
UNIQIV BANK (Branch), AVm. Free 
Maiager, n s Southampton 
Urqufert Miss Kate, stenog Victoria Tn- 
dusvlal School 


r Ferrler Superintendent, Main 
owland av 

s, miner, h n s Southampton 
bkpr Ont Sewer Pipe Co, Ltd, 
1 Chait Vint 

WagneriEdwd, brkmn, b T P Ennessley 
Waites Robt J, contr, h w s Station rd 

Waites Mrs Victoria, Indry Instr Victoria 
IndustiW School 

Walford Joshua, 1 Wm B Lubbock 
Walker John, car repr, b Chas Moorehous 
Walker John C, engineer, h s s Macdon- 
ald av 

Walker John F, h w s Burlington rd 
Walmsley Henry, engineer, h e s Superior 
avenue ' 

Walters Henry, carp, h w s Burlington rd 
Wnndrey Ernest (Grobba & Wandrey), h 
w s Church 

Ward Robcrt.'Tar Insp, h s s Vanevery 
Warner Russell O, ins agt, 1 Mrs V War- 

Warner Victoria (wld Russell S), h s s 

Watson Robt, engineer Ont Sewer Pipe 
Co, Ltd, h e s- Albert av 
Watson Wm, driver, h e s Superior av 
Watt Jas, brklyri h n s Portland 
Weaver Alfred, oiler, h s s Macdonald av 
Webb John E, rfitgr Toronto Fire Brick 
Co, res Toronto'. 

Welch Albert, h s s Lake Shore rd 
Werden Austin, postmaster and grocer e 
s Church, h same 

Werden Fredk, clk A Werden, 1 same 
West John, lab, h n s Vanevery 
West Louis J. brokets, h w s Station rd 
West Walter, brass mldr, b E T Swayne 
Whelpdane Vreo, painter, h w s St George 
Whittaker Jas, lather; h e s Burlington 
Wiburg John L, fitter, h w s St George 
Wigg Wm G, tmstr. h w s Albert av 
Williams Geo, brkmkr, h, w s Albert av 
Williams Joseph, mach, h s s Macdonald 

Wilson Hannah (wid Wm), h e s Station 

Wilson Harold P, engineer;; h n s South- 
ampton av 

Wilson Walter, mach hd, 1 Mrs H Wilson 
Wlncott Joseph, engineer, h:.n s South- 
ampton av 

Windsor Hotel, Wm F Young prop, n ■ 
.Manchester av - 

Winslow Richd, brass flnsh, nS, e s Bur- 
lington rd 

Wood Arthur S, engineer, h s s Elizabeth 
Wood Patk J, clk, h w s Victor av 
Woods Wm J, dentist, h Superior cor 
Stanley avs 

Wooller Jas, clk, h n s Symons 
Woolley Joseph, carp, h e s Lake Cres 
Wright Wm C, engineer, h n s Albdny av 
Young Franklin V, brkmn, h n s Pigeon 

Y^oung Wm F, prop Windsor Hotel, n s 
.Manchester av 


(Three miles north of PO, east of clt.v 

Allison Wm, wtr, h e s Alice av 
Baptist Mission Hall, n s Pleasant av 
Beer Fredk E (Peerless Artificial Stone 
Co), h 204 Pleasant av 
Bennett Albert, lal), li 205 St Clair av 
Flackhall Mrs Mary T, h 364 St Ciair av 
Blogg Wm, tmstr, h 370 St Clair av 
Bolton Alfred G, chauffeur, h s s Clarence 

Brennan Frankland D, lab, h 205 1-2 St 
Clair av 

Britton Wm, moto, h 227 St Clair av 
Brown Euphemla (wid Wm), h n s Rose 
Hill av 

Brown Jas H, arch, h n s Rose Hill av 
Brudnell Arthur, carp, h 199 St Clair av 
Clarkson Henry, sllversmth, h n s Rose 
Park drive 

Corridan Patrick, moto, h 360 St Clair av 
Cox Richd, lab, h e s Alice av 
Daniel James, tmstr, h 380 St Clair av 
Davie Robt, lab, h 206 Alice av 
Davie Robt M, carp, 1 205 Alice av 
Drummond Alex A. h e e Grace ter 
Firstbrook Wm A. box mfr, h e » Grace 

Forster Wra, lab, h n s Rose Park drive 
Galloway Geo A, h 115 Rose Hill av 
Galloway J Hartley, arch, h 171 St Clair 

Gaw James, painter, 1 e s Alice av 
Gaw John, painter, e s AJ'e av 
Gaw John W, painter, 1 e s Alice av 
Gaw Thomas, steam ftr, h s s Clarence 

Gaw Wm, pimbr, 1 e s Alice av 
Gregory Miss Annie, studt, 1 2(5 St Ciair 

Hall Herbert A, grocer, h 300 I’leasant av 
Hamlyn lohn H, h cor Pleasant av and 

Hilts Joseph H, engineer, h "10 Pleasant 

Hossack Donald C, lawyer, h e s Grace ter 
Hughes Frederick, stone sawyer, h n s 
Rose Park Drive 

Ince Arthur, hrklyr, h 207 St Clair av 
Johnson Walter, h 140 Rose Hill av 
I.angley Abraham B, stock kpr, h n s Rose 
Park drive 

Levison Joseph, mach, h 202 St Clair av 
Lloyd Wm H, bottler, h 203 St Clair av 
Locke Rev Joseph H, b n s Rose Park 

Lumb Robt, bottler, h 300 Pleasant av 
McCann James, lab, h 204 St Clair av 
McEldon Alfred J, painter, h 304 Pleasant 

McElIroy John A, b s s Pleasant av 
McIntosh Donald, mach, rms 208 Pleasant 

McKnlght Edwd A, clk, 1 s s Moore av 
McKnight Hubert, diamond str, 1 s a 
Moore av 

McKnight Mary (wid Andrew), h s s 
Moore .av 

McMullen Allen, h 202 Pleasant av 
Mair Wm J, clk, h 225 Pleasant av 
Mark Wm, carp, h 196 Pleasant av 
Martin Ronald R, ins insp, 1 e s Grace 

Martin Wllhemlne (wld John M), b e S 
Grace ter , „ ^ 

Martin Wm G B, elect, 1 e s Grace ter- 

Mercer Frederick D, h w s Grace ter 
Milson Mervyn, gdnr, 1 e s Alice av 
Milson Wm, mkt gdnr e s Alice av, h 
same , . 

Moore Henry, jwlr, h 368 St Clair av 
Morgan Alfred, bldr, h e s Alice av 
Morrison Geo, h 225 St Clair av 
Morrison John, oabt mkr, li 20!) St Clair av 
Morse Harry, engineer, h e s Alice av 
Nelson Jeremiah, contr. h 211 St Clair av 
Newson Herbert J, painter, h 227 Pleasant 
avenue , „ 

Peerless Artificial Stone Co (Fredk Beer 
and Alfred Wood), 204 Pleasant av 
Quigley John C, gro 336 St Ciair av, h 
same „ „ , 

Reade Wm H, gdnr, h n s Rose Park 
drive , 

Sellers Archd J. painter, h s s Clarence 

Severs James E, deputy sheriff County of 
Y'ork, h n s Pleasant av 
Sp.'irrow Albert, carp, h s s Clarence nv 
Stockey Albert E. color mixer, h 330 St 
Clair av 

Stopper Michael, contr 206 St Clair av, h 

Stubbs Walton, steamftr. h 200 St Clair av 
Taylor Stanley, mach. 1 203 St Clair av 
Thomson Robt H. painter, h 332 St Clair 

Tod Geo. engineer, h 55 Grace ter 
Todd Chas A, moto, h 334 St Clair av 
M byte Alexander, driver, h 201 St Ciair ay 
Whyte Alex K, elect, 1 201 St Clair av 








21 Adelaide St. E. 


Whyte Chas F, elk, 1 201 St Clair av 
Wood Alfred (Peerless Artificial Stone 
Co). 1 203 St Clair av 
Wood James, carp, h n s Hose Park Drlye 
Young David mach, h 208 Pleasant av 


(Seven and a half miles west of postofflee.) 

Abbott James, blksmth, h w s Sixth 
Adams Benj W, foreman Reg N Boxer Co 
Ltd, has Sixth 

AlkenheaB Rev Thos. pastor New Toronto 
Methodmt Ch, res Mimico 
Allies Janfcs, engineer Asylum 
Anderson Miss Georgina, supervisor Asy- 
lum ^ 

Andrew WnS* general store cor Lake Shore 
rd and Se^nth, h same 
Andrews Joseph, printer Reg N Boxer Co 
Ltd, h e s Sixth 
Annett Thos, farmer Asylum 
Ansell Chas, darp Reg rs Boxer Co Ltd, 
h w s Sixth 

Arland Wm H, elk Ry M S, h e s Third 
Beemer Supekintendent , Mark Keiity 
Bursar, s s L^ke Shore rd 
Austin John, engineer, h w s Sixth 
Baldwin Chas, brkmn G T R, b Mrs H 
P Tiffin 

Barhard Joseph, carp, h e s Seventh 
Barker John, midr, b W Esmond 
Barlow Garnet, color mixer Reg N Boxer 
Co, Ltd, b A Dyer 

Barrett Fredk, shipper Brown's Copper & 
Brass Rolling Mills, Ltd, 1 T C Barrett 
Barrett Leslie, sampler Reg N Boxer Co, 
Ltd, 1 T C Barrett 

Barrett Thos C, block, ctr Reg N Boxer Co 
Ltd. h w s Sixth 
Barron John, h w s SiStth 
Beams Albert, farmer,, h n s Lake Shore 

Beck Fredk E, attdt Asylum 
BEEMER NELSON H, Medical Super- 
intendent Asyium for* Insane, res same 
Berry Thos, fireman G T R, b L Lindsay 
Berry Wm, attd Asylum 
Beswick Chester, shipper Pease Foundry 
Co, Ltd, h e s Fifth 
Bishop John, brass fnshr, b W Esmond 
Blood Roht. attdt Asylum 
Bloom Jacob, agt, h w s Sixth 
Blyth Miss .Tessie, matron Asylum 
Bonistiel Miss Dorothy, nurse Asylum 
Breen Miss Mary E, prin New Toronto 
Pub Seh, res Toronto 
Brown John, storekpr G T R, b J Gott 
Brown John F, pres Brown’s Copper & 
Brass Rolling Mills. Ltd, fos Toronto 
Brown Joseph, wtchmn Ontario Leather 
Co, Ltd, h e s Seventh ; 

Brown Roht, brass fnshr, b Mrs E Cock- 

Browns’ Copper & Brass polling Mills, 
Ltd, J F Brown pres. E P McMahon 
supt. 6 s Seventh ( 

Bruce Geo. fireman G T R, b U Abbott 
Burgess Thos W, gdnr Asylumt h s s Lake 
Shore rd \ 

Burke Michl, mldr, h w s Sixth'. 

Burnett Wm H, fireman G T ll b J Ab- 
bott V 

Burns Thos W, emory wkr, 


Burns Wm, fireman G T R, 


Burton Geo, brkmn G T R, b 

JJalvert Edwin, bldr w s Third, h 
Campbell Albert E, printer Reg N 
Co, Ltd, h e s Sixth 
■Campbeii Fredk W, elk J Campbel 

Campbell John, cartage s s Lake Shor. 
h same 

Campbell Percy, tmstr, h e s Fifth 
Campbell Wm A, btehr, h w s 'Third 
CamphPiton Samuel, blrinkr, h e s Seven 
Campion Wm, carp, h e s Seventh 
Carroll Michl J. bartndr New Toronto Ho 
tel, 1 same 

Chisholm Erastus G B, sec Railway Y J 
C A, 1 same 

Clark .Tohii L. trav Ontario Leather Co 
Ltd, 1 W'm F Clark 

Clark Wm F, supt Ontario Leather Co, 
Ltd. h s s Lake Shore rd 



Coates Elizth (wid Arthur), h e s Seventh 
Cockayne John, hostler New Toronto Ho- 

Cockloft Esther (wid Wm H), h e s 

CockcAft Harry, plmbr, 1 Mrs E Cock- 
croft \ 

Herbert, organ bldr, 1 Mrs E 


o, fireman, b J S English 
0 foreman Pease Foundry Co, 
s Fifth 

Jr, fitter Pease Foundry Co 

)t, mldr Pease Foundry Co, 
s Fifth 

ebecca, cook Asylum 
(wid Wm), h n s Birming- 

Ltd, h 
Cooper G 
Ltd, 1 G 
Cooper Ri 
Ltd, h 
Cosly Mrs 
(Jotter EIlz' 
Craib Andri 
Cross Wm 
Crothall Wm 
near Sixth, 

hman GTR, b Mrs 
JTR, b Mrs H P 
ireman Ritchie & 

elect Asylum, h w s 

asst mgr Minto Bros, h e s 

shoemkr Lake Shore rd 
. e s Sixth 
Dalton ArthurkW, driver, 1 Wm Dalton 
Dalton Geo T, fcach, 1 Wm Dalton 
Dalton Wm, m»h, h e s Fifth 
Davie Miss Elilth, nurse Asylum 
Davis David, mmr, b M Powley 
Davis Geo H, gieral store cor Sixth and 
Birmingham, h»ame 

Dea Geo, baker .aylum, h n s Lake Shore 
road \_ 

Dean Thos, fitter 6 T R, h e s Seventh 
Dennis Harry G, fagineer G T R, b Wm 
Dalton J 

Dennis John, lab, 8 W Campion 
Devere Leon, fireman G T R, b Mrs H P 
Tiffin I 

Diehl Robt E. gro, Aw s Third 
Disley Alfred, attdl^ Asylum 
Dobridge James L, iittdt Asylum 
Donaldson Peter, atfct Asylum 
Doun Robt, fireman STR, h n s Birming- 
ham t 

Dowell John F, b Mig H P Tjffln 
Dowell Wm A, swit* 

HP Tiffin 

Downie 'Wm, brkmn 

Drummond Allan, fi 
Ramsay, b A Dyer 
Drysdale Miss Lizzie, fiurse Asylum 
Dunn Fredk, lab, 1 J §unn 
Dunn James, lab, h e^s Sixth 
Dunn James, coal and wood cor Lake 
Shore rd and SeventhJh cor Lake Shore 
rd and Third S 

Dunn James Jr, coal amSwood e s Fourth, 
h same S 

Dunn Joseph, lab. 1 J D*n 
Dunn Wm, coaler Ritchie & 

Ltd, 1 J Dunn f 

Dyer Adam, carp, h e s Sixth 
Edwards Geo, turner GTR, h w s Sixth 
Elkin Robt, steward Asymm, res Mimico 
Emory Wyatt, carp Asyftm 
English .fohn S, engineer, '$1 e s Sixth 
Esmond Wm, fireman Brawns’ Copper & 
Brass Rolling Mills, h »s Sixth 
Evans Wra, h w s Sixth s 
F'arquharson Geo S, maclS GTR, h e s 
Sixth i 

Farr Miss Alice, nurse Asylum 
Ferguson John, chef Asylu^, res Mimico 
Fisher Arthur W. emory wk», h w s Fifth 
Fleming Robt H, supervisor Asylum 
Forbes Miss Annette, nurse gtsylum 
Fowler Harry, brass fnshr, b »Irs E Cock- 
croft Y 

Fowler James X, carp, h w s 'Third 
Frazer John, supt Ritchie & Ramsay, 
Ltd, b N "Sforex \ 

Fulton Miss Elizth, housemaid ^sylum 
Fulton MIhs Jean, nurse Asylum 
Giche Miss Marie, supervisor A»ylum 
Gilbert Edwin F, mldr Peasei Foundry 
Co, Ltd, h w a Fifth \ 

Gilroy Chas, brass fnshr, h w s Sfcth 
Gohlker Antonio, leather wkr, Ih 
Seventh Y 

Gomley James, attdt Asylum 
Gott Jabez, mason, h e s Fifth 
Gott Jame.s, carp, h w s Third 
Gctt Lawrence L, mach hd Reg N 
' Co, Ltd, 1 J Gott 
ourlay .lohn, engineer Asylum 
urlie David P, mgr C J Peart, re; 


GAgory Sidney, mach hd Reg N Bi 
CS Ltd, b J Gott 


Griffith John, fireman G T R, b W J Mc- 

Gwinett Otto, carp, b F Weech 
Hales Fredk, messr Asylum 
Hamara John, mldr, b W Esmond 
Hamara Joseph, mach, b W Esmond 
Hans Miss Helen, nurse Asylum 
Harriet WV^m, blrmkr Gf T R, b J Abbott 
Harris Miss Lottie, supervisor Asylum 
Harrisonfcodfrey. attedt Asylum 
Hendersoj Henry, supervisor Asylum 
Henderso* Ralph B, supervisor Asylum 
Hennesse^ Michl, color mixer Ritchie & 
Ramsay; Ltd, h e s Sixth 
Hennessey Wm, tmstr Browns' Copper & 
Brass Rolling Mills, 1 M Hennessey 
Hennessey Wm J, mixer Ritchie & Ram- 
say, Ltd,i h w s Fourth 
Hicks Fredjc J, hdware s s Lake Shore rd, 
h same 

Hill Chas, kttedt Asylum 
Hiser Miss Laura, nurse Asylum 
Hoffman Arthur, stoker Asylum 
PfoffmeisteriHenry, stoker Asylum 
Hollands Frank, attedt Asylum 
Holloway jE^es, stoker Asylum , 

Holloway JoTOPh, mach, h n s Lake Shore 
rd, stop 19 

Howie Thos, fmidr, h e s Fifth 
Humphries Wm, blksmth G T R, b T 

Hunt Henry, jtalvanlzer, b w s Sixth 

Huson iflorence, nurse Asylum 
Ironside <3eo, millwright Ritchie & Ram- 
say, Ltd, h w s Fifth 
Jackson Miss J.ennie, I J Jackson 
Jackson John, Pphol, h w s Sixth 
Jamieson Miss llaud, nurse Asylum 
Janes Geo E foreman G T R, h s s Lake 
Shore rd, stop 19 

Johnson John Ai engineer G T R, h w s 
Sixth J 

Johnston Miss EBnma, nurse Asylum 
Jones Arthur A, asst sec Railway Y M C 
A, 1 same 

Kasack Peter, engineer G T R, b J Gott 
Kassock Michl, mach Pease Foundry Co, 
Ltd, h e s Sevettth 

ICBIIiTY MARKt Bursar Asylum for 

Insane, Res Toronto 

Kelly Jas, loremankJntario Leather Co, h 
e s Fifth 

Kerr Miss Catherine, cook Asylum 
Ketterson Rev AlexJ curate St Margaret’s 
Ch, I S McKnight 

Klernan .loseph M, lab, h n s Birmingham 
Kllgour John B. pres and mng dir On- 
tario Leather Co, Ltd, res Toronto 
Kossock .lohn, lab, h w s Sixth 
Kossowskl Joseph, 1®. b W Esmond 
Krause Geo, melter Pease Foundry Co 
Ltd. h w s Fifth i 
Krause Geo Jr, mldr.'il G Krause 
Krause Miss Mary, nu^se Asylum 
Krause Peter, mldr, EG Krause 
Kmusa Wm, lab, 1 .fj Krause 
Krltzer Chas, carp, h -w s Sixth 
Lau Miss Alma, nurse-Asylum 
Lauzon Joseph G. color mixer Reg N Box- 
er ‘Co, Ltd, h e s Seventh 
Lee Wm G, h n s Lake Shore rd 
Lindsay Lawrence, brtonn G T R. h e s 

Little Thos, attedt Asylum 
Little Wm J, flremn GYr R, h w s Fifth 
Livermore Albert, fireman G T R, b J 

Long Lloyd, fireman G T R, b W J Little 
Longstaff Frank R. acot, h w s Third 
Lovejoy Miss Adelaide E, smstrs Asylum 
I.ucas Albert, brkmn (1 T R, b J J McCul- 

Lynn Chas, mldr. h w s Fifth 
McCarty Jas, brkmn GjT R, b Mrs H P 

McCrlmmin Wm, farmer, h e s Mimico av 
MeCullura John J, h e st Seventh 
McDevitt John C, cik, h's s Lake Shore rd, 
stop 19 

McDonald Wm J, coaler Reg N Boxer Co, 
Ltd, h e s Sixth 

McElvain Miss Ella, suijervisor Asylum 
McIntosh Miss Alexina;, supervisor Asy- 

McKay Joseph A. painter, h e s Sixth 
McKay Robt W, brkmn G T R, b W J 

McKenzie John, carp, h e s Seventh 
McKnight Sami, carp, h w s Sixth 
McLaughlin Lavlna (yvld Jas), h w ■ 

Ct-I A V)l^ j^ General Insurance Agentstand Brokers OFFICES: 

1 ■ J » T T vj Phones i Office, Main 866, Resld^co, North 1685} (OfOU 


(Cround Floor) 

Colle8re'6098 V 


—39— t 





McMahon Edwd P, supt Brown’s Copper 
& Brass Rolling Mills, Ltd, h e s Sixth 
McMullen John C, Indry man Asylum, h 
w s Sixth 

Maitland Miss Elizth, nurse Asylum 
MaiUand Miss Jessie, nurse Asylum 
MaShall Frank, elk, 1 J Marshall 
MarViall Fredk, elk, 1 J Marshall 
Mar»all John, bldr, h e s Third 
Maso® Thos, attdt Asylum 
Mathlwson Sami H, gdnr Asylum, h s k 
La™ Shore rd ' 

MatheV-son Wm, attdt Asylum, 1 S H 

Maxw^ Finest, fireman G T R, b Mrs 

Robt, carp Asylum, res Port 

Clifford G, fireman G T R, h n s 

Merrywemther Geo T, switchman G T R, 
h e s *venth 

Millard .«thur G, lab, 1 Wm H Millard 
Millard Wm H. storekpr G T B, h e a 
Fifth . 

Milne Mis| Jessie, Indrs Asylum 

3, shipper Reg N Boxer Co, Ltd, 


y, shipper Reg N Boxer Co, Ltd, 

Milton Johp, attdt Asylum 
Minty Miss May, nurse Asylurr 
Mocan Casinan, mldr, h e s Seventh 
Morris James, packer Ritchie & Ramsay, 
Ltd, b N Torex 

Morris Miss Marion, nurse Asylum 
Murra.v Alex M, clinical elk Asylum 
Neill John, color mixer Reg N Boxer Co, 
Ltd, h w siFifth 

New Toronto; Hotel, Ambrose C O’Brien 
prop, cor Lftke Shore rd and Mimico av 
New Toronto (Meth) Church, Rev. Thomaa 
Alkenhead p»stor, cor Fifth and Birm- 

Henry Whitlam Postmaster, Sixth nr 
Lake Shore rd 

New Toronto Public School, Miss Mary E 
Breen prin, w s Sixth 
Norman Geo, supervisor Asylum 
Ncrrie Miss Jennie, cook Asylum 
Northcote Chas, ir s s Lake Shore rd, atop 

Northcote Chas R, elk. 1 C Northcote 
Northcote Ernest, elk John McDevitt, 1 s s 
Lake Shore rd 

Northcote Geo R, real estate, I Wm H 
Cross ’ 

Northcote Victor, mach hd, 1 s s Lake 
Shore rd 

O'Brien Ambrose C, prop New Toronto 
Hotel, cor Lake Shore rd and Mimico av 
O'Neill Janies, tmstr, h w s Sixth 
Ontario Leather Co, Ltd, J B Kilgour pres, 
D R Patterson sec, w s Eighth 
Page Miss Ellen, nurse Asylum 
Pape Benj, stoker Asylutn 
Parker Roland, attdt Asyium 
Partdrige Wm, fireman ® T R, 

Paterson Edwd, fireman Gt T R, b Rail- 
way Y M C A 
Patterson Duncan R. sec fcd treas On- 
tario Leather Co Ltd, res 'fcronto 
Patterson Miss Helen, nurse Wsylum 
Pattison Miss Margt ri, elk Jlsylum 
Pnttison Thos, asst farmer j%ylum, 1 W 
E Stock 

Pattison Wm, asst farmer Asylhm, 1 W E 

Paxton Wm, sewage engineer 
Pearce Chas, brkmn G T R, b 
Pearce Chas, fireman G T R, h 
Peart Chas J. lumber Sixth an 
res Toronto 

Pease Foundry Co, Ltd, John T 
pres, Jo'nn L Ross vlce-pres 
treas, w s Seventh 

Peohlman Geo. fireman G T R, lUMrs E 

Perkins James, caretaker RailwayfY M C 
A, 1 same 

Poole Thos. brklyr, b W J Turne 
Powdey Melville, mldr Pease Founiry Co, 
Ltd, h e s Seventh 

Pratt Chas, brkmn G T R, b J J McCul 

Prevost Oscar, lab, b J G Lauzon 
Rainsley Geo, fireman G T R, b Railway 
Y M C A 

Raluga Joun, lab, h e s Seventh 

Ramsay Chiis N, vice-pres Ritchie & Ram- \ 
say. Ltd., res Toronto 
Reid Miss Elizth.' nurse Asylum 
Reid Miss Isabella, Indrs Asylum ; 

Reveley vVm H, engineer Ritchie & Ram- 
say, Ltd, h e s Sixth , 

Rice Elizabeth (wld Jas), h n s Lake Shore 
road I 

Rice Miss Hazel, tchr, 1 Mrs E Rice 
Rice Jas M, mach hd Reg N Boxer Co, 
Ltd, 1 Mrs E Rice i 

F-iddick Miss Agnes, tlrs Asylum 
itchie Fredk A pres Ritchie & Ramsay, i 
Ltd, res Toronto 

itchie c& Ftamsay, Ltd, Fredk A Ritchie 
pres, Chas N Ramsay vlce-pres, paper '' 
frs n s Lake Shore rd | 

Rkchot Ferdinand, lab, b J G Lauzon ( 

Rcfek Thos, tile mkr, h e s Seventh 
Robertson Miss Alice T, nurse Asylum 
Rolertson Miss Ellen J, nurse Asylum 
Rofcrtson Miss May, nurse Asylum 
Rooinson Sami, barber Lake Shore rd, i 
stfc 19, h same > 

Rodman Marshall, gro cor Lake Shore rd i 
ana Sixth, res Toronto 
RolliOB James A, asst supt Asylum for i 

Ross David, vocal tchr, h e s Thira 1 
Ross lohn L, 'vlce-pres .and sec-treas 
Peasi Foundry Co Ltd, res Toronto 
Rumse? Emma (wid Wm), h e s Third 
Rushtoil Saul, mldr Pease Foundry Co, 
Ltd, bairs E Coates 

Russell Wm, engineer Brown’s Copper & 
Brass Rolling Mills, Ltd, h e s Sixth 
Rutherfo^ Benj, attdt Asylum 
Ruttan J%ob, supervisor Asylum, h n s 
Lake Shfre rd 

Ruttan Jatob W, painter Asylum, h n s 
Lake Shc*e rd 

Ryan Patk\ fireman G T R, b Railway 
Y M C Ai 

St Margaretll Church, Rev Alex Ketter- 
son curate, iw s Sixth 
Sandford Ed%d J, tmstr, h cor Lake 

lipper Ritchie & Ramsay, 

attdt Asylum 
1 elk G T R, b F Weech 
llbert, fireman G T R, b J 

.melia, indrs Asylum 
supervisor Asylum 

, pres Pease Foundry 

Ineer G T R, b A 


^rse Asylum 
, h e s B’lfth 


Ritchie & Ram- 

R, h w s Sixth 
s Fifth 

Asylum, h n s 

Shore rd ani 
Scott Geo D. 

Ltd, b G Dei 
Shephard Miss 
Shephard Henr: 

Sheridan John 
CO, Ltd, res 
Simpson John, 


Slater John, blks 

Smith Miss Anna, 

Smith Miss Kate, 

Smith Miss Letitia, 

Smith Sidney W, 

Smith T’hos, lab, b- T 
Smith Wm T, h e s 
Sparks Victor, stoker 
Spooner Arthur J, mad 
say. Ltd, h n s Blrmi 
Staples John, brkmn G 
Starling Albert, mldr, h 
Stephenson James, uphol 
Lake Shore rd 
Stevenson Bryce (wid A 

Stewart David, fireman 
P Tiffin 

Stewart Tames, carp, 1 J 
Stewart James, color mixer 
Co, Ltd, h n s Lake Sho 
Stewart John F, elk, b J 
Stinson Wm, mach G T R, 


Stock Wm E, farmer Asylum 
Shore rd 

Stubbs Geo, btehr Asylum, rei 
Suba Stanislaus, lab, h e 
Taylor Allred, mach Ontario E 
Ltd, 1 G Taylor 
Taylor Geo, engineer Reg N 
Ltd, h e s Sixth 
Terry Frank W, florist Asyium 
Thompson Miss Wynne, nurse Asy 
Tiffin Hannah P (wld Wm), h w 
Tofleld John, attdt Asylum 
'Trinah Arthur, mach, b S Campbelti 
Turner Wm J, btehr, h n s Lake 
rd cor Mimico av 

Valentine Henry, engineer G T R, b 

Walker Chas, attdt Asylum 
Wallis Fredk N, storekpr Asylum, res To 

Walton H.arold, mach, 1 L Walton 

1 Wm H 
Mrs H 


leg N Boxer 
rd, stop 19 


Mrs H P 


G S 

Walton John, mldr Pease Foundry Co, 
Ltd, 1 L Walton 

Walton IjClghtou, mldr Pease Foundry Co, 
Ltd. h e s Seventh 

IValton Miss Lizzie, coater Reg N Boxer 
Co, Ltd, 1 L Walton 
Wareham Clara (wid Sami), h e s Sixth 
Watson Benj, mason Asylum, h n s Lake 
Shore rd 

tVatts Stephen, engineer G T R, h w s 

Mjpech Frank, engineer Pease- Foundry 
Ltd, h e s Sixth 

W\eway Chas, brkmn G T R, b Mrs H P 

Whfcehead John, supervisor Asylum 
WhMeway Wm, mach, b S Campbelton 
WHRTLAM J HENRY, Grocer and 
master, e s Sixth nr Lake Shore rd, 
h s^^e 

WhlttWl Jas J, plater Ritchie & Ramsay, 
Ltd,^ e s Sixth 

Whittii Miss Bertha, supervisor Asylum 
Wickw«r B L, phy Asylum for Insane, 
res save 

■^^ilkinsom Wm, asst engineer Asylum, h 
w s Foyth 

Wilks Clms E, painter, b B Campion 
Williamsoli Wm, brkmn G T R, b Mrs H 
P Tlffini 
Wood Cha^ 

W oodbine 

'Woods EdwA R, attdt Asylum 
Wraugham '^hos C, supervisor Asylum 
Wright Misss.B’lora, cook Asylum 
Yorex NathaiHel, asst engineer Ritchie t 
Ramsay, L^, h e s Sixth 
Y M C A {Railway Branch), Erastus 
G B Chishobpi Secretary, New Toronto, 
near Seventft 


(Comprising thiVlllages of Bedford Park. 
Davisvllle aim Egllnton, three and 
a half mHes north of P O) 

Aced Manuel, Surveyor, h 31 Balliol, 
Davlsville V 

Adams Albert, hK56 Merton, Davisvllle 
Adams Wilberforfe G, slsmn, h 127 Davis- 
vllle av, Davlst^le 

Adamson Chas, ^l^lptor, h 77 Roper av, 
Egllnton i;. 

Adamson Geo, coftd, h 92 BallioI, Davis- 
vllle r 

Adamson John, 1 ^2 Balliol, Davisvllle 
Adamson Joseph, csind, h 45 Davisvllle av, 
Davisvllle V 

Agnew John, h 15^ Glencalrn av, Eglin- 
ton { 

Aitken David, stoite ctr, h 383 Balliol, 
Davisvllle ^ 

Aitken Joseph. gro,V h 112 Sherwood av, 
Egllnton I 

Albutt Frank, cabt nlKr, h 147 Woburn av, 
Bedford Park k 

Albutt Miss Helen, o|f. I 147 Woburn av, 
Bedford Fark t 

Aldington Harold A y, h 151 Sheldrake 

av', Egllnton i 

Aldls John, carp, h 224 Soudan av, Davis- 
vllle \ 

Aldridge Walter L, lllho, h S6 Bowood 
•nv, Bedford Park \ 

Allan Fredk B, ins a*, h 249 Merton, 
Davisvllle \ 

Allan Jas, bldr, h 30 Cas|iefield av, Eglln- 
ton i 

Allcock Sami, lab, 1 169 feoehampton av, 
Egllnton J 

Allcock Sami T, lab, h tt9 Roehampton 
av, Egllnton ^ 

Allcock Sidney, lab 1 169 Roehampton 
av, Egllnton . „ 

Allen Alfred, h 171 Iherwoofl nv, Egllnton 
Allen Arthur F, carp, h 14^ Egllnton av 
e, Egllnton i 

Allen Francis W, painter, h i.144 Egllnton 
av e, Egllnton i, 

Allen Gilbert, decorator rear ■%891 Yonge, 
Davlsville ; 

Allen Samuel H, elk, h 28 Joseph av, D«- 

Allen Thos, blksmth, h 199 Merton, Davis- 

Alma Wm E, elk, h 55 Broadway, Eglln- 

OUH< :3F»eCt/\UX'V' 

Pine Doors 

L. A. DeLAPLANTE, Limited 

Office and Factory : MAIN ST., EAST TORONTO Phones Beach 230-231 

— 40 - 


] 145-147 f 



Alward Geo S, carp, li 401 Glenwood av, 

Anderson ASex S. acct, h 14 Glenwood av, 

Anderson j^gust, musician, h 74 Merton, 

Anderson Campbeil, i 230 Merton, Davis- 
vilie \ 

Anderson Clara (wid Albert), h 230 Mer- 
ton, Davisvilie 

Anderson Miss Jean, opr, b 31 Smith av, 
Eglinton ^ 

Anderson Johi^ M, h 2572 Yonge, Bedford 

Anderson Perciyal A, h 10 Hunter, Davis- 
vilie : 

Anderson Robt, .tmstr, h 252 Balliol, Dav- 

Andrews Harry, Jab, h 245 Eglinton av e, 

Andrews John, mkt gdnr, 1 44 Cleveland, 

Andrews John jr, .mkt gdnr, h 44 Cleve- 
land, Davisvilie 

Anning Chas H, concrete wkr, h 64 Bal- 
liol, Davisvilie 

Ansley Alfred, h 100 Glen Grove av. Eg 

ARCHER EDWAtlD (North Realty 
Co), h 27 Gertrude, Davisvilie 
Armstrong Catherine (wid Elijah), h 11 
Roehampton av, E^intoii 
Armstrong Robt, contr, h 78 Broadway, 
Eglinton j. 

Armstrong Sami, h 2 :m 6 Yonge, Eglinton 
Armstrong Thos J, h,;77 Woodward av, 
Eglinton 5 

Armstrong Wm F, cab| mkr, h 48 Eglin- 
ton av e, Eglinton i 
Arnold Frank W, mgr, ^ 145 Albertus av, 

Arnold Harry, cabt mkr^, h 130 Roslin av, 
Bedford Park 

Arnold Harry, florist, h 1.2 Briar Hill av, 
Eglinton i 

Arnold John W, arch, 1 145 Albertus av, 

Arnold Richard T, gdnr, h 226 Roehamp- 
ton av, Eglinton 

Arnott Albert W, mfrs agt, h 45 Balliol, 

Ashby Albert, plmbr, 1 193 Erskine av, 

Ashby Walter, brklyr, h 193 Erskine av 
Eglinton ; 

Ashfleld Mrs Annie L, gro 1?5 Soudan av, 
* h same, Davisvilie 

Ashfleld Wm J, 1 135 Soudam av, Davis- 

Ashton Fredk. sheet metal wkr, 1 435 Mer- 
ton, Davisvilie 

Ashton Geo W, metal wkr, h- 435 Merton, 

Atkins Elliott P, real est, I 87 Glencalm 
av, Eglinton 

Atkins Elliott W, h 67 Glencalm av, Eg- 
linton : 

Atkinson Mrs Amelia M, pfistmlstress 
Bedford Park P O, 1 2706 Jfonge, Bed- 
ford Park 

Atkinson Geo, grocer 1845 Yong8, h same, 
Davisvilie f 

Atkinson Harry B (John E Atkinson & 
Son), h 192 Balliol, Davisvilie , 
Atkinson John E (John E Atkinson & 
Son), h 2706 Yonge, Bedford Pkrk 
Atkinson John E & Son (JohniE and 
Harry B), grocers 2706 Yonge, Bedford 

Atkinson Thos H, tmstr, h 18 Sherwood 
av, Eglinton • 

Auld Hugh, carp, h 48 Smith av, Bglin- 
ton ^ 

Auld Neil, bldr, h 52 Montgomery avAEg- 
linton i 

Aull Wm, produce 18 Frederick, h sSjme, 
Davisvilie •( 

Austin John, lab, h 210 Centre rd, Datls- 
ville ' 

Austin Sami, lab, h 33 Gertrude, Davte- 
vllle T 

Avery Geo G, dairy 290 Merton, Davila 
vine ^ 

Bach Rev Wm G, pastor Eglinton Presby 
Church, h 49 Glencalm av, Eglinton 
Bailey Edwin J, carp, h 71 Balliol, Davis- 

Bailey Geo W, printer, h w s Bayview av, 

Bailey Richard, tmstr, h 186 Centre rd, 

Baillie Root C, h 139 Blythwood rd, Eg- 

B.allHe Wm. carp, h 32 Merton, Davisvilie 
Baillie W Harold T, studt, 1 139 Blyth- 
wood rd, Eglinton 

Bally & Co (Wm G Bailyj, real est 2277 
Yonge, Eglinton 

Bally Wni G (Bally & Co), h 2277 Yonge, 

Bain Arcltd L, cooper, h 151 Glenwood av, 

Bain Jantes, plstr, 1 161 Glenwood av, 

Bain Josejlh, plstr, h 248 Erskine av, Eg- 
linton 1 

Baker FreiBc C (Eglinton Hardware Co), 
res Toroiito 

Baker Geo )T, carp, h 43 Eglinton av e. 
Davisvilie € 

Baker RichcfD, h 24 Glenview av, Eglin- 
ton V 

Baker Wm 3, h 47 Eglinton av e, Davis- 
vilie k 

BALD JOSEPH D, Painter and 
Decorator 2^7 Yonge. Res 10 Roper av, 
Eglinton (Sae card Painters) 

Baldwin Wm B D, h 56 Glencalm av, Eg- 

Balfour Rev GAo C, pastor Eglinton Meth 
Ch, h 61 Blythwood rd, Eglinton 
Ball Earl S, d*ntlst 2287 Yonge, h n s 
Glen Grove avt Eglinton 
Ball Ernest, lln<8nan, 1 1817 Yonge, Dav- 
isvilie f 

Ball Geo L, dentist, h 18 Glen Grove av, 

Ball Herbert, joi^rnalist, h 1817 Yonge, 
Davisvilie v 

Ball Herbert jr, Kpr, 1 1817 Yonge, Dav- 
isvilie I 

Branch), Douglat A Radclltte Manager, 
2244 Yonge, Egliiiton 
Bankwitz Oscar, li|ho, h 75 Evelyn av, 

Banton John E, draftsman, 1 154 Merton, 

Banton Thos W, editor, h 154 Merton, 

Baptist Mission, n s ^rechln av, Bedford 

Barnes Harvey, studtjl 103 Broadway av 

Barnes Robt, ammoni(| powder mfr, h 103 
Broadway, Eglinton 
Barnes Wm, farmer, 

Bedford Park 
Barnett Archd S, gdnr, 

Bedford Park 
Barnett Geo, 1 118 Ra 

Barnett Jas, brkmkr, 1 1).18 Ranlelgh av, 
Bedford Park 
Barnett John, lab, h a 

Barnett John, tmstr, 1 
Bedford Park 
Barnett Robt, brkmkr. 1 
Bedford Park 
Barnett Walter, lab, I 111 
Bedford Park 
Barr Wm, shoemkr, h 2008Jsronge, Davis 
ville • 

Barraclough Joseph W, car& h 35 Beres- 
ford, Davisvilie T 

Barrow Wm R, cigar mkr, m 269 Davis- 
vilie av, Davisvilie " 

Barsamian Mrs Marjorie, 1 82 Montgom- 
ery av, Eglinton % 

Bartlett Arthur, uphol, h 39 Roehampton 
av, Eglinton » 

Bartlett James, stone ctr, h 45% Glenwood 
av, Davisvilie 
Barton David W, tmstr, h 15 Mefton, Dav- 

Cranbrooke av, 
118 Ranlelgh av. 
elgh av, Bedford 


Eglinton av w, 

Ranlelgh av, 
.8 Ranlelgh av, 
Ranlelgh av. 

Isville , 

Avery Harry H, tmstr, h 80 Albertus av,\ Bassett Walter H tlr, h 341 Ball^I, Dav- 


Avery Henry T, bldr 290 Merton, Davis- 

Avery Thomas, mkt gdnr 124 Broadway, 

Ayles Wm J, mkt gdnr 26 Stewart, Davis- 


Batchelor Wra, shipper, h 313 Mert^, Dav- 
X Isville k 

Rttes Joseph, carriage painter, h 4F.Glen- 
^■ood av. Davisvilie \ 

Bader Charlotte (wid Hugh). 1 2092-4 
fonge, Davisvilie 

Bauer Herbert H, driver, h 2092 Yonge, 

Bauhof Frank, with J C Hayos & Co, h 
103 BoWood av, Bedford Park 
Eawden Baml A, driver, h 25 Davisville- 
av, Davisvilie 

BAXTER D W, Secretary Rose- 
dale Golf Club, Res Club House, Bed- 
ford Park P O 

Beales Wm, bicycle repr, h 349 Merton, 

Beales Wnr. H, rep, 1 349 Merton, Davis- 

Beasley ThOs S, druggist 2289 Yonge, n 
same, Eglinton 

Beatty Chas-r W, h 2898 Yonge, Bedford 

Beckett Fredi: G, lab, h 1828 Yonge, Dav- 

Bedford Park Fire Hall, Ranlelgh av, 
Bedford Park 

Bedford Park trloral Co, Harold Mills aupt. 

n s Macdougell av, Bedford Park 

Mrs A M Ajdtinson Postmistress 2706 

Yonge, Bedford Park 
Bedford park Public School, T A Laraon 
prin, s s Ranlelgh av, Bedford Park 
Belbin Ernest B, driver, I 58 Soudan av, 

Belbin Henry if, lab, h 58 Soudan av, 
Davisvilie r. 

Belbin Henry W*'. lab, h 132 Soudan av, 
Davisvilie » 

Belbin Norman driver, 1 58 Soudan av, 

Belbin Percy A, shipper, 1 58 Soudan av, 
Davisvilie c 

Bell Albert, lab, I 73 Smith av, Eglinton 
Bell Archd, lab, liK73 Smith av, Eglinton 
Bell Edwin, h 12A Davisvilie av, Davis- 
vilie ' 

Bell Henry, lab, 1 i73 Smith av, Eglinton 
Bell Samuel, brklyr} h 73 Smith av, Eglin- 

Bell Wm J, elk, 1\ 169 Roehampton av, 

Bendle Ro.ger, rubber stamps, 1 40 Beres- 
ford, Davisvilie 

Bennett Alfred, slsn<n, h 316 Merton, Dav- 

Bennett John H, sarp, h 42 Gertrude, 

Bentley John H, lab, h 54 Montgomery 
av, Eglinton 

Bergin Margaret (wid Wm), h 43 Gordon, 

Berthelot Frank, Iab,:.I 126 Eglinton av e, 

Berthelot Joseph, lab^ h 126 Eglinton av 
e, Eglinton : 

Berthelot Joseph jr, peddler, 1 126 Eglin- 
ton av e, Eglinton . 

Bertram Jas J, trav, h 194 Balliol, Davis- 

Bescoby Helen G (wid Edward), h 229 Eg- 
linton av w, Davisvilie 
Beswetheribk Anjarona (wid Cephas R), 
h 64 Blythwood rd, Eglinton 
Bevan Walter H, carp, h 57 Sherwood av, 

Bevington Edith (wid Wm), 1 2643 Yonge, 
Bedford Park 

Birch Thos O, brkmkr, h 68 Montgomery 
av, Eglinton 

Birch Wm J, h 33 Woburn av, Bedford 

Bird Chas J, carp, h 146 Merton, Davis- 


Henry W. Evans, Phone College 817 P. H. Oooch, Phone North 1248 

26 Wellington St. E. Tel. Main 3350 



Phone Main 1428 


Bird John, driver, h 100 Roehampton av, 

Birdsall Thos, sismn, h 1905 Yonge, Dav- 

Blrkett Frank, lab, 1 151 Balliol, Davls- 

Blrkett Harry, stone ctr, h 151 Balliol, 

Blrkett Jis W, brklyr, 1 151 Balliol, Davls- 

Birrell Ch^s, h w s Jedburgh rd, Bedford 

Bishop G mgr Union Bank, res To- 

Black Davl4 M. mach. 1 79 Sheldrake av, 

Black Geo A\ h 79 Sheldrake av, Egiinton 
Black Jacob, Vlnsmlth, h 2102 Yonge, Dav- 
Isvllle \ 

Black A Perc^al, studt, I 79 Sheldrake av, 

Black Robt, bbklyr, h 32 Hunter, Davis 

Blight Arthur Howard, h 82 Sheldrake av, 

Blong Edward \V, h 20 Kensington ay 
Egiinton I 

Blong MargaretUwld Edward), h 26 Ken 
slngton av, Ealinton 

Blount Albert W, leather nikr, h 79 Bal- 
liol, Davlsvllle 
Blume Chas, cfearmkr, h 2046 Y^onge. 
Davisville T 

Blume Chas jr, 112046 Yonge, Davisville 
Blume Edwd, 1 2046 Yonge, Davisville 
BOAKE EliEWOOD W, Manager 
Yonge St Lumber Co, Res 56 Briar Hill 
av, Egiinton - 

Bodwell Harold A,: draftsman, h 143 Mer- 
ton, Davisville 

Boland Wn J, trav, h 27 Egiinton av w, 

Bolton Herbert, tlr, h 2029 Yonge, Davis- 

Bond John T, gro 2253 Yonge, Egiinton 
Bond Wm L. phy 2157 Y’onge, h same. 

Boore Geo C, printer, h 49 Smith av, Eg- 

Bothan Jas P, cond, h 212 Balliol, Davis- 
Borden Simeon, carp, h 96 Sherwood av, 

Bothan Jas J, cond, h 212 Balliol, Davis- 

Bothan Mary iwid Thos), nurse, I 212 Bal- 
liol, Davisville 

Bott Edwd T, carp, h 23; Sherwood av, Eg- 

Boiilden Emil.v (wid Frederick), h 68 
Sherwood av, Egiinton . 

Boulden Fredk A, I 58 Sherwood av, Eg- 

Boulden ilobt M, musician, 1 58 Sherwood 
av, Egiinton T 

Boulden Miss Winnifred tchr St Cle- 

ment's Church School, 1 58. Sherwood av, 
Egiinton \ 

Bourne Ulchd C, h 30 Sherwood av, Eg- 
iinton \ 

Bovair Chis, tmstr, h 3 Erski^ av, Egiin- 
ton \ 

Bowker Win h, carp, h 2480 Yonge, Eg- 
iinton V 

Bowman Chas H, jwlr and optician 2273 
Yonge, h same, Egiinton \ 

Bowyer Henry Jr, h 145 Erskinaav, Eg- 
iinton 1 

Boyd "Wm T H, buyer, h 70 Blyth^ood rd 

Bracey Isaac A, plstr, h 79 Smith •, Eg- 

Branton Henry, mkt gdnr 16 Sh rood 
av, Egiinton 
Brassey Wm, stone ctr, h 305 BA liol, 
Davisville 1 

Brassey Wm L, stone ctr, 1 305 Ba Ijol, 

Brauud Wm J, contr 48 Sherwood av, 

Brawley Geo, decorator, h 226 Bailie 

Brazier Sidney, lab, h 104 Glenwood 

Brennan John, horse dealer, h 193 Davis- 
ville av, Davisville 

Bremiaud Thos. h 15 Lincoln av, Davis- 

Brent Joseph H (Egiinton Hardware Co), 
res Toronto 

Bridgeland Jas, h 8 Roehampton av, Eg- 

Brierley Joseph, caretkr, h 41 Gordon, Da- 

Brigham Wm, lab, h 122 Broadway av, 

Brillenger I^ercy, tmstr, I 103 Soudan av. 

Bristow Jas, chauffeur, h 390 Merton, 

Britnell Henry, lab, h 317 Soudan av, Da- 

Britnell & Co, Ltd (br), stone dealers s s 
Mferton, Davisville 

Bro^meadow Maximilian, glass ctr, rms 
47 AErskine av. Egiinton 
Broclqesby Algernon E, h 153 Woburn av, 
Bediprd Park 

Broml^ Herbert B, stenog, h 122 Ran- 
leighfev, Bedford Park 
Brooke ternest, stone mason, h 10 Brown- 
low a% Davisville 

Brooks < 460 , tmstr, h 19 Sherwood av, Eg- 
iinton 4 

Brooks John, hardware, h Dawlish av, 
Lawrenfe Park, Bedford Park 
Brooks A, printer, h 204 Egiinton 

av e, EAnton 

Brown Alonzo J, jwlr, h 2098 Yonge, Dav- 
isville 7 

Brown Ed\4>J, florist, 1 2467 Yonge, Eg- 
iinton ; 

Brown Ernefct, elk, 1 2098 Yonge, Davis- 

Brown Miss Fanny, h 51 Sherwood av, Eg- 
iinton -i 

Brown Gllberb J, stationer, h 20 Woodward 
av, Egiinton' 

Brown Harry H, florist, 1 2467 Yonge, Eg- 

Brown Henry J, carp, h 29 Gordon, Davis- 

Brown Jas, lab, h 2467 xonge, Egiinton 

Brown Norman A, painter. 1 2467 Y'onge, 
Brown Wm J, elect, h 2212 Yonge, Egiin- 

Brownlow Jas W. fruit broker, h w s 
Chancellor av, iEglinton 
Bruce Alex, police, h 119 Soudan av, Dav- 

Bninsklll Lucy (wid Win), h 0 Erskine av, 

Buchanan Andrew, chauffeur, h 262 Bal- 
liol, Davisville 

Buckland Clifford, '“brklyr, h 343 Balliol, 

Bulmer Douglas, elect, 1 8 Kensington av, 

Bulmer Miss Edna, stenog, I 8 Kensing- 
ton av, Egiinton 

Bulmer Sarah (wid Richd J), h''*8 ICen- 
sington av, Egiinton 

Burden Geo, plstr, h 111 Soudan av, Dav- 

Burd.v Cco. carp, h 99 Balliol. Davisville 
Burges Wm, stone ctr, h 152 Glenwood av, 

Burgess Jas, carp, h T5<J Erskine av, Eg- 

Burgin Albert E. lab, 9^ 21 Douglas av, 

Burgin Horace, lab, h 43 Cleveland, Dav- 
isville ' 

Burke John, bkpr, h 11 A^ntgomery av. 

Egiinton 4 

Burnaby Ralph W E, h 2864 Yonge, Bed- 
ford Park \ 

Burns Elizth (wid Joseph), I 241 Davis- 
ville av, Davisville j 

Burns .Joseph A, foreman, h 1(» Sherwood 
av, Egiinton i 

Burns Thos, engineer, h 40 Evewn av, Da- 
visville ^ 

Burritt Walter H, acet Bank jpf Mont- 
real, Egiinton br, res Torontc* 

Burton Wm T, driver, h 2040 Yoiie, Dav- 
isville % 

Butson Wm H, lab, h 194 Eglintifc av e. 

Egiinton I 

Butt Frank, carp, h 183 Erskine ®’, Eg- 
iinton Y 

1 Butt Reginald F, brush mkr, h IS? Er- 
skine av, Egiinton \ 

Biitterwortli Geo W, shipper, h 42 I%rea- 
ford. Davisville ^ 

ifeutterworth John, mach, h 12 Egiinton av 
\e. Egiinton 

Cameron Caroline (wid Wm), h 15 Algo- 
ma cres. Davisville 
Cameron Catherine (wid Robt L), h 262 
Merton, Davisville 

Cameron Miss Matilda, h 7 Roper av, Eg- 
iiti ton 

Cameron Robt, janitor, h 231 Merton, 

Candlish Alfred, florist, h' 259 Erskine av, 

Candlish Boyd, florist, 1 259 Erskine av, 

Canliani Henry C, tinsmith, h 352 Merton, 

Carey Herbert, cashier, 1 22 Balliol, Dav- 

Carej Oliver, customs elk, 1 22 Balliol, 

Carea Wm, h 22 Balliol, Davisville 

Carliile Andrew, gro, 1 87 Sherwood av, 

Carllife Miss Eva. drsmkr 87 Sherwood 
av, ih same, Egiinton 

Carlii* Michael, gdnr, h 87 Sherwood av, 

Carm^ Arthur, lab, 1 34 Beresford, Dav- 

Carmali Chas, lab, 1 130 Egiinton av e, 

Carmafc Jas, lab, h 130 Egiinton av e, 

Carman Thos, lab, 1 130 Egiinton av e, 

Carpenfer Thos A, chauffeur, h 2656 
Yonga Bedford Park 

Carpenter Thos T, tchr Givens St Manual 
Trainifig School, h 67 Glen Grove, Eg- 
iinton \ 

Carr Ernest, florist, 1 14 Castlefleld av, 

Carr Frefck N, h 153 Hawthorne av, Eg- 

Carr Geo^ mach, h 14 Castlefleld av, Eg- 
iinton { 

Carran Jihn, ladies’ tlr, h 460 Merton, 

Carter Ernest, elk, 1 119 Hawthorne av, 
Egiinton ' 

Carter Jnsl eoiitr, h 119 Hawthorne av, 
Egiinton \ 

Carter Thojf, h 48 Woodward av, Egiin- 
ton ‘ 

Carter Wmj h 242 Balliol, Davisville 

thiscaden \Yto, brkmkr, h 89 Balliol, Da- 
visville i 

Cassie John p, sismn, h 2093 Yonge, Dav- 

visvine t 

lassie John p, sismn, h 
isville \ 

lane-hard AleP lah, h 84 ( 
linton t 

Cane-hard Alet, lah, h 84 Castlefleld av, Eg- 
iinton _ 

Cave John Wt silk fnshr, h 60 Montgom- 
ery av, Egjnton 

Cawson Isaact contr 58 Davisville av, 
Davisville t 

Chadwick Uohf W, stone ctr, h loo Bal- 
liol. Davisvilfc 

Chalkley John TE, bldr, h 18 Woodward 
av, Egiinton \ „ „ , 

Chambers Bdw*d, lab, 1 2642 Yonge, Bed- 
ford Park 5 

Chambers Thos iP, gdnr, h 2642 Yonge, 
Bedford Park t ^ 

Chandler Wm T,|trav, h 2484 Yonge, Eg- 
iinton R - , nn 

Chapman Florenge (wid Richd), h 33 
Lincoln av, Daw.sville 
Chapman Sami, latter, h 38 Gordon, Davis- 
vill6 \ 

Chapmnn Sami S. fclsbr, h 14 Balliol, Da- 
visville J, „ J 

Chappell Jas, lab, | 2636 Yonge, Bedford 

Park * 

Charles Alfred, h 117 Bradford av, Bed- 
ford Park , 

Charles Arthur E, I^, h 192 Kensington 
av, Egiinton b 

Charles Arthur H, ofcp, h 211 Glenwood 
av, Davisville I „ - 

Charles Geo, decoratol h 176 Soudan av, 
Davisville „ , .r-, 

Charlesworth Minnie wtld Horatio G), h 
63 Blythwood rd, BgSnton 
Charters Thos E, groc* 27 Alberta cres, 
h same, Davisville 5 
Chessell Henry J, mkt%dnr s s Centre 
rd, Davisville 1 

Chettle Louis, bldr, h 18® Yonge, Davis- 
ville t- 

Child Harold J, decoratoi^h 1825 Yonge, 
Davisville f; 

Childs Jas A, h 2220 Yongft, Egiinton 
Chittenden Chas T, mach, h 21 Brownlow 
av, Davisville 

Chittenden John, lab, I 31 Douglas av, 




69 Victoria St. 


Electric Motors 

All Sizes In Stock 

- 42 - 




Est. 1873 Phone Main 1889 


Chittenden John E, carp, h 31 Douglas av, 

Chitty Arthur, printer, h 124 Ranleigh av, 
Bedford Park 

Chubb John A, h 184 Sherwood av, Eg- 

Clare Wm, lab, h 351 Balliol, Davisville 
Clark Alex, h 30 Stewart, Davisville 
Clark Fredk, lab, 1 108 Sherwood av, Eg- 

Clark Morley C, carp, h 147 Woodward 
av, Egllnlon 

Clark, Nicholas J, h 94 Broadway av, Eg- 
llnton 1 

Clarke Chai h 48 Merton, Davisville 
Clarke Chas; lab, b 151 Kosllu av, Bedford 

Clarke Henfc' B, contr, 1 48 Merton, Dav- 
isville < 

Clayton Geo; btchr, h 57 Evelyn av, Eglin- 

Clewes Wm l>, plmbr, h 313 Balliol, Davis- 

Climo Jonathan, gro, h 22 Stewart, Dav- 
isville ‘ 

Clinkard Thds A., painter 177 Ersklne av, 
h same, iSglinton 

Clyde John, plstr, h 39 Gertrude, Davis- 
ville ’ 

Cochrane Arthur L, h 1812 Yonge, Davis- 

Cockerill Wellington, cond, b 5 Egllnton av 
w. Davisville 

Cocking Wm, agt, h 7 Sherwood av, Eg- 

Coe Wm S, stone wkr, h 411 Balliol, Dav- 

Colbran Edwd, shipper, b 9 Davisville av, 

Cole Ernest, gdnr, h 444 Merton, Davis- 

Cole Wm, lab, -h 297 Soudan av, Davis- 

Coles Chas. photo, li 20 Beresford, Davis-' 
vine V 

Collar Geo contr, h 15 Roslin av, 

Bedford Park t 

Collett Joseph, painter, h 2479 Yonge, Eg- 
linton T 

Collett Joseph Jri: elk, 1 2479 Yonge, Eg- 
llnton i 

Collett Peter, paititer, 1 2479 Yonge, Eg- 

Collins Geo R N, ^pt Orchard View Hos- 
pital, h 2148 YoSge, Egllnton 
Colson Henry A, ll76 Blythwood rd, Eg- 
llnton V 

Colton Ernest, blda h 27 Brownlow av, 
Davisville s 

Conolly John L, Ied«r kpr Bank of Mont- 
real, Egllnton brj res Toronto 
Cooch .Tosiah T. h 2® Merton. Davisville 
Cook Arthur, droverl 1 2602 Yonge, Bed- 
ford Park j 

Cook Eliza (wid .Tas),lh 189 Davisville av. 

Davisville t 

Cook Geo, whol btchi 214 Davisville av, 
Davisville \ 

Cook Henry, lab, 1 304 Davisville av, Dav- 

Cook Herbert N W, fic&'ist, 1 2602 Yonge, 
Bedford Park ? 

Cook .John, btchr, h 188 ■Davisville av, Da- 
visville ‘ 

Cook Robt, drover, h 26(® Yonge, Bedford 
Park i. 

Cook Iloht .T, btchr 170 ISnvisvllle av, Da- 
visville \ 

Cook Sanford, 1 304 Davijville av, Davis- 
ville > 

Cook Stephen, h 304 Davisville av, Dav- 
isville I 

Coomber Minnie (wld Henry R), h 113 
Snowdon av, Bedford Pjq-k 
Coombs J Thos, h 151 Br^ford av, Bed- 
ford Park T 

Coombs Thos B, comr S Jl, h 80 Davis- 
ville av, Davisville ! 

Coon Arthur L, 1 2124 Yorwe, Egllnton 
Coon Geo E, grocer 2124 %nge, h same 

Coon Henry, h 36 Castlefleld av, Egllnton 
Cooper Geo R, acet, h 220 Dllencairn av, 
Egllnton r 

Cooper Henry G, elk, h 4 £^>1. Davisville 
Cooper W.-n, elev opr, h 15 G^i trude, Dav- 
isville Y 

Copland Joseph, cement insplh 89 Davis- 
ville av, Davisville 

Coppin Geo J, gdnr, 1 359 yierton, Dav- 

Coppln W^m H, willow wkr, 1 359 Merton 

Corbett James, elect, h 342 Egllnton av 
e, Egllnton 

Cordingley Walter J, 1 42 Stewart, Davis- 

Cordlngley Wm W, h 42 Stewart. Davis- 

Corn^ Geo, mkt gdnr 8 Avenue rci, Dav- 

CornerX Walter, mkt gdnr Davisville 
Comes Hjthur, elk, h 25 Frederick, Davis- 
ville \ 

Comes Jtoseph A, elk, 1 25 Frederick, 


Cosby ErVest E, driver, h 60 Balliol, Da- 
visville t 

Coughlin Michael, monuments 269 Erskine 
av, h lOl Sheldrake av, Egllnton 
Courtney John, boots and shoes 2252 
Yonge, EVlinton 

Cousins Jostph, trav, h 10 Briar Hill av. 
Egllnton t ' 

Coiitts Johni slsmn, h 18 Briar Hill av, 
Eglinton \ 

Cowden .Tas IM, blksmth, h 256 Soudan 
av, Davisvile 

Cox Annie L\(wid John), 1 1820 Yonge, 
Davisville ■. 

Crabbe Wm H> btchr, h 110 Sherwood av, 
Eglinton v 

Craig John V. fe 79 Roehampton av, Eg- 
linton \ 

Craig Robt E, T^atchmkr, 1 79 Roehamp- 
ton av, Egllntite 

Crane Frank, dfr goods 2271 Yonge, h 
same, Eglinton \ 

Crawford David, *i 11 Frederick. Davis- 
ville ' 

Crawford Wm D, feb, h 46 Smith av, Eg- 
llnton V 

Crees John H, plm», h 2091 Yonge, Dav 

Crook Albert, 1 224 klerton, Davisville 
Crook John, messr, a 224 Merton, Davis 

Crook Maurice, 1 224 ^erton, Davisville 
Crooks Jas H, tel opij h 24 Alberta cres 

Cross Levi, h 37 Balliol Davisville 
Crow Albert, contr e s ^ount Pleasant av, 

Crowhurst Herbert E, \rav, h 57 Haw- 
thorne av. Eglinton 
Crowley John, carp, 1 11 VRoehampton av 
Egllnton \ 

Crowther Harold, musicia^, h 440 Balliol. 

Cruickshank Clarence W (Davisville 
Hardware Co) 81 Ballioll Davisville 
Cruickshank David J (Dafcisville Hard- 
ware Co), h 81 Balliol, Dlvlsvllle 
Crysler Chas A, mgr RajAor’s general 
store, 1 79 Hawthorne av, Eglinton 
Cummer .A.lbert E, carp, hK475 Yonge, 
Eglinton 1 

Cummer G Lockmon, ins elk, 112475 Yonge. 

Cunningham Clifford, 1 12 Keniington av, 
Eglinton \ 

Cunningham John, carp, h 74 Bedford av 
Bedford Park 1 

Currey Thos, h 48 Briar Hill av.%Egllnton 
Currie .Ins N, stone ctr, b 428 B(i®lol. D.n 

Curry Ernest, driver, 1 2780 Yon®;, Bed- 
ford Park 

Curry Wm. tmstr, h 2780 Yonge, Bedford 

Cuttell Wm L, pub, h 50 Albertus Eg 
linton A 

Dack John O, 1 2845 Yonge, BedforApark 
Dark Norman S. 1 2845 Yonge, B«ford 

Dack Robt, shoes, h 2845 Yonge, Bedford 

Dack Robt G, 1 2845 Y’onge, Bedford Sark 
Dack Stanford E, 1 2845 Yonge. Bedfcrd 

D.nle rienry, fitter, h 166 Ersklne nv, 

Dnnce .John, lab. b 244 Balliol, Davlsvitle 
Dance John M, printer, 1 244 Balliol, DaV 

Dance Partridge, tmstr. b 130 Eglinton 
e. Eglinton 
Dance Percy, lab. 1 426 Glenwood av, Dav 

Dance Richd, lab, h 426 Glenwood av 

Darby Ernest P. caretaker, h 107 Snowdon 
av, Bedford Park 

Darling Robt H, carp, h 10 Castlefleld av, 

Darling Wm H, btchr 2117 Yonge, h same, 

Darwin Henry, h 55 Erskine av, Eglin- 


Davey John, draper, h 13 Montgomery av, 

Davldge Alfred, brklyr, h 171 Roehamp- 
ton av, Eglinton 

Davidson John, carp, 1 209 Soudan av, Da- 

Davidson John Jr, stone ctr, h 209 Soudan 
av, Davisyille 

Davidson Robt H, porter, h 31 Alberta 
cres. Davisville 

Davies Mr^ Francis, mlny 2309 Yonge, h 
same, Egjnton 

Davies Geo* M, bkpr, 1 149 Glenwood av, 

L, bldr 149 Glenwood av. 

agt, h 2309' Yonge, Eglinton 
J, mldr, h 421 Merton, Davis. 

I, btchr, h 54 Balliol, Davis- 

Davles Joh 
Davies Wn 
Davies Wm i 

Davies Wm ; 

ville ■■ 

i Davis Alex f J, potter, n 12 Frederick, 
i Davisville f 

Davis Bert -KC and B Davis), h 1912 
Yonge, Da«svllle 

t Davis Chas (G & B Davis), h 62 Davisville 
av. Davisville 

1 Davis C & 13 (Chas and Bert), grocers 
I 1873 and btShrs 1875 Yonge, Davisville 
Davis Evan, iontr, h 2115 Yonge, Davis- 
! vine ji 

Davis Fredk It h 1912 Yonge, Davisville 
; Davis Henry, lib, h 16 Algoma cres, Dav- 
! isville V 

Davis) PropSetors Davisville Pottery 
I 1899 Yonge, Davisville 
Davis John J, acur and feed 1877 Yonge, 
h 1820 .!ame, 'pavisvllle 
Davis Joseph ^(John Davis & Son), h 
1907 Yonge, Dj^lsville 
Davis Joseph S », btchr, h 26 Frederick, 
Davisville 5 

Davis Miss LiliajJ M, bkpr, h 12 Freder- 
I ick, Davisville 4, 

Davis Kegin.-tld S^scale mkr, h 30 Itoslln 
av. Bedford Park 

Davis Walter, prater, h s s Roslin av, 
Bedford Park 5 

Davison John W, c3k, 1 1839 Yonge, Davis- 
ville J 

Davison John W Jr, elk, h 1839 Yonge, 
Davisville v 

Davisville Hardwaffi Co, David J and 
Clarence W Criafckshank, 81 Balliol, 
Davisville S 

Davisville Hotel, Jas Dick prop, 1871 
Yonge, Davisville*' 

Davisville Methodist Church, Rev G W 
Robinson pastor, w s Yonge, Davisville 
G Johnson Postr^ster, 1885 Y’onge, 
Davisville ‘ 


& Son Proprietors* 1899 Yonge, Davis- 

Davisville Public School, Albert W Urmy 
prin, between 8 aod 44 Davisville av, 


Mfg Co (James Peaufs), n s Eglinton av 
w, Davisville 

Dnwn Ernest, blksmth, b 87 Ronan av, 
Bedford Park 

Dawson Fredk, driver, 1 54 Merton, Dav- 

Dawson Jjhn, carp, h.54 Merton, Davis- 

Dawson John W, tlr, h 49 Brechin av, 
Bedford Park 

Day Ernest, 1 152 Rjiehampton av, Eg- 

Day Geo, h 152 Roehampton av, Egllnton 
Day Henry, carp, b 78 Eglinton av e, Eg- 

Day Wm, carp, b 10 Earl. Davisville 
Dayfoot Miss Dorothy, jehr Bedford Park 
Public School, res Toronto 
Dean Richd T, florist 1953 Yonge, Davis- 

Dean Robt, carp, h 83 Davisville av, Dav- 

V ‘ isville 

e Ferrari Geo, gdnr, 1 136 Broadway av, 






— 43 — 

Canadian Ornamental Iron Co., Limited 

(Complete Equipment for any size Building) 




After Hours. 
Beach 152 


De Ferrari J B, gdnr, h 136 Broadway av. 

Delaney Anna (wld Fenton), ! 40 Evelyn. 

Demmery Willard W, city trav, h 57 
Briar Hill av, Egllnton 
Denison James H, acct, h 29 Glenwood 
av, Davisvllle 

Dick Jas, prop Davisvllle Hotel, h 1871 
Yonge, Davisvllle 

Dickson Frank M C, ins broker, h 102 
Broad wfc' av, Egllnton 
Dingle Sami, 1 1976 Yonge, Davisvllle 
Dingwall John R, gdnr, 1 257 Erskine av, 
Egllnton ^ 

Dinnick Charlotte M (wid Rev John), h St 
Edmunds Drive, Lawrence Park, Bed- 
i'oid Park 

Dinnick Wilfrid S, h St Edmunds Drive, 
Lawrence f^rk, Bediord Park 
Dixon Allen J^, ins agt, h 104 Broadway 
av, Egllnton ; 

Dixon Geo E, iftict, h 88 Broadway, Eglln- 

Dixon Mary {wd Sami), h 2829 Yonge, 
Bedford Park.; 

Doherty Miss Aiatha, phy 2160 Yonge, h 
same. Hglin'ot? 

Doherty Anna (wid Wra F), 1 2160 Yonge, 

Doherty Fredk J, tehy 2160 Yonge, h same, 
Jigllnton \ 

Dollard Rev Jas B, pastor St Monica's R 
C Church, h 44 ft-oadway, Egllnton 
DoIIery Louis, printer, h 154 Roslln av, 
Bedford Fark < 

DoIIery Perelval I, tinsmith, h 147 Brech- 
in av, Bedford Park 

Donnelly Edwd V, civil service elk, h 24 
Briar Hill av, Egllnton 
Doughty Wm H, dairy Id Brownlow av, 
h same, Davisvllle 

Douglas Austin, stenog, I 68 Roehampton 
av, Egllnton 

Douglas Eliza (wld Win), h 2221 Yonge, 
Egllnton ) 

Douglas Geo, florist, h 189 Merton, Dav- 

Douglas Sami J, paper, ti 123 Glencalrn 
av, Egllnton 

Douglas Wm J, h 68 Roehimpton av, Eg- 

Dowell Willis, lab, h 88 Albertus av, Eg- 

Downey Rlclid, lab, h 12 Cleveland, Dav- 

Dowson Chas, confr 2248 Yonge. Egllnton 
Drew Ben.i, gdnr, I 365 Egllnton av e, 

Drew Miss Marianne, h 365 EgHnton av e, 

Drewry Robt, blksmth 17 Soudan av, h 
1924 Yonge, Davisvllle 
Drummond Chas, grocer T Eaton Co, h 301 
Glenwood av. Davisvllle 
Dudley Wm H, coll, h 63 Sherwood av, 

Duff John, trav, h 147 Erskine av, Eglln- 

Duff Wm, carp, h 25 Sheridan av, Eglln- 

Duffln Wra, h 431 Balliol, Davisvllle 
Duffy Tho.s, lab, h 22 Evelyn la, Eglln- 

Duffs' Wm M, engineer, h 85 DavlsviUe 
av. Davisvllle 

Dugan Jonn J, grocer 2105 Yonge, h sante. 

Dukes Mary (wid Robt), h 1886 Yonge, 

Duncan Alex, brkmkr, h 6.3 Glenwood av, 

Duncan Eliza (wld Thos), h 63 Glenwood 
av, Davisvllle 

Duncan Geo, h 1974 Yonge, Davisvllle Robt. lab, 1 63 Glenwood av, Da- 

Duncan Wm, carp, h 72 Brechin av, Bed- 
ford Park 

Dunlop Miss Ida S, drsmkr 61 Briar Hill 
av, h same, Egllnton 
Dunlop Miss Minnie J, drsmkr 61 Briar 
Hill av, Egllnton 

Dunlop Thos, tmstr, h 61 Briar Hill av, 

Dunn Arthur, florist, I 289 Merton, Dav- 

Dunn BenJ, shoemkr, h 289 Merton, Davls- 

Du Pre John, lab, b 363 Merton, Davis- 

Durand Napier N, musician, h 76 Blyth- 
wood rd, Egllnton 

Durie Chas, btehr, ! 92 Glenwood av, Dav- 
. isville 

Durie Ernest, glass plshr, h 92 Glenwood 
I av, Davisvllle 

Durie Gordon, btehr, 1 92 Glenwood av, 

I Davisvllle 

I Dutton-Win, engineer, h 319 Balliol, Dav- 
1 isville 

I Eager Harry T. h s s St Germain av, 

! Bedford Park 

' Earnshaw Matthew, cloth exam, h 44 
j Stewart, Davisvllle 

I East Thos, carp, h 224 Balliol, Davisvllle 
Ebdon Ernest, brklyr, 1 18 Alberta cres, 

Ebdon Geo E, bldr, h 18 Alberta cres, 

1 Davis^lle 

[Ebdon Wm J, carp, 1 18 Alberta cres, 

Edward fijmanuel, oarp, h 224 Broadway 
I av, Egllnton 

j Edwards FVank A, lineman, h 81 Bowood 
; av, Bedford Park 

Edwards Frederick M, carp, h 10 Earl, Da- 
, visville 

: Edwards Gei, express 113 Soudan av, h 
j same, Davisvllle 

j Edwards Herbert, baker, I 19 Douglas av, 

I Davisvllle - 

; Edwards John; sismn, h 155 Ranleigh av, 

I Bedford Park 

Edwards Robt -H, lab, h 19 Douglas av, 

1 Edwards Wm D, lab, h 109 Soudan av. 

I Edwards Wm W, h 40 Egllnton av e, Eg- 

Eggett Henry, lab, h 153 Broadway, Eg- 

Eggett Henry J, -tlr, I 153 Broadway av, 

Egllnton Hardware Co (Joseph H Brent, 
Fredk C Baker) 2291 Yonge, Egllnton 
Egllnton Meth Church. Rev G C Balfour 
pastor, 2527 Yonge, Egllnton 
Egllnton Orange lx>dge Hall 2294 Y'onge, 


Whaley Postmaster, 2295 Yonge, Eglln- 

Egllnton Presbyterlap Church, Rev W G 
' Bach pastor, 2 Hawthorne av, Egllnton 
Egllnton Public Library, A P Frohns 11- 
I brarian, 2206 Yongai Egllnton 
I Egllnton Public School, W E Hopklngs 
I prin, n s Erskine a\^ Egllnton 
I Norman Clerk, 2206 "^onge, Egllnton 
Elder Miss Jean, h 230 'plencalrn av, Eg- 
I linton 

1 Elgle Percy L, h 96 Albertus av, Egllnton 
1 Elhird Albert E, tmstr, li 30 Earl, Davls- 
; vHle 1 

I Elliott Jas H, carpet layer, h 123 Roe- 
hampton av, Egllnton 
I Ellis Reginald C, jwlr, h 16 Bradford av, 
Bedford Park 

Ellis Susan J (wid Wm H)i 1 2708 Yonge, 

1 Bedford Park 

Ellis Wra G, jwlr, h 2708 Ylpnge, Bedford 
I Park .; 

j Eliot Wm, stone mason, h l7b Kensington 
I av, Egllnton '. 

1 Elsev Frederick, lab, h 31 Geffdon, Davis- 
! vino 

! Ely John, gdnr, h 231 Kenbington av, 
J Egllnton 

Emby Albert E, 11th, h 216 Merton, Davls- 
♦ vilia 

'Emerson Robt F, printer, h 143 Wood- 
.< ward av, Egllnton i 

, iSmmerson Alex, brkmkr, h 11 Earl, Dav- 
I ijsville 

i Eramerson Chas, lab, h 37 Gordon, 'jJavis- 
vBle !; 

i Eminerson John F, brkmkr, I 11 lEarl, 
! Davisvllle * 

! Bndean Harry, florist, h 2290 Yonge, jpg- 
i linton 

; EvansTCbas J, h 8 Alberta cres, Davls- 
' villa ■ 

Evans 'Fredk J, bldr, h 20 Bayview av, 

Evans Henry W, h Dawllsh av, Law- 
rence Park, Bedford Park 
Everton John, lab, h 15 Frederick, Dav- 

P'airthorne A Rich btehr, h 17 Ranleigh 
av, Bedford Park 

r'alrthorne Amarlah R. lab, h 5 Ronan 
av, Bedford Park 

Farewell Lancelot, hatter, h 38 Blythwood 
rd, Egllnton 

Farquhar Joseph, stone ctr, h 124 Wo- 
burn av. Bedford Park 
Farfluhar Wm D, stone mason, h 57 Ronan 
av. Bedford Park 

P’arr Percy W, trav, h 33 Earl, Davisvllle 
Farr Wm J, h 2173 Yonge, Egllnton 
Feeley John, moto, h 218 Merton, Davls- 
ville ‘ 

Feeley Robt, brklyr, h 4,3 Hunter, Davlg- 

Fean John, carp, h 140 Roslln av, Bedford 

I’enwick TJios H, agt, h 2039 Yonge, Dav- 
isvllle » 

Ferguson John, h 2025 Yonge, Davisvllle 
P'erguson Joshua O, carp, rms 99 Soudan 
av, Davfeville 

P'erguson Itobt, customs elk, h 30 Glen- 
wood aw Davisvllle 

Ferguson Thos H, plmbr 2315 Yonge, Eg- 
llnton j 

Ferris Alije A (wid J H), mus tchr 94 
Sherwood av, h same, Egllnton 
P'erris C Sruce, stuut, 1 94 Sherwood av, 

Fewster ifros (Robt and Thos), grocers 
23 Eglin%)n av e, Davisvllle 
Fewster Ifcbt (Fewster Bros), h 23 Eg- 
llnton av* e, Davisvllle 
Fewster Tfios (Fewster Bros), h 23 Eg- 
llnton avi e. Davisvllle 
Fidler Rev^Arthur J, rector St Clement’s 
Church, h! 31 Briar Hill av, Egllnton 
Finch John! L, real estate, h 241 Davls- 
ville av, Davisvllle 

Fine Mrs Annie, h 470 Merton, Davis- 
ville I 

Finnigan Atihur J, foreman, b 56 Mont- 
gomery uvlEglinton 

Fire Halls, Bedford Park, Ranleigh av, 
Bedford Pafk 

Fire Hall Nov 5 w s Gertrude, Davisvllle 
Firstbrook John, h JJawrence Park, Bed- 
ford Park i 

Firstbrook Harold, 1 Lawrence Park, Bed- 
ford Park 

Fisher Eliza ^wid John), h 2209 Yonge, 
Egllnton ’ 

Fitch Alfred A, lab, h 105 Soudan av, 
Davisvllle 8 

Fitzpatrick Chas, driver, I 122 Egllnton 
av w, Bglintop 

Fitzpatrick Edwd, driver, 1 1978 Yonge, 

Fitzpatrick Mrs Ellen, h 1978 Y'onge, Dav- 
isvllle V 

Fitzpatrick Jas, rbrkmkr, h 122 Egllnton 
av w, Egllnton' 

P^itzpatrlck Jas Jr, I 122 Egllnton av w, 

Fitzpatrick John.'f driver, 1 122 Egllnton 
av w, Egllnton ^ 

hJavelle Joseph. Ir 76 Balliol, Davisvllle 
Fletcher Geo H, IJth, h 8 Davisvllle av, 

Fletcher Hardy L, bkpr, h 11 Algoma cres, 

Fletcher Jas C, bai-feer, h 78 Albertus av, 
Egllnton 1/ 

Fletcher Wm.. h 2.W R.iIIloI, Davisvllle 
Pleury W''m J, moto,\h 1883 Yonge, Dav 


il953 Yonge, Davls- 


Floyd -Arthur, carp, 
ville ~ 

Foden Thos, maeh. h ’^SO Merton, Davlg- 
ville ^ 

Fontaine Albert E, dyc^ h 65 Kensington 
av, Egllnton 5; 

P'ooks John J, decoratoA h 21 Soudan av, 
Davisvllle ¥ 

P'orbes Blizth (wid Jas),\h 15 Albertus av. 

Egllnton S 

F'ord Allan, bldr, h 50 D^lsville av, Dav- 
isvllle r 

F'ord Chas G, carp, h 24? Egllnton av e, 
Davisvllle ' 

F'orrest David, painter, 1» 159 Sherwood 
av, Egllnton i 

F'orster Chas, trav, h 79 Roper av, Eg- 

Forsyth Ernest, studt, b 5 Balliol, Davls- 

Forsythe AV D, vet surg 2021 Yonge, h 
same, Davisvllle 

Motor Generators, Wires, Cables 
Osram Tungsten Lamps . . . . 



70 i 

—44 — 

Factory Products, Limited 
220 King St. W., Toronto 

The Dovercourt Land 





24 Adelaide St. E. 

I'orth Chas H, elk, h 69 Bowood av, Bed- Gillespie Robt, trav, h 32 Broadway, Eg- 
ford Park llnroii 

Forth Ernest R, casemkr, h 53 Brechin av, ; Gillespie Tlobt M, slsmn. 1 32 Broadway, 
Bedford Park Eglinton 

Foulds Leonard, arch, h 93 Eglinton av e, Glllis Edward, barr, h 224 Eglinton av e, 
Davisviiie Eglinton 

Fowler Arthur, moto, b 79 DavIsvIlle av, Gilson Chas .1, glass wkr, h 12 Balllol, 
Davisviiie Davisviiie 

E’owler Sydney J, reed wkr, h 72 Roslin Gilyeart .Tack»n, lab, h 88 Balliol, Dav- 
av, Bedford Park isville \ 

Fox George .7, carp, h 13 Sherwood av, Gilyeart Thos,|brklyr, 1 88 Balliol, Davis- 
Frank Augustus W, 1 e end I^oslin av, vllle I 

Bedford Park Gist Henry, c*rp, h 217 Merton, Davis- 

Frank !3aml A. artist, h e end Roslin av, ville 9 

Bedford Park Glancy Thos, l|dr. h 1882 Yonge, Davls- 

Praser Jas, tmstr, h 16 Soudan av, Davis- ville 
villa Glover Ernest a carp, h 4 Kensington av 

I'Veeman Chas R, baker, h 215 Soudan av, Eglinton j 

Davisviiie Glover Herbert JW, carp, h 88 Sherwood 

I'risby Arthur, blk^nith 1859 Yonge, Dav- av, Eglinton 

isville, res Eglinton ^ Golding Albert t, messr, 1 39 Beresford, 

Fiohns Alfred P, jwlr 2254 Yonge, h 131 Davisviiie | 

Sherwood av, Eglinton I Golding Edwards caretkr. h 39 Beresford, 

F'rv Rlchd J, bldr, It 48 Castlefield av, Davisviiie 
Eglinton ' Gooch Geo, h 17| Alexandra boul, Eglln- 

FuIIer Edward M, contr, h 259 Woodward ton | 

av, Eglinton ! Goodman Geo, c^ntr 157 Glenwood av. 

Fuller Robt H, pltnbr 117 Kensington av, Davisviiie f 

h same, Eglinton ' Goodwin Alfred, '.'bldr, h 47 Joseph av, 

Furlong Mrs Helen, 1 4 Earl, Davisviiie Davisviiie t 

Fursey John, carp, h 73 Kensington av, Gordon Alex, furi4 h w s Park av, Eglin- 
Egllnton ton 

Fussell Wm J, brklyr.. h 247 Merton, Dav- | Gordon Alfred, htse dir, h 72 Albertus 
Isville I av, Eglinton T 

Galbraith Jas C, transportation master, h I Gordon Claude A, Hrav, 1 72 Albertus av 
167 Eglinton av w, Davisviiie ' Eglinton E 

Gallienne Thos. tchr, h 89 Bowood av Gordon Harry W, f26 Balliol, Davisviiie 
Bedford Park Gordon Press, prinlbrs 1880 Yonge, Davis- 

Galllenne "Walter H, elk, 1 89 Bowood av, ville \ 

Bedford Park ' Gorstige Wm H, mkson contr, 1 65 Roper 

Gamble Miss Susan, h 198 Avenue rd, Dav- av, Eglinton I 

isville Gostlln Isaac, carp, Ih 327 Merton, Davls- 

Garland Nicholas, h 2S07 Yonge, Eglinton ; ville. V 

Garner Herbert, gdnr, b 1 Erskine av, Gonsh Alfred, dyer,l h 72 Balliol, DavU- 
Eglinton ville I 

Garnett Geo, tmstr, h 26 Earl. Davisviiie Gough Alfred Jr, lathfer, b 12 Algoma cres, 
Garnett W'm J, lab, h 32 Stewart. Davis- Davisviiie | 

vine . Goulding Fredk W, c|ntr, h 13 Balliol av, 

Gartshore J Stanley, bkpr, 1 156 Eglinton Davisviiie 

av w, Eglinton 

Gartshore John J, h 156 Eglinton av w, 

Gartshore Lesslie B, elk, I 156 Eglinton av 
w, Eglinton 

Gartshore Miss Wlnnifred, 1 156 Eglinton 
av w Eglinton 

Gaston Chas, mkt gdnr, h 290 Eglinton av 
e, Eglinton 

Graham Chas A, driver, h 42 Gordon, Dav- 

Graham Howard L, i|sp, h 123 Albertus 
av, Eglinton 

Graham John, cond, 107 Glenwood av, 

Graham. Renfrew Co,l Ltd, Robt Gra- 
ham pr3S. Walter Renfrew sec, horse 
Importers 2813 Yongel Bedford Park 

Gaston Samuel, mkt gdnr 258 Eglluton av Graham Robt, pres Grakam, Renfrew Co, 
e. Eglinton Ltd. 1 2813 Yonge, Belford Park 

Gaston Sami, tmstr, b 151 Broadway av. Green Harry, cutter, I 11 Balliol, Davis- 


Gaston Sami 'Jr, farmer, h 182 Sherwood 
av, Eglinton 

Gates Philip, tobacco wkr, h 485 Merton. 

Gay Danisl, lab, h 121 Glenwood av, Dav- 

Gay Horace, I 121 Glenwood av, Davis- 

Gay Sidney, lab, h 127 Glenwood av, Dav- 
isviiie - 

Ghent Wm, lab, h 2323 llonge. Eglinton 

Gibb John J, carp, h s\ s Bradford av, 
Bedford Park 

Gibson Mnlcolra, lltho artljt, h 123 Soudan 
,av. Davisviiie i 


Green Harry C, real est,lh 95 Hawthorne 
av, Eglinton 1 

Green Herbert, elk, h 63 los€g)h av, Davis 

Green Joseph, gdnr, h '^1 Davisviiie av, 

Green Thos, 1 21 Balliol.I Davisviiie 

Green Thos, foreman, 1 21 Balliol, Davis- 

Green Thos, tmstr, h 21 1 Balliol, Davis- 
viiie I 

Greenaway John B, paintfr, h 134 Roslin 
av, Bedford Park 

Greenhow Christopher, frklyr, h 120 
Glenwood av, Davisviiie 

Gibson Mary (wid Wm J)V h 356 Merton, Greenway Cieo W, h 28 BrSadway, Eglln- 
Davlsville i ^ ton 1 

Gibson Thos, lab, h 144 Hawthorne av, ’ Greer Miss Emily, h 46 Shtwood av, Eg- 
Egllnton \ linton 1 

Gibson Thos A, barr, h 2165vYonge, Eglin- ; Greswell Thos, florist, h 3 Douglas av, 
ton . , I Davisviiie | 

GIBSON WILBERT S, I Civil En- Grey Robt, stone ctr, h 402lMerton, Dav- 
glneer 183a Yonge, h 1837 Same, Davis- ' Isville T 

JL, ... Grice Elizfh (wld Benj), hl29 Davisviiie 

Gifford Jas R. acet, h 16 Bfiar Hill av, — - — ■ 

. ..L . . . i Grice Frank, florist, h 154 Alliol, Davis 

Gilby W m, printer, h 143 R:Bllol. Davis- ville ^ 

I icriflln Rev Arthur K. asst rjetor St Cle- 

Giles Fredk, h 34 Brownlowkav, Davis 
ville f 

pod rd, Eg- 

ment’s Church, h 23 Blythi 
, Ilnton 

Giles Wm P, h 137 Erskine Eglinton ' Grifflu Kent, studt, I 23 Blytht^od rd, Eg- 
Gill Ernest, jwlr, h 2004 Yongel Davisviiie ' linton 

Gill Percy, shipper, h 95 Daf isville av, j Griffin Louisa A (wid Chas), T 246 Sou- 
Davlsville I I dan av, Davisviiie 

Gillespie Chas, shipper, h 79 Glenwood av, I Griffin Selwyn P, studt, I 23 BlyAwood rd, 
Davisviiie i Eglinton ^ 

Gillespie James, slsmn h 90 Soudan av, I Grover Thos A, carp, h 200 Roekampton 
Davisviiie ' av. E.glinton 

Grundy \Fredk (Waddington & Grundy), 
h 2 Afcertus av. Eglinton 
Grundy frredk, wdturner, 1 475 Merton, 

Grundy 'T'm, printer, h 475 Merton, Dav- 
isviiie V 

Grundy Wm B, sawyer, 1 475 Merton, 

Guilfoyle Trancis, lab, h 47 Roper av, Eg- 
linton \ 

Gunn Daniel, carp, h 36 Roslin av, Bed- 
ford Pa* „ ^ 

Gurney Dokald H, poultry dir, h 81 Ran- 
leigh av, teedford Park 
Guscott Geol car bldr, h 165 Merton, Dav- 

Guscott San4 surveyor, 1 165 Merton, Da- 
visville t 

Gwynn HaroIB E, stone ctr, h 398 Merton, 
Davisviiie \ 

Gwvnn John.Llab, h 2083 Yonge, Davisi 
ville f 

Hagerman Arefcd, elk, I 39 Balllol, Davis- 
viiie i 

Hagerman Pet*, trav, h 39 Balliol Davis- 
viiie \ 

Haines Henry, Arp, h 205 Woodward av, 
Eglinton Y 

Hale Ernest, 1 261 Balllol, Davisviiie 
Hale John, lath^, h 346 Merton, Davli- 

Hale John A, wmdow shade mkr, h 268 
Balliol, Davlsvilfe 

Hall Fredk, mkt Anr, h 1980 Yonge, Dav- 
isviiie 4 

Hall Geo, mkt gdiw, h 30 Gordon, Davis- 
viiie » 

Hall, Herbert, gla* plshr, h 20 Gordon, 
Davisviiie % 

Hall Jas, gdnr, refc 170 Davisviiie av, 
Davisviiie % 

Hall John, landscape gdnr, h 26 Eglinton 
av e, Eglinton 
Hall Mary (wid Thljs), h 1982 Yonge, 
Davisviiie s 

Hall Maurice, I 301 Bfiliol, Davisviiie 
Hall Rlchd, barber M19 Yonge, h same, 
Davisviiie * 

Hall Thos S, ins agt, b 301 Balllol, Davis- 
viiie s 

Bill S.tmuel T. h 64 Brechin av, Bedford 

Hall Thos W, contr, h 64 Glencairn av, 
Eglinton i 

Halton Geo H, brklyr,* 389 Balllol, Dav- 
isviiie 4 

Hamilton John, carp, b e s Mount Pleas- 
ant av, Eglinton t 
Hamlin Eustace, aceti 1 80 Roehampton 
av, Eglinton -4 

Hamlin Wm L B, shipper, h 80 Roehamp- 
ton av, Eglinton i 
Hammill Jas H, real e^t. h 31 Woodward 
av. Eglinton 1 

Hamly Henry T. coal dir, h 62 Woodward 
nv. Eglinton y 

Hancock Thos, paperh^ger, h 98 Woburn 
av, Bedford Park i 

Hanes Carmi A, slsmaitt h 188 Woodward 

av. Eglinton J 

Hanking Albert, carp, j h 424 Merton, 

Hannah Geo, lab, h 254 Boudan av, Davis- 

Harcourt Ernest N, lithb, 1 36 Woodward 
av, Eglinton 5 

Hirconrt Ernest R, lltho, h 36 Woodward 
nv. Eglinton j 


“The firreateet piano in 
the worldi*' is the written 
testimony oT De Pach- 
mann, the world’s fiT^eat 
pianist. See this piano at 
193-197 YONGE 8T. 

Fairbanks Morse Gas and Gasoline Engines 


The Canadian Fairbanks Morse Go. 


26-28 Front St. W. phone main 6120 


Hardie Alex M R, h 103 S 9 udan av, Dav- 

Hardman Edwd, engineer, h 102 Balllol, 

Harman Geo W, pattern mkr, h 23 Roslln 
av, Bedford Bark 

Harnett John, engr, h 70 Broadway av, 

Harper Chas, painter, h 125 Roslln av, 
Bedford Park 

Harper John Y, contr, 1 18 Earl, Davls- 

Harper, Sami S, contr, h 18 Earl, Davls- 

Harper Thos W, printer, h 208 Ersklne av, 

Harrington Ddhiel, h 38 Stewart, Davis- 

Harris Frank, (ferp, h 40 Gertrude, Davis- 
vllle 1 

Harris Henry J, carp, h 65 Roper av, 
Eglinton ‘ 

Harris Jas E, hiphr, 2285 Tonge, h same, 
Eglinton I 

Harris Walter S,*h 12 Boper av. EgUnton 

Harris Wm E, caxp, h 14 Beresford, Dav- 
Isvllle \ 

Harrison Leonard,', engineer, b 293 Merton, 
Davisvllle ‘ 

Harvey Edwin, ins auditor, h 9 Soudan av, 
Davisvllle • 

Harvey Jas, drlvef, h 284 Woburn av, 
Bedford Park 

Haseman Wra, caro, h 28 Brechin av, 
Bedford Park 

Hassall Albert, brklyr, h 240 Eglinton av 
e, Eglinton 

Hasselman Mrs Alice B, I 23 Crescent i 

Hasselman Chas A, h 23 Crescent av. 

Hawke Herbert, lab, 1 87 Woburn av, 
Bedford Park 

Hawkins Geo A, leather goods, h 26 Bal- 
liol, Davisvllle 

Haxton John, groom, U, 16 Snowdon av, 
Bedford Park 

Hayes John B, h 109 Glencairn av, Eg- 

Hayes John C (J C He,yes & Co), res 

Hayes J C & Co, John C Hayes mgr, 
real est, 2500 Yonge, Eglinton 

Hayes Thos, lab, h 23 Frederick, Davis- 

Hayes Walter F, h 71 Sheldrake av, Eg- 

Hayward Geo, lab, h 44 Gordon, Davis- 

Heacock Lome, elect, h 105 Balliol, Dav- 

Heaney Robt, carp repr, h 16 Stewart, 

Helm Robt E. shipper, 1 180 Merton, Davis- 

Helm Thos, lab, h 123 Soudan av, Davis- 
vllle ■ 

Helm Wm H, stone pishr, h 180 Merton, 

Hcmburrow Arthur J, ctr, h 113 Roslln 
av, Bedford Park t 

Hemphrey Geo, gdnr, h 260 Merton, Dav- 
Isvllle ; 

Hemsley Clement, lab, h 43 Gertrude, Dav- 

Hendy Cyril L, trav, 1 2484 Yongje, Eg- 

Henson Henry, baker, h 2243 Yonge, Eg- 
linton ; 

Herridge Albert, app printer, 1 183. Mei - 
ton, Dav.sville 

Herridge Percy J, carp, h 183 Merton, 
Davisvllle ; 

Heslop Mary (wld Thos), h 55 Albirtus 
av, Eglinton 

Hesp Henry, bottler, h 109 Woburn; av, 
Bedford Park • 

Hester John, driver, h 394 Glenwood av, 

Hester Joseph E, driver, h 73 Boslln ^v, 
Bedford Park 

Hester Robt. yardman, h 60 Smith av, E^ 

HntAT* * 

gdnr, h 136 Brechln’i 


Hewlett Walter G, 
av, Bedford Park 
Hick Walter M, elk, 1 80 Eglinton av e, 

Hieklngbottom Jas, moto, h 160 Balllol, 

Hicks John M, bldr 266 Balllol, Davisvllle 

h 7 Avenue rd. 

Higgins Robt, dyer, h 34 Kensington av, Huckstep Chas H, h 64 Woburn av, Bed- 
Egllnton ford Park 

Hill Albert, 1 231 Kensington av, Eglin- Hull Albert, carp, h 123 Roslln av. Bed- 
ton ford Park 

Hill Albert J. painter, h 194 Kensington Humberstone Miss Mary, h 2732 Yonge, 
av, Eglinton Bedford Park 

Hill Chas, tlr, h 257 Ersklne av, Eglin- : Humphreys Alfred, chauffeur, h 40 Roslin 
ton i av, Bedford Park 

Hill Chas printer, 1 299 Merton, Davis- i Humphries Wm H, elk, h 141 Albertus 
vllle 4 i av, Eglinton 

Hill Ernest, Becorator, h 225 Roehampton Hunt Ephraim, grocer 2753 Yonge, Bed- 
av, Eglinton . I ford Park 

Hill Geo, confr, h 41 Eglinton av e, Dav- i Hunt John, mkt gdnr, 

Isvllle ^ ‘ Davisvllle 

Hill Geo, palmer, h 386 Merton, Davis- | Hunt '.Philip, h 77 Broadway av, Eglin- 
vill6 ton \ 

Hill Nicholas Ti acet, h 91 Hawthorne av, , H)unter\'Barbara (wld Jas), h 69 Albertn# 
Eglinton i 1 av, Egllutou 

Hinchcllffe Albfi-t, stone ctr, 1 1844 Yonge, 1 Hunter Garfteld R, ruler, 1 69 Albertus av, 
Davisvllle ^ i Eglint^ 

Hinchcllffe ChasJ decorator, h 287 Davis- i Hurlbut Edwd C, bldr 24 Joseph av, Dav- 
ville av, Daviwllle isville, ih 44 Castlefleld av, Eglinton 

Hinchcllffe Cha^M, decorator, h 103 Bal- | Hurlbut frank S, bldr 44 Joseph av, Dav- 
liol, Davisvllle'-. ! isville i , v r r, m 1 

Hinchcllffe ErneSt H, decorator, 1 1844 Hiisiband Slheresa M (wld Geo), h 6 Balllol, 
Yonge, Davisvifie i DavisviHc . 

Hinchcllffe Franll lineman I 1844 Yonge. ; HutoheorS Wm, stone ctr, h 448 Glen- 
Davisvllle 3 wood a|, Davisvllle 

Hinchcllffe John fT, decorator, h 1844 ' Hutchesoi Chas A, trav, h 100 Bowood 
Yonge, Davisvllle . av, Bedford Park 

Hinds John, tmstr.ih 5 Glenwood av, Dav- HutchesoN Miss Cora, stenog, I 32 Merton, 
isville ' Davlsvifc 

Hinds Richd, contr,’, 35 Soudan av. Davis- 1 Hutchinsof John W, brklyr, h 15 Earl, 
vllle 'v . . Davlsvilfe 

Hinds Robt, tmstr.l h 45 Eglinton av e, IMPERIAL BANK OP CANADA 
Davisvllle ' W H Patten Manager, 1920 longe, Dav- 

Hinves Geo J, plstrj’h 359 Merton, Davis- ^ isville 1 - r. j 

vllle ■ Informatioi Bureau, Alexandra Gardens, 

Hinves Joseph, plstr,:h 320 Merton, Davis- 2460 Yonfe, Eglinton 
vine e , e ... V ^gg Davle- 

Hlnves Joseph H jr.iplstr, h 2634 Yonge vllle I ^ 

Bedford Park : Irwin Miss |Ablgail, tchr, b 40 Glenwood 

Hiscox Arthur G, baggageman G T R, h av, Davlwille „ . , 

36 Beresford, Davisyille , Irwin Rutletge, h 21 Kensington av, Eg- 

Hobblns Thos. baker, h 27 Douglas av, llnton S „ 

Davisvllle Jackson Mlsa Elsie, rms 285 Merton, Dav- 

Hobson Alfred, brklyr,. b 281 Merton, Dav- i Isville I , , , 

Isville Jackson Fredlrick J, lltho, h 127 Sheldrake 

Hobson Arthur, elk, 1 585 Merton, Davis- ; av, Egllntoi , 

viiie ' James AlfrediG. fruit, h 174 Woburn av, 

Hebson Thos, brklyr, h 285 Merton, Dav- I Bedford Pafk ^ 

isville i James Edgar kl, engineer Eglinton Town 

Hodgson Geo A, acet, It 80 Eglinton av e, i Hall, h 26 Bliar Hill av, Eglinton 
Eglinton •' Jaques Jas, driver, 1 81 Ersklne av, Eg- 

Hodgson Wm, biksmith, h 94 Castlefleld ' llnton * „ 

av, Eglinton Jaques Louis, (ferp, h 81 Ersklne av, Eg- 

Htogg Miss Isabella, b 282 Merton, Davis- i A, . o, . t-> 

villa • i Jaques Philip, dfiver, 1 81 Brskine av, Eg- 

Holden Esther (wld John), 1 19 Eglinton ! llnton * 

av w Davisvllle Jardine Harold w, shipper, 1 186 High- 

Holden’ Herbert, btehr, h,3l9 Eglinton av ' ^ bourne rd, Danville 

w Davisvllle ' Jardine Norman v, elk, 1 186 Highbourne 

Holden Jas, lab, h 39 Smith av, Eglinton i rd Da^svllle V ..v. 

Holt "V’ernon, printer, h 4 Brownlow av,j Jardine Wm H, yav, h 196 Highbourne 
Davisvllle ‘ id. Davisvllle \ 

Honevchurch Oliver, lab, h 63 Smith av, j Jardine Wm H jr^ elk, 1 186 Highbourne 
EglTnton I rd. Davisvllle 4 

Hood Alex A, Ins agt, h 17 Glencairn av. I Jarvis Fredk C, bay, h 2617 Yonge, Bed- 
Eglinton I ^ord Park i 

Hope Richard, h 107 Hawthorne av. Eg- I Jarvis Harry, lab, i 235 Woodward av, 
llnton ! Eglinton 1 

Hopkings Tory B, blksmth ■:2227 Yonge j Jervis Stewart R, 1 3617 Yonge, Bedford 
h 2223 same, EgUnton j - „ 

Ho_pklngs waiter E, prln Benton Pub I Jef^ 'R m_^ H^phyJ491 Yonge, 


S’ch, h 33 Kensington av, Bg: 

Horn Geo, h 83 Blythwood ri 
ton 'i 

Horner Henry, gdnr, h 154 Woburn av, 
Bedford Park v 

Horsley John, lab, 1 147 Sherwoott av, Eg- 
linton \ 

Horsley Stanley Y, elk, b 198 Ro«ampton 
av, EgUnton t 

Hossack Donald C, barr, h cor Yokge and 
Sheldrake Boul, Eglinton \ 

Hossack Donald R, studt, 1 cor^onge 
and Sheldrake boul, EgUnton j. 
Houghton Thos R, lab, h 58 Balllol, ^av- 
Isvllle * 

Houle Albert J, florist, h 35 Bradford av, 
Bedford Park \ 

House Lucy (wld Hezekiah), h 36 Woburn 
av, Bedford Park \ 

Howe Prank, decorator, h 263 Davlsvlfte 
av, Davisvllle ^ 

Jeffs John, driver, h.j210 Davisvllle av, 
Davisvllle '< 

Jenkins Thos, cabtmkr,>'i 30 Merton, Dav- 

Jerreat Walter, barheri; h 127 Albertus 
av, EgUnton '• 

Jewett Mrs Florence M, h 90 Albertus av, 
EgUnton » 

Johnsen Chas, furrier. U 233 Davisvllle 
av, Davisvllle s 

Johnson David, h 147 Sherwood av, EgUn- 

Johnson Henry G, moto, tt 17 Frederick, 

Johnson Henry L, contr 26 Soudan av, 

Johnson Leonard L. tmstr, h 24 Gordon, 

! Davisvllle 

1 Johnson Robt G, postmaster, h 48 Davls- 
[ vine av, Davisvllle 

Hoyle Leonard, carp, h 93 Glenwood av! i Johnson Robt G, grocer 1885 Yonge, h 58 
Davisvllle j Davisvllle av, Davisvllle 

Hoyle Wm, brklyr, h 73 Albertus av. Eg- i Johnson lYm B, shoemkr, h 49 Balllol, 
Union I Davisvllle 

Hubbard .Tas, carp, h 99 Roslln av. Bed- ; Johnston Amelin (wld Alex), h 62 Mont- 
ford Park i gomery av, EgUnton 

Ramsay E. Sinclair 



Phone Collegre 8595 


72 QUEEN ST. WEST Send for our Booklet on I I mm I W I 

Jobiiston David B, florist, h 56 Montgom- 
ery av. Egliuton 

Johnston Henry J, lab, h 100 Roslin av, 
Bedford Park 

Johnston John, mkt gdnr 266 Centre rd. 

Johnston Joseph, brklyr, b 85 Merton, 

Johnston Robert, mkt gdnr 400 Centre rd, 

Johnston Wm F, bk blndr, h 293 Merton, 

Johnstone Frattcis, blksmlth 2772 Yonge, 
h 2776 same. Bedford Park 
Johnstone Hudson, painter, h 479 Mev- 
ton, Davisvllle 

Jones Alfred R, mach, 1 199 Broadway av, i 
Egllnton ^ 

Jones Alphonsa F, h Exeter eres, Law- 
rence Park, Bedford Park 
Jones Bertram.itmstr, 1 199 Broadway av, 
Egllnton s 

Jones Chas A.i carp, h 80 Hanlelgli av, 
Bedford Park’ 

Jones Edwd, tjhstr, h 196 Egllnton av e, i 
Egllnton i ■ 

Jones Elizabethl (wld Jesse), h 199 Broad- 
wii.v, Egllntoit 

Jones Geo, drivjer. h 31 Beresford, Davls- 
vllle ' 

Jones Isabella .(wid Benj), h 68 Blyth- 
wood rd, Egllnton 

Jones Stephen, gdnr, h 205 Balllol, Davls- 

ville ; 

Jones Wm, bt<3ir, 2037 Yonge, h same, 
Davisvllle ' 

Jordan Geo E, $arp, h 167 Woodward av, 


Jowett Ernest, I 470 Merton, Da' isvllle 
Judd Ellzth (wld H Wells), h 136 Shel- 
drake av, Egjinton 

Jupp John, latter, h 20 Stewart, Davis- 

Jupp Wm. lab, h 139 Balllol, Davisvllle 
Kearn Edwin, plstr, h 155 Sherwood av, 

Keene Chas, lab, h 135 Soudan av, Davls- 

Kehoe John, cH Imperial Bank, 1 1920 
Yonge, Davisvllle 

Keith Geo A, saeds, h 2666 Yonge, Bed- 
ford Park : 

Kelly Thos A, auditor, h 65 Ifawlhorne 
av, Egllnton 

Kemp John, h 2-3fli Merton, Davisvllle 
Kennedy Wm, oontr, h 87 Davisvllle av. 
Davisvllle ; 

Kent Herbert, 1 J902 Yonge, Davisvllle 
Kent John, tmstr, h 1902 Yonge, Davis- 
vllle > 

Kent Wm B, tmirtr, h 31 Park av, Eglln- 
ton . 

Kent Wm M, ao«t, h 172 Sherwood av, 

Kerby Catherine F (wld Miles R), h 71 
Glenwood av, Da^svllle 
Kerr Jas H S, h 20 Blythwood rd. Eglln- 

Kerswell Henry, tr^v, h 179 Sheldrake av. 
Egllnton ; 

Kerswill Ellzth (wip Chas), h 2304 Yonge, 

Kidd John, gdnr, h 29 Gertrude, Davis- 

Kidd Wm, mkt gdnr 256 Broadway, Eglln- 
ton , 

Kilgore Thos H, adct, h n s Alexanrtr,a 
boul, Egllnton 

King Henry W. agt, h 9 Earl. Davisvllle 
Kirby Richd G, contr, h 2435 Yonge, .Eg- 

Kirby Robt W, studl, 1 2435 Yonge, Eg- 
llnton i 

Kitchen Wm O, chauffeur, h 69 Kensing- 
ton av, Egllnton 7 

Kleeberger John G, li 23 Beresford, Dav- 

Kleeberger Miss Nellie, 1 22 Beresfor.l, 
Davisvllle ; 

Klees John, h 220 Rnehampton av. Egllnton 
Klinck Joseph A, carpi- h 2 Sherwood av, 
Egllnton % 

Klinck Robt E, shipper^ h 6 Sherwood av, 
Egllnton r 

Knight Alfred, tinsmltk 1 95 Davisvllle 
av, Davisvllle T 

Knowles Sydney, laundryman, h 130 Ran- 
leigh av, Bedford Park 
Krlghaura Nicholas L, clgarmkr, h s s 
Snowdon av, Bedford Park 

Lafete Alphonso, carp, h 18 Gordon, Dav- 


Laidlaw Miss Annie, 1 254 Balllol, Davis- 

Laldlaw Donald, contr 254 Balllol, Davis- 

Laidlaw Geo, contr 254 Balllol, Davis- 

Laldlaw Robert, pres R Laidlaw & Co, res 

.41ULAW R & CO, Robert Laidlaw 

Leman Arthur H, bkpr, h 41 Douglas av, 

Lepofsky Fredk, gdnr, 1 1939 Yonge, Dav- 

Lepofsky Sami, mkt gdnr, 1939 Yong», 

Lesser Edwd, lab, h 181 Merton, Davis- 

Letsche Howard, 1 187 Sherwood av, Eg- 

President. Walter C LAidlaw Secretary- | Letsche John M, reporter, n 187 Shei- 
TreasureA Lumber 71 Merton, Davis- , wood av. Egllnton 

vllle 5 ' Leuschner Wm J, h 25 Albertus av, Bg- 

Laidlaw Wdter C, sec-treas K Laldlaw & i linton 
Co. res Totento i Lewellyn Edwd, printer, b 87 Davisvllle 

Lalng Andrw, carp, h 35 Castlefield av, i av, Davisvllle 
Egllnton i i Lewis Geo, plstr. h 24 Earl, Davisvllle 

Laird John, «ilder, h 35 Gordon, Davis- Lindsay Jas, slmn, h 19 Frederick, Dav- 
vllle \ - I isville ! 

T.aimb Artburllnb, h n s Snowdon av. Bed- i Llnke #aul, ladies tlr, h 455 Merton. 

ford Park 1 DaviswUe 

Lamb Ernesti driver, 1 26 Egllnton av w. Little Alfred H. mach, h 108 Bowood av. 

Egllnton 1 i Bedfori Park 

Lamb Frank, fcontr, h 26 Egliuton av w Llvie P#er, carp, h n s Glenwood av, 
Egllnton j Davisvllle 

Lamb Frank if, jwlr, 1 26 Egllnton av w, Livingstte Richd I, bldr, h 7 Albertus 
Egllnton 2 I av, Bsluton 

Lamb Frank TS tmstr, h n s Snowdon av, j Loach Panels A, silversmith, h 124 Glen- 
Bedford Parlg wood Davisvllle 

Lamb Walter, -.carp, 1 26 Egllnton av w, , Loach Panels R, mach, 1 124 Glenwood 
Egllnton ■ ■ av, Davisvllle 

Ijambn Thos A', prln Bedford Park pub Loach Geo J, h 35 Erskine av, Eglin- 
school, res Richmond Hill, Ont ! ton i 

Lang Wm J, florist 157 Broadway av, Loach John, medal mkr, h 33 Beresford. 

h 77 same, Egllnton Davlsvilje 

Langley Chas E, arch, h 94 Glenview av, i Loades Jap, lab, 1 96 Roper av. Eglln- 
Bgllnton . ton i 

l,anlgan Joseph,;, harness mkr, h 18SD j Loades Rithd, brklyr, h 86 Roper av, 
Yonge, DavlsvHle Egllnton - 

Latimer Robt, h 15 Davisvllle av, Davis- i Loates Altert E, shipper, h 162 Merton, 
ville .. Davisvllle^ 

Lavell Wm H, dHver, h 4 Davlsvlllo av, ' Loates BrnSst, 1 162 Merton, Davisvllle 
Davisvllle -V I Dock Fre-lkl carriage mkr, h 273 Merton, 

Law Abram W, l*pr, h 59 Glenwood av, ' DavlsvilleJ 
Davisvllle Loffree Hayteii A, slsmn, h 143 Ranleigh av. 

Law Edwin G, oftntr 55 Glenwood av, Bedford Park 
Davisvllle p. I Logie Benj, 4trav, h 23 Erskine av, Eg- 

Law Wm H, mfrsrhgt, h 104 Bowood av, linton * 

Bedford Park Lo^e Jas, h"i5 Erskine av, Egllnton 

Lawless John, lab, tt 74 Roper av. Egllnton Logie Miss J&rgt I, stenog, 1 15 Erskine 
Lawrence Alfred, cwor mixer, h 160 Bal- I av, Eglintcm 
llol, Davisvllle 't ' : Long Herbert, carp, h 299 Glenwood av, 

Lawrence Bernard S, elk, h 56 Roehamp- Davisvllle 

tnn av Ti'!p'Hnfnn 5 

ton av, Egllnton ? 

Lawrence Chas, dr&er, h 43 Smith av, 
Egllnton I 

Lawrence Frank, h 9M Blythwood rd, Eg- 
llnton I 

Lawrence Geo H, carpi h 241 Balllol, Davis- 
vllle I 

Lawrence Henry, gdp, h 372 Davisvllle 
av, Davisvllle 
Lawrence Park EstAes, real est, 2537 
Yonge, Egllnton J 
Lawrence Robert C, &rlst, b 27 Erskine 
av, Egllnton | 

Lawrence Sami, farmM, 1 56 Roehampton 
av, Egllnton i 

Lawrence Stephen, flornt, h 25 Castlefield 
av, Egllnton | 

Lawrence Wm J, floristS94 Kensington av. 

h 102 same. Egllnton I 
Lawrence Miss Winnlf^ed, mus tchr 102 
Kensington av, Eglinb 
I^awson Albert P, elk, J 20 Erskine av. 

Lawson Albert S, elk, $ 20 Erskine av, 

Liawson Jas, 1 46 Sherllood av, Eglin- 
ton a 

Lawson John S, sheet n*tal wkr, h 
Balllol, Davisvllle 

Lawson J Arthur, agt, h H s Woburn av, 
Bedford Park 

Layburn Harry, aoct, h !J2 Joseph av 

Leake Albert H, h 170 Glen’ 

Leake Frederick H, tlr, h 

Lougstreet Selby B, carpet layer, h 70 Bal- 
liol. Davisvllle 

Loucks Mahite C, h 44 Davisvllle av, 
Davisvllle ■ 

Lovell Robt J: stationer, h 28 Albertus 
av, Egllnton; 

Loveridge Chaii, brkmkr, h 16 Castlefield 
av, EglintorW 

Low Joho, tlr, b 1 Soudan av, Davisvllle 
Lowe Hugh, baler, h 52 Roper av, Egllnton 
Lowery Geo. mOJo, h 89 Merton, Davisvllle 
Lowery Robt. ©-iver, I 89 Merton, Davis- 
vllle r 

Lowey Chas, Ittb, h 166 Merton, Dav4s- 
vllle ; 

Ludford Frederlek T, tinsmith, 1 5 Davis- 
vllle av, Davlsifllle 

Ludford Thos 1^ carp, h 6 Davisvllle av. 
Davisvllle ■ 

Ludford Wm Oslslass ctr, h 41 Glenwood 
av, Davisvllle ' 

Lummis Chas, sheet metal wkr, h 135 
Glenwood av, Davisvllle 
Lumsden Wm, cjirp, h 203 Glenwood av, 

Lynn Geo, btehr, h 1976 Yonge, .Davis- 

Lynn Thos, engineer, h 102 Glenwood av. 

McArthur Jas A; metalurglst, h 23 Glen 
Grove av, Egllnton 

AIcArthur Normiin C. trav, 1 23 Glen 
Grove av, Egllnton 
rove av. Eg- I McCague Jas A.^ bldr 19 Glenwobd av, 
I Davisvllle 

Erskine av, McCann Lawrence, 

lab, h 1848 Yonge, 


Le Bar Benj, tmstr, h 39 I^inton av e, McCarter Albert, shipper, 1 1996 Yonge, 
Davisvllle S Davisvllle 

Le Bar Miss Cora, ruler, 1 39*gUnton av McCarter Frank, h 1996 Yonge. Davls- 
e, Davisvllle j ville 

Le Bar Joseph, cond, h 1920 ifenge, Dav- MeClelend Selina (wld Thomas J), h 28 
isville \ Sherwood av, Egliuton 

Le Bar Ly1e, painter, 1 39 Egl&ton av », McClelland Leonard, moto, h 43 Balllol, 
Davisvllle ^ Davisvllle 

Leckle John A, slsmn, h Daivllsh av. McClure John, wdwkr, h 418 Balllol, Dav- 
Lawrence Park. Bedford Park Isville 




Phone Main 1481 TORONTO 

YaohU Docked and Wintered. MARINE RAILWAY 

— 47 — 

J. D. YOUNG & SON .so 




McCoII Wm J. tmstr, h 85 Alb3rius av, 

McComb Jas. elect, h 240 Merton. D.ivisrille 

McConnell John A, h 51 St. Leonards av, 
Lawrence Park, Bedford Park 

McCormack Geo, h 76 Sheldrake av, Egliu- 

McCormack Victor W, phy 2308 I'onge, 

McCrae Henry, cattle dealer, h 2108 
Yonge, Davisville 

Mctoea Fredk W, dairy 19 Davisville av, 

McCka Wm, express, h 18 Balliol, Dav- 

McCraidy John, hoxmkr, h 6 Davisville av, 

McCuaJg John, grocer 2279 Yonge, 1 10 
Brla? Hill av, Eglinton 

McCullWh Edwd A, phys 1873 Y'onge, 

McDons&d Angus, I 67 Roslin av, Bed- 
ford :ferk 

McDonald Archd, stone ctr, h 64 Sherwood 
av, Eglinton 

McDonald Emily (wid Frank), h 67 Koslln 
av, Bedford Park 

McDonald Wm A, carp, h 199S Yonge, 

McDowell 'Geo, mason, b 277 Boehamptou 
av. Eglinton 

JdcDowell Reuben H, painter, h s s Roslin 
av, Bedfoird Park 

McEldon Arthur, gdnr, h 1853 Yonge, 

McEldon Chas, whip mkr, 1 1853 Yonge, 

McFarlane John A, h 122 Sherwood av, 

McFarlane Wm, stone ctr, h 415 Balliol, 

McGarrie Robt,. h 82 Ranleigh av, Bed- 
ford Park 

McGregor John, carp, h 400 Merton, Da- 

Meinnes John, bank messenger, h 49 
Eglinton av e, Davisville 

McIntyre John W, lab, h 280 Woburn av, 
Bedford Park 

McKarihon Robt, gdnr, h 28 Balliol, Dav- 

McKay Geo, 1 15 Alberta cres, Davis- 


McKendry Chas D, mfr, h 2501 Yonge, 

McKerran Ernest, bldr, li 146 Glenwood av 

McKerroll Miss Belle, tchr Bedford Park 
public school 

McKliidle.v Hugh, printer, h 253 Ersklne 
av. Eglinton 

McKindley John L, mach, 1 253 Ersklne 
av, Eglinton 

McKindley Wallace, elk, 1 253 Ersklne av, 

McMartin Albert, real estate, h 44 Soudai, 
av, Davisville 

McMlnn Joseph, carp, h 9 Sherwood av, 

McMullen Chas, h 93 Hawthorne av, Eg- 

McMullen Darcy A, uphol, n 151 Wood- 
ward av, Eglinton 

McMurtry Bertram S, grocer 2297 Yonge, 

McNamara John, driver, 1 109 Balliol, 

McNamara Patk, lab, h 109 Balliol, Davis- 

McNamara Thos, glass ctr, I 109 Balliol, 

McQuain Thos, builders supplies 9S,Bal- 
llol, Davisville 

McQueen Robt B, h 113 Sheldrake av, 

McRae Duncan, elect, h 100 Sherwpod 
av, Eglinton 

McVlcar Bailie, 1 48 Smith av, Eglin- 

MacDonald Wm, driver, h 373 Balliol, 

MacDuff Chas, gdnr, I 36 Stewart, Davls-i 

MacDuff David, brkmkr, I 36 Stewart, 

MacDuff Sarah (wid John), h 36 Stewart, 

Macfarlane Edmond S, h 5 Glencalrn av, 

MaeParlane Walter G, surveyor, h 47 
Glencalrn av, Eglinton 

MacGregor Thos D, engineer, h 145 Mer- 
j ton, Davisville 

! MacKenzie John, h 46 Joseph av, Davis- 

Mackenzie Kenneth C, sismn, h 46 Joseph 
av. Davisville 

Mackenzie Louis W, foreman, h 79 Blyth- 
wood rd, Eglinton 

MaePherson Alex, cooper, h 33 Brownlo-K- 
av, Davisville 

Maephersou Lauchlan, lab, h 28 Earl, Da- 

MacQtUmi Wm H, elect, h 58 Smith av, Eg- 

Madgimck Reginald, cond, h 167 Merton, 

Madill SThos J, bldr, h 52 Albertus av. 

Maeers Jiarry W J, carp, h 37 Alberta 
cres, aavisvllle 

Magee II Albert, h 5 Albertus av, Eg- 
linton I 

Magnissom Fredk, trav, h 17 Glenwood 
av, Davy vllle 

Maguire Wm, broker, h 2197 Yonge, Eg- 
linton i 

Main ThoaC tile setter, h 226 Kensington 
av, EgliiHon 

MaindonaldiThos H, gdnr, h 82 Roper av, 
Eglinton 4 

Mann Mrs kBetsy, I 146 Hawthorne av. 
Eglinton « 

Mann EdwdjB, carp, 1 146 Hawthorne av, 

Miinton Geo ip, florist 40 Sherwood av, 

Mark Alex Ji stone ctr, h 253 Glenwood 
av, Davisville 

Marks Hugh, carp, h 217 Soudan av, Da- 

Marsaw Jeremiah, moto, h 18 Eglinton av 
e, Eglinton 

Martludale Chas E, carp, h 73 Bowood 
av. Bedford Park 

Mason Elizth (wid Henry), h 18 Merton 

Masonic Hall 2109 Yonge. Davisville 

Massie Wm E, h 61 Joseph av, Davfs- 

Masters Geo, brklyr, h 353 Eglinton av e, 

Matthews Ernest, plrabr, 1 85 Bowood av, 
Bedford Park 

Matthews Harry, 1 85 Bowood av, Bedford 

Matthews Henry G, btehr, h 86 Bowood 
av, Bedford Park 

Mattlck Henry T, tmstr, h 53 Eglinton av 
e, Davisville ** 

.Maxwell Percy A. elk, h 50 Woodward av, 

Maynes John, driver, h 1904 Yonge, Dav- 

Mead Jane ( wid Thos), h 1957 Yonge, 

Mead John, milliner, 1 1957 Yonge, Davis- 

Mead Thos, elk, 1 1957 Yonge, Davisville 

Meaker Alfred J, florist, h 441 Davisvill 
av, Davisville 

Menker Mary J (wid Raljph), h 255 Bal- 
liol. D.ivisville 

Meaker Sidney, florist, h 249 Balliol, Dav- 

Mehlhorn Paul, tlr, h 459 Merton, Davis- 

Menear John J, bldr 418 Metton, h same, 

Mercer Wm H, concrete fnshr, h 268 Ers- 
klne av, Eglinton 

Meredith Hnreourt T A, druggist, h 155 
Woodward av, Eglinton > 

Merritt Ernest, elk, h 91 RosllB av, Bed- 
ford Paik 

Merton St Union Mission, 241. Merton. 
Davisville i 

Messenger Henry, driver, h 1978 Yonge, 

Meyer Fritz J. paper ctr, h 227 Woodward 
av, Eglinton 

Meyers Cecil, plstr, h 316 Merton, 'Davis- 

Mieklethwalte John, photo, h 14 Earl, Da- 

Micklethwalte Percy, photo, 1 14 Earl, Da- 

! Middlebrook Joseph, h 55 Balliol, Davls- 
I Wllle 

I Middlebrook Roy, I 55 Balliol, Davi^ille 
I Middleton Albert J, dyer, I 104 Roper av, 

' Sglinton 

Middleton Alex A, lab, h 104 Roper av. 
j Eglinton 

j Middleton Chas W, elk, 1 104 Roper av, 
I Eglinton 

I Middleton Robt H. gdnr, h 33 Ersklne av, 
I F.glinton 

Might Pamela (wid John M), 1 35 Wood- 
ward av, Eglinton 

Millar John, mach. h 30 Hunter, Davis- 

I Miller Daniel, pdir, 1 323 Balliol, Davis- 

Miller Wm T. engr, h 103 Snowdon av, 
Bedford Park 

Mills Francis G, lab, h 210 Merton, Davis- 

Mills Harold, supt Bedford Park Floral 
Cp, 1 35 Bradford av, Bedford Park. 
Milne David, gdnr, h 275 BalUoI, Davis- 

Milne David L, painter and decorator, b 
lOl Soudan av, Davisville 
Milne Wm G, neckwear mfr, h 83 Ersklne 
av; Eglinton 

Miln^s Coal & Wood Co Ltd, (br), Alex 
Ritchie mgr, e s Merton, Davisville 
Milsdjm Henry W, h 14 Soudan av, Davis- 

Milsoin Norman, U-b h 93 B.iliiol, Davis- 

.Minus-. Geo F, ins agt, b 15 Alberta cres, 

Mitchell Geo, i 31 Davi.sviU .3 av, Davis- 
ville ! 

MitcheD Herman, glass ctr, 1 31 Davis- 
ville av, Davisville 

Mitchell James W, h 31 Davisville av, 

Mitchell Wm, mach, h 327 Balliol, Davis- 

.Mltohinso® Arthur, h 82 Sherwood av, 

Moffat James, Shipper, h 87 Woburn av, 
Bedford 'Park 

Moffatt Wm G, real est, h 135 Sheldrake 
av, Eglinton 

Moise Arthur, stationer, h 92 Roslin av, 
Bedford Park 

Molds Orveal, moto, rms 101 Soudan av. 

Mole Edwin J, pimbr, h 281 Woburn av, 
Bedford Park 

Molyneux Harry T, bkpr, h 2838 Yonge, 
Bedford Park 

Moody Chas B (E R Moody & Sons), h 100 
Roehampton av, Eglinton 
Moody E R & Sons (Edwin R, Chas- E 
and Harold R), willow ware mfis, 2261 
Yonge, Eglinton 

Moody Edwin R, (E R Moody & Sons), h 
68 Broadway av, Eglinton 
Moody Miss Ella, 1 1885 Yonge, Davis- 

Moody Harold R, (E R Moody & Sons), 1 
68 Broadway, Eglinton 
Moore Abner W, bldr, h 38 Castlefield, 

Moore Ernest, artist, h 238 Balliol, Davis- 

Moore Jas, porter Bank of Montreal, Eg- 
linton br, h 27 Smith av, Eglinton 
Moore John A, brkiyr, h 119 Snowdon av. 
Bedford Park 

Moorhouse John C, h 15 Castlefield av, 

Moorley Watson, driver, I 1885 Yonge, 

Moorley Wm W, h 1885 Yonge, Davis- 

Mordey Edwin J, jeweller, h 130 Merton, 

Morgan Osborne, mach).! 62 Glenwood av, 

Morgan Walter IS, tmstr, h 62 Glenwood 
av, Davisville 

Morris Arthur, h 122 DaVlsvllle av, Davis- 

Morris Chas, h 111 Sheldrake av, Eglin- 

Morris Wm A, mach, h 185 Sherwood av, 

Morrison Ceo blksmlth, h 450 Glenwood 
av, Davisville 

Morrison Mary C (wid Martin), h 232 
Eglinton av e, Eglinton' 

Moses Wm J, hardware 12351 Yonge, h 
same, Eglinton 

Mosey Henry, lab, h 39 Earl, Davisville 
Mosey Rlchd, painter, h 343 Merton, Dav- 


Library Bureau 

Card and Filing Systems, 
Office, Bank and Library 

45 Yonga St. 

Factory, Icabclla 
Street, Ottawa 





Phone-ADELAIDE 1962 


Moulds Wra, lab, h 107 Soudan av, Davis- 

Moxon Harry, btchr, 1 2036 Yonge, Davls- 

Moxon John, btchr, h 2036 Tonga, Davls- 

Moxon Norman, bkpr, 1 2036 Tonga, l)av- 

Moynih^ John, h 39 Gordon, Davisvilla 
Muat Rlbt, trav, h 54 Castlatield av, Eg- 
linton < 

Mull Jolln, shoamkr 2331 Tonga, Eglln- 
ton ; 

Mullaney^ Harold D, watch mkr, h 2584 
Tonga,;' Bedford Park 
Mullins Arthur, btchr, 1 223 Balliol, Dav- 
Isville 5 

Mullins Jas, h 223 Balliol, Davisvilla 
Munson elarence, bicycles, h 62 Eglinton 
av a, Efelinton 

Murphy Chas, hdware 2013 Yonge, h 2011 
same, Davisvilla 

Murphy Brank A, hardware, h 30 Balliol, 

Murphy lAwrence, with C Murphy, 1 2011 
Yonge, pavisville 

Murray lAvid A, cement wkr, h 40 Gor- 
don, Davisvilla 

Murray David H C, plmbr, 1 40 Gordon, 

Musselman Eliza (wid Andrew), 1 24 Al- 
berta eras, Davlsville 
Muston Walter, florist 124 Balliol, Davls- 

MYERS FRED B, Undertaker and 

Embalmer 2269 Tonga, Eglinton (See 
card Undertakers) 

Nash Alfred, P, comp, h 18 Hunter, Davls- 

Nash Clara M (wId Albert E), h 81 Blyth- 
wood rd, .Eglinton 

Nash Hubejt F, printer, h 26 Merton, 
Davlsville ' 

Nattress Jottn C, acet Imperial Bank of 
Canada, I 1920 Yonge, Davlsville i 

Neale John, driver, h 138 Brechin av, P i 
ford Park ■ 

Nelson Horatio W. stationer, h 14 Haw- 
thorne av. Eglinton 

Newman Wallace G, lab, h 260 Soudan 
av, Davisville 

Neyscheln Nicholas, coppersmith, h 309 
Balliol, Davisville 

Nicholas Lewis, gdnr, h 11 Sherwood av. 

Nioholl Albert J, lab, h 37 Eglinton av e, 

Nlcol David, warehouse man, h 237 Er- 
skine av, E^lnton 

Neilsom Henry, dairyman, I 14 Soudan av, 

Nisbett Peter, florist 129 Davisville av, Da- 

Nixon Rev Geo, h 140 Sherwood av, Eg- 

Noble John, gdnr, h 19 Earl, Davisville 
Norman Addison, medical elect, h 18 Glen- 
wood av. Davlfffille 

Norman Alfred, gdnr, h 438 Merton, Dav- 

Norman Wm C, t6wn clerk Eglinton Town 
Hall. 1 18 Glenwood av, Davlsville 
Norrie Willoughby N. acet. h 25 Kensing- 
ton av, Eglinton, 

Norris Miss Johitnna, dry goods, 1883 
Yonge', h 72 Baker av, Davisville 
NORTH REALTY CO., (Edward Arch- 
er), Real Estate and Fire Insurance. 
2121 Yonge, Eglinton (See card Real 

North Toronto Golf, Club House, n s Glen 
Grove av, Eglinton 

North Toronto Pumping Station, e end 
Sherwood av, Eglinton 
O'Brien Jas W, bkpr, h 232 Merton, Da- 

O’Brien Miss Lucy Et 1 232 Merton, Davis- 
ville ‘ 

Ockerby Thos, lab, h 429 Balliol, Davis- 

Ogle Edmund W, trav, h 100 Sheldrake av, 

Oliver Nathaniel, cabt mkr, h 14 Roslln 
av, Bedford Park 

Oliver Percy F, h 1946 Yonge, Davis- 

Onley Edwd H, brklyr, h 134 Merton, Dav- 

Ontario Lime Association (br), Gideon A 
Tennyson, mgr. builders supplies, s n 
Merton, Davisville 

Onyon John T, brklyr, h 99 Sheldrake av, 

Oram Chas E, cement wkr, 1 101 Eglinton 
av e. Davisville 

Oramifredk, 1 101 Eglinton av e, Davis- 

Oram :^edk, emp, 1 101 Eglinton av e, 

Orchard iV'iew Hospital, G R N Collins 
supt, 2M8 Yonge, Eglinton 
Osborne Athur, lab, h 31 Cleveland, Dav 

Osborne Jiiia (wid Jas), h 110 Hawthorne 
av, Egli*on 

Osier MissbEmma, h 24 Hawthorne av, 
Eglinton 5 

Osmond Jolai, carp, rms 167 Merton, Dav- 
isville 3 

Oulcott’s 'femperance Hotel, Joseph 
Ready profc 2194 Yonge, Eglinton 
Owens Andr^, bcklyr, 1 128 Soudan av, 
Owens Andrefr, brklyr, 1 128 Soudan av, 
Davisville * 

Owens Andrevi G, h 128 Soudan av, Dav- 
lsville \ 

Owens Ernest jK, picture frame mkr, I 128 
Soudan av, Etvlsville 
Owens John, upliol, 1 12.8 Soudan av, Dav- 
lsville <. 

Owens Isaac, 1^' 128 Soudan av, Davls- 
ville t 

Owens Miss Margt, 1 128 Soudan av, Dav- 
lsville ^ 

Packer Alfred, h 1483 Merton, Davlsville 
Packer Walter, ls83 Merton, Davisville 
Page Albert, drlvfr, h 23 Gertrude, Dav- 
isville r 

Page Chas, foremM Taylor & Booth, h 295 
Balliol, DavIsvllS 

Page Forsey P, ar&, h 123 Sheldrake av, 
Eglinton i 

Page Geo J, carp, l]fel2 Davlsville av, Da- 
visville I 

Page Henry C, cafe, h 21 Albert cres, 
Davlsville I 

Page Jas. carp, h lAGordon, Davlsville 
Page Jas jr, carp, & 416 Balliol, Davls- 
ville X 

Page .John S, driver, a 297 Balliol, Davls- 
ville 1 

Page Wm, carp, h 4sCastIefleld av, Eg- 
linton t 

Paitson Wm, mkt gojir, h 2070 Yonge, 
Davisville t 

Palmer Joslah, palnter,lh 200 Eglinton av 
e. Eglinton % 

Palmer Thos, mason, hl44 Briar Hill av, 
Eglinton V 

Pantling Jesse, hostler, a 32 Snowdon av, 
Bedford Park \ 

Parke Margt (wid Wm),p 99 Glen Grove 
av, Eglinton 4 

Parker Benj T, tmstr. If 447 Glenwood 
av, Davlsville 

Parker Edwin W, chauffeur, h 113 Ran- 
leigh av, Bedford Park 
Parker Geo, carp, h 6 Huntfc, Davlsville 
Parker Herbert, mfrs agt, A 53 Sherwood 
av, Eglinton 

Parkinson Robt W, h 2499 ^onge, Eglin- 

Parnal Lewis G, gdnr, h 161 Alenwood av, 
Davlsville \ 

Parsons James H, shoemkr, 1088 Yonge. 

h same. Davlsville \ 

Parsons Wm A, h 29 Kensingtin av. Eg 

Patten W H. mgr Imperial Baifc of Can- 
ada, h 1926 Yonge, Davlsville 
Patterson John P, h 135 Glen^irn av, 

Patterson Walter, painter, h n |p Glen 
wood av, Davisville 

Pearce John, lab, I 127 GlenwEpd av, 

Pears ‘Miss Helen, 1 118 Eglinton \v w 

Pears Jas, (Davlsville & Carlton terlcK 
Mfg Co), h 118 Eglinton av w, ^glln- 

Pears Jas Jr, bkpr, h 120 Eglinton 

Pearson Geo, brkmkr, 1 80 CastlefleliJ av, 

Pearson Laura (wid Robt), h 80 Ca^le 
field av, Eglinton 

Peck Arthur, painter, h 111 Snowdon (Jv, 
Bedford Park 

Peddle Robt A, h 63 Broadway av, Eglin- 

Pell Ann (ijid Wm), h 2478 Yonge, Eg- 
linton 3 

Pellow Alb^t E, plmbr, h 259 Kensington 
nv, Eglinwn 

Pellow A l>®rman, 1 259 Kensington av, 
Eglinton i 

People’s Gomel Mission 94 Eglinton av e, 
Eglinton T 

Percival Alak W, arch, 1 2435 Yonge, Eg- 
linton * 

Petch Regiimid, cond, h 91 Merton, Davis- 
ville - 

Peters Albert, carp, h 41 Joseph av, Davis- 
ville I 

Peters Ernett A, printer, 1 41 Joseph av, 
Davlsville j 

Phel.ns Miss sAnnle M. I 53 Crescent av, 
Eglinton 5 

Phelps Frano^ (wid Chas), h 53 Crescent 
av. Eglinton,- 

Phelps Geo, mgineer, 1 77 Roper av. Eg- 

Itnfon \ 

P, driver, h 144 Ersklne 


Phillips Arthti 
av, Eglintoi 

Phipps ArthuiUd, mkt gdnr 10 Ranlelgh 
av, BedfordjPark 

Pickett Jas h 49 Glenview av, Eglin- 

Pierce Richd E, h 213 Merton, Davls- 

Pirn Albert, fotrler, 1 369 Balliol, Davis- 
ville ! 

Pim Alfred, ba^er, h 8 Bayview av, Dav- 

Pim Henry, h 16 Bayview av, Davlsville 

Pim John, cait), h 369 Balliol, Davls- 
ville I 

Plnniger Emlly.S(wId Thos), h 22 Freder- 
ick, Davlsvllle'i 

Pinniger John V.C, lather, 1 22 Frederick 
Davisville s 

Pipe Geo A. bAlyr, h 287 Woburn av, 
Bedford Parkja 

Piper Fredk, dagy 266 Soudan av, h same, 
Davlsville y 

Pitts Fredk G, pontr 77 Kensington av, 
Eglinton i 

Plant Wra H, furyier, h 449 Merton, Davls- 
ville A 

Pope Carl, elk, 1^88 Merton, Davlsville 

Pope Frank H. elk, h 28 Ranlelgh av. 
Bedford Park 

Pope Wm, woodwkr, h 288 Merton, Davls- 

Popham Geo C, real estate, h 58 Briar 
Hill av. Eglinton 

Porter Miss Mary> h 37 Hawthorne av, 

Porter Robt, carp, h 153 Glenwood av, 

Porter Thos H, mach, h 145 Glenwood av, 

Porter Wra J, plstr, h 61 Balliol, Davis- 

Powell Edwd G, eontr 2.33 Balliol, Davls- 

Powell Edwin J, h Cranbrooke av, Bed- 
ford Park 

Prance Geo, h 133 Broadway Eglinton 

Pratt, Alfred E, shipper, h 42 Balliol, 

Pratt Alfred J, bldr, h 89 Glen Grove 
av, Eglinton 

Pratt Fredk, moto, h 201 Merton, Davls- 

Pratt Fredk Jr, moto, 1 201 Merton, Dav- 

I isville 



Gf^cular StaiFs, Window Guards, 
Truss Rods, Bolts, Casting's, Ett 

67 to 95 PEARL ST. Phone Adelaide (9 xi' 



The BRITISH ALUMINIUM GU.,Lt[l.,LoiiL'on,Eng. 

PARKE & LEITH, General Agents for Canada 
Offices and Wararocms: 60 FRONT ST. WEST, TORONTO 


Prentice Jas S, groom, h rear 2898 Yonge, 
Bedford Park 

Price Ernest, glass ctr, 1 82 Balliol, Dav- 

Price Ueo H, h 57 Kensington av, Eglln- 

Price John T, express, h 82 Balliol, Dav- 

Price Wm H, glass ctr, 1 82 Balliol, Davls- 

Prldham Allip H, elk, 1 120 Sheldrake 
av, EglinVin 

Pridham Rl^d, h 120 Sheldrake av. Eg 

Pritchard Chl^s W, Jtvlr, h 43 Hawthorne 
av, Eglinto: 

Pritchard GdL carp, h 59 ErsKlne a 
Eglinton ? 

PritchiUMi Geo P, carp, h 47 Hawthorne av, 
Eglinton i 

Pryce Joseph express, 2243 Yonge, o 
same, Eglinton 

Pugsley Esther ,(wid Reuben), h 16 Roe- 
hampton av, I%llnton 
Pngsley Erancis-, A, 1 16 Roehainpton av, 

Pugsley Miss Lena G, mus tchr 16 Roe- 
hampton av, H. same, Eglinton 
Pnrdue Geo, plmbr, h 173 Glen Grove av, 
Eglinton ; 

Purdue Wallace, elk Canada News Co, 1 
2293 Yonge, Eglinton 
Pursey Geo G,- h 2112 Yonge, Davlsvllle 
Putnam Rev Alanson H, h 46 Victoria 
av, Eglinton 

Quinn Joseph, h 2 Bayvlew av, Davis- 

Quinton Alex, dairy 15 Roehainpton av, Eg- 

Quinton Fletcher, lab, 1 15 Roehampton 
av, Eglinton 

Quinton Wm A, despatcher, 1 15 Roe- 
harapton av, Eglinton 
Rackiiam Harry, carp, h 420 Merton, Da- 


Bank of Montreal, Eglinton br, h 2244 
Yonge, Eglinton 

Rae Stanley, h 72 Glencairn av, Eglin- 

Rae Wm, cond, h 162 Balliol, Davis- 

Ramsay Jas, bldr, h 67 Blythwood rd, 

Ramsay Win R, carp, h 193 Sheldrake av, 

Rankin Albert E, carp, h 78 Ranlclgh av, 
Bedford Park 

Ruyner Albert R, painter, h 251 Merton, 

Rayner Geo, painter 7 Alberta cres, Ba- 

Raynor Matthew, contr, h 2380 Yonge. 

Ready Joseph, prop Oulcott's Temperance 
Hotel, Eglinton 

Redhead Jas T, baggemn, h 17 Brechin av, 
Bedford Park 

Reed Geo H, h 2174 Yonge, Eglinton 
Reid Duncan D, h 38 Montgomery av, 

Reid Lewis, bldr, h 153 Erskine av, Eg- 

Renfrew Walter, sec treas Graham-Renfrew 
Co Ltd, res Toronto 

Rennie Edgar W, carp, 1 15 Smith av, Eg- 

Rennie Geo, carp, h 15 Smith av, Eglinton 
Rennie Geo E, carp, 1 15 Smith av, Eglin- 

Rennie Norman J, carp, 1 15 Smith av, 

Renwick Douglas M. janitor, h 32 Ger- 
trude, Davisville 

Renwick Neil W, h 75 Glencairn av, Eg- 

Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of 
Latter Day Saints, 131 Soudan av, Dav- 

Beppen John R, contr, h 169 Sherwood 
av, Eglinton 

Reynolds Jas S, trav, 1 121 Sheldrake av, 

Reynolds John A, stone ctr, h 2590 Yonge, 
Bedford Park 

Reynolds Leonard, bkbndr, 1 2590 Yonge, 
Bedford Park 

Keynolds Stanley W, trav, h 121 Sheldrake 
av, Eglinton 

Rhodes Benj, lab, 1 28 Evelyn lane, Eg- 

Rhodes Millicent (wid Benj), h 28 Eve- 
lyn lane, Eglinton 

Rhodes Robt, stone wkr, h 147 Balliol, 

Rice Thos H, presser, h 1890 Yonge. Dav- 

Richards Edwd, elect engineer, h 56 Wood- 
ward av, Eglinton 

Richardson Ernest, shipper R Laidlaw & 
Co, b 32 Merton, Davisville 
Richardson Fredk. elk, R Laidlaw & Co, h 
32 kferton, Davisville 
Richari^on Geo, stonemason, h 59 Ronan 
av, Bedford Park 

RichardAon Wm A. contr 46 Balliol, Davls- 

Richmond Robt, elk, 1 60 Montgomery av, 

Richmond Wm, printer, 1 60 Montgomery 
av, Eglinton 

Rickard J.oscpli, night watchman, h 299 
Merton, Davisville 

Rider Henry A. h 104 Merton, Davisville 
Riggs Fredk L, mgr Imperial Construc- 
tion Co, b 63 Hawthorne av, Eglinton 
Rist Joseph^ htchr, h 32 Gordon, Davis- 

Rist Joseph, htchr, 2255 Yonge, h 6 Ers- 
kine av, Eglinton 

Rlet Lloyd, missionary, I 32 Gordon, Dav- 

Ritchie Alex, mgr Milnes Coal Co. Ltd, res 

Ritchie Andrew, carp, h 2010 Yonge, Dav- 

Ritchie John J, h 35 Woodward av. Eg- 

Roberts Alfred B. lab, h 274 Balliol, Davis- 

Roberts Francis E, gdnr. h 232 Balliol. 

Itoberts Frederick E, h 66 Woodward av. 

Roberts Joseph, much, h 20 Frederick, 

Roberts Wm, lab, h 470 Balliol. Davisville 
Robins Aliiert W, packr, I 57 Roslin av, 
Bedford Park 

ROBINS LIMITED (Branch No. 11), 

Real Estate. Investments, Northern 
Heights, Office 2533, Eglinton, 
and 2870 Yonge. Bedford Park (See 
left top comer cards) 

Robins Samuel G, carp, h 140 Brechlu av. 
Bedford I’ark 

Robinson Edwd W. h 73 Gleir Grove av, 

Robinson Rev ' Geo W, pastor Davisville 
Meth Ch, h 22 Joseph av, Davisville 
Robinson Geo W, brklyx, h 27 Hunter, 

Rimsell Alex, contr, h 31 Brownlow av, 

Russell ,Tohn W, lab, h 50 Montgomery av. 

Russell Wm T, carp, h 2085 Yonge, Dav- 

Rust Arthur F, surveyor, h 99 Davisville 
av, Davisville 

Rutherford Arthur, messr, h 237 Merton. 

Rutherford Arthur G, ' ledger kpr Union 
Bank, 1 237 Merton, Davisville 
Rutherford Miss Helena S, bkpr, 1 5 Bal- 
liol, D.^vlsville 

Rutherford Miss Hilda, opr, I 237 Merton, 

Rutherford John, elk. l 27 Frederick, Davis- 
ville ; 

Rutherford Thos, lineman, b 27 Fred- 
erlch, pavlsville 

Ruthven jAIbert H, driver, h 42 Kensington 
ar, Eglinton 

RuthveniMlss Elizabeth M, tchr Eglinton 
pub school, 1 2293 Yonge, Eglinton 
Ruthven; Harry, confr, 2293 Yonge, Eg- 
linton I 

Ryan Fifenk (Smyth & Ryan) res Toron- 

Sadler Jesse, lab, h 222 Merton, Davis- 

St Clemejit’s Church (Ang), Rev Arthur J 
Pidier rector, n s Hawthorne av, Eglin- 
ton 1 

St element’s Church School, Mrs Constance 
Waughjprin, n s Hawthorne av, Eglin- 

St. Clements College (school for boys). 
Rev Arthur K Griffin prin, 23 Blyth- 
wood rd; Eglinton 

Si Clements (Ang) Mission, bet 6-86 Bo- 
wood av} Bedford Park 
St Monica’s R C Church. Rev James B Dol- 
lard nastpr. 40 Broadway, Eglinton 
Sale Julian, Jr, leather goods, h Dawlfeh 
av, Lawrence Park, Eglinton 
Samuel Heivy, lab, h 131 Hawthorne av, 

Sanderson Edwd, chauffeur, h 1 Merton, 

Sanderson Jag, agt, h 107 Erskine av, Eglin- 

Sanderson John, btehr, h 123 Erskine av. 

Sanderson Robert H, biksmith, h 33 Gor- 
don. Davisville 

Sanderson Thog M, h 367 Merton, Davis- 

Sanderson Wm,i plmbr, 1 33 Gordon, Dav- 
isville ^ 

Saul E Clifford, bkpr, 1 42 Roehampton av, 
Eglinton "J 

Saul Geo, bkpr„ h 42 Roehampton av, 

Robinson Joseph, lab, h 194 Roehampton Saul “Wm, baker, h 325 Balliol, Davis- 
av. Eglinton | vllle 

Robinson Robt T, drygoods 2337 Y'onge i Saunders Albert, florist, h 128 Balliol, Da- 


Robinson Wm A, h 41 Kensington av, 

Robinson Wm C, gdnr, h 10 Sherwood 
av, Eglinton 

Robson Geo, h 2207 Yonge, Elgllnton 

Roche Jas, elect, h 196 Eglinton av w, Eg- 
linton : 

Rochford Thos C, fruit, h 1T91 Yonge, 

Rolfe Alfred C, carp, h 275 Davisville av, 
Davisville • 

Baillie President, D W Bai^r Sec- 
retary. Office Bedford Park I* O 

Rosser Clarence S, br mkr Ussher^trathy 
& Co, res Toronto S 

Roungs Albert E, postman, h 393 balliol, 
Davisville ^ 

Rowell Wm F, hrwre, 2099 Yonge, hiiame. 

Davisville , 

Rowland Hilliard, I 2089 Yonge, Davis- 
ville i 

Rowland Jas, foreman, h 2089 Y®ge 
Davisville " 


Saunders Miss Blizth, 1 1900 Yonge, Dav- 

Saunders Geo, potter, h 1900 Yonge, Dav- 

Saunders Harold, glass ctr, I 1900 Yonge, 

Saunders Sidney, carp, h 49 Erskine av. 
Eglinton ' 

Sauriol Bay, carp, h iSl Erskine av, Eg- 
linton ’ 

Sauve Joseph R, elk, .h 407 Balliol, Dav- 

Scarr Frank, driver, h 9 Frederick, Davis- 
ville »-■ 

Schofield Joseph, carp.l b 260 Soudan av, 

Schuurman Dirk, lab, h 164 Erskine av, 
Eglinton ; 

Scott Benj, ury goods, b 200 Highbourne 
I rd, Davisville 

! Scott Wm H, lab, h 264 .(Erskine av, Eg- 
i linton 

Scnice Mary .1 (wid Geo)j h 88 Glenwood 
Rowles Miss Amelia, slsldy, 1 32 Roalin ' av. Dayisvllle ; 

av, Bedford Park i Seggie David M, cabtmkr, «^h 147 Ranleigh 

Rowles Jas A, painter 32 Roslin av, B&- I av, Bedford Park 
ford Park j Selby Reginald, stone plshr, h 8 Davis- 

Rowley Jas, lab, h 41 Hunter, Davisville yville av, Davisville ; 

Rowley Jas jr, lab, I 43 Hunter, Davis*'.; Sellers S J -Mfrecl, brklyr, h 153 Sher- 
ville 1 wood av, Eglinton 

Ruppert Andrew, phys 2459 Yonge, Eg- pSexton Peter F, hdwre, h ' 2087 Yonge, 
linton L Davisville 


Western Assurance Co. 

Assets over $3,213,000.00 

Losses paid since organization of the Company, $54,069,727 




Phones 14194804 


It O R O IM T O 

I Canadian Comnany 

Shackleton Albert, lab, 1 37 Roehampton 
av, EgUnton 

Shaekelton Jas, lab, b 37 Roehampton ar, 

Shaekelton Miss Mary, drsmkr, h 37 Roe- 
hampton av, EgUnton 
Shaekelton Percy, driver, 1 37 Roehamp- 
ton av, EgUnton 

Shank Walter M, carp, h 10 Algoroa ores, 

Sharpless Edwd, bldr 99 Glenwood av, 

Shaver Chas H, h 14 Roehampton av, 

Shaver Geo H, law studt, 1 14 Roesamp- 
ton av, EgUnton 

Shaw Herbert A, Ins agt, h 117 Glen 
Grove av, EgUnton 

Shaw Robt, tchr, h 71 Roehampton av, 

Shayler;A Chas, carp 255 Davlsvllle av, 

Shearer- Jas, bkpr, h 209 Balllol, Davls- 
vllle ; 

Shenstone Reuben S, h 108 Sheldrake av, 

Sheppard Herbert J, elk, h 48 Balllol, 

Sheppard Matthew H, tmstr, h 448 Sou- 
dan av, Davlsvllle 

Sheppard Solomon, 1 88 Glenwood av, Dav- 

Sherlnghan Elizabeth (wld Bdwd), 1 tsa 
Montgomery av, EgUnton 
Shier John, cond, h 93 Merton, Davls- 

Shipley Edwd, lab, 1 97 Sherwood av, 

Shipley Ernest, stone ctr, h 106 Balllol, 

Shipley tfredk, contr, h 97 Sherwood av, 

Shorey Egerton R, trav, h 286 Balllol, Dav- 

Shortman 'Wm, lab, h 41 Roper av, Bg- 

Shumulsky Moses, lab, h 26 Seneca av, 
Bedford -Park 

Shutt Donald B, elk, 1 4' Hawthorne av, 

Shutt Herbert M, studt, 1 41 Hawthorne 
av, EgUnton 

Shutt Wm:A, elk, h 41 Hawthorne av, 

Simeon John H, lab, h 92 Sherwood av, 
EgUnton > 

Simmons Wm E, bldr, h 142 Hawthorne 
av, EgUnton 

Simmons Wm J, landscape gdnr, ' h 40 
Briar Hllltav, EgUnton 
Simon JohnlD, plstr, h 106 Woburn av. 
Bedford Park 

Simpson Areiid, h 39 Soudan av, Davls- 
vllle ; 

Slmp.son WaBer. brklyr, h 35 Smith av, 
EgUnton 1 

Singleton Miis Annie, 1 94 Roper av, 
EgUnton -> 

Singleton Waller J, painter, 1 64 Sherwood 
av, Eglintort 

SIrrs Armond.i studt, 1 120 Sheldrake av, 
EgUnton 1 

SIrrs John, real est, h 120 Sheldrake av, 
EgUnton \ 

Sissons Constartce K (wld Henry J), h 87 
Erskine av, Bglinton 
Size Sami, printer, h 231 Balllol, Davls- 
vllle - 

Skerratt Edwin,! brklyr, h 272 Balllol, 
Davlsvllle ' 

Skerratt Freder^k, eond, h 13 Algoma 
cres, Davlsvllle-', 

Skerratt Thos, gro 113 Balllol, Davlsvllle 
Skidmore Albert O, stone mason, 227 Roe- 
hampton av, Egnnton 
Skillings Edwd ni. moto, h 2081 Tonge, 

Sllnnett Julia V (wld Rev W), h 99 Haw- 
thorne av, EgUnton 

Smith Alex T, stone ctr, h 385 Balllol, 

Smith Arthur H, tirklyr, h 249 Soudan 
av, Davlsvllle i 

Smith Blanche M (wjli Ralph), dry goods, 
2307 Yonge, Egllntdb 
Smith Chas R, carp,*h 228 Balllol, Dav- 

Smith Chas W, farmer, h 154 Sherwood 
av, EgUnton 

Smith David, bldr, h 62 Castlefield av, 

Smith Edwd, bldr, 2326 Yonge, Eglin- 

Smith Edwd W, carp, h 34 Stewart, Dav- 

Smith Francis stone mason, h 133 Bal- 
liol, Davlsvllle 

Smith Fr“d\ C, bldr, h 21 Sherwood av, 
EgUnton A 

Smith Geo ^ decorator, h 237 Soudan 
av, Davlsvile 

Smith (JroverU, elect, 1 52 Castlefield av, 
EgUnton V 

Smith Henry, 'jwlr, h 263 Balllol, Davls- 
vllle i 

Smith Herbertfi 1 1887 Yonge, Davlsvllle 
Smith Horace y M, elect, h 150 Sher- 
wood av, Eglinton 
Smith Jas, h 2W7 Yonge, Davlsvllle 
Smith John F, decorator, h 237 Soudan, 

Smith Joseph Gi;. elk, h 157 Ranleigh av, 
Bedford Park 

Smith Milton, tobacco wkr, 1 1849 Yonge, 

Smith Miss Rose, 1 164 Sherwood av, 

Smith Samuel J, -carp, h 34 Roslin av. 
Bedford Park 

Smith Stephen T, brklyr, h 105 Ranleigh 
avenue, Bedford Park 
Smith Thos, lab, 1105 Ranleigh av, Bed- 
ford Park i 

Smith Wesley, driver, 1 1849 Yonge, Dav- 
lsvllle J 

Smith Wm, brklyrl h 14 EgUnton av, 
EgUnton •>- 

Smith Wm, contr 95 Roper av, Bglln- 
ton r 

Smith Wm, driver, 1» 1849 Yonge, Davls- 
vllle ^ 

Smith Wm, lab, 1 119 Hawthorne av, 

EgUnton f 

Smith Wm, lab, 1 1S87 Yonge, Davls- 
vllle '• 

Smith Wm A, bldr, 1 1849 Yonge, Davls- 

Smith Wm C, pimbr if Bowood av, Bed- 
ford Park ? 

Smith Wm J, lab, h 1187 Yonge, Davls- 
vllle T 

Smitten Wm, slIversmltlL w s Lincoln av, 
Davlsvllle v 

Smyth Thos J, (Smyth it Ryan), res To- 
ronto i 

Smyth & Ryan (Thos t Smyth, Prank 
Ryan), builders supplies, 53 Merton, 
Davlsvllle i 

Snell Wm H, brklyr, h 278|Merton, Davls- 
vllle 1 

Snider Erwin, tmstr, h 4238 Balllol, Davls- 
vllle V 

Sommervllle Jas, trav, h 3 {Woodward av, 
EgUnton ? 

Sommervllle Stanley E, studt, 1 3 Wood- 
ward av, EgUnton t 

Sparling Roy it, elk, 1 96 J&rton, Davls- 
vllle ^ 

Sparling T Vincent, studt, ^ 96 Merton, 
Davlsvllle S 

Sparllug Rev Wm W, h 96 Mirton, Davls- 
vllle f 

Spittel Chas, contr, h 57 Albertus av, 
EgUnton * 

Spittel Henry, carp, h 75 Sheldrake av, 

Spratt Henry, carp, 1 267 Brsktee av, Eg- 

Squire Geo, elk Jas E Harrls,3 Toronto 
Stainton John T, tmstr, h 2® Yonge, 
Eglinton A 

Stalker John M, acet, h 41 EAklne av, 
EgUnton 3 

Stanhope John T, carp, h 23 Albfeta cres, 
Davlsvllle z 

Stanton Fredk, dairyman, h 865 Soudan 

av, Davlsvllle S 

Stark David, mach, h 85 MertonS Davls- 
vllle ^ 

Staton Robt, elk, h 60 Castlefield 

Stein .John, boxmkr, h 6 Bowood a- 
ford Park 

Stein Mrs Mary, grocer 6 Bowood^av, n 
same, Bedford Park 
Stemman Geo F, painter 78 Sherwo 

Stenhany Leonard, 1 240 Balllol, 


Stephany Robt, plshr, h 240 Balllol, Dav- 

Stephen Geo M, tool mkr 1876 Yonge, 

Stephens Harry, h 132 Woburn av, Bedford 

Stephens Henry F, real est, h 64 Brad- 
ford av, Bedford Park 

Stephenson Fredk N, stone ctr, h 121 Sou- 
dan av, Davlsvllle 

Stephenson Wm P, florist, h 2000 Yonge, 

Stevens Ernest J, driver, 1 82 Roper av, 

Stevens Walter J, carp, h 39 Douglas av, 

Stevenson Alex S, tmstr, h 30 Alberta 
cres, Davlsvllle 

Stevenson Alfred E, brklyr, h 68 Briar 
Bill av, Eglinton 

Stevenson David, elk, h 274 Merton, Dav- 
lsvllle { 

Stevenson HenCry E, treas Eglinton Town 
Hall, n 62 Fillnton av e, EgUnton 

Stewart Geo. watchman, h 153 RosUn av, 
Bedford Pa« 

Stlbbard John; S, h 198 Sheldrake av, Eg- 
linton , 

Stirling Duncan, 1 97 Glen Grove av, Eg- 
Unton ; 

Stirling J Harman, 1 97 Glen Grove av, 
Eglinton • 

Stirling Wm ff, h 97 Glen Grove av, Eg- 
Unton j 

Stockdale Ed-yd B, mgr. h 20 Alexandra 
boul, Eglinmn 

Stockdale Fr«k W, h 9 Briar Hill av, 
EgUnton ’ 

Stocker Geo, contr, h 37 Kensington av, 

Eglinton ■; 

Stocker Geo S,4contr, 1 37 Kensington av, 

Stone Henry (A h 348 Merton, Davlsvllle 

Stone Percy, liaeman, h 30 Egymton av e, 

Strathy John H G (Ussher, Strathy & 
Co), res Toronto 

Stroud Fredk (3, elect, h 11 Roper av, 

Stroud Geo R, pimbr, h 71 Broadway av, 

Sturdy Chas W,l trav, h 15 Woodward 
av, EgUnton ; 

Sturdy Ross, surveyor, 1 15 Woodward av, 

Sutton Edward, dairy 110 Roper av, Eg- 

Sutton Harry, griftcer 149 Erskine av, h 
EgUnton -J 

Sutton Robt W ,F, lab, h 419 Balllol, 
Davlsvllle i 

Sweenle Geo, carp, h 28 Hunter, Davls- 
vllle ' 

Swinscoe Thos R, decorator, h 35 Brown- 
low ave, Davlsvllle 

Sivlnton Robt, stone mason, h 11 Brownlow 
av, Davlsvllle 

Symington Alex D, fireman, b 63 Roelin 
av. Bedford Park 

Taggart Robt J, driver, b 2642 Yonge, 
Bedford Park 

I Tapper Thos, labj h 17 Sherwood av, 

I EgUnton 

I Taylor Arthur, florist, 1 420 Balllol, Dav- 

Taylor Arthur E jwlr, h 83 Woburn av, 
Bedford Park 

Taylor Chas P W, jwlr, 1 83 Woburn av, 
Bedford Park 

Taylor Eliza (wld Jas), h 420 Balllol, 

Taylor Fredk, lab, h 25 Douglas av, Dav- 

Taylor Geo, decorgtor, h 34 EgUnton av, 
e, EgUnton 

i Taylor Harry A, elk, 1 83 Woburn av, 

' Bedford Park 

Taylor Thos. carp, h 183 Woburn av, 
Bedford Park 

Tempest Arthur V, h 97 Soudan av, Dav- 

Tempest Sidney, h 130 Soudan av, Dav- 

! Tench Wm, packer, h 40 Beresford, Dav- 

Tennyson Gideon A, mgr' Ontario Lime 
Assn, res Toronto 

Terry Fredk, carp, h 104 Roehampton 
av, EgUnton 

Thomas Chas, stone ctr, h 21 Beresford, 

I U M O T A D I# O ^ ^ B ^ Government, Municipal, Corpora- 

JUnN STARK & CO« Bonds 


-^ 61 — 


Estate Brokers 

PHONES MAIN 988-089 

43 Victoria Street 




Thomas Geo M, stone ctr, h 41 Beresford, 

Thomas Gordon, driver, h 172 Merton, 

Thompson Fredk G, elk, h 11 Al'oerta 
cres, Davisvllle 

Thompson Geo, lab, h 407 Davisvllle av, 

Thompso A Joseph, carp, h 22 Bayview av, 

ThompsonVMatthew, baker, 1 6 Bowood 
av, Bedffcd Park 

Thompson arml, lab, h 175 Balllol, Davis- 
vllle J 

Thompson J, carp, h 3 Castlefiall av, 

Eglinton i 

Thornborrow \Wm, gdnr, h rear 2SyS 
Yonge, Bedftrd Park 

Thorne Alan Ctmgr Wilson Patterson Co, 
h 114 Blyth^od rd, Eglinton 
Thorne Rlchd, 94 Blythviood rd, ICgliii- 

Thorne Syuiiey 11- 1 94 Blythv/ool rd, 

Eglinton V 

Thorneloe Henry^, trav, h C) Blythjvood 
rd, Eglinton ' 

Thornhill Karol.Jt fh'str, 1 l>5j Yonge, 
Davisvllle ^ 

Thornhill Miss May, I 1855 Yonge, Davis- 
, ville 

Thornhill Peter, tmstr, 1 1855 Yongo, Dav- 

Thornhill llobt, driver, h 3855 Yonge, I.'av- 

Tind.'ill John B, carp, h 38 Roslln av, Bed- 
ford Park 

Tomlinson Manuel R, painter, h 10 Al- 
berta cres, Davisvllle 
Tomlinson Ransom F; Tomlinson Son, 
1 2260 Yonge, Eglinton 
Tomlinson Wilfrid R (Tomlinson & Son), 
h 2260 Yonge, Eglinton 
Tomlinson & Son (Wilfrid R and Ransom 
F), painters, 2260 Yonge, Eglinton 
Tooley Ernest, elect, h 37 Smith av, Eg- 

Tooley M'ss Ethel, dre^onkr 61 Kresing- 
ton av, 1 same, Eglinton 
Tooley Miss Frances, dressmkr, 61 Ken- 
sington av, 1 same, Eglinton 
Tooley John, gdnr, h 108 Gleuwood av, 

Tooley Leah (wid Jas), h 61 Kensington 
(IV, Eglinton 

Topple Arthur H, carp, h 293 Balllol. 

Topple Henry W, carp, h 206 Balllol, Dav- 

Tonnsend Chas S, brklyr, h 107 Balllol, 

Trant Fredk, draughtsman, I 64 Ersklne 
av, Eglinton 

Trant Fredk I, h 64 Ersklne av, Egii.i- 

Trant John F, elk, 1 64 Ersklne av, Eglin- 

Trant Patrick H, elk, I 64 Ersklne av, 

Tredgett Chas S, h 9 Balllol, Davisvllle 
Treeby Harold J. draughtsman, h' 22 Eg- 
linton av e, Eglinton 
Trimble Geo P F, elk Home Bank, I 230 
Soudan av, Davisvllle 
Trimble Rlchd H, trav, h 230 Soud’ftn av, 
Davisvllle ; 

Trimble Wm, florist, h 335 Balllol, '(Dav- 
isvllle ; 

Trimple Henn;, optician, h 219 Eglinton 
av e, Davisvllle 

Trudele Herdus, printer, h 184 Ersklne 
av, Eglinton ; 

Tucker 'Albert, lab, h 353 Merton, Da9is- 

Tucker Ernest, printer, 1 353 Mertdp. 

Davisvllle ' 

Turk J Elsmore, I 62 Joseph av, Davik- 

vllle ( 

Turk Wilfred J, cashier C P R, h ^46 SouV 
dan av, Davisvllle < 

Turlin Fredk, moto, h 14 Stewart, Davis-' 


Turling Miss Jessie, elk, h 61 Bowood 
av, Bedford Park 

Turling Thos, mach, h 99 Soudan av, Dav- 

Tnrling Wm, brklyr, 1 99 Soudan av, 

Turner E)i*a J (wid Christopher), h 28 
Eglinton av e, Eglinton 
Turner Thos H, agt, h 79 Hawthorne av, 

Underhill M'm G, mach, h 8 Hunter, Dav- 
isvllle . 


Bishop Manager, cor Yonge and Sher- 
wood av, Eglinton 

Universal Correspondence Club, 81 Bal- 
liol, Davisvllle 

Urmy Albert W, prin Davisvllle Pub Sch, 
U 11 Davisvllle av. Davisvllle 
Ussher John F H (Ussher Strathy & Co). 

h 127 Blythwood rd, Eglinton 
shei\ J H G Strathy), Real Estate, 
2310\Yonge, Eglinton 
Valliera Fredk, tmstr, h 21 Frederick, 

Vanslyki H John, elk, 1 46 Sherwood av, 

Vardon fclizth' J (wid Robt H), h 40 
GlenwoSfl av. Davisvllle 
Vardon ^Edwin, bkpr, 1 40 Glenwood av 

Vaudin Pfilllp J T, stone ctr, h 6 Mer- 
ton, Davisvllle 

Venning Harold V, trav, I 4 Glen Grove 
av, Eglii^fon 

Venning Satal V, trav, h 4 Glen Grove av, 
Eglinton ; 

Wacey Johii, lab, 1 16 Eglinton av e, Eg- 
linton ’ 

Wacey Robt, J, silverer, h 16 Eglinton 
av e, Eglinton 

Wacey Wm, -lab, 1 16 Eglinton av e, Eg- 

Waddington Herbert, h 54 Blythwood rd, 

ick Grundy), Estate, Insurance and Fi- 
nancial Agehts, Estates Managed, etc., 
2272 Y'onge, Eglinton 

Waddington Miss Mossie M, tenr St Clem- 
ents Church School, 1 54 Blythwood rd, 

Wade Alfred, stone ctr, h 133 Ersklne av, 

Waghorn Stephen H, barber 225/ Yonge, 

Walker Benj, lab, h 1S8 Roehampton av, 

%Valker Thos A, mach, 1 145 Glenwood av. 

Walker Wm A, QOntr, 1 165 Sherwood av, 
Eglinton > 

Wallace W'^m, cairp, h 134 Soudan av, 

Walmsle.v Adolph. ' glass ctr, I 21 Davls- 
ville nr, Davisvllle 

Walmsley Miss Hilda, stenog, 1 21 Davis- 
ville av, Davisvillfe • 

Walmsley Sophia (iMd Jas), h 21 Davls- 
ville ,av. Darl.svilid, 

Walsh Francis P, t4:ct, h 79 Broadway 
av, Eglinton t 

Walters Wm R. steel engraver, h 12 Beres- 
ford, Davisvllle , 

Waltbo Wm, lab. h 9SlCastlcfleld av, Eg- 

Ward Chas H, h 2211 Yonge, Eglinton 
V/ardle John, lab, h 30 -Brechin av, Bed- 
ford Park 

Wardle John S, bkbndr, 1 30 Brechin av, 
Bedford Park 

Warehan Fredk, hatter, h 223 Glenwood 
av. Davisvllle 

Warehan Harry, driver. If 225 Glenwood 
av, Davisvllle 

Warman Edward, lab, h 294 Soudan av, 

Warman Edwd. lineman, h 144 Glenwood 
av, Davisvllle 

Warnham. Sami, postman, If^ 399 Balllol, 
Davisvllle f 

Warren Algernon M, h 88 Woodward av, 

Warren E Frank, tir, h 128 Woodward av, 
E.glinton v. 

Warren Reginald C, slsmn, h n Ersklne 
av, Eglinton C 

W.ntchani Frederick, carp, h 18ft Woburn 
av, Bedford Park 3 

Waterhouse Edwd H, elk, h 5t Wood- 
ward av, Eglinton 

Watkins Edwd G, proofreader, h 891 Bal- 
liol, Davisvllle 

Watsham Oliver, brklyr. h 173 Woodward 
av, Eglinton 

Watson James E, marble ctr, 1 41 Glen- 
wood av, Davisvllle 

Watson John, elect, 1 325 Balllol, Davis- 

; Watt Geo M, tlr, h 323 Balllol, Davls- 
I villa 

W’att Robt R, carp, h 128 Ranlelgh av, 
Bedford Park 

Waugh Constance (wid Spencer), prin 
St Clements Church school, h 15 Ken- 
sington av, Eglinton 

Waugh Donald, acet Dominion Bank, I 
4^ Woodward av, Eglinton 
Waugh Donald, teller, 1 15 Kensington av, 
E jfl'intO'U 

Waugh Miss Dorothy, stenog, 1 15 Ken- 
sington av. Eglinton 
Welm Jas H, lab, h 6 Stewart, Davis- 

'VYebir John P. carp, h 23 Beresford, Dav- 

W'ebCT Joseph, btehr, I 23 Beresford, Dav- 

Webster Bros (Fredk E and Percy A), 
conffs, 2311 Yonge, Eglinton 
W’ebster Frederick E (Webster Bros), h 
114 Sherwood av, Eglinton 
Web.ster Harold, slsmn, h 47 Ersklne av, 

Webster Jas, lltho, h n s Ranlelgh av, 
Bedfor(j Park 

Webster Milton, barber 2283 Yonge, Eg- 

Webster Percy A (Webster Bros), res 

Weeden Ernest, plstr, 1 167 Roehampton 
av, Eglinton 

Wellard Albert, lab, 1 35 Balllol, Davis- 

Wellard Arthur, mach, 1 33 Balllol, Davis- 

Wellard John, carp, 1 35 Balllol, Davis- 

W'^ellard Mary, (wid Walter), h 35 Balllol, 

Wells Jas F, acet, h 42 Glencalrn av, 

West Ebeaezer, elect, h 89 Broadway av, 

West Harvey R, elk, 1 89 Broadway av, 

West Wm. h 11? Broadway, Eglinton 
W'halen John T, grocer, 95 Eglinton av e, 
h same, Davisvllle 

Whaley John B. grocer 2295 Yonge, Eg- 

Whaley John McD (J M Whaley & Son), 
postmaster Eglinton, h 4 Briar Hill 
av, Eglinton 

Whaley J M & Son (John M and Sidney 
G), real est, 2295 Yonge, Eglinton 
Whaley Sidney G (J M Whaley & Son), 
1 4 Briar Hill av, Eglinton 
Whatton Lizzie (wid Frederick J), h 131 
Ranlelgh av. Bedford Park 
Wheeler Donald, cafp, h 19 Ranlelgh av, 
Bedford I^ark 

Whetstone Annie (wid Daniel), h 12 Ken- 
sington av. Eglinton 

White Frank, gdnr, h 112 Glenwood av, 
Davisvllle . 

White Geo, 1 131 Glenwood av, Davis- 

White Harry, carp, h 259 Davisvllle av, 

White Jas O, bldr, h J51 Eglinton av e, 

White Percy W, lab, h 6 Algoma cres, 

White Rlsdon, potter, h 131 Glenwood av, 

White Thos, driver, h 86 Balllol, Davis- 

White Wm J C, seeds 2247 Yonge, Eglin- 
ton 1 

White Wm T, h 69 Woodward av, Eglin- 

Whltefield John, contr 478 Merton, Dav- 
isvllle, h same 

Whitney Chas F, driver, h- 12 Stewart, 

Whitney Chas F jr, 1 12 Stewart, Dav- 

Whitney Harry S, mach, h 94 Roper av, 

Whitney Miss May, 1 12 Stewart, Davis- 

Whittaker Richard E, lab, h 206 Broad- 
way. Eglinton 

Wlce Wm. mktgdnr, h n s Eglinton av w, 

Wicks .Joseph, sculptor, h 51 Hawthorne 
av, Eglinton 

arantee Company of North America 

LAND & SON, Gea’l Agents, Mail Building, Cor. King and Bay 

— 58 — 

Tel. Main 1067 


The Dovercourt Land 





24 Adelaide St. E. 

Wickson Edwd A, acct, h 45 Joseph av 

Wilher A Rutherford, artist, h 139 Ers- 
kine av, Eglinton 

Wilby Wm F, carp, h 38B Glen wood av, 

Wilcox Catherine E (wid Simeon), h 2451 
Yonge, Eglinton 

Wilkie John, h 39 Crescent av. Eglinton I 
Wilkinson Edward, engineer, h 27 Freder- I 
ick. Davisville \ 

Wilkinson Mary (wid Geo), h 28 Fred- j 
erick, Davisville 1 

Williams A Rowland, mfrs agt, h 18 Eg- | 
linton av w. Davisville 
Williams Chas A, h 38 Brownlow av ; 

Williams Frank, express 60 Merton, i 
Davisville : 

lYilliams Joseph, express 72 Montgomery 
av, Eglinton 

Williams Joseph, feed 2229 Yonge, h 72 
Montgomery av, Eglinton j 

Williams J Henry, 1 72 Montgomery av, ' 
Eglinton [ 

Williams O'hos, florist, 1 60 Merton, Davis- 

Williams Thos, 1 2212 Yonge. Eglinton ; 
Willis Hubert, florist, b 60 Montgomery 
av, Eglinton j 

Willis Jas, stationery, h 178 Erskine av, ! 

Eglinton ] 

Willis Wm R. plmbr, h 183 Broadway av, i 
Eglinton I 

Wilson Robt, elk, h 22 Castlefleld av, Eg- 

Wilson Wm H, carp, h 257 Davisville av, 

Winfield Chas, slsmn, h 83 Balliol, Davis- I 
ville ■' 

Winfield Pranlc, gdnr, h 85 Balliol, Davis- I 

Winter Frank, lab, h 214 Broadway, Eg- 

Winter Wm P, brklyr, h 2(H Roehanap- ; 
ton av, Eglinton 

■R^ithrow Norman M, mgr, h 161 Sheldrake . 
av, Eglinton 

Wold Geo, ladies’ tlr’ h 55 Egiinton av e, I 
Davisville ; 

Wolstenholme Mary E (wid James A), hi 

8 Algoma cres, . Davisville 1 

Wood Arthur C, lab, h 21 Ranlelgh av, , 
Bedford Park ! 

Woodhouse Albert, 1 123 Glenwood av, ' 


Woodhouse Fredk. brkmkr, 1 123 Glen- 
wood av, Davisville 

Woodhouse Geo, lab, h 123 Glenwood av, 

Wooding Joseph H, carp, h 39 Alberta I 
cres, Davisville 

"Woods Albert R, horse dealer, h 169 Eg- ! 

linton av e, Davisville 
Woods Arthur H, gdnr, h 130 Sherwood I 
av. Eglinton 

Woods Edward J, dentist 20 Castlefleld 
av. EgHnton j 

Woolford James, carp, h 207 Glenwood av, ^ 

Davisville j 

W’ootton Albert M, bkpr, h 56 Davisville 
av, Davisville 

Worth Arthur, acct, b 110 Broadway, Eg- 
Hnton [ 

W'rlght Alex, florist, h 82 Castlefleld av, I 

Eglinton i 

Wright Geo, lab, h 61 Bowood av, Bed- 
ford Park I 

Wright Harry, lab, h 183 Kensington av. I 


Wright Henry F T, elk, h 204 Glenwood* 
av, Davisville 

Wright Wm, lab, h 23 Ronan av, Bedford 

Wright Wm P, mach, h 7 Eglinton av w. 

Yates Joseph, litho, h 165 Sherwood av, 

Yerex Miss Harriet, i 63 Roslin av, Bed- 
ford Park 


wood W Boake Manager. 2079 Yonge, 
Eglinton P O (See card Lumber Deal- 
ers — Retail) 

Young Henry B, ins broker, h 24 Alberta 
cres, Davisville 

Young Maria (wid Wra E), h 67 Balliol, 

Young Miss Margt V, dry goods 2263 
Yonge, Eglinton I 

Young Sjym C, carp, h 149 Bowood av, 
Bedfoi^ Park 

Young wV E, trav, h 4 Sherwood av, Eg- 
linton ^ 

Youres MisJ^Florence E, drsmkr 97 "Wo- 
burn av, h 9^me, Bedford Park 

youres Moses '-R, painter, h 97 "Woburn 
av, Bedford Park 

Zeagman John, h 1878 Yonge, Davisville 

Zihn Fredk, gdnr, 1 185 Merton, Davis- 

Zihn Henry, gdnr, 1 185 Merton, Davis- 

Zihn Mary (wid Henry), h 185 Merton, 

Zion Baptist Church, Rev Thos Wearing 
pastor, w s longe, Eglinton 


(Five miles northwest of P O) 

Ackroyd Floyd M, tmstr, h cor St Johns 
rd and Princess 

Adams Henry A. stove mkr, h w s Pris- 
cilla av 

Agg Htenry, lab, h e s Coekbnrn av 
Agg Wilfred, lab. h e s Coekbnrn av 
Albutt Wra, carpet weaver, h w s Cock- 
burn av 

Alexander St Pnbllc Schl, Miss Margt 
Evans prln. e s Alexander 
Allbright Alfred, elk, h e s Cockburn av 
Anderson James, carp, h n s St Johns rd 
Andeweg Lawrence D, carp, h w s Scar- 
lett av 

Andrews Corvin B, mach, h w s Peel av 
Archer Albert, tlr, h 21 Jane 
Archer Edwd, I T E Archer 
Archer Joseph, lather, h e s Castle av 
Archer Thos E, brklyr, h e s Princess 
Archer Walter, lather, 1 21 Jane 
Archer Wilfred, lather, 1 21 Jane 
Arthur Thos, mach, h w s Peel av, nr St 
Johns rd 

Ashington Wm, tmstr, h w s Runny- 
mede rd 

Ashwood John, lab, h e s Priscilla av 
Atkinson John, mach, h w s Gertrude av 
Baby Frank, real est 173 Jane, 1 same 
Baby Raymond, h 173 Jane 
BaiUie John, concrete wkr, h e s Princess 
Bain Elizabeth (wid Geo), h e s Alex- 

Baker Jas, h 19 Alexander av 
Ballam Stephen, pdlr, h w s Cockburn av 
Balls Ernest H L, elec opr, h s s West 
moreland av 

Balls Geo, fireman C P R, h w s Runny- 
mede rd 

Balmforth James, caretaker Runnymede 
Public Sch (sec 29), h w s Murray av 
Barr James, agt, h e s Durie av 
Barras Joseph, mldr, h e s Durie av 
Barrett Roy, elk, 1 A Cleland 
Barrington Arthur, cement wkr, I T S 

Barrington Thos S, cement wkr, h w s 
Runnymede rd 

Barrington Wilfred, pdlr, I T S Barring- 

Bavlngton Geo W. printer, h n s Dundas 
Beatty Wm A, mill hd, h n s Dundas 
Beckett Herbert V, wood wkr, h w s 
Herbert av 

Begley John E, action fnshr, h n s St 
Johns rd 

Bell Caspar L, concrete Wkr, h s s Dun- 

Beil Louis, concrete wkr, h s s Dundas 
Bennett Wm, lab. h w s Scarlett av 
Bentley Chas H, bldr, h w s Runnymede 

Bentley Harry, brklyr, 1 C H Bentley 
Bentley Thos, brklyr, 1 C H Bentley 
Berry Chas M, blrmkr C P R, h s s Dun- 

Bestine John C, mach, h n s Dundas 
Bice Joseph D, lab. has Alberta av 
Bice Nelson, tmstr, h e s Scarlett av, nr 
Alberta av 

Bingham Arnold, carp, b A E Leadbeater 
Black Findlay, comp, 1 G W Bavlngton 
Black Wm. foreman C P R, h 218 Runny- 
mede rd 

Blackstock John, brkmkr, h s w cor Hen- 
rietta and Castle av 

Blackstock John jr, mach, 1 J Blackstock 
Bolitho Rlohd N, box mkr, h e s Castle av 

Bolt Geo A, mldr, h e s Scarlett av, nr Al- 
berta av 

Bolton John M, produce n s St Johns rd, 
h same 

Bond Richd G, piano mkr, n n s tJundas 
Bowden Wm, fireman, h e s Cockburn av 
Bowes W Fredk, elk, h cor Westmore- 
land and Herbert avs 
Bowles Lacey, driver, h s s St Johns rd 
Bradley Geo B, mattress mkr, h n e cor 
Cockburn and Hanley avs 
Bragg Fredk A, iron wkr, h e s Cockburn 

Brewin Everett, lab, h e s Durie av 
Bristow Robt, btehr 25 Jane, h w s Cock- 
burn av 

Brittain Chas, lab, h n s Myrtle av 
Brown Chas, brklyr, h w s Hannah av 
Brown Herbert R, mach, h s s Elm 
Brown Jas I, roofer, h s s Westmoteland 

Brown John A, moto, h w s Murray av 
Browning Inilson, rubber wkr, h w s Peel 
av, nr Annette 

Browning Thos H, carp, h w s Peel av, 
nr Annette 

Brundle Robt, brkmkr. h n s Alberta av 
Bryce Wm, fitter, b J Gearisnore 
Bryer Raymond "W A. brkmn CPR, h w 8 
Runnymede rd 

Bull Wm A V, shoemkr w s Princess, nr 
St Johns rd, h same 
BuIIeyment Mance, gdnr, h n s Dundas 
Butler Wra T, carp, h s s St Johns rd, nr 

Bntterworth Wm. lab, h e 3 Dnrle av 
Byford Henry H. lab, h e s Dnrfe av 
Cable Robt W, mach, h s s Elm, nr Run- 
nymede rd 

Capell Geo, lather, h n s Myrtle av 
Capell Geo W, lab, h n s Myrtle av 
Capell Joseph, h w s Cockburn av 
Capell Joseph J, piano mkr, 1 J Capell 
Carless Edmund, tmstr, h n s Hanley av 
Carson Wm. mach, h e s Hannah av 
Carter Herbert J, brktyr, h w s Murray 

Chalcraft Ernest, steward, h e s Herbert 

Chambers Wm J, produce, h e s Murray 

Chapman John E, carp, h cor Princess and. 

Chapman Miss Lily, mus tchr, I J FT 

Cheal Ernest T, carp, h s s Hanley av 
Clark Wm. roofer, h s s Westmoreland av 
Clarridge Geo E, lab, h w s Herbert av 
Cleland Archd. carp, h w s Runnymede rd 
Clelland Archd, tinner, h e s Peel av 
Clelland James, plmbr, 1 A Clelland 
Clouston Sami, carp, h 8 Peel av 
Coates John, mach hd, h e s Herbert av 
Cockeran John, tmstr, h e s Gertrude av 
Cohen Maurice, mach. h w s Gertrude av 
Cole Wm, lab, h n s Myrtle av 
Coliedge .T.ames, mach, h e s Herbert av 
College Harry, mldr. 1 Sami Co.lIege 
College Louisa (wid Elilah), 1 Sami College 
College Sami, lab, h n s St Clair av 
Collins Richd A, painter, h e s Peel av 
Constable Sidney W, trnv, h e s Cockburn 

Cook Alfred, surveyor, 1 J Cook 
Cook John J, bolt mkr, I J Cook 
Cook John J, bolt wkr, 1 J Cook 
Cook "Wm, pistr, h n s St Johns rd 
Cooper Alfred G, fitter, h w s Herbert av 


Properties FOR SALE in ALL 
PARTS of the City nnd Suburbs 

61 Victoria Street 

— 63 — 


Phone Adelaide 214 TORONTO 


Cooper John, carp, b H Denney 
Cooper Wm H, biksmth, I Wm H Cross 
Corbett Rlclid, niach. h e 8 Alexander 
Cosburn Arthur S, lab, h w s Priscilla av 
Coulter David W, bkpr, U tv s Runnymede 

Cowle Jas, plstr, b s s Westmoreland av 
Cox Henry, gdnr, h e s Durie av 
Coyne Jas. h tv a Murray av 
Crabtree Edwd, lab, h e s Hannah av 
Crawford Frank, bldr, h w s Dnrle av 
Crawford Kobt, elk. 1 F Crawford 
Crompton Abraham, mach, h s w cor St 
Johns rd and Durie av 
Crookall Fredk, carp, h s s Montye av 
Crosby Fredk E, cabt mkr, h e s Herbert 

Cross Wm H, shoemkr, h e s Herbert av 
Cnbbldge Sampson, btehr, hue cor Jane 
and St Clair av 

Daughton Arthur, co constable, h e s Her- 
bert av 

Daughton Arthur jr, blrmkr, 1 A Daugh- 

Daughton Raymond C, tmstr, 1 A Daug- 

Davies John E, carp, h w s Gertrude av 
Davis Geo S, bldr, h w s Ale,vander av, 
near Dundas 

Davis Henry H, brklyr, b 21 Jane 
Day Frank M. carp, h e s Murray av 
Day John A. biksmth, 1 F A Kraft 
Deakln Bert, drill hd. h tv s Cockburn av 
Deans James, carp, h s s Hanley av 
Deemer Geo, driver, h n s St Clair av 
Dempster Jas E, fitter CPR, h e s Gertrude 

Dempster Jas H, trav, 1 J "W Dempster 
Dempster John W, tmstr, h cor Dundas 
and Alexander av 

Dempster Louisa (wid Hugh), 1 J W' 

Denney Harvey, wood turner, h e s Alex- 

Dennis Alfred, tmstr, h s s Elm 
Dillistone Edwd J K. jwlr. h e s Peel av 
Dixon Fredk E, tmstr. 1 J Dixon 
Dixon Joseph, carp, h n s Myrtle av 
Dorrington Arthur A. driver, h tv s Pris- 
cilla av 

Doyley Joseph, elk, 1 O Doyley 
Doyle.v Oscar, carp, h w s Durie av 
Downs Sami G, lab, h e s 'Scarlett av 
Duckworth Frank, wood w’kr. b H V 

Durrant Harry, elk, h w s Murray av 
Bason Miss Olive. I Wm A Rossiter 
East Arthur, mach, h s s Henrietta 
Eldridge Earl, packer. I Wm H Eldridge 
Eldridge Fredk, plstr, b R French 
Eldridge Norman, messr, 1 W^m H Eld- 

Eldridge W^m H, tuck pointer, h e s Cock- 
burn av. 

Elliott Alfred, carp, h e s Murray av 
Elliott Geo F, drill hd h n s St Johns rd 
Ellis Wra H, bldr, h w s Durie av 
Elvin Robt, lab, b L Scott 
Evans Mi.vs Margt, prln Alexander St 
Public Sch, res West Toronto 
Falconer Geo, blrmkr. h s s Myrtle av 
I’arrow Geo, lab, h w s Hannah av 
Farrow Miss Margt A. opr. 1 T Farrow 
F'arrow Rlchd. steam ftr, 1 T Farrow 
Farrow Thos, fitter C P R, h s s Elm 
Fayter Arthur G, dairy e s Durie av, h 

Field Albert, core mkr, h e s Herbert av 
Fleming W^m, lab, h w s Peel av 
h letcher Geo. biksmth. h s s Elm 
r ietcher Herbert, lab, b Wm Moss 
Fletcher Robt. ins agt. h e s Durie av 
Flett Wm .T. plmbr, h e s Peel av 
Fleur.v Alex, tmstr. h w s Hannah av 
Tokens John, carp, h w s Scarlett av 
Ford Harry, mach, h w s Murray av 
Foster Wm A, plough mkr, h w s Myrtle 

Fowles Caroline (wld Geo), b cor Herbert 
and Myrtle avs 

Fox .T Reginald, designer, b T Jeffery 
Frazer Wm S. plmbr. h e s Peel av 
Freear Harry, plater. 1 H Freear 
Freear Henry, lab, h w s Hannah av 
French Robt, brklyr. h e a Alexander 
Garbett Fredk D, brkmn C P R. b C M 

.Garvey John, painter, h n s Myrtle av 
\ryey John jr, shipper, 1 J Garvey 

Gascoigne Reginald 'W, fitter, h w s Her- 
bert av 

Gascoigne Wilfred J, mach, 1 R W Gas- 

Gasson Alex G. h w s Dune av 
Gathercole Arthur, lab, b J Colledge 
Geartshore John, bkpr, h e s Gertrude av 
Geddes Wm B, caterer, h s e cor St Johns 
rd and Durie av 

Gerrard, Edwd hostler, h n s Alberta av 
Glbble Harry, lab, h n w cor Gertrude 
and St Clair avs 

Gilchrist Archd, florist w s Runnymede 
rd, h same 

Gilroy Wm R. btehr, h n s St Clair av 
Gilson Chas H, gdnr, h e s Hannah av 
Gilson Thos, lab, h w s Rose av, nr Dun- 

Gledhill Spencer, weaver, h e s Priscilla 

Glover Wm J A, carp, h n s Montye av 
Glyn-Alken Jas, bkpr, h n s Dundas 
Goheen Chas, gro n s Westmoreland av, 
h same 

Good Jas H, tmstr, h w s Durie av 
Good Robt, lab, h w s Peel av 
Gooder Wm, gro 420 Runnymede rd, h 

Gooder Win A, trav, h e s Castle av 
Goodfellow Wm. lab, h w s Gertrude av 
Gould John T, lab. bus Alberta av 
Grand Alex, mach C P R, h e s Castle av 
Gravestock Thos M, h w s Cockburn av 
Gray John, stone mason, h w s Durie av 
Gray Robt. plstr, h w a Cockburn av 
Gray Robt. plmbr, 1 J Gray 
Gregory Geo, lab, h s s Elm 
Griffin Albert, mach, h e s Gertrude av 
Griffith Edmund, messr, 1 Wm Griffith 
Griffith John, carpet weaver, 1 Wm Grif- 

Griffiths Wm. carp, h w s Cockburn av 
Gunn John, fnshr, h n s Montye av 
Hallett Harry, rubber wkr, h n s Montye 

Harbour Louis N. lab, h s s Westmoreland 

Harper Allan, driver, 1 J Harper 
Harper Clifton A. elk. 1 Mrs E F Harper 
Harper Eliza F (wid Rlchd), h w s Alex- 
ander ar 

Harper John, soap mkr, h 31 Jane 
Harper John, wtchmn C P R, h n s Dun- 
das. nr Herbert av 
Harrington Miss Ellen, 1 H Stunell 
Harrington Wm J, wood carver, h e s 
Peel av 

Harris Ernest, carp, h w s Ger^ude av 
Hartney Frank B, coal and buifuers’ sup- 
plies Dundas and Jane, res Toronto . 
Hartrick Hugh H, painter, h e s Peel av, 
nr St Johns rd 

Hartup Fredk, app, 1 Geo Hartup 
Ilartup Geo, elect, h w s Runnymede rd 
Hartup Miss Mary, elk, 1 G Hartup 
Harvey Martha (wid Alfred), 1 A RofT 
Harwood Wm J, painter, h w a Dnrle av 
Hayes Patk, lab, h n s bt Clair av 
Haynes Arthur, printer, h w s Gertrude 

Haynes Fredk .T. Inh. h e s Priscilla av 
Hemming 2’'redk, weaver, b S College 
Henderson Alex, tmstr, h w s Dnrle av 
Henderson Barbara (wid Donald), h cor 
St Johns rd and Murray av 
Heslop John K, cattle dir, h w s Ger- 
trude av 

Hll! Joseph B, mldr, h 23 Alexander av 
Hiney Arthur F, lab, 1 T Hlney 
Hiney Thos. lab. h n s Dundas 
Hirons Jonn C, lumber w s Gertrude av, 
nr St Clair av,- li same 
Hogg Andrew, piler, h cor Dundas and 
Herbert av 

Hogg Chas, driller. 1 A Hogg 
Hogg Robt, plater, 1 A Hogg 
Holbrow Alex C, carp, h w s Cockburn av 
Holden Emma (wid Wesley), h 27 Jane 
Holden .John A, ctr, I 640 Annette 
Holden Wm, watchman, b 640 Annette' 
Holroyd Arthur, moto, h e s Herbert av 
Homer John, soap mkr, h e s Alexander 
Hughes Edwd, stock kpr, h e s Cockburn 

Hurren Ernest J, mach, h w s Herbert av 
Hutchinson Harry, plstr, h n s St Johns 

Jack David, fitter, h 307 St Johns rd 
Jackson Chas W, brklyr, 1 P J Jackson 

Jackson Peter J, brklyr, h cor Dundas 
and Princess 

Jackson Peter jr, brklyr, 1 P J Jackson 
■James Albert, blksmlth h 23 Jane 
Jamieson Wm, mach, h n s St Johns rd. 
nr Jane 

Jeanes Leonard, gdnr, h w s Peel av 
Jeckells Reginald, painter, h w s Cock- 
burn av 

Jeffery Miss Anne, stenog, 1 T Jeffery 
Jeffery Eric, packer, I T Jeffery 
Jeffery Miss Florence, elk, 1 T Jeffery 
Jeffery Thos, bldr, h n w' cor Hannah 
and Alberta avs 

Jeffries Thos D, produce, w a Murray av, 
h same 

Jenner Thos, slsmn, h e s Cockburn av 
Jevons Wm D, biksmth, h w s Herbert av 
Johneock Fredk, storekpr, h s s West- 
moreland av 

.Johns Edwd S, postman, h n s Alberta av 
Johnstone Wm. mach, h w a Herbert av 
Jones Geo R, lab. has Alberta av 
Josslin Tbos J, tinner, h w a Dnrle av 
Kaiser John T. contr, h w s Hannah av 
Keech John, biksmth C P R, h e s Han- 
nah av 

Keeling Arthur, mach, b T Jeffery 
Kells Wm, mach, h e s Cockburn av 
Kemp Robt. btehr, h e s Alexander av 
Kennedy Wra J, h w s Runnymede rd, nr 
St Clair av 

Kent Henry, jwlr, h e s Durie av 
Kersliike Joseph F, woodwkr, h e a Han- 
nah av 

King Chas E, mach. h n s Westmoreland 

King .Tamos M, carp, h e s Gertrude av 
Kirk “Wm, blrmkr. b J Colledge 
Knight Geo, florist n s Alberta av, opp 
Gertrude av, h same 
Kraft Albert, carp, 1 F A Kraft 
Kraft Fredk A, brklyr. h e s Gertrude av 
I,,ahav Elby, tmstr, 1 J Lahay 
Lahay John, tmstr, h w s Runnymede rd 
Lahav Rlchd. tmstr, I J Lahay 
Lane 'Geo V. plstr. b T Timmins 
Lang Josiah, tmstr, h cor St Clair and 
Hannah avs 

I^ang Sarah (wid Wellington). 1 Mrs S L 

Lawrie Alex M. carp, h e s Alexander 
Leadbeater Albert E, brklyr, h e s Her- 
bert av 

Leadbeater Arthur, carp, b A L Lead- 

Leadbeater Lorin, maeu hd. I 19 Jane 
I.ieadbenter Wm. tmstr, h 19 Jane 
Leaver Alfred S. mldr. h w s Murray av 
Lee Archd, driver, 1 T Yates 
I,ee Jas. brklyr, h n s Dundas 
Lee Miss Hazel, opr, 1 J Lee 
Lee Irwiu M, carp, h w s Priscilla av 
fjemerlck .lane (wld Wm), h n s Alberta 

Long Joseph, fitter, h e s Jane, near Dun- 

Lyons Wm C, mach, h s s Florence av 
Lucas Jas F, h s s M'estmoreland av 
I.uckett Chas, tmstr, h e s Herbert av 
Lurnl) Barrv, brklyr, h w s Priscilla av 
McCnlden Thos. lab, h e s Gertrude av 
McClelland Andrew, pdlr, 1 A McClelland 
McClelland Jas, pdlr, 1 A McClelland 
McColl Emma (wid W'm J), gro 13 Alex- 
ander .ar 

McGivern .las, biksmth, h w s Princess, 
nr St Johns rd 

McIntyre Rev Alex, h 19 Rose av 
Meintvre Miss Christina. 1 19 Rose av 
McKay Alex K, metal wkr. h s s Myrtle 

McKennie Hugh, mach, h s s Henrietta 
McLean Geo W, ins agt, b w s Princess nr 
St Johns rd 

McMillan John, btehr cor St Johns rd 
and Princess, h same 
McNeelv Alex, btehr, h s s Hanley av 
MacCaiilev John, mach, h w s Herbert av 
Macdonald Edwd A. carp, h 21 Alexander 

Macdonald Hugh. lab. h 29 Alexander av 
Macdonald John B, tmstr, 1 21 Alexander 

Mtickie Alex B, plstr, h e a Jane 
Manning Edwin F, silversmith, h w i 
Murray av 

Manser Fredk. furn pishr. b e s Murray 

Mark John, lab, h n s Alberta av 






The Canada Metal COvLixiiteil 



— 54 — 

BAILY & Co^ 


Mark Wm, tmstr. h e s Princess 
Marshall Richd, mach, h e s Scarlett av 
Marshall Wm J, blksmth, h e s Castle aV 
Martin Richd, box mkr, h w s Herbert av 
Mashlnter Frank, h s s Elm 
Middleton Frank T, lab, h n s Alberta av 
Miller John, lab C P R, b Wm Moss 
Milligan Hamilton I, h 642 Annette 
Mills Herbert, lab, h e s Herbert av 
Milne Selina (wid David), h e s Alexan- 

Mockford Philip C, ctr, b H C Williams 
Mogridge Hannah (wid Wm), 1 J H Par- 

Moore Geo W, painter, h w s Castle av 
Moore John, tmstr, b S Shaver 
Morgan (Jordon, tmstr, b Wm Ashlngton 
Morgan Wm A. btchr, h s s Elm 
Morley Rev Edwd, pastor St Paul’s (Ang) 
Ch, res Toronto 

Morris Fredk S, glass wkr, 1 Mrs J Spen- 

Morrow Wm, carp, h s s Westmoreland 

Moseley Henry, carp, h e s Cockburn av 
Moss Alfred J, lab, 1 Wm Moss 
Moss Edwd C, ctr, 1 Wm Moss 
Moss Ephraim F, tmstr, 1 Wm Moss 
Moss W'm, lab, h n e cor Alexander and 
Alberta av 

Moth John T, carp, h s e cor St Johns 
rd and Cockburn av 
Mould Geo, brklyr, h e s Hannah av 
Mould Jesse, brklyr, h s s Alberta av 
Mould Thos, brklyr, h e s Hannah av 
Mowat .las S, lab, h w s Murray av 
Mowatt John, postman, h e s Durle av 
Murdy .Miss Eva, prln York School (29a), 
res West Toronto 

Murphy Mrs Sarah L, h w s Priscilla av 
Mustard Rev Chas A, 1 Robt Kemp 
Myrtle AV Uaptlst Church, Rev Wm F 
Roadhouse pastor, cor Myrtle and Rose 

Nash Nathan E, electrical engineer, b Mrs 
B Henderson 

Naylor Joseph D, plmbr, h cor Annette 
and Peel 

Newbold Arthur, trav, h s s Dundas 
Newstead Robt E, carp, h w s Priscilla av 
Nicholls Wm, brkmkr, h n s Myrtle av 
Nichols John H, maoh, h e s Jane 
Nicholson Sarah N (wid John S), h n s 
Alberta av 

Noon John, lab, h e s Gertrude av 
Noon Wm, lab, 1 J Noon 
O'Neil Jas E, h 632 Runnymeue rd 
O'Neill Mary (wid Bernard), h n s Oak- 
land av 

Old Edwin G, painter, h s s W'estmore- 
land av 

Oster Thos F, lab, h s s Elm 
Owen Wm, painter, h e s jane 
Page Horace, brkmkr, b S Downs 
Parker Joseph H, organ mkr, h w s Mur- 
ray av 

Farm Chas, btchr, h w s Cockburn av 
Parson Fredk G, carp, b H' Talbot 
Pearsall Sami, gro n s St Johns rd, opp 
Murray av, h same 

Penhale Fredk, tent mkr, h s s St Johns 

Pepper Aaron J, lab, h n s St Johns rd 
Petrie Herbert W, driver, h w s Murray 

Plumley Albert C, brklyr, h w s Peel av 
Poole 'Walter A, pattern mkr, h s s "West- 
moreland av 

Porter Alfred, mach hd, 1 Mrs E Porter 
Porter Ellen (wid Alfred), h s s Hen- 

Porter Robt P, fitter, 1 Mrs E Porter 
Porter Thos, box mkr, 1 Mrs E Porter 
Poste Henry T, elk, h w s Cockbnrn av 
ITitchard Chas, fitter, h n w cor Gertrude 
and Alberta avs 
Pyke Edgar W, 1 Wm \ Pyke 
Pyke Wm T, florist w s Castle av, opp 

Radburn Walter J, lab, b S Shaver 
Eae .Tohu, bkf)ndr, h w s Murray av 
Ralley Wm, blksmth, h e s Murray av 
Raven John, pdlr, h w s Runnymede rd 
Rawlinson Thos, fireman C P R, h w s 
Durle av 

Eaybould John 11, h w s Murray av 
Kaybould Perry J, piano mkr, h w s Mur- 
ray av 

Raymer Henry B, piano mkr, h w s Mur- 
ray av, nr St Johns rd 

Reardon Matilda (wid James B), li e s 
Jane, nr St Clair av 
Regan John F, mach, h n s Alberta av 
Reid Geo E, tmstr, h e s Princess 
Reid (Jeo H, blksmth, h e s Scarlett av 
Revel Thos, car insp, h w s Gertrude av 
Riddell Ewen, blksmth, h e s Jane, nr St 
Clair av 

Riddell Ewen L, blksmth, h w s Alexan- 
der, nr St Clair av 
Riddell Wm, mach, h w s Alexander 
Rigby Albert, wheelwright, h s s Montye 

Rigby Miss Bllzth, 1 A Rigby 
Rigby Joseph, fitter, 1 A Rigby 
Rood bouse Rev Wm F, pastor Myrtle Av 
Baptist Church, res West Toronto 
Robinson Henry, lab, h e s Durle av 
Robinson Jas W, mach, h n s St Clair av, 
nr Alexander 

Robison Wm, h w s Herbert av 
Robson John, car repr, h w s Gertrude av 
Roft Alfred 'T, lab, h w s Durle av 
Rollinson James W, lab, h w s Scarlett av 
Rose Louis, lab, h n s Myrtle av 
Ross Robt, carp, h e s Durle av 
Rossiter Wm A, lab, h n s Oakland av 
Roundell Herbert W, buffer, h e s Ger- 
trude av 

Rowntree David, 1 S W Rowntree 
Rowntree Sheridan W, elk, h s s St Johns 

Rumball Roderick G, fireman CPR, h e s 
Herbert av 

Runnymede Presbyterian Church, Rev B 
B Weatherall pastor, cor St Johns rd 
and Murray av 

Russell Martin, lab, h n s Dundas, nr 
Herbert av 

Russell Geo H, lab, h e s Scarlett av 
Russell Peter, plmbr, h w s Hannah av 
Russell Thos, lab, h e s Scarlett av 
Seward Sydney E, pdlr, I “Wm J Kennedy 
Sendall Richd, btchr n s St Johns rd, opp 
Murray aV, h same 
Rynders Francis, painter, 1 J Tokens 
Saddler Wm H, engineer, h e s Scarlett av 
St Paul's Church (Ang), Rev Edwd Mor- 
ley pastor, n s Annette 
Saunders Arthur H, shipper, h n s St 
John’s rd 

Scott Lemuel, carp, h e s Jane 
Seabrook .Jas, m.ison, h e s Hannah av 
Shanks Ellen (wid David), h n w cor St 
Clair av and Alexander 
Sharp Chas, guard, h 9 Alexander av 
Sharp Earl, driver, 1 9 Alexander av 
Sharpe Alfred, blrmkr, h w s Murray av 
Shaver Arthur, tmstr, 1 T Stoner 
Shaver Norman, blrmkr, h e s Castle av 
Shaver Sami, tmstr. h e s Scarlett av 
Shaver Wm, brkmkr, h w s Gertrude av 
Shaw’ Wm, piano mkr, h n s St Johns rd 
Sheard Abel, lab, h 31 Alexander av 
Shearer Thos, plmbr, h w s Hannah av 
Sheppard Fredk W, picture frame mkr, 
h w s Scarlett av 

Shunk Miss Edna tchr Alexander St Pub 
Sch, I S Shunk 

Shunk Everton S M, 1 S Shunk 
Shunk J Edwd, 1 212 Runnymede rd 
Shunk N-athanlel, bldr, h 212 Runnymede rd 
Shunk Simon, h cor Annette and Runny- 
mede rd 

Shuttleworth Joseph, baker e s Scarlett 
av, nr St Clair av, h same 
Skells Chas H, carp, h e s Scarlett av 
S’Kippen James, carp, h w s Castle av 
Slack Priscilla (wid Arthur), h e s Her- 
bert av 

Small Geo, blrmkr, h s s Henrietta 
Smith Henry J, carp, h n s St Clair av 
Smith Herbert N. bldr, h w s Hannah av 
Smith James, stove mounter, h e s Cock- 
burn av 

Smith R.nlph, m.nch. h e s Jane 
Smyth Hewton O plmbr, h s s Elm 
Sneath Robt H, plstr, h n s Dundas 
Solomon Max, piano mkr, h n s St Clair 

Sommerville Joseph A, gro cor St Johns 
rd and Cockburn av, h same 
Southall Ezra, shipper, h w s Herbert av 
Sparks Chas, driver F B Hartney, res 
W'est 'Toronto 

Spencer Jane (wid John T), h e s Scar- 
lett av 

Stacey Jose#h, brkmkr. b S Shaver 
Staines Thos, mach C P R. h 207 Jane 
.Steen Ephraim D, mill hd, h w s Murray 

Steward Wm, tmstr, h e s Jane 
Stocks Thos W, brkmkr, b S College 
Stokes Chas, ctr, h 203 Jane 
Stonehane John A. piano case mkr, he* 
Peel av 

Stoner Thos, engineer, h w s Runnymede 

Strath Geo, tmstr, h w s Princess, nr 

Stringer Arthur J, lab, h e s Herbert av 
Stubbins Timothy J, gdnr, h Oakland av, 
nr Herbert av 

Stubbins Wm, lather, h w s Herbert av 
Stunell Horace, lab, h n s Dundas, near 

Swanson David, driver, h 15 Alexander av 
Symes Geo, farmer, h n s Hand av 
Taggart Arthur, btchr, h s s Elm 
Talbot Fredk, mldr, 1 J Talbot 
Talbot Harry, mach, h n s St Johns rd, 
nr Jane 

Talbot Joseph, lab, h w s Priscilla av 
Tasker Jas, h 528 Runnymede rd 
Taylor Chas S, pishr, h s s Myrtle av, nr 
Rose av 

Taylor Geo H, shipper, h w s Castle av, 
nr St Clair av 

Taylor Park, h e s Cockburn av 
Taylor Wm, lab, b W''m Moss 
Taylor Wm J. paint mkr, h e s Murray av 
Teeple L,ewis, h w s Peel av 
Terry Fredk, plstr, b Mrs S Milne 
Thomas Albert A, h cor Jane and An- 

Thomas Edwd, printer, h n s Myrtle av 
Thomas Geo E, carp, h s s St Johns rd 
Thompson Harry, painter, h 309 St Johns 

Thompson Thos C, lather, h s s Hanley av 
Thornhill Jas, lab. h 11 Alexander av 
Thornhill Peter, lab, 1 11 Alexander av 
Thorold Fredk O. h e s Peel av 
Timmins Thos, painter C P R, h e s Prin- 

Tod Henry, mach, h 25 Alexander av 
Tootell Alfred, tmstr, h w s Scarlett av 
Tootell Harold, tmstr, 1 A Tootell 
Touchner John, lab, h e s Cockburn av 
Travis Thos W, lab, h 17 Alexander av 
Troughton Geo A, pdlr, h s s Elm 
Tyndall Victor, chkr C P R, I Wm A 

Tyndall "Wm A. h n s Dundas, near Run- 
nymede rd 

Tyndall Wm T, shipper, I "Wm A Tyn- 

Urquart Fredk A, barber, h w s Peel av, 
nr Annette 

Uttley Herbert, btchr. h w s Castle av, 
nr St Clair av 

Vanderhart Harry jr, lather, h e s Her- 
bert av 

Vanpee John, carp, h w s Durle av 
Vau.chan Benj. lather, h e s Alexander 
Vaughan Fredk, lather, h e s Alexander 
Vaughan Fredk, bolt mkr, I Geo Vaughan 
Vaughan Geo. gro n e cor Alexander and 
Alberta avs, h same 
Vaughan Geo Jr, 1 G Vaughan 
Vaughan Geo, plstr. h s s Elm 
Vaughan Wm, bolt mkr, 1 Geo Vaughan 
Veal John H, carp, h e s Gertrude av 
Wadsworth Wm J Jr, yd mgr F B Hart- 
ney, res West Toronto 
Walker Robt, carp, h e s Durle av 
W^argan Chas, tmstr, b Geo Strath 
Wargan Hugh, tmstr, b Geo Strath 
Warren Albert, coal and wood n s Dun- 
das, h same 

Waters Chas, carp, 1 536 Runnymede rd 
"Waters Frank C, carp, h 536 Runnymede 

Watkins John, gro cor St Clair and St 
Charles avs, h same 
Watkins John W, carp, h s s St Clair av 
Watt David, elk, 1 J Watt 
Watt John (Watt Milling and Feed Co), 
h w s Murray av 

Weatherall Rev B B. pastor Runnymede 
Presbyterian Church, h 132 St Johns rd 
Wells Mrs Elliott, I H C Wells 
Wells Herbert C, lab. h e s rieroeri av 
Welsh Robt B, mach hd, h n s Myrtle av 
Welsh "Wm, mldr h e s Gertrude av 
West Thos, mach, h 222 Runnymede rd 
White James, carriage bldr. h n s Myrtle 

"Whyte Wm, driver, h w s Cockburn av 
Wilcock Herbert B, plmbr, h n s Montye 






— 55 — 

Ofnee, M. 194 
Res., Ooll. 1388 


Special Attention Kiven to Man- 
agement oTEstateo. Prompt Returns 

61 Victoria Street 


Wilkinson Aifred. b A Tootell 
Willett Edwd, plstr, h e s Herbert av 
Williams Albert A, elk, b W T Butler 
Williams Amelia (wid James), 1 W B 

Wiliiams Fredk, postman, h n s Alberta 

Williams Hugh C, stereo, h s s Montye av, 
nr Herbert av 

Willlton John S, lather, h n s Dundas 
Wills Harry, lab, h e s Alexander 
Wilson Harvey, elect, 1 W J Wilson 
Wilson W'alter J, cond, h cor St Johns rd 
and Alexander av 

Wixson Jacob, mach, h n s Alberta av 
Wood Chas, baker, 1 Wm Nicholls 
W ood Wm O, lab, b Wm A Rossiter 
Workman Jas, mach, h w s Alexander av 
Wyatt John, lab, 1 F J Haynes 
Yates This, carp, h w s Runnymede rd 
\ork School (29a). Miss Eva Murdy prln, 
cor Runnymede av and St Johns rd 


(See Runnymede) 


(One mile west Deer Park P O) 

Anderson Frank, h Spadina rd 
Armstj-ong James, h Forest Hill rd 
Bairs ton Fredk I, h Berti 
Baker W^m, h Berti 
Baldwin C M, h Forest Hill rd 
Baldwin Lawrence H, h Forest Hill rd 
Boman Thos, h Coulson 
Bradshaw James, h North Huron 
Brady Sami, h Berti 
Bromley Wm H, h North Huron 
Brown Edwd, h Bathurst 
Burnham Chas, h Walmer rd 
Chinn Thos, h Brant 
Christopher James, h Brant 
Clark John, h Berti 
Clarke Alfred, h North Huron 
Coles O, h Clinton 
Dew Chas T, h Forest Hill rd 
Dow John, h Forest Hill rd 
Dew John W. h Forest Hill rd 
Dwan Denis, h Clinton 
Dwan Patk, h Clinton 
Fleming Robt J, h Markham cor St Clair 

Giles Isaac, h Spadina rd 

Glover James, h Coulson 

Gorman Mrs M. h Spadina rd 

Hoad J, h Clinton 

Hurlehey Frank, h Berti 

Johnston Lindsay, h Berti 

Johnston Robt, h Berti 

Kirkwood John, h North Huron 

Kirstead Wm H, h North Huron 

I.evack Thos, h Brant 

Levitt Sami, h Spadina rd 

Liitle Geo, h Berti 

liOW'rey Wm, h North Huron 

McKay David, h Berti 

McKay Geo, h Berti 

McKay James, h Berti 

McKay Thos, h Clinton 

McKay Thos, h Berti 

Macdonald John A, h Spadina rd 

Mason Walter, h North Huron 

Mason Wm, h North Huron 

Midgley John, h Coulson 

Mowat Douglas, h Coulson 

Nettlefield Edwd B, h 25 Parkwood av 

Nicholson Geo, h Coulson 

O’Brien Edwdn, h Clinton 

O'Leary John, h Franklin 

O’Leary Patk, h Franklin 

Ormsby J Y, h Forest Hill rd 

Patterson Alex J P, h 19 Parkwood av 

Rathbone F W, h 11 Parkwood av 

Raymond Sami T, h North Huron 

Rohan John, h Berti 

Sackinton Wm, h Coulson 

Heath and Spadina 

Smith R B, h Berti 
Spencer Alfred, h Berti 
Spencer John, h Berti 
Stringer John, h North Huron 
Strong Geo, h Coulson 
Stuart Edwd, h Spadina rd 
Stuart W J, h Coulson 
Tattle Albert, h Forest Hill rd 
Tattle Harry, h Forest Hill rd 
Tattle Wm, h Forest Hill rd 

Tomsett Henry, h Spadina ra 
Trotter W Cecil, h Forest Hill rd 
W^hitman J, h Spadina rd 
Willmott Edward, h North Huron 
W’ood James, h Spadina rd 
W’ood James jr, h Spadina rd 
Wylie David B, h Brant av 
Wylie Mary J B. h opadina rd 
Wylie Wm B, h Spadina ra 


(Four miles west of Postoffice) 

Adams Joseph, painter, h e s Windermere 

Als’nfom Jas, mach, h w s Craig 
Aishfor\ Joseph, carp, h w s Bertha 
Aishford\Wni H. math, h w s Craig 
Allan Frank B, sec-treas Industructlble 
Brick Ci Ltd, res Toronto 
Allan Josefih, kiln kpr, h w s Southport 
road Y 

Allard John,\,Iab, b J Baldwin 
Allerston Fr^k T, elk, h e s Ellis av 
Archer Alfred, midr, h e s Windermere av 
Armstrong Geo, carp, h w s Southport rd 
Arnold Geo, driver, h e s Lavlna 
Arnold .las. boltmkr, 1 Geo Arnold 
Arntfield Fredk S. trav, h e s Ellis av 
Ashby Albert, tmstr, h n s Maple av 
Ashby Geo H, mldr, bus Maple av 
Baldwin John, lab, h w s Craig 
Barber Maurice, cement wkr, b Wm Byles 
Barker Allan, pipe mkr, h s s College st 

Barker Arthur, carp, h w s Bertha 
Barton John A, weaver, h w s Southport 

Bater Chas, brklyr, h e s Thompson 
Baxter Henry, tmstr, b e s Bertha 
Baxter Richd, brkmkr, b W Leek 
Beattie Fredk T, painter, h n s College st 

Beecroft Wm A, tchr, h e s Elizabeth 
Bell Jas, lab, h e s Craig 
Berry Daniel, plstr, h w s Windermere av 
Bishop Sophia (wid W'alter), 1 W S Bishop 
Bishop Walter S, jwlr, h e s Elizabeth 
Blair David, carp, h e s Thompson 
Blair Garnet, mail elk, 1 D Blair 
Eolitho Archd, painter, h 36 'Thompson 
Bolitho Sarah (wid Wm), I 36 Thompson 
Bolton Geo, pipe mkr, h e s Windermere 

Booth Henry H, carp, h e s Windermere 

Brady Jas G, piano fnahr, h e s Bertha 
Bragg Chas H, painter, h w s Ciaig 
Brown Percy, comp, I Wm Brown 
Brown Wm, blksmth, h e s Bertha 
Browning Frederick P, curp, h e s South- 
port rd 

Bryan Lawrence, bolt mkr, b J Allan 
Bryant Sami, brklyr, b Wm M Stokes 
Brydson David, florist, h 8 Thompson 
Brydson Jas jr, h w s Windermere av 
tress Swansea Post Office, 1 Mrs Sarah 

Brydson Sarah (wid Jas), h w s Ellis av 
Byles Wm, mldr, h w s Lavlna 
Cameron Henry A, brkmn, I L D Cameron 
Cameron Laughlin D, stableman, h w s 
Ellis av 

(Branch The Steel Company of Canada. 
Limited), T H Watson Manager, W’inder- 
mere av 

Carbery James, gro e s Windermere av, 
h same 

Carless Albert, weaver, h e s Bertha 
Carless Edmund, tmstr. h e s Bertha 
Carr Frank, packer, 1 J M Carr 
Carr Harold, bolt mkr, h n s (Juaen 
Carr John .brkmkr, b A Foreman 
Carr John M, tmstr, h n s Windermere pi 
Carr Percy, driver Grenadier Ice and 
Coal Co, 1 J M Carr 
Carr Percy S, driver, i J M Carr - 
Carter Miss Ruth, tchr Swansea Pift Sch, 
res Toronto ' 

Chalmers Jas, lab, h n s College st ex- 
tension ; 

Chapman Chas G, gdnr, h n s College st 

Chapman Chas T, carp, h n College st 
extension , 

Chappell Joseph, mach, h w s Winder- 
mere av 

Chappell Joseph jr, elk, 1 J Chappell 
Chappell Percival, mach, 1 J (Jhappell 
Chappell Robt H. mach, 1 J Chappell 
Chowns Thos, brkmkr, h e s Windermere 

Clark W'm, bkpr, h s s Park rd 
Clarke Francis H, mach, h e s Windermere 

Clayton Fanny G (wid Joseph), 1 J Ell's 
Clayton Fredk W, tinsmith, h w s Win- 
dermere av 

Clayton Harold, messr, 1 P W Clayton 
Clipperton Wm H, prin Swansea Pub Sch, 
res Toronto 

Coljbett Joseph, blksmth, h w s Bertha 
Co^Ann (wid Mark), h College st exten- 
sion, s w cor Lavlna 
Coe (Gordon, lab, 1 Wm A Coe 
Coe tWm A, lab, h e s Windermere av 
Coe {iachariah E, tmstr, h e s Lavina 
Coker Fredk, tmstr, h w s Elizabeth 
Coombs Caroline (wid Thos), h w s Ellis 

Craig John, stone mason, b J A Barton 
Crane Henry, moto, h w s Windermere av 
Crombie Mitchell, carp, h e s Lavina 
Crossley Sami, trap mkr, b J Allan 
Crowston Thos, baker, h w s Windermere 

Dare Geo, fireman, b J Baldwin 
Davidson Alex, carp, 1 R H Davidson 
Davidson Alfred B, h s s College st ex- 
tension '. 

Davidson iGeo A, die setter, h w s Ellis av 
Davidson Miss Jessie, tchr Swansea Pub 
Sch, res' Toronto 

Davidson, Robt H, press hd, h Winder- 
mere av, n w cor Queen 
Davis Robt, gro 525 Bloor, h same 
Davis W'^m H. lab, h w s Craig 
Dear Chas, carp, h w s Elizabeth 
Denman Jas A, bridge bldr, h w s Craig 
Dennis Chas B, lab, h s s College st ex- 

Dewar John, furnace man, h n s Park rd 
Dombrowskl Joseph, lab. h e s Winder- 
mere av 

Dominion Sewer Pipe Co, Ltd, John T 
Ryan pres, Thos Kennedy treas. Queen 
Donaldson Frank, lab, h s s Park road 
Drew Richd, brkmkr, h w s Craig 
Drew Richd jr, lab, h w s Craig 
Earl Thos G, btehr Wm H McCuIIa, b 

Eason Wm O, grinder, h College st ex- 

Eastman Chas A, mach, U w s Ellis av 
Eckersley Abraham, comp, b R Farron 
Edge Joseph, painter, h e s Craig 
Edge Walter, weaver, h e s Craig 
Edmonds Geo, tmstr, h e s Bertha 
Edmunds Alfred, glass wkr, h w s Lavlna 
Edwards Albert, weaver, h n s Maple 
a ven ne 

Edwards John, tmstr, h e s Lavlna 
Ellis John, h e s Ellis av 
Evans David W, trackman, h w s Bertha 
Ewels Jas, tmstr, h w s Lavina 
Farquson Amelia (wid James), h e s Win- 
dermere av 

Farrell Geo, elk, h w s Bertha 
Ifarron Kobt, carp, h w s Windermere 

Ford John, turner, h w s Windermere av 
F’ord Rankin, furrier, 1 J Ford 
Foreman Alfred, weigh elk, h e s South- 
port rd 

B'oreman Frank, brkmkrj h e s Southport 

Fox John, carp, h e s Craig 
I’rost Geo W, switchman, h e s Winder- 
mere av 

Frost Thos, carp, h n s College st exten- 

Garbutt Geo, mach, h e s Thompson 
Garvin Jas, watchman, 1 J Garvin 
Garvin Jo'nn, carp, h w s Craig 
Gcmmell ,Tohn, arch, h 17 Ellis av 
Giles Frank, roller, h w s Ljvlna 
Giles Lavinia (wid Geo), h e s Winder- 
mere av 

Gleed Jas B, lab, h w s Bertha 
Glover Wm. uphol, h e s Windermere ar 
Goldring Miss Ida G, tchr Pub Sch, res 

Graham John, lab, h e s Windermere av 
Gray George, lab, 1 R Gray 
Gray John, driver Grenadier Ice and Coal 
Co, h w s Windermere av 
Gray Richd, mldr, h w s Bertha 



L. A. DeLAPLANTEy Limited 

Office and Factory: Main St., East Toronto. Phones Beach 230-231 

Let Us Quote 
You on 



iqJjIe'n wi 


WIRING. be:li_s, 
PHONE.ADELAloe 1962 

- I 

Gray Richd 3r, bolt mkr, h w s Elizabeth 
Green Alex G. nut mkr, h 16 Thompson 
B W Trent Manager, Lake Shore rd 
Hall Jas, elk Abner Howard, res To- 

Hall Rev John T, pastor Morningside 
Presbyt( rian Church, h 38 Thompson 
Hall Thos, driver, h w s Craig 
Hall Wm H, h e s Ellis av 
Hallwrlghl Bertram, painter, h w s Bertha 
Hansford fas D, pdlr, h e s Windermere 
avenue } 

Harding Fredk, driver Grenadier Ice and 
Coal COji T Harding 

Harding Trios, driver Grenadier Ice and 
Coal Co, ih e s Craig 
Harris Johii, mach, h 18 Thompson 
Harrison Qharles, supt Dominion Sewfir 
Pipe Co, jLtd, res Mimico 
Harrison Feank, bolt mkr, h s s Maple av 
Hawke Burchell, mach, 1 J Hawke 
Hawke Fredk, messr, 1 J Hawke 
Hawke Jason, mach hd, h n s Windermere 

Hawke Wm, stenog, 1 J Hawke 
Haworth Geo, mach, h w s Windermere av 
Hearne Solomon, h e s Bertha 
Henderson Robt, weaver, b J A Barton 
Henry Roy, pipe mkr, b W Leek 
Henry Thjs, lab, h w s Craig 
Henry Wm, iron wkr, h e s Bertha 
Hill Charles, tmstr, h w s Craig 
Hill Wm, tmstr, b C Hill 
Hinde Ricnd G, h s s Park rd 
Hinton Alfred, weaver, h e s Windermere 

Hiscocks Jas, lab, h n s Queen, nr Win- 
dermere av 

Hodsdon John M, designer, h e s Elizabeth 
Holbrook John, mldr, h s s Park rd 
Holmes Geo, pipe mkr, b S A Prosser 
Horlock Robt, mldr, h w s uraig 
Howard Abner, gro College st extension, 
cor Lavina 

Howard Alfred H, designer, h e s Elizabeth 
Howard Lome, mach, h w s Windermere 

Howard Sidney B, h e s Ellis av 
Hudson Ernest, mldr, h s s Park rd 
Hunt Edgar, metal wkr, h w s Bertha 
Hunt Hamilton, driver, h College st ex- 

Hutchinson Alex, brklyr, I 23 Thompson 
Hutchinson David, mach, h 21 Thompson 
Hutchinson Margt (wid Alex), h 23 
Thompson > 

Indestructible Brick Co Ltd, Alfred Jeph- 
cott pres, Frank B Allan sec treas, Harry 
Race supt. head of Southport rd 
Jacob Percy, real est, h n s College st ex- 

Jecks Clarence B, wtchmn, h e s Win- 
dermere av 

Jepheott Alfred, pres Indestructible Brick 
Co Ltd. res Toronto , 

Johnstone James, tmstr,. h w s Winder- 
mere av 

Jones John L, h e s Ellip av 
Jones Llewellyn, elk, 1 J :L Jones 
Juleff Chas M, engineer, h w s Winder- 
mere av 

Kennedy Thos, mng dir Dom Sewer Pipe 
Co, res Toronto 

Kerfoot Thos, bolt mkr, h B s Maple av 
Klnnear Jas, ctr h w s Bertha 
Land Thos, tmstr, h w s Elizabeth 
Lee Arthur, bldr, h w s Lavina 
Leedham Fredk, carp, h e s Southport rd 
Leedham John, tile mkr, h e s Southport 

Leek Watson, tmstr, h w s Southport rd 
Levis Joseph, mach. h e s Bertha 
Llpcott Mark, lab, h e s Southport rd 
Llpcott Mardhmont brkmkr, h e s South- 
port rd 

Lockhart Douglas, carp, h n s College st 

Long Geo. mgr Wm Rennie Co Ltd, 1 Mrs 
Sarah Rennie 

Lowder Jonn, painter, h w s Bertha 
Lutkln Alfred, iron wkr. 1 Wm Lutkln 
Lutkin Wm. iron wkr, h e s Bertha 
Lyons Jas H, mldr, h s s Mvrtle av 
McCormack Wm. coll, h e s Craig 
McCreary Frederick, weaver. 1 B McCreary 
McCreary Richd, bolt mkr, h e s Thomp- 

McCrindle Hugh, carp, h e s Lavina 
McCuIIa Wm H, btehr Windermere av, 
cor College 

McDermott Robt .T, h s s Maple av 
McFarlane Jas R dispatcher, h w s Win- 
dermere av 

McGlenney Sami, ydmn Grenadier Ice and 
Coal Co. b J D Hansford 
McKenna Wm R. purse mkr, h 14 Thomp- 

McLean Fredk, shipper, I Wm McLean 
McLean John, driver, I Wm McLean 
McLean Wm, timekpr, h n s Windermere 

McLean Wm jr, driver, h n s Windermere 

MacKinnon Neil, painter, h e s Craig 
Mark Mary (wid Wm), h w s Elizabeth 
Mark Wm. mach. 1 Mrs M Mark 
Martim.B Wm, carp, h w s Elizabeth 
Martin Khas W, carp, 1 B W Martin 
Martin Henry (j. elk, 1 A H Howard 
Martin Thos G, engineer, 1 B W Martin 
Martsu^r Victor, lab, h e s Southport rd 
Mason Brnest, tinsmth, h 30 Thompson 
klasters fob, trap mkr, h e s Windermere 
nv \ 

Miles Hatry, btehr, h w s Craig 
Mintboro ®eo, lab, h w s Lavina 
Mitchell Albert J, cond, 1 j Mitchell 
Mitchell Joibn, brkmkr, h w s Windermere 
avenue ; 

Moncton Chjis, trimmer, h e s Windermere 

Monk Albert* gdnr, h e s Windermere av 
Montgomery 'John, car dispatcher, h w s 
Windermerg av 

Mornlngalde Presbyterian Church, Rev 
John T Hall pastor. College st extension 
Morrison James, bkpr, h e s Elizabeth 
Morton Emmanuel, carp, h w s Winder- 
mere av 

Mouland Frank, ins agt, h w s Winder- 
mere av 

Muir Jas G, joutnadst. h e s Bills av 
Nash Percy, madh, h 10 Thompson 
Neave B'redk L, earp, h e s Bertha 
Needier Chas, bilklyr, h e s Windermere 
avenue \ 

Nelson Miss Fanrty, opr, 1 34 Thompson 
Nelson John H, dm 1 34 Thompson 
Nelson Mrs Rose,) h 34 Thompson 
Newman Albert, Sioemkr, h 28 Thomp- 
son ^ 

Newman John, bolttmkr, 1 28 Thompson 
O Brien Bridget (wid Patk), n w s Win- 
dermere av 1 

O'Brien Edwd, brknikr, h n s Maple av 
O'Brien Edwd J, tinlekpr, h w s Lavina 
O'Brien James, gdnrj 1 Mrs B O’Brien 
Paterson Elizabeth (Wid Thomas), h w s 
Craig I 

Patterson Thos, tmstf, h e s Windermere 
avenue v 

Paul Geo, lab, b J Baldwin 
Pearman Alfred. lab.Th w s Lavina 
Poole Harry, lab, h ^rk rd, cor Bertha 
Price Rollo, ydmn G)tenadler Ice and 
Coal Co, I L Cameim 
Priestley Wm, action mkr, h e s Jane 
Prosser Robt T, mach, w s 'Windermere 
avenue < 

Prosser Sami A, machl h e s Southport 
road , 

Pugh Daniel, gate kpr,- h w s Winder- 
mere av V 

Putt Frank W, bkpr Canada Bolt & Nut 
Co, Ltd, res Toronto t 
Quin Donald J. frame ml^, I Wm H Quin 
Quin Wm H, h e s Windermere av 
Quin Wm H jr, pattern^mkr, 1 Wm H 
Quin T 

Rabjohn Albert S, mldr, b 15 College st 
extension » 

Rabjohn Arthur R, dry gefcds 14 College 
st extension, h same j 
Rabjohn Earl, compos, 1 \i College st 

R.nce Harry, supt Indestructible Brick Co 
Ltd. h 2 Lavina V 

Rennie Sarah (wid Wm). h e^B Ellis av 
Manager, Florists 13-15 E116| av 
Rich Thos, driver, h e s Crai 
Richards Thos, plstr, h n s Par»rd 
Riley John, lab, h s s Oak a^ 

Robe Albert, engineer, h w s ^Ills av 
Roberts Benj, ydmn Grenadier 'jlce and 
Coal Co, 1 J Roberts \ 

Roberts John, pdlr, h n s Collegfl;. st ex- 
tension ^ 

Robinson John, mach, b J Chappell 
Robinson Joseph, driver, b J Chappell 

Rowland W Alex, asst mgr Canada Bolt 
& Nut Co. Ltd, res Toronto 
Runacres Chas, train oiler, h w s Lavina 
Runacres Chas jr, bolt mkr, 1 C Runacres 
Russell Henry R, rivet mkr, h e s Win- 
dermere av 

Ryan John T. pres Dom Sewer Pipe Co. 
Ltd. res Toronto 

St Olaves Church (Ang), Rev Wm H H 
Sparks pastor, e s Windermere av 
Saunders Wm, wdwkr, h n s College st 

Scroggs Mi»s Helene, proof rdr, I S A 

Scroggs Sidney A, h s s Bloor 
Shaw Chas B, carp, h e s Craig 
Shaw Geo E, fnshr, 1 C B Shaw 
Shelley Wm H, boxmkr, h e s Thompson 
Shread Robt, lab, h e s Craig 
Shread Wm, lab. h w s Lavina 
Silvester Sidney F, gro w s Windermere- 
av, h same 

Simms John, lab, h n s Windermere pi 
Simons Albert E, mldr, 1 Wm Simons 
Simons Fredk, iron wkr, I Wm- Simons 
Simons Wm. lab, h e s Bertha 
Sinclair Walter, stone mason, h s s Oak. 
a ven ue 

Sinclair Walter jr, carp, h e s Winder- 
mere av 

Small Mary (wid Harry), h e s Elizabeth- 
Smith Adam F. adv agt, IRC Smith 
Smith Ernest B, carp, h w s Elizabeth 
Smith Harold, carp. 1 E E Smith 
Smith Joseph D, brkmkr, h w s 'Winder- 
mere av 

Smith Robert C. adv agt, h College st ex- 

Smith Wm. h n s Park rd 
Smyth Jas B, driver. I Mrs M Smyth 
Smyth Mary- (wid Thos), h w s Winder- 
mere av 

Smyth Robt, iron wkr, h w s Winder- 
mere av 

Smyth Sami, ydmn, 1 Mrs M Smyth 
Sommers Harry, wtchmn, h n s Winder- 
mere pi 

Sparks Rev Wm H H, pastor St Olavea 
Ch, res Toronto 

Stark John, iron wkr, h w s Soutnport rd. 
Stark John jr, driver Grenadier Ice and 
Coal Co, 1 J Stark 

Limited, The. T H *Watsou Manager, 
Windermere av ; 

Stephens John, supt Canjda Bolt & Nut Co, 
Ltd, res Toronto 

Stephens Thos H, carpi h 12 Thompson 
Stewart Miss Helen R, itchr Swansea Pub- 
School, res Toronto ' 

Stinson Robert, plater, -beg Bertba 
Stokes Thos A, lab, has Maple av 
Stokes Wm M, stove rtiounter, h m s Myr- 
tle av 5 

Stone Austin, carp, h els Bertha 
Suggitt Margaret (wid?Thos), h e s Win- 
dermere av 

Suggitt Marshall, mac*, I Mrs M Suggitt 
Suggitt Thos, mach, 1 Mrs M Suggitt 
Kathleen Brydson Postmistress, w s 
Ellis av 

Swansea Public School, W H Clipper- 
ton prin. Windermere av 
Terrell Eliza (wid Stephen), h w s Lavina 
Thompson Mrs Sarah J, Indrs, n w- s L.a- 


SUITE : 603-604-605 Traders Bank Building, Yonge St. 



PHONES; OfHoe, Main 4^^ 

Re*. Main 

— 57 — 


Real Estate, inyestieents and Loans 

i« Q TT Offloe Phone, Main 4698 
AO I UrOmU Ola Reg. Phene, Coll. 2938 


Timmons Joseph, btchr, h s s Mynle av 
Uprichard Geo, metal wkr, li w s Bevtha 
Valentine John, bolt mkr, b'F Harrison 
Vance Chas, boltmkr, b W Leek 
Vaughan Arthur, mach, 1 P Vaughan 
Vaughan Geo, bolt mkr, b E 
Vaugha\ Joseph, mach, 1 P Vaughan 
VaughariSf hilip, mach, h w s L.i'.’ina 
Waddingt^ Robt, nut mkr. 1 Wm Wad- 

Waddington Wm, trap mkr, h w s Win- 
dermere av 

Waddington -Wm jr, nut mkr, I Wm 

Wade Lawrenbe, shoemkr, h n s College 
St extension 

Walker David, bolt mkr, h n s Winder- 
mere pi 

Walker Frank, 1 D Walker 
Wallis Thomas K, bkpr Dominion Sewer 
Pipe Co, Ltd. res Toronto 
V.’atson Albert, elk, h s s Park rd 
WATSON THOMAS H, Manager Can- 
ada Bolt & Nut Co, Ltd, Ee« Toronto 
Weech Wm J, bolt mkr, h s s Oak av 
W'elr Geo S. mach, h Windermere av, s w 
cor St Olaves pi 

Westover Chas J, -n-eaver, h s s Park rd 
Whillans James A, phy n s Park rd. rms 
Wm Smith 

Wilkins Arthur, brklyr, h .n s College st 

Wilkins Robt, ydmn Grenfeller Ice and 
Coal Co, h w s Craig , , 

Wilkins Robt W, btchr, h es s W’inder- 
mere av 

WTIlis Kate (wid Henry), gro w s Craig 
Wiilis tValter H, driver, I Mrs K Willis 
Tv’llson Ja-3, paper ruler, h w s Eyiis av 
W'ilson John A, h w s Ellis av ■ 

Wilson Murdock, carp, h e s CAig 
Winkworth Lena (wid Wra), h e s "Lavina 
Winkworth Lionel, leather wkr, 1 Mrs L 

Winkworth Wm, bolt mkr 1 Mrs L Wink- 

W^ise Gertrude (-B'id John), 1 D W'alker 
Woodley Mark, hardware Elizabeth and 
Park rd, h same 

Wright Jonn H, elk, h w s Windermere 

W right Thos, holt mkr, h R Parron| 

~ t j 


(Four and a half miles east of P O) j 

Adam Walter N, tmstr, h 61 Cronyrf’ av ’ 
Aitchison David, h 129 Bee i 

AUebi-^ot) Frank, brkiiikr. b 162 Bee ' j 

.Allen Wm G. ledger kpr. n 21 Gamble av i 
Allison Kenneth J. brkmkr. h 148 Bee 
Allpress . mos, concrete wkr, h 97 Bee ] 
A'Adrews 5eo, brkmkr. h 13 Westwood av i 
Andrews Henry, lab, h 224 Woodville av 
Andrews Wm. tmstr. h s s Sammon? av 
Arthur Geo, lab. h 76 Randolph av 
Ashby Wm. tmstr. h rear 340 Hon Milks rd 
Atack Janies, plstr. h s s Sammon av 
Alhersich Kerbert S. mkt gdnr 29 b'ulton 
av, h same 

Athersich Wm, mkt ganr 100 Randolph ' 
av, h same 

Backshall Frank, lab. h 31 Westwood av | 
Bailey Benjamin, lab, h 222 Gowan av ( 
Baldwin Fredk. carp, h 183 Gamble ^.v 
Baldwin John T. contr 106 Bee, h same 
Baldwin John T jr, plmbr, h 106 Bee 
Baldwin Naomi (wid Alfred J), h 189 Gam- 
ble av y 

Barclay Isaiah B, prin Todmorden Pub 
Sch. b s s Cosburn av 
Barker Robert, mkt gdnr s a Cosburn av 
Barr James, hostler, h n s Ubn Valley 
Barron Alexander, mkt gdnr 20G Garden- 
er av. h same 

Barry John, lab. h s s Sammon, av 
Bartholomew Wm. checker, h SV^Torrens 

Bassett Sidney, lab, h 116 Bee - 
Bater Francis G, elk, h 267 Don Mills rd 
Bater Louisa (wid George), b 24/% Don 
Mills rd i 

Baxter Geo W. fruits, h 369 Don Mll\ rd 
Beckett Charles, brklyr, h 20 Frank land 
avenue \ 

Bee Wm, mkt gdnr 115 Gardener av \ 
Bell Alex, btchr, h- 9 Westwood av 
Bell James, mkt gdnr, w s Woodbine av*. 
Bell Robt, mkt gdnr 1139 Leslie 

Bell Walter L. mkt gdnr s s Cosburn av, 
h same 

Bellamy Clarke, tmstr, h 144 Woodville av 
Bellamy George, tmstr, h Don Valley 
Bellamy John E. lab, h 489 Don Mills rd 
Bennett ..\lfred, brklyr, h n s Bee 
Beswick Joseph, engineer, n 11 Hawthorne 

Bigley George, engineer, h n s Mortimer 

Bird AlfroJ, driver, h 124 Bee 
Bishee Ebenezer A, lab, h 223 Woodville 

Blood Jesse, brklyr, h 13 Franklanu av 
Holderslon Jas, lab, h 1036 Pape av 
Bolton Wm, lab, h rear 340 Don Mills rd 
Booker Edwin, h 65 Cronyn av 
Booth Alfred J, bartndr Todmorden Ho- 
tel, res Toronto 

Boulton Harry, carp, h 207 Don Mills rd 
Bourne Leonard, mkt gdnr n s Plains rd 
Boyd James, harness mkr, h 150 Gowan 
Brackin Wm H, lab, h 16 Frankland av 
Bradbury Wm E, brklyr. 1 106 Bee 
Bradley Arthur, lab, h 52 Bee 
Bradley Thomas, mkt gdur, 139 Gardener 
av, h same 

Bray Samuel, lab, h 6 Hawthorne row 
Brayman Thomas, lab, h 41 Torreus av 
Brickies Anthony G, carp, h 187 Gowan 

Brideson Thos, h 4 Hawthorne row 
Briggs Herbert, lab, h 520 Don Mills rd 
Briggs Herbert, lab, h 1208 Leslie 
Brown Chas, slsmn 41 Gamble av 
Brown Elias J, carp, h s s Sammon av 
Brown Henry O glass wkr, h 104 Bee 
Brown Joseph, lab, h 27 Woodville av 
Brown Mary E (wid Wm). h w s Green- 
wood av 

Brown Thomas, mach, h 28 Frankland av 
Buckles Harriet A (wid John), h 48 Tor- 
rens av 

Budd Austin, lab, h 146 Gowan av 
Budd Stanislaus, lab, h 203 Woodville av 
Bull Jam«es, brklyr, h n s Westwood av 
Bnll John, brklyr, h 159 Gamble av 
Bull Reuben, h 155 Gamble av 
Bullock Albert E, glass ctr, h 163 Gamble 

Burgess John, tmstr, h s s Sammon av 
Burgess Wm. h cor Bee and Logan av 
Burns John J, gro^ I‘ape av, cor Ran- 
dolph av 

Burton Joseph, brkmkr 1264 Leslie 
Burton Samuel, carp., h 180 Woodville av 
Itnsf^ell Robert, elk, h 16 Torrens av 
Butler Leonard, mkr .gdnr 1063 Pape nv 
Byers John, tmstr. li 10 Hawthorne row 
Byers Joseph, mkt gdnr 142 Gardener 

Campbell Ii\igh, marbl® pishr, h 17 Oron- 
yn av 

Candler N>rman, mkt gdnr n s Poulton 
av. h same 

Carter Alfred, brklyr, h 24 Frankland av 
Carter Arthur, brklyr, h’ 2G(^ Frankland 

Carter Charles, brklyr, h. 26 Frankland 

Carter Robt. earn, h 2.3 FultoEi av 
Carter Wm, lab, h 23 Garhble av 
Cartledge Joseph, lab. h lo-J/IIronyn av 
Cartwright John G, elk, h s s Westwood 

Carwardine Alfred, lab. h 263^Gardener av 

Carwardlne Bros (Charles i>nd Harry), 
mkt gdnrs 263 Gardener av 
Carwardine Charles (Carw’ardfce Bros), h 
263 Gardener av 

Carwardine Harry (Carwardine Bros), h 
263 Gardener av ^ 

Carv Chas J. gro 1246 Pane nv7- 
Chalraers Alex (i. baker, h 103 Cronyn av 
Chester Hall, 249 Don Mills rd ' 

Cluster Public School, Hartman Jones 
prin, w s Don Mills rd v 

Clark .Tames F, lab. h 55 Wood^kle av 
Cleland Sami, paint mixer, h 177'^amble 

ClifPe David M. painter, h 14 Fultonnv 
Clipperton Mrs Ida, tchr Chester public 
School, les Toronto J 

Cocklin Wm H. lab, h n a Mortlmefl av 
Collins Geo S. lab. h 6 Torrens av 
Collins Joseph, mkt gdnr 643 Don Mills 
rd. h same i. 

Collins Thos, h Don Valley ' 

Collins Wm, paper ctr, h 35 Gowan av 
Compton John, lab, h 55 Cronyn nv 

Constable Alex, pdlr, h 10 Fulton av 
Constable Jane (wid Thos), h 12 Fulton 

Constable Thos, gdnr, h 6 Fulton av 
Cooper Mrs Annie, gro 340 Don Mills rd, 
h same 

Cooper Chas H, shoemkr, h 38 Randolph 

Cooper Wm_R, mkt gdnr, h 340 Don Mills 

Copp Albert, btchr, h 21 Frankland av 
Corbett Benj, h 138 Don Mills rd 
Cordwipgley John, lab, h 99 Cronyn av 
Cordwingley Richd, lab, h 101 Cronyn av 
Cornish Angus, glass ctr, h 120 Bee 
Cosburn Chas, mkt gdnr 171 Bee, h same 
Cosburn Richard C, mkt gdnr 1161 Les- 
lie, h same 

Cosburn Robt, mkt gdnr 196 Bee, h same 
Costin Albert, brkmkr, h 23 Woodville av 
Cottrill James, lab. h 182 Bee 
Cousins Wm, mach, h n s Westwood av 
Cowlard Harry (>, carpet lyr, h 23 Cronyn 

Craddock Andrew, piano mkr, h s s Sam- 
mon av 

Cramp Frederick, miner, h 350 Don Mills 

Crease Fredk, lab, h 145 uowan av 
Crosbie Geo, trav, h 49 Itandolph av 
Crosby Geo, h 227 Don Mills rd 
Cross Robt. cabt mkr, h 20 Fulton av 
Crowe John, carp, h s s Westwood av 
Crozier Edward, tmstr, h 5 William 
Culver John, tireman, h 40 Gowan av 
Curlew Isaac, carp, h 1167 Pape av 
Curlew Samuel, lab, h 141 Gowan av 
Curtis George S, chef, h 85 Woodville av 
Cutbush Charles, lab, h 77 Gowan av 
Outbush George, brk burner, h 33 Gamble 

Dale Frank, lab, h 13 William 
Duilimore Edward, btchr, h 183 "Woodville 
a V 

Dallimore John, paper mkr. h 199 Wood- 
ville av ^ , 

Daniels Frederick, brklyr, h 2V^ Frank- 
land av 

Daniels Jas, mkt gdnr n s Mortimer av 
Daniels Wm H. mkt gdnr n s Cosburn av 
Dart Geo, mkt gdnr s s Plains rd 
Dart Geo Jr, mkt gdnr d s Plains rd 
Dart Jas. tmstr, h ^206 Leslie 
Dart John, lab, h 150 Gamble av 
Dart John, mkt gdnr n s Plains rd 
Dart Joseph, mkt gdnr s s Plains rd 
Dart Joseph jr. mkt gdnr a s Plains rd 
Davie Robt J, lab, h 44 Torrens av 
Davies Joseph, brklyr, Hi 50 Randolph av 
Davies Robert, JP. prop Don Valley Brick 
Works and Don Valley Paper Mills, h 
244 Don Mills rd 

Davis Christopher, lab, h n s Sammon av 
Diivis Frank, swimming instructor, h 33 
Gowan nv 

Delavigne Herbert, lab. h 137 Bee 
Dennis Herbert, tmstr, h 64 Randolph av 
Dennis Joseph, cable mkG h 56 Randolph 

Dislev Elijah, w’eaver. h 138 Gowan av 
Don Mills Methodist Church', Rev John H 
Oke pastor, n s Don Milts rd 
Don Valley Brick Works, ^-Robt Davies 
?>ron. Don Valley 

Don Valley Paper Co, Ltd, ..Robt Davies 
pres, Don Valley 

Douglas .John, fireman, h n sVSammon av 
Dunklev Wm, tanner, h 125 Torrens av 
Dunn Thos, h 223 Don Mills ni 
Dunn Wm, h e s Pape av 
Dunn Wm W. tmstr. h 266 Ga^ener av 
Durv Perev. elk, h 48 Bee 
Dyinond Wm H. concretor 40 Bee, h same 
Easton John. lab. h 152 Gamble av 
Eaton Wm. lab. h 3 Hawthorne row 
Edge Joseph, brkmkr, h 3 Logari av 
Ellis l*nbt. earn, h 28 Randolph :.nv 
Ellis Sidney, pdlr, h s s Plains rd 
Elrick John, mason, h 51 Cronyn -av 
Emerv Walter, barber, h rear .“HO Don 
Mills rd •. 

England Ernest G, cattleman, u 4'S 
Mills rd \ 

PJngland Tho«. driver, h n s Don vHliev 
Eyre John W. carp, h 189 Gowan ai|- 
Fallow Geo, lab, h 57 Cronyn av t 
Fancourt Charles E, tinsmith, h SOlTor- 
rens av \ 

Pancourt Edwin C, express 60 To™ns 
av, h same \ 





— 58 — 


TEL- MAIN 3627 

Ferchat John, lab, b 1010 Pape av 
Fetterly Peter, harness mkr, h 1 Haw- 
thorne row 

Finch Alfred, jwlr, h n s Westwood av 
Plewellins Martha E (wld John), h 14 
Randolph av 

Flook Albert, brklyr, h 17 Fulton 
Forster Chas, brklyr, h 32 Gowan av 
Foster Wffl G, pdlr. h 12 Frankland av 
Friend Jaa, tmstr, h 47% Cronyn av 
Fry Wm A. pistr, h 50 Bee 
Fulford Fredk A. engineer, h 39 Gamble 
avenue „ 

Fullager Wm G, lab, h 1(B6 Pape av . . ^ 
Furmston James H, mach, n s s Plains 

Gale^'wm J, engineer, h 27 Gamble av 
Gardiner Miss Ruth, bkbndr, 1 7 Frank- 
land av , „ 

Garlick John, caretkr. h 73 Gowan av 
Gerrard Wm, lab, h 13 Fulton av 
Gllbralth Robt, fireman, h 23 1 Don Mills 

Goddard Arthur P, elect, h 15 Woodvllle 

Goldsmith James, tmstr, h Don Valley 
Graham Alfred, painter, h 162 Don Mills 

Graham Wm B, tmstr, h 60 Randolph av 
Grant Alex, lab, h 2 Hawthorne row 
Green Alfred, lab, h n s Westwood av 
Green James, lab, h 139 Bee 
Green John. liib. h 30 Torrens nv 
Green .John Jr. h 20 Torrens ay 
Green Sami, blksmth 213 Don Mills rd, h 
same „ 

Green Thos H. brkmkr, h 121 Bee 
Griffin Geo. mkt gdnr n s Plains rd 
Cuvier Jane (wid James), h 58 Bee 
Haill Edwd A, pistr, h 47 Cronyn av 
Hall Miss Mabel, tchr Todmorden Public 
Sch, 1 10 Torrens av 
Hallam Geo, brkmkr, h 181 Gamble av 
Hammond Andrew, lab. h s s .Sammon av 
Hare Bros (James and Thos), mkt gdnis 
e s Don Mills rd 

Hare James (Hare Bros), h e s Don Mills 
road „ 

Hare Thos (Hare Bros), h w s Don 
Mil's rd 

Har.crreaves Joseph, driver, h 18 Randolph 
avenne _ 

Harris Thomas, brklyr. h 195 Gamble av 
Harrison Albert, tinsmith, h s s Samraon 

Harrison Geo, brkmkr, h 12 Hawthorne 

Harrison Wm, brtndn.. Todmorden Hotel, 
res Toronto 

Hart H Burcham, h 148 Don Mills rd 
Harvey John G, real est cor GambU av 
and Don Mills rd, h 309 Don Mills cd 
Harvey Walter J, cond„ h 32 Torrens av 
Hayes Ernest G, painter, h 183 Gowan av 
Hazelton ,Toseph A. h 7 Gowan av 
Hazelton Robert, b 1 Bee 
Heaton .Toseph. lab. h 1930. Pape av 
Heaton .Joseph L, dairy 1015 Leslie 
Heaton Wm, lab, h e s Don Mills rd 
Hedderly Chas, carp, h 133 Bee 
Henderson Caroline A (wid Archibald), b 
452 Do" Mills rd 

Hibbitt Henrv 5 whol btehr 47 Gamble av 
Hibbitt Wm H, btehr, h 37 Gamble av 
Hinkley John, grocer 3.51 Don Mills rd, h 

Hlnsley Arthur C. brkmkr. h 39 Gowan av 
Hinsley John, lab, h 76 M’^aodvllle av 
Holden John, mkt gdnr s s Plains rd, h 

Hollier Fredk, agt, h 334 Don Mills r.l 
Holmes Frank, mach, h 44 Bee 
Holmes Fredk, concrete fnshr. h 147 Gow- 
an av 

Holmes John W. painter, h 46 Bee 
Hooker Wm. painter, h 103 Bee 
Hoskin Edwin, florist s s MorUmer av 
Howe James A, lab, h 156 Bee 
Howe Wm. moto. h 121 Gamble av 
Hoyle Ernest, h 123 Cronyn av 
Humphries Wm G. lab, h 43, Gowan av 
Hunter Geo A, tohr, 1 217 Don Mills rd 
Hunter Mary (wid John), b 217 Don Mills 

Hyde Harry, prop Todmorden Hotel, h 

Ing Ernest, lab, h 346 Don Mills rd 
Inward George, mkt gdnr 1075 Leslie, b 

Isbell John T, sismn, h e s Logan av 

Jenkins Jas H, b 356 Don Mills rd 
Jennings Bras (Wm H and Joseph E). 

mkt gdnis fc s .Sammon av 
Jennings Jos4>h E (Jennings Bros), h s s 
Sammon avt . 

Jennings Wmi H (Jennings Bros), h s s 
Sammon av '• 

Johnson Chas ^ B, sismn, 1 379 Don Mills 

Johnson Isaac 13 , h 37 9 Don Mills rd 
Johnston Sami, - lab, h 42 Torrens av 
Johnstone Elia^ W, carp, h 92 Bee 
Jones Harry, lab, h s fl Westwood av 
Jones Hartman,- prin Chester Pub Seb, 
res Toronto „ 

Jones Wilfred, piano mkr, h 193 Gowan 

Rear Walter, lab. h 25 Woodvllle av 
Kelly James, engk h 6 Hawthorne row 
Kelly James, mkt gdnr s s Sammon av, 
h same 

Kelly Thos, macl^ h 90 Bee 
Kenn David, lab, h 72 Randolph av 
Kenn Joseph, lab, ih 89 Cronyn av 
Kennedy Christopher J, lab, h 7 Frank- 
land av , , 

Kimbei lej Horace J, metal wkr, h i , 
Gamble av , „ 

Kimberley John A, brass fnshr, h 79 Gam- 
ble av 

King -I'rcdk, lab, h n s Gowan av 

Kingdom James, dairy 376 Don Mills 
rd, h same 

Kirk Rlchd, carp, h 106 Cronyn av 
Kirton Daniel, lab, h 167 Gowan av 
Kirton Thos G, driver, h 15 Westwood av 
Knight Alfred W, oik, h 35 Gamble av 
Knight Geo A, carp, h 180 Bee 
Knowles Miles, painter, h s s Westwood 

Lambert Joseph, pdlr.-.h n s Sammon av 
Lawrence Benj jr, tmstr, h 73 Woodvllle 
avenue „ 

Leamen Christopher J, mkt gdnr 298 Gar- 
dener av, h same 

Leamen John C, mkt gdnr s s Sammon av 
Lee Arthur, tmstr, h n s S.ammon av 
Leggett George, b 12 Tarrens av 
Lehman Miss Maud, tchr Chester Public 

Sch, res Toronto _ 

Lethbridge Win T, lab, b 215 Don Mills 

Lewis Joseph, driver, h‘i,l23 Bee 
lung Geo, steam ftr. h^3 h’rankland av 
Lockwood Mrs Alice, h BBS Bee 
Lowry John H, harness ipkr, h 17 Frank- 
land av i „ 

Lusty Nimrod, brkmkr, b 58 Torrens av 

Lyford Henry, brass wkr,^ h 49 Woodville 

avenue V 

McArthur .las. h .386 Don ^lills rd 
McBride David, shipper, h 44 Bee 
McBride Peter, carriage blfir, h 42 Bee 
MrCnldon Robert, lab. h IJa Gam Die av 
McCann Wm E, music tchr 25 Gamble, h ^ 

McCauley .T.imes, mkt gdniTl221 Leslie, h 
same r 

McDIarmid .John, mach. h . 40 William 
McDonald Geo, carp, h 1038 Fape av 
McGilvray John, lab. h 60 Bee 
McGregor Alex, mkt gdnr s^s Plains rd, 
h same ■. 

McGregor Mary (wld Alexander), h n s 
Cosbum av i 

McGregor Robt mkt gdnr n s^osburn av, 
h same ■, „ ,, 

Molnnes Miss Jean, tchr Cheater Pu ilic 
School ^ 

McKay John, mkt gdnr n s Sammon av 
McKay Mary J (wid M'm), h 3% Cosburn 

McKay Robert, mkt gdnr s a;, Cosbum 
av. h same 

McKay Thomas C. mkt gdnr e a Green- 
wood av, h same ^ 

McLean John W, lab, h 19 Wooitville av 
McLean Wm, driver, h 55 Torrens-Av 
McNaugbton Arthur, elk, 1 163 Mfoolville 

Macdonald John A, furrier, h 107 Bee 
Macdonald Wm, mkt gdnr s s Cosburn 
av, h same 

Mackintosh George, grocer 172 Gamble av. 
h same 

Magee Earl E, mkt gdnr s s Sammon .-iv, 
h same 

■Magee John, mkt gdnr, n s Mortimer av 
Mander Harry, Japanner, h 110 Randolph 

Mander Wm, Japanner, b 112 Randolph 


Manwaring Albert, brklyr, h 22 Frank- 
land av 

Marden Geo, carp, h n s Sammon av 
Markham Theodore W, brk burner, h s s 
Westwood av 

Marquand : Francis, driver, h 1010 Pape 

ftVGllUG ^ 

Marrett Wm D, shoes 130 Don Mills rd, h 

Martin Arthur J. h n s Westwood av 
Martin John W, Jwlr, h 222 Gamble av 
Matheson Albert, driver, h n s Don Valley 
Maynard Albert (M Maynard & Sons), 1 
105 WopdTille av „ , . 

Maynard Charles (M Maynard & Sons). 1 
105 Woodville av 

Maynard Geo (M Maynard & Sons), h w 
s'Pape av . „ , , 

Mavnard James (M Maynard & Sons). 1 
105 Woodville av , . c % i. 

Maynard Mark (M Maynard & Sons), h 
105 Woodville av ^ i 

Maynard Mark jr (M Maynard & Sons), 1 
105 Woodville av 

Mavnard M & Sons (Mark, George, Mark 
jr, James, Charles and Albert), contra 
105 Woodville av 

Mayne Sami, lab. b 221 Gowan av 
Mefnecke Gustave, iron worker, h 20 Tor- 
rens av , Twr J I" 

Meirs Albert, rubber wkr, h 3o Woodvllle 

Miles Hen;y J, gro 1046 Pape av, h same 
Miles Henry J, mkt gdnr n s Mortimer 
av, h same 

Millar Frank, carp, h 336 Don Mills rd 
Millar John B, h 146 Don Mills rd 
Millar Robert, lab, h 1204 Leslie 
Miller Alexander, h 142 Don Mills rd 
Miller Conrad, mldr, h s s Sammon av 
Miller John, brklyr, h 29 Westwood av 
Mills Henry, painter, h 62 Randolph av 
Millward Sidney, metal wkr, h 219 Don 
iUllls rd 

Mizen Walter, mkt gdnr 4 Westwood av 
Monk Geo, pdlr. h s s Plains rd 
Moore Chas, brkmkr, h n s AVestwood av 
Moore Wm C, carp, h 205 Don Mills rd 
Morgan Andrew J, painter 68 Tokens av 
Morgan Sami F, bkpr, h 34 Randolph av 
Morris Geo S, iron wkr. h 26 Fulton av 
Morrison Margt (wld David), h 13 Cronyn 

Mortimer James, mkt gdnr n s Mortimer 
av, h same „ 

Moses Arthur J, pimbr; h 29 Gamble av 
Moses George A. bldr 4,3 Bee, h same 
Moses Geo H. brklyr, h 62 Gamble av 
Moses Joseph, contr, h 46 Gowan av 
Moss AVm E, earp. h 151 Bee 
Mountain Albert, mkt gdnr 600 Don Mills 
rd, h same 

Mulock Fredk, carp, h n s Mortimer av 
Mulock M'nlter, harness mkr, h n s Sam- 
mon av • 

Munro Earlev, lah, b i M illlam 
Munro M’m R. eng. h 139 Gamble av 
Murray .Tas. tmstr, h 87 Cronyn av 
Murrell Prank W, h 9 Woodvllle av 
Naish Francis, btehr. h 1 Logan av 
Neale John, carp, h 139 Cronyn av 
Nicholson Abel, carp, h 163 Woodville 

Oke Rev .John H. pastor Don Mills Meth 
Ch, h a88 Don Mills rd 
Oliphaut Percy, lab( h 16i AVoodville av 
Oliver Lemuel, carp^ h 27 Frankland av 
Osborne Fredk, fireman, h 179 Gamble av 
Osborne Harry, express 125 Gamble av, h 

Pag™Edwin G, painter, h 147 Bee 
Pankburst Edwd. lab, h 162 Woodville av 
Pape Alex, lab, h n p Bee 
Barker Alfred, lab, h 165 Gowan av 
Parker Herberi, glass ctr, h 114 Bee 
1‘arks Miss Mary G, (tchr Chester Public 
Sch. res Toronto i 

Parsons Alfred, carp,:, h 32 Randolph av 
E^JJtterson Robert L. Ir ^OO Don Mills rd 
Pavne John H, btehr, li 37 Wobdvllle av 
Pedlar Chas. brk setWr, h 38 Torrens av 
Pedlar John, brk mkr; h 17 Torrens av 
Pedlar Philip, brk mk)r, h 19 Torrens av 
Peebles Alex, carp, b <f>6 Randolph av 
Percival Alfred J, brkmkr. h .392 Don 
Mills rd 

Perkes George, brklyr, -h 29 Frankland av 
Perry Ambrose G, b 7.3 'Gamble av 


Real Estate Agents, 

Valuators and 

Estates Managed. Propc ties Bor.glit, Sold and 
Exchanged. Kents Collected. 20 TXiRONTO ST. 

— 59 — 


Real Estate & Insurance 


PHONE MAIN .... 73S 


Perry Arthur, driver, h 16 Randolph av 
Perry Wm, brkmkr, h 95 Bee 
Petherbrldge Charles, labi h 75 Gamble 

Pevls Wm, carp, h 342 Don Mills rd 
Phelps Leonard, tool mkr, h 157 Woodvllle 

Phillips Ernest, elect, h 40 Bee 
Phillips Ernest, lab, h 143 Gamble av 
Phillips Wm C. mariner, h 144 Gamble av 
Pillow Alex, Iron wkr, h 43 Woodvllle av 
PlUman John, tmsir, h Don Valley 
Polard Chas, btchr, h 3 Westwood av 
Potts Wm. brkmkr, h 153 Gowan av 
Pottell Fredk H, stock farm s s Cos- 
btlrn av 

Pratt Fredk T, glass wkr, h 102 Bee 
Pratl Walter, elk, h 14 Frankland av 
Prentice Thos, lab, h 1058 Pape av 
Prestige Daniel, lab, h 177 Gowan 
Proctr Wm H, carp, h n s Westwood av 
Pros*r Wm, carp, h 140 Gowan av 
Raw felchard, pdlr, h s s Plains rd 
Read Fredk C, lab, h 40 Torrens av 
Rear fhomas, tmstr, h 491 Don Mills rd 
Rice tteorge, brk setter, h 275 Don Mills 

Rlch.irlson Edward, lab, h 20% Frankland 

RignalltGeo C, carp, h 82 Gamble av 
Roberts! Charles, harness mkr, h 19 
Frankgnd av 

Roberts Vhas j . pdlr, h 167 Gamble av 
Roberts Bobt W, mkt gdnr 151 Don Mills 
rd. h strae 

Robeson Herbert, bkpr, h 151 Gowan av 
Robinson 'Allan, h w s Greenwood av 
Robinson Brcderlek, brkmkr, h 133 Gamble 
avenue 1 

■Robinson .R Chas, driver, h 168 Bee 
Robinson Tfeuben P, tinsmith 353 Don 
Mills rd. 1 43 Bee 

Russell Wm A. brklyr, h s s Sammon av 
S't Andrew’s Mission, Rev Frank Vlpond 
rector, n e Cor Bee and Pape av 
Saunders Jamos, lab, h n w cor Bee and 
Pape av \ 

Savage Fredk J, mkt gdnr, s s Cosburn 
av, h same 

Scale Harry R, lab, h 21 'Vvoodvllle av 
Scott Wm, lab, h 520 Don Mills rd 
Scott Wm C, bldn, h 144 Torrens av 
SeagrlfC Thomas, mkt gdnr n s Plains 
rd. h same 

SegrllT .John R, h w s Greenwood av 
Self Gilbert, brklyr, h 191 Gamble av 
Sellers Arthur W, checker, h 82 Gamble 

Sellers Robt, brklyr, 1 82 Gamble av 
Sharp Robt, stone mason, h 81 Cronvn av 
Sheather Herbert, shipper, h 25 Fulton av 
Sherk Asaph E. carp, h 7 Woodvllle av 
Shelvey Thos, bkbndr, h 119 Bee 
Sheppard Samuel, lab. h 59 Torrens av 
Sheridan Robert, tmstr. h 15 William 
Shields Wm, express 10 .Torrens av, h 

Shipp Francis W, engineer, h 29 Torrens 

Shirt James, grocer s w cor Bee and Pape 
av, h same 

Short John, lab, h 239 Don Mills rd 
Slbthorp Joslah, painter, h 28 Frankland 

Simmons Albert, brklyr, h 45 Woodvllle av 
Simpson Charles, mkt gdnr s Plains rd, 
h same 

Simpson Geo, engineer, h 249 Don Mills 
road ’ 


mlstres-s Todmo.rden P O, 247 tton Mills 

Skinner John, h 344 Don Mills rd 
Slosson Geo, lab, h n s Poulton av 
Smith David. Htho. h .504 Don Mills rd 
Smith Edward, mkt gdnr, n s Plains rd 
Smith Joseph, mkt gdnr s s Cosburn -av, h 
same 4 

Smith Wm, barber, h w s Greenwocm av 
Smith Wm A, groom, h 166 Gamble ^v 
Sneyd Sami, lab. h w s Greenwood a^ 
Somers Bernard (Somers Bro.s), h I'OlO 

Somers Bros (Bernard and Robert), mkt 
gdnrs 1010 Leslie 

Somers Robert (Somers (Bros), h loil) 

Southern John T, h 47 Bee 
Speed Wlllfred, lab, h 44 Gowan av 

] Spencer Geo, lab, h 203 Gamble av 
Spencer John, brk burner, n 149 Bee 
Sprlnfeett Wm, carp, h 66 Torrens av 
StandMge Wm, brkmkr, h 12 Westwood 

Steele Dhas, lab, h 130 Bee 
Stevena James, mkt gdnr s s Plains rd 
StevenslWm H, lab, h s s Plains rd 
I StevensAi Edmund G, paper mkr, h 150 
I Bee 1 

Stewart firs Helen, tchr Chester Public 
School, ttes Toronto 

Stewart fcabella (wid Jas), h 160 Don 
Mills rdt 

Stewart J&n, lab, h 173 Gowan av 
Strachan .Bex J, cabt mkr, h 96 Bee 
Strachan itvid, lab, h 79 Cronyn av 
Summerhaas Sami, h s s Westwood av 
Sutton Jantts, brklyr, h 159 Woodvllle av 
Taylor Alb*t W, cond, h 155 Gowan av 
Taylor Ann^wid George), h 332 Don Mills 
road * 

; Taylor Jamals, engineer, h 77 Cronyn av 
Taylor Wm T. h 200 Don Mills rd 
. Thompson JiBhn, h 1044 Pape av 
Thomson James, caretkr, h 141 Bee 
Tlchy Thos, earp, h 118 Bee 
Todmorden Hotel, Harry Hyde prop, 201 
Don Mi’is rd 


Louisa J Simpson Postmistress, 247 
Don Mills rd 

Todmorden Public School. Isaiah B Bar- 
clay prln, s Plains rd 
Tomlin George,' mkt gdnr 114 Gardener av, 
h s.ame 

Trowell Ernest, brkmkr, h 164 Bee 
Tucker Robt, lab, h rear 340 Don Mills 

Tully Geo, carpi h 14 Westwood av 
Turner Frank H, tmstr, h 36 Gowan av 
Turner Geo H, base mkr, h 15 Fulton av 
Tustin Chas, lab, h 1013 Leslie 
Tustin James, mkt gdnr n s Sammon 
av, h same 

Tustin Joseph, lab, h 8 Frankland av 
Tustin Samuel, tmstr, h 33 Frankland av 
Tustin Wm, h 146 Gamble av 
Tnstln Wm G. pdlr, h 639 Don Mills rd 
Usher Chas, fireman, h 109 Cronyn av 
Valiant Geo, h 89' Randolph av 
I Veater Walter, tmstr, h 1253 Pape av 
Veinon Samuel, lab, h 8 Hawthorne row 
Vernon Wm, lab, h 145 Bee 
Vlpond Rev Frank, rector St Andrew's 
Mission, re's Toronto 
Walnes Henry, h 190 Gamble av 
Waines John W, brkmkr, h 5 ^estwood 

Walker Alex, lab, h 68 Randolph av 
Walker Alex, lab, h n s Sammon av 
Walker Alfred C, lab, h 185 Gowan av 
Walker Sami, carp, h. 45 Gamble av 
Walton Arthur F, concrete wkr, h 58 
Gamble av 

Walton Herbert S, concrete wkr, h 60 
Gamble av 

Ward Jas, lab, h 6 Hawthorne row 
W^ard Wm, mkt gdnr, 116 Randolph av, 
h same 

Watt Robt J, watch case turner, h 375 
Don Mills rd 

Watts Samuel, lab, h 135 Gamble av 
Waygood Robt, lab, h 169 Gowan av 
Wayte Fi-ank, concrete wkr, h 6 West- 
wood avenue 

W'ebley Albert W, packer, h 146 Bee 
Webley Frank G, jwlr, ti 134 Don Mills 

Wells Wm T, brk burner, ^h 1 Westwood 

Wenman Joseph, fireman, h 58 Randolph 

Westecott Wm. gdnr, h 1260 Leslie 
Westwater Frank, brklyr, hi 70 Randolph 

Westwood John, mkt gdnr 140 Don Mills 


Westwood Percy, real est, (h 150 Don 
Mills road v 

Whltnell Isaac, mkt gdnr, n ;,s Mortimer 

Wlckware Elbern, carp, h 49,iCronyn av 
Wlggin Richard, gdnr, h 19 Fulton av 
M'ilkinson Geo, lab, h 121 Crohyn av 
Wilkison Jas, lab, h 19 Cronyn av 
Wilks James W, paper mkr, h IDon Val- 
ley " 

Willis Sami H, mldr, h n s Poulton av 
Wills Wm, elect, h 6 Frankland av 

M'ilsher^Geo, lab, h 144 Gowan av 
Wilson F, mkt gdnr, 279 Don Mills 

road \ 

Wilson M^es, tmstr, b 43 Gamble av 
Wilson Wm, mkt gdnr s s Plains rd 
Wilton JaSlab, h 231 Don Mills rd 
Withers E*est, lab, h 153 Bee 
Woods^b, h 1041 Pape av 
Woolliugs Glkrge H, tlr, h 305 Don Mills 
road ^ 

Woollvin Wm.Sab, b 132 Bee 
Worsfoid John^tmstr, h 42 Gowan av 
Wright Geo S, lab. h 26 Randolph av 
Wright John, stimftr, h 372 Don Mill* 
road > 

Wyatt Arthur, tmSfr, h 7 Gamble av 
Wyatt David, lab, hl202 Woodvllle av 
Wyatt John, h 11 -Gamble av 
Wyatt Wm, brkmkr, h 5 Gamble av 


(Eight and one-half miles northwest of 

Adamson Mhss Ada. 1 J B Adamson 
Adamson John B, mgr Moffat Stove Co 
Ltd, h s s Sykes av 

Agnew Wm L, elk Bell Tel Co, h s e cor 
North Station and Maria 
Aitchlson David F, elk, 1 Wm Altchlson 
Aitchison Robt F, dairy w s Main, h 

Aitchison Wm, h w s Main 
Alexander Blanche M (wld Alex A), h 
s s King, near North Station 
Alexander Harry J, prln Weston public 
school, h n s Church 
-Allen Jeremiah, carp, h w s Alain 
Allen Roht J. well-digger, has Maria, 
near Pine 

Allen Wm, carp, 1 Jas Smltn 
Ambler Thos E, h n s William 
Armstrong Robt, prop Central Hotel, e • 

Ashman Chas (Viney & Ashman) 

Bailey John, tmstr, h e s South Station 
near John 

Bailey Ross, tmstr, I .7 Bailey 
Baker Annie (wid Alfred), I T Harris 
Balfour Jas, watchman, h w s King 
erica (Branch), N J McEwen Manager, 
Main n e cor John 


Pope Manager, Main, cor Dufferln 
Banks Wm. hue cor King and North 

Barker Aaron J, postmaster, h n s Marla, 
near North Station 
Barker Gordon A, 1 A J Barker 
Barker Joseph, contr, h n s Marla 
Barker Richd R, biksmth, e s Main, h 

Barker Robt, carp, h n s Coulter av 
Barney Edward, patternmkr, h e s Mtln 
Barton Alfred M, florist, w s George, 
near King 

Barton Arthur J, florist, n e cor Main and 
Denison av, h same 
Barton Jo'nn H, florist, b e s Main 
Bates Jas, driller Moffat Stove Co Ltd, 
h w s Main, near John 
Beamish Richd, driver, h w s Main 
Beasley Victoria (wid John), h n s King 
near Main 

Beaston Albert, mounter Moffat Stove Co, 

I Wm Wilkinson 

Bell Elizth (wid Robt). h e s Main 
Bell Ellen (wid Edward), h w s Main 
Bell Geo .T, pattern mkr. h e s Main 
Bell Miss Gertrude, tchr Weston Public 
School, I J B Bell 
Bell Jas E, mach, 1 Mrs Ellen Bell 
Bell John E, engineer, 1 Mrs Ellen Bell 
Bell .To.seph B, carp, h n a Church 
Bell Telephone Co, S Totten local mgr, 
e s Main, near Dufferln 
Bell Wm R, 1 Mrs Elizth Bell 
Bentley Esther (wid Thos), 1 Robt Greer 
Best John, mkt gdnr, n s Denison av, 
h same 

Best Thos, bldr, h n s St Johns rd 
Bilton Geo, painter, h w s Main 
Blake Robt J. mounter Moffat Stove Co 
Ltd. h w s George, near Church 
Bojoza Wm, mldr Mofiat stove Co, h w s 





70 f 


220 King St. W., Toronto 

The Dovercourt Land 





24 Adelaide St. E. 

Bolton Miss Ruth, I Mrs D Dixon 
Bolton Thos, 1 Mrs D Dixon 
Bolton Wm T, lab, h n s Coulter av 
Bookless Miss Kate, h s s Rectory lane 
Boustead J'hos A, lab, h n s Conron pi 
Bowslaugh Cbas L, mach, has Marla, 
near North Station 

Bridget John, brklyr, h s s Coulter av 
Brown Albert E, lab, h w s Main 
Brown John, caretkr, h e s Main 
Bull Edward W, bldr h w s Main 
Bull Miss Fanny C, h w s Cross 
Bull Jacob, h n s John 
Bull Robt J. (Keyes & Bull), h n s King, 
near North Station 

Burgess Alfred J, tinsmith, h n s Denison 

Burgess Joseph, night wtchmn, 1 Miss S J 

Burnett Jas, gdnr, h s s William 
Burnett Sami, h s s Elizabeth 
Burrage Mrs Elizth, 1 Mrs A Taylor 
Burrage Wm C, bldr, b P T Rowntree 
Gaboon Harvey, elk, h e s Main 
Cairns Archd, caretkr, h e s Main 
Cairns Miss Janet. 1 A Cairns 
Caldwell Bella (wid Henry), h w s Main 
Caldwell Percy, packer Reliable Bedding 
Co, b Mrs B Caldwell 
Campbell Archibald L, insp pub schools, 
h s s Church 

Campbell Donald W, h e s George, near 

Campbell Isabella (wid Duncan), h e s 

Campbell Wm, co Constable, h s e cor 
North Station and Church 
Canning Frank, lab, b E C Ella 
Caruthers Hannah (wid JasV h w s North 
Station, near Church 
Cassan Arthur R, lab, h w s Main 
Cathcart Robt A, pedlar, h s s Church 
Central Hotel, Robt Armstrong prop, e s 

Chadwick John M, shipper, h w s Main 
Chambers David, brkmKr, h w s Main 
Chapman John, h w s Main 
Charboneau Paul, caretkr, h w s Cross 
Charbonenu Wm, lab, h n s William 
Charlton Wm J, phys, s e cor North Sta- 
tion and John, h same 
Church Herbert J. mech engineer, h w s 

Clark Nelson, bkpr W J Smith, h e s 
George, rear King 

Coe Harry E, painter, h n s Denison av, 
near Main 

Coleman Wm E, tir w s Main, opp Bank 
of Nova Sco*tln, h same 
Coles Rev Levi H, pastor Baptist Ch, 
h n s Wiliiam, near NorUp Station 
Colhoun Chas, mach, h w s North Station 
Colhoun Joseph, supt D A Lemaire, h n s 
Lemalre av, near George 
Colhoun Joseph jr, elk, 1 j Colhoun 
Colhoun Nelson D, studt, 1 J Colhoun 
Comben Robt S, tmstr. h n s Beech 
Condon John H, pller, h Church, s w cor 
North Station 

Conron Jas, h e s North Station 
Cookman Itev Christopher, h n s Coulter 

Coon Harvey, h n s Beech 
Cottrlll John T, Bkpr L A Lemaire, h e s 

Coulter Andrew, bldr, h w s Mam 
Coulter Goo W, vet surg w s M.ilii, h same 
Coulter Gordon J, ranch, I T,evl L Coul- 

Coulter Harold L, mach, I Levi L Coul- 

Cousins Harry O, stenog, I H G Cousins 
Cousins Henry G, livery e s Main, h s s 

Coulter Jas W. mach, h e s George, near 

Coulter Levi L. mach w s Main, h same 
Coulter Roy I,, oik CPR. I G W Coulter 
Coveil Edgar, lineman Bell Tel Co, 1 J 

Craven Elizabeth (wid Jas), h n s Church 
Crew Harriet (wid John S), I R Barker 
Crookes W^m H, lab, h n s Coulter av 
Cross St Presbyterian Church, Rev Angus 
H MacGllllvray pastor, e s Cross, near 

Crulckshank Miss Fay, I J L Crulekshank 
Crulckshank Jas, h w s i,iain, near King 
Crulckshank Jas L, (J Crulckshank & 
Sons), h n s Church, near King 

Crulckshank J & Sons (Wallace and J L), 
wagon mkrs, w s Main, near King 
Crulckshank Kenneth, mach, h n s Coul- 
ter avenue 

Crulckshank Wallace (J Crulckshank & 
Sons), h w s Main, near Church 
Daines Geo, bldr, h w s Main 
Daines Geo jr, mounter, b Wm Joyce 
Dalby Emma (wid Wm), h w s Cross 
Dalby Geo, lab, 1 Mrs E Dalby 
Dale Miss Sarah J, drsrakr, h s s King 
Dalton F Keith, studt, 1 J J Dalton 
Dalton John J, surveyor, h n s Maria, 
near North Station 
Dalton Miss Winnlfred, 1 J J Dalton 
Davidson Jas, lab, h w s Main 
Day Chas. carp, bus Elizabeth 
Day Edwd, painter, h w s Main 
Denison Thos, mounter Moffat Stove Co 
Ltd, 1 B Morrell 

Dent Miss Edith, h w s North Station 
Dent Wallace, 1 Miss tu Dent 
Dickin John, h e s Main 
Dickin Wm A, elect eng, h e s Main 
Dixon David, h n s Meyers av 
Dixon Deborah (wid John), h e s North 

Dixon Miss Florence tchr, I Mrs D Dixon 
Dixon Henry M, h w s No-rth Station 
Dixon Jas R, h e s Cross 
Draper Robt B, stock elk, h n s Mill 
Duffy Eliza (wid Taylor), h e s North 

Duggan Jas H, riveter, h s s Rectory 

Dunnett Wm H, plater, h n s Coulter av 

Eagle David W, elk, h n s Denison 

Eagle Edwd, mkt gdnr, h s s William 

Eagle John, hotel, cor Main and Dufferin 

Ella Ernest C, tmstr, h w s Main 
Ellerby Wm, tax coll Municipality of 
Weston, h s s Maria, near North Sta- 

Elliott Geo J, trav, h e s Main 
Evans Geo B, meter insp, h n s Church 
Ewen Edwd, lab. h w s Main 
Faichnle Wm, mldr Roman Stone Co, h 
w s Main 

Fairbairn Chas A, trav, I J K Fairbairn 
Fairbairn Miss Isobel, 1 J K Fairbairn 
h'airbaim John K, h n s William 
Fairchild A H, prin Weston High School, 
I J J Dalton 

Fairman Jas, painter, 1 Robt B Draper 
Farley Brqs (Stanley and Wm Farley), 
barbers, e s Main 

B'arley Stanley (Farley Bros). I Wm J 

Farley Stanley (Farley Bros), h s t 

Farley Wm, (Farley Bros), h s s Maria 
b'arley Wm J (Farley Bros), h s s Maria, 
near North Station 

Farr Clarke, elk McCormack Gibson Irvin 
Co, I T A Farr 

Farr Sarah J (wid Ellerby), h n e cor 
John an,i South Station 
Farr Thos A, trav, h s s Maria, near North 

Fielding Wm J, cattle food, h n s Rectory 

Finegan Harold J, hipr Roman Stone Co, 
1 J Finegan 

Finegan James, confy w s Main, h same 
Fleming Harry J, agt, 1 S Fleming 
Fleming Sami, h « s Church 
Flynn Robt J, h e s Main 
Forsyth Cha.s, millwright, h w s Main 
Forester Wm J, acet, h s s King 
Foster Mary A (wid Wm), h n s Church 
Fountain Fredk, mach, h n s Denison 

Franks Peter, h w s North Station, opp 

Fraser Geo M, h e s North Station 
Galbraith Thos, h s w cor Maria and 

Gardhouse Jas, undertaker cor Main and 
Little av. h same 

Gardhouse Jas M, broker, h e s North 

Gardhouse Wilbert, 1 J M Gardnouse 
Oibney John, foreman Roman Stone Co, 
h Geo W Bell 


Limited (Toronto), John C Irvin Local 
Manager, Immber Dealers, e s Main 
Gillies Alfred, foreman Roman Stone Co, 
h s s Oak 

Gillies Miss Annie M, tchr Weston High 

Gillies Wm, gdnr, h e s Main 
Giiiis John, mldr, b Mrs C Hoperaft 
Gordon Geo, tmstr. h e s Main 
Gordon Thos, mldr, h n s Meyers av 
Goulding John, h n s Maria, near North 

Goulding & Hamilton (Toronto), real es- 
tate, e s Main 

Graeb Miss E, tchr Weston High School 
Gram J Irwin, 1 W B Gram 
Gram W Bernice, bldr, h w s Main, near 

Gray G Howard, barr, e s Main, b Eagle 

Gray Hamilton K, h n w cor William and 

Gray Jas T, cook, h w s Main 
Gray Robt, shoe mkr, e s Main, res West 

Greer Robt. engineer, h e s Main 
Griffith Eliza J (wid John) h Churcji, 
s w cor George 

Griffith Francis W. h n s John 
Griffith Francis W jr, btehr e s Main, )i 
n e cor North Station and John 
Griffith Henry, btehr, I F W Griffiths 
Griffith Joseph A, mldr, I F W Griffiths 
Gum Frank, lab, h n s Denison av 
Hackett John T, dentist n w cor Main and 
Dufferin, res same 
Hagle Arthur, plshr, h w s Main 
Hall Miss Ethel, tchr Weston Pub School, 
I Mrs S A Hall 

Hall Sarah A (w,d Rev W), h n s King, 
near North Station 

Harrington Wm E, melter, h n s Coulter 

Harris Mlchl J, elect CPR, h e s South 
Station, near John 

Harris Patk, lab, h n s St. Johns rd 
Karris Thomas, mach, h s s King 
Harrison John, mldr, h w s Main 
Harrison Thos. bkpr Moffat Stove Co Ltd, 
h n s Meyers av 

Hart Albert A, elk Jas Huglll. 1 H Hart 
Hart Hector, contr, h s s King, near 
North Station 

Harvey Edwd R, agt, h w s Mam 
Hassard Wm, horse dir, w s main, h 
Church, n w cor Cross 
Hawkins Elizabeth (wid Chas), h s s 

Hawkins Mias Maud M. tchr W'eston High 
Sch, 1 Mrs E Hawkins 
Hewitt Alfred, mach, h n s Conron pi 
Hicks Jas, mach hd, h s s Elizabeth 
Hicks Jas B, driver Keyes & Bull, 1 J 

Hill Calvin W, elk, 1 Mrs A Stewart 
Hill Fredk T, h s s John, near North 

Hill Stephen (Hill & Shiells). b e s Main 
Hill & Shlells (Stephen HIH, Wm Shiells), 
grocers e s llain 

Hcgate Judson B, horse dir Main and 

Holley .Toseph. carp, h e s Main 
Holly Thos, h n s Beech 
Holly Wm, tmstr, h n s Beech 
Hoperaft Catharine (wid Geo), h w s Main 
Hoskin Sami J. I B F Palmer 
Houghton .las. h w s Main 
lluggett Martha (wid Robert), h s s John, 
near Main 

Ilugill Daniel A, piler, h w s Main 
Hugill Jas, hdwre e s Main, h w s North 
Station, near Maria 


A different Player-Piano to 
any other 

193-197 YONGE ST. 



Ch&rtered Executor, Administrator, 
Tnistee, Etc. 


Interest paid In 
Savingfs Departmen-^ 
subject to cheque 

Edmund C, painter, h w s 

South Station , vi n c 

Hutchinson Minnie (wid Wm), h n . 

H?tt?®EUzth (wld Jas E), h s s Cojjron 

Inc'h'^Wm J .druggist e s Main, h \or 
John and South Station 
I O O F Hall, n s Church 
Irrin .Tolm C. locai mgr Gitson, McCo 
mack. Irvin Co, Ltd. h s s Denison a 

Ir^ne^*,^s, biksmth, w s South Station, lil 
s,s John, near Main 
Irvkie Mary J (wid Win), h e s Main 
Iri^n E Frank, phy w s Main, near Town 
h same 

Irwli Henry P, tir e s Main, h same 
Irwtt Wm, h w s George, near 
Ja^aon John, bldr, h w s Main, near 

JimqBes Wm C. steel wkr, h e s Main 
Jaqufcs Edward H, 1 Mrs L Jaques , 
Jaqufe Louisa (wid Geo E), h n s Marla, 
near North Station -D-anv, 

Tpnnikers Henry, florist, n s 
Johnson Alex, shipper Reliable Bedding 
Co, h w s Main 
Johnston Miss Anne, h n s Mill 
Jones Rev John H, pastor St Johns cn, 
h e s North Station 
Joyce Wm, grinder, h w s Main 
Judson -Edwd, lab, b A K cassan 
Kaake Andrew, bailiff, h w s Main 
Kavauaugh John, tmstr Moffat s Stove Co. 

Ltd, h s s Maria, near Pine 
Keune^ Albert M, carp, 1 Mrs M J Ken 

Kenned Mary J (wid Geo H), h w s Main 
Kersey 'fihos,' h n e cor Main and Coulter 

Klyl^'sa'nab (wid Henr>2, h n s Joiin 
Keyes Wm J, (Keyes & Bull), h n s 

Key^"& BMl (W J Keyes, H J Bull), hd- 

KUburn^ SqSre, brkmkr, h s s Meyers 

avenue ,, . 

Lack Geo N, w'tchmn, h e s Mam 
Laurie John D, Imbr, h n s William 
Laver Jas H, tarmer, h e s Main 
Lawrence Annie (wld David), h w s Main, 
near Church 

Lawrence Chas. B, lab, h e ® etnve 

Lawrence David, mounter Moffat s Stove 
Co, h w s Main, near Church 
Lawrence Wm J^ gro e s Main, h same 
Lawrie Gavin, \ s s King, near GTR 

Leask^Grace (wid John D) . h s 
Lee Anne (wid jVs), h s s Church 
Lee Miss Edith M. tchr Weston Public 
Rnhool b Mrs A*. Lee 
Lemalre’ Lawrence ‘A, coal 

Main and Dufferih, h e s George, near 

LSehan* Ernest, drl-^r. 1 J ^®"®Ypmalre 
Lenehan John G, co^np, h n s Lemalre 

av, near George >. 

Lenehan John, tmstr. h s s 
Lennox John, h s s KHjg, near Elm 
Lented Wm, h w s Main 
Lindsay John, arch, h W s Main 
Lindsay Marline, acct. Ir e » Cross 
Lindsay Peter W, W K Undsay 

Lmdsay Wm K. bkpr,\h n s Rectory 

lane ,, , , 

Lister Jas, lab, h e s Main; 

I.hhgow Albert P, brklyi^h e s George, 

Livlngtmie Hereward D, \n M Living- 
stone ^ 

Livingstone Nell M, h s | Maria, near 

North Station , J 


facturcr. e s Main, h samA 
Longstaff Miss Sarah J, b e s^Iain 
Longstaff Walter, pump mlrtw s Main 
near John, h same 

McEwen John K (Pearson & McEwen), h w j g3^j.p_ b G B Moogk 

s Main, near John , > Moogk Geo B, contr, h e s Main 

McEwen Lome E, btchr, 1 J ^ . ; Moogk Herman H, 1 G B Moogk 

McEwen Nelson J, tt'Sr Bank of Britisi, Patk), 1 T J Moore 

North America, h s s DuffeHn j Moore Edgar, 1 Mrs F Moore 

McEwen Wilfred A, btchr 1 J K McEu^ j Moore Fannv (wid G C), h w s George 

McFarland Matthew, miner, h n s 

Ham . „ „i 1 Moore Thos J gdnr, li n s King, near G 

McGill Eugene, lab, h n s Conron pi | tracks 

McGinnis Joseph, mldr, h w s South Sta- chas R, ctr Roman Stone Co, h 

McGlynn John, carp, h s s King, near ivey, bkpr Moffat Stove Co, 

MeK™haii John, tmstr, h w s Main korl^y^eona/d T, carp, 1 C R Morley 

jMcKnight Laviuia (wld btenart), h n s Sjoj-nlngstar Albert W, btchr, 1 C Morn- 

:cLea^J0hn A, prin Earlscourt Public . ingstar 

Lowmsbrough Robt, mldr, h 1% Barker 
Lukes Miss Agnes, h n s Willi 
Lyons Geo M, dry goods w s Hain, nea 

McAllister Sarah (wid John), h 
McCIatchle Lewis B, assemble 
Stove Co Ltd, h n s Denison 
McCormack Michael, lab, h s s 
near Elm 

McCormack Richard, lab, 1 M Me 

* School, h w s Main t 

ilcLean John L. photog, 1 J A McLean 
McLean Wm, carp, h s s Denison av 
itcLellan Donald M, civ engineer, h n s 

J^Le^nan*^I*sabella (wld Thos), h e s Main 
Afe^ally Eliza (wld Sami), h s w cor 
North Station and King 
MS^hnil Archibald, lab, h e _s Main 
MiAlae Andrew C, h w s Main 
MeVean Miss Elizabeth, I T Kersey 
MaMonald Donald, h e s Main 
MaSougall Hugh, elk Roman Stone Co, 
b iOeo J Bell ^ _ c,. 

MacGillivray Angus H, pastor Cross St 
Pri^sbyterian Ch, h e s George, near 
Church , , 

MackSv Melville, plshr, h w s Main 
Mac^ Philip J, elk Rowntree Bros, h w 

Mac^Melvllle, hldr, h n w cor Main and 

Mackl^^Wm^*^D. tmstr, h n s Denison 

M^lgett Henry, h w s North Station, near 

Maguire Thos J, acct h e s Main 
Mallaby’Arthur A. confy Main, cor Hum- 
ber avf h same ,, , 

Mallov J^e (wid Alex), h n s Maria, near 

North aatlon „ 

Maltman AChas, mldr Roman Stone Co, 
b J D*yidson ^ , 

Marks Abfeham A, 1 Mrs J Marks 
Marks Mr? Janet, h n e cor North Sta- 
tion and Uhurch 

Marks Wm^, elk, 1 Mrs J Marfe 
Mashinter (&o, imp agt, he f Main 
Master Oiiv?-, h n e cor Maria and Pine 
Mather Alex^T carp, h n s John 
Matthews M*maduke E’ Jg 

Albans Caf|edral School for Boys, res 

Maxwell MissAAlma, tchr Weston Public 
School. 1 Mr*. S Maxwell 
MaSwTll Saral (wid John), h s e cor 

Maria and H)m T^i„„ near 

May Edwin J, carp, h s s King, near 

North Station; , 

May Miss Mary?T, I Wm May 
Mav Wm, h n 8 King 
Mead Edwd A, biksmth J Irvine, h w s 
South Station u . 

Meldrum John A phy « ® 'SViffilh 
Mercer Levi H, 1 Mrs R J ®tiffith 
Middleton Wm, gd»r. h s w cor Main and 

MUbink^ Clifford, Pinter, b T Smith 
Mills Arthur, macli, h ^ s Rectory lane 
Mills John; h w s North Station, near 

Mms'^John N H, stu'% ’ Jr^h'®n a King 
Mitchell Ellen (wld ^tobt), h n s King, 

Moffa’t A\?red B, real) estate, e s Main, 
h n s ^hurch ^ 

Moffat E'lizth (wid Tltes L), h s s Deni- 
son av near Main ^ , 

' Manager Moffat Stov¥ Co, Ltd, h n s 
Denison av, nr Main 
M0FF.\T JOHN . K, president Mof- 
fat Stove Co, Ltd, h S s Denison av, 
near Main 

MOFFAT THOMAS ^ Secretary- 
Treasurer Moffat stove ^o, Ltd, h s s 
. Denison av. nr Main % 

s Main rrS'^^at ra^nt, Mo^" 

^t ^le"c%far^-TTeit^^ 

Denison av, nr Main 
rody Harvey, slsmn, h w s’^aln, opp 
lentral Hotel 

®orningstar Miss Alma P, mlnr, 1 C Morn- 
' ingstar , . . 

orningstar Clayton, engineer, h s s Eliza- 

’ irrell Benj, drain contr, h e s George. 

iviBrmll Gem sec hd C P R, 1 B MorreU 
Mqrreil Thos. ptrn mkr Roman Stone Co, 
h Miss B Smith 

MAris Walter J, trav, h n s Coulter av 
Mofttimer Wm H, mldr, h e s Main 
Mu^haw Frank, contr, h w s Hlllcrest 

Mustelwhite Albert G, lab, h e « Main 
MusSin Edwd T, supt Automobile Co, h 
s ^tcor North Station and King 
Myeri Sarah (wid Wm O). h s s King 
NaisMtt Geo, h n s King, near North 

NasoitUosenh, barr, h e s Main 
Nattress Thos, h w s Main 
NickleW Geo B, lab. h s s Conron pi 
Noble Thos, mldr, h s s Denison av 
O’Dell "Wm H, feed, e s Main, H same 
Pa^-kham Geo W ORelJable Bedding Co), 

Palmer ^enj F, maeh. h cor Main and 

P:?rker .Ibsiah, brkmkr, h s s Maria, near 
North Station o , „ 

Pearce -/3ph, tool mkr, h s s Sykes av 
Peareii JObez M, trav, Ii n s King, near 

PeTrTon Arthur W, surveyor, 1 Henry 

PearsmrMlss Catherine M, tchr Weston 
Pub Sch.'.l Henry Pearson . u . 

Pearson H^iry (Pearson & McEwen), h ■ 

s Maria ( 
Pearson W4st, 


mldr Moffat Stove Co Ltd, 
h n s Detlson av 

Pearson Wi:4 E, phys, cor Main and Mill, 
rixis same- , 

Pearson Wnn J. harness mfr, w s Main, 
opp Ban^iof Nova Scotia, h Eagle 

Pearson & ItfcEwen (Henry Pearson, 
John K McBwen), real estate, w s Main, 

near John A . >-it. -v 

Peirson Allan p, broker, h n s Church 
Pelrson John 4 ^ 

Peirson Thos, % n s Church 

Penson Miss Elizth, tchr Weston High 

P^o'^IIorman A, drftsmn, b W M True- 

P^lard Geo. blk»mth w s Main, h same 
POPE PEROVi O, Manager Banfc ol 
Nova Scotia, h e s Main ^ . 

Pope Wm A, hlpr Roman Stone Co, h w s 
Main - , 

Prust Wm E, h w s Main 
Qulrie Robt, sec ^d C P R, h s s King, 
near Elm 

Ray Thos, bkpr, I.)T H Simpson 
Redmond Edwd. pfetr, h e s Main 
Redmond John, lab, h s s Beech 
Redmond Michl, I T Redmond 
Redmond Michl jr, lab, h n w cor Marla 
and Pine 

Redmond Thos, mkb^gdnr s s Marla near 
Pine, h same 

Reliable Bedding C« ( G W Packham, 
R J Buli), bedding jmfrs, e s Main 
Rollinson John H, carriage mkr, h e s 
North Station, near Church 
Roman Stone Co Lt^ stone contrs, e s 
Main and Oak 

Rowat Geo, lab, h s s Conron pi 
Rowe John M, tester Moffat Stove Wks, 
h s s Sykes av 

SOTglAs Ponton 


41 (SI 43 Adelaide St. Ea 

— 62 — 

Waterproof Wagon Carers 


77 WELLINGTON ST. W. •■••n'ted cement and Concrete Covers 


Gymnasium Mattresses 

Rowntreei Bros (Vernon and Garnet 
Rowntreb), grocers, n w cor Main and 

Eowntree David, h s s Duflerln 
Rowntree pavid jr, btchr n w cor Main 
and Duiferln, h n s Elizabeth 
Rowntree jErnest, carp, I F T Kown- 
tree I 

Rowntree Fredk C, cattle buyer, b Mrs M 

Rowntree Fredk T, h w s Main 
Rowntree ^redk W, bkpr Tor Suburban 
Rv, 1 F 5’ Rowntree 

Rowntree Garnet (Rowntree Bros), b D 

Rowntree Sarah H (wid John), h s w cor 
North Station and King 
Rowntree Vernon (Rowntree Bros), h s f 
Maria, near North Station 
Rumney Jas, elect engr, h s s Coulter 

Russell Henry, auctioneer, h s s John. near 
North Station 

Rve Joseph H, carp, has Elizabeth 
Sainsbury Predk, plmbr e s Main, h same 
Sainsburv Oeo, bldr, h n s Coulter av 


for Boys, Marmaduke E Matthews head 
master, n e cor King and iNorth Station 
St Johns Anglican Church, Rev John H 
Jones pastor, e s Main 
Savage Mary J (wid Thos Y), h s e cor 
Main and Church 

Scott Miss Mary A, gro w s Main, opp 
Church, h game _ 

Sharp Christina (wid Archd), 1 tV Sharp 
Sharp Walter, stone ctr, h s s Meyers 
avenue ^ 

Shaw Arthur, h s s King, near North Sta- 

Shaw Jas J, painter, h w s Mam, near 

Shiells Wm i(Hill & Shiells). h n e cor 
North Station and William 
Simpson Thos H. millwright, h w s North 
Station, near Church 

Sims -Alex F. shipper Moffat Stove Co, 
Ltd, h n s Denison av 
Sltzer Martha V (wid Wm E), h n s Wil- 

Skelton Jas,-_ midr Moffat Stove Co Ltd, 
h s s Syk©s 8.v 

Skelton Wra J. bkpr Moffat Stove Co Ltd. 

h cor Main and Meyers av 
Smith Alfred lab, b A G Musselwhite 
Smith -Alvin E, assembler, I Wm J Smith 
Smith Archdi real est. h w s Cross 
Smith Miss iBessie, h w s Main, near 

Smith Edwd.icement wkr. h w s George 
Smith .Tas. miller, h w « Jlaln 
Smith John A. bldr, h w s Cross 
Smith John F. tmstr, h s s Church 
Smith Kenneith P, piano tchr St Albans 
Cathedral ^hool for Boys, res same 
Smith Thos, ctr Roman Stone Co, h e s 

Smith Wm J,; Imbr dir, h n s King, near 

Smithson Wnj J, I J Parker 
Snashall Chas H. brkmkr, 1 D Chambers 
Snashall RicluJ, brkmkr, 1 D Chambers 
Sosnowsky M^ion. h s s King, near Elm 
Steven AVm, lumberman, h e s Main 
Stewart Annie (wid David), h n s Coulter 

Stewart John, icarriage bldr. h w s North 
Station opp William 

Stimson Henry, mason, h w s George 
near Church.. 

Stollery Henrj^ mldr, h n s Conron pi 
Stone Thos, bjMiss B Smith 
Stonehouse Rev Jas, h n s Dufferln 
Storm Wm Cfe designer, h w s North 
Station ; 

Strangways R«r Britton R, pastor Meth 
Church, h s 8 King, near Main 
Stuart Blizth d (wid Wm E), h n e cor 
William and .glllm 

Stuart Hiram T, pattern mkr, h Geo W 
Bell t 

Stutt Andrew, festr, h s w cor Main and 
Dufferin v 

Stutt Ralph, sisfan, 1 A Stutt 
Taylor Anne (wid Robt), h w s North 
Station ‘I 

Taylor Clement? carp, h s s King, near 
Elm * 

TAYUpR JAS H, Town Clerk and 

TrealLrer Municipality of Weston, h n 
s Kii*. near North Station 
Taylor Hercival S, elk, 1 J H Taylor 
Teasdalelrhos, h s s King 
ThomsonWas A, gdnr, h n s King, near 
North Ration 

Thomson \lohn S, baker e s Main, h 

Tippett Eiiftvin J. shoes w s Main, opp 
Eagle Ho\se, h same 

Totten Sang J, local mgr Bell Tel Co, 
h n s Meiers av 
Tottle Chas V, elk, h n s Church 
Trim Jas, fatfner, h n s William 
Trinkwon Cfiis, foreinnii C P R, h n s 
John » 

Trinkwon Wm, 1 C Trinkwon 
Trueman Wm^I. tmstr, h w s Main 
Turner AlfredVW, painter, h w s Main 
Tyrell Joseph mining engineer, h s e 
corner Marlaiand Pine 
Tyrwhitt St Andrew P, tchr St Albans 
School for Boys, h s s John, near North 
Station \ 

Vanalstyne ChaiD, fndrymn Moffat Stove 
Co Ltd, h n ai Denison av 
A'aughau Lewis H. gen store e s Main, h 
same A 

Verral Geo W, stjornge, h w a Afaln, opp 
King t 

Viney John (Vin» & Ashman) 

Viney & Ashman\(John Viney and Chas 
Ashman), mkr gdnrs n s Beech, h 
same i 

Wacey, lab, bte s Main 
Wade RIehd A, mowr, h n s Rectory lane 
Walker Albert E, brklyr, h cor Main and 
Meyers av \ 

Walker Peter, sec fireman G T R, h e s 
Main 5 

Wallis Ernest, fltt%r Moffat Stove Co 
Ltd, h s s Meyers g.v 
V\''ardlaw Eugene Ij, larmer, 1 H J Ward- 
law ) 

Wardlaw Henry J, h Church, n e cor 
Cross I 

Wardlaw John T, ctril H J Wardlaw 
AVardlaw Miss Julia, J e s Main 
W’ardlaw Miss Maria h e s Main 
Wardlaw Mary (wid ^esse G), h s s 
Maria, near Pine t 

Wardlaw Mary J (wi(S Alex), h Church, 
s e cor George ^ 

Wardsworth Elizth (v^d Thos), h s f 
William b 

Watson' Fredk, mach, lew s Main 
Watson Jas, farmer, his Main 
Watson John, h n s King, near North 
Station ? 

Watson Sophia (wid Wmt, h n s Churcb 
Webh Jas. btchr. b DiChambers 
W'ebster Albert W, opr* Bell Tel Co, 1 
W D W'ebster 4 

Webster Douglass, painter, I W D Web- 
ster J 

W'ebster Ernest, painter, f W D Webster 
W'ebster Gordon R, studtj 1 W D Web- 
ster 1 

Webster Walter D. p.ainteri b w s North 
Station, near King J 

Wehner Aliss -Anna, h e s Geprge 
Weller Geo, stove movmier,,th n s Eliza- 

Weston High School, A H Airchlld prin, 
s s King, near North Station 
Weston .Methodist Church, cRev B R 
Str.angways pastor, cor Klnj and Main 
Barker, Postmaster, s e co» Main and 

Weston Public School. H J'. Alexander 
Drill, n s King, near Maria 
Weston Roman Catholic Chvtrch and 
School, e s George, near Church 
W&ston Town Hall, ii w cor Maini^and Lit- 
tle av i 

Westphall Edwd G, mldr, h n s Bt Johns 
road J 

W^estphal Edwd G, mounter Moffat Stove 
Co. b V 'Westphal A 

Westphal VAlentine, mldr, h e s Main 
Whinray John, tmstr, h e s Main- 
Whinton Andrew E. printer, w ^ Main 
opp John, res Toronto 
Wilby Percy H, h w s Main 
Wilkinson Wm, hlpr Roman Ston^ Co. 

h w s Main \ 

Wilks Wm, lab, h n s Denison av - 

Willie MA^Lena, h e s Mam 
V/llson Fi»k. mounter Moffat Stove Co 
Ltd, b T l^ith 

Wilson Heni% btchr. h e s Main 
Wing W’alterM stock elk, h n s Mill 
Winters navid?*mstr. h s s Elizabeth 
Witty Henry, H^ber e s Main, h same 
VFood Robt. tinsmth, h s s Church 
Wood Wm G, farrUgr, h n s W’illiam 

AA’ilHams Thos, h e s Cross 



(Five miles northwest of Post Office) 

Adkins Henry J, tmstr, h s s Pickering 

Allen Thos G, stenog, h e s Wychwood av 
Ambrose Fredk, tmstr, h w s Vaughan rd 
Andrew Joseph W, mach hd, h w s Ro- 
bina av 

Andrews Kdwd, lab, h e s West av 
Ankers Jas, lab, h w s Bathurst 
Anzer John B, wtr, h e s Kenwood av 
Ashby EdwMn, carp, h w s Vaughan rd 
Avis Chas. btchr, I John Avis 
Avis Fredk, lab, 1 John Avis 
Avis John, gro e s Wychwood av, h same 
Avis Wm. printer, 1 John Avis 
Backhauser Chas H, wtr, h w s Vaughan 

Bairstow Jonathan, carp, h w s Lake- 
view av 

Baker Edwin, bldr, h w s Wychw’ood av 
Baldwin Ernest E, contr, h e s Kenwood 

Barnes Jas H, lab, h w’ s Bathurst 
Bartholomew Fredk C, elk, h e s Wych- 
wood av 

Bateman Thos D, fireman, h e s Vaughan 

Battershlll Lewis S, carp, h e s Vaughan 

Beers Edmund, slsmn, h 89 Vaughan rd 
Beeston Chas P, plmbr. h w s Bathurst 
Bell John, exp, h w s Bathurst 
Bell Sami, lab. h e s Wychwood av 
Bennett Albert, driver, 1 John T Bennett 
Bennett John T, brklyr, h w’ s Lakeview 

Berry Arthur W, carpet mkr, h e s Ken- 
wood av 

Betts S Wm, painter, h n s Mortimer 
Biddle Harry J, lab, h e s Markham 
Bilk Wm J, carp, h e s Kenwood av 
Black Jas, wtchmn, h w s Kenw'ood av 
Black Peter, carp, h w s Kenw’ood av 
Blatherwlck Harold W, mach, 1 Walter 

Blatherwick Walter, pattern mkr, h w s 
Wychw’0-3d av 

Blunt Jesse A, carp, h e s L,akeview’ av 
Bogg Angus, carp, h e s Kenwood av 
Bowman Emma (wid Henry), 1 John King 
Boyle Henry, driver, h e s Kenwood av 
Bradley Francis J, plstr. h w s Frederica 
Bradley Herbert D, florist, 1 Francis J 

Bradley Jas, plstr, h w s Vaughan rd 
Bradley Louis M, plstr, 1 Francis J Brad- 

Bradley Norman W, shipper, 1 Francis J 

Brain Rev Wm J, rector Church St Mi- 
chael and All Angels, h w s Markham 
Braund Wm B, stereo, h e s Frederica 
Bia 5 'man Jas O, painter, h n s Pickering 

Breen Jeremiah, presser, h w’ s Vaughan 

Brimicombe Thos, cond, h cor Kenw'Ood 
and Alice avs 

Brookes Herbert, brklyr, h n s Mortimer 
Brooks Albert W, brklyr, h w s Lakeview 

Brothers Fredk A, lab, h s s Pickering 

Brothers Harry, lab. h s s Pickering av 
Brown Edwd, gdnr, h e s Bathurst 
Brown Edw'd jr, gdnr, I Edwd Browm 
Brown Harold, gdnr, 1 Edwd Brown 
Brown Walter, tmstr, h n s Mortimer 
Browning Cyril, la*b. b Thos Davenport 
Browning Thos, brklyr, b Thos Davenport 
Bruff Henr.v, carp, b Mrs B Harvey 
Burbldge Francis, mkt gdnr e s Lake- 
view’ av, h same 

Burrall Thos, gdnr, h n s Mortimer 
Butcher Reginald N, elk, h e s Vaughan 

Butterworth John W, porter, h w s 
Vaughan rd 

I MC II p C t'he British America Assurance Co. (Fir^ 

I Incorporated A.D. 1833 y 

S^^Losses Paid Since Org-anization over S36, 000,000 


MA.IN Office anci Kesfdenoe Q27 Georg*e Street 


Byers Alan S, elk, h e s Lakeview av 
Cairns Jas G, chkr. h w s Kenwood av 
Cameron Colin, brklyr. h e s Markham 
Capper Sami, fitter, b Harry Simpson 
Carruthers Chas W, dairy w s Kenwood 
av, h same 

Carter Frank, mach hd, h w s Robina av 
Carter Harry W, tmstr, h e s Lakeview 

Carter Jas, elev opr, h w s Lakeview av 
Celin Chas, cond, h w s Wychwood av 
Cliapman Joseph, lab, h w s Bathurst 
Chapman Wm, painter, 1 J Chapman 
Charlwood Fredk, cook, h w s Vaughan 

Cheatley Tas P, messr, 1 P Cheatley 
Cheatley Patterson, elk, h e s Vaughan rd 
Christie Wm, driver, h w s Kenwood av 
Clarke Alfred G, press hd, h n s Mor- 

Clee Joseph, h n s Mortimer 
Clift Frank W, plslr, h w s Kenwood av 
Clyde Joseph C, mach, h w s Bathurst 
Coates Geo, gdnr, h w s Kennedy av 
Coates Henry W, brkmkr, h e s Lakeview 

Coker Geo W, brklyr, h s s Beresford av 
Coles Fredk G, carp, h w s West av 
Collier Albert J, gdnr, h w s Vaugnan rd 
Cooke Arthur H, exp e s Kenwood av, h 

Cooke Thus, brklyr, 1 Herbert Brookes 
Corney Allen, carpet clnr, h e s Vaughan 

Cotterill Fllzth B (wld John), florist e s 
Bathurst, h same 

Cox Geo H, plstr, h n s Pickering av 
C' alg Geo, elk, h n s Pickering av 
Craing Jas, bldr, h e s Robina av 
Critchell Walter G, lab, h s s Beresford 

Cunningham Robt, shoemar, h w s Ken- 
wood av 

Curry Chas R, jwlr, h w s Markham 
Curry Walter R, comp, h e s Markham 
Curtis Sami, carpet layer, h w s Ken- 
wood av 

Davenport Thos, hrklyr, h w s Robina av 
Davenport Wm, brklyr, h w s Robina av 
Davey John, shipper, h w s West av 
Deacoft Howard G, carp, h w s Lakeview 

Dever Wm M, contr, h e s Markham 
Dewar Isaiah D (I D Wewar & Sons), 1 
w s Bathurst, nr St Clair av 
Dewar R St Fiiane (I D Dewar & Sons). 

1 I D Dewar 

Dewar Thos R (I D Dewar & Sons), 1 I 
D Dewar 

Diamond John H, cond, h w s Kenwood 

Dillon Richd J, plstr, h n s Mortimer 
Dilworth Forbes, driver, h e s Wych- 
wood av 

Dixon John, stonemason, h cor Vaughan 
rd and Kenwood av 

Dixon John G, real est agt, h n s Mor- 

Dock Thos, lab, h e s Kenwood av 
Dougherty Ellen (wld Thos), h e s Ken- 
wood av 

Downer Wm A, pattern nikr, h e s Mark- 

Draycott Jas W, plstr, h n s Mortimer 
Duncan John, shoemkr. h w s Vaughan 

Duncan Lillie, painter, h e s West av 
Dunnlngton Sami, carp, h e s Lauder av 
Edgell Wm A, pipe mkr, h e s Markham 
Edmunds Walter, carp, h w s Kenwood 

Edwards Wm J, brklyr, h w s Wych- 
wood av 

Etwell Henry T, designer, h n s Hazel- 
ton rd 

Evans John W, printer, h e s Frederica 
Fagan Jas, brklyr, h e s Kenwood av 
I'annlng Wm J, lab, h w s Vaughan rd 
Felstead Geo P, carp, h e s Markham 
Penning Geo S, bkpr, h e s Wychwood av 
Fielding Jas, engineer, h w s Kenwood 

Firth Lewis, shipper, h e s Markham 
Fisher Francis, painter, h e s Glenholme 

Fisher Max P, Inst mkr, h n s Florence 

Foisey Joseph B, elect, h e s Wychwood 

Pollett Bertram H, elk, 1 Jas Follett 
Follett Jas, slsmn, h e s Frederica 

Foord Stephen M, shipper, h e s Laudei 

Ford Ernest, emp Gas Co, h w s Vaughan 

Forster Chas H, trav, h w s Lakeview av 
Fowler Geo H, mkt gdnr w s Lakeview 
av, h same 

Fowler Heibert, carp, h W s Bathurst 
Fowler John, mach, h e s Kenwood av 
Foxcroft Percy T, mach, h w s Robina 

Frost Wm A, h w s Glenholme av 
Gammon >Vm H, carp, h w s Robina av 

Gardner Fredk A, gro, h w s Wychwood 

Gaskin James, gdnr h e s Bathurst 
Gaskin Sami, driver, I Jas Gaskin 
Gaskin Wm J, baker, 1 James Gaskin 
Gates Ernest, ice cream mkr, h w s 
Vaughan rd 

Gay Edwin E, coll mails, h w s Kenwood 

Geary Ambrose, leather wkr, h w s 

Vaughan rd 

Geary Geo I, bkpr, 1 Ambrose Geary 
Geary Wm. barber, 1 Ambrose Geary 
Gilbertson J .ichd, chef, h w s Kenwood 

Giles Geo E, carp, 1 Jas S Giles 
Giles Jas A, h e s Vaughan rd 
Giles Jas S, lab, h w s Wychwood av 
Giles Robt A, tinner, 1 Jas S Giles 
Gill Geo H, carp, h w s Vaughan rd 
Giller John, h e s Wychwood av 
Goodings Robt, lab, h e s 'Vaughan rd 
Goodings Walter, h e s Vaughan rd 
Gough Fredk, photog, h e s Wychwood 

Gould Ernest E, brklyr, h s s Beresford 

Graham Fredk P tmstr, h w s Kennedy 

Graham John J, gdnr, 1 Mrs MaVy A Gra- 

Graham Joseph P, lab. h w s Markham 
Graham Mary A (wid Thos), mkt gdnr e 
s Kennedy av, h same 
Graham Patk, gdnr, 1 Mrs Mary A Gra- 

Graham Thos, gdnr, 1 Mrs Mary A Gra- 

Graham Walter, tmstr, h w s Kennedy av 
Gray Wm M, brklyr, h e s Blandford 
Grayson Peter S, core mkr. h w s Vaugh- 
an rd 

Greig Robt, elk, h w s Kenwood av 
Groves Chas, pdlr, h w s Kennedy av 
Gummage Martin, carp, h e s Wychwood 

Gwilliam Herbert, lab. h w s Kenwood av 
Hadlow Chas, ydmn, h e s Lauder av 
Hadlow Geo, mkt gdnr e s Lauder av, h 

Hall Chas J picture framer, 1 Mrs Margt 
R Hall 

Hall Edgar P, ydmn. 1 Mrs Margt R Hall 
Hall John J. carpet layer, h w s Vaughan 

Hall John N, tmstr, h e s Kenwood a\ 
Hall Margt R (wld Sami), h e s Lauder 

Hall Wm, mach, b Thos Walker 
Hall Wm T, slsmn, 1 John J Hall 
Hallett Albert W, carp, h e s Kenwood 

Hallett Walter J, carp, h e s Lakeview av 
Halliday Jas I, lab, 1 Alan S Byers 
Halstead Arthur, carp, h w s Robina av 
Hamel Herbert A, photo engraver, h w s 
Kenwood av 

Hamilton Alex S, real est agt, h e s Ro- 
bina av 

Hamilton Jas, farmer, h e s Vaughan rd 
Hamilton las J, lab, h w s Robina av 
Hargrave Walter J, driver, h w s Wych- 
wood av 

Harkness Wm, carp, b Henry H Moore 
Harvey Emma (wid Wm), h e s Vaughan 

Harvey Jas H, tinner, 1 Mrs E Harvey 
Harvey Wm J T, driver, I Mrs E Harvey 
Hatcher Cecil, cook, b Richd Gilbertson 
Hawkins Wm J, mill hd, h w s Vaughan 

Heard Dlgory B, h w s Lakeview av 
Heaslip Alfred E. slsmn, 1 John Heasllp 
Heaslip John, contr, h w s Vaughan rd 
Heaton Jas T, mach, h n s Florence av 
Henderson Albert J, real est agt, 1 John 

Henderson Elizth (wid Walter), h w s 

Henderson Gavin B, paper mkr, 1 Mrs E 

Henderson John, police magistrate, h w 
s Frederica 

Henderson Thos B, plstr, 1 Mrs B Hender- 

Henderson Walter J, h w s Frederica 
Henderson Walter W, tlr, 1 Mrs E Hen- 

Henning Adam, lab, b Chas McHolm 
Hevington Geo, stone mason, h n s Mor- 

Hewett Herbert W, elk, h w s Markham 
Hilton John, tmstr, h w s Vaughan rd 
Hodgins Fredk J, elk, 1 Wm J Hodgins 
Hodgins Wm J, brass wkr, h e s Ken- 
wood av 

Hodgins 'Wm R. elk, 1 Wm J Hodgins 
Holland Fredk G, blrmkr, h e s Wych- 
wood av 

Holmes Arthur, driver, h w s Vaughan rd 
Holmes John 'W, blksmth, h ■w s Vaughan 

Honus Basil, painter, h w s Kenwood av 
Horton Chas “W, tchr, h e s Humewood av 
Houston Sami, h w s Kenwood av 
Howard Wm, concrete wkr, h w s Bath- 

Howeroft Richd. mach, h w s Lakeview av 
Howes Henry K, driver. 1 Robt Howes 
Howes Melville I, tinner, 1 Robt Howes 
Howes Robt, marble plshr, h cor Ken- 
wood and Louisa avs 
Hoyes Fredk, plstr, h n s Mortimer 
Huggetts Geo T, wire wkr, h n s Mor- 

Hughes Alfred H, gdnr, h w s Wychwood 

Hughes Robt, pipe mkr, h e s Frederica 
Hulton Edwd, gro cor Lakeview and 
Pickering avs, h same 
Hustler John, lab, h n s Mortimer 
Hutchinson Harry, carp, h e s Lakeview 

Jackson J Dexter, carp, h e s Blandford 
Jackson Thos, mach, h e s Kenwood av 
Jacobs Donald, carp, h w s Lakeview av 
Jarvis Wm, brklyr, h n s Mortimer 
Jennison T’rank S, biklvr, h e s Lake- 
view av 

Jewell Leonard T, elect, li a s Pickering 

Johnson Alfred, carp, h e s Wychwood av 
Jones David S, carp, h e s Frederica 
Jones Henry M, farmer, h w s Lakeview 

Jones Richd. irav, h e s Markha.m 
Juniper Alfred O, Jwlr, h s s Beresford av 
Kettle Geo, lab, h n s Mortimer 
Klllackey Bernard T, plstr, h n s Morti- 

King Harry, gdnr, h e s Lakeview av 
King Jas L, lab, h w s 'Vaughan rd 
King John, comp, h w s 'Vaughan rd 
King Wm, plmbr, h n s Mortimei 
Kirkby John C, lab, h e s Kenwood av 
Lambert Frank E, painter, h n a Picker- 
ing av 

Lane John T, shipper, h e s Markham 
Langmuir Jas (Jas Langmuir & Co), h w 
s Humewood av 

I,ark Henry G, gro w s "Vaughan rd, h 

Lavielle Peter, btehr e s Vaughan rd, h 

I.aycock Herbert, carp, b Joseph Mellon 
Lea Miss Emma A, h s s Pickering av 
Learmonth John, umbrella mkr, h e s 
Wychwood av 

Leese Noah, engineer, h n s Pickering av 
Leggate Robt, stone mason, h w s Vaugh- 
an rd 

Le Mlere Arthur J, driver, h n s Flor- 
sne© Q,v 

I e Miere John F, night watchman, 1 Ar- 
thur J Le Mlere 

Leslie Wm H, comp, h e s Kenwood av 
Lewis Fredk J, shipper, h cor Kenwood 
and Louisa avs 

Lines J Chas, brk mfr w s Lauder av, h 

Lister Geo, pdlr, h e s Kenwood av 
Lockett Fredk H, piano fnshr, h e s Ken- 
wood av 

Long Geo J, cabt mkr, h e s Wychwood 

I,ovell Reginald I. slater, h e s Frederica 
Low Chas W, porter, h w s Vaughan rd 

BURRUSS & SWEATMAN, Limited I Insurance 


— 64 — 




Phone.AI)ElAlDE 1962 


Lucas Fredk E, gauge mkr, h w s Vaugh- 
an rd 

Luders John C, mason, h e s Wychwood 

Lugger John J, piano fnshr, h e s Ken- 
wood av 

Limkhurst Wm, lab, h e s Kenwood av 
Lj-nn Harry, carp, h w s Vaughan rd 
Lytle Wm A, slsmn, h w s Blandford 
I.yttle Jas A. mach, h w s Kenwood av 
McAdam Wm R, pdir, h w s Wychwood 

McBeth John J, gro cor Vaughan rd and 
Alice av, h same 

McOarton John, lab, h n s Florence av 
UcCluskey Jas, plstr, h e s Kenwood av 
McConkey Jas A elk, h e s Markham 
McBlwain J Morley, linotyper, h w s Dun- 
durn av 

McGee Alex, mach, h e s Wychwood av 
McGregor John, bank messr, h w s Bath- 

McHolm Ghas, painter, h e s Wychwood 

McKendry Elizth (wld John N), h e s 

M' Knighc Wm R, bkpr, h e s Kenwood av 
McLachlan John R. mach, h e 8 Frederica 
McLean John, carp, h w s Bathurst 
McLeod Gordon, moto, h e s SV.vchwood 

McMullen Jas E, co constable, h e s 
Vaughan rd 

McMullen Percy J, presser, h e s Ken- 
wood av 

Macdonald Donald, stone mason, h w s 
Kenwood av 

Macdonald Hugh, stone mason, h w s 
Kenwood av 

Mackay Donald, bkpr, h w s Dundurn av 
Mackay Jas, gdnr, h n s Florence av 
Maher Jas P, elk, b P Cheatley 
Maindonald Thos W, chauffeur, h cor 
Kenwood and Alice avs 
Mainland David M, b Hugh Wood 
Mark Arthiu' M. stone cir, n e s Kenwood 

Marks Ernest, tmstr, h w s Markham 
Marshall .las, elk, h w s Bathurst 
Marshall Jas, lab, b Percy T Foxcrott 
Martin Alonzo, h w s Lakevlew av 
Matthews .Joseph, mldr, h e s Roblna av 
May Jas M, painter, h w s Blandford 
Mead Wm. uphol, h e s Wychwood av 
Meade Henry, giass ctr, h n s St Clair 

Mellor Jo,^;eph, carp, h w s Lakevlew av 
Meredith Chas H, baker, h w S ' Frederica 
Merriman Wm, stone mason, h w s 
Vaughan rd 

Metcalfe Frank A, designer, h e s Mark- 

Metcalfe Wm, driver, h n s Alice av 
Middleton Horace, h w s Bathurst 
Miller Chas G. ydmn, h e s Markham 
Miller Edwin T (Miller & Sons), h w s 
Lauder av 

Miller Fredk T (Miller & Sons), h w s 
Lauder av 

Miller & Sons (F T and E T Miller), 
florists w s Lauder av 
Mitchell Frank H, elk, h e s Markham 
Mitchell Harry, carp, h w s Vaughan rd 
Moad Wm W, bldr, h w s Vaughan rd 
Monck Albert W, gdnr, h e s Wychwood 

Mcnkman Jas M, h e s Markham 
Moore Geo W, driver, 1 John Moore 
Moore Henry H, carp, h w s Kenwood av 
Moore John, shipper, h e s Wychwood av 
Moore John S -"i.rp, h w s Kenwood av 
Morgan John E, carp, h w s Vaughan rd 
Morgan Mrs Mary A, gro w s Vaughan 
rd, 1 same 

Morgan Morgan A, bkpr, h w s Vaughan 

Morrison David, leather wkr, h n s Beres- 
ford av 

Mortimer John S, proof reader, h w s 
Lakevlew av 

Mundle Andrew, piler, h e s Kenwood av 
Murray John C, gdnr, h e s Bathurst 
Musselwhite Wm, lab, h e s Markham 
Mutton Geo, carp, h e s Vaughan rd 
Nelson Jas M. elk P O, h w s Vaughan rd 
North Wm, stone plshr, h s s Rogers rd 
O’Connor Mlchl C, h e s Frederica 
O'Hara Wm, tmstr, h w s Kennedy av 
O'Leary Wra B, hotel, h w s Vaughan rd 
O'Rourke Arthur, lab, 1 Mrs Mary O’- 

O’Rourke John, h e s Bathurst 
O'Rourke Mary (wid John), h e s Bathurst 
Oakley Albert A, driver, h w s Kennedy 

Oborne Harry, lab, h w s Bathurst 
Owen Bdwd, b Wm North 
Owen Geo H. brklyr, h n s Mortimer 
Pan trey .4.1fred E, moto, 1 Henry B Pan- 

Pantrey Henry B, lab, h e s Lakevlew av 
Parks Harry, fireman, h n s Mortimer 
Parsons Alfred, painter, h n s Florence 

Paton Robt D, steamfir, h w s Kennedy 

Payne Percy, lab, b Joseph Mellor 
Peach Jas W, driver, h e s Blandford 
Pearce Joseph, lab, 1 Thos Dock 
Perrem Fredk, baker, h e s Kenwood av 
Petrie John, lab, b John Moore 
Phillips Fredk, draughtsman, h w s Dun- 
durn av 

Pickering Chas T, h w s Markham 
Plucknett Fredk G, driver, h w s Ken- 
wood av 

Polnton Jas W, carp, h w s Vaughan rd 
Postal John, carp, h w s Bathurst 
Power Fredk, mach hd, h e s Markham 
Preston Joseph, brkmkr, h e s Wychwood 

Piyke Wm, carpet layer, h w s Kenwood 

Reaman Geo S, tmstr, h e s Vaughan rd 
Redgwell Chas, lab, h w s Vaughan rd 
Reynolds f rank, shipper, h e s Wychwood 

Rickett John, mach, h n s Florence av 
Rider Walter, brass fnshr, h e s Robina 

Roberts Edwd, carp, h w s Vaughan rd 
Roberts Thos, lab, h w s Vaughan rd 
Robertson Jas, carp, h w s Roblna av 
Rogers Henry, driver, h e s Kenwood av 
Rogers Joseph H, weaver, b Joseph Mel- 

Rogers Wm I, carp, h n s Mortimer 
Rogers Wm J, printer, h s s Pickering av 
Rolfe Chas E, carp, h e s Kenwood av 
Roots Arthur L, elect, h e s Kenwood av 
Ryall Walter "W, carp, h s s Pickering 

Ryder Geo, plstr, h w's Bathurst 
Sainsbury Chas H, chkr, h e s Kenwood 

Schenk Chas G, brklyr, h n s Pickering 

Schofield Albert, carpet layer, h w s 
Wychwood av 

Scott Benj. carp, h e s West av 
Scott Edwin J, painter, h e s Wychwood 

Scott Thos, chkr, h w s Vaughan rd 
Seccombe Wallace, dentist, 1 Mrs Elizth 

Snaw Wm. emp Gas Co, b Ernest Ford 
Shears Chas J, nickel plshr, h n s Morti- 
mer V 

Shepherd Thos, carp, h s s Pickering av 
Sheppard JJatthew, gdnr, 1 Henry Meade 
Shipley Herbert, baker w s Vaughan rd, 
h same \ 

Sibblck Albert E, mkt gdnr e s Lauder 
av, h same 

Simpson Geo, shoamkr, h w s Kenwood 
avenue ' 

Simpson Harry, mason, h w s vaughan 

Simpson Jas, concrete wkr, n e s Wych- 
wood av 

Simpson John, mach, b Thos Walker 
Skinner Alfred, lab, h e s Wychwood av 
Skinner Emily (wid 'Vvm), h e s Wych- 
wood av 

Skinner John W, comp, h e s Vaughan rd 
Sloane Bdwd, carp, h e s Wychwood av 
Smart Thos C, carp, h e s Wychwood av 
Smith Bdwd, carp, h w s Vaughan rd 
Smith Edwd, mill hd, b W J Hawkins 
Smith Geo T, shipper, h e s Frederica 
Smith Walter L, shipper, 1 Geo T Smith 
Snow Fredk, lab, h e s "VVest av 
Sparks Alfred, painter, h e s Vaughan rd 
Sparks Arthur E, painter, h w s Kennedy 

Sparks Christopher, shipper, h e s Vaugh- 
an rd 

Sparks Bdwd, painter, h w s Kennedy av 
Sparks Harry, confy e s Vaughan rd, h 

Spence Thos E, shoemkr, h w s Vaughan 

Spiller Arthur J, gdnr, 1 Geo Splller 

Spiller Fredk G, printer, h e s Markham 
Spiller Geo, h e s Bathurst 
Stafford Geo W, tmstr, h w s Vaughan 

Stanfield Lionel, elk, h e s Wy'chwood av 
Stark Andrew L, lab, h n s Mortimer 
Stephens John, h w s Lauder av 
Stephens Wm J, h e s Lauder av 
Stephenson Wm A, hdwre, h e s Mark- 

Stollard Herbert T, plstr, h e s Kenwood 

Strachan Wm H, contr e s Frederica 
Summerfleld Benj, jwlr, h e s Wychwood 

Summerfleld Chas R, foreman, n e s 
Humewood av 

Summerfleld Joseph, h e s Humewood av 
Sutherland Donald, M P, head Humewood 

Swainson Richd H, ice cream mkr, h w s 
Roblna ?-.v 

Switzer Albert E, carp, h e s Glenholme 

Taylor Albert, mach hd, h w s Roblna av 
Taylor Archd N, moto, h w s Vaughan 

Taylor Geo, moto, h w s Kenwood av 
Taylor James, concrete wkr, h w s Ken- 
wood av 

Taylor Robt, piano mkr, b Sami Houston 
Taylor Rev T Wardlaw, h w s Lakevlew 

Thompson Got don R, emp Gas Co, h n s 
Florence av 

Thompson J B Victor, carp, b W J Law- 

Thurlwell Alfred B. plstr, h e s Roblna av 
Thurston Jas R, plstr, h w s Wychwoou 

Tolfree Harry, lab, h s s Pickering av 
Townsend John W, flieman, h w s Ken- 
wood av 

Trenchard Fredk G, carp, h >v s Robina 

Truelove Wm A, engineer, 1; u s Florence 

Tulloch Jas, carp, ' P Tullocn 
Tulloch Peter, carp, h e s Markham 
Tulloch Stewart, carp, 1 P Tullocn 
Tulloch Wm G. engineer, 1 P rullorh 
Troycross Alex S, carp, h w s Blandford 
Underhill Henry, spinner, h n s Morti- 

Vanderburg Andrew J, h w s Kennedv av 
\ ose Thos, plstr h e s Markham 
Walker Adam M, carp, h w s Vaughan rd 
Walker Thos, carp, 1 Adam M 'Walker 
Walker Thos, watchman, h w s Vaughan 

Ward Chas. plstr, 1 Ernest Marks 
Warren Wm, mach hd, h n s Pickering 

Watling Arthur, carp, h e s Lakevlew av 
Watt Jas, baker, h w s Vaughan rd 
Wemyss Jas E, driver, h n s Mortimer 
Westbrooke Vincent "W, concrete wkr, b 
Richd Gilbertsor. 

■V heeler \rthur. lab, h n s Mortimer 
Wheeler Richd A, shipper, h w s Vaughan 

Whelan Benj, carp, h n s Mortimer 
White Sidney H, elev insp, h w s Mark- 

White Wm G, saw filer, h w s Markham 
Whitely Herbert E, carp, h ,w s Dundurn 

■Vi'illiamson Ellen (wid John), h e s Wych- 
w'ood av 

Winkworth Edwd, carp, h cor Kenwood 
and Alice avs 

\\ Ise Anthony J, tinner h e s Vaughan 

Wlshart Jas, engineer, b John Learmonth 
Wood Hugh, caretaker, h e s Vaughan rd 
Wood Jas, carp, b Hugh Wood 
Wood John, printer, 1 lugh Wood 
Wood John, trunk mkr, h e s W'^j'chwood 

Wcod Robt, carp, b Harry Simpson 
W'^oolley Lewis W, proof rdr, h w s Fred- 

W'^right Clark, carp, h n s Florence av 
Wright Geo, furniture plshr, h w s Lake- 
view av 

Zimmerman Miss Rebecca, bkpr, h w s 


Sole Agents for the “Goetz” Post Gaps, Etc. 


IN STOCK: Beams, Cliannels, Angles, Bar Iron and Steal 

67 to 95 Pearl St. Phone Adelaide 1560 


COMPANY — LIMITED, of London, En^r. 

PARKE & LEITH, General Assents 


limilMIIIM ingots, Tubes, Stampina;*, Sheets, 
ftkUlllllllUlfl Wire, CastInKs, Ansies, Tees, Etc. 

ALL names appearing in BOLD TYPE repre- 
sent the energy and push of the city. It is a 
pleasure for the publishers to make the public 
acquainted w th them through this medium. 

These BOLD TYPi people are thos3 who ac- 
complish wonders in business and make the city 
what it is. 

When you patronize people in BOLD TYPE 
you patronize firms and men who will patronize 
you in the same broad manner in which you pat- 
ronize them. 




The Profession, Business, Etc., of Individuals and Firms is only griven at their respective places 
of business ; to find the occupation of householders refer to Alphabetical List of Names. 


i<:ast from 37 Sherbourss 
to Princess, ward 2. 

Not built on 


(Old Birtle), w from Dun- 
das, first n of Conduit, 
ward 6. 

North Side 

2 Welghlll John A 
4 Hislop Jas 

6 Thompson Walter C 

8 Whittaker Rlchd 

10 Carroll Ronald W 
12 Davidson Japies 
14 Galbraith Thomas 
16 Lodge Robt 

18 Irwin Wm G 

20 Terry Geo 

22 Marsh Alcimus L 

24 Williamson Alfred J 
26 Richardson James 

28 Beevor Alfred 

32 Maybee Wesley E 
34 Candy James 
36 Moffatt James N 
38 Levack Donald H 

40 Grant Mrs Rena 
42 NeUl Major W J 

South Side 

1 Connolly Fredk 
Coffin Hammer 

7 Oakley Harry 

9 Kerr George 

11 Maepherson Duncan 
18 Howard Horace A 
i8 Hume David 

IT Bell John 
le Clark Alfred 

21 Daughton Thos B 

23 Armstrong James H 

26 Porter Mrs Mary A 

27 Dwyer Arthur 

29 Reddick Ernest J 
29H Leavitt Mrs Margt 
81 Smith Alfred 

88 Wood Arthur O 

86 4.,ee David 

87 Toovey Frederick W 
tU Gutthrey Alfred E 

41 Brown Alfred E 

48 Till Louis A 

46 Knight Percy 

47 McDermld Archd 

49 Dollery Wellington C 
81 Creighton Henry 


West from 16 Brock av to 
rear of O’Hara av, ward 6. 

North Side 

2 Wilson Prank 
8 Dance John 

10 Mlnchin Aaron 

12 Cheeseman Alfred C 
14 Boyd James A 

16 Hartley James E 
20 Johnston Walker 

22 McKenzie John 

24 Lloyd Alfred 

South Side 

1 Bible James 

6 Forsythe James 

7 Wilson Telf ;rd 
9 Parnell Walter 

11 Crosswell Arthur B 

13 Stewardson Samuel 

23 Lott Mrs Ellzth 

25 Logan Charles 

27 Marshall James A 


North from Sudbury to 
opp. 1140 Queen w, ward 6. 

East Side 

Not built on 

West Side 

10-48 American-Abell En- 
gine & Thresher Co, 


East from 4^ Ontario to 
Parliament, ward 2. 

North Side 

2 Copland Wm H 
Copland Mrs Agnes B, 

Buchanan Miss Martha, 

6 Lean John W 
8 WoodrolTa Chas H 
Woods Wm 
10 Coxwell Edward F 
12 Poole Wm A 
14 Walden Chas H 
16 Phleeger Lewis H 
18 Saunders (Jhas Q 
20 Beale Wm L 
22 Brandker Ernest 
26 Balteau Arthur 
28 Hayes Jas R 
30 Harris Frank S 
32 Sterns Geo W 
34 Schorman Wm A P 
36 Presbyterian Church 

38 MacMillan Alex C 
40 Mallett Walter J 
42 Golden Eldridge S 
Durant Bert 
44 Hagerman Edwin S 
46 Boddy Wm A 
48 Scarborough Chas 
50 Fenwick Wm A 
52 Cress we II Mrs Jean A 
Love A Ross, mus tohr 
54 Will Mrs Caroline 

Will Miss Frances B, 

South Side 

1 Faulds Edwd A 
3 Mosley W Harold 
5 Budd Eli 

7 Smith Miss M S, drsmkr 
9 Dewey Mrs Louisa E 
11 Clay Mrs Elizth 
13 Trenor Miss Marie, drs- 

15 Robinson Rev J Cooper 
17 Starr Mrs Jessie 
19 Hillman George L 
21 Walton James 
23 Brown Hugh J 
25 Davy A Harry 
81 Hill Joseph H 
33 Mason John S 
35 Dunn Albert J 


South from 51 Wallace av, 
ward 6 

East Side 

1 Hill John 

7 Hale Wm 

9 Mitchell John 

11 Watson Arthur 
13 Shaw Ralph 

15 Wilson John 

IT Donaldson David 

19 Matchett Isaac 

21 BiggerstafC Hugh 
23 Burgess Chas 

26 Vacant 
29 Fltzroy James 
31 Vlneham Joseph 

33 Guyatt Nathan 

West Side 

2 Jamieson David J 
4 Ness Chas 

6 Lough Edward 

8 Tansom Alfred 
10 Bowcock John 

12 Pay Frederick J 

16 Vacant 

20 Findley Robert 

22 Taggart David 
26 Glllon Prank 

28 Darlington Maurice 
80 Vacant 

82 Wicks Mrs Bllzth 

34 Purchase Allan 


(Old Shaw pi), East from 
Ossington av to Shaw, 
second s of C P R, ward 5 

North Side 

4 Bean Charles, sodder 
6 Cochrane Leonard 
8 McMlnn Joseph J 
10 Anderson August B 
12Depre9 Thos C 
14 Briggenshnw .John 
16 Hamilton Wm P 

18 Hunter James 

20 Burns Henry 

22% Robinson Albert B 

24 Whitney George 

26 Spraggs Bert 

28 Ginzburg Sami i 

30 Hall Alfred 

34 MacPhall Andrew 
36 Grey Alex 

38 Anderson Alfred 
Hill James W 

42 Kalnas James 

44 Webb Wm 

South Side 

1 Falconer Charles 
3 Sanderson Maxwell R 
5 Porrill Wm 
T North Jam^ 

9 Bellchamber Jas 
13 Dynes Wilfrid D 

21 Raun CO 

23 Turnbull John 

25 Miles Fredk 

27 Smith Wm 

.31 Blaise Eugene 
33 Vacant 

35 Smith Leonard 

39 Cordwell Wm H 
41 Yeats Peter 

43 Hlchman Mrs Nancy B 

45 Spaul Joslah 
47 Baker Fredk 


(Old Ethel av), w from 
Franklin to GTR, two n of 
Boyce av, ward 6. 

Not Bnilt on 


West from 440 Forth eir, 
ward 6. 

North Side 

Not built on 

South Side ... ... 

1 Kinsley Fredk 
3 Bint David 
5 Tomlinson Wilfred 


STOCKS Bought and Sold on all the Leading Ex* 
changes. Prompt attention given to Orders 

— 67 — 







97 W ellington St. W est, Toronto 

Branches — Halifax, St. John, Quebec, 
Montreal, Ottawa, Hamilton, Winni- 
peg, Regina, Calgary, Vancouver. 







c c 
« C S 

.. cn ^ O 

•S 2 s 

« n 





5 « 





V 5 





•« 2 « 

S $P *2 

x\2 ^ 


IC 4 i bfi 
^ U c 

2 <=E 


■?tA* 22«.2 

•S-S^xC £ 
O c ^ a> c 3 

4 ) u o ^ 

P *j . [t. 2 

rt ^ ^ c 

•y VO 

2 * I 
S >» 

— 3 
3 y 

•3 >. 


O O 

be >. i. S 

X - '' ■* 

aj » •rrS 

O rt 


S S gSx 
•S2 iJ^xErtS 
e 2s S C ^ 
.5 ao — 5 ^ 3 "^ ^ 

4i~ X c 2 S y 
•g = MSIC ° fe.* s- 

£3 E «ji-= I ^2 !•' 

« & £.S p S c 2--0 ° 1 

O CQ aM “ *• &- y ^ ^ 

cl “ cS" "|2 3'“° 

.2 I &.1I s I = ?^ = 

0 a> 2 1ji3 2 £ ® 

ex £ w^x 3 rt Orz ^ 
„x"3'j^.S ”'2^-5 ^"’g;=§‘«x-93 gu 3 

“ 2^^ a bi: 0 « — JS S u-S !»2 a s. 
« E ° b3 £.5 c o .=3 S E^afe^ 

0»g3aSe|i«o sW-s’^W^-s'^ifS-I^S 
U_3o SaJ^xSi &.£ SS -gfeS -s 

E S-c 2 «-x 
« y -’■ S w 
u c -5 ^ b © 

cx’OT,'^ y 
. 2 ---! e S e£ 
■?E 3 So 

a_l 2 «aj 


ALL names appearing in BOLD TYPE repre- 
sent the energy and push of the city. It is a 
pleasure for the publishers to make the public 
acquainted them through this medium. 

These BOLD TYPii people are thoss who ac- 
complish wonders in business and make the city 
what it is. 

j When you patronize people in BOLD TYPE 

you patronize firms and men who will patronize 
you in the same broad manner in which you pat- 
ronize them. 
















The Profession, Business, Etc., of Individuals and Firms is only given at their respective places 
of business ; to find the occupation of householders refer to Alphabetical List of Names. 

East from 37 Sherbourne 
to Princess, ward 2. 

Not built on 


(Old Birtle), w from Dun- 
das, first n of Conduit, 
ward 6. 

North Side 

2 ■Welghlll John A 
4 Hislop Jas 

6 Thompson Walter C 

8 Whittaker Richd 

10 Carroll Ronald W 
12 Davidson Jaipes 
14 Galbraith Thomas 

16 Lodge Robt 
18 Irwin Wm G 

20 Terry Geo 

22 Marsh Alcimus L 

M Williamson Alfred J 
26 Richardson James 

28 Beevor Alfred 

82 Maybee Wesley E 
34 Candy James 
36 Moffatt James N 
38 Levack Donald H 

40 Grant Mrs Rena 
42 Neill Major W J 

South Bide 

1 Connolly Fredk 
Coffin Hammer 

7 Oakley Harry 

9 Kerr George 

11 Maepherson Duncan 
U Howard Horace A 
lA Hume David 

17 Bell John 

10 Clark Alfred 

21 Daughton Thos B 

23 Armstrong James H 

26 Porter Mrs Mary A 

27 Dwyer Arthur 

29 Reddick Ernest J 
29% Leavitt Mrs Margt 
81 Smith Allred 

U Wood Arthur O 
85 David 
SI Toovey Frederick W 
W Gutthrey Alfred E 

41 Brown Alfred B 
4S Till Louis A 

45 Knight Percy 
47 McDermld Archd 
49 Dollery Wellington C 
6J Creighton Henry 


West from 18 Brock av to 
rear of O’Hara av, ward 6. 

North Side 

2 Wilson Frank 
8 Dance John 

10 Mlnchtn Aaron 

12 Cheeseman Alfred C 
14 Boyd James A 

16 Hartley James E 
20 Johnston Walker 
22 McKenzie John 

24 Lloyd Alfred 

South Side 

1 Bible James 

6 Forsythe James 

7 Wilson Telf :rd 
9 Parnell W'alter 

11 Crosswell Arthur B 

13 Stewardson Samuel 
28 Lott Mrs Hl'lzth 

25 Logan Charles 

27 Marshall James A 


North from Sudbury to 
opp. 1140 Queen w, ward 6. 

East Side 

Not built on 

Weet Side 

10-48 American-Abell En- 
gine & Thresher Co, 

East from 483 Ontario to 
Parliament, ward 2. 

North Side 

2 Copland Wm H 
Copland Mrs Agnes B, 

Buchanan Miss Martha, 

6 Lef'-ra ,Iohn W 
8 Woodrolfa Chas H 
S% Woods Wm 
10 Cozwell Edward F 
12 Poole Wm A 
14 Walden Chas H 
16 Phleeger Lewis H 
18 Saunders Chas Q 
20 Beale Wm L 
22 Brandker Ernest 
26 Balteau Arthur 
28 Hayes Jas R 
30 Harris Frank S 
82 Sterns Geo W 
34 Schorman Wm A P 
36 Presbyterian Church 

38 MacMillan Alex C 
40 Mallett Walter J 
42 Golden Eldridge S 
Durant Bert 
44 Hagerman Edwin S 
46 Boddy Wm A 
48 Scarborough Chas 
50 Fenwick Wm A 
52 Cresswell Mrs Jean A 
Love A Ross, mus tchr 
54 Will Mrs Caroline 

Will Miss Frances B, 

South Side 

1 Faulds Edwd A 
3 Mosley W Harold 

6 Budd Ell 

7 Smith Miss M S, drsmkr 
9 Dewey Mrs Louisa E 

11 Clay Mrs Ellzth 
13 Trenor Miss Marie, drs- 

15 Robinson Rev J Cooper 
17 Starr Mrs Jessie 
19 Hillman George L 
21 Walton James 
23 Brown Hugh J 
26 Davy A Harry 
SI Hill Joseph H 
33 Mason John S 
35 Dunn Albert J 


South from 51 Wallace av, 
ward 6 

East Side 

1 Hill John 

7 Hale Wm 

9 Mitchell ,Tohn 

11 Watson Arthur 
13 Shaw Ralph 

15 Wilson John 

17 Donaldson David 

19 Matchett Isaac 

21 Biggerstalt Hugh 
23 Burgess Chas 

25 Vacant 
29 Fitzroy James 

31 Vlneham Joseph 

33 Guyatt Nathan 

West Side 

2 Jamieson David J 
4 Ness Chas 

6 Lough Edward 

8 Tansom Alfred 
10 Bowcock John 

12 Pay Frederick J 

16 Vacant 

20 Findley Robert 

22 Taggart David 
28 Glllon Frank 

28 Darlington Maurice 
80 Vacant 

32 Wicks Mrs Ellzth 

34 Purchase Allan 


(Old Shaw pi), East from 
Ossington av to Shaw, 
second s of C P R, ward 6 

North Side 

4 Bean Charles, sodder 
6 Cochrane Leonard 
8 McMlnn Joseph J 
10 Anderson August B 
12Depre9 Thos C 
14 Briggenshaw ,Tohn 
16 Hamilton Wm F 

18 Hunter James 

20 Burns Henry 

22% Robinson Albert B 

24 Whitney George 

26 Spraggs Bert 

28 Ginzburg Sami i 

30 Hall Alfred 

34 MacPhall Andrew 
36 Grey Alex 

38 Anderson Alfred 
Hill James VV 

42 Kalnes James 

44 Webb Wm 

South Side 

1 Falconer Charles 
3 Sanderson Maxwell R 
5 Porrlll Wm 
T North Jamfs 
9 Bellchamber Jas 
13 Dynes Wilfrid D 

21 Raun CO 

23 Turnbull John 

25 Miles Fredk 

27 Smith Wm 

31 Blaise Eugene 
33 Vacant 

35 Smith Leonard 

39 Cord well Wm H 
41 Yeats Peter 

43 Hichman Mrs Nancy E 

45 Spaul Joslah 
47 Baker Fredk 


(Old Ethel av), w from 
Franklin to GTR, two n of 
Boyce av, ward 6. 

Not Built on 


West from 440 Forth AT, 
ward 6. 

North Side 

Not built on 

South Sldo ... ... 

1 Kinsley Fredk 
3 Bint David 
5 Tomlinson Wilfred 


STOCKS Bought and Sold on all the Leading Ex* 
changes. Prompt attention given to Orders 

— « 7 — 


ASSURANCE CO. of Edinburgh $63,750,000 

D. M. McOOUN * 

Manager for Canada BankOfCOmmTO BWg. 


East from 111 Yonge to 
Jarvis, ward 2 

North Side 

6 Lumsden Building 
Stoddai't Geo A, barter 

Rooms — 

201-203 Ross Fred H & 
Co, real est 

204 Ferrier W F, mining 

205-206 Canadian Railway 
Accdt & Ins Co 
1 ^07 MacGregor & Mac- 

■ Gregor, barrs 

:! ' Mallett C S, mfrs agt 

“208 Mackenzie J A, arch 

209 Vacant 

210 Commercial Club 

301 Miller Roger & Sons, 


302 Wood & Barnett, real 


^03 Murray T Alrd, cons 
. eng 

1 '364 Gray & Gray, barrs 

Horne E W, real est 
306-307 Mills, Mills & 
Taylor, ins 
Mills Geo G 
Mills Jesse S 
Taylor Jas G 
Mutual Life Ins Co of 

308 Absent 

309 Wilson Norman D, 


310 Fleming & Mervln, 


401 Johnston J R & Co 

Ltd. bonds 

402 Cole & Smith, brok- 


403 Foley Eugene J 
Foley Michl L 

404 Canadian Sulphur I 

Ore Co 

Smith & Travers, 
mining engineers 
Willmott Arthur B, 
cons eng 

405 Thompson Joseph B, 

ins agt 

Universal Gas Co 

407 Davis, Diver & Co, 

408 Escher, Wyss & Co, 

water power 
Crain Rolla L Co. 
Ltd, loose leaf ledg- 

Whyte Edwd D, real 

409 Globe Furniture Co, 

office supplies 
McFarland Wm J, 

Blackmore, Cote & 
Co, patent solrs 

410 Hubbs & Powell, real 


601 Boy Scout Council 

for Ont 

602 National Surety Co of 

N Y 

603 Canadian Press Assn 

604 Browning & Hefifer- 

nan, barrs 

Stewart Elihu, tim- 
ber limits 

605 Hydro Sterilizer Syn- 


606 Anglo-Canadian Se- 

curities, Ltd 
Canadian Malleable 
Iron & Steel Co 
•1507 McConnell & Fergu- 
son. adv agcy 
608 Martin & Evans — 
Lewis, barrs 
Goodman & Galbraith 

609-510 Chadwick & Ro- 
gers. real est 
Spadina Park Land 
Co, Ltd 

Nesbitt John R (es- 

Colonial Realty & 
Securities Corpor- 
ation, Ltd 

Suburban Homes, Ltd 
Forest Hill Land Co, 

601 McGill Thos N, den- 

602-610 Vacant 

701 Spaulding W G L. 


702 Scofield F G, mfrs 

■ agt 

703-704 Howard E Watch 

New York Standard 
Watch Works 

705 Homestead Mines of 

Swastika, Ltd 

706 Hudson Bay Ins Co 
707-708 British Am Oil Co 

Toronto Iron Works, 

709 Tetrault Shoe Mfg Co 

710 Gordon & Dllworth, 


801 Canadian Export Ga- 

802 Mussen Peacey, Ltd, 

real est 

803 Robinson Bros Cork 

Co, Ltd 

804-3 Lake of the Woods 
Milling Co 

806 Deloro Mining & Re- 
duction Co 

O’Brien, - McDougall 
& O’Gorman, ry 

Hunter Henry F, 

Keymer, Son & Co, 

807-8 Imperial Export Co 

809 Sovereign Construc- 

tion Co. 

810 Beaver Consolidated 


901-910 Bicknell, Bain, 
Strathy & McKel- 
can, barrs 

Snead & Co Iron 
Works, Ltd (Jersey 

1001 Northwestern Miller 

The, newspaper 

1002 Thompson J Wal- 

ter Co, Ltd, adv 

1003 Cummings C C, 

agt Lumsden bldg 
1004-1009 Canadian Cere- 
al Co, Ltd 

Pneumatic Scale 
Corpn, Ltd, of Can- 

1010 Christian Science 
Reading Room 
10 Canadian Birkbeck bldg 
Canadian Birkbeck In- 
vestment & Savings 

Burnett, Ormsby & 
Clapp, ins 

Sun Life Assurance Co 
of Canada 

Kilmer, McAndrew & Irv- 
ing, barrs 

O’Graay Gerald de C, 

Baker Thos S, promoter 
Ontario Fire Ins Co 
Canadian Estates, Ltd 
Land & Investment Co, 

Hughes Arthur W, real 

Siemens Bros Dynamo 
Works, Ltd 

Keystone Coal & Coke Co 
Pacific Coast Fire Ins Co 
Henfrey Alfred, Janitor 
12 Toronto Electric Light Co 

Home Life Building 
16-18 Coneland & Falrbalrn, 
real est 

20 Small Sidney, real est 
^ Victoria st intersects 
22 Robins, Ltd. brokers 
22-24 Standard Loan Bldg 


Rooms — 

5-6 Standard Loan Co 
Williams A J, barr 
7-8-9 Dovercourt Land 
Bldg & Savings (Jo, 

10 Beaumont Robert B, 


12 Henderson & Small, 

13-15 Davidson & Mac- 
donnell, barrs 
Henderson Elmes & 
Son, real est 
Henderson Percy E, 
real estate 

16 Choate A P, broker 
17-18 Robins Ltd (br) 

19 .Welton Herbert E, 


20 Canadian Legal Pub 


Canadian Law List 

21 Brooke Walter S, civil 


, 22 Hanson Ernest G, 
24 Store room 
26 Savigny R A. mer tlr 
28 Martin John C, billiards 
30 Miller A E, clothing 
Speale & Panos, rest 
32-:t4 Imperial I'liaiubers 
32 Lapp R E & Co, real est 

Rooms — 

3 Credit Fonder, loans 

4 Buokland H G, real est 
Greenwood Russell, 

6-6 Gormajy, Tilt & Co, 
real est 

Can Fire Appliance 

7 Owens, Proudfoot & 

Cooke, barrs 

8 Davies John C, mfrs 


Linde Canadian Re- 
frigeration Co, Ltd 

11 Cameron Duncan O, 


Coe John W, barr 

12 Greenstreet E J, arch 

13 Vacant 

14 Owens, Proudfoot & 

(Jooke, barrs 
15-17 Hail Harry, care- 

18 Absent 

19 Mickle Alfred E, ar- 


20 Vacant 

34 Markle Wilson B, real est 
Cummings John A, bro- 

.36-42 Postoffloe Building 
36 Customs Postal Package 


Post Office Inspector’s 
Office, James Hender- 
son insp 

Railway Mall Service, 
Supt's Office 
Dead Letter Office 
Ross George 
38-42 Genl Post Office 
44 Vacant 
44% Curtis Thos W 
46 Edwards D W, real est 
48 Westrop, Minaker & 
Nicholson, real est 
50 Evans & McCoppen, Ltd, 
real est 

52 Pape Mre Cecelia M, pro 

McGillivray & Scott, real 

54 National Agency Co Ltd 
Union Life Assurance Co 
NIagara-Welland Power 

International Electric Se- 
curities Co 

Amanda Investment Cor- 

66 Ritchie John Plumbing & 
Heating Co 

58 Doust Jos, law staty 
60 LIghtbourn Edmund T. 
real est 

60% Adelaide Chambers 
James & Williams, prln- 

Underwood & Unde, 
wood, stereo views 

Rooms — 

1 Flannery P C 

2 Krehm Hyman, furs 
3-7 Vacant 

8-9 Wlnton cS: Leyde o, 

12 Geller & Gruneir, furs 

14 Wilkinson Joseph, tlr 

15 McMaster Miss M H, 


16 Vacant 

17-19 Geller & Grunier, 

62 Masonic Board of Relief 
64-68 Shapiro & Rosenberg, 

Dominion Cloak Co 

1-2-3 King Suspender Co, 

5-6 Mullin T H, clothing 

7 Premier Mfg Co, shirt 

70 Fleming & McCraw, 
Fisk James 

72 Quick Printing Co, The 
74 Brigham R. pipe mfr 
Kunz Paul, barber 
76 Sheehan John J, clnr 
♦Church St intersects 
78 Moody Lawrence 
80 Steel & Radiation, Ltd 
(br), boilers 

82-84 Maxwell W R & Co, 

McCormack & Carroll, 

86 Merchants Fire Ins Co 
Hamilton Wm, ins agt 
Mitchell & Ryerson, ins 

Williamson, Rutherford 
& Co, accts 

88 Muckle W H, cartage 
90 Scott Wm, barber 
92-94 International Stock 
Pood Co 

96-98 Crown Art Stained 

Glass Co, Ltd 

100 McTamney James & Co, 

102 MacTamney Jas, bailiff 
102a Badgley Alfred F 
104 Ward David, pawnbrkr 
108 Magann Air Brake Co, 

Baer Adam, confr 

110 Earsman Bros, brass 


112 Meyer Bros, Indry mach 
116 New Schiller House 
124-126 Everall George & Co, 

Lettau Chas, printer 
128 Toronto Salt Works 
130-6 Rennie Wm & Co, Ltd, 

South Side 

1 Thomson L G, dentist 
Imperial Optical Co 
Code J R, barr 
Davison R C, real est 
Moran x.lohn S, broker 
3 Blake & Goulding, bar- 

Johnson Christian, hat 

7-9 United Typewriter Co, 

O’Brien Dennis, caretkr 
Rooms — 

6 United Typewriter Co, 

emp rooms 

7 Kennedy School of 

Shorthand & Busi- 
ness. The 

9-10 United Type-writer 
Co, repair rooms 
Monarch Optical Co 

Limited, of GEO. R. HARGRAFT, - General Agent 
London, Eng. 49 WELLINQTOIM 8T. E. 


Phone Main 251 


The Dovercourt Land 





24 Adelaide St. E. 

11 Martin F J, mer tir 
13 Armstrong & Raven, real 

Stouffer & Lee, prtrs 
Soole Printing Co 
Macdonald .lohn L & Co, 
real e state 

15 United Photogrnphlc 
Stores Ltd 

17 Pearson Bros, real est 
Northern Assce Co 
Pearson B P, ins agt 
Pearson Melville, ins 

17% Pearson Chambers 
Rooms — 

2 Sheppard L C & Co, 

Wright J A, barr 
7-8-9 MoKeown S W, 

Boone C S Dredging 
& Construction Co 
19 Sharp Sylvester J, agt 
Elder, Dempster & Co, 
SS lines 

London & Northwestern 
Rv Co 

21 Bally & Co, Ltd, real est 
23 Land Security Chambers 
Kerr. Davidson. Paterson 
& McFarland, barrs 
^ Victoria St intersects 
33 Imperial Bank of Canada 
35 Klein Fritz, real est 

Great Western Ry Co of 

37 Walsh J J, est broker 
Walsh John J, real est 
39 Macdonald & Roberta, 
real est 

41-45 Canadian Sayings 

Prudential Ins Co of Am 
Butler E W D, real est 
Davis Thomas E & Co, 
real est 

Butler E Aubrey, arch 
43 Gibson T A, barr 
Cavell Wm R, barr 
Johnstone Wm. ins agt 
British Canadian Under- 
writers of Norwich, 
Eng. ins 

Ponton Douglas, real est 
45 Standard Canadian In- 
vestments, Ltd, real est 
47 Wood F A real est 

Douglas R A, watchmkr 
49 Sullivan Fredk, real est 
57 Countv of York Municipal 
Rooms — 

1 High Constable’s Office 

2 County Treasurer's Of- 


3 County Council Cham- 


County Clerk’s Office 

4 County Engineer’s Of- 


Barber Frank, civ eng 
6-6 Board of Highway 
Commrs of York Co 
James B civ eng 
Baroei J F, civ eng 

7 Arts and Letters Club 

8 Lawrie Wm D, care- 


tn-65 London & Lancashire 

London & Lancashire 
Guarantee & Acc Co of 

London & Lancashire 
Plate Glass & Indem- 
nity Co 

Neuman & Co, brokers 
Sterling Accdt & Guar- 
antee Co 

Herbert P' H, arch 
Cowan J M, arch 
Charlesworth & McKee, 
Are Ins 

Anglo American Fire Ins 

Montreal - Canada Fire 
Ins Co 

Cawthra & Cawthra, real 

(17 Nugget Polish Co, Ltd 
69-79 St James Chambers 

Booms — 

102 Vacant 

104 Fellows & Co, 


105 Lester Pub Co, The 

106 Cigar Makers’ Union 

107 Trenchs Remedies, 


108 Christie Thompson, 

mfrs agt 

109 Parker-Whyte, Ltd, 

sanitary supplies 

110 Ledyard T D, broker 

111 Holliday E D, mfrs 


114 Daughters of the 


115 Thompson A J & Co, 

mfrs agts 

116 Bamforth & Co, post 


117 Absent 

119 Tor Importing Co 
Second Floor — 

201-204 Gordon & Fowler, 

205 Pewtress John B, real 

Ganes Guide, Ltd 

206 Levy A E & Co, staty 

207 Drummond W A & 

Co, storeroom 

208 Vacant 

209 Foster Geo B, derma- 


212 Scientific Brick Sys- 
tem Co 

Houle G B, arch 
Wilcox Lake Brick 
Co, Ltd 

Platt Wm & Co, 
fence mfrs 

214 Walker Raymond Jr 

Co, tlrs 

215 Good H J F, lournal- 


216 Vacant 

217 Boiler Repair & Grate 

Bar Mfg Co 

218 Renwick W F, publr 

219 Canadian Defense 


Third Floor — 

302 Brown, Hare & Fer- 
guson, com mers 
304 Fleming Bros, vet 


305-6 Lugsdln L J, publr 
Hess Selmar, publr 

309 Art premium Co, post 

310 Willson John, de- 


311 Vacant 
313 Vacant 

814 Map Specialty Co 

315 Stephany & Murlson, 


316 Hoffert Mllus E, ar- 


318 Phillip Frederick F, 

71 Noller Realty Co. real 

Hood Alex A, real est 
73 Stewart W T & Son, 

77 Garlock Packing Co, en- 
gineers’ supplies 
* Church St intersects 
13o Plumptre Rev Henry P 
141 Christian Miss Marla 
143 Alexander & Son, pntrs 
145-147 Davis & Haddow, 
glove mfrs 
♦FTancis st ends 


West from 118 Tonge to 
Bathuret, wards 3 and 4. 

North Side 

8 Vacant 
10-12 Hyrie Bldg 
10 Freek. Clark & Co, Ltd. 
hldrs’ hardware 
Weaver Mfg Co, Infants’ 

12-14 Consumers' Gas Co, 
sales dept 

Lievin A & Co. furriers 
Capp 'T W Co, The, jwlrs 
Hall Earl C. engraver 
16 Wilson P R Printing Co 
Sutherland Miss Ida M, 

Jones J L Engraving Co 
18 Tea Pot Inn 

Williams Mfg Co, Ltd, 

20 McEachren & Peacock, 

Michigan Optical Co 
Rotterman Solomon, 

clothing mfr 

22 Baltimore Lunch, Ltd 
24 Reason H T & Co, paper 

Hlckmott, Sanderson & 
Ardron, locksmiths 
Canadain Laboratories, 

Embossing & Art Print- ^ 
ing Co 

Anthony I T, mfg jwir 
26-28 Saturday Night Bldg 
Saturday Night Ltd 
Gagnler H, Ltd, publr 
Gagnler Advertising Ag- 
Rooms — 

1-4 American Consulate 
5 Covington Wm J, 

Exhibition Illustrated 
& Exhibitors’ Re- 

6-10 Saturday Night 
11 Storeroom 
12-14 Elliott & Hume, 

15 Stewart Wm & Co, 
mfrs agts 

17 Universal Transmis- 

sion. Ltd 

18 Toronto Testing Lab- 

oratory, Ltd 

20 Whitehead & Hoag 
Go, adv novelties 
26-30 Saturday Night, 
comp room 

40 Saturday Night offices 
28 Packard Electric Co, Ltd 
30 Fountain Wm, tailor 
32 My Valet 

34 Majestic Brass Mfg Co 
Crowe Flemington, print- 

Quinn W Victor, staty 
Imperial Jewelery Co, Ltd 
Blashford W A, bkbndr 
Krehm Bros, who! furs 
Modern Skirt Co 
Bishop W S & Co, en- 

36 Central Electric & School 
Supply Co 

38-40 Crown Tailoring Co, 

Smith Louis, clothes re- 

40-42 McLeod & Allen, publrs 
Eaton, Crane & Pike Co, 
whol paper 

McOelland & .Goodchild, 

Book Supply Co, Ltd 

Cassell & Co, Ltd, publrs 
MacDougall A R & Co, 
mfrs agts 
Birn Bros, publrs 
44 Vacant 

46 Monarch T\-pewriter Co, 

Smith Bros, bkbndrs 
^ Bay st intersects 
64 English Joseph, bicycle 

76 Telephone Building 

Bell Telephone Co, geni 

Third Floor — 

Bell Telephone Co (On- 
tario dept) 

303-304 La Presse 
307 Poussette Alfred P, 

318-323 Vacant 

324 Accountants Limited 
Sebum Thaddeus I, 
chartered aecl 
Fourth Floor — 

Bell Telephone Co rest 
Fifth Floor — 

Bell Telephone Co, oper- 
ating rooms 

86 Dunlop Tire & Rubber 
Goods, Ltd, salesrooms 
90 Millen John & Son, Ltd, 
ry supplies 

92 Ontario May-Oatway Fire 
Alarms, Ltd 

Darling Robert & Co, 

International Tool Steel 
Co, f,td 

94 Zimmer Vacuum Machine 

♦ Sheppard st commences 
10B-1(H May Samuel & Co, 
billiard tables 

106-108 Johnston W 3 & Co, 

Independent Oddfellow 

Bryan Geo J, publr 
Merker & Co, mfg Jwlrs 
110 Mendelssohn Plano Co 
112 Toronto Wood Turning 

Davis Sami G, mach 
McLure & McIntosh, 
wood carvers 
Whitworth & Restall,- 
mattress mfrs, rear 
114 Logan Hugh J, bkbndrs’ 

116 Downer Pattern Works 
Dletzgen Eugene Co, Ltd, 
archs’ supplies 
118 Eureka Mineral Wool & 
Asliestos Co 

Howard Fred’k, printer 
Queen City Press 
120 Banfield W H & Sons, 

Banfield Edwin J, mfrs 

122 Vacant 

124 Douglas Bros, Ltd. roof- 

126 Varone Antonio 
128 Smith Peter, cartage agt 
♦York st Intersects 
132% Esper Mrs Mary 
134 Shelletto Antonio, confr 
136 Walker Mrs Cordelia, 


1.38 Schelsel Hyman 
142-156 Fire Dept Headeiuar- 

158 Vacant 

162 Electrical Maintenance A 
Repairs Co 

Wood Fredk & Son, saws 
164 Boeckh Bros Co, Ltd. 

The, brush mfrs 
166 Vacant 

Armstrong Mervln, mach, 

168 Vacant 
170-172 Vacant 
180 Dominion Jewelry Mfg 
Co, Ltd 
182 Vacant 

184 Business Printing Co 
Donovan Harry B, pub 
186 City Towel & Apron Sup- 
ply & Laundry Co 







McKinnon Malcolm, prin- 

Gill Ernest W, jwlr 
188 Wallace P B & Son, lea- 

100 Chinese Indiy 

^ Slmcoe St Intersects 
166-198 Saunders, Lorle & 
Co. Jwirs 

Gunther E & A Co, jwirs 
200 Zamonsky Max 
202 O’Leary Michael 
204 McBain Miss Emily 
206 Stead Thos 
rOS Hls Master’s Voice 
Gramophone Co 
JIO Bosch Magneto Co 
US BsuUhrd W, hat mfr 
314 Finnish Hall 

Llndberg Frederick 
216 Thomson’s, Ltd, engrav- 

218 Walsky Joseph 
SUH Skinner James D 

220 Florence Michl 
222 Welcome Mission 
Martin Chas D 
224 Percy Wm, tlr 
226 Wilder Mrs Sarah 
228 Stone Abraham 
230 Caplan Jacob 
2.’12 Rogerson Charles, cigars 
234 Corln Wm J, sign painter 
236 Tumo Nicholas 
236V4 Bolter Horace, Hr 
238 Tetef Louis, barber 

# Dnucan et Intersects 
244 Edmanson, Bates & Co, 
pro med 
246 Vacant 
248 Silber Abraham 
2&0 McKenzie John 
262 Pierce John 
254 White Mrs Annie 
266-8 Matthews A, Ltd, gal- 
vanized iron works 
260 Pollock Robt 
262 Jennings Miss Ida 
264 Rossey Custanide 
266 Novick Israel 
268 Gaskins John 
270 Taylor Simon 
272 Pedlow Mrs Jane 

Carveth W Herbert, phy 
^ John St Intersects 
.280 Chasin Morris, shoemkr 
282 Chinese Indry 
284 Kllledder Mrs M G 
2S6 Kerr James, biksmth 
288 Ward Mrs Harriett 
290 Helpert Jacob 

Swartz Louis, rear 
292 Kingelin Emil, tlr 
294 Gingsbell Benj 
296-300 .tones <fe Moore Elec- 
tric Co 

302 Cohen Jacob 
304 Grass Frank 
306 Cowlishaw Mrs Ada 
308 Marks Abraham 
310 Vacant 

^ Widmer st Intersects 

312 Davidson Wm * 

314 Sarcos Geo 
316 Munn Robt 
318 Harrad John 
320 Jacobson Abraham 
322 Montone Luco 
324 Montone Domlnico 
326 Snow Wm 
326H Chinese Indry 
^ Drummond pi commences 
328 Bell Mrs Georgina 
330 Vacant 
132 Jezzel Harry 
334 Vacant 
336 Vacant 
338 Vacant 

340 Greenberg Sami, gro 

354 Brown George T 
356 Jackson Peter, exp 
358 Jannetta Luigi 
360 Vacant 

362 Hammerton Wm S 
364 Gilmore G D, teas 
366 Campbell Geo 
368 Nixon Fred 
370 Whitehouse Fredk 
372 Conklin Mrs Susie A 
374 Gallagher Mrs Mary 
376 Cashuba Joseph 
378 Goodfeather Morris 
380 Fitzpatrick Mrs Mary 
382 Hobbs Mrs Emily 
384 Tony Frank 

Williams Edwd, rear 
336 Scott Mrs Annie 
388 Hunter George W, exp 
^ Spadina av intersects 
392 Bracket Chas 
392% Webber Nathan 
394 Macedonians 
396 Bskewell Wm H 
398 Hope George 
400 O’Brien Geo 
402 Tillensky Isaac 
404 Horevltch Jacob 
404% Slavln Nathan 
406 Golden Max 
408 Jacobson Joseph 
410 Samuel Max, btehr 
Wernik Heinie 
412 Sobel Sami 
414 Morrison Ambrose 
418 Rawlinson John 
420 Finnegan Henry 
Cunningham Henry 
424 Colonial Fixtures, Ltd, 
elect fixtures 
426 Bruton Albert .T 
428 Gentile Dominick 
•ISO Fro man Aarjn 
432 Pearlston Harry 
434 French Thos J 
436 Nithonson Belzion 
442 Ferguson 5Irs Bridget 
^ Brant st intersects 
St Andrew s so 
♦ Mnnd st commences 
490 Pullan Ellas. Junk 
492 Stadenack Nicholas 
494 Zersavsky John 
496 Obinsky Antonio 
498 Skavage Andrew 
500-502 Prior Wm, gro 

# Portland at Intersects 
504 Chinese Indry 

506 Poppoff Nicholas 
508 Wiggins Geo 
610 Klnsella Richard J 
512 Crottle Mrs Ann 
514 Olive Mrs Agnes 
616 Ricci Louis 
518 McDonald Edward 
520 Donovan Frank P 
522 Mooney Mrs Mary 
624 Middleton James P 
524% Flaven .Tames 
526 Burns Charles .1 
526% Gibbons James 
528 Hunt Mrs Adelaide 
530 Curtin Charles V 
532 Gibson Jas B 
534 Locke John C 
536 Mitchell Isaac 
538 Shelford Theodore 
540 Ryan Joseph 

Hogg James, contr, r 
542 McKeown John 
544 Keenan Edwd 
546 Welsh George 
548 Shea Patrick 
550 Keating John 
552 Sullivan Mrs Rhoda 
554 Cheriiside Mrs Alice 
556 Herman Harris 
568 St Mary’s Club 
South Side 

♦ Grand Opera la commences 

^ Peter st intersects 
342 Clarke John W 
344 Meikle Adam 
346 Hope Wm 
350 Blnns Jonas 
352 Alexander Engraving Co 
Dominion Novelty Mfg 
Co, Ltd 

Jordan River, rear 
Cann Wm, rear 

9 Alio & George, automo- 

9% Thompson Geo, barber 
11 Grand Opera Bpnse 
13-15 Grand Opera Hotel 
♦ .Tohnson st ends 
17 Williams Albert G, rest 
19 Goldstein Jewelry Mfg 
Co, Ltd 

21 Booth G & Son, pntrs 

I 23 Mutual Stationery Co 
I Irving J Robt, bkbndr 
Levy Maurice, printer 
Skene J Chas, engraver 
26 Vacant 

25-27 Majestic Theatre 
29-31 Jones Bros & Co, bar- 
bers’ supplies 
I 33 Vacant 

36 Van WInckel Wm G & 
Co, typewriters 

. 87 Duggan Albert J, mfrs’ 

i agt 

i 89 Burgess A E & Co, 


' Rooms — 

i 1 Western F W & Co, 

I whol jwirs 

i 2 Vacant 

3 Canadian Series Co, 

I printers 

Evans & Co, pubirs 
I 4 Dunlop & Rose, prln- 

1 ters 

Third Floor 

i Elliott W J & Co, mfg 


j Jackson J H & Co, 

I Ltd, engravers 

! 41 Kyle James, confy 

43 Bohan Bros, woollens 
♦Bay st Intersects 
53-59 Shaw-Overland Sales 
Co, autos 

Eastman Machine Co, 

I 61-65 Pearcy Sanderson & 

Co, paints, oils and 

67-71 Wilson hldg 

Dom Printing Ink & 
I Color Co, Ltd 

I Brunswick - Balke-Col- 

i lender Co, billiard ta- 

! hies 

( Zock J J & Co, Ltd, mfg 

British & Colonial Press 
Service, Ltd 

Landsberg Abraham, la- 
dles’ suits 
73 Truth Building 

Wilson Publishing Co 
Wilson S Frank & Sons, 
real est 

i Jackson & Davies, prin- 


j Columbia Phonograph 

! Co, factory 

National Electrotype & 
Stereotype Co, Ltd 
I Brvmer & Webster, jwirs 

Williams J S, prlntei 
; Todd A M & Son, pntrs 

j Parker Geo & Sons, prin- 


, Pompeian Mfg Co, toilet 

I specialties 

i Jessop & Co, cloth fnshrs 

Korn Lewis, skirt mrr 
Berger Tailoring Co, Ltd 
Toronto Jloth Finishing, 
Sponging & Examining 

79 Littlejohn & Vaughan, 

81 Diamond Rubber Co, Ltd 
Ontario Motor Supply Co, 
Ltd, auto chains 
87 Vacant 

91 Standard Cartage & De- 
livery Co 

93-97 Morrison James Brass 
Mfg Co 

97% National Skirt & Cos- 
tume Co 

Renahan Mrs Mary, 

99-99% Coulter Press 
ICl Bunker & Son, rubber 

103 Defoe Bldg • 

Gowanlock Printing Co 
Toronto Piano String 
Mfg Co 

Jackson & Dowdell, 

Schwartz & Ludwig, tlrs 
105-109 Wilkinson & Kom- 
pass, hdwre 

109% Lander & Co, brass 


Edmunds James H, me- 
tal spinner 

Coates A B Co, piano 
string mfr 

Williama Bert F, mach 
111 Domestic Laundry, Ltd 
113-125 General Supply Co of 
Canada, Ltd 

116-119 National Plumbing 
Supply Co, Ltd 
127 Lawrence A C, printer 
129 Prosopolos Geo, rest 
131 Fisher Mrs Martha, bar- 

♦ York st Intersects 

188 Tor Gold & Silver Stamp- 
ing Co 
Barash Leo'n 
Hawkins Henry 
Fisher Joseph 
143 Ayers Miss Sarah A 
145 Foster Oscar, sec hd gds 
147 Vacant 
149 Vacant 
161-153 Storehouse 
155-157 Hlbberd & New- 
combe, contra 

169-161 Richards & Cobb, 

163 Western Printing Co 
Wolfe Abraham 
Wolfe Wm 

165-69 Brown S. carriages 
171 Maguire T M cfe Son, 

173 Samuels Mrs Leah 

176 Watson James, paints 
Gartenlauh Joseph, caps 

177 Vacant 

179 Davison Adam 
iSl Belcher Felix A. prtr 
183 Hays Mfg Co, polish 

185 Skene Alex, express 
187-189 Deisinger Mrs C 
191-193 Sovereign Press 
Lloyd Harvey S, inks 
195 Richardson Geo W, 


♦ ISimcoe st intersects 

203-206 Blackhall & Co, 


207 Gilmore Isaac, cartage 
Bezzo Thos, japanner 
209 Burroughes Mfg Co, The, 
house furns 
223 Publishers. Ltd 
♦Duncan st intersects 
257-61 Toronto Hat Mfg Co 

♦ ■John st intersects 
295 Bates .T C, dentist 
297 Vacant 

299 Dunstall Albert 
301 D’Arcy Mrs Bridget 
303 Headman M F. gro 
♦Widmer st intersects 
313 Richards John 
315 Weinraw Sami 
317 Hunter .1 5V Engineering 

327 HIngley IVni H 

♦ Peter st intersects 

.3.31 Friend Mr.a Elizabeth, gro 
333 Vlnestein Louis 

Berger & Midline, cloth- 
ing mfrs. rear 
Canadian Show Case Co 

335 Warshky Isaac 

Sokolsky Benj. rear 
Petsofsky David, rear 
3.37 Cohen Benjamin 
339 Berlman Joseph 
341 Mass Wolfe 
.349 Antlptzky Metal Co 
♦Charlotte st ends 
351 Yeo Horace 
355 Bates Isaac 
337 Sachs Mrs Toba, gro 
359 Grosky Sami 
363 Goo Mrs Eliza 

Messer Miss Harriet, rear 
365 Bell John 

867 McCormack James M, pby 

♦ Spadina av intersects 
271 Rycus Peter 

373 Moscovltch Isaac 

Solder, Sheet Lead, Lead Pipe, 
Brass Ferrules, Traps and 
Bends, Pure Block Tin Pipe 

The Canada Metal Co., Limited 


— 70 — 

DAII V O I real ESTATE, LOANS] 2 1 Adelaide St. E. 


175 Moscovltch Mrs Bertha 
RV7 Lavor Reuben 
879 Sack Esau 
381 Hoffman BenJ 
383 Goldman Hoscher 
385 Bradmen Ephraim 
SS7 Goodman Mrs Ada 
889 Atkinson John H 
391 Slattery John 
393-397 Vacant 

Zobrofsky Max 
401 Shlnocka Frank 
403 Shlnocka Liberoto 
405-419 Gurney Foundry Co 
(storeroom) l 
421 Doroth Wm 
423 Cain Thos J 
426 Hammerton Mrs Annie 
43T XJndsay James C 
429 Hay John, gro 

^ Brant st intersects 

Bd of Education work- 

439 Shepi.ard Wm J 
441 Solomansky Louis 
443 Madorsky Louis 
Morrison st ends 
445 Brown Peter 
447 Osborne Henry 
449 Uhllg Paul 
451 Aides Robt W 
453 Cochrane Abraham 
459 Glngras Telesphore 
461 Foster Alonzo 
Jaffray John, rear 
Mackie James, rear 
463 Martin Charles D 
Craig John, rear 
Carter Robt, rear 
465 Ford Thomas A 
467 University Settlement 
Hunt Milton B 
479-81 La wi once Alfred C 

# Portland st Intersects 
4tn Haskayne John 

497 Kennedy John H 
499 Hart Herbert 
501 Haberman Aaron, plmbr 
601% James Frank 
503 Currie James 
Fletcher Wm 
603% Clark Edwd 
505 .TStmes George 
607 Patterson Laughlin N 
609 Grady Wm 
511 O’Loughlln Andrew 

♦ Adelaide pi commences 
521 West End Creche 
625 McCann Thomas 

527 Boyle Frank 
631 Cudignotto Frank 

South from 511 Adelaide 
w, ward 4 

East Side 

1 Murphy Mrs Mary 

3 Sinclair Robt 

6 Treadwell Mrs Emma 

7 Mclnnes Donald 
9 Mathieson Geo 

11 Hirlehey Chas 

41 Brown Robt G 
43 Wilkes Mrs Letitla B 
45 Boeckh Mrs Harriet 
66 McCausland F H 
69 Bongard Robt R 
61 Swabey Chas 
63 Capreol J Lonsdale 
77 Deeks (Jeo S 
81 Watson James P 
♦Bernard av intersects 
101 Scott Mrs Harriett 
106 Patteson Mrs Marie L 
121 Morrison Gordon F 
123 Beemer Harry G 
131 Turner Fredk A 
135 Scott Wm S 
141 Bonnlch Charles 
147 Heaton Edwin P 
149 Bruce Rupert 
151 Wilson Mrs S Maude 
153 Crombie Miss Mary 
167 Hurndall Clement A 
159 Barber John S 
161 Stewart Louis B 
163 Nlcholls Frank Jr 
165 Parmenter Reginald H 

West Side 

12 Simpson Ernest A 
14 Robertson James E 
16 Fernow Bernhard B 
20 Melady John 
24 Cargill Welllnstton D 
28 Hall Thomas H 
30 Welsman Francis S 
38 Burnand J Lewis 
40 Stollery Francis 
43 Budd Albert T 
46 McKenzie Geo A 
48 Dingman Archd W, gro 
60 Bunting Mrs Mary B 
62 Mlchle EMward R 
54 Tyrwhitt Mrs Emma 
68 Apted Wm H 
60 Nlckalls E Hart 
62 Smith J Herbert 
64 Vacant 
66 Baily Wm 
68 Kerr Hugh L 
72 Kingston Mrs Georgina 
74 Hopklrk Henry O 
♦ Bernard av Intersects 
76 Vacant 
78 Hillary Norman 
82 Robertson Llewellyn H 
84 Harwood Harry S 
86 Donald Robt C 
88 Findley Thos 
90 Anderson Alexander 
92 Hoidge Joseph J 
94 Wallace Rev Wm Q 
96 Cameron J Home 
98 Campbell John L 
100 Jones Charles S 
102 White Russell M 
104 Reid Alfred 
106 Steiner Ernest A 
108 Alexander Wm W 
110 Merrick Wm T 
112 Browning Arthur G 


West from 216 Llsgar to 
Northcote av, ward 6. 

West Side 

North Side 

Not built on 

North from opp 71 Low- 
ther av to St George, 
ward 4. 

East Side 

2 Tomlinson Mrs Maggie 
4 Smith Mrs Isabella 
6 Thomas Sami 
8 Edwards Amos N 
10 Dale Albert 
12 Copeland Miss Annie, 

14 Greed Fredk, fruit 

1 Macinneb Charles S 

5 Purse Alexander 
9 Thompson Mrs Jessie G 
11 White Walter J 
13 Scott Charles W 

16 Stupart Robt F 

17 Sims Rev Robert A 
19 Lloyd Mrs Sarah B 
21 Ashworth James J 
23 Hamilton Henry C 

26 Brereton Mrs Victoria M 

27 Maaon Frederick 
29 Rust Charles H 
31 NicboIIs Bruce F 
33 Cubitt Woolmer C 
85 White Aubrey 

87 Burton Mrs Minnie 

♦ Lisgar st recommences 
16 Powless David J 
18 Wilson Stewart 
20 Miller Joseph 
22 Monaghan h redk F P 
24 Terrell Wm T 
26 Cross on .Jacob 
28 Smith John 
30 Charhoneau Harry H 
32 Bird Wm G 
34 Halloway Alfred E 
86 Brodie Frederick 
38 Martin Thomas 
40 Fagan Harold 
42 Aitken Wm T 
44 Ferrier Robert C 
46 May Sydney H 

48 Logan Wm 

50 Jessop Walter G 
52 Ellis John L 

♦ Beaeonsfleld .iv Intersects 
54 Porter John 

56 Waring Wm 
68 Downs Wm G 

60 McDonald Wm 8 

62 Gee James 

68 Taylor Nell A 
70 Henry Mrs Mary 
72 Stephens Robert 
74 Jones Herman 

South Side 

1 Wltmer Amos M, gro 
3 Barkway Edwd W 

6 Bryant John W 

7 Wesley John 

8 Gamble John F 

11 Pollard Richard F 
13 Baxter James 

16 Marshall Thos 

17 Thompson John A 
19 King Thos 

21 Watson James A 
23 Nlchol James 

26 Jeffrey David McC 

27 Swanton Wm J 
29 Harris John W 

31 Forrester Fredk C 

♦ Beaeonsfleld av intersects 
39 Robertson Louis 

41 Phillips Mrs Elizth 
43 Rutherford Thos 
45 Low Thos 
47 Prosser Mrs Fanny 

49 Broderick Mrs Margt 

51 Arnold Henry C 

63 Murgatroyd Walter G 
65 Scalley Edwin R 

61 Trotter John 


West from 302 Yonge to 
University av, ward 3. 

North Side 

2 Cook John 
8 Chinn W H, barber 
10 McClergue Geo 
12 Hygiene Kola Co, Ltd, 

14 Paul Louis, tlr 
16 Pollack Max, bicycles 
18 Cassetina John, fruit 
20 Shiftman Newman, tlr 
22 Gordon Louis 
24 Cusack John 
24% Solomon David 
26 Mitchell Wm 
26% Stewart Mrs Maigt 
28 Meaney Mrs Elizth 
30 Rosen Yankel 
32 Demno Kalme 
34 Calhoun Alfred 
36 Stillaqulnda Patk 
38 Houkal Frank 
42 Trevers Mrs Elizth 
44 Cusack Daniel R 
46 .Serino Dominick 
Clute Mrs Elizth 
Bortolon Angelo 
48 Fletcher Dennis 
64 Vacant 

56-58 Armac Press. Ltd 
Fullerton John A, pub 
Woodland Joshua M. hats 
60 Dlstarl Domenico, fruit 
62 Itallan.s 

64 Janickl Jan, btehr 
66 Bozgi Giovanni 
68 Shkolmek Aaron 
70 Atley Miss Sarah 

Satterley Mrs Eliza, rear 
72 Luney Miss Mary 
72% Absent 
74 Bell Daniel D 

Relkins Lyric Theatre 
♦Teraulay st Intersects 
82 Druks Hyman, genl store 
84 Siglar Marcus, fruit 
86 Angelchik Harry, bicycle 

88 Margules Philip, btehr 
Atkin Geo 

90 Ellis Hyman, confy 
92 Mltz Gilbert, barber 
94 Pechenick Morris, plmbr 
96 Frornsteln Simon, dry gds 
98 Olawltz Harry, rest 

100 Mandel Max 

102 Belick Benj 
102% Moston Isaac 

104 Shkolnick & Sturman, 

106 Weiss Joshua 
108 Goloski Abraham, dry gd» 
110 Hamowitz & Kessler, gros 
112 Drutch Abraham 
Goldberg Morris 
Finesteln Max 
Applebaum Nattal 
Sugarman Louis 
Shavass Laban 
114 Morrison Abraham, confy 
116 Schwartz & Jacobs, bar- 

118 Kornrelch Harold 
Seagal John 
Havelock Harris 
Krull Joseph 

120 Garfunkel Jacob, steam- 
ship agt 

♦Elizabeth st Intersects 
122-124 Vacant 
126 Laprestl Joseph, fruits 
128 Hoffman Mrs Etta 
130 Herman Edwd, cigars 
lc2 Caplan Myer, flsh 
134 Kropywka Joseph, Ice 

136 Rose Joseph 

Rottenberg L & Son, Ins 
i 138 Northern Crown Bank 
I ♦ Chestnut st Intersects 
' 140 Ellis Max, fruit 

j 142 Helfenbaum Mrs Rebecca 
j 144 Osberg Herman, flsh 
I 146 Dickman Rev Max 
I 148 Karpf Jacob 
[ 152 Ganz Wm 

I 156 Peczene.'c Saul 

160 Harder Abraham, rest 
162 Charwinsky Abraham, 
dry gds 

164 Koppifky L. Ice cream 

106 Dvoretzky Sand, gro 

♦ Centre av intersects 
168 Shipman Joseph, rest 
172 Chinese Laundry 

174 Rosenfeld Israel 
176 Nusbaum Henry 
188 Schwartz Louis M, bottles 

I South Side 

i 6-9 East & Co factory, 

j Adams Mfg Co, trunks 

I 13 r'ein'oerg Alfred, gro 
15 Silverman Mrs Etta 
17 SokolosKi .loseph 
1 19 Crowe Martin 

j 21 Colby Mrs Jane 

23 Oldham Sami, exp 
26-27 Dublin J & Co, blk- 

31 Julian Peter 
33 D’Alesandro D, musician 
Vitale Joseph 
41 Goldberg Max 
43 Lakeman Sami 
45 Hellel Abraham 
47 Greenberg Joseph 
49 Linsson Harry 
61 Hamowitz David 
63 D’Angelo Rocco 

D’Angelo Eugenio, or- 

67 Swerling Chas 
63-65 iaidce Station No 2 
67 Christopher Carl 
71 Cohen Louis 

♦ Teraulay st Interests 

73 Silherman Simon, cigars 

76 Segin Nathan, printer 

77 Sanders Louis, ins 

79 Finger Louis, hair gds 
81 Bower Abraham, gro 
83 Roher Isaac, bottles 
85 Fleishman Louis, btehr 
87 Fish Joseph, fruits 
89 Karnofsky Joseph 
91 Bolgar Nathan, lunch rm 
93 Sommer Sami, tlr 

96 Greenberg Mrs Fanny 


Greenberg Harry 

97 Bomza Abraham 
99 Lunzon Abraham 

101 Weinreb Rev Joseph 

103 Plnchewskl Harry, btehr 

105 Borenstein B, rest 

107 Chinese Laundry y 


OFFICES: 2 COURT ST. (Ground Floor) 

General Agents Gore Mutual. London Mutual, Perth 
Traders and Dominion Fire Insurance Companli 



Office, Main SS6; Residence, North 1686; College 5098 

— 71 — 

F. J. SMITH ^ CO.r™!-"™ 


109 Goodman Gabriel, flour 
111 Cinnamon J W (est), 
■ Irufrs 

4’ Elizabeth st Intersects 
11.1 -Mayer Sami, btchr 
117 Gold Henry, fish 
119 Hashmall A B, drugs 
l:'l Alisi Luller Maurice, gro 
123 Obensteln Isaac, fruit 
125 Lebovitch Harry, fruit 
127 Eli Jacob, fish 
129 Weinrlp Chas, shoemkr 

♦ Chestnut st Intersects 
133 Somers Chas 

137 Ridley Walter M 

139 Jacob Levi 

141 Gertzhelm Sami 

143 Vossman Isaac 

145 Goldstein Marcus 

147 Himell David 

149 Gold Henry 

161 Black Israel, tir 

153 Cold Mrs Annie 

155 Marcowitz Eli, baker 

157-159 Steissel Sami, barber 

♦ Centre av intersects 
161 Rusonek Solomon 

163 Nusbaum Sami J. bicycle 

165 Pint Francis 

167 Pacella Harry, barber 

171 Gold Abraham 

173 Thompson James R 

177 Bass James 

181 Megash Michl 


(Old Centre Rd, Midway 
Annex), Easterly and 
Westerly from Whitney av. 
first n of Danforth av, 
ward 1. 

Not built on 

East from 7 Lee av, ward 
1 . 

North Side 

2 Turnbull James F 
4 Cope Harold 
6 Johnston E James 
8 Gardner Robt 

10 Gaston Wm 

South Side 

Bowling Green 


North from Bloor w. first 
e of Bathurst, ward 4. 

East Side 

7 Miller Isadore 
9 Kelly Mrs Ellen 
11 Stalker Colin J 
<3 Sharpe Ernest M 
15 McKechnie Frank R 
17 Donaldson John S 
19 Wilkins Morley P 
21 Gibson Norman R 
23 Fisher James 
25 Rogers Herbert C 
27 Muir R Stewart 
29 Gilmour .Joseph L 
31 Hodge James H 
33 Mathlson Robert 
37 Banks Thos 

80 Bennett Wm B 
41 Vacant 

43 Noble Colin J 
49 Morrow Thomas C 
51 Kerr Milton 
63 Reford Mrs Rose C 

56 Lowe Arthur T 

57 White Alfred 
69 Lean Edwd C 

61 Andras John W G 
63 Leigh Major Edwd 
65 Chinn John 
67 Phillips Mrs Sarah 
67 Champ Hertford C 
69 Parks Wm A, B A, Ph D 
71 Bowen Thomas B 

78 Conley Matthew T 

76 Conley Newton H 

77 Graham Mrs Margaret 

79 Gallanough F J 

81 Drqnbart Thomas 
83 Starr David B 

4 Barton ar Intersects 

12.5 Musgrave Chas 
127 Brett Geo S 

1^9 ’1 1ms Mrs Louisa F 
131 Goodearle J Alfred 
Clarkson Percy E 
133 Altken Kenneth L 
135 Hutchinson Geo 
1S7 Meek Edwd J 
139 Simpson Mrs Elizth 
141 David Wallace E 

♦ Wells st Intersects 
177 Sherrin Geo A 

179 Esten John P 
181 Jackson Joseph A 

1.5.5 Harris Mrs Christina 
187 Le Grow Joshua 

189 Imrie Mrs Elizabeth 
191 Simmons Enoch 
193 Procter Wm 
195 Young Mrs Catherine 
197 Allen Whitman J 
199 Stevens Louis L 
201 Skirrow J Edgar 
203 Browne Harry J 

206 Smyth Sydney D 

207 Wooster Thomas H 
‘.Tl Coath Edwd E 

213 Ferguson Thomas A 
215 Stoneman Mrs Margaret 
217 Keeling Alfred 
219 Soulre Miss Sarah 
221 Dlngman Russell G 
223 Pugh Edgar 

22.5 .Tenkins Mrs Mary B 
227 Ash Henry J 

229 Cook Joseph H 
231 Rook J Leslie 
233 Spradbrow Wm, contr 
235 Harvey George 
287 Brydon George S 
239 Ashdown Geo T 
241 Taylor James G 
243 McCartln Mrs Jane 
21.) Blake V Thos 
247 Neate Mrs Nellie 
2in Halson Miss Kate E 
251 Johnston Frederick A O 
253 Sver J Roy 
255 Malone Michl J 
Bice Thos L 
259 Watson George 
261 Purtlll Thomas J 
2«3 Hough Wm H 
265 Smith John M 
267 McCaffery Mrs Annie 
269 f'onquergood Charles R 
271 H.a' t John J 

♦Dupont st Intersects 

♦ C P R Intersects 

309 Walker & Robertson, 

.323 Carmod.v Mrs Matilda 

327 Young John 

329 Rosslter Mrs Ida 

331 Clark Frank 

333 Bannister Charles 

336 Smith Frank 

337 Phillips George 
339 Arscott Mrs Mary 
KH Pettman Frank 
343 Norman John T 

345 Shepherd Benjamin R 
347 Edwards (Jhas 
349 Vacant 
357 Crawford James 
.3fil Crawford Robert 
363 Paget Thomas W 
365 Hodglns Thos H 
269 Vacant 

West Side 

10-12 Albion Apts 
Pace Alfred 
Smithett Chas 
Hult Geo A 

14 Harper Wm E 

15 .Neshitt 8 Sproule 
18 Robertson James M 
20 Briggs Henry 

22 Reburn Henry 
24 Woodland Josuah M 
26 Plersol Wm H 
28 Trout Wm B 
30 Keeler Chas H L 
32 DIneen Dennis 
34 Armstrong Fred C 
36 Groves Wm E 
38 DHworth Robt J 
40 Slater David D, mus tchr 
48 Medland Wm J 

44 Ferrah Robert 
46 Mollard John T 
48 MacKechnle Charles W 

50 Vacant 

52 Templeton Robert P 

64 Ellis Mrs Mary J 
66 Cowing Mrs Margt 
58 Phllp Rev Samuel C 
60 Coleman Herbert T J 
70 Collins Charles H 
72 Clemens Matthew W 
74 Clark Malcolm S 
78 Foster J Milton 
78 Taylor Harold B 
80 Devaney Mrs Elizabeth 
Elliot Charles 
84 Ferguson Henry 
86 Kennedy Harry 
88 MacNeill Rev .John 
90 King C Franklin 
Jamieson James 
99 Devitt Jas W, bldr 

♦ Barton av Intersects 
96 Cook Merrill H 

OR Wetherell .T.imes E 
109 Lltster Thomas H 
102 Larkin Mrs Alice 
104 Lindsay John K 
106 Brown Mrs Alice 
108 Hargreaves Wm A 
no Little Fredk 
112 Slmonskl Arthur A 
114 Henderson Mrs Esther 
116 Tackaberry R W 
tl8 MacPherson Mrs Alice 
120 Gunn Hector 
122 Bussell Edward 
124 Gibb Mrs Isabel 
126 Hall Wm A 
128 Hamilton Rev Robt M 
130 Rose George M 
132 Smale Mrs Helen 
134 Talt Wm R 
136 Distin Henry H 
138 Gray Harper R G 
140 Van Diisen Frank E 
142 McNairn Samuel 
144 Codd Henry F 
146 Cheeseworth Fredk J 
348 Hammond M O 
150 Spink John L 

♦ Wells st Intersects 
158 Smith J Harry 
160 Montgomery James 
162 Auston Lucien E 
164 Moreland Mrs Sarah 
166 Jesslman George W 
108 Grose Wm R 

170 Thompeon Frank C 

172 Kennedy Warring G 

174 McElheran George H 

176 Kellock James P 

ITS Mnrrin Francis X 

178% Austin Reginald de B 

180 Ferguson Hugh 

180% Sharp Ernest 

182 Force Thos 

1S4 Goodall James F 

1R4% Ash Henry F 

1S6 Morse Wm M 

188 Randall Wm H 

190 McKay Adam 

192 Woodbridge Wm T 

194 Lougheed Thos 
196 GalbraUh Percy G 

19 5 Brepowiy Ernest E 
206 Baird Henry 

202 McIntosh Wm A 
204 Vacant 

206 Richardson Mrs Mae 
208 Waterson Auen 
210 Glynn Mrs Mary J 
212 Toms Wm 
212% Davis Thomas .1 
214 Harvey Leslie J 
216 Richards .lohn A 
218 Moor Philip 
220 Corp Walter 
222 Kirkland Samuel B 
222% Lusty Arthur F. 

224 Crowhurst Horace 
226 Hilton Robert 
228 Massey Mrs Marv 
•’■•0 TCIdd EK tv 
232 Parson Arthur 

♦ Dupont st Intersects 
242 Lock Leonard 

246 Purton Thos 

248 Bugden Benj 

260 Morris Ernest E 

252 Macpherson Mrs Isabella 

254 Lovlson John 
♦ C P R intersects 
266 Clarke Arthur 
268 Rogers John 
270 Wooodham Alfred 
272 Smith Frank 
274 Finley John 
276 Price Wm 
278 Richardson Wm 
280 Dampier Wm 
282 Sanford Thos jr 
284 Bolton James 
Burt Andrew 
304 Sharp John 
.306 Pickles .lames H 
.308 Cowle Louis 
310 Hankin Thos 
312 Bolton James 
314 Sales James 
316 McClarty Archd 
318 Jones Robert C 
320 Prentice Thos 
322 Henry Charles 
324 Wood George W 
?.34 Abbs Frank 
338 Davidson John T 
340 Thomson Alex 
344 Pap worth Radfoith 
346 Vacant 


(West Toronto), name 
changed to Gunns rd. 


East from Hampton av to 
Logan av, ward 1. 

North Side 

6 Rowles Ernest H 

14 Vacant 

16 Douglas Michael 
18 Mnrphy Wm J 
20 Pringle Lome M 
24 Read George 
83 Voltch Robert 

34 Laister Thomas B 
36 MacLeod Norman 

38 Brook Arthur 
40 Peers Henry 

42 Rann Herbert F 
44 Hamilton Samuel 
46 Williams Ernest S 

South Side 

18 Vacant 

15 McCulloch James 
Manning Morley E 

33 Vnmplew John H 

35 Vacant 

39 Kenney Carroll B ■ 
Vacant (2) 

43 McCaffrey James 


West from 218 Yonge to 
Chestnut, ward 3. 

North Side 

4 Elliott Bros, dentists 

♦ Albert lane commences 
10-14 Eaton T & Co, warhse 
16-24 S A Temple 

S A Printing House 
S A Immigration Dept 
Young Soldier (weekly) 
War Crv Official Gazette 
All the World (monthly) 
Men’s Social Dept S A 
Women Social Work 

t .Tames st Intersects 
Eaton T & Co, garage 
♦ Teraulay st Intersects 
60 Vacant 
66 Shorser Sami 
68 Pritchard John J 
70 Izen Max 
72 Cohen J ridel 
76-78 Deach Concrete Co, 

SO Reggln & Spence, roofers 
82 Dache Sami 
84 Turice Geo 
88 Sigel Joseph 
♦ Elizabeth st Intersects 
90 Vacant 
92 Chinese 



I Phones Beach 230 - 331 

— 72 — 




^ , 145-147 





94 "Woods Francis H, balllfl 
Keningher Berry 
96 Pickens Robert 
98 Bercovitch Charles, pntr 

104 Sh.ipero Abraham 

106 Baldessarre Vincenzo, gro 

South Side 

* James st intersects 
^ Teraiilay st Intersects 
B3 "Watson Henry 
B6 McCarthy Richd 
B9 Tattersall Harry 
61-63 Purdy - Mansell, Ltd. 

Thomas F S & Co, bk- 

Oundy-Clapperton Co, 
Ltd, cut glass 
4 Elizabeth st Intersects 

105 Hillock Frank, lumber 


(West Toronto). name 
changed to Wakefield 

albert av 
Name changed to Ward 

100 W.almsley Thomas 
108 Brown John E 
110 Banna tyne Alex 
112 "Vacant 

South Side 

9 Allen .Tames C 
11 Glass Gerald 
13 Barden "William 
21 Wass Rev ,Iohn B 
2.3 Pellow Clarence P 
27 McDonald Angus 
29 "Vacant 

31 Pearson William G 
Du Vernet Ernest E A 
Hahn Gustav 
Matthews Marmaduke 
Smith Eden 

81 Reid Geo A 
103 Partington Sami 
105 Tibbs John 
113 Summers George A 


(Including old Wlckson av) 
West from 1222 Yonge to 
Avenue rd, ward 3. 

albert .aV 


albert l.ane 

North from 8 Albert to 
Alice, first w of Yonge, 
ward 8. 

Not built on 

.\lbert.a av 


alberta av 

(North Dovercourt Annex), 
North from Davenport rd 
to St Clair av w, 1 east 
C akwood av .ward 5. 

Not built on 

albert.v cres 
(D avisvHle) 



West from 1366 Bathurst to 
Bracondale av, ward 5. 

North Side 

6 "Vacant 

8 Musselwhite Wm A 
10 Faulkner Wm H 
Id Heron Thomas 
22 Bell Mrs Elizabeth 
24 Welham Ernest G, pntr 
Wriaht Charles 
Moffltt William 
28 Roberts Herbert I. 

20 Wall Alma G 
32 Croucher Walter 
38 Redtearn Charles 
46 Sayers Robert J 
60 DeadmIn Joseph 
Dickie David 
54 Cromb George 
."16 Misha w -John K 
68 Ashley Wilfred J 
60 Fleming Steele J 
62 Stevens Alfred 
64 .Tones Wm J 
66 Cook Thomas 
Remsie William 
70 Murphy .Tames S 
72 Gallow .Tohn 
74 Reid Alexander J 
80 Heath Walter 
82 Billings Lester 
84 Hazelwood John H 
86 Clack Joseph B 
88 Shields John 
90 Banks Francis M 
92 Crosby Ellas E 
94 Gibson John 
96 Reigate George 
98 Waterton .Arthur J 
102 Elvldge Elijah 

North Side - 

8 Forsvth Matthew 
10 Smith Sami 

12 Manson John 

14 Johnson Wm fl 

16 Wilson Daniel 

24 Haig Thos, stables 

36 Dowling Thos D 

38 Stephens Mrs Jerusha 

40 Plrrie Geo S 

42 Braden Christopher 
44 White Henry J 

46 Blain Robt 
48 Swan Alex 
60 Mitchell Alex 
52 McCann Thos 
64 Gibson Wm R 
56 Thomllnson James 
58 Moore Wm D 
60 Higgins Mrs Isabel 
62 Harrlgan Mrs Martha , 
64 Duval Walter 
66 Speed John 
70 Lawrence Jas 
72 Grondahl Wm 
74 Sailor WItho 
76 Matthews Geo 
78 Corrigan John 
80 Courian Ahraham 
82 Chaplin Aifred 
84 Cawthorne Chas 
86 McKnight Henry 
88 Richardson Alfred 
92 Broomhal! Thomas 
94 Sweeney Peter 
100 Cox Geo 
102 Little Weldon 
104 Brown Norman F 
106 Blair Henry 
108 Oates Geo, contr 
110 Burgess Norman 
112 "Vacant 

114 McClymont James 

116 Wheat Fred 

120 Medlock Amos 

122 Brovold Peter 

126 Sheppard Matthew H 

128 Willis Mrs Marla 

South Side 

3 Daily R & Son, brk mfrk 
7 Dawson "William 

9 Barnard William 
11 Jarvis Win 

13 Doyle John 

15 Carrington Chas, mat- 

tress mfr 

17 Raker Mrs Ellen 
19 Middleton Thos 
21 Moyonahan John 
23 LIndala James 

25 Lehto Carl 

27 Ahlquist John W 
29 Sutherland Miss Annie 
31 Hellsberg Axel 
33 Jones David 
35 Dear Chas G 

37 Townsend Mrs Elizabeth 
Gibson Leonard, painter 

39 Skinner John 

41 Daniels Dennis 

43 Brown Fred 


49 Cafley Ernest, bldr 
Stevenson Peter 
51 Brown Robt 
63 Wallace George 

56 Jones Bertram 

57 Limage John A 
59 Colman David 
61 Stewart David 
63 Wheat Chas 

65 Hackett Mrs Mary 
67 Gaynor Mrs Bridget A 
69 Richards Joseph 
73 Miller Wm, tlr 
75 Rooth Wm P 
77 Bartlett Mrs Frances 
79 Lewis Wm A 
81 Phillips Mrs Laura G 
83 McCrea Mrs Mary M 
85 Rodgers Mrs Ellen 
87 Wilson Wm H 
89 Simpson Thos 
91 Dowling Wm R 
95 Tweddle David 
99 Cissl Frank 
103 Stephens Thos B 
107 Pirn Jas E 
111 Murphy Thos J 
113 Key Chas 

116 Dawson Robt 

117 Spence BenJ 
119 Mellway Jas A 
121 Dowling George 
123 Kerr Wm 

125 Pearce Richd "W 
127 Turner Miss Alice 
129 Thom John M 
131 Porteous Wm A 
133 Webster Jas 
135 de Beaumont "Victor 
^ Oaklands av ends 
149 Oaklands Lawn Bowling 

151 Glendenning Chas E 
153 Hickey Jas M 
155 Sewell Henry de Q 
157 Robb Mrs Isabella 
159 Black Mrs Mary 




East from 493 Yonge to 
Mutual, ward 3. 

North Side 

4 Mackay Geo L, ladles’ 

Elliott Business College 
10 Belward Fredk 
14 Jackson Mrs Mary 
16 McGibbon Mrs Catherine 
18 Eastman Geo L 
20 Wadds Mrs Maria C 
22 Berimes Graham 
24 Mulholland Wm F 
26 Hartwell .Mrs Isabella 
28 Hanna John 
30 Dowson Austin 
32 Finch Mrs Sarah 
34 Bell David 
36 McLaren Lewis A 
38 Mills Robert 
44 Crysler J H, painter 
46 Hevwood Mrs Elizabeth 
48 Duhlg Miss Alice 
50 Reid John 
52 McDonald Miss Lillie 
64 Luke Noah 
66 Curtis Miss Netta M 
58 Constnlile Mrs Jennie 
60 Clendennin Mrs Nellie 

Lamonhy John T 
62 "Vacant 

64 Miller Mrs Elizth 
66 Fairly Joseph J 
68 Snell Mrs (jharlotte 
^ Chnreh st intersects 
88 Boddy Mrs Annie M 
90 Duke Mrs Cafnerine G 
♦ Alexander pi commences 
92 Newell Jas J 
94 Blashford Walter A 
96 Simmons Edwd W 
98 Steward Miss Joanna C 
104 Crowson Daniel 
106 Lent Ell B 
108 “raber Wm 

South Side 

7 Harris .Tohn .T 
9 Wells Mrs Elizth A 

11 Mills Harry E 
IIH Mooney Fredk 
13 Cook Sami 
15 Ough Wesley 
17 Joyce Edgar 
19 Reynolds Walter 
21 Switzer Nelson, bdg 
23 McBurney Mrs Margaret 
bdg hse 

25 Simpson Miss Mary 
27 McPherson J Gordon 
29 Gourley Mrs Elizth 
81-39 Paterson & Winn, 
carpet cleaners 
41 Hurst Mrs Isabel 
43 Wood John, awnings 
45 Fanning Miss Sarah 
47 Low Elmo 
49 Hodges Wm G 
51 Vickery Wm A 
53 McNahb Miss Lillian 
65 McKinnon Miss Christina 
57 Flnerty John 
59 Hawken Wm J 
61 Stephens Richard 
63 Glover Miss Bella 
65 Heard Miss Charlotte 
67 Warden Miss Mina 
69 Ewers Mrs Susie 
# Church st Intersects 
93 Smith Mrs Annie 
95 Fox Lewis R 
97 Je(Ier.T Frank P 
99 Parsons Mrs OHvla 
101 Culling Wm 
103 Grainger Robert B 
105 Rusgrove Edmund Q 
107 Lalande Leo F 
109 Schuch Fredk J 


North from 90 Alexander, 
ward 8. 

East Side 

1 Funncll Albert 
3 Earle Lot T 

West Side 

Not tullt on 



(Old Hloga av), w from 
Indian rd to Kobe ar. first 
8 of Howard Park av, 
ward 6. 

Not built on 


(Old Cherry av), w from. 
Indian rd to High Park, 
second n of G T R crossing, 
ward 6. 

North Side 

2 Dawson Rev Alex 
4 Flatt Stephen F 
6 Crate Hiram A 
Algie James 
8 Bartlett Wm 


Henry W. Xvana, Phone College 827 F. H. Oooch, Phone North 1243 


26 Wellington St. E. Tel. Main llto 

— 73 — 

GIBSON BROS, seal estate 

Phone Main 1428 


10 Hyatt Hredk F 
18 Vacant 
20 Oliver lOviiest A 

South Side 

3 Kdwards Chesster. bldr 
6 Parkes Robt C 
Vacant (6) 


North from Bouetead av 
to Bloor w. first w of Dun- 
das, ward 6. 



























,Eaat Side 

Kelly John P 
Neelands Win O 
Lyons Arcbd 
Thonipsoi; Wrn I 
Lang Wm H 
Graham Wm 
Sutherland Gilbert 
Torston James 
VIoeberg Jules 
Dale Thomas 
Boys Mrs Margaret 
Shantz Allan B 
Gay James B 
Clark Mrs Annie E 
Sutcliffe James A 
Crang George 
Coulter Joseph 
Quillet Geo 
Thrlng Percy 
Pentecost Albert E 
Anderson Henry W 
Burgess Wm J 
Atkinson Joseph 

Mark Arthur B 
Johnson I'reJk F 


West Side . . . . 

4 Mitchell Arthur 
6 Brereton Wm F 
8 Peart E Chester 
10 Wells Tames D 
12 Rogerson Mrs Sarah A 
^ Radford av Intersects 
20 Lane Leon K 
22 Hogan Wm 
24 Shaw Albert 
28 Jenner Harvey E 
28 Leeds Max M 
80 Parker Wm H 
82 Hill Richard 
84 Palin George 
36 Robertson Geo A 
38 Conover John H 
^ Tliorold "v commences 
52 Davies Wm J 
54 Moore Wm TT 
56 Detweiler Astnr 
6K Emmett Henry R 
80 MacMurchy Jo'.in A 
82 Bedson Chas L 
64 Leigh Benson G 
66 Armstrong Mrs Ellzth 
68 Wilcox Mrs Sarah 


(Moore Park) 


West from 280 Tonge to 
Teraulay, ward 3. 

North Side 

8-8 Randall & Chapman, 

10-12 Dempsey Joseph H. 
Iron wks 

Business Messenger Ser- 

Jenne G R, acetylene 
lights, rear 
14 Levy Harris 

McDonald James 
18 Levy Meyer H 
18 Singer Solomon 
20 L,ee Wm A 
22 Roe Mrs Sarah 
22% Anderson J D, mus tchr 
Anderson W J, mus tchr 
Merzanis Wm 
24 Norton L,eater N 
26 Jackson Mrs Jessie B 
28 Harris Maurice 

30 Perczowski Abranam 

32 Ethen Cahmon 

I .34 Sherbourne Frederick 
36 McClure Robert 

38 Cameron Archibald 

40 Myrtle Mrs Mary 

42 Goldhar Benj 
Radford Thos 

42% Allspeetor Jacob 
"Welton John J, rear 

44 Fingerhut Mrs Rebecca 
Cutchlurean Dumitru, r 
Smith Antonio, r 

46 Barnik Samuel, painter 
Atkin Kallman, r 

i 48 Grelsman Moses 
Toddel Ettore, r 

50 Tobias Max 
McArthur John, r 

62 Goloscup Morris 

56 McIntosh Alexander 
Kanlan Solomon, r 

58 D’Elsbury Bertram 
Watts Alfred, r 

60 Black James 
Wrobel Albert, r 

64 Puma Dominic 
66 Spring Jacob 

South Side 

1 McGahey Michael Mo, 

j S St John’s Hall 

! ^ Albert lane ends 

' 5 Pngh Wm. dairy 

7 Johnson Mrs EJmfljr 
B Byrnes Thomas 
i 11 Thornborrow. Wm H 

13 Cuthbert Mrs Elisabeth 
16 Langdon-Davles Motors 
(Canada) Ltd 

19-21 Pearce Benjamin, en- 
velope mfr 
Flshelman & Co. tlrs 
Smith J Hungerford Co, 
I,,td. mfg chemists 
International Time Re- 
cording Co, Ltd 
Carr Bandeau Co, hat 

Lampert Abraham, pant 
Ford Tailoring Co 
25 Thornton Mrs Lina 
27 Brown Alfred 

Silverman ATrs Rose 
29 Bennett Annie 

31 Salicoff Himan 

33 Stein Max 

36 Kelff Joseph 

37 Sivartz Harry 

39 Osier Abraham 

41 Katz Morris gro 

43 Persovsky Morris, gro 

45 Kraslk Sami, pntr 

47 Minsky Harry 
49 Leschofski Benj 

51 Strom Nathnn 
53 Greisman Mlohl 
55 Martin Patrick 

57 Oohen Maurice 

59 Presovsky Morris 
^ Downey lane ends 

61 Deger Joseph M 

63 Black Eli 

87 Haberman Philip 


East from 263 Broadview 
av to Bolton av, ward L 

North Side 

2 Madder Frederick 
8 Bayley Wm 
10 Montgomery Hugh 
12 Revoy Jas 
14 Lapp Samuel 
16 Blackwell Alfred F 
18 Hill Arthur W 
20 Butcher Wm T 
22 Lin do w Charles 
24 Smith Mrs Susan 
26 Pett Henry C 
32 Robinson George, confr 
34 Robinson Charles G. con- 

i 36 Robinson Harry J 
38 Curtis David 
40 Ennis Wm 
42 Smittr Arthur 

44 Bailey Thos H 
46 Ferry John 

48 Kerr Thomas 

50 Prettie James 
62 Lloyd ^ hos G 

61 Silk Mrs Anna 
54% Tlmnipson David 
66 Jennings Robt 

58 Whlttall Albert 

60 Gray Wm 

62 Bedley James 

64 Hickman Oscar 

66 .Tohnston Thomas 
Henry Walter 

88 Holding James W 
70 Usher George 

72 Law James 

South Side 

7 Saunders Bruce C 
9 Cansdale Henry 
11 Martin Sidney H 
IS Bidgood Charles 
15 Cordner James 
17 Scott John J 
19 Jones uames 
21 Brodle John H 
39 French David M 
23 Seeds Albert 
25 Derail Wesley 
Revoy Wm H 
27 Jones Robert 
81 Goode Joseph 
33 Gladwin Charles H 
37 Glover Richardson 
39 Freni-h David M 
41 Smith Albert P 
43 Lindsay Wm 

46 Boden George W’ 

47 Holden Mrs E A, nurse 

49 Monkley Wm 

51 Hasaler Henry 
53 Moore Samuel 

59 Talbot Bdwd C 

61 Pearson Jas 

63 Miller John S 

65 Bullock Wm G 

67 Chessum Alfred J 
69 Harley Charles C 

73 Connor Bdwd 

75 Gorfinkel Beitram 
77 (iordon ,Wm 
T9 Rayner Robert J 
81 Ramsay Alex H 
83 Moore Chas 


West ■’from 78 Gladstone 
av, to Dufterln, ward 8. 

North Side 

8 Bolton Ernest 

10 Hlrons Wm 
Dobney John, contr 

12 Dobney Albert 

14 Winters Bnterv O 
16 Willis W Sami 

18 Brooks S Wm 

20 Gray Wm G 

22 Stevenson Robert 

24 Mortson Henry 

26 Sutherland Edward 

28 Hartley James 

30 Algate Wm C 

32 Gray Mrs Mary A 

South Side 

7 Downing Chas 

9 Conley Wm F 

11 Gean Joseph 

13 Milne Win 

16 White Robert S 

17 Rockhlll Fredk 

19 Hill Frederick 

21 McCormick Cornelius 

23 Scott Mrs Edith 

25 Hannan James 

27 Denman .John 

29 Harper John 

31 Seddon Mrs F M, gro 
Seddon James H 


West from head of Sack- 
vllle, ward 2. 

North Side 

2 Manson Lee 

4 Walker Wm J 

6 Pllllnger James E 

8 Curtis George 

10 Sinclair Neil 

12 Conch Mrs Isabella 
14 Maltman Mr* Sarah 
16 Ridley Mrs Ida 

18 Stephenson Roht 

South Side . . . . 

1 .Jeffrevs Thos 
3 Russell Alfred B 
5 Pett Edwd 

7 Ferguson George 

9 Harrison Henry 

11 Waterworth Wm .T 

13 Tregenza Wm J 

16 Pollard George 

17 Potter Joseph 


(Old Humberside av and 
including old William avl, 
w from 84 Edwin to rail- 
way tracks, ward 6. 

North Side 

12 Unfinished 

14 Whitlock Mrs Luvlnla 

16 Donald John 
18 Pace Wm M 

20 McKenzie Moses 
22 Craig Matthew 
24 Kennedy Michael 
32 Canadian Malleable Iron 
& Steel Co 

South Side 

1 Clarke John J 
3 Hubei Barry 
5 Penny George 
7 Undhlll John 
9 Clarke James 
11 Reid Thos 

13 Buntz Charles 

15 Winslow Joseph 

17 Isaac F Jas 
27 Penrose Wm 


North from St Clair av e, 
first e of Yonge, ward 3. 

East Side 

15 Glenister Mrs Caroline 
19 Vacant 

21 Ross W J 

23 Browne Ernest S 
25 Vaca.nt 

27 Vacant 

41 Laidlaw Mrs Mary 

West Side 

12 Haskett Mrs Elizabeth 
14 Giles Albert E 

16 Ross David W 
18 Hocken Percy 

2(' Hayward Albert E 

22 Valr Mrs Geo 

24 Guscott John 


(Humber Bay) 


Bast from opp 562 Parlia- 
ment to Hill Crest Park, 
ward 2. 

North Side 

12 Regan Wm J 
14 M airhead James 
16 Griffith Mrs Isabella 
18 Monahan Mrs Minnie 
20 Honeycombe Wm 
22 Mayall David 
28 Hawthorn Wm T 
80 Empey Wm 
88 Van Iderstlne Theophl- 

88 Smith Frederick J J 

40 Travers Mrs I.ibVjy 
40% Cooksey Mrs .Jessie 
42 Baker John I, dairy 
48 Steele Wm 
50 Caine Mrs Annie 
52 Muirhead Daniel 
54 Scott Robert 
56 Troy Maurice 
68 Langley Henry W 
62 Hawtln George 



69 Victoria St. 


Electric Motors 

All Sizes In Stock 







M. 1889 


64 Beaumont Alex 
66 Chalmers Mrs Annie 
68 Coker John T 
70 McLaughlin John 
72 Campbell George F 
74 Richmond J Roy 
T6 Nicholson Joseph 
^ Sackville st intersects 
78 Cranfleld E S, drugs 
80 Bairron Henry 
82 Paris Wm 

84 Jackson Charles 
86 Burns Andrew 

88 Harrison Walter 

90 Bowes Frank 

8B Liowls Walter F, oontr 
04 Lundy John O 

86 Maclean Mrs Flora 
Finch Harold J 

100 Blagdon Alfred B 

103 Dawson Charles E 

104 Dowdell George C 

100 Smart Charles D 

108 Kemp Charles 
Williams George, r 

110 Wall Norman J 

113 Fortner C H Clifford 

114 Vacant 

116 Neil Geo, :nus tchr i 

120 Caldwell John R 
124 Davis Mrs Hannah 

120 Brett Foster C 

128 Houghan Herbert 

130 Knowiton Joseph ' 

182 Gorrle James 
1»4 Beck Mrs Mary 

136 Green Mrs Margt 

118 Robinson Joseph 

142 Scanes John 
144 Brymer Wm E 

140 Benson Henry T 
148 Cleave James 

1B2 Chester John G i 

^ Sumach st Intersects 1 

154 Merra Daniel j 

156 Caldwell Thos 
158 Wright Thomas 1 

160 Lewis Mrs Sarah I 

162 Fleming Mrs Isabel | 

South Side I 


9 Bolam Mrs Bridget 
11 Kirby Wm 
13 Aymong Rock A 
15 Leonard John 
17 Brandt Chas 
19 Tanner W^m 
^ Metcalfe st ends 
35 AryesAIfred 
37 Klopp Wm 
39 Spies Chas 
41 Bonter Cornelius R 
43 Tate Thomas 
45 Bqozer Arthur E 
47 Deacon D Charles 
49 Grussey Lewis : 

51 Cuthbert Thos I 

♦ Sackville st Intersects 1 

85 McDowell Mrs Mary I 

87 Secor John W, oontr ^ 

89 Hawkins Dennis I 

91 Grade John 

93 Locke Frederick J 
95 Seccombe Geo A 
97 Feltmate Mrs Jean 
99 Molt Wm H 

101 Williamson Joseph 

103 Brookes Mrs Fannie L 

105 McLaren Francis J 
107 Hannah Wm D 

109 Hamlll John 

111 Shaw W’m 

113 Southern Richd J 

115 Shuttle James 

119 Verneyiiough Chas 

121 Cates Jolin 

123 McDonald .John 
127 Jones Mrs Ellzth 

129 Cotton Henry 
133 Moffatt Geo 
135 Crowe James 

137 Fraser Mrs Mary 
139 McCuaig Donald A 

141 McEvay James 

143 Wolfe Mrs Mary, gro 

♦ Sumach st intersects 
Toronto Necropolis 


East and north from Wood- 
bine av, first s of Danforth 
av, ward 1. 

East Side 

Thomson Fredk J 
Wood Alfred 
Diggle Henry 
Hole Alfred 

West Side 

2 West Godfrey 
4 Lockwood Wm 
6 Taylor J 
8 Hemmings Thos 
10 Vacant 
12 Porter Ralph 
14 Shackleton E 
16 Wilkinson Arthur 
18 Nelson John E 
20 Ideson Harry 
22 Wilkinson Smith 
24 Blnns Arthur 
26 Foster Guy 
28 Grindley Alan 
30 Harris Arthur 

East from Sherbourne n, 
first s of Maple av, ward 
2 . 

North Side 

Not built on 

South Side 

3 Leys Miss Helen 
5 Sinclair Angus 


West from opp. 139 Uni- 
versity av to McCaul, ward 

4 . 

North Side 

2 McCloy Mrs Grace 
4 Montague Perry 
6 Geddes Alex 
8 Ellis Mrs Ann 
10 Adams HaroliJ 

# Slmcoe st Intersects 

28 Mozart Piano Co, Ltd 

# William st Intersects 
40 Solomon Sami 

42 Eaton Max 

44 Harrison Robert 

46 Wilson Harry 

48 Sohn Ezey 

50 Ginsberg Joseph 
52 White Frederick 

South Side 

1 Vacant 

^ Slmcoe st Intersects 
21 Boomer Robt C 
23 Walnberg Moritz 
25 Grady James 
27 Elkin Abraham 

29 Fogler Maurice, Jwlr 

# William st Intersects 
M Mason Wm 

4d Kenny Wm 

43 Cohen Herman 

45 Wilkes Harris 

47 Douglas Walter 

49 Lawlor Mrs Mary 

51 MuIIaly Michael 

63 Gifford Mrs Elizabeth 

56 Colby Mrs Ellen 

57 Freeman Wm H 
59 Saddler Edwd 


(Old Maplewood pi), north 
from 548 Front w, ward 4. 

East Side 

I Hatton Thos 

3 Cane Albert W 
5 Wright Thos 
7 Cane Mrs Mary 
9 Phillips Albert E 

II Armstrong Joseph 
13 Hurley Matthew 

15 Kidd Mrs Mary 
i7 Arnett Joseph 
19 Montelth David 

West Side 

2 England Charles H 
4 Dorsey Frank 
6 Mackintosh W Henry 
8 Nelles Jacob N 
10 Gordon Hugh 
12 Richards Wm 
Abel Keith 
14 Hall Herbert 
16 Pllkington Charles 
18 Sheldon Geo 
20 Birch Wilbert 


East from 431 Yonge to 
Mutual, ward 8. 

North Side 

24 Pierson Mrs S A, bdg 

40 Hann John 

42 Bell Mrs Emma, bdg 
42% Mlllward Joseph W 
44 Thomas Mrs Effie 

46 Travers Harry H 

48 Weston Mrs Jane 

50 Robinson John 

52 Linton F Albert 

54 Cremer Mrs Mary 

56 Gillespie Charles 

58 Cottier Mrs' Ellzth 

60 Asher Wm 

62 Steen George 

64 Trapp Julius A 

66 Hyland Miss Addle 

72 Shapter Frank . 

74 Roden George E 

78 Sullivan Patrick 

♦ Church st intersects 
90 Speers Joseph, presser 
92 Martin Robt S 
94 Hodgson Mrs Mary A 
96 Adams Nicholas 
98 Crane Harry 
100 Bruen Miss Theresa 
102 McGlveney Saul 
104 Jewison Wilbert C 
106 Bowes Frederick 
108 King James 
110 Donaldson Thomas H 
112 Baynham Geo 
114 Middleton John 
118 Howe David H 
118 Stewart Mrs Ellen 
120 Jackson Mrs Flora 

South Side 

1 Sager Henry 
3 Buckingham & Boyle, reg- 
istry office 
5 O’Neil Alexander 
7 Howell McNeil 
9 Mulrhead Mrs H A 
11 Lochead Mrs S Alba 
13 Davis Mrs May 
15 Hughson .Samuel W 
21 Emerson Chas R 

25 English Nelson B 

27 Bennett Miss Annette 
29 Cameron Mrs Martha 
29% Cunningham Wm 
.31 Hewlett Harry J 
31%Clark Arthur L 
33 Sebastian Alfred J 
35 Dillon Thomas E 
37 Cotter Patrick H 
39 Cooper Mrs Eliza 

41 Johnson George 

43 Tolley Mrs Edgar 

46 O’Mahoney Mrs Bertha 

47 Ridley Mrs Catherine 

49 Taylor Mrs Maud 
49% Marks Mrs Kate 

51 Mayne Fredk 
51% Sands John 

53 Keating John 

55 Balne Alfred 

57 Diemert Philip 

59 Pitcher Alfred 

61 Miln Mrs Ellzth 

63 Cotton Mrs Alice 

65 Smith Thomas 

67 Nfood Jonn 
71 Vacant 

73 McCutehlon Thos 

75 Graham John 

77 Doyle Bernard J 

79 Gllmour Gilbert 
81 Craig Mrs Eliza 

83 Hamilton Mrs Annie 

Church st intersects 
Calmcross J H 
95 Frost Ernest A 
97 Lambert Patk H 
99 Young Fredk 
101 Langley Patk 
103 Clewlo Orlando S 
105 Glendinning Miss Jennie 
107 Roblin Miss Emma 
109 Wilkinson Edwin H 
109% Coulter Mrs Bertha 
111 Mills Percy L 
113 Lynch John 
115 MacLaurin Mrs Mary 
117 Edmonds Walter R 
119 Bredin Miss Bertha 
121 Barker Mrs Hulda E 


(West Toronto), w from 
810 Indian rd to Jane, let 
s of Dundas, ward 7. 

North Side 

2 McCullum Chas 
4 Douglass W’m W 
6 Kistow Philip 
8 Jones Jonas 
10 Morgan Thos 
12 Glassford Wm E 
14 Burton Mrs Sarah 
16 Walker Leslie 
18 Smith Everitt 
20 Marshall Wm 
22 Winkler Emile J 
24 Morrison .John M 
26 Harper Joseph 
28 Norris "Wm T 
30 Murray John 
32 Quennell Mrs Grace 
34 McVeigh James 
36 Horne George 
48 Millar Mrs Mary, gro 

♦ Western av intersects 
48 Vacant 

50 Dundas John 
56 Fitzpatrick Edward 
58 Armitage Charles S 
60 Burge Edward 
62 Carson Robert H 
64 Jarvis Fredk 
66 Eels Thomas 
68 Purtle John 
70 Shelson Martin 
72 Robson George 
74 Thompson Miss Elizabeth 
76 Blair Francis T 

♦ Woodvllle av intersects 
78 Vacant 

80 Tassell W’m J 
82 Wicks David 
W Baldwin Wm H 
88 May Wm J 
90 Shaver Peter 
94 Nlemeier Otto G, phy 
96 Vacant 
98 Dyer Herbert S 
102 Melhulsh Arthur E 
^ Keele st intersects 
112 I^aceby Wm 
114 Maw James 
120 Suggitt Frank 

♦ Mavety st intersects 
128 Tovell .Tapheth A 

Stokes John A, mus tchr 
130 Kirkwood John S 
1.32 Armstrong Mrs Emily 
134 Mitchell Wm 
136 Jackson Michael 
138 Walsh Mrs Mary 
142 Smyth Thomas J 
^ Medland st intersects 
Victoria Pres Church 
158 Anderson Robt 
160 Kellam David 
162 Dickson Fred 
164 Bell James 
166 Rogers Mrs Eliza 
168 Vacant 

^ Pacific av intersects 
182 Greenwood Wm 
184 Bowles George M 
188 Knigbt Mrs Anna 
Baptist church 
^ High Park av Intersects 
218 Stinson John H 
220 Lowndes Arthur 
222 Goodman Marcus P 

Goodman Mrs Elizabeth, 






• 75 — 

Canadian Ornamental Iron Co., Limited 

(Complete Equipment for any size Building) 




After Honrs. 



224 Todd Thomas W 

230 Preston Alexander 

232 Mole John 

236 Boone Charles J, contr 

♦ Quebec nv intersects 
238 Brack Wm. gro 

240 Duke James B, confr 

242 Thompson James A, drgs 

24514 Marsh Herbert S 

244 Davis Wm 

246 Thomson George H 

250 Clarke Frederick 

252 Carscadden Mrs Lucinda 

256 Williams Edward H 

258 Graham Wm D 

260 Simpson Chas 

202 Ferson Mrs Hannah 

♦ Clendenau av intersects 
280 Burford Mrs Harriet 
288 Heintzman Wm F 

♦ Laws av commences 
336 McCormack Robert L 
350 Wilson Wm 

358 McCualg John B 
364 Royce George C 
^ Evelyn av intersects 
372 Edgar George W 
390 Horner Leslie O T 
396 Willard Walter 
Ry crossing 

♦ Fairvlew av intersects 
432 May George 

436 Bentley Lafayette 

♦ Gilmour av intersects 
462 Laughton J Leonard 
480 Scott Noble 

506 Kaiser Daniel 
506 Unfinished house 

♦ Barber av hommences 

♦ Runnymede rd intersects 
560 Shank .Simon 

680 Vacant 

^ Beresford av commences 
^ Dnrle st Intersects 
640 Black Wm 

♦ Murray av intersects 

♦ Willard st Intersects 

South Side 

17 Stephenson Geo R 
19 Jecks Herbert F 
21 Russell Francis 
23 Lightfoot James 
25 McCoy Joseph 
27 Dodds Wm J 
29 Ferguson Joseph 
31 Alexander Mrs Rachel 
^ Entrance to Ferguson av 
35 Bentley Joseph J 
^ Western av intersects 
63 Burke Wm 
65 Freeland Wm J 
67 Martyn Wm A 
69 Fickes Edwd 
71 Snazel Amos 
73 McDonald Mrs Elizth 
^ Woodville av intersects 
83 Scott James J 
97-101 Keele St Ch of Christ 

♦ Keele st intersects 
117 McNulty Patrick 
119 Mason Homer, phy 
121 Reid Joseph, cartage 
123 Crawford James C 

♦ Mavety st intersects 
125 Werry Wra A 

127 Behan David W 
129 Bigham .Tohn 
131 Hall Hiram D 

Ramer Noah H. artist 
133 Newson Reginald 
135 Dixon Allan 
137 Smith L G, dentist 
^ Medland st Intersects 
Public Library, western 

Masonic Temple 
^ Aziel st commences 
161 Gallagher Rev Eugene F 
163 St Cecelia RC Church 
^ Pacific av intersects 
181 Hind Wm H 
183 Kayler Wm, phy 
185 Dunn Myron C 
187 Chisholm John R 
201 Perfect Alfred H, phy 
^ High Park av intersects 
223 Carson Wm J 
225 Telford Wm 

231 Campbell Samuel McC 
^ Quebec av Intersects 
251 White Mrs Martha A ! 

White Miss Edith J, mus ! 
tchr I 

253 Mayo Wm C 
255 Rosevear James M 
259 Grant John T, gro 
^ Clendeuan av Intersects 
Public school j 

289 Smith Rev T Beverley 
333 Campbell Archibald 
343 Campbell Archd W i 

♦ Evelyn av Intersects 

415 MacDonald Donald D i 

417 Stewart .Tohn 
^ Fairview av intersects 
431 Boylan John 
435 Welton Geo M 
437 Little„ory Mrs Eleanor 
^ Gilmour av intersects 
445 Page Henry 
515 ^ascelles Geo, gro 
^ Runnymede rd intersects 
599 Wilcox Walter J 
633 Pugh Samuel A 
637 Flatt Zephanlah 
639 Wilkins Chas gro 

♦ Durie st intersects 
641 Perry James J, pntr 
655 Coe Richard 

681 Poole John 
667 Seif James 
^ Windermere av Inter- 

♦ Murray av intersects 
689 Cherpaw Edwd 

691 Lavendar Albert 

Lavendar Mrs Nora A, > 

^ Willard st intersects 
699 Crawley John G 
701 Locock John W 
703 Grlmmond Hugh 
707 Brown Archibald 
^ Evans av commences 
^ Spears av commences 
825 Osier .John W 


(Old Irving av), west from 
Northern Ry to Franklin | 
av, second n of Bloor w, I 
ward 6, 

North Side 

80 Copithorn Luke 

South Side 

Not built on I 


East from Morley av to J 
Asbdale av, first n of 
Queen e, ward 1. 

North Side 

5 Vacant 

4 Vacant 

6 Barnett Robert 
8 Rolls George 

10 Carthew Ernest 

12 Morris John I 

^ Hiawatha rd commences i 

22 Goodwin Alfred C 

22(4 Ford John 

22% Downey John T i 

24 Hall John T 

26 Woodruff George 

South Side 

1 Vacant 
3 Vacant 

5 Plmlett Isaac 


(North Dovercourt Annex), 
North from 998 St Clair av 
w to beyond city limits, 
ward 5. 

East Side 

Bishop John 

West Side 

Martin Alonzo 
Johnston John 


(Old Brighton pi), n from 
Cobourg av, and (Old 

Brampton pi), w from rear 
of Dufferln Driving Park 
to rear of 447 Brock av, 
ward 6. 

East Side 

Not built on, 

West Side 

Not built on 

North Side 

2 Williamson Geo. contr 

4 Morris Geo 

6 Dickie James 
Birch Wm 
8 Beemer Guy 

10 Boote Herbert S 

12 Spencer Wm rx 
14 Homewood Chas 
16 Ryan Jonn 

South Side 

1 O’Connell Patk 

3 Campbell Thos 

5 Horn Thos W 

11 Moss Wm 
Whalley Ralph 

13 Vacant 


(West Toronto), west from 
Runnymede rd to Dnrle av, 
2 s of Annette, ward 7. 
Not built on 


West from 194 Shaw to 
Gladstone av, wards 5 and 


North Side 

2 Matthews Mrs Eliza 

4 Haw Thom,ns 
6 McKinney Walter 
8 Armstrong Charles S 
10 Gibson Frank L 
12 Hill Wm 
14 Verral Robert 
16 Nicol Percv E 
18 Verrall G B 
20 Easton David 
22 Troweyi Mrs Margaret 
26 Puddy^Mrs Thurza 
28 Chapelle Wm H 
30 Hahndorf John 
32 Beet.tam Thomas A 
♦ Givens st intersects 
34 Collins Henry J 
36 Cowie Mrs Susan 
38 English Alex 
40 Stevenson Fredk 
42 McNair John R 
44 Hood Mrs Jane 
46 Scott Andrew 
48 McDonnell Thos J 
50 Pinkney Sami 
52 Grant Mrs Janet 
54 Jackson Peter 
56 Collins IVm 

Murphy Mrs Sarah, 

^ Dundas st intersects 
66% McKay John 
58 Holmes Jonathan J 
60 Peay Wm 
62 ITn^ Cyrus D 
64 Cox Fredk J 
66 Montgomery Jas 
68 Cutting Fredk 
70 McIntosh Geo 
72 Reid John 

74 Montgomery Benjamin D 
76 Watts Charles B 
78 Perks Wm 
80 Horne Edwd 
82 Campbell Anthony 
86 McDermid Patk 
88 White Geo 
90 Verral John 
92 Roberts Harold G 
94 Kelly James 
96 Britton Arthur C 
100 Whlllans James 

Whlllans & Co, contrs 

104 Levi Judah 
Hughes James 
106 Butler Jas E 
108 McGregor Sami 
Davie F Robt 
110 Harris George 
112 Gray Wm G 
114 Patterson Chas 
116 Beil John 
118 Cowley Thos W 
120 Barrett Arthur H, coal 

122 Laughton Miss Leah, 
drs mkr 

124 Hibhert John C 
126 Booth Mrs Annie 
128 Hall Thomas E 
130 Stobie David 

Denman James A 
132 Pendrich Chas 
134 Perrett Charles 
136 Ayton James 
138 Ideal Bread Co 
4 ^ Dovercourt rd Intersects 
Dovercourt Rd Baptist Ch 
142 Crookshank Mrs E A, bdg 
144 Brown Peter H 
146 Guerin Gordon 
148 Guerin Joseph 
150 Braden Mrs Harriet 
152 Atkinson James S 
154 Quinn Mrs Ann 
166 Lee John W, dairy 
^ Lisgar st intersects 
158 Orr Robert, gro 
160 Aldrich Tlios W, pntr 
164 Munn John H 
166 McRae Mrs Jennie 
170 Chambers Daniel 
Campbell .lohn 
172 Carruthers W'm 
176 Wilson Patrick T 
178 Murray George, exp 
^ Beaconsfleld av lutersects 
180 Marshall Chas 
182 Smith Walter 
Brock Edwin 
184 Gilpin Jeremiah 
186 Punnett George 
188 Edge 'Walter 
190 Jessop Samuel I 
192 Davidson Charles 
104 Johnston Wm 
196 Beattie John 
198 Prentice John 
Manning Wm 
200 Pennal Mrs Helen M 
202 Campbell George 
204 McDonald Mrs .Janet 
206-8 Dnrle Mrs Flora A, 
btchr • 

^ Northcote av intersects 
South Side 

1 Clarke Charles H 

1% Hill John A 
3 Hardy Mrs Helen 
5 McCartney David 
7 Kennedy Alex 
9 Browning Chas 
11 Caterer Wm 
13 Saunders Albert 
♦ Givens st Intersects 
33 Saunders Ephraim 
35 Attls George 
37 Iseman Mark 

♦ Argyle pi ends 

39 McFaduen Hugh, exp 
41 Vacant 

43 Harrington Arthur 

♦ Dundas st lutersects 
51 Scott Jas 

53 Devall Alex 
Wright Albert 
55 Johns Stephen W 
57 Henderson Mrs Sarah 
69 Wilson Frank S 
61 Stuart James 
63 Matson John B, bldr 
65 Murphy Wm 
67 Norris James G 
69 Finnegan Edward 
71 Kitchen James 
73 Broome Mrs Sarah A 
75 Douglas John 
77 McCreath Robert 
77(£ Smith Joseph L 
79 Scott Ernest 
79% CJray Fredk J 
81 Peacey Geo 





70 I 

Factory Products, Limited 

220 King St. W., Toronto 

— 76 — 

The Dovercourt 







24 Adelaide St. E. 


83 Thornton John 
85 Lea John A i 

87 Jones John j 

89 Calhoun Robert J ' 

91 Price Mrs Margt j 

Salt Ernest 
93 Kicholas Mrs Harriet 
M Emmett Charles L I 

97 McKersey Norman 1 

99 Cunningham Henry 
103 Rogers Wm J 
105 Smart Frederick 
107 Carroll James J 
109-121 Osier Playground for 

126 Britton Robert 

127 Ross Henry C 
129 Morley Alfred C 
131 Thorpe Wm G 
133 Chinese Indiy 

136 Cunningham Sirs C, gro 
e Dovercourt rd Intersects 
147 McIntyre Mrs Mary 
149 Judd Mrs Annie 
151 Wlngrove Arthur 
153 Hannam Matthew 
Teasdale Harry ' 

166 Caven Plewls 
157 Henshall Rlchd 

McCloud Hugh j 

169 Watson Henry H I 

161 Stlckells G T, express 
^ Llsgur st Intersects ! 

163 Bennett John R. gro 
163% Mitchell Miss Christina, 

165 Clark Chas W 

167 McKenzie Charles 
169 Hurd Thomas F 

Curtis Henry 
171 Bunn Robt 
173 Stewart James, contr 
175 Wright Wm H 
177 Stubbs George 
^ Beaconsfleld ar Intersects : 
179 Ritchie James 
Jordan Albert 
181 Galrns Klchd 
183 Fitzgerald John J 
185 Ross David 
187 Bel! Robt 
189 Bard George A 
191 Lundy Robt 
193 Wheeler Robert 
195 Adams F W, gro 
197 Hamilton Gavin H, drgs 
# Northcote av Intersects [ 
206 Vacant 


North from 24 Bruce to 
Argyle, ward 5. 

East Side 

31 Drewltt Albert 
33 Moore Ernest 
35 Markham Ernest 
37 Fairbanks John 

West Side 

Not built on 


(West Toronto), name 
changed to Dods av 


North from 138 Tyrrel av 
to St Clair av, ward 5. 

East Side 

17 Precious David 

21 Greenwood Matthew 

23 Bushell Bert 

25 Rattledge Rlchd 

37 Key George a 

41 Hastings Snmnel 

43 Sparitt Wm 

45 Bray Charles 

47 Casson David H 

51 Allard James, gro 

# Benson av intersects 

67 Hall Wm 

71 Robinson George J 

75 Everett Alfred J 

79 Speller Stewart 

83 Curtis David 

87 Tinker Stanley 

91 Corbett James 

93 Schwalm George P, contr 

West Side 

14 Whilds Harry 
16 Adams Wm 
18 Harris John 
20 Bowden Arthur T 
22 Sheldon William 
Pearson Joseph 
28 Luchford Stephen 
32 Hooper Henry 
40 Luchford Stephen 
46 Blackwell W’alter 
48 Cramer Thomas 
50 Vacant 
54 Key Arthur 
^ Benson av Intersects 
60 Kendall John 
64 Bennett Thomas 
66 Bennett Benj 
68 Robinson Ernest C 

Robinson Mrs Mary, dry 

"0 Cox Alexander 
72 Harvey Peter 
74 Key John 
76 Babcock George 
82 Greenwood Alfred 
84 Hlinnah Thos 
86 Redgate Edward 
88 Forsyth John 
90 Vacant 


(North Dovercourt) name 
changed to Geary av 


(Old McLean, Midway An- 
nex) south from Burgess 
av, 1 e of Woodbine av, 
ward 1. 

East Side 

Childs Andrew 
Tyler Thos 
Deer Ernest W 
Robertson Robt 
Burrldge Ernest, contr 
Woodward John 
W’ri.glit Chas J 
LaycocK George 

West Side 

Fletcher James 
♦ Du Vernet av intersects 

Fairchild Edmund 
Streachen John 

Kessell Edmund J 
Horne John 
Bartholomew Geo H 


Name changed to Sudbury. 


West from 69 Chestnut to 
University av, ward 8 . 

North Side 

2 Morris 
4 Garlett IjOuIs 
6 Jaffe JacoD 
8 Sheranko Abraham 
10 Steinberg Yirma 
12 Cohen Isaac 
14 Goldstein Samuel 
16 Leberman Mrs Mallle 
♦ Centre av commences 
32 Crouden Benjamin 
34 Jackson John W 

South Side 


West from 1182 Dufterln 
to Emmerson av, 2 n of 
Bloor w, ward 6. 

North Side 

2 Mullen Henry, gro 
4 Boss Arthur G 
6 Martin Alex 
8 Le Warne Alfred 
10 Field Frank S 
12 Oven Wm G 

14 Hughston Jas F 

16 Noole 

18 Thomas John 
20 Humphrey Thos 
Mitchell Alfred 
36 Vacant 

40 Palmer Reginald E 
46 Guest Mrs Mary 
52 Clarke Geo 
54 (Jooper Joseph F 
56 Vacant 
60 Bryce John G 
64 Phillips Thos 
()(i Jeeves Wilton H 
68 Patou Edward A 
70 Cruz Fredk, contr 
i 72 Scott Benj 
74 Butcher, John 
I Cooper J onas 

76 Good Thomas 

i 80 Williams Adrian B 
82 Harris Alexander 
1 84 Schafer Adam 

Stevens Joseph W 

80 Bentley Thomas 
Robinson John G 

88 Tanner Mrs Susanna 

90 Pittaway Chas 
92 Adams Wm E 

94 Cook John 

96 Whiffln Henry 

102 Matthews Herbert 
Ayers Walter 
104 Coleman Wm 6 

106 Chapin Frank 
Martin John H 

108 Wilkins Henry 

110 Vacant 
112 Crocker .Tames 

116 Balson James C 

118 Vacant 
l^O Rowe Wm 
122 Vacant 

124 Smith John J 

126 Vacant 

1 128 Mitchell Geo 

130 McKenzie Kenneth R 
132 Brown Wm J 
1S6 Foley James 
j 138 Roberts Percy 

South Side 

] 3 Roberts John 

5 Hobson Charles W 
I 7 Vacant 

I 9 Alexander Robt 

, ij Hayward Edwd J 

13 Stevens Wm G 
I 15 Gaylor Chas 

: 17 Williainsoii George 

i 26 Smart F G 

1 27 Feir Hedlev B 

47 Shaw Wm A 
51 Hull Wm 

53 Abernethey Wm E, dairy 
Allen Alex 
' 55 Sharp Joseph 

j 57 Brooks Geo 

] 59 Hammett Charles 

61 Vacant 
! 63 Vacant 

65 Vacant 
! 73 Vacant 

j 75 Marshall John A 

77 Hodgson Alex 
79 Riggs Andrew 

81 Blackstone Mi's Phoebe 
83 Vacant 
85 Cook John 
87 Poulton Geo F 

89 Llttler Alfred 

91 Vacant 
93 Turnbull John 

95 Vacant 
95% Vacant 

97 Young John 
101 Harrington Mrs B, gro 
103 Bell Neil 
105 Boland Michael 

107 Eaton R Ryerson 

109 Kirby Benjamin 

111 Anderson Wm 
Bldwell Harold 

113 Graham James 
115 Gardner Robert 

117 Harrison David A 

119 Robinson Geo I,, contr 
123 Whittaker Malcolm 

125 Cardy Edward 

127 Robinson John, contr 

South from a lane between 
37 and 39 McMurrlch, ward 


East Side 

Not built on 

West Side 

1 Scott Wm 

2 Armstrong Robert H 

3 McGrath Thos 

4 Marr David 

5 Summers Henry 


North from 54 Sydenham 
to Wilton av, ward 2. 

East Side 

^ Sutton av commences 
O’Neill Play Grounds 
4 St David St Intersects 

49 Crewe Arthur 

51 Sheppard James 

53 Sloan James H, biksmth 

West Side 

2 Clark Geo 
4 West Mrs Esther 
G Dennis Frank 
28 Boddy James W 
30 Strutt John 
32 Beamish Thomas 
4 St David St intersects 
40 Smith Joseph 
42 Zige! Mrs Harriet 
44 Nelson Peter 
46 Vacant 
48 McDonald Leo 
Gauthier Ralph 

50 Palmer Arthur 

52 Anderson Mrs M, drsmkr 

54 Lennon Wm J 
56 Smith Peter G 
58 McKean Wm 
60 Friestlev Harry 
62 Groves Wm 


i West from opp 341 Bath- 
urst to Dundas. ward 5. 

North Side 

6 Lappage George 
I 8 Lyall Henry S 

I 10 Hales Mrs Margt 

12 Adamson Mrs Elizabeth 
14 Kidd Henry 
16 McGinn Mrs Mary 
18 Mansell J G, btchr 
4 Markhnm st Intersects 
20 Marks Sami, gro 
: 22 Vacant 

24 Clark David, pimbr 
28 Mitchell Michael, fruit 
30 Mitchell Louis 
32 Curran Mrs Martha B 
Dalton Wm, bldr 
34 Segal Chas, barber 
36 Poynton Fredk 
38 Singer George 
j 40 Wilson Robt 

I 42 Brown Mrs Mary 

' 44 Rutledge Robert 

46 Kyte James J 
! 48 Bagnato James, gro 

I 4 Palmerston nv intersects 
60 James John S. gro 
i 52 Diamond A N, flour 

1 64 Whittem Wm 


“The srreateet piano In 
the world»“ Is the written 
testimony of De Pach- 
mann, the world’s trreat 
Pianist. See this piano at 
193-197 YONQE 8T. 

— 77 — 

58 Churchill Mrs E, dry gds 
Post Office (br) 

60-62 Don James, gro 
64 Vacant 

66 Allaster John, confr 
68 Washington Mrs Emma 
72 Vacant 

^ Euclid av Intersects 
74 Lee Chas F, liquors 
76 Bromley John 
78 Bowles Wm 
80 Curry Alex 
82 Shannon Geo 
84 Patterson John 
86 Unfinished house 
88 Unfinished house 
90 Unfinished house 
92 Unfinished house 
94 Tomlinson Mrs Catherine 
96 O’Brien John D, real est 
98 Johnston P & Co, coal 
9814 Scott Jas H, btchr 
^ Manning av Intersects 
100 Kirk John 
102 Barron Joseph, grocer 
^ Claremont st Intersects 
104 Shoales Matthew 
110 Chinese Laundry 
112 Hillman Tnos 
118 Topping Nicholas 

♦ Bellwoods av Intersects 
120 Hosken Wm J, gro 
122 Morris Thos R, dry gds 

Banks Claude 

124 Chalmers Mrs Margt, 
Miller Charles 
126 Hammond Stacej- 

Eero Vincent T, gent’s 

128 Loyd James, pro vs 
180 P.urton Wm K 
132 George Mrs Agnes M 
St Francis’ R C C 

♦ Grace st commences 
362 Hamlin P V, phy 
154 McClelland W J 

166 Glynn Daniel 
U8 White John 
160 Monsell John, clairvoyant 
Sanderson Everett J. 

^ Beatrice st commences 
170 McCausland Wm J, gro 
172 Ross James, confy 
174 Hay John B 
176 McDonald Mrs Minnie A 
178 Wilson Herbert 
180 Kennedy George M 
182 Goddard Wm 
184 Rlx Frank 
3 86 Riddle Wm C 
188 Milne Ross 
190 Keating James J, gro 
^ Montrose ay commeness 
192 Thotnpson Maxwell F. 

194 Jackson Heed T 
196 Pelan Joseph F 
198 Hanna Robert J 
200 Gorbell Sami L 
202 Sinclair Mrs Annie 

♦ Crawford st intersects 
224 Buddy Albert 

226 Deacon Mrs Elisa 
228 Baird Sami 
280 Gillies Daniel 
282 Quinn Arthur 
234 Downward Robt R 
236 Brady Geo 
288 Grant Wm R 
240 Totten Wm J L, dry gds 
242 Manning Albert E, gro 
# Shaw st Intersects 
260 Pope George F 
262 Macklin Mrs Sarah A 
264 Browning Edwd 
266 Cornfield Mrs Maud 
268 James Mrs Ellzth 
270 Moor Emil 
272 Thompson John D 
^ Roxton rd commences 
3U0 Gow Jas, metal wkr 

South Side 

1 Taylor & Co, tlrs 
Appleton Leonard, rest 
3 West End Brokerage & 
Real Est Co 
5 McCuen John 

7 Wilson Wm P 
9 Jones John 
15 Murray Donald 
^ Markham sc intersects 
21 Brown Thos, gro 
23 Davenport David, barber 
25 Gatto Giuseppe, baker 
29-31 Ryan Thomas, livery 
33 Hall Thos 
85 Katz Philip 
37 Ryan & Son, undertakers 
39 Gynane John 
41 Ross Miss M R, confy 
43 Summers David H 
45 Spence Wm, shoemkr 
46% Mitchell Charles 
47 Duke Davis, fruit 
49 Rowe Mrs Ada M 
51 Pincombe John L 

♦ Palmerston av Intersects 
53 Smith Charles 

57 Drohan Mrs Mary C 
69 Page Ernest 
69% Francis BenJ, confr 
61 Dunseath Wm, barber 
63 Vacant 

66 Hurling C E, pictures 
69 Russell John 
71 Sharkey Mrs Ellzth 
73 Larman Joseph G 
♦. Euclid av Intersects 
79 Chinese Indry 
81 Walkey Wm 
83 Toon Morris, shoemkr 
85 Heron Wm, Produce Co 
87 Larman Stanley, gro 
89 Arnott Mrs Fanny A 
91 Mulcahey BenJ 
93 Perry & Ashley, produce 

♦ Manning av Intersects 
95% Jackson Joseph, shomkr 
97 Adcock Edwd, barber 

♦ Claremont st Intersects 
99 Colaplnto Frank 

101 Wray Rlchd 
103 Dobson Frank E 
105 Cox Henry W 
107 Shulmen Bros, tlrs 
109 Cooper Philip 
111 Davis Mrs Harriet 
113 Carter George J. shoe- 

115 Gebirtlg Ix)uls, dry gds 
117 Peavey Geo E 
119 Heaton Chas 

llil Bond John 

123 Pugmlre Joseph 8 

♦ Bellwoods ST Intersects 

3 25 Hogg Joseph 

♦ Gorevale ends 
Grace Church 

143 Bitrtello Rappal 

146 Norris Wm 

147 Beattie Wm 
14# Bero Vincent T 

151 Collins Walter 

163 Blckards Edwd 

165 McDonald Mrs Mary 

167 Smith Albert N 

169 Strohmayr Edward J 

161 Wallace LAUghlln J 

167 Johnson George 

169 McConnell Charles 

171 Ingram Arthur T 

173 Coulter Samuel A 

175 Eccles George 

177 Hodglns Mrs Mary J 

179 Scott Robt 

181 Vacant 

183 Wilson Fredk 

186 Ferrler Wm A 

187 Higgins Thomas 
189 Moss Wm, bldr 

♦ Crawford st Intersects 
Bellwoods Park 

♦ Shaw st intersects 
265 Holman Albert 

255% Fullerton Mrs Alice 
Tellat Chas 
257 Dlplock James A 
259 Turner Wm J 
261 Watkins Arthur H 
263 Dudhle Joseph 
265 Bowsfleld Walter 
267 Stockdale Joseph S 
269 Ivory James 
271 McBeth Duncan 
273 Rigby Thos 
275 Reed Fredk G 
Bryson Herbert 
277 Gallaher Charles D 

279 Luck Wm P 
281 Hurd Albert J 
283 Thuresson Mrs M A 
285 Thornton Mrs Vesta 
287 Friendly Herman 
289 Robertson George W 
291 Roiiertson George Co. 

296 Wylie T H, dentist 

London Lite Ins Co 
(west end br) 


(Old Whitney av, Midway 
Annex), north from Dan- 
forth av, 1 w of Logan av, 
ward 1. 

East Side 

9 Easton Geo 
11 Ayre Thos 

13 Alderson Percy 
15 Wilson Robt 

Robertson Jas 

17 Mlchll James 

19 Rice John 

.21 Donnelly Mrs Mary J 
23 Tobin (Jeorge 
25 Girling Fredk 
27 Pantllng Frank 
29 Owen Joseph 
31 ’Thorne Wm 

35 Cornish Sydney S 
37 Heaslip Samuel R 
39 Burrell James 

41 Tebbutt Harold C 
43 Brandwood Harry 
45 Staden John 
47 Burrell Charles E 
^ Ainsworth rd Intersects 

49 Holmes Reuben 
51 Lee James 

63 Lumb Sami H 
66 Gammond Melboucne 
69 Cooper Albert 

71 Gilmore Robt 

73 Phllps Bertram W 
75 Harrott John 
77 White Wm D 
73 Fenn Fredk 
81 Heaton Cecil W 
83 Hurl Joseph 
85 Chesson Robt 
87 Hodgklnson Geo 
89 Vacant 
91 Poole Albert E 

93 Harburn Thos 
96 Arthur Herbert 
99 West Joseph 

101 Orr Thos 

103 Cook Chas 

117 Webster Wm N 

121 Shephard George, gdnr 

West Side 

14 Carradus George R 

18 Powles Geo 

20 Woods Oliver E 

36 Howe Joseph 

^ Ainsworth rd Intersects 

50 Howe Herbert 
62 Hallam John T 
54 Armstrong Thos 
56 Wilson Joseph 
68 PIggot Wm 

62 Sawyer John 

72 Swire Mrs Ida 
80 Perclval Alfred 

94 Armstrong James 
100 Sims Fredk 


(North Dovercourt Annex), 
west from 1772 Dufferln to 
Prospect Cemetery, 1 n St 
Clair av w, ward 6. 

North Side 

10 Sanderson Wm G 
14 Smith jonn 
30 Carter Geo 
72 Canning Rlchd L, florist 
^ Boon av intersects 

Earlscourt Meth Church 
94 Vacant 

96 Pretty S Bryon, drugs 
98-100 Little John J, gro 
^ Earlscourt av intersects 
122 Gree’r Mrs Sophia 
^ Nairn av intersects 
138 Vacant 

142 Partridge Mrs Catherine 

154 Wild Walter J 
166 Matthews Edgar 

158 Orton Alex 

South Side 

15 Fisher Joseph G 

# Boon av Intersects 
97 Hal! Thos P 

♦ Earlscourt av Intersects 
105 McCall Grant D 

^ Nairn av Intersects 
141 McBride Alex 
145 Cochrane Jas 
347 Rovl Albert B 
151 Hall Jas H 

155 White Win H 

159 Tomkins Mrs Annie 
163 Chiddenton Wm 


(Norway), east from Cox- 
well av, third n of Queen 
e, ward 1. 

North Side 

2 Strachan Thos J 

4 Roffe Albert 

6 Strachan John 
8 Bell Chas 

South Side 

1 Smith John J 

3 Smith Wm H 

5 Wilson John H 

Foot of Cherry, east ot 
Fisherman’s Island, ward 
1 . 

Brltlsh-Am Oil Co, Ltd, 

Toronto Iron Works 


(Old Hertel avi, west from 
Foster av to Greenlaw av, 
1 n Davenport rd, ward 6 . 

North Side 

♦ Elmwood av intersects 
68 Garner Thos 
72 Phyllis Wm H 
90 Smethurst George 
92 Maenaughton John T 
94 Williams Geo T 
98 Hickson Robt J 
100 Roberts Geo E 
104 Holden John T 
no Johnston John D 

112 Vacant 

South Side 

^ Elmwood av Intersects 
63 Dove Andrew 1 
77 Perclval Ernest Q ' 

81 Dickinson Geo P 
J07 Gillespie Geo 
111 Cowan Robt 

113 Chiddenton Thos W 


North from 498 King e, 
ward 1. 

East Side 

1 I/chman Mrs H 

2 Wood Sami 

3 Russell Wesley L 

4 Sluoutt Edwin J 

5 Blake Robt 

6 Allan Alex 

7 Pound Geo 

8 Handley Wm 

9 Semple Wm 

10 Brown Robert R 

11 Hawke John 

12 Duggan Gustavus 

West Side 

Not built on 

North from Queen e, flzat 
east of Morley av, ward 1. 

East Side 

16 Blrchall John 

17 Conroy Mrs Ellzth 

Ramsay E. Sinclair 



— 78 — 


Phone Colleg^e 8595 

Machine Tools 

Full Line of Machine Shop 
Equipment in stock, Lathes, 
Planers, Drill Presses, Grinders, Punches, Gear Cutting 
Machines, Chucks, Drills, Norton Emery Wheels, Etc. 

The Canadian Fairbanks Mnrse Co. 

m amm Limited 

2 S «28 Front St- W. n^ii^ 0120 



72 QUEEN ST. WEST Send for our Booklet on 


19 Cole James 
21 Harper Wm 
£3 Thomas Robert W 
27 Price Arthur 
29 Thomas I James 
31 Dale Sami 
33 Cox Mrs Kate, gro 
35 'Willetts Albert E 
27 Stewart Peter 
39 Kearsley Predk 
41 McKeown Robt 
43 Irwin David E 
45 Thomas Austin 
49 Lancaster Wm A 
61 Porter Thos 
53 McGowan Herbert E 
57 Ellsworth Geo 
59 Sturgeon Alfred 
61 Forstet Swayne 
53 Gray Geo 
65 Stanger Owen 
67 Anderson Frank 
69 Kendall Edward 
71 Kendall Frederick J 
81 McKinley James, hdware 
83 Birchenough Benj P 
85 Scheib Jacob 
89 Downing Edward J 
91 Ramsden Albert 
95 Ablitt Jomn 
97 Hulme Leonard 
99 Hulme John W 
101 Gregson Alfred 
103 Hulme Sami P 
105 Hand Arthur R 
107 Davison Hugh 
109 Gordon Wm 
111 l.arge Wm. cartage agt 
113 Naughton, MIchl 
115 D’Eall Albert E, gro 
Bird Fredk J, arch 
117 Brown John 
119 Richie James 
321 Wilson Sami 
123 Phillips Geo 

126 Phllp Geo 

127 Mulvaney Alex, gro 
133 McEwan James 

135 Bedford Wm 
137 Hayward Thos 
141 McEwan James 
143 Skinner Wm 
151 Cracknel! jonn 
153 Padfield Arthur 
155 Morgan Francis 
367 Nelson Geo 
163 Wilson Robt 
165 Hughes Sami 
167 Long Harry 
173 Evans Arthur 
377 Partington John H 
179 Daniel Geo 
183 Chapman Daniel 
187 Coleman Predk 
189 Barber Prank 

196 Campbell Wm G 

197 Williams James 

♦ Gerrard e intersects 
235 Burman Wm 
217 Pritchard John O 
221 Mackay David 
225 Tull Eli 
227 Crackneli Elliott G 
229 Crackneli Root 
235 Ashfield Geo 
237 Hargreaves Greenwood 
239 Metcalfe Arthur 
249 Manley Wm 
251 'Vacant 
253 Vacant 
259 Walters Geo 
261 Wood Bdwd R 
263 LIghtfoot Chas 
265 Clark Wm 
267 Moles Thos J 
269 Jeffs Arthur A 
273 Bower Henry 
275 Simpson John 
277 Branson Wm E 
279 Doggett John 
283 Philips Jacob 
287 Hamilton John 
291 Wltherldge Howard N 
293 Black Harry 
297 Hatton Predk 
201 Duck Walter S 
305 Lloyd Wm 
307 Crisp Thos 
309 Crisp Alfred 
311 Crisp Ernest 
315 Shuttleworth Mrs Annie 



317 Wright Thos 
S19 Greenless John 
321 Clifford Wm 
327 Waite Walter 
Ry crossing 
415 Hoffman 'Wm 
417 Shaw John 
419 Parkinson Frank 
423 Pavlin Sami 
447 Smith Geo 
463 Vacant 
465 Carlton Wm A 
467 Ede Arthur J 
473 Deer Thos 
475 Seaton Ernest 
477 Thomas Geo 
481 Deer Thos W 
483 Clare John 
489 Chilton Chas 
501 Vacant 
505 Hadfield Joseph 
611 Meyer John 

West Side 

♦ App'e Grove av ends 

90 Thomas James 

92 Eade Alfred W 

94 Crone Harvey 

98 Moorcroft Wm 
100 Grant Alex 
106 Billinghurst Geo 
108 White Harry 
110 Reid .Sami 
112 Llojd Emanuel 
114 Vacant 
120 Wuest Wm A 
122 Davis Edwd 
124 Rlgg Mrs M Ellzth 
126 Broadbent Mrs E 
128 Mason Frank H 
130 Maxwell Joseph 
132 Telford .lames 
142 Wardle Thos 
144 Calver Percy 
148 Stapley Percy 
154 Shale Edwd 
156 Plaster Sami J 
170 Daintee Prank 
176 Johnstone Robt 
178 Coppen Alfred 
ISO Kennedy Wm 
182 Seedhouse Thos 
184 McKinley Alex 
193 Burns Predk 
208 Ainsworth Chas 

♦ Gerrard st e intersects 
224 Public school 

252 Bolton John L 
256 Vacant 
260 Eaton John 
264 Sangster Joseph W 
266 Emmett Alfred 
268 Jeffs Geo B 
270 Murphy John 
284 Moody Arthur 
£88 Duncan Wm P 
290 Lock Arthur 
292 Greene Henry 
298 Roxburgh John 
.700 Brownlee John 
302 Mole Francis 
304 MacKay Murdock 


(Norway), east from Cox- 
well av, second n of Queen 
e, ward 1. 

North Side 

2 Vacant 

4 Hanson Arthur 

6 Jacobs Christian B 
8 Vacant 
10 Wilson Alfred 

South Side 

1 Porchon Wm 

3 Good Ernest 

5 Wilson John 

Name changed to Vancou- 
ver av. 


Bast from Coxwell av, first 
n of Queen e, ward 1 

North Side 

2 Fnlcher Robert 
4 Oliver John 

6 Smith Delbert 

8 Lewis Alfred M 

South Side 

1 Barrett John 
5 Engiefield Chas 

7 Perkins Henry 

9 Burton Ingol, painter 
11 Harrison Hugh 

15 Harrison Thos J 


North from Summerhill av 
to C P H tracks, first e of 
Standish av, ward 2. 

East Side 

Vacant houses (3) 
'Waterman Henry 
Waterman Ralph 

West Side 

Middeton Rlchd N 
60 Cutler Fredk W 


West from rear of 154 
Sheridan av to Brock av 
ward 6. 

North Side 

6 Anderson Fredk G, dairy 

8 Brown Robt 

10 Schell Norman 

12 Kerr Robt J 

14 Sparrow Ernest 

16 Scarlett Edward B 

18 Bates James A 

20 Robertson Geo 

22 IVoods George H 
24 Cullen James L 
26 Corbet Geo Jr 

Corbet Mrs Eliza 
28 Thompson Mrs Janet W 

South Side 

1 Trebell John 

3 McDermott Mrs Phoebe 
5 Smyder Wm 

7 Gallagher Wm J 

9 Fraser Edwd A 

11 Corrigan Robert 

13 Heffron Wm J, orchestra 

15 Graham John 

17 Cuthbert Harry 

19 Baird Charles S 

21 Cook John 

23 Wltham Frederick 

North from G T R tracks 
to King w, first w of Sub- 
way, ward 6. 

East Side 

Bradshaw Ltd, waxed 

Autosales Gum & Choco- 
late Co 

Woolley Edward H A 
Sons, pro med 

Holbrooks lAd, condi- 

West Side 

84 Metropolitan Oils A 
Soaps, Ltd 

36-44 Tor Structural Steel 
Co Ltd 

46 Nesbit Wm E 
48 Warren Joseph S 

Ont Wind E & P Co Ltd 

Hurley Machine Co Ltd 
A Liberty st Intersects 
60 St David’s 'Wine Grow- 

102-104 Regal Shoe Co 

112 Frank Geo 

120 Vacant 


(North Dovercourt Annex), 
west from 1602 Dufferin to 
Greenlaw av, 2 n of Daven- 
port rd, ward 6. 

North Side 

2 Vacant 

14 Munslow John C 
22 Vacant 

26 Frampton Lionel 

28 Ross Wm A 

30 Wolfendon John 

32 Cameron Hugh 
36 Currie Thos 

38 Harper Alex 

♦ Elmwood av intersects- 
54 Middleton Rlchd M 

56 Vacant 

68 Leavens Chas T 

70 Willlcy Mrs Marion 

72 Leggatt J Geo 
78 Bell Geo E 

80 Maynard Nelson E 

84 Letovsky Sami 

86 Binder Jacob 

88 Donald Chas 
98 Logie Wm 

102 Hill James 
104 Munsay Rlchd 
106 Styles Harry 

South Side 

1 Calms Walter 
3 Murden Henry 
7 Bailey Alfred B 
9 Butler John 
13 Harmer Clement 
15 Russell tVm 'W 
I 27 Richardson Alfred G 

29 Pert Wm N 

31 Harrington Henry 

33 Brown Lewin A 
41 Thomson Wm K 
43 Powell Harvey 
45 Cornforth Joseph 

♦ Elmwood av Intersects 
53 Hodgins Frank 

69 Goodell Eugene N, gro 
65 Moir Wm J 
67 Dudley Archd 
69 Reed Arthur J 

71 Dover Harry 

73 Turner Henry G 
75 Vacant 

S3 Delland Mrs Augustine 

85 l\^right Weston 

87 Sproul Alex 

89 Vacant 
91 Hughes Geo 
93 Hughes Thos 

101 Paget Geo 

♦ Greenlaw av intersects 


East from 219 Pape av, 
ward 1. 

North Slda 

2 McIntyre Myron E 
4 Houton Thos 

6 Grablll Robert J 
8 Lines Oliver 
.70 Littleton James 
12 Chisholm Geo C 
14 O’Brien Frank 
24 Norgate Ernest 
26 Crocker Mrs Melora 

South Side 

1 Doyle Joseph J 

3 O'Brien Mr« Mary 


(Including old Esther), n 
from Richmond w, opp St. 
Andrew's Market to Col- 
lege, ward 4. 

^ East Side 

7 Express stand 
♦ Queen st w intersects 
15 Armstrong Wm 
21 Harris Edmond S 
21a Clancy Thomas J 
Briscoe Henry 
23 Hill Harvey C 
23a Ormandy Mrs Margt 
23>/i Egan MIchl S 
25 S.Tivatlon Army Rescue 
Home for Women 
.3.3 Hodgins John 
35 McCarthy Wm 
37 Sewrey Oliver 
39 FJlls Wm G 
43 Appel Mark, gro 
Stone Thos, rear 
Pitt G H, r 
45 Acheson Geo H 
47 Dabinsky Reuben 
Sager Harry 


I Phone Main 1481 TORONTO 


Yachts Docked and Wintered. MARINE RAILWAY 

— 79 — 

J. D. YOUNG 6; SON 160 R U S H oTm R 0 A D 



49 Taylor Mrs Emma 
El Conway Wm J 
61% Turner Mrs Mary 
63 Moore John 
53% Fleeton Chas H 
55 Tunnicliff S & Sons, car- 
tage agts 

55% Klllot John F 
57 Coulter John 
57% Unfinished house 
59 Mansfield Wm 
59% Hearsnep Thoa 
61 Mattless James 
61% Brown Wm S 
63 Hoge John C 
63% Howard Arthur 
65 Wilson Simon 
Boxall Harry 
67 Gottschalk Adolph D 
67% Belz Francis H 
69 Popham Albert G 
71 Oelbaum Morris 
73 Levine Rev Gordon 
75 Davis Alfred 
77 Mulcahey Richard 
77% Mitchell Horace 
79 Maher Wm P 
81 Cordell Wm J 
Bennett Arthur J 
83 Holmes Mrs Lucy 
W Masterson Arthur 
87 Birkby Wm H 
89 Collier Edwd 
81 Griffin Wm 1 
93 Weisman Sami 
65 Rash P’rank 
97 Finn Anthony 
99 Finn Michl 
101 Davies Mrs Louisa 
103 McCrimmon Angus 

♦ Grange av Intersects 

113 Titherington Miss Alice 

115 Duncan Anthony 

117 Howard Henry 

119 Baird Mrs M A 

121 Reich Mrs Minnie 

123 Blackman Nathan 

125 Reid Maxwell 

127 Lester Mrs Mary A 

129 Harrison Wm 

131 Stevens Wm E 

133 Clement Napoleon 

135 Webb Frederick 

139 Hedley John C, drugs 

141 Holohan Thomas 

143 Bye John R 

145 Sleeman Chas 

147 Palmer Robert 

149 Brown Albert E 

151 Broderick Joseph G 

153 Gardner Miss Jean 

163% Pett Hem-y 

155 Sallaway Wm C 

155% Spottiswood James 

157 Goldstein Sami 

159 Metcalf John 

161 Mott Mrs Lily 

163 Biggs Alfred 

167 Cowley Mrs Ann 

169 Macphail Hugh 

173 Shields Frank 

175 Baker Herbert H 

177 Good Wm 

179 Johnston James R 

181 Goddard Samuel 

183 Hanna Mrs Margt 

185 Blackburn Mrs Catherine 

187 Spring Frank 

189 Bunker George 

191 Downey Leonard J 

193 Hayman Mrs Florence 

195 Coulson Mrs Charoltte 

197 Klschel August 

199 WGImot Percy D 

201 Hitchcock Mrs Sarah 

203 Moore John S, contr 

205 Smith Mrs Mary Ann 

207 Eveson Ulvsses 

209 Ballinger Wm 

215 Burke Frederick J 

217 Crawford Arthur B 

219 Socket! George C 

221 Campbell Duncan 

Woodward .Ernest B, 
music tchr 
223 Bardsley Sami 
225 Neil Miss Aggie 
227 Fenn Herbert 
229 Moseley Chas W 

♦ Baldwin st ends 

235 Rudge Mrs Flora, gro 
Rudge Fredk 

I 237 Caplan Nathan K 
! 239 Phillips Wm 

j 241 Bochnek Herman 
I 243 Sherman Thomas 
245 Malloy James J 
247 Harris Isaac 

Pressley Arthur, exp 
249 Holley Wm L 
251 Leezer Geo W 
253 Warshkey Isaac 
255 Leake & Co, grocers 

♦ Nassau -st intersects 
257 Chinese laundry 
269 Logan Duncan 

261 James Ernest H 
263 Carr W m 
265 Dickson John 
267 Morris Mrs Charlotte 
-,^3 Kennedy Rlchd T 
273 Simpson Mrs Jennie 
275 Bradlev Thomas 
279 Shaw thos G 
281 Crosby Sami 
283 Vacant 

285 Tilly Mrs Elizabeth, gro 

♦ Oxford st Intersects 
291 Birch Henry 

293 Andrews Jas 
295 Frawley John 
297 Cunningham John 
299 McRae Miss Margaret D 
301 Acheson Mrs Jane 
305 Chopnick Isaac 
307 Henry Sami 
311 Wisdom Wm 
313 Youle Mrs Harriet 
"15 Deas Gilbert 
319 Sheppard John 
321 Dalbv George C 
321% Dalby Geo E 
323 Dalby Miss Mabel, elocu- 

Goodwin Arthur J, rear 
325 Romeril Miss Lucy 
327 Abbey Chas W 
333-335 Chinese laundry 

j West Side 

2-4 Sawdon .Tohn, tinner 
4% McFarquhar Wm, uphl 
j 6 Wray Richu H, cartage 
I agt 

I 8 Brown Fredk 
I ♦ Queen st w intersects 

12 Latimer Wesley 
I 14 Bridgewater Wm 
! 16 McPIiee Archd 

IS Clutemen Wm 
I 18% Doupe Wm E 
20 Dlllman Herman 
I 20% Dunn James H 
22 Worr Thos 
22 Mills Mrs Bella 
22% Howell Geo 

♦ Wolseley st commences 
24 Ferris Henry E 

26 Haines Thos 
28 Gllkinson Wm 
30 Cooper Mrs Annie 
32 McKenzie James S 
34 Crawford Geo W 
36 Hough Fredk A 
38 Anthony Charles 
I 40 Williamson John 

42 Graham Mrs Margaret 
I 44 Henderson Miss Helen 
46 Turner Mrs Elizabeth 
48 Shriner Geo 
60 McGann Wm 
j 62 Smith Israel 
I 54 Stein Solomon 
, 56 Bookman Sami 

58 Hinzmarm Rev Joseph 

♦ Carr st commences 

60 Apted Stephen J, liquors 
62 Smith Edgar J 
64 De Pasquale Frank 
66 White John 
68 Gardiner George 
70 McCann Mrs Catherine, 

72 Funk August 

74 Chalk John 

76 Colston Mrs Diana 

78 Murray Wm 

80 McMillan Donald 

82 Jones Geo 

82% Cash Alex, real est 

84 Barker VV^m 

86 McGaffln Miss Minnie 

88 Dolgoff Arthur 

90 Dolgoff Percy 

92 Dolgoff Louis, gro 

94 Henderson Rev Thos 

96 Jackson Alex J 
104 Hamilton Norman 

♦ Grange av intersects 
110 Denning Isaac 

112 Bennett Thos 
114 Eveson Geo J 
116 Smith John L 
118 Dorsey V J. pntr 
120 Stubblngs Walter H 
122 Putnam Leander 
124 Crewe Martin 
126 Osborne Henry 
128 Hayhow Wm 
130 Lindsay Amos W 
132 Tlckell Wm 
150 Misters Miss Maud 
152 Willis Archd 
154 Kelly Henry J 
156 Williams John 
Pearce John 
158 Conn Wm 
160 Koster Matthew J 

♦ Bellevue pi commences 
Denison sq 

192 Piegehen Charles H 

♦ Augusta pi commences 
194 Nyman Louis 

196 Norton West 
198 Stlmers Chas O 
200 Ablitt George W 
202 Beders Jacob 
204 Anthony Edwd 
206 Adleman Horon 
208 Cohen Simon 
210 Kornorek Jacob 
212 Hawthorne David 
214 Sheppard Edmund 
218 Nichols Mrs Bridget 
220 Jones Miss Nellie 
222 McFarquhar John 
224 Clark Wm, bldr 
226 Collins Robert N 
ISO Vacant 

♦ Nassau st intersects 
234 Munro B D, drugs 
236 Dunn Miss Mary 
238 McKay Alexander 
240 Bredman Abraham 
242 Fleishman Nathan 
244 Wilson James 

246 Giles Wm T 
248-250 Peter Bros, bkrs 
Peter jiugust J 
252 Gilbert Thomas H 
254 Forsyth John K 

♦ Oxford st intersects 
256 Warren Alex 

; 258 Da^ls Simon 

260 Griffin John 
260% Cohen Nathan 
262 Dodds Geo R 
264 Gallagher Mrs Ellen 
268 Warden Wm 
270 Rycus Mrs Rose 
272 Simcoe Mrs Nettle 
274 Hewitt Mrs Rebecca 
276 Hamilton Alexander 
278 Spain Bartholomew 
280 Dallas Mrs Hannah 
282 McDonalu Jas A 
Arnoldl E Telfer 
i Rogers Mrs Mary C 
Wertheim Sydney 
Becker Robt D 
284 Dalton Wm 


West from 192 Augusta av, 
ward 4. 

2 Shipley Chas 

3 Adams Chas 

6 Conway Sami 


East from 305 Papfe av to 
Marjory av, ward 1. 

' North Side 

I 4 King Sami 

i 6 Hearne Thos 

8 Brittain Rev David 
1 10 Robinson Mrs Rose 

12 Nicholson John 
j 14 Lloyd Norman 
16 Ridley Joseph 
' 18 Boyd Wm 

24 Strugnell James H 
26 Davidson Walter 
32 Green Alfred W 

34 Bamford John 

36 McGuire Thos 

38 Ford Wm 

40 Middleton Fredk 

42 Durston Robert 

44 Pattlnson Fredk J 

46 Howell Wm 

48 St Dennis Wm 

50 Ford Wm 

54 Cocbrane Wm C 

56 Peake Oliver, gro 

64 Paradine Wm 

South Side .... 

15 Clifford Miss Mary E 
17 Wellings George W 

25 White Wm 

27 Pamenter Malln 

26 Qarllch George 
31 Gibbons George 
33 Hester James H 

35 Yetman Alex W 

37 Smith Geo 

39 Smith Thos 

41 Vacant 

43 Provost Jose D 

45 Fisher Charles 

47 Smith Thos 

49 Jones Thos 

51 Lynch Miss Nora 
53 Metcalfe Thos 

65 Robinson Wm J 

57 Coombs Stephen A 
60 Morris Gordon 

West from Spadina rd to 
Hill av, first n of Daven- 
port rd. ward 4. 

Not built on 


Name changed to Web- 
ster ay. 




North from 170 Bloor vr to 

Lonsdale av, wards 3 and 4. 

East Side 

16 Cooper Rev Wm B 

17 Bell Andrew J 

10 Scott Paul I., phy 
Scott Mrs Jessie L 

♦ Cumberland st ends 
21-29 Hampton Court Apts 
31 Paul Mrs Alice 

Maddox Wm 
Dlppie Chas R 
33 Dewin Douglas 
35 Payne Saral T 
Oxley Alex 

37 Choate Miss Augustine, 


♦ Yorkvllle av ends 

38 Kemp H Gross, phy 

41 Farley Mrs Emma E 
43 McDermld Donald, contr 
45 Bauld Mrs Eliza 
47 Shanklin Mrs Alice 
49. Lander Wm J 
51 Hastings Georgina 
53 Adams Mercer J 
65 Petrie Gordon M, drugs 
58 Jack Mrs Annie 
Thomas Julia, phya 
63 Cartwright John B 
67 Denton Frank 
71 Clarkson Edward H C 
77 Sewell H Fane D 
79 Macpherson Alexander 
81 Vacant 
CT Keys David E 
89 Harris Taviston P 
97 Wood Hon Samuel C 
103 Armour E Douglai 
107 Heigblngton Angus C 
111 Melkle Wm B 
115 McLennan Mrs Helen 
St Paul’s Meth Ch 

♦ Webster av enda 
123 Deemer Harry G 
JSl Cole Edmond H 
138 Kennedy Francis B 

136 Cutten I.ionel F 

137 Barber Arthur C 
McKItrlck Harold E 

Library Bureau 


Card and Filing Systems, 
Office, Bank and Library 

45 Yonge St. 

Factory, leaballa 
Street, Ottawa 

— 80 - 




Ro gers f ^ Uctnc( jr 

PhontAOEUIDE 1962 


141 Ritchie Charles H 
163 Canada Lawn Tennis and 
Bowling Club 
1S7 Wataon John H. phys 
169 Rolston Miss Jennie 
ITl Davies Wm Co, Ltd, 

173 Dominion Bank (br) 

Canada Lawn Bowling Cl 
^ Davenport rd intersects 
17E Bone Samuel 
177 Maguire Mrs Sarah L 
179 Wilson Mrs Martha 
181 Best "Wm H 
183 Woodley Kdwd G 
185 Mortley Mrs Eliza 

Johnston Robt M, rear 
187 Woods Emanuel N 
189 Pepper Henry, plmbr 
191 Meehan Francis 
193 Bell John 

♦ Pears av Intersects 
195 Crawford Mrs Jennie 

Pepper Geo H 
197 Towler C Henry 
199 Parkinson Frederick A 
201 Gregory Herbert H 
203 Pears Mrs Sarah A 
Pears Benjamin, bldr 
205 Aura Lee Athletic Club 
207 Armstrong Mrs Mary 
209 Emmel Fredk W 
!fll Cuthbert Robert 
213 Plante Edwd 
215 Bate Joseph C 
217 Lawrason Wellington W 
219 Breckell Walter L 
221 Readdle Geo 
iflB MoWaters David 

♦ Roxborough st w ends 
Avenue rd Presbyterian 


245 Walker Mrs Sarah, florist 
247 Ross IVm .1, estate agt 
249 Standard Bank of Can- 
ada , 

253 Mackenzie, Seyler Co, 

Seyler Mrs Elizabeth 
265 Graham Geo W, phy 
257 Lloyd W J & Co, bakers 
25714 Allen David 
259 Robertson Jas, btchr 
261 Lee Wm H, drugs 
Trewln Wilbur 
^ Macpherson av intersects 

♦ Marlborough av ends 
♦ C P R crossing 

275 Yokes John, contr 

♦ Sidney st intersects 
281 MacLean John M 
283 Vacant 

285 Lepper Wm J, phy 
287 Hammond S Leigh 
289 Vacant 

291 Smith Miss Sarah S 

♦ Cottingham st ends 
299 Schelbe Mrs Susanna 
301 Locke Robt 

203 Thompson Mrs Mary 
305 Gibson Allan 
307 Lennox Rlchd 
309 Shanker Wm J 
311 Sear Rev John B 
313 Barton Edwd 
HB Smith Charles M 
317 Reed Alex H 
319 Dlnsmore Robt S 

♦ Alcorn av ends 

423 Elliott Abraham H 

425 Clark Wm 

427 Brown Thos M 

♦ Farnham av ends 
441 Worts James G 

♦ Balmoral av Intersects 
443 Vacant 

♦ Foxbar rd Intersects 
459 Grlmshaw Bros, contrs 

Grlmshaw Wm S, phy 
461 Floyd Stanley T 

Burton Frank L 
463 Harris Herbert 
465 Bradgate Apartments 
Page Alfred J, caretkr 
Sharpe Mrs Annie B 
Livingston Geo j-i 
M urray Gilbert M 
Baldwin Miss Bessie 
Mackle Sedley J 
Westwood C H 

Gamble Arthur G 
j Warrington Mrs Emma 

I Zavitz Rlchd H 
j Methodist Church 

i ♦ St Clair av intersects 
661 Dean W Geo 
I Macdonald Duncan M 
I Heath Intersects 
1 565 Williams Herbert H 

575 Dignum Edwd J 
579 Vacant 

581 McCualgMrs Edith M 
583 Miller Wm MoC 
617 Chalmers David C 

West Side 

28 Odell Louis 

♦ Prince Arthur sv eon 
BU Mitchell Thos A 

32 Somers Francis 
34 MacDougall Ewan 
36 Maule Mrs Henrietta L 
38 Somers James W 
40 Trick John 

Currelley Mrs Mary 
46 Crowell Sami G 
Lacey Judson C T 
50 Rose Mrs Jane M 
62 St Clair Nerval A 
Scholfield Thos C, phy 
64 Vacant 

66 Rice Mrs Rebecca M 
58 Rolph Albert 
♦' Lowther av commences 
60 Torrance Wm P 
62 Balmer Mrs Eliztli 
64 Clarke Wm A 
68 Symons John T 
72 George Thomas H 

George Arthur W, vocal- 

! George Miss M M, vocal- 


76 Rotherwood Apariments 

1 Williams Arthur R 

2 Holgate P’rancis H 

3 Barrington Wm A 

4 Henderson Robt H 

5 Barber Sami 
78 Vacant 

80 Godson Lionel F 
’ ^ Elgin av commences 

I 84 McIntosh Robert D 
86 Hamilton Mrs Violet 
! 88 App'egath Llewellyn J 

: 90 Dowdell Mrs Dorcis 

Ockenden E Palmer, acct 
92 Phillips Ernest J 
9214 Keating Mrs Mary 
94 Doyle James C, gio 

♦ Boswell av commences 
96 Haight M H, phy 

98 Shortreed Mrs Caroline 
I 100 Bagshaw D Judson, den- 

102 Reeve Mrs Johanna M 
I nine Miss Edith F 
i 104 Clark Levi J 

; 106 Burgess W H, phy 

' 108 Syer Stephen 

^ Tranby av commences 
110 Badgley F N, dentist 
112 Simpson Jas S, phy 
114 Kinnear Thos J 
McCreedy Joseph 
116 Tweedle Thos, masseur 
IIH Homuth John J 
120 Palk Charles W 
I 122 Storey Frank L 
Storey Wm T 
124 Bates Burial Co 
Bates John W 

♦ Bernard av commences 
126 Wallace Chas H 

I 128 Evans Wm J 
330 Tonkin Chas H 
138 Provincial Shelter 
140 Sutherland Miss Margt 
! 142 Treleaven Wesley W, dry 

i gds 

144 Foss Harry S, ladies’ tlr 
140 Traders’ Bank (br) 

Edwards Miles S, dentist 
Brown Mrs Jane 
^ Davenport rd Intersects 
348 Ellis Wm A, drugs 
150 Robinson Chas, gro 
152 Turner W R, btchr 
154 Wills J R, confr 
156 Gilbert M E 

158 Bredin Wm J 
160-64 Canada Bread Co, Ltd, 

♦ Pears av Intersects 

174 Wright Johnson, hard- 

174% Cleghom J B, barber 
176 Rice W J, shoemkr 
178 Olmstead Samuel 
180 Kyle Miss Eliza 
182 Smythe Thos 15 
184 Moat Mrs Hannah 
Cairns Bernard 
186 Whatmough Thos H 
188 Solomon Solomon 
190 Amy WUmer B T, den- 

^ Cblcora av commences 

236 Vacant 

Church of the Messiah 
# Dupont st commences 

244 Bakewell Fredk, tlorist 
246 Cole Wm, gro 
248 Clark David W, gro 
250 Wright Mrs Annie, fncy 

254 Pain Clifford, btchr 
256 Chinese Indry 
258 Williams Wm W, btchr 
258% Contractors’ Supply Co 
^ C P R crossing 

♦ Macpherson av intersects 
260 Lockhead Thos 

262 McTavish Mrs Elizth 

264 Tew Mrs Mary 

266 Graham Robt H 

268 Dann David S 

270 Montgomery B H 

272 Jones H R 

274 Hubei Clarence E 

276 Macklem Herbert G 

278 Crotty Harry A 

280 Guthrie James 

282 Brown B Irving 

284 Macdonald H R, vocalist 

286 Noble Thomas H 

♦ McMaster av commences 
290 Vacant 

292 Meredith Miss Ellen 
294 Robertson Neil M 
296 Love Mrs Ethel 
298 Livingstone Harry B 
300 Ball Edwd 
892 Spence Robert P 
^ Cottingham st Intersects 
310 Vacant 

312 Walker Mrs Sarah 
314 Best Jas C 
316 Morphy George S 
350 Mackenzie Wm 
430 Grace J C 

♦ Clarendon av commences 
432 McKinnon Mrs Isabella 
436 Pike W S C 

438 Hoskins Mrs E J 
440 Goldie Geo E 
^ Balmoral av intersects 
450 Henderson James B 
454 Brown School 
460 Carlaw John W 

♦ Lynnwood ay commences 

♦ St Clair av intersects 
482 Mackle Albert T 

486 Heintzman Geo 

♦ Heath intersects 
580 Eyer John H 
602 Brook Weston F 
604 Miller Thos W 

606 Connolly John F, contr 
614 Davern Albert J 
620 Manning James 

West from Park rd to 
Rosedale rd, ward 2. 

North Side 

12 Moody Isaac 

South Side 

17 Piper Augustus M 
19 Lyle Jehu M 


East from 555 Brock av, 
ward 6. 

North Side 

16 Llghtfoot Charles, mkt 

18 Caldwell John 

South Sid* 

3 Barber Reuben 
Barber Miss Mildred, 
mus tchr 

Wilcox Herbert Jr 
5 Martin James A 
7 Vacant 
9 Vacant 
11 Strachan Robt 
19 Vacant 


(Old Forrest rd), e from 
931 Yonge, ward 2 . 

North Side 

Not built on 

South Side 

15 Murphy Denis J 
17 Ross Wm, Jr 
19 Thrall Mrs Margt 
21 Stevenson Mrs Annie 
23 Armstrong Mrs Mary 
25 Smith Arthur J 
27 Davidson Rev Macfar- 
lane B 

29 Fcle.v John 

>1 Charlebols (Tharlea P 
33 King Cecil C 
85 Mortis Mrs Julia A 
37 Taylor Frank D 


(West Toronto), N from 
Humberside av to Annette, 
third w of Keele, ward 7. 

East Side 

63 McEnaney Frank 
69 Seymour Carl 
71 Scott John 
73 Grass Geo L 
75 Sanderson Mrs Eliza 

West Side 

Rear of houses on Pacific 




(Formerly Ossington pi), 
w from 20 Ossington av to 
Lakeview av, ward 5. 

North Side 

6 Clarke John 

8 Smith Robt 

10 Muudy Mrs Catherine 

12 Froud Francis 

14 Richmond Mrs Ella 
16 Hogg Wm 
18 Brown Geo 
20 Castle George H 
22 MacFarlane Andrew 
24 Thompson Geo 

South Side 

7 Lew’er Wm 

9 Porter Thos L 

11 Wensley James C 

13 Berry Thos 

35 Morton Wm W 

East from- 263 Pape av, 
ward 1. 

North Side 

2 Bush John J 

ffleGBEGOR & MeINTYBE, LIMITED steel column sections 

67 to 95 PEARL ST. Phone Adelaide 1660 - ALL SIZES 

The BRITISH ALUMINIUM CO., Ltd., London, Eng. 

PARKE & LEITH, General Agents 

Office and Warehouse; 60 FRONT 8T. WEST, TORONTO 


Special Attention Given to Experimental Work 


4 Heakes Sami R 

6 Slack Robt W 

12 Stevens \Vm G 

26 Jessop Arthur 

30 Holland Patrick 

32 Hayes Simon 

34 Buck Franklin S 
36 Sawdon Geo 

38 McClyment Alex 
40 Heslop Thomas M 

42 Walsh Mrs Priscilla 
44 Williamson Alexander 
46 Swanston Robert 

48 Carter Thos 
Se Best Wm 

South Side . . . . , 

1 Poole Chas 
3 Hamilton John 

5 Ward John J 

7 Luscombe John 
9 Hllland James 

11 Smith Wm J 

13 Woodroffe Arthur H 

16 Wilkinson Wm 

17 Smith Oliver 
19 Shea Peter 

21 Richardson Oswald 
23 McAuIiffe John 
25 Terry Arthur 

27 Johnston Hugh 
29 Cody Mrs Margt 
2914 Colgate Wm G 

31 Kemp Amos 

33 Marks Henrv R 

35 Elliott John'W 
.37 Yates Wm H 

39 Barnes Thomas H 

43 Barnes John J 

49 Brown Merritt A 


East from Broadvleiw nv 

to beyond Pape av, first n 
of Withrow av. ward 1. 

North Side 

2 Ashley Chas H 
4 Hayman Geo 
6 Mably Albert C 
10 Shea Timothy B J 
U Doble Arthur 
14 Bent George 
16 Hall Edward W 
18 Hall Wm H 
ZO Russell Herbert C 
22 Redway Sydney Q 
24 Knight Harry W 
26 Vacant 
5» BarUett Wm G 
30 McGonegal .Tohn S 
32 Collins Fredk 
34 Wright McKenzie 
38 nilmoiir Andrew A 
88 Bugsdln J Harvey 
40 Vacant 
42 Vacant 

84 Peacocke Wm C 

♦ Mlllbrook st commences 

♦ Logan av intersects 
1«0 Bttaerlngton Aaron 
192 Vacant 

194 Wilson Albert E 
196 Vacant 
198 Douglas Geo 
200 Vacant 
210 Cormack Robt 
212 Henderson Wm 
214 Marquis Benj T 
216 Swanson Chas C 
224 Rea Wm J 
226 Guthrie Leopold 
22.8 Cnrstens John H 
230 Went Alfred G. gro 
236 Dickinson Geo P 

♦ Carlaw av Intersects 
238 Caskle Allan 

244 .Tefferles Edward 
248 Mertens Frank W 
250 Wilson Wm 
252 Vacant 
254 Vacant 
£56 Byers James H 
258 Harris Jesse M 
260 Harris Albert J 
262 Page Alfred 
264 Frazer Henry 
266 Caskle .loiin 
268 H3i .lohn S 
27C Lehtela Anthony 


272 Neiminen Anton 
274 Wallenius Chas 
276 Devonshire Geo 
# Pape av Intersects 






























Chapin Chas. phy 
McGregor Adam 
Wood Robt 
Hllller Archd D 
Gostlln Thos 
Setford Edwd 
Armstrong Geo 
Harding F'rank 
Shepherd Thos B 
Stephens Harold B 
Hill Chas 
Shaw Wm 
Sanagan Prank 
Finch Henry T 
Pipers Alfred 
Year Jas 
Lalne John 
Elo Wm 
Salmele Henry 
Santimo Daniel 
Ahlquist Wilhelm 
Bowen John 
Glllson Geu 
Laughlan James 
Todd Sami 
McCullough Thos E 
Wilkinson Alex 
Crowe Robt 
Lennox Wm 

South Side 

1 Ahner Mrs Anna 
3 Fullerton John A ' 
5 Patterson Thos G 
7 Strath Geo 
9 Pearson Andrew 
11 Crighton Thos A 
15 Greer Richd H 
17 Lawrie Wm 
19 Walker Frank 
21 Charles Wm 
23 Booth Charles 
2.5 Hellems Arthur L 
27 Ibbotson Jarvis 
29 Mercer Alfred E 
31 Fleming Mrs Mary 
Fleming Miss Cilia, 

33 Longbottom Sami H 
35 Mulvey Arthur 
37 Mullen .loseph W 
39 Self Wm G 
41 Vacant 
43 Vacant 

85 Blackstoce Frands 

273 Given Wm J H 
275 Wales Alex 
277 Cumraing Joseph M 
279 Witt Richd G 
281 Vacant 
♦ Pape av Intersects 
285 Martin Herbert 
307 Wilson Root 
313 Rettie James 
315 Vac.ant 
317 Ennis Mrs Annie 
319 Clark Bert 
■321 Mitchell Walter 
323 Gibson Wm J 
325 Miller John W 
327 Hutchinson Thos 
341 Masdorp John 
343 Griffin Thos 
345 Kay Wm 


(Formerly Fennlngs), e 
from Jones av to Leslie, 
first s of Danforth av, 
ward 1. 

South Sid* 

3 Miller BenJ 
5 Smith Chas 
11 Butler Eric I 



West from rear Lawton av 
second n of heath, ward 3. 

North Side 

36 Whittington p'redk 
38 Harrison Edwd H B 
42 Vacant 
44 Nettleshlp Wm 
46 Hepburn Jas 
48 Coates Wm 
50 Barker Alfred J 
56 Pullman John L 
58 Elliott George H 

69 Crumpston Alfred L 
66 Holliday Ernest F 

70 MacRae Donald M 
72 Morris Chas S 

76 Smith James R 
8„ Okell Arthur 
S4 Spencer Wm 
86 Fish Arthur 
90 Brant D.ivld 
98 Brennan John 
102 Drury Wm 
106 Vacant 

♦ Logan av Intersects 
183 Elweil Thos 

185 Field Mrs E G, drsmkr 

187 Hallett Arthur E 

189 Hayden Geo A 

191 Hewitt Frank 

193 Beart Ernest A 

195 Beatty .Matthew H, dairy 

197 Fleming .Toseph 

199 Taylor John F 

201 Clarke Wm J 

207 Cook Alfred J 

211 Lyndon Herbert W 

213 Walker Alex • 

215 Dufton Fredk 
217 Cockrell James 
219 Browning Ralph 
221 Preston John 
223 Vacant 
225 Devins Milton C 
227 Baker Harold C 
229 Hepburn Geo 

♦ Carlaw av Intersects 

231 Harris Francis G 

233 Woods John W 

235 Bullock Albert E 

237 Jones Alfred E 

239 Humphreys W Albert 

241 Smith Lister T 

243 Fellion John B Jr 

245 Cocker Sami 

247 Daniel Wm 

249 Kennaby Herbert P 

2.51 Thomson Geo M 

253 Day Frank 

2.55 Caskie James 

259 Wellington Jas S, exp 

2bl Anderson Sami 

263 Daly John 

265 Lithgow Andrew 
267 Hill Frank 

South Side 

17 Jarvis Arthur S 
43 Saul Wm J 
45 Hosmer Albert E 
51 Tweddle Johu 
53 Gillies Kenneth 
65 Pearson Richd 
101 Smith James T 
105 Gorstige Ball 


West from 182 McCaul to 
Augusta av, ward 4. 

North Side 

2 McLean Donald, gro 
4 Mitchell Mrs Fanny M 
6 Kemp Alex 
8 Downing Mrs M J 
10 Zoeltzman Morris B 
12 Mundell Victor 
14 Isaacs Max 
16 Lelfskl David 
18 Silberman Max 
20 Cohen Sami 
20% Goldstein Morris 
22 Parlow Herman G 
24 Landes Mrs Annie 
26 Clarke Frank 

♦ Henry at commences 
28 West Wm 

.90 Sheffer Esig, hse furngs 
Armstrong Oscar 
"4 Rabowitch Reuben 
36 Roth Victor 
38 Milligan Miss Bessie 

♦ Beverley st Intersects 
70 Schadel Charles 

72 Bodley Chas J 
74 Donley Henry 
76 Stewart Mrs Susan 

78 Barnes Mlss Sophia 
80 Murchison Capt Geo W 
82 Brookstein S 
84 Duthie Robert R 
86 Crowley Isaac 
88 Fraser Wm 
90 Salt Herbert S 
92 Annable Vincent H 
94 Bennett John R 
96 Bay ley James 
98 Francis Mrs Lucy A 
100 Taylor Arthur 
♦Huron st Intersects 
102 Fraser wm 
104 Cooper Joseph 
106 Morell Mrs Georgina 
108 Mellor Charles J 
llu Gilchrist Wm 
112 Haskril Fredk 
114 Corln Mrs Sarah C 
116 Lytle Walter 
118 Carlez Miss Kate 
118% Corbett Mrs G 
120 McDonnell Thos C 
122 Clarke Mrs Jane 
124 Morgan Mrs Marian 
126 Holmes Wm A 
128 O’Reilly Miss Eleanor, 

130 Brethor Mrs Eliza J 
♦ Spadlna av Intersects 
142 Bee Robert 
144 Wilkes Geo 
146 Blahout Mrs Antonia 
148 Cutler Archibald 
150 Flynn James 
152 Fox Harry 
154 Kirzner Moss 
166 Kearney Mrs Elizabeth 
168 Hyde Henry 
160 Ollphent Alex 
162 Levine Maurice 
164 Andrews Jacob 
166 Mitchell Edwd 
168 Isaacson Abraham 
170 Selesnick Louis 
172 Killeen Wm 
174 Brill Joseph 
174% Jafl’e Kaby 
176 Well Julius 
178 Skein Joseph 
180 Verity Robt 
182 Collins Simon 
184 Broomhead Frederick 
186 McKlIlop John 
188 McColl John 
190 Legassiok Benjamin J 
192 McCollum Geo 
194 Armstrong Wm Jr 
196 Ross Alex 
198 Carmody Mrs Martha 

South Side 

1 Mumford J & Son, btchrs 
3 Cosgrove Mlchl 
o Fowler George D 
9 Perkins Thos R 
11 Greenwald Abraham 
13 Welnerman Harry 
15 O’Brien Mrs Mary 
17 Lindsay Robt 
19 Witkin Sami 
21 Schwartz Max 
23 Force Edwin 
Roffeno Frank 
25 Drake Dempster 
27 Eich Isaac 
29 Osborne John 
.31 McIntosh Miss Mary 
33 Lederman Sami, gro 

36 Brookstein Ephraim 

37 Leduc Prank 
39 Winestein Benj 

Grenfesky Benj, gro 
41 Kinsey Charles F 
4.3 Redwood Charles 
45 Drew .John 

47 Griesman Mrs Annie, gro 
49 Fish Hoffman 
51 Keyfetz JIark 
Coher Peter, rear 
Lindsay Mrs Ellzth, rear 
Buckle Joseph, r 
♦ Beverley st Intersects 
65 O’Grady John A 
67 Burton Albert 
73 Kenrick Mrs Emma M 
75 McLean Harry 
77 Winder Geo S 
79 Leioh ten berg Aaron 
81 Lucas Walter 
83 Kelly Chas 


imperial Guarantee & Accident Go. of Canada s^.ooaooo 

KENEN SELICK, Goneral Agents 


• 83 — 

S5 Hobson Mrs Hannah 

87 Green Mark 

88 Tutton Mrs Katherine 
91 Kane Jas 

93 Edmond Peter 
95 Brody Sigmunt 
97 Friedman Harry 
99 Spink Mrs A, drsmkr 
101 Murphy Mrs Beatrice 
103 Beau Thos 

106 Slgglns Mrs Josephine 

107 Halllgan John C 
^ Huron st Intersects 

109 Rankin Ernest, gro 
111 Praovsky Isidore 
115 House Wm H 
119 Wright Wm 
121 Gibson Wm 
123 Sheehan John 
125 Ritersburg Jloses 
127 Mimms George 
129 McCleary Wm J 
131 Wilson Joseph 
133 Maynard Harry 
135 McNaught Robt 
137 Schell John 
141 Field Albert 
♦ Spadina av intersects 
145 Borebank Fredk W 
147 Low Charles 
149 Maher Thos J 
151 Bonney Charles 
153 Hannah Miss Lulu 
155 Gather Lavens JI 
157 Simpson Albert E 
159 Hamilton Chas 
161 Corker Miss M E, dre- 

163 Carpenter Christopher 

166 Aiken Wm 
Slme Lillias 

167 Ersklne Thomas 

Iffi) McNulty Mrs Mary N 
171 Faith Abraham 
173 Wilder Charles 
175 Live Emel 
177 Ltlburn Sami 
179 Spector Sami 
181 Halpern Rev Isaac 
^ Kensington av ends 
185 Umansko Joseph 
187 Sills David 
189 Willison Miss Margt 
189 Skopitz Chas 
191 Cohen Sami 
191% Kushin Chas 
193 Magill Wm T 
195 Magill John 
197 Vacant 

(East Toronto) east from 
Barrington av to Dawes 
rd, second n of Danforth 

North Bide 

12 Davis Malcolm 
56 Smith James F 
60 Watson Henry H 

82 Wlxon (Jeorge H 

64 Vacant 

66 Torrance Mrs Drucllla 
68 Salmon Henry W 

TO McCarty Wm O 

78 Allen Thos 

South Side 

53 Spencer John E 
6T Ruse Mrs Sophia 

Ruse Miss Irene H, drs- 

59 Cameron Mrs Susan 

63 Mitchell John 

65 Bonnell Robt M 
7? Samson Andrew 
T7 Butterick Samuel 


(Davis ville) 

West from Yonge to west 
city limits, first n of Farn- 
ham av, wards 3 and 4. 

North Side 

44 Grainger O, florist 
52 Grainger John O 

88 Robertson Wm J 
90 Valliere W J A 
92 Roulston Thos 

ICO Cooper Wm P 
102 Cooper Robt J 

104 Hutty George P 

106 Browne Reginald F 

108 Hughes Henry C 

110 Cafley Chas J 

112 Thompson John J 

114 Asman Henry O 

116 MePhedran Mrs Cath- 


120 Vacant 

122 Boyd John R S 
Hand Havelock E 

130 Burden Wm M 

132 Thomson Arthur J 
134 Mauchee Oliver A 

136 Kennedy Michl A 

138 McKenzie Wm C 
144 Whyte Alex 
146 Laing Albert T 
148 Corbold Cecil E 

♦ Avenue rd Intersects 
(Inglewold) Webb Thomas F 
176 Harris Lauren S 

178 Davies Wm 

180 Bethune Miss Marion 

200 Reid John B 

♦ Popiar Plains rd Inter- 


206 MacDougall Mrs Allan 
208 Morrow- Alfred D 
212 O’Malley Joseph L 
216 Snow A J Russell 
228 Hunter Horace T 
240 Spider Wm E 

South Sid* 

25 Blakeman A W 
57 Clark Mrs Grace 
31 Gemmel Walter M 
33 Lew’is Mrs Ann E 
35 Gay Geo W 
37 Murray Davidson M 
39 Dynn Percival G 
47 Hewlett James 
49 Vacant 

51 Thompson David L 
59 Sannders Albert E 
61 Amos Thomas T 
63 Sawdon Charles 
65 Stuart Wm H 
67 Gray Wm C 

Gray Miss J L, nurse 
69 Ross Mis Hannah 
71 Gilmore John 
73 Bailev Robt, plmbr 
77 Gibbons Wm T 
79 Scott Geo A 
81 Monk Evan 
83 Heehn Christian, contr 
85 McCauI Reginald M 
87 Brechin Judson A 

89 Vyre Edwd, contr 
97 Dowson W J, baker 
99 Fussell John H 

105 Burgess George V 

107 McDeod Rev George B 

109 Cobb Charlewood F 

111 Yeaman Andrew 

113 Campbell Glenn H 

115 Hodgson Mrs Mary 

117 Brockman Chas 
119 Marshall Robt J 

121 McBride Wm B 

123 Leith Thos G 

125 Meredith Mrs Elizth A 
127 Hendry George M 
129 Loeser Herman M 
131 Slater Miss Lois 

133 Klnnear James 
133 Jarvis Fredk S 

137 Ryan Wm A 

139 W'ilkinson Wm E 
141 Stewart James A 
145 Gray Miss Jane 
147 Joy Douglas 

^ Avenue rd Intersects 
1C7 Gi-aham Mrs Mary J 
169 Tilt John 
171 Letroy A H PYaser 
177 Donald Rlchd A 
179 Turner Dwight J 
181 Grantham Arthur M 
185 Heaton Ernest 

♦ Poplar Plains rd inter- 

207 O’Reilly Henry R 

ai Wrtght Wm 

213 Moss Mrs Amy 
219 Smith George H 
223 Jones Fredk C L 

227 Macdonnell <3eorge F 


North from opp 19 Charles 
w, to Bloor, ward 3. 

East Side 

5 Rye Miss Mary 

7 Webb Mrs Mary 
13 Berry Eli 

15 Richardson Fredk R 
17 Wray Miss Isabella, drs- 

19 Allin Wm N 

21 Pickett Mrs Annie 

23 Tyte George E 

25 Lloyd Ellis 

27 Mitchell Orvls V 

29 Stinson Mrs Mary 

31 Barker Richard T 

33 McLean Mrs Ellen 

35 Donaldson Mrs Agnet, 
ladies’ tailor 
37 Hermon i-.uwin W 
39 Hiscock Henry 
41 Xortheote Henry 

West Side 

2 Thomas Mrs Gertrude 
4 Arnold Albert, painter 
Ashton Mrs Ellen, nurse 

6 Vacant 

8 Clark Frank 
IG Vacant 

12-18 Crean Robert C & Co, 
Ltd, straw and felt hat 

20 Brunt Wm 

22 Lackey Robt A 

24 Brown Prank 

26 Blackman Alfred J 

28 Robens Alfred 

30 Plavelle Mrs Margt 

32 Cross Daniel 

34 Markle Wm J 


East from Silver Birch av, 
2 n of Lake Front, Ward 1. 

North Side 

Summer residences 

South Side 

Chesnut Mrs Louise 
Hemsworth Mrs Sarah J 
Marshall George B 
Cross Herbert 
Risch Herman 
Humphrey Edwd S 


Name changed to Oxley 


North and northeast from 
lake front to Kingston rd, 
intersecting Queen e at No 

East Side 

6 Vacant 
9 Vacant 
13 Vacant 
17 Vacant 
21 Vacant 

^ Fernwood av commences 
31 Bridges Geo 
35 Gendron J Albert 
37 Deeks Mrs Emily 
39 Stark Wm J 
43 Craig Arthur E 
45 Vacant 

^ Hazel av commences 
51-63 Beaches Masonic Tern- 
pel, The 

^ Queen st e Intersects 
Flelden Henry W 
61 De Laplante Llewellyn F 
63 Williams James B 
67 Stewart Archibald A 
T1 Dlngman Hiram J 
73 Unfinished 
75 Cummer Wm E 
79 Vacant 

T O F» O SM T O 

Canadian Comnany 

81 Trowell John V 
83 Begg Gordon J 
87 Arthur* Joim S 
89 Myers Joseph F 
93 Pepper Wm 
97 Crockford Albert F 
99 Fosdlck IVm R 
103 Carswell Wm E 
# Sycamore pi commences 
105 Sinclair Alex M 
107 Willmot John W, phy 

Willmot Miss Hazel C, 

111 Levy Wm J Jr 
Hi Turnbull Mrs Eunle* 

115 Burt Herbert 
119 Marrs Joseph E 
123 Rollinaon Robert D 
125 Hill Albert G 
127 Edmonds Wm L 

t Plne av intersects 
Nasmith Mungo B 
1S7 Simmons Andrew t 
Unfinished house 
157 D’Bye Wm A 
161 Miln Rolrt ' 

183 McMenemy James S 
185 Vacant 
193 Dobb Arthur F 
^ Beech av Intersects 
♦ Willow av Intersects ^ 

west tnae 

6 Haldenby Chas N 
10 Golding Thos H 
14 Vacant 
16 Caswell Edwd S 
18 Bagley Chas H 
20 Vacant : 

22 Vacant 
24 Vacant 

28 Vacant ■ 

^ Carnegie Abram P 
32 Soady Chas 
34 Vacant 

38 Barker R J Winsor 
40 Oakley George 
42 Ross Ernest 
44 Baker Frederick M 
46 Vacant 
48 Mason John H 
50 H.arrls Roland C 
♦ Queen st e intersects 
eo G4bson Wm H 
Campbell Charles J 
66 Randall Arthur G 
68 Graham Louis 
70 Taylor Joseph 
76 Ahern Henry J 
80 Collins Walter 
82 Case Leon 
84 Bate Mrs Elizth 
88 Smith Percy 
90 Sherris R Percival 
92 Vacant 
98 McCurrah John 
100 Niven Rlchd B 
104 White Joseph S 
106 Temple Wm F 
108 Rowlands Mrs Catherine- 
112 Brethour H N 
116 Campbell Joseph 
118 Orr Wm B 
lao Berklnshaw Edwla C 
122 Lowden John S 
130 Liowden John 
♦ Pine av Intersects 
132 Nasmith Henry C 
142 Cox Alfred 
144 Ray E B 

148 MacKerrow Miss Clara 
150 Cummings Fred J 
166 Lyon F Harold B 
168 Woodman Fredk B 
178 Aggett John T 
^ Beech av Intersect* 

212 Scott Walter 

Unfinished houses (3) 

^ W’illow av Intersects 


Name changed to Wroxeter 


West from 554 Dutterln to- 
Sheridan av, ward 6. 

North Side 

2 Sheppard Waiter B 
4 Stlbhard Robt J 


Government, Municipal, Corpora- 
tion and Industrial, Yielding 
from 4% to 6% 


— 83 — 

Residences lU 
Oor Specialty I ■■■ 


6 Latremouille J Stephen ' 

S Bunker Tlios j 

10 Funston Wm W 
12 Sullivan Eugene 

14 Donovan Harry B 

20 Wiietter Henry It, plstr 
22 Wood David O 
26 Johnson Daniel i 

28 Price S Alex 

S2 McConnell Miss Lillian M i 

mus tchr i 

• South Side 

5 Freeman Alfred i 

7 Sweetuian Charles M 
S Livingstone Wm G 

11 Tolley Wm J 

11 Matchett Isaac H 

15 M-ay Thomas 

17 Rodx^ay Fredk E J 
19 Reekie Mrs Jane 
-*21 Mainprice Henry C 
'25 A'lainprice Chas 

• ^ Andrews Mrs Catherine G 

29 Macdonald Duncan 

31 Shaw James , 

33 Daly John J ! 

35 Mlln James ! 

37 Mav George 1 

39 McLeod Archd 1 

41 Martin Arthur 1 


Toronto), n from 489 
* iAnnette to Maher, first e of 
Kunuymede rd, ward 7. 

East Side 

23 Rawson Walter W 
65 Vacant 
67 Ball Fredk J 
59 Gregson Herbert 
71 Duncan Archd M 
73 Allan Fredk 

West Side . . . 

52 Sharrard Amos W 
54 McDowell Robt 
70 Vacant 


North from opp 85 Ed- 
ward, ward 3. 

East Side ' 

1 Schiflosky Sainl 
3 Grugiuan James 
5 Rosenberg Jacob 
7 Rosenberg Solomon 
9 Berelinsky Isaac 
31 Spiegen Sami 

15 Shelensky Michl 
^ Elm St intersects 

West Side ....... 

10 Snow Walter 
12 Nicknevich Solomon 

16 Foster Jacob 

Bell Tel Co’s stores 


North from Chelsea av to 
Conduit, first w of Sinclair 1 

av, ward 6. j 

East Side 1 

Uurinished houses (2) 

♦ Edna intersects 

Hickman John, gro 
Parker Mrs Helen 

Tvt>gan David B 
1 Taylor Robert N, contr 
S Brown Geo A 
7 Vacant 
Chelsea intersects 
15 Botchart J W, bldr 
17 Ausman Herbert W I 
19 Hughes Mrs Margaret E i 
21 Rein Rev Joseph E I 
23 Silcox Albert B 
Gardiner Burton G 
25 Todd 1 red J 
27 Taylor Wm 
29 MacKenzie Mrs Minnie 
31 Downnrd James J 
33 Madigiii J Wilfred 
85 Rooney Thomas 
S7 Vacant 
59 Colville Wm J 
*61 Doyle Wm V ’ 





PHONES MAIN 988-989 


West Side . . . 

2 Sinclair Donald D 
4 Stanford Fredk T 
20 Higgin.s Fredk 
22 Browning Harry 
24 Vacant 

26 Mohun Artnur C 

38 Bulmer James R 
40 Thomson Harry O 
42 Heiideisou Wm A 

(East Toronto) north from 
Danforth av to beyond 
limits, 1 e of Main 

East Side 

e Coleman av begins 

33 Weisey Chas 
33 Steele Sami 

e Balfour av begins 

West Side 

44 Flatt Albert E 
46 Bangay Wm 
48 Prentice Archibald 

52 Herron Mrs Fanny 


Nortn trom Bloor w to 
Davenport rd, second e of 
Dufterin, ward 6. 

East Side 

7 Dower James H 

II Culotta beonard 

13 Buckhurst Walter, contr 
15 Wilson Samuel W 
17 McRobert Wm 
l.'i McLean James 
21 Glanvecchio Rocco 
23 Kidney Robert W 
25 Morgan James H 
27 Cormack John W 
29 Meadows John A 
81 Williams James T 
33 Mitchell Henry T 
35 Baker Wm 
ST McMfister John 
39 Phillips Rlchd E 
47 Weir IVm 
49 Dunn Robt 
61 Dlnwlddy Robert A 
53 Duke Thos 
55 Addis Sami 
57 Turan Edward 
511 Tarver Frank 
63 Vacant 
65 Sutton Joseph 
67 Hiscock Wm, contr 
69 Gillespie John 
71 Lowry Mrs Margaret 
73 Austin Wm 
75 Price Wm A 
77 Jehu Chas 
Tf) Day Edward C 
PI Stewart Wn- 
83 McLean Alex 
85 Wellwood Percy 
87 Borland .John 
89 Eaton Wm M 
93 Clancy John J 
95 IVallace Eastman 
97 Stephens Edwd 
99 Waring Wm J 
101 Awde Rlchd 
103 Vacant 

105 McDermott James, gro 
# Shanly st Intersects 
109 Lawson Wm 

III Marsh Francis R 
115 Robinson Herbert H 
■>17 Dodson Thos 

119 Bird Geo W 
121 Chapman .John 
123 McGowan Mrs Ellzth 
126 McGowan .John 
1 29 Stribbell W'm 
^ Southview av ends 
Dovercourt Park 
^ Fernbank av ends 
179 Cheyne Robt 1 
181 Stewart Joiin S 
183 Nicol James 
185 Crumpton Clarence F 
187 Baldwin Rev J Russell 
1S9 Boag Archd E 
191 Fitzpatrick John C 
193 Coppin Thos 
195 Mosdell Mrs Susie 

197 Binnle Wm, gro 
8 Htillnm st intersects 
225 Laecohee E M 
227 Woolfetiden James 
229 Walter Arthur 
231 Vouell Perclval 
233 Saunders Wm E 
235 Smith Walter C 
237 Wilcox W m J 
239 Wilcox Arthur T 
241 Johnson Wm 
243 Banford Arthur 
245 Berney J Wni 
247 Pilcher Fredk T 
24S Gaiimbertl Joseph 
251 Evison Mrs Ellzth 
253 Hose Geo 
255 Jocelyn Henry 
257 Helltwen Wm 
161 Eades Fredk 
263 Sanders Sami W 
265 Dixon Robt W 
367 Bowerman Hiram M 
260 Miistin Walter 
271 Goodenougn Chas 
275 Hepburn James 
277 Thomson Win H 
279 Johnston Benj 
2S1 McKeown John 
283 Gibbons Jesse 
283(4 Marshall John 
285 Hill Frederick W 
287 Wenlnger Joseph 
289 Robb Joseph 
^ Van Horne av Intersects 
291 Benson Wesley 

♦ C P R crossing 

^ Geary av intersects 
311 Kerr Robt 
317 Trumbull Wm 
319 Hall Florence 
Hurst Andrew G 
321 Simpson Robt 
323 Taylor Francis N 
331 Pyne Public School 
341 Dixon Alfred 
343 Bradley Frank 

Firkins Mrs Caroline I, r 

# Bartlett pi commences 
345 Bentley Thos 

347 Butcher Arthur, gro 
349 Clements Augustus 
351 Duns James 

King Henry, rear 
353 Hansford Geo 
355 Manning Ernest 
357 Lanibe Edwin 
359 Co^rard Frank 
365 Butt Chas J 
371 Leeder Wm 
375 Rose Mrs Ellzth 
377 Bake Alfred 
399 Cutler Henry 
403 Muir David 
407 Wiseman Adam J 
409 Mitcham Geo C 
411 Smith Thos 

Smith Mrs Clara, nurse 
413 Hoag Mrs Florence, gro 
415 Grainger John 
417 Vacant 

421 Sparrow Herbert G 
423 Miller Wm 
429 Edwards Chas 
431 Spencer Sami 
433 Cluett Fredk 
435 Mason Geo E 

West Side 

10 Christie Miss Ella S 
12 Glover Jas 

14 McKechnie Hugh S 
18 Connell Wm R W 

15 Ross Percy 

20 Slattery Daniel 
22 Seldoii EdwTu 
24 Maher John 
26 Carruthers Jas A 
28 Woolharo Alfred 
30 Nixon James 
32 Elliott Thos 
34 Jarvis Mrs Hannah L 
36 Gould Wm 
38 Fursier Mrs Jennie 
40 Beck George 
42 Ebert John 
44 Norman Albert 
46 Kerr Mrs Jeanette 
48 Raker Geo 
52 Hlgton ,T limes 
54 Bnrless David 

56 RIdout Charles 
58 Deane John H 
60 Douglas John 
64 Gibb Wm G 
66 Waterfleld Patk M 
68 Beaty Harry 
70 CJordon George A 
72 Mackle David 
74 Maw son Ciias 
76 Griffin Frank L 
78 Tiiplin James E 
80 Churcher Charles 
82 Dayman Albert 
84 Hoban Wm J 
86 Townsend Geo F 
92 King Wm 
94 McDougall Peter H 
96 Reid Daniel 
98 Hardman Arthur J 
100 Letch Alfred J 
102 Startup Thos H 
104 Andersop Thomas 
106 Tull H C 
^ Shanly st Intersects 
108 Williamson Edwin H, gro 
110 Carmichael James S 
112 De Grucliy John A 
114 Crabb Earlby S 
116 Blake Louis 
118 Jex Harry 
120 Hunter Wm H 
122 Osborne C Rlchd 
124 Stimm Geo 
120 McUratid Kev J J 
128 Woolmer Wm 
130 Smith Chas S 
132 Glover Mrs ElizUi 
134 Turner Wm J 
136 Barton Thos J 
138 Wilcox Chas L 
140 Butterfield Wm I 
144 Moffat John H 
146 Blandford John 

Blandford \V J, elect 

148 McFarlane George W 
150 Scanlon Geo 
152 Daulel Rev Walter 
154 Ellis Wm W 
156 Eagen Arthur 
158 Parker Edward 
160 Cairns Mrs Margl 
162 Mountford Albert V 
164 Churchill Albert 
166 Simpson Wm T 
168 Vacant 
170 Armstrong Robt 
172 Buckhurst Edward 
174 C'hivertoii Henry 
170 Manton James N 
178 Sandford Chas W • 

180 Kyle Robt J 

182 Patterson Chas 11 

184 Thompson Robt 

188 Cross Stephen 

188 Kerrison Mrs Elizabeth 

190 Dill Mrs Nettie 

102 Prldeaux Wm 

Thompson Mrs Mary G 
194 O’Neil John 
196 Cannon J Edgar 
198 Adams Wm 
200 Smith Cecil 

202 Gracey George 
204 Richardson Wm J 
£08 Tombs Edwd, confy 

4 Hallam st intersects . 
252 Giles Chns 
254 Saundere Albert J 
256 Vacant 
258 Ackroyd Louis 
260 WInterfleld James 
262 Pouncett Harry 
264 Anderson Alexander 

203 Moore Mrs Sarah 
268 Sinnett Clarence 
268% Pendlebury Chas 
270 Watterson Walter G 
272 Chambers J Wm 
274 Hymns Stephen 

276 Cralgie Geo R 
278 Wintcrfield Chas 
280 Vickery Josep'n 
282 Burgess Mrs Mary 
4 Van Horne av Intersects 
294 Ashmore Mrs Ellen 
296 Forbes Wm M 
C P R crossing 
♦ Geary av intersects 
326 Armes Fredk G 
328 Brown David 

Company of North America 

Gen’l Agents, Mail Building, Cor. King and Bay Tel. Main 1067 

The Dovereourt Land 





24 Adelaide St. E. 

330 Osborne Mrs Klizth 
Taylor Squire If 
332 Niven James 
334 Werner Chas A 
336 Roberts Caleb 
338 Fee Jas 
340 Shaw Robt 
342 Lester Reuben 
344 Marks Arthur 
348 Correll Sami K 
3o0 Grant Wm A 
352 Correll Sami R 
354 Roberts John A 
356 Jelly Sidney 
358 Mullixan Patk J 
360 Ncvins John T jr 
362 Martin Mrs Grace 
368 Nevins John T 
370 Lonprrien Rowland 
372 Tromans John W 
374 Boae: Jas 
376 Dunn Herbert 
378 Hislop Wm P 
384 Cutler Harry 
386 Dodsley W'^m 
388 Weir Thos 
392 Ogle Wm 
394 Owen Albert B 
396 Heck Harry 
406 Fenton Fredk J 
412 McDonald Mrs Amelia 
Treniecr Percival J, rear 
414 Martin James A 
416 Dark Leslie 
418 Milley W illis 
420 Vacant 


East from 343 Bartlett av, 
ward 6. 

North Side 

Not built on 

South Side 

5 Firkins Mrs Caroline B 


West from 378 Brunswick 
av, beyond Christie, ward 
6 , 

North Side 

Meldium Court Apts 
Howland av intersects 
Albany av Intersects 
8 Blnkle.v Mrs Frances J 
10 David.soii Edward G 
12 Andrew Wm M 
14 Vanstone Byron S 
16 Rea Richd 
18 Wlllhims Wm T. phy 
^ Biitluirst St intersects 
St Paul's Pres Ch 
^ Markham st intersects 
22 Roberts Mrs Mary 
24 Richardson Wm 
26 Harris G Harry 
28 Wilson Geo M S 
30 Dillon Mrs Emma J 
32 Morrow Hugh 
34 Allen Frank 
36 Rice Jesse 
38 Murless Joshua 
40 Bryan Charles V 
42 Robin James 
44 Powell Chas A 
46 Thoriey Mrs J 
■ Magwood Miss Mabel M 
^ Palmerston av Intersects 
54 Bullen B Albert 
56 Hocking John C, gro 
.'58 Clarke S Wllmott, fruit 
60 Roberts Henry 
62 Valiant George J 
64 IlifC Wm S 
66 Hayden A Albert 
68 Poole Michael J 
70 Godman John 
72 Young John T 
T4 Chinese Indry 
78 8eeman Martin 
so Simpson Wm J, btchr 
82 Fogarty W''m J 
♦ Euclid av intersects 
84 Richardson Chas E 
86 Coath Thomas O 
88 Smith Wm S 
90 Badams Mrs Eliza 
B'2 Smith Edward B 
94 Steele Danlei J , 

100 Senn Ardie 
102 Tamhllng Henry 

104 Nicholls Owen 
^ Manning av intersects 
106 Stockhill R 
108 Hogg Joseph 
110 Plppy Samuel G 
112 O’Donnell Francis 
114 Housey Edwin 
116 Topping Wm. com mer 
118 Croft Mrs Mary A 
120 Wilson B A Thos 
122 Duke Mrs Mary A 
124 Doyle Terence 
126 Maclennan Frank, contr 
128 Henderson Thomas M 
^ Clinton st Intersects 
1,34 Henderson Robt 
136 Jeffreys James 
138 Thorogood Joseph W 
laO Stanley Robert H 
142 Shepherd Jas 
144 Ilarsch Eugene 
146 Rutherford John C 
148 Hobson Arthur A 
150 Parson Miss Clara 
162 Gregg W Edwin 
^ Christie st intersects 

South Side 

^ Howland av Intersects 
7 Clarkson Mrs Amelia 
9 Muir James R 
11 Macaulay Robert 
13 Houston Wm 
♦ Albany av intersects 
15 Bates Gordon, phy 
Bates Kendall, phy 
^ Bathurst st intersects 
17 Ward Alvin E 
19 Watson Miss Caroline 
^ Markham st Intersects 
21 Ross Raymond R 
23 Sinclair Lorin J 
25 Vale Albert W' 

27 Burroughs Harold C 

t Palmerston av intersects 
Euclid av intersects 
87 Foggett Frank C 
89 Hall Wm J 
01 Armstrong Wm H 
Fryers James, r 
Coath Edwd, rear 
^ Manning av intersects 
97 Jay Arthur 
99 Roulston Andrew 
101 King John 
103 King. Henry 
105 Kennard George H 
107 Cobbd Andrew 
100 McClellaiid Mrs Alice 
111 Tncka berry Ebenezer B 
113 Pittman Walter 
115 Henry Mrs Charlotte 
117 Harwood Wm H 
119 Hilebert Francis C 
121 Lindsay John 
123 Duke Ernest W, gro 
125 Coulter Mrs Annie E 
127 Narraway Charles C 
129 Prince George L 
131 Smith John C 
133 Anthony Robt 
135 Lunt Wm 
137 Adcock Mrs Ellen 
139 Tambling Arthur 
141 Riley Philip 
143 McGuire John W 
145 Fenton Wm 
140 Sharpe Ernest 
151 Colbourne Frederick T 
♦ Clinton st intersects 
^ Christie st Intersects 


South from 665 Queen e, 
ward 1. 

East Side 

1 Grisold Geo 

2 Broom Geo E 

3 Newton Joseph H 

4 Slade Fredk 

5 Ross W'm 
6’ Hre James 


(Old Linden av, Midway 
Annex!. North from G T R 
to Danforth av, third e 
of Coxwell av. ward 1. 

East Side 

1 Birks E 

West Side 

36 Birks Ernest 


North from tiie (Jneen's 
Wh.trf to lieyond St Clair 
av, intersecting King w at 
667, wards 4 and 5 

East .Side 

Queen's Wharf 
National Yacht and Sail- 
ing Skiff Club 
Bennett Arthur J 
Toronto Shipyards 
Elliott J W,- whol lumber 
5-9 Housey Edwin, gas 

Connell Anthracite Min- 
ing Co’s yard 

15 McBean & Verrall, lum- 

^ Front st w ends 

Berg Machinery Mfg Co 
^ Niagara st intersects 
29-31 Broomer Geo, gro 
33 Donald Robert 
35 Elliott Thomas 
37 Barton Wm 
39 Burness Wm 
Steele Richd 
41 Griffin John 
43 Ferguson John 
45 Sinclair Miss Ellen 
49 Chinese indry 

♦ Wellington w Intersects 
,51 Klnsella Mrs Kate 

53 Ivey Richd T 
55 McQuarrie Donald 
57 Abernethy Felix 
59 Hughes Jas 
61 MofCitt Henry 
63 Ritchie Barnabas 
^ Stewart st ends 

Reliance Knitting Co, 

75 Textile Trimming Co, 

^ King st w intersects 
91 Sedore Thos C 
93 Marlatt Geo A, barber 
06 Richardson A J 
97 Meagher Patk F 
99 Sullivan Mrs Ellen 
Meagher Patrick P 
^ Brown la commences 
101 Beacon Chas 
103 Barrie Patk 
105 Levinski Aiikolay 
107 Goiinski Josepn 
lO'J Byrne Thos J 
111 Stangemore Albert F 
113 Young Geo 
115 Ryan Dennis J 
117 Christie Mrs Mary 
119 Berger Abraham 
12] Codi.gnotte F A, gro 

♦ Adelaide st w ends 

125 St Mary’s C L & A Assn 
129 MacBeth W L C, phy 
131 Allen John 
13.8 Scott Mrs Eva 
135 Ryan Mrs Ellen 
137 Taylor Miss Martha E 
139 Shipman George S 
141 Smith Clias 
143 Vincent George 
145 Bernstein Jacob 
147 Hopmans Theodore 
149 Doyle Robt 
151 Downs Patk 
Carter Wm T 
153 Flannagan Patk J 
155 Rumae Solomon 
157 T'ox Mrs Susan 
159 Morrison Geo 
161 Tliatcher Wm T 
^ Richmond st w intersects 
163 Chinese Indry 
165 Burton Richard J H 
167 Davey Harold A 
169 Vacant 

171 Christian Temperance 

Ruff Mrs M, caretkr 
Lodge Rooms 
173 Saldne P J. confy 
175 Occident Bldg 
' edge Rooms 
Turner Cltas, caretkr 

177 Gilbert J R, bowling al- 

^ Queen st w intersects 
179 Slade J -A, dentist 

McMulkin P & J, insur- 

181 Bickford Albert F 
183 Wyatt E J, barber 
185 Tomlinson & Holland, 

187 Muirhead Wm, umbrella 

McLoughlin Michl, shoe- 

189 Rosinsky Imlc, shoemkr 
^ Wolseley st Interseota 
197 Corner Thos D, coal 
199 Brass Mrs Annie 
201 Elston Jacob 
203 Kennedy Richard J 
205 Rofman Louis 
2u7 Cohen Isa-ic 
209 Boone Mrs Margt 
•211 Little Mrs Mary J 
213 McQuillan Mrs Mary 
215 Reilly Wm 
217 Kelleher Wm J 
4> Eden pi commences 
219 Koneeny Andrew 
221 Hughes John P 
223 Worwood Walter 
225 Alexander John 
227 Hobley Francis W 
229 Rlordan Thomas 
231 Daniels John 
233 Wade Wm, vet surg 
235 Maxwell Wm J 
237 Ersklne Robt 
239 Murchison Bros, rink 
241 Murchison S O 
243 Simnett Wm W R 
245 Killoran J F I., phy 
Ball John 

247 Flaherty Miss Katherine 
249 Smith Sami 
251 Murchison Herbert W 
Alexandra Park 
^ St Patrick st ends 
311 Oster Peter L. cigars 
311% Smith Mrs Phoebe, 

313 Nixon Frank J, plrabr 
,S15 Moloney Henry I - 
317 Taylor Mfg Co, tir.?. 

Taylor Isaac 
319 Cooey James A 
321 Wood Peter M, dairy- 
Wood Isabella S. phy 
S23 Chalkley Richd 
325 Thompson Mrs Susan, 

327 Martin Mrs Mary 
329 Eaidenson Mrs Alice 
331 Davison John, gro 
333 Wilson Chas. drugs 
335 Lawson Miss Mary A 
337 Chinese indry 
?37% Hodge John 
339 Bank of Hamilton (br> 

1 Gardiner P F 

2 Coltman M D 

3 Smith Miss Lucy 

4 Bergey Milton 

341 Select Ladies’ Tailors- 

1 Jaftray .Adam C 

2 Hales 'Wm J 

343 Ibbofs-in G H, hdwre 
34,5 Locke David 
347 Thomas Ch.-»r!es H, phy 
349 Riilllie Wm. pliy 
Dayton Bert 
351 Vise Mrs Catherine 
363 .Shajne Jolni, osteopath 


Properties FOR SALE in ALU 
PARTS of the City and Snhnrbs 

61 Victoria Street 

■S-'t — 



Phone Adelaide 214 TORONTO 



355 Sleeth W AV, dentist 
4 Roseberry av commences 
381-419 Tor Western Hospital 
4 Nassau st ends 
421 Procter Henry, shoenikr 
423 Prlng Alfred 
425 Bourne Wni 
427 McCaffray James 
429 Machione Louis 
431 Peters Joseph 
433 King Alex L, 

437 Swanson Mrs Annie 
439 Vacant 
441 Skinner Abraham 
443 Mole Mrs Susanna 
445 Milling James, shoemkr 
447 Leopello John 
449 Sewell Mrs Christina 
461 Cotton Wm T 
453 Ayre Edwin L, plmbr 
455 Latimer Mrs Sarah J 
467 Bitten Geo 
459 Lee Jonas T B, mfrs agt 
461 Smith Michael 
463 Marlatt John 
465 Garrow Edward 
467 Owen Joseph 
469 Mackey W E, bldr 
471 Hargrave Mrs Maria 
4TS Ambler John 
475 Lizmore Alfred 
477 Lewis Mrs Jane E 
479 Cowls Mrs Annie R 
481 Bush Miss Murca 
483 Cameron Miss Sarah 

# College st intersects 
495 Forsyth Gordon, flour 

Clarkson Percy E, den- 

Pease Edward, whips 
French Mrs Mary 
King Edward School 
High School of Commerce 
cS: Finance 
Oakwood High Sch 
EC7 Church of Christ 
559 Moreland He.iry 
Gordon David 
861 Austin Charles W 
Blachley Alfred G 
563 Morris Nathaniel 
565 Elrick Mrs Emily 
667 Rowen Charles W 
569 Central Registry of Grad- 
uate Nurses 
Ewing Alex 

Ewing Miss Margaret, 

671 Bolger Mrs Mary 

573 Lawson Lewis E 
675 Marks Mrs Fanny 
577 Morton Hugh 
679 Hart James 
681 McLean Joseph A 
683 Lawrence Miss Sarah A 
685 Campbell P W, mech 

589 Johnston Mrs Melissa 
591 Garvie Wm A 
603 Eastman Miss Mary C 
695 Stenherg Wra T 
597 Hamilton Wm B 
599 Walker Edward 
601 Taylor Mrs Margaret J 
■603 Thompson Mrs Charlotte 
Smith Sami 

605 O’Connor Mrs Johanna 
607 Fitzgerald Wm J 
609 Gale Miss Elizth 
611 Campbell Mrs Flora 
Dumond Albert 
613 Buck Wm E 

Jjeltch Henry D, phy 
815 Hewson Wra H 
617 Drover Joseph E 
619 McAlpine Mrs Isabel 
McAIpIne Miss Edith, 

McAlpine Miss Margaret, 

♦ Ulster st Intersects 
621 Falrman Claude 
621% McNeill Hector 

623 Galbraith A & S, chiro- 

625 Klelser Mrs Annie B 

627 Flanagan 11 J 

629 Miller James L 

631 McAllister Mrs Melissa 

633 Pettit J D 

635 Elder Wm P 


637 Newman Mrs Jessie 
639 Gay Arthur P 
641 Gregory Samuel 
643 Henderson Thos M 
645 Bell Richd 
647 Abell Samuel D 
649 Prentice Angus 
651 Hawkins Henry G 
653 Hargrave Alfred W 
655 Smith Lawrence B 
659 MacDougall John 
663 Moss Myer 

665 Edwards James I 

669 Barnsdalo Thos E 
671 Elliott Mrs Plariiet 
673 Overend Henry 
673 Lougheed Joseph 
677 Taylor Robert 
679 Taylor John 
681 Becker Fredk C 
^ Harbord st Inteneeta 
685 Scoble Loren 
687 Scoble Loren, barber 
689 Graham Wm J, auto liv- 

689% First Christian Ch 
695 Felling Fredk W, shoe- 

England Wm V. uphol 
699 Scheck M B, uphol 
701 Cradick Robt II 
703 Turner Wm G 
705 Corcoran Michl 
707 EIz Lawrence 
^09 Dee John J, pntr 
715 Topping Mrs Maria 
717 Wilkinson John E, tlr 
71 D Temple G E, shoemkr 
721 Chinese Indry 
^ Herrick st intersects 

Thistle Lawn Bowling 

737 Appleton H C Y, contr 

739 Horsv/ell Chas M 

741 Hall Mrs Selina M 

743 Keleher Putk 

745 Gorman John T 

747 Hamrncnd Albert E 

749 Potter Thos 

751 AVhetter Herbert 

753 Taylor Mrs Charity, gro 

755 Burnside Oscar A 

757 Morley Gerald W 

759 Caldwell Edward 

761 Todd Miss Cathelrne F 

763 Chadwick Richd 

765 Hodgson B G, phy 

♦ Lennox st. Intersects 
767 Smith Edwd 

769 Davies John, confr 
773 McGowan Wm J, contr 
775 Long Francis 

St Peter’s (RO School 
St Peter's (RC) Church 
711 McClure J A, tlr 
Coleman Miss Margt 
793 Morley G W. jwlr 
Titus Mrs Edith 
795 Hobley J H, cigars 
r'lerning Mrs Alice 
Robinson Mrs WInnifred 
797 Clarkson C H, dentist 
Simpson .T M 

♦ Bloor st w intersects 
799 Vacant 

801 Cole David A, barber 

803 Carter Henry Co, real est 
805 Carter Henry Co, The, | 
real est 

Conger Coal Ct (hr) 
Canadian Express Co 

807 Chinese Indry 
Ivett Fredk 
Cook Thos 

899 Pnulton J S, sboc.s 
Wulsford Ohas B 
Mackay .fohn 

811 Pearcy David, harness- 

Driscoll James 
Osborn Waller 
813 Harrington Andrew J, 

815 Campbell James A 
817 New John 
819 Ross Francis J 
821 Cole David A 
823 Morris Miss Sarah 
Morris Miss May A 

8‘25 Kidd Mrs Jane 
827 Turner Charles 
829 Hutchison J W, contr 
831 Ferguson Walter S, phy 
833 Noxon Allan, phy 
835 Canham Wm W 
837 Waugh Wm 
839 Zoellner Emil F R 
841 Ker Mrs Lulu M 
843 Smyth Fred H 
845 Wilcox Milford A 
847 Riddell Alex St C 
I 849 Stroud Mrs Susan 
851 Michell Frank J 
851% Carter Walter I 
853 Zoellner Wm C 
855 MacCunn Mrs Clara 
857 Forster Frederick C 
859 Walters Wm 
859% Patterson Wm P 
861 Wingate Prederlck L, vet 

863 Munro Robt L K 
865 Hackney Charles W 
367 Sinclair Miss Carrie 
869 Harron Hugh J 
869% Vaughan Geo 
871 Haines Harold A 
873 Maguire E L, phy 
875 Gold Wm, ladles’ tlr 
879 Spears Robt'M 
881 Oahan J J 
883 White Wm 
SSI Marvin Stuart A 
^ Barton av Intersects 
891 Burt Frank H 
893 Qulnllvan M T 
895 Fleming A G 
897 Rogers Mrs Esther L 
899 Palmer Mrs Anna 
899% Kirk James 
901 Wedd Matthew de 8 
903 Llgertwood John G M 
905 Barber Timothy B 
f)07 King Roy 3 
909 Morrison John H 
911 Taylor Wm G 
911% Rutland Chas 
Glenny Robt 

91,3 Howard Ernest A E, phy 
915 Dunn Wallis 
917 Hudson Robt H 
919 Vickers James R 
921 Gordon Harvey M 
923 Jackson Albert 
925 Hudson Mrs Dora 
927 Blackwell Frederick 
929 Pearce Frederick 
£31 Mutiny Edwd J 
933 McMunan Joseph 
935 Hewitt Blake 
937 McGrouther Peter 
939 Morrow Rev John D 
941 Page Thomas J. phy 
# Wells st ends 
999 Forbes Miss Catharine 
1001 Dickin.son Noble 
1003 Curzon Root T 
1005 Leslie Chas 
1007 Waybrant Mrs Bella 
1009 Tozer Ephraim 
1011 Elmes Wm J B 
1013 Ames Carman W 
1015 Cope W L 
1017 MacDonald Donald M 
1019 Smith Robt H 
1021 Wilson Archd E 
1023 Allen James C 
1025 Hipper Reuben 
Parsons Geo 

1027 Comlskcy Ambrose C 
Churton Guy A 
1029 Van Siekler Ernest A 
Davidson John A 
1031 Long Wm 
1033 Sanderson Wm 
1035 Gurnett Mrs Jane 
Rollinson Wm 
1037 Stacev Mrs Matilda 
1039 McGinnis Sami 

Goodwin Mrs Ann 
1041 Hayes Sami 
Spring James 
1043 Milburn Henry H 
1045 Hoey David N 
1047 Lindsay Geo B 
1049 Williams Richard A 
1051 Morris Wm H 
1053 Collins Andrew E 
1055 Welch John W 
1057 Hull David 

1069 Roberts Frederick W 
1061 Harris Wm, shoemkr 
Staton Herbert, rear 
1067 Fell W T, hardware 
1079 Marshall Wm C 
1081 Tuxford Thomu 
1083 Lackl* Robert J 
1085 Moss Fred 
1087 Carey John 
1089 Marshall Bros, gros 
1091 Pountney Joseph H, 

Dunn Wm B 
1093 Burford J H, cigars 
Frankland Garrett F 
Burley Alex 

♦ Dupont st intersects 
1095% Watson Geo, real est 
1097 Chinese Indry 

1097% Bailey Chas H 

♦ C P R crossing 
1169 Bugler Wm Q 

1171 Chamberlain Mrs Sarah 
1173 Vacant 
1175 Southwell Richard 
1177 Plumb George 
1179 Shanley Michael 
1181-99 General Leather 
Goods, Ltd 

1191 National Leather Co of 
Can, Ltd 

Western Leather Goods 
Co, Ltd 

Canada's Thread Mills, 

1201 Bromley Harry 
1203 Battersby John T 
1217 Bold Jas 
1219 Bolton Herbert 
1221 Tinker Arthur 
1223 Winrow Chas N 
1225 Young Thos 
1227 Angus Bertram 
1229 Parker Percy J 
1231 Atkinson Geo 
1233 McCusker Alfred 
1235 Bonding James 
1237 Hodgson Howard 
1239 Graham Miss Mary 
1245 Wright Wm 
1253 Duncan Mrs Margt 
1267 McCarthy Mrs Sarah 
1259 Browne FJdwd 

^ Davenport rd Intersects 
1275 Convalescent Home 
1289 Winter Francis W 
1295 Hiscock Edwd H 
^ Hilton av Intersects 
1319 Edwards John 
Hillcrest school 
Wvehwood (hr) Public 

1347 Cooey Herbert W 
1.349 Cooey .Joseph, contr 
1351 Warren Cameron A, phy 
1356 Ross .Tames C 
♦ Nina av ends 
1403 Martin Wm D, plmbr 
% St Clair av Intersects 
Seccomhe Wallace 
West Side 

Allen John M 
Ruttan Lumber Co 
Pullan Ellas, shipping 

Collins J W Lumber Co 
Vcrral Storage Co, store- 

Bathate Wm .1, coal 
Park, Blackwell Co, pork 
packers and provisions 
Matthews, I.,aing, Ltd 
Old Fort 

Peters & Cain, who! lum- 

Gas tank 

28 Rogers Ellas Co, coal 
Broomer James 
^ Niagara st intersects 
40-42 Carr Joseph 
44 Mitchell Mrs Rebecca 
46 Gladstone Thos J 
48 Williams James 
eo Smith Miss Eliza 
62 Enushensky Moses, fruit 
^ Wellington w intersects 
64 Kennelly Andrew 



Ingot Metals fraser ave. 






66 King Thos 
70 Turner Robert 
72 Kennelly Wm J 
T4 Hutson Mrs Louisa H 
76 Fletcher W J, gro 
Twilley George S 
Vacant, rear 
78 Galbraith Harry 
Vaughan .Joseph 
Turriff Mrs Carrie, r 
Ayres George, r 
80 McKeon Mrs Annie 
82 Whan Robert 
84 Marshall Harry V 
86 Weston Fredk J 
88 Bailey Wm G 
SO McCann James 
92 Murray Archd 
^ King St .w intersects 
104 Soss Invisible Hinge Co 
Entrance to McDonnell sq 
St Mary's (RC) Church 
Entrance to McDonnell sq 
140-148 St Mary’s Convent 
152 Swanwlck Henry K 
154 Webster Geo R 
160 Christie Mrs Maria 
162 Coulter Robt, shoemkr 
Coulter C E, printer 
164 Solomon Louis, btchr 
166 Schemnitz Louis, plmbr 
^ Richmond st w Intersects 
168 McGill Wm & Co, coal 
178 Adams Mrs Jessie, cigars 
ISO Summers Martin, barber 
^ Queen st w Intersects 
184 Gutzeit W H, mus tchr 
^ Willis st commences 
194 Logap Francis 
196 Valentine Walter 
198 Goff Edward 
300 Brown Wm A 
•Ml Bell Albert E 
204 Armstrong Christopher, 

♦ Wolseley st Intersects 
206 Baker Henry 
208 Sable Benj 
210 Painter W J 
212 Downes Frederick 
McKeracher Alex 
214 Libby Martin 
216 Purvis Geo W 
218 Perry Wm M 

Berrlngton Joseph 
220 Noble John J 
222 Halstead John 
224 Horner Wm 
226 Hull Albert E 
228 Chinese Indry 
^ Robinson st commences 
2?0 Stipe Franklin C, gro 
232 Wells Richd 
234 Thackeray Henry 
236 Killackev Alex 
238 Stallard Wm 
238% Williams Mrs Annie 
240 Deeper James H 
242 Hook Miss Alfreda 
244 McPherson D A. phy 
246 Rudd Geo W' 

248 Hewitt Wm 
250 Steenson Thos 
262 Staughton Arthur 
Charles Harry F 
254 Edwards Mrs Annie 
Cocker .Tohn 
256 Dickson David J 
258 Smith Frank L 
260 Stanford Wm 
262 Nichols Miles 
264 Pole James G 
266 McGinn Wm J 
268 Gillespie Mrs A, drsmkr 
270 Bennie Mrs Jane 
272 Lee Mrs Sarah 

Abbott Samuel, rear 
274 Roffe Rev Alfred W 
276 Christian Workers’ Ch 
280 Eossiter Mrs Ann 
282 Benn Mrs Sarah 
284 Henlev Wm 
286 Saunders Mrs Mary 
288 Gross! Achille 
290 Benson Mrs Sarah A 
202 Albert Dominic 
294 Adams Wm M 
296 Pennock Bernard A, pntr 
298 Hand Mrs Mary 
200 Montgomery Mrs Sarah 

302 Ford Mrs Elizabeth 
304 Hickey James J 
306 Ronson James A 
308 Hamilton Walter, phy 
810 lAke Wm J A 
312 Marshall C W 
214 Connellan Frank 
316 Turnbull Rev John A 
318 Friedman Louis 
320 McLeod Fredk 
322 Morris Thos 

Wiggins Mrs Phyllis 
324 Mlllward C W 
326 Fieldhouse Miss Mary A 
Phillips George 
328 Carolan Miss Elisabeth 
330 Long Mrs Emily 
332 Sprlngman David 
334 Riddell Mrs Etta 
336 Bailey Mrs Eveline 
838 McKenzie Mrs Catherine 
840 Judge Michael, confr 
342 Spence Robt J, tir 
344 Hall Frank, barber 
344A Manaceveth Joseph N, 
ladies’ tlr 

344% Cowle Augustus 
344B Haddock Wm C 

^ Arthur st commences 
346 Vacant 

848 Macdonald Mrs I J, gro 
8S0 Higgins Mrs M H 
352 Carolan James 
354 Duncan Archd 
356 Hazelton Mrs Alice M 
358 Cook Mrs Sarah 
360 Hazlitt Wm S 
362 Savoy Candy Co 
364 Leckey Robt 
366 LInnington Ernest J.pntr 
368 Burqp Mrs Hannah 
370 Hayden J M, plmbr 
372 Dunne Patk E 
374 Findlay John G 
376 Close Chas 
378 Mills Miss Mary B 
380 Gallinger Miss Sarah 
382 Connor Thomas 
384 Brown Harry J 
388 Ward Robt B 
388A Purvis Albert M 
390 Archibald Mrs Annie 
390% Adams Jas 
404 Odd Fellows' Hall 
408 Rosenburg Philip 
410 O'Halloran Mrs Annie 
412 Burton Mrs Mary 
414 Rea Mrs Mary J 
418 Tomlin H C 
420 Canada Bread Co, Ltd 
444 Toilet Laundry Co 
I 446 Taber’s Family Laundry 
448 Ablitt Wm 
450 Grainger Geo 
452 Smyth Mrs Marla 
454 Atkins Wm J 
i 458 Aocbincloss Wm A 
I 462 Ashelford Wm A, livery 
I 464 Smith Terence, livery 
Wood John 
466 Vacant 

468 Ward Edwin, clothes clnr 
470 Bookless John, gro 
472-474 College Bowling & 
Athletic Club, Ltd 
Art Tailoring Co, Ltd 
Sword Neckwear Co, Ltd 
Defiance Mfg Co, men’s 
furngs mfrs 

Hall A & T, Ltd, neck- 
weai mfrs 

^ College st Intersects 
506 Rogers Christopher, bldr 
508 Martin Leonard 
. 510 Roden Mrs Amelia 
612 Matthews Edwd 
514 McKeown Chas O 
516 McCaffrey John 

Nealon & Sayers, elect 

520 Woltz A E 
5‘22 Woltz George 
524 Mason Andrew 
526 McKissock' Thos 
528 Goggins James 
530 Oakley Albert 
534 Slight Mrs Martha 
536 MacDonald Miss E J, 

538 Camplln Isaac 
540 Hacking Henry 

542 Webster James E 
544 Fraser Mrs Mary 
540 Kipp Herbert M 
548 Vacant 
550 Bennett Joslah 
552 Grade John 
554 McPherson Mrs C I 
556 McPherson D W, phy 
558 Struthers W E, phy 
560 Lackie James A 
562 Lindsay Henry 
564 Dishart John 
566 Vokes James L 
568 Henderson James B 
670 Proctor Edwd M 
572 Savers Miss Kate 
574 Robb Robert K 
676 Newton John E 
578 Patient John L 
580 Schindler F Wm 
582 Chadwick Thos J 
584 Farrance Walter C 
580 Henderson Edwin 
588 Brown Geo A 
690 Partridge Mrs Alice 
592 James Archd 
594 Findlay Wm M 
696 Neild Mrs Harriet 
698 Hyland John 
600 Coons Mrs Ann 
602 Amery Mrs .Jane 
604 Tuck John A, phy 

♦ Ulster st Intersects 
606 Vacant 

608 Hider Arthur H 
610 Swanton Mrs Naomi 
612 Barbour James D 
614 Cox Mrs Minnie E 
616 Silver Miss Emma 
618 Eider Miss Elizth 
620 Mulvlhill Mrs Catherine 
622 Craig Wm H 
624 Henderson Albert B 
626 Stevenson Robt McK 
628 Roach Edwin J 
630 Denny James 
632 Madill Mrs Mary J 
634 Stanton Mrs S A 
636 Davids Mrs Isabel 
638 Belgrave Mrs Adele 
640 Ross Mrs Mary 
642 Galloway Wm O 
644 Mann Miss Isabella, 

646 Chamberlain Watson P, 
648 Bell Walter 
650 Gray Wm M 
652 Glennie Miss Margt 
654 Wilson Richard J 
656 Thompson George S 
658 Bronsdon Mrs C W 
660 Coombs Joseph 

♦ Harbord st Intersects 
662 Gaby Robt E, phy 

664 Bingley Mrs Jane, furs 
Bingley Walter H 
I Falls Mrs Ellen, drsmkr 
I 666 Langstaff Mrs Louisa F 
I 668 Wln^eld Wm A 
670 Wood Miss Elizth 
672 Heatherman Wm J 
> 674 Sutton Mrs Marla 
' 676 McLean Dougald 

! 678 Hugill M Burton 

680 Mason Frank J 
682 Whatmore Percy 
Verral Chas E 
684 Davidge & Lunn, contrs 
I Davidge Wm J 

686 Brosner Timothy 
’ 688 Richardson Robt 

j 690 Shantz Sam! 

! 692 James Geo H 

694 Elliott Miss Annie 
I 696 Lunn Walter B 
j 700 Ferguson Mrs Elizabeth 
t Thompson T G, dentist 

^ Herrick Intersects 
' 702 Carroll Mrs Ellen 

I 704 Menzies Wm 
706 Beauchamp O N 
708 McCuaIg Duncan 
710 Podger Albert B 
712 Thaln James 
714 Fields Harry 
716 Bain John G 

Bain Mrs Coutts, vocal 

718 Ingles IVaUer, gro 
Methodist church 

^ Lennox st Intersects 
788 Jones Wm, flour 
740 Darch Mrs Margt. furrier 
742 Bottrell Albert J, bicycles 
Denison Frank 
Falrey Albert H 
744 Harding Wm, uphol 
Kemp Fredk 

746 Keane Charles H, bi- 

750 Farmer Jones H 

Farmer Mrs Cara, mils 

Farmer E J, mus tchr 
750% Vacant 
752 West Mrs Marlon 
754 Vinson Thomas 
Swain John 

756 Candy Wm H, cartage 

758 Cunningham Andrew, bi- 

760 Ludlow Bros, tirs 

762 Wilson & Duilleld, real 

Strong Chas T 
Bell Edmund 
764 Vacant store 
Lennon Jacob 
Denison John 

766 Bennett Miss M, drsmkr 
McGinnis Robt 
Baker Alfred 

768 MacClanathan Edwin R 
768-770 Engeland & Sons, 

Marrin Leo A 
Weinstock Joseph 
772 'Weinstock Joseph, ladies’ 

Kellv Fredk W 
Spencer Car! 

774 Elliot Wm A, wd wkr 
776 Pittinger Peter J, real 

778 Lappage Mrs Lillian, con- 

^ Bloor st w intersects 
S06 Ferrah Robt, drugs 
P O (hr) 

G N W Tel (hr) 

Straw Fredk W, photo 
Traders Mercantile Ser- 

Brewer Thos 
Russell Albert 
Scarth Sydney 
808 Chinese Indry 
816 Ennis Thomas, blksmth 
820 Kidd Geo, shoemkr 
822 Leader 'Walter, rest 
824 Midgley \vm 
826 Van Iderstine 'Wm, fey 

828 Corker Ernest A. sec hd 

830 Adair Fredk J 
834 ■Vt'alkey Geo A 
840 Vansickler J & Co, Ltd, 

848 Croft & Son, cut stone 
852 McConnell Walter M 
^ London st commeness 
860 Codner Mrs Dorcas 

Codner Miss Emma, drs- 

862 Jacobs Geo 

864 Caimeross Donald 

866 Magee Wm 

868 Jordan Joseph, shoemkr 

870 Lowey Mrs Sarah 

872 Whltelaw John, gro 

Whltelaw Miss I M, mus 

874 Rice Walter, staty 
876 Harron H J, dyer 
878 Credicott Richd 
880 Bastow Henry C 
882 McClelland Robt 
884 Lavery Chas J 
886 Stevenson Mrs Elizabeth 
888 Hughes Bernard B 
890 Wills John 
892 Fisher Fredk, vet surg 
884 Fulton Wm J 
896 Lee Alex O, vet surg 
898 Harman Thos 
908 Hlllyear Ellis W 
910 Wenman Wm G, btchr 
Wenman Chas 

^ Barton av intersects 






Office. M. 194 

Res., Coll. 1388 

- 87 - 


Special Attention grlven to Man- 
affement of Estates. Prompt Retumi 

61 Victoria Street 


962 Ryan Arthur, tinner 
964 Hudson R H, gro 
Marks Fredk 
Fisher Richd D 
Young Chas 

966 Clayton Joshua, btehr 
e Follls av commeoces 
968 Tomlinson Mrs Hllzth. 

970 Partridge Miss A, dry 

Adams Miss Alice, staty 
972 Curtin John H, gro 
974 Hamiman Alfred, bdwre 
976 Morrow nugh, dry gds 
97H Chinese indry 
980 Ewers Abel W, gro 
982 Wood John R. barber 
Haight Mrs Margaret 
984 Rynex Samuel 
986 Trollope John 
988 Stevenson Archd, btehr 
990 Reid G D. drugs 
^ Olive av commences 
994 Cork Wm C, gro 
Hundertmark Henry 
996 Plenty Henry, shoe repr 
Day Edwin 

998 Salmon James M. confy 
1000 Swan John H, barber 
10C2 Belyea Isaac 
1004, Lennon James H 
1006 Bailey Wm J, btehr 
1008 Giles Fredk L, gro 
1010 McArthur Archd, confy 
1012 Perro John, fruit 
1014 Spragge Caleb, tinner 
1016 Delworth C D 

Delworth James, plstr 
1018 Curtis John 
1020 Pearl John 
1026 Hancock Henry 
1028 Thomson Lome G, den- 

1030 Vacant 
1032 Wilson Archd, phy 
1034 Golding David 
1036 Arnold Ernest F 
1044 Jackson Wm 
1046 Fuerst Arthur M 
104612 McMurrav Wm 
1048 Simpson Frank M, tlr 
1050 Vacant 

1062 Mumford Bros, btchrs 
♦ Vermont av commences 
1070 Sheerln & Gilmore, real 

Cornwell Apartments 

1 Stiles Harry E 

2 Gordon Mrs N L 

3 Vacant 

4 Roberts Mrs Annie 

5 Menet Harold A 

6 Parsons Geo W 

7 Farthing Robt C 
Cleave Robt. janitor, r 
Cornwall Alfred 

1086 Roy Napoleon A, shoes 
1088 Rivett & Stephens, shoe- 

1090 Pearce Mrs Rose, dry 

Ripley Bruce T 
1002 Fawcett Wm J, gro 
1094 Vildan Edwin, confy 
1006 Prankland G F, pimbr 
Woodward Charles H, 

1098 Stroud Wm, btehr 
1100 Imperial Bank (hr) 

^ Dupont St Intersects 
1104 Dlekln Charles, gro 
HOC Levlson John, clothes 

1114 Glhnon-McCormack-IrvIn 
Co, Ltd, lumber 
H16 McLean Alex 

Dominion Motorcycle Co 
1118-1122 Lucas John & Co, 
bldrs’ supplies 
♦ Railway crossing 
^ Davenport rd intersects 
1362 Lawrence James 
^ Alcinii av commences 
1366 Holmes Reuben, baker 
Holmes Mrs Ellen, gro 
1368 Chinese Laundry 

1376 Langmuir James & Co, 
Ltd, paint mnfrs 
Blackwell Varnish Co 
R J W Damp Resisting 
P.aint Co 

1378 Dominion Bank 
1380 Glass Gerald S 
1384 Crosby E E, blksmth 
1388 Gardner F A & Son, gros 
Hambleton Mrs Jean, 

1390 Harris John L. drugs 
1392 Wilson John F, fruit 
1394 Jinks Sami T, coal 
1396 Lankin Clarence, barber 
1398 Brown Edward, shoe- 

^ Helena av commences 
# Vaughan rd commences 
1410 White Mrs Elizabeth 
^ St Clair av Intersects 


East from 927 Tonge, 
ward 2. 

North Side 

2 Baldock Thos 

South Side 

7 Emery Geo W 
9 Bell Wm 


North from the bay to 56 
Queen w, ward S. 

East Side 

Turbine Steamship Co 
^ Lake st intersects 
^ Railway crossing 
^ Esplanade st w intersects 
Moran Mrs Annie, fruits 
♦ Front st w intersects 
61-53 Allan A A & Co, 
Ltd, whol hats and 

63 Ogilvie Bldg 

Ogilvie Thos & Sons, 
whol woollens 
Dominion Textile Co, cot- 
ton goods 
Montreal Cotton Co 
Knox James B, mfrs agt 
Walker W S, mfrs agt 
Gordon John & Son, com 

Beifour, Morris & Will- 
cocks, silks 

McQuillan Thos, mfrs agt 
Central Agency, Ltd, 
spool cotton 

Lazarus & Rosenfeld, 

Queen City Oil Co 
Morang Educational Co, 

Morang & Co. Ltd, pubirs 
Spitzer Bros & Co, Ltd, 

Angus W M & Co, mfrs 

Howell Co, The. paper 
min supplies 
Mav C F, investments 
Clarke A R & Co (br), 

^ Wellington st w Interseets 
67 Pullan M & Sons, cloak 

69 Canada Screw Co, Ltd 
Steel Co of Canada, Ltd, 

Moore A E Floral Co, 
Ltd. whol florists 
Bmbrolderv & Quilting 

Spiegel Israel, tlr 

71 Bachrack & Co Ltd, The 
whol jobbers 

73 Tugwell H C & Co. Ltd, 
photo supplies 

73% Vacant 
75 Vacant 

77 Brown & Stalnton, sta- 

Oriental Carpet Mfrs, 

81 Telegram Bldg 

Evening Telegram (daily) 

^Melinda st ends 
85-93 Toronto General Trusts 

Toronto Genl Trusts Cor- 

Malone, Malone & Long, 

Fulford G T Co, Ltd, pro 

Cassels, Brock, Kelley & 
FalconbridKO, barrs 
Thomson, , Tilley & John- 
ston, barrs 

Holden & Grover, bans 
Dunlap David A, office 
^ Kingr st w intersects 
95 Balllie, Wood & Croft, 

97 Sterling: Bank of Can- 
ada, The (head office) 
Deacon F H & Co, 

99-103 Jarvis Bldg 
99 Wilkinson Chas. barber 
101 Riordan & Uice. phys 
193 Chambers & Simpson, 
mfrs* agts 

Jarvis Aemilius & Co, 
stock brokers 
Arnoldi & Grierson, barrs 
Warren Bituminous Pav- 
ing Co, Ltd 

Harpman, Barnes & 
Stevenson, cons engs 
Price, Waterhouse & Co, 

Toronto Safe Deposit & 
Agency Co, Ltd 
Segsworth R F, barr 
^gsworth W B, mining 

Toronto Horticultural So- 

Bellinger Ernest, mfrs agt 
105 News Publishing Co 

News (Dally) 

109 National Club 
111-113 Pedlar People, metal- 
lic ceilings 

115 Irons W E. rubber 


Dousrlas Bros, printers 

Smith B G Printing Co 

Ludford W H. bkbndr 
Hyman Samuel, clothing 

117 Goldman & Bloom, but- 
ton hole mfrs 
119-21 Bay Tree Hotel 
# Adelaide st w intersects 
123 Stair Building 
Rooms — 

101-107 Vacant 

108 Cranston Novelty 

Advertising Co, The 

109 Dudlev Arthur N, 

whol lumber 

110 Rattray A J, arch 
Stewart C L, arch 

111 Martin W T, publr 

112 Spink J L. Ltd. grain 
114-115 Goetting Augus- 
tus H (Springfield, 
Mass), sheet music 

116-117 Dominion Adver- 
tising Co 

Dominion Sales Co 
li.8 Ont Motor League 
Wilcox E M, pub 
201-203 McAinsb D T & 
Co, pubirs 

204 Folev Miss l^earl, pub 


Wilson Joseph R, 
mfrs agt 

205 MoLnnghlin Thos, 


206 Cresswell Thos & Co, 


Spencer H H & Co, 
mfrs’ agts 

Partington R & J, 
Ltd, linings 

207 Suburban Estate Co 

208 Genl Agency Corpor- 

ation, Ltd, real est 

209 Canadian Inspection 

Co. Ltd 

210 Martin 11 H, mfrs agt 
211-212 Clark Edwd & 

Sons, whol lumber 

214 Little F H & Co, real 

es tate 

215 Sharpe Sales Co, Ltd, 

auto accessories 

217 Geale F M & Co, 

real est 

218 Can Inspection & 

Testing Laborator- 
ies, Ltd 

301-302 Alliance Invest- 
ment Co, Ltd 

303 McKinley, Williams 

Realty Co 

304 Algonquin Lumber & 

Power Co, Ltd 

305 Vacant 

306 McBlvoy James, min- 

ing eng 

307 MacMillan & Vollans, 

real est 

308 Stair Fred W 

309 Bowes & Francis, 


310 Johnston Hugh R, 

mfrs’ agent 

311 Consolidated Type- 

writer Co 

312 Can Mathews Gravity 

Carrier Co, Ltd 
314-315 Elliott - Fisher, 

Ltd, typewriter 

316 Canadian Newspa- 

per Association 

Argles R F & Co, 

317 Crown Gysum Co, 

Ltd. wall plaster 
818 Standard of Empire, l 

The i 

125 Ralph & Co, cigars 
127 New John, broker 

Diamond John E, real est 
Watson Fredk J, real est ^ 

Stewart Lumber Co • 

129 Am Multigraph Sales Co, 


181 Defender Photo Supply 

133 Independent Tire Co, Ltd 

135 Fire Hall No 1 
^ Temperance st Intereectf 
145 Dominion Automobile CO, 


151 Vacant 

153 Tero Frank J, barber 
155 Railway Passengers’ 

Assce Co, city agency 
Macdougall A K, ins 

163-161 Continental Life bid* 

160 Reeve J T, real est 

161 Title & Trust Co, The 

Rooms — 

2 Winters J R E & Co, 
coll agts 

Toronto Mercantile 
Co, The 

Toronto Reporting & 
Collecting Agcy 
Victor Fire Extin- 
guisher Co 

Ni.agnra Spray Nozzle 

Mackenzie James B, 

10 Can Casualty & Boil- 

er Ins Co 

11 Construction Supply 

Co, contrs supplies 
101 Railway Passengers’ 

Assur Co ef Lon- 
don, Eng 

196-117 Genl Accident As- 
surance Co of Can 
Genl Accident, Fire 
& Lite Assce Corp 
of Perth, Scotland 
201-204 Coatsworth, Rich- 
ardson & Coats- 
worth, barrs 
Meen & Meen, real 

205 Sparling H W, real 

206-214 Continental Life 

Ins Co , 

216 Can Powers Regula- 

tor Co, Ltd, heat 

217 Glendinning George, j 




L. A. DeLAPLANTE, Limited 

0'fflc«and Factory: MAIN ST., BAST TORONTO 

F>hion0« B*acln S30-231 

— 88 — 



aeor*ia Pine 





Rea Qum 



0 ^ { 145-147 ) 



218 Ragged Falls Mining 

Co, Ltd 

Leishman Alex, ins 

219 Brit-Am .Security Co, 


301-303 Insurance Brok- 
erage & Contract- 
ing Co. Ltd 
804 Shaver H H, barr 
305 Allen Bernard, mfrs 
■ agt 

306-308 Corley, Price & 
Garvey, barrs 

309 Tate Accumulator Co 

of Can, Ltd 
Tate Electrolytic Co, 
water purifiers 

310 Drake Frank A, barr 
311-312 Wherry Robt, 


313-314 Balfour & Par- 
ker. barrs 

316-317 Unwin, Murphy 
& Esten, surveyors 
318-319 Hallam John 

Hallam Douglas, real 

Duff Hunter C, real 

401-2-3 Young & McEvoy, 

404 Bowerman, Freeman 
& Moss, barrs 
Olobe Land Co, Ltd 
405-408 Ritchie, Ludwig 
& Ballantsme, barrs 

409 Martin Clara B, burr 
Martin J H, real est 

410 Nason Joseph, barr 

411 Church Thomas L, i 


412-13-14 Hall & Payne, 

416-419 Bertram, Wads- 
worth & Sherry, 

501 Foy & Kelly, barrs 
505-607 Boiler Insp & Ins 
Co of Canada 
608 Jones J Gordon, barr 
Mackenzie H Gordon, 

509 Bertram Vivian T 
610-612 De Laplante 
Lumber Co, Ltd 
511 Dunham C A Co, Ltd, 
steam heating 
514 Freeman A E, con 

516- 517 Stiff Bros, accts 
Twin City Coal Co, 


517- 519 Inst of Chartered 

Accountancy Book 
Pub Co, Ltd 
Sime T Watson, acct 
601-3 Canada Weather Ins 

604A Thomson Thomas 
C, barr 

a04B Davis Bldwlll N, 

606-607 Cavendish. Del- 
man Co. brokers 
Lennox & Lennox, 

608-9 Eddis Wilton C & 
Sons, accts , 

610 Kennedy Spring 

Wheel Mfg Co 

611 McGuigan F H, genl 


612 Royce James C, cons 


McAllister Alexander 
L, cons engr 
614 Gray H C, real est 
Braun H L. ins agt 
616 Oborne A Ross, mfrs 

617-618 Langley & How- 
land, archs 

619 Grote George W, 


701-710 Hydro - Electric 
Power Commission 
801 Terry Herbert B, 


♦ Richmond st w intersects 
165 Pearson James A, rest 
167 Spain Abraham, barber 
169 Alver Ole P, herbalist 
171 Roberts Edwd H, lock- 

Roberts Ointment Co 
173 Bainbridge K S, cigars 
175 Chinese restaurant 
177 Ritter Philip E, shoemkr 
179 Bates G & K, phys 
181 Sehipper N B Co, fur- 

West Side 

Inland Lines, Ltd 
^ Lake st Intersects 
Roofers Supply Co, Ltd 
^ Esplanade st Intersects 
^ Front Bt w Intersects 
4 > Railway crossing 
62 Hees Building — 

Hees George H & Son. 

■window shades 
Jenner & Co, laces 
Clarke & (jlarke, leather 

Turner F A, mfrs’ agt 
Cragg F H, importer 
Hoskin Thos, mfrs’ agt 
Gault Bros Co, Ltd 
(Montreal), dry gds 
Crescent Mfg Co, whol 
gents’ furngs 
54 George Chas, confr 
62-68 Brock W R Co, Ltd, 
whol dry gds 

^ Wellington st w intersects 
70 Dun R G & Co, mer agcy 
Dun’s Bulletin (trl-weekly) 
Debenhams (Canada) 
Ltd, silks 

Fisher Mark, Sons & Co, 
whol woollens 
New Idea Pattern Co 
Robertson, Cull, Gordon, 
l td. dry gds 
72-74 Vacant (1st floor) 

Ross Geo D & Co, mfra* 

Collier P F & Son, sub 

Co-operative Publication 

Canadian Collection Agcy 
Austin & Co, Ltd, jwlrs 
Dodds Medicine Co, Ltd, 


Schwartz J & Co. furs 
W estern Steamship Co. 

Fisher Fuel Economizer, 
Ltd ' 

76 Anderson & Macbeth Co 
Ltd, hats 

Abbott Bros, -whol mlnry 
SmalTpeice V N, mnfrs’ 

Joyner A H W, mfrs agt 
Helios Mfg Co, arc lamps 
78 AUcoek, Laight & West- 
wood Co Ltd, fishing 

Nernst Lamp Co 
Dominion Corset Co 
Rothschild Bros & Co, 
button mfrs 

Home Charles M, Ltd, 

Sutcliffe John I, acct 
Walker Fred W, real est 
80 Jessop Wm & Sons, steel 

Simon Louis, pipe mfr 

Heyes Bros, Ltd, The, 
smoking pipes 
Phillips & Wrlnch, Ltd, 
whol smallwares 
82 Mulrhead A Co, Ltd, whol 

84 Office Furniture Co 

Kahnort Waldeman. 

whol furs 

Tusco Fabrics, Ltd, up- 
holsterers’ supplies 
Bell W’alter. mfrs agt 
Beil Thread Co, Ltd 
Myott. Son & Co, Ltd. 

Bourdeau J & Son, whol 

86 Zeser Morris, confr 

86'^ Mack & Co, labor 

90 Cronyn Edward & Co, 

Clark & Lee, mer tlrs 
92 Brigdens Limited, en- 

Higgins & Saunders, tlrs 
94 Wood, Vallanco & C!o. 

whol hardware 
96 Ames J H & Son, tlrs 
^ King st w intersects 
106-110 Mail Building 

Creed Albert E, barber 

Rooms — • 

1-4 Clarke & Swabey, 

5-7 Can Milk Products, 

8 Storerooms 

9 Thompson J & Son, 

die mfrs 

101 Woods-Norris, Ltd, 
adv agency 

102-103 Toronto Paper 
Mfg Co 

Barber Wm & Bros 
paper mfrs 
Canada Coating 

Mills. Ltd 

106 Diaz-AIbertini Ricar- 

do. Cuban Consul 

107 Toronto Fertilizer Co 

108 Havlll James L, arch 

109 Gen Fire Extinguish- 

er Co 

110 Livingstone J Stan- 
■ ley, real est 
Vanderhoof-Gunn Co, 


111 Woodworker Pub Co, 


Dyas J H, adv agt 

112 Martindale James J, 

mfrs agt 

113-114 Meek Edward, 

115 Vacant 

116 Manufacturers’ Sup- 

ply Co 

117 Vacant 

201-202 Chillas - Black, 
Ltd, bldrs' supplies 
203-204 Chipman & Pow- 
er, civ engineers 
205 Riordan Paper Mills 
207-220 Mai! and Empire 
comp rooms 

304 Douglas Howard R, 

real est 

305 North Ender Pub Co 
East Ender 

West End Echo 
110 Dudgeon & Thornton, 

Speers A & Co, printers 
Economist Ptg & Pub Co 
Ames Walter, mach 
^ Pearl st commences 
112 Wire & Cable Co, The 
Northern Electric & Mfg 

Canada Paper Co 
114 Molsons Bank 

Royal Canadian Y'acht 

Benson T B F, naval 

120 Lyons & Marks, bar sup- 

122 Stephenson, Blake & Co, 
type founders 

124 National Embossing Co, 

Shapiro S & Co. furriers 
Law & Hedlund, tlrs 
.Tonas Chas, real est 
126 Schiller Harry, rest 
128 Haddock W C, confr 

Toronto Office Lunch 

McBaln Malcolm, tir 
130 Canadian City and Town 
Properties, Ltd 
134 Auto Tire Clo, Ltd 
136 McKay Geo E, clotliing 
138 Dodge Mfg Co, Ltd. 

mach mfrs 
140 Wldmer Hotel 
^ Adelaide st w Intersects 

142 Wright & Co. emp agcy 
National Business Ex- 

144 Mittichune Joseph, fruit 
Remington Typewriter 
144% Burroughs Adding Ma- 
chine Co 

150 Nasmith (Jo, Ltd, lunch 
152-164 Peterkin Building 
B Rice, Greene & Co, elect 

C Patent Exchange anfl 
Investment Co 
McCormac Mfg Co, re- 
frigerator mfrs 
MacMiirtry Brokerage Co 

Rooms — 

1-2 Canada Paint Co 
3-4 Newsome Will H, 
Ltd, office supplies 

5 Vacant 

6 McKnIght J H Con- 

struction Co. Ltd 
Golden Metal Weather 
Strip Co 

Clarke & Monds, 
Ltd, con engineers 
Schoales E H, real 

8 Storeroom 

9 Pacific Realty Co, 


10 Vacant 

11 Vacant 

101 Le Feuvre Edmund, 

real estate 

102 Thompson Enoch, 

Ltd, real est 

103 Medical Agency of 


Busines.s Alliance 

104 Hayes J C Co, Ltd, 


105 Miller Armour A, 


106 Eldwards Harry, sten- 

og reporter 

107-109 Lancashire Dy- 
namo & Motor Co, 

110-111 Robertson J S, 
adv agt 

112 Heaslip & Young, 

typewriters supplies 

113 Vacant 

201 C P R Law Dept 

202 MacMurchy & Deni- 

son, barrs 

203-205 C P R Law Dept 

206 MacMurchy & Deni- 

son. barrs 

207 C P R Law Dept 

208 Taylor. Scott & Co, 


209 Rowlatt F Albany, 

advg agt 

Waller S G Co, advg 

210 Le Voi L C & Co, 

com mers 

♦ Temperance st Intersects 
156 Deeks C A, tlr 
168 Dressmakers’ Supply Co 
Rlexlnger & Heinz, mfg 
160 Vacant 

162 Can T.vpewriter Co. Ltd 
Roya! Typewriter Co 
164 Watson John, tlr 

Canadian - Boving . Co, 
Ltd, oil engines 
Lennox E J, arch 



Offices* LOUIS, Mo. LOS ANGELES, Cal. 
. YORK, N.T. SPOKANE, Wash. 


E. Q. HERR, 


— 8S 


Asaiatant Gen.-Man., Montreal 

ST. PAUL, Minn. gAN^^^^W7(3ISCd Oal 

DENVER, Col. EL pASO, Texas. 

al I 

>. 0 

Cable Address 



Office PhotiB, Wain 4598 Ret. Phone, Coll. 2939 



166 Crowther Building 

1-2 Hydro - Hlectric 
Supply Co, The 
4-5 Dwyer Philip, tlr 
6 Traders Mercantile 

7-8-9 Niepage E & Co, 

101 Crowther James, barr 

102 Stanley Bros, whol 


104 Stevenson & Hevey, 

107 Dixon Henry, pat at- 


108 Milloy T C, mtrs agt 
aoi East Henry M. barr 

202-206 Franklin M & M 
A, ladles’ tlrs 
207 Vacant 

301 Crowther Jas, office 
304 Vacant 

306-307 Ambrose Ernest 
168 Vacant 

170-172 Carrlck A W, baker 
Talbot T B, optician 
♦ Richmond st w intersects 
174-176 Union Trust Co 
182 Sovereign Life Assce Co 
184 Canadian Gunagathon Co 
Ltd, pro med 

186-188 St Tsirlles Kostl, 


(Toronto Island), w from 
Lake Shore av, w of 
Ward’s Point, to Chippewa 
av, ward 4. 

1 English Edward A 

2 Scholey Chas H 

3 Schneider Joseph P 

4 Twist Joseph J 

5 Herman Harry 

6 MacBain Geo 

7 Crawford Mrs Gertrude 

8 A ash Arthur 

9 Oliver John 

10 Hore Nicholas 

11 Durnan Arthur W 


(Midway Annex), name 
changed to Donview av 


North from opp 621 Front 
e to Eastern av. ward 1. 
Not built on 


North from 1154 Queen w 
to Durdas, ward 6. 

East Side 

9 Dray John 

11 Carveth John, boat bldr 
13 Mowat Samuel 
15 Orr Mrs Mary A 
17 Allen Geo 
19 Glover Adam 
21 Knechtel Fernando 
23 McRae Norman A 

26 Holyoak Wm J 

27 Sonshine Bruce 

29 Maxwell Mrs Sarah 
31 Quinn Mrs Cecelia 
33 Harbour Chas 
35 Twiner Wm 
37 Talbot Wm 
39 Morley Mrs Jane 
41 Holmes Wm 
43 Garrod John 
45 Smith Frank 
47 Ross Wm R 
49 Saunders Samuel 
51 Walsh Mrs Jane 
53 Virtue Milton 
55 Baiden Geo 
67 Foster Mrs Mary J 
69 Seymour John 
61 Learmonth John F 
63 Conover Geo S 
65 Cawthorn-Page T J 
67 Stevens John 
69 Cardinal George W 
71 Hicks John 

73 Wilson Wm J 

77 Mix Thomas A 

# Argyle st intersects 

85 Sherk David 

87 Scott George 

89 Irvine cnas 

89% Beckett Mrs Mary 
91 Maynard George A 
93 HIchardson Thomut 

95 Carrnthers Thomas 

97 Vasey Richard 

99 Richmond John U 
101 Jacobs Isaac L 

103 Jones Mrs Mary 

105 Speers John E 

^ Afton av Intersects 

107 Pettiford Charles I 

113 Reese Albert 

115 Galbraith Frank E 
:17 Wright Matthew 
119 Austin Geo 

121 Hardy AVm R 
123 Mullins Augustine J 
125 Ross Alex 
127 Tutt Chas 
129 Smith Richd 
131 Wilson Edwd M 
lt3 Westwood Louis J 
135 Wldeman Frank 
137 Mills Thos 

137% Aoram Mrs Harriet V 
141 Philips Gleason 
143 Peters Christopher 
145 Davidson Wm D 
147 Carter Arthur 
^ McKenzie cres ends 
159 Secor Frank 
161 Muir George C 
1B3 Watson Albert B 
165 Stephens Geo 
167 Reel Mrs Annie 
169 Graham Robt 
171 Crawford Ralph 
173 Harvey John H 
175 Macdonald Mrs M, gro 

West Side 

10 Webb Wm 
14 Martin Wm F 
16 Turner Thos 
18 Boye Edwd H 
20 Knight Cecil 
22 Pennock Angus 
24 Anthony James 
26 May Albert 

28 Beckett Miss Lena, bdg 

30 Lioe Francis 
32 May John 
34 Martin Mrs Elizth .1 
38 .Johnson Benjamin C 
Hintz Mrs Annie, drsmkr 
40 McMurray Thos 
42 Jefferson .Toseph P 
44 Gaby Joseph 
48 Clinkunbroomer James H 
Cllnknnbroomer Miss M, 

50 Gallagher John Q 
52 Robinson Wm 
54 Robinson Wm A 
36 Held 'Wm 
58 McAvay Patrick J 
68 Harris John 
76 Chapman Thomas B 
72 Tuck Wm H 

74 Smuck James W, phy 
^ Argyle st intersects 

76 Grunwell Wm J, cartage 

78 Holmes Mrs Mary 
80 Walker Mrs Sarah E 
82 Long Glinert R 

84 Davis Francis J 

86 Shaffer Harry 

88 McNlchol Charles 

90 McRae Mrs Christina 

96 Savage Wm 

98 Savage Miss Louise, g:o 
^ Afton av intersecta 

104 Smeall Maxwell F 

106 McMurchy John 

108 Downing Harry, dairy 
no Archer Harry 

112 Fraser J Harry 

# Cross st commence! 

114 English Win li 

116 MIntern Mrs Elizth 
118 Till Thomas B 

120 Bailey John 

Gennery Charles 

122 Sharland Gilbert 

Enouy Miss I,ouisa, nurse 
124 Barton Arthur W 
126 Mintern Otto 
128 Wright Gouioie 
ISO Fowler Chas H 
132 Mahood Robert 
134 Robinson Thomas G 
136 Snelgrove George F 
136% Murray Mrs Elizabeth 
138 Whiting Frank S 
140 Peace Metal Weather 
Strip Co 
Everett Jas 
142 Powl Frank 
144 Woolnough Mrs Jennie 
146 Tweedy Michl 
148 Fraser George 
150 Grlgg Duncan 
152 Perry Walter E 
154 McCormack J Thos 
156 Rogers Mrs Mary 
158 Beaton Alex 
160 Tovell Prank 
162 Gulnane Mrs Jane 
Scott John 
164 Powery John 
166 Wallace John A 
♦ Collahie st commences 
168 Miller James 
170 Vacant 


North from Arthur to 
Bioor w, second w of Bell- 
woods av. ward 6. 

East Side 

1 Bauckham Alexander 
3 Hordern Edgar 
5 Gillan Mrs Anna 
7 Patterson James A 
9 McCathney Wm J 
11 Copeland .John 
13 Woodruff Miss Catherine 
15 Somers Geo a 
17 Barnhardt D’Arcy B 
19 Hunt Wm I 
21 Kelly James J 
23 Bennett Jacob 
2,5 Chalmers Vvm 
27 Smeail Edwd 
29 Ross David C 
61 McElwain Mrs Margt A 
33 Udell George E 
35 Hall Edwin B 
37 Fifth Thomas H 
39 Phillips Wm H 
41 Horning Chas E 
43 Roden Geo 
15 Walker Wm J 
47 Gibson Ernest S 
49 Taylor Francis W 
51 Blakey Joseph A 
53 Berry Samuel N 
65 Keyes Wm J 
67 Anderson Mrs Marlon 
69 Bi'ooks Sami 
81 Barber Reginald A 
83 Stalker Mrs Helena R 
85 Moss Walter 
87 McKinney John J 
89 Fawcett Mrs Martha 
91 Nunn Benjamin 
93 Wickett John A 
95 Schreiner Joseph 
97 LIdkea Robert 
101 Rowe Mrs Amelia 
103 Bush John 
105 Guyetto .Toseph 
107 Cassidy Edwin 

Johnston Mrs Isabella 
109 Bateman Lewis .J 
111 Linton James 
113 Godard Edward L 

116 Phinips Joseph 

117 Foie" M'ss Margt 
119 Spence Mrs Annie 
121 Lord Arthur S 
123 Sommevvilie Sami 
125 Bemister itrs Susan 
127 McKenzie Conlln 
129 O’Toole Michael J 
181 Ryan Thomas 

133 F’oules Norman 
135 McIntosh James 

McIntosh Miss EUsabeth. 

137 Colby M'ss Eniilv 
139 Vacant 
141 Dewar John G 
143 Bewle.v Isaai S 

146 Dunsford Henry 

147 Morrison Mrs CatherlM 
149 Alnlay Wm, contr 

151 Crowe Francis W 
KS Bradley Mrs Charlotts T 
1.55 Henry Frederick C 

157 Browning Mrs Alice 

158 Briggs R Nelson 
161 Pierce Daniel 

♦ College st intersects 
163 McFall Wni A, phy 
165 Poyntz Robt J 
167 O’Neill Mrs Joh-inna 
169 Curry Alfred 
171 Wansbrough Cuthbert C 
173 Campbell Alex C 
175 Ross Luclen G 
177 Lemon Wm 
179 Kellam Geo 
181 Rose Wm 
183 McGregor Mrs Jane A 
187 Urquhart Alex 
189 Fair Thos N 
191 Weatherill Henry 
193 White Wm P 
195 Paton Mrs Annie 
197 Crawford Robt G 
199 Paterson Wm 
2C1 McGillicuddy Thos 
£03 Hayward Wilbert W 
205 Dixon Chas 
207 Snell Albert E 
211 Scott Dougias 
213 Pond Harvey G 
215 Greer Mrs Hannah 
2iy Potter Wm 
219 Nott Henry 
221 Young James 
223 Cashman Richard 

Higginbottoin B'red V 
225 Bottomley Wm 
227 Carsen Hugh 
229 Bloom Samuel 
231 Olmstead Ira C 
233 Vacant 
2S5 Simpson Sidney 
237 Gillion Mrs Maria 
239 Moulton John H 
241 Torrance Mrs Sarah 
243 Slack Mrs Elizth 
Hannah Albert 
245 Mac'Tavish Rev Wm 
247 Crammond George 
249 Von 7uben Raphael 
251 Garrett Albert H 
253 Regan Herbert L 
255 White Ernest E 
257 Densem J Arthur 
259 McCullough .lohn T 
’261 La Bree John 
263 Senior Robert 
263 Lavelle Geo J 
267 Tully John 
269 Forrest Mrs Annie 
271 Bowles Edward 
27.3 Co’.vin Predk 
275 Hughes Thomas B 

West Side 

2 Maguire Edward A 
4 Ney George J 

6 Mitchell Peter B 

3 Jenkins Isaac 

10 Dunemulr Mias Mym 
12 Brydon Stephen 
14 Girvin Chas 
16 McNeil W F 
18 Wainwright James E 
20 Dover John J 
22 Tlmpson Geo J, mus tchr 
24 Campbell Mrs Alice J 
26 Graham Sami J 
28 Cornish Rev Geo H 
30 Lamphier Miss Margt 
32 Lyon Solomon H 
34 Wright James 
36 MncMurchy Donald 
38 Barber Nathaniel 
40 Scott J Nelson 
42 Pnrland Alfiecl R 
44 Scott Wm A 
46 Macdonald Dougald A. 

48 Mason Frederick B 
60 peer John A 



London Feather 


Co., Limited 
Phone Main 6892 

— 90 — 


62 Haslett Mrs Francis 
64 Burney John L 
U Markey James 
B8 Corbett Thomas J 
60 Stebbins Charles 
62 Bralme Thomas E 
64 Boundy Robt 
M Oommeford James W 
68 Fielding Joseph E 
70 Henderson George W 
72 Shields Geo J 
76 Duff Frederick S, bldr 
102 Carnegie Fre Ik S, contr 
104 Smith Henry A 
ItW Wallace Charles J 
108 Bessey Mrs Margt 
110 Shutt Robert A 
112 Foster Wilfrid J 
114 Broughton Albert J 
116 Keillor James 
118 Richardson Wm J 
120 Carson Andrew 
122 Russell John 
124 Webb John D 
126 Varlejr Patrick 
128 Thompson Alfred B 8 
130 Edwards Albert 
132 Dundas Geo 
134 Woolley Eldward H 
136 McKay Miss Christina 
lU Foster Enoch E 
140 Colwell VVm W 
142 Taulty Anthony P 
144 Knaggs Frederick E 
146 Blalkie Wm 
148 Caldwell Albert W 
160 Thompson Moses 
162 Allen Thomas 
164 Corln Frank 
166 Ramsay John 
♦ College St intersects 
176 Duggan John'T 
178 Harrison Mrs Marcella 
180 Dickson Mrs Janet 
182 Schiller Donald 
184 Rowland Wm E, dairy 
186 Patter Ephraim 
188 Coulthard Ernest A 
190 Forbes Miss Minnie E, 
mus tchr 

192 Watson Jared 
194 Geddes Mrs Martha, mas- 

196 Kenney C Le Roy 
198 Carroll John E 
2W) Lavelle John 
XM Waters Wm 
Morton Adam D 
206 Dazall John 
208 McCandlish James 
210 Duperow Norman 
212 Thompson John 
214 Steele Arch W 
216 Scholes Louis F 
218 Holbourn Squire W 
TM Mowat Wm K 
222 Leppard Sandford 
224 Holmes Thos H 
226 Bremner Henry 
238 Holliday Joseph W 
230 Sherman JIrs Rachel 
232 Hoyer Marcus 
334 Leake Prank 
886 Barrett Mrs Sarah 
Peters Predertek D 
238 Wilkinson Mrs Georgia 
240 Gillies Thomas 
242 Whiting James A 
244 Lavalle Herbert J 
246 Farqnharson Wm 
248 Sinclair Edward L 
260 Powlesland Wm G 
252 Giles James E 
264 Plaskett John M 
266 Mears Rev John F 
258 Thomopson John A 
260 Ford Robt 
262 Cline H<ram 
264 Hamilton Le Roy C 


(West Toronto), name 
changed to Conduit 


(Midway Annex), name 
changed to Lipton av 


North from 1498 King w to 
Queen w, ward 6. 

East Side 

3 Ely Ernest P 

5 Pish Fredk iC 
7 Fish Frederick A 
9 Knott Geo 
15 Brandon Edgar T J 
17 Cornell Stephen B 

19 Sharpe Jas F 

21 Coates Lome 

23 Jewell Harry 

26 Hathaway J W 
33 Armstrong Miss Mary A 

37 Clarke John 

39 Clarke Wm 

41 Barrett George T 
43 Laurence Henry A 
45 Ogilvie John M 

55 Duthie Geo' 

57 Cromar D Harvey 

61 McCullough John, phy 

63 Waller Geo H 

65 Holmested Arthur W 

67 Chadwick Chas W 

69 McNeil John J 

71 Hudson Fredk W 

75 Fegan Warren T 

77 Armstrong Silas H 
■/9 Herod James S, bldr 
81 Phillips Mrs Elizth J 
83 Knox Mrs Maud 

85 Crowe John 
87 Lancey Blake 
89 Rennie G Herbert 
91 Meyer Henry L 

West Side 

20 Stiles Mrs Mary 1 

22 Clark Theodore N 

24 Stewart Benjamin H 
26 Pike Wm E 

28 Hamilton Wm 
"0 Nixon Wm E 
32 Godson Arthur 'W 
36 Cluff Robert J 

38 Levack Mrs Amanda 

40 Harrison Robert W 

42 Meyers George G 
50 Knowlton John 

52 Allworth Mrs Grace 
54 Davidson Mrs Elizth 

66 Chalue Anthony J 
,58 Garfat J Frank 

62 Wardlaw Thos D 

64 Clokey Mrs Hattie 
66 Sternberg L Wolf 

68 Loriraer Egbert S 

70 Bnrgess Charles M 

72 Rathbone Joseph B 
74 MacGregor Marshall 

76 Johns Sami H 

78 Milligan John B 

SO Henderson Reginald S 
150 Church of Epiphany 


North from Elm av to n 
of South Drive, first e of 
Glen rd, ward 2. 

East Side 

13 Osier Edmund B 
Sheekey Robert, r 

West Side 

4 Doble Wm 
12 Phelan Thomas P 


East from Glen rd, first 
over tho bridge, n of South 
Drive, ward 2. 

North Side 

1 Watts George W 

2 Robinson Geo L 

3 Parsons Wm G 

4 Andrews Walter 8 

5 'Wilson Andrew 

6 Kilgonr Robert 

8 McLeod Henry C 

South Side 

Not J)ullt on 


(Old Dunbar av. North 
Dovercourt), West, from 
1464 IlufEerin to St Clarens 
av, 1 s of Davenport rd, 
ward 6. 

North Side 

34 Bartalacci Sante 

36 Gentleman Charles W 

38 Lee Mrs Norah 

40 Benedetti Pasquale 
48 Decoral Dominic 

^ Llghtbourae av Intersects 
88 Morrelli Joseph 
^ Primrose av intersects 

South Side 

1 Bartoletchi Alexandro 
23 West James I 
25 Vacant 

27 Giovanni Qamato 
29 Delvicu Hemmi 
31 Lmch Arthur 
33 Blake Charles E 

35 Pedri Geo 

37 Rico Louis 

39 Vacant 

41 Gascoigne James 
53 Malloch Wm 

♦ Lightbourne av Intersects 
97 Vecchio Antonio 
^ Primrose av interesets 

(Bedford Park) 

North from 244 Bloor w to 
n of Davenport rd, ward 4. 

East Side 

1 Stevenson Matthew M 
3 Morton Henry R 
5 Lea Mrs Margt F 

7 Madden Geo F 

9 McLaughlin Thomas 
11 Batterson Abraham B 
15 Ault Allan S 

♦ Prince Arthur av inter- 


25 Clarke Charles B 
27 Boomer Henry C 
29 Hasten Cornelius A 

♦ Lowther av intersects 
85 Fleury Wm J 

87 Campbell Archd H jr 

♦ Elgin av ends 
91 Bruce Alex 

93 Cassels Richd S ■ 

95 Wallace Rev Francis 
97 Ferguson Hugh M 
99 Wylie James 
101 Young Alexander L 
1C3 Needier Geo H 
105 Macdonald .Tames A 
^ Boswell av ends 
107 Jackson Edwin 
109 MacDonald Mrs Sarah 
111 Featherston Arthur M 
Featherston Miss Grace, 

113 Cumrning Walter W 
115 Brydon James 
117 Pope Wm W 
119 Wigmore Alfred S 

♦ Tranby av ends 
121 Boyd James T 

123 Kirkpatrick Arthur B 
125 Young Wm E 
127 McConnell Neaven 
129 Mrs Alma 

♦ Bernard av intersects 
131 Gordon Van C 

133 Bain Mrs Martha 
135 Taylor Mrs Margaret 
13'7 Middleton Frank H 
13.9 Jamieson David W 
141 Applegath Albert W 
145 Blogg Albert E 
147 Clarkson Fred C 
149 Alexander Geo E 
151 Alexander Mrs Harriet 
153 Alexander Harry S 
^ Davenport rd intersects 
West Side 

8 Gooderham Wm H 
10 Hargraft John R 

12 Macdonald Albert A, jdiy 
^ Prince Arthur ay Inter- 

40 Chalcraft Mrs Clara 
42 Coulsou lOraucis L 
44 Gale J Wm 
^ Lowther av intersects 
80 Langton Wm J 
82 Prentice David 
84 Moyle Henry 
86 Ceutts Geo B 
88 Shields Rev Thomas T 
82 Doherty Wm K 
OS Lnmmls Wm D 
ICO Foster Harold W A 
102 Strathy Mrs Agnes 
1U4 Elliott Wm J 
106 Mnlbolland Fredsrlek 
no Labatt Charles B 
112 Jarvis Rev Arthur 
114 Burton Alfred 
116 Cromble Robert B 
118 Greenwood Russell 
IX Burrows Acton 

123 Oilmour John W 

124 Robinson Titus W 
136 Stewart Wm B 
Its Beaty John O 
140 Reid Thos 

142 Laidlaw Charles S 
^ Bernard ar Intersects 
^ Davenport rd Intersects 
158 Coyell Fred 
Fullan Wm 
168 Norton Fredk C 
170 Bradley John 
172 Chnms Wm 
174 Glaze Arthur T 
176 Jarrett Arthur H 
178 Vacant 
184 Eastbury Wm 
186 Richards John 
188 Scott Wm 
# Chicora av ends 
190 Vacant 
192 Woolner John J 




(Bast Toronto), n from 
Balmy Beach Park to 
Kingston rd, intersecting 
Queen e at No 2377 

East Side 

^ Park av commences 
1 Murray John 
17 Stamper Mrs Mary 
Grierson D’Arcy D 
21 Gunn Robert 
25 Acres Charles R 
31 Vacant 
35 Crowther Geo 
^ Queen sit e Intersects 
41 Laing Thos 
43 Lee Jas 
45 Bee Robt 
49 .Vacant 
53 Street Robert 
59 Balmy Beach College 
* Pine Terrace commences 
^ Cedar av commences 
01 Marshall Frederick 

96 Lorlmer Alexander R 
95 Niven Richard B 

97 Ellis Robt 
101 Booth James 
106 Slade James 

111 Mulholland Charles L 
113 Hllchle Hugh N 
115 Hodges .lohn C 
117 Duncan Charles G 
121 .Tones George G 
123 Smith Wm T 
125 Hood Frederic C 
^ Pine av Intersects 
127 Snider John B 
1.31 Snider Harvey G 
137 McGregor John F 
Methodist church 
147 Hubbs Harold W 
149 Galster Fredk 
151 Phllpott Frederick V 
161 Walker Wm M 
175 Vacant 

177 Tjiscombe Jonathan 
I 179 Marvyn Felix 

I 183 Tubby Charles A 
I ^ Balsam av Intersects 


Real Estate Agents, 

Estates Managed. Properties Bought, Sold and 
Exchanged. Rents Collected. 26 TORONTO ST. 




R. B. Rice & Sons 


West Side 

Balmy Beach Park 
^ Fir av ends 

8 Vacant 
10 A'acant 

14 Botsford Wilmot G 
18 McPherson Wm 
20 Lauder David J 
24 Waddington Percy 
28 Vacant 

Hazel av ends 
Lyon Wm Q 
32 Vacant 
36 Vacant 

^ Queen St e intersects 
46 Leslie David 
48 Moorman James B 
50 Wickham Edward L 
62 Porter Wm 
54 Br.rt Frederick B 
5.6 Woolidge Walter A 
68 Burns Robt 
60 Bell Mrs Jane 
62 Carran Mrs Helen 
66 Ferrier Mrs Margaret 
08 Boolh Alfred J 
74 Ashton Wm 
86 Vacant 
88 Vacant 
90 Vacant 
92 Vacant 
94 Pooley Herbert 
# Svcamore pi ends 
00 Wallace Stuart 
100 McGill Peter 
104 Linton Robert B 
106 Rudge Cyril E 
108 Nixon Jas F 
no Hill Wm R 
112 Wilson James 
120 Vacant 

122 Hamilton Mrs Violet 
124 Robson Frank W 
^ Pine av intersects 
130 Winlow Robt C 

186 Wingate Charles B 
142 Hawkes Arthur 
144 Toye George B 
140 Hollingworth Thomas R 

148 Bentley Edwin P 
150 Aggetr Wm C 
152 Gillis Wm 
164 Dill Harry 
166 Vacant 

170 Thompson Maurice G 
172 Callender Grace 

^ Balsam av intersects 


Name changed to Egan av 


Bast from 195 River to Don 
Terrace, ward 1. 

South Side 

1 Moylan John 
9 Millington Mrs Maria 
11 Shier Mrs Jane 
13 Hurst Tilford A 
15 Fowles Nathaniel 
17 Dalsall George 
17% Woods Fredk / 

19 Woods Geo 
21 McCteary George 


North from 82 Bloor w to 
Yorkville av, ward 8. 

East Side 

9 Marchment George B 
^ Cumberland st intersects 
11 Vacant 

IS French Joseph T 
15 Cundale Chas E 

17 McDonald James 
3 9 Mills Price 

21 Buckley George 
23 Newall Alex 
25 Tanner Richard 
27 Matthew's Alfred 
29 Davies Thomas 

West Side 

♦ Cumberland st intersects 
8 Eldridge Albert E 

18 Burnett Albert 

20 Waldon Mrs Sadie 

22 Smith Andrew 
24 White Thomfis 
26 Barber George H 

North from Queen e 
to Juniper av (East To- 
ronto), second w of Lee av, 
w’ard 1. 

East Side 

3 Barron Harv’ey J, contr 

5 Kennersley John 
7 Bunt Gordon E 

31 Richardson Chas 

13 Willmot Mansel 

15 Stiff Fredk J 

17 Attridge Herbert 

19 Tresiddcr H Dean 

21 Harvey Charles A 
23 Derrick George J 

25 Reed John 

27 Firth Joseph A 

29 Reeve John 

SI Reive Wm, real est 

33 Giddings Walter 

S7 Fawcett Jackson E 

39 Davis W Bertram 

41 Childs George 
43 Allan James A 

47 Lomas Mrs Fanny 

I 49 MacDougall Alex 

j 51 Thompson Alex 

j 53 McKeown Mrs Mary J 

55 Barchard Fredk A 
' 57 Thomas John C 

I 59 Armstrong W'm J 

65 Rhind Alexander 

; 69 DeLong Herbert M 

j 73 Goss Arthur S 

I 77 Pollett Walter J 

j 81 Moore Wm H 

; 83 Howden John W 

[ 89 Wickens Albert M 

! 93 Bastow Frederick W 

95 Lilly Francis G 
; 97 Popham Sidney H 

* 99 Biddle Jesse B 

: 101 Smellle Wm 

105 Rice Walter 
i Rice Mrs Beatrice, drs- 

! maker 

107 McKinnon James 
109 Clark John 
t 111 Withers John 
113 Clark George 
5 131 Willingham Frederick A 

I 135 Tuck James J 
I 139 Masters Roy J 
155 Jones Wm J 
! 361 Vacant 

169 Vacant 
375 Wood James 
I 177 Rogers Joseph 
I 179 Churchill Walter 

West Side 

Bellefair Av Methodist 
; Ch 

' 2 Coutie Nell 

4 Hume Thomas W 

6 Fitch Rev Ernest R 

I 8 Collins Matthew E 

10 Pymer Marcus 
12 Oldlield James T 

14 Cale Mrs Emily 

16 Patten James B 

20 Russell Jas A 

22 FayJe Vincent 

26 Foy Martin F 

28 McLean Dougal, painter 

30 SchileKe Adolphe 

32 Hall James E 

34 Blanchard Geo. 

36 Jackson James 

38 McDonald Archd B 

40 Worden Judson L 

42 Allen Geo W 

I 44 Hallows Sainl W 

! 46 Stevenson Harry 

White David L 
j Monk Miss Mary E 

48 Bell Harry C 

! 52 Vacant 

66 Havward Walter 
62 Sibbitt Geo 

I 64 Ward Alfred R 

I 66 Wilde Robt 

j 68 Morgan Philip 

j 70 Geisel Bernard, contr 

^ 72 Mason David 

' 76 Hannaford Mrs Ellen 

82 Lumbers Wm W 
84 Cameron Mrs Marion 
Cameron Wm 
86 McKee Fergus 
88 Greer Robert 
90 Diefenthal Chas H 
92 Silkstone Geo B 
94 Lull Harry 
96 Hines .i H Allen 
98 Langston Arthur J 
100 Nichols Albert B 
102 Perkins John W 
162 Adair Samuel 
174 Fell John 
178 Robertson Byron 
3 80 Hind Herbert 
182 Vacant 

3 84 Hind Herbert, bldr 
186 Budd E Cecil 

North from 42 Bellevue pi 
to College, w'ard 4. 

East Side 

Denison sq 

25 Kerr Mrs Jane E 
27 Dewey Benj F 

29 Slater Wm D, phy 
Slater Murray W 

81 Bui'tis Charles F 
33 Hard.v Airs Thomas 

35 Musselman Amos B 

37 Kirk Frank A 
39 Bond P'redk K 

41 Walsh Wm H 

43 Sharpe John E 

46 Charlton Mrs Jane, fey 


Charlton Abraham 

47 Phillips Thomas, bidr 

Tompkins Wm J P 

49 Leake Joseph 
51 Ryan Alex 

53 Purvis John N 
53% Alesener Chas 
55 Martin Airs Helen 
57 Galloway Wm 

59 Harrison Miss Jane 

61 Prowse James H, gro 
^ Nassau st intersects 
63 Gooding Mrs Margaret 
65 Alerryday Henry 

67 Tedd Joseph D, shoemkr 
67% Brock Mrs Emma vv 
69 Hunter Wm H 
69% Warren John 
71 Swalwell Geo 
73 Durifhn Douglas 
73% Gurney Mrs Ida 
75 Tufford W Clyde 
77 Egan Michl 
79 Gapper Fredk 
^ Oxford st intersects 
87 Bellevue Home for the 

Bellevue House 
91 Vacant 

95 Machell Henry T, phy 
99 Vacant 

St. Stephen’s Church 

West Side 

2 Jones John A 
4 Grelg John 
6 Wilder Chas S 
8 Hollinger James 
10 Chapman Thos E 
12 Thornton Mrs Caroline V 
14 Nelson Joseph 
16 Orr James W 
16% AIeado\vs Wm 
18% I^ockingtoii Mark 
20 Lawson Mrs Harriet 
20% Cheeseman Walter 
22 Canham Airs Laura 
24 Hodgins Frank 

26 Crooks Wm 

30 Oakley Frederick O 
32 Hodgson Fredk T W 
34 Jewell Miss Harriet L 
34% Henderson John 

36 White Mrs Mary A 

38 Macdonald Robert 

42 Ferguson Wm 

44 Highley Arthur 
46 Garde John 

48 Wright James 

50 Wilson John R 

62 Fowls James 

54 Davidson James W 

24 Victoria Street 

Phone Main 726 

56 Aluirhead Airs Elizth 
58 Macleod James M 
60 Skitch John 
62 Vacant 
64 Hammer Harry 
66 Purden John 
66% Gillespie George 
68 Austin Wm E 
4 Nas-sau st intersects 
70 Mitchell James 
72 Vacant 

76 Riddell Mrs Jane 
78 Tarpley Alfred, aecorator 
80 Dickert Jacob E 
82 Hind James T 
84 Martell Thos, bldr 
86 Vacant 

88 McIntyre Andrew 
90 Morrow Archibald 
92 Reid John W 
94 Altwerger Samuel 
^ Oxford st intersects 
96 Sheppard Aliss Harriet 
98 James Wm R 
100 McCully Wm 
3 02 Tipton Richd 
104 Le Brun Carisse 
106 Lovelock Henry 
108 Putt Frank T 
310 Norton Earl 
112 Howard Miss E 
114 Hose Roger H 
116 Astleford Thos H 
118 Ireland Mrs Sadie 
120 Teeter P T . 

122 Goss Mrs Ida 
Fire Hall No. 8 

West from 160 Augusta av 
to Carlyle, ward 4. 

North Side 

Denison sq 

^ Bellevue av commences 

44 Hobson John 

Voung J D & Sor, contrs 

46 Penturn John 

48 Scher Jacob 

50 Latowitz Harry 

52 Pearl Geo A 

54 Morris David 
66 Sher Max 

58 Cohen Max 

60 Summerville Steven B 

62 Absent 
04 Absent 

66 Black Sami 
C8 Roff Sami 

^ Leonard av commences 
74 McNair Wm 
76 Nettleton Chas A 
78 Bickford David S 

50 Unwin James 

82 Information refused 

South Side 

1 Uyersoii Cornelius A 
3 Bulkley W’m H 
5 W'ilU'ocks Mrs Annie 
7 Moyer Sami U 
9 Clarke Aliss Louise 
31 Brown Louise 
13 Shnitmen Abraham 
15 Grahani Robt 
17 Levi Reuben 
19 Hughes Joseph E 
21 Swales John 
23 Hardy James 
25 Jfeiinel Joseph 
27 W'esley ATatl!i;:W 
^Denison av ends 
29 Vacant 
33 Adams Geo 
35 King Mrs Agnes 
S7 Greenway Fredk W 
39 Sacks Joseph 
41 Handelman Abraham 
43 Schunck Wm C 

45 Waterhouse Mrs M A 

47 Galinsky Philip 

49 Lucas Alexander 

51 Marks John 

53 Locke Robert A 

Locke Miss Kate, drsmkr 

55 Fitzgerald Mrs Mary J 
.57 Sure John 

59 Watson Robert G 

61 Levy Ezra 

63 Ford Frederick AV 

67 Johnson Frederick J 
73 Miller Frank T 





70 1 

— 93 — 

220 King St. W., Toronto 

The Dovercourt 






24 Adelaide St. E. 


75 Legs George P 
77 Smith Francis S 
79 Switzer Irvin 
81 Sherman George, dairy 
85 Connors Mrs Catherine 
87 KnowUon Roht C 


North from 768 (.iueen_ w 
to Mansfield a\, ward 5. 

East Side 

1 Purpura Peter 
3-5 Creber, Son & Co, 

7 Dalton .lames 
Dalton Miss Helen, mus 

9 Forhan Mrs Sarah 
^ Crocker av ends 
XI Long Miss Nellie, music 
tc In- 
is Trimmings Edwin J 
15 Richardson Jonathan 
17 Cummings Daniel 
19 Breietou Mrs Elizabeth A 
31 Awde John 
33 Bowler Joseph 
35 Reid Wm A 
^ Robinson st ends 

37 Philips Wm 
41 Caplan Harry 
43 St Matthias’ Church 
63 Hartley Kev FrariK H 
65-67 Coca-Cola Company, 

Canada Mineral Waters, 

69 Craig Mrs Susan 
71 Donnelly ttanford 
73 Spellman Patrick 
75 Lindsey Joseph 
77 Barnett Harry 
79 Orr Wm 

Phillips Robt 
81 McLaren Robert 
83 Boland gro 

85 Knox Geo 

87-80 British Royal Cy- 
clone Carpet Clean- 
ing Works 
Powell John T 
91 Shelton Ernest L 
93 Thornton Joseph 
95 Webster James H B 
99 Moynihan Mrs Nora 
101 Cameron Benj 
103 Flower George J 
105 Williamson George H 
107 Bartrolomee Mrs A H 
109 Eldridge aoim 
111 Diemert John 
113 Johnston George 
4^ Bellwoods pi ends 
115 Vodden Wm 
117 Goodwin Thos G 
119 Glynn Daniel J 
121-33 Newcombe Plano Co 
185 Copley Wm S 
137 Strauss Carl 
139 Trotter James A 
141 Donaldson Henry J 
143 Adlam Wm J 

146 Murphy Wm P 

147 Denman Arthur C 
149 Pearson \Vm T W 
161 Britton Mrs Theresa 
153 Lee Samuel T 

166 McBrai.ney 

167 Peacey Edwd 
159 Coles John 

161 Pitman Ernest A 
Pesche Michl 

166 Bennett Wm 
165 Furniss Alfred 

167 Lockton Fred 
169 Peevin Max 

^ Arthur st Intersects 

176 Topping Nicholas, gro 

177 Mahaffy Wm J 
179 Tomlin George 
181 McLartv Jonn 
183 Jewltt Robt 
185 Coffin John 

187 Taylor Christopher 

189 Mallett BenJ 

191 Wilson Alexander P 

193 Sandy Levi 

195 Platt .John 

197 Claridge Ernest 

^ Plymouth av intersects 
199 Perce Michl 
201 English Nathaniel F 
: 203 Snider Sami 

, 207 Seymour Thos 
i 209 Chandler Mrs — 

?11 Mafodonians 
[ 215 Beddow Alfred 

217 Penrose Nelson 

219 Murphy John 

221 Uidner .Mr< Arnle 
223 Squires Fredk 
225 Stroud Geo 
227 Bennett Wm 

220 Fraser Mrs Augusta, pro 
,j ^ Treford pi ends 

I 231 Greet Wm T 
233 Lockton Fredk 
235 Shaughnessy James B 
237 Bell James 
• 239 Best Robt 

I 241 Mullen Joseph 
I 243 O’Byrne James 
I 245 Harrison Henry 
I 247 Lofthouse Robt 
j 249 Laughlin John 
I 251 Kerr Andrew 
t 253 Stewart Joseph 
255 Brown Edgar 
257 Vacant 
259 Argue Joseph 
261 Manson James 

West Side 

2 Ratcliff Wm 
4 Callaghan Thos 
6 O’Connor Mrs Alice 
8 McKee James W 
10 Hodgson Charles 
12 Wilson James 
14 Nurden Oscar 
16 Myers Joseph 
18 Mitchell Edwd J 
20 O’Meara John T 
22 Wells James J 
24 Stoneburg Geo 
26 Walker Robt I 
28 McGarrigle James E 
I 30 McColl Mrs Sophronla 
I Espie Wm J 

' 32 Nunns George 

I 34 Weingarten Morris 

; 34^ Neale John H 

36 Williams Fredk 
1 3«iU> siiiLzeiiich Frederick 

i 38 LIghthart Chas 

i 40 Thompson George A 

I 42 Johnson Thos 

I 44 Matson Charles A 

48 Vacant 
I 50 Vacant 

I 56 Whitaker Wm 

60 Evans Abraham 
62 Cottle Mrs Annie 
64 o Brien John D 
66 Bie.ikey Thomas 
68 Gostick Thomas 
70 Feinberg Julius 
72 Hamilton James J 
74 Murdock Robt 
82 Poole James 
84 Crane Wm H 
86 Chapelle John 
j 88 Lennox Hugh 

I 90 Adams Frank 

I 92 Stephenson Thos 

j 94 McCoy Wm 

96 Macdonald John 
98 O’Meara Patrick H 
98^} I’urloiig Laurence 
100 Spring Mrs Charlotte 
102 Baldock James G 
104 Jolley Hiram W B 
106 Denning William 
IU8 Held Wm 
I 110 Goodman Arnold 
I 112 Watson Wm 

120 Libby Mrs Louisa 
122 Vent Wm A 
124 Bertram Henry C 
126 Keegan Michl 
128 Fewer Mrs Nora 
130 Jarrett Walter O 
132 Clancv Sami 
134 Brown Thos W 
136 Stephenson Mrs Mary 
1.38 McKenna Mrs Minnie 
140 Duncan Win 
142 Breen James M 
144 Irons George H 
146 Henderson Mrs C 

148 Geare Mrs Mary 
1481/^ Pinkerton Mrs Annie 
150 Ferguson Gdin 
152 Giles James W 
154 Green Mrs Elizabeth A 
156 Pudiiey Sblney H 
158 Holmes Miss Catherine 
160 Stouter John T 
162 Roberts Ernest 
164 Baxter James 
166 Topley Geo A 
Minnion 1 nhii N 
170 Ready Geo 
172 Fi-c'iner Mrs Julia 
Griffin Geo 
174 Maron Harry 
176 Milne Alex, gro 
^ Arthur st intersects 
184 Skinner Ernest 
188 Beasant George 
190 Patterson Wm A 
192 Minchington Fredk W 
194 Duncan V\'m K 
196 Easton Alex 
^ Plymouth av intersects 
198 Ferguson George 
200 Mose Mrs Isabella 
202 Moloney Miss Mary 
204 Bell Ligenar 
Bell Jeremiah 
206 Coffey James 
208 Williams Moses G 
210 McMahon Mrs Elizth 
212 IVellman.n Edward 
214 McCullough Robt W 
216 Federico Paul C 
218 Billingsley Miss Mabel 
220 Shaw Chas W 
222 Walter 
224 Thornton Sami 
226 Scott John 
228 Doust George 
230 Patton Peter 
234 Macedonians 
236 Robbins Mrs Esther A 
238 Vacant 
240 Bittle Thos E 
242 Vacant 
244 O’Brien Wm 
246 Foreigners 
248 Mitchell Mrs Salena 
250 Tatton Joseph J 
252 Ryle Mrs Angelina 
254 Kudirka Joseph 
256 Burns Michl 
258 Wiggins Wm 
260 Cutler Thos 
262 Barnes Wm 
266 Gohn John E 
268 Doyle Daniel 

West from 240 Crawford to 
Shaw, ward 5. 

........ North Side 

Not built on 

South Side 

1 Mackenzie Michl A 

2 Follnsbee John 

3 Glynn Frank 


West from 128 Claremont 
to Bellwoods av, ward 5. 

North Side 

Not built on 

South Side 

3 Ludlow Mrs Eliza 
5 Brooks Geo 
7 Wilks Wm 


West from 982 Yonge, 
ward 3. 

North Side 

2^ Cox Mrs Elizth 
4 Lawrence John 
6 Bremrner Thos 
8 Atkins Geo 
10 Belsey Edwd 
12 Cnrr Mrs Hnnnnh 

14 McMaster Wm L 
16 Asbmend Henry A 

15 Vacant 

20 Pringle Thos 
22 Currie James 
22^^ Hallam Mrs Alice 

24 Whitehouse John 

26 Garlick Geo 

30 Chittenden Geo 

32 Ungles Wm 

34 Raymond Winfred M 
38 Rowatt Sami 
40 Martin Wm J 

42 Gleeson Edwd 
44 Smith John 

46 Hunt Thos 
48 Goff John C 

50 Mason Philip J 
52 Miller John 

54 Watson Wm J 

56 McManus Geo 
58 Stewart Harry 
60 Gillespie George 
62 Madgett Richd 

64 Will Alexander, cartage 
66 McConnell Wm M 
68 Pallett Wm 
70 Cowie George 
72 Sinclair Malcolm 
74 Wilton Sami 
76 Ough Wm 
80 Davey Fredk W 
82 Gillespie Chas A 
86 Sheppard Frederick 
88 Southwell Harry 
92 Hawkins Wm A 
94 Dowling Wm H 
98 Tomsett Charles J 
100 Maglll Robert J 
104 Ford Mrs Rosanna 
106 Wilson Wm H 
108 Wright P'rank F 
112 Brennan Frank 
114 Thomson Wm 
116 Bowman James A 
118 Hicks Victor 
120 Jefferson Wm 
122 Toombs Mrs ida E 
124 Currie Mrs — 

South Side 

^ Sarah st commences 
7 Pearce John 
9 Reid Robt 
11 Adams Frank 
13 Jarvis David 
15 Munn Wm 
17 Taylor Ernest 
19 Lovett James 
21 Derry Anson 
23 Ledinghnm Jnmes 

25 Sutherland Geo 

27 Telman Frank C 

29 Collingwood Arthur 

31 Ward Mrs Rose 

33 McMullen Herbert *J 
^ McMurrich st ends 

43 Industrial Refuge 

51 Aged Men’s Home 

57 Aged Women’s Home 


South from 325 Wilton av, 
ward 2. 

East Side 

1 Gorham Edwd A 

3 Snllivnn Timothy J 
5 Dingwall Alex 

7 Samme Joseph 
9 Daly John 
11 Blakemore Geo 
13 Keeping Sami 
15 Haokett Patk 
17 Robinson Mrs Mary 
19 Kirby John 

West Side 

2 Ralsom Wm H 

4 Love Clarence J 


A different Player-Piano to 
any other 

193-197 YONGE ST. 




Chartered Executor, Admiziistrator, 
Trustee, Etc. 

All branches of ReaE 
Estate business con- 
ducted by Real Es- 
tate Department. 


6 Thomson Mrs Annlt 

8 Wilson Geo 
10 Connolly John 
12 Vnnner George 
14 Williamson James 
16 Pearce Edwd 
18 Boylan Miss Catharine 
20 McArthur John 
22 Hawkins Wm 
24 Searle Alfred 

(East Toronto) northwest 
from Main lo Norwood 
rd, first n of Kingston rd. 

North Side 

20 Hodge James 

24 Asliug Arthur K 
28 Kennedy Simon 
30 Rogers Rev Thomas H 
34 Fairburn Wm H 
36 Morgan Rev V E F 

66 Davis Mrs Emma J 

South Side 

1 Bailey Wm G 
9 Martin Mrs Christina 
11 Cameron Donald 
17 Johnston Wm A 

21 (Gunther Reinhold B 
36 Vacant 

45 Phillips Wm C 
61 MacLeod Wm 
65 Vacant 

67 MacLeod Alex 
69 James Wm 

61 Shaw Robt A 


West from Bracondale av 
to Shaw, first n of Tyrrel 
av, ward 5. 

North Side 

36 Hamilton George 
46 Vacant 

56 Edwards Arthur J 

^ Christie st intersects 

70 Adams Alfred J 

74 Andrews George W, conit 

76 Maddaford Wm J 

78 Vacant 

80 Kemp Geo 

82 Swantuu John 

86 Chappell James 

88 Vacant 

90 Sparkes Horace 

92 (IJranfield Harry 

96 Holland Charles 

98 Hollowell De Witt C 

100 Kelly James 
102 Smith Wm, gro 

^ Rushton rd commences 
104 Parcels Harry 

106 Howard James E 
108 Wakefield Thos H 
110 Deller Archd 

116 Cooper Matthew 

120 Titmarsh James 
130 Stevens Francis S 

^ Arlington av intersects 

South Side 

^ Christie st intersects 
76 Waodworth George 

101 Vacant 

107 Jones Wm R, grocer 
116 Bellchambers Arthur 

121 Martin James 
123 Martin Wm 
125 Britton Geo 

^ Arlington av intersects 
1S7 Blackwell Mrs Alice 




(Old Peel. West TorontQ), 
n from Bloor w, first w 
Runnymede rd, ward 7. 

East Side 

23 Weber Joseph 
31 Doyle Thomas 
♦ Colbeck av intersects 
lft5 Peters Burton 
171 O’Neill Edward 

205 McWilliams Geo, contr 

209 Bow Alex, agt 

213 Johnson Alexander S 

West Side 

Bain Donald 
146 Baker John 
150 Matthews Thos E 
♦ Colbeck av intersects 
182 Peacock Arthur 
188 Crowe Thomas J 
194 Schofield Fiederick C 
200 Anderson John T 

Anderson Mrs Mildred, 
mus tchr 
218 Barker Percy 


(Midway Annex), name 
changed to Condor av 


North from the bay to 216 
Carlton, ward 2. 

East Side 

Paterson Mfg Co Ltd, 
R R crossing 
Front st e intersects 
35 Vacant 

^ King st e intersects 
53 Arbuckle Geo L 

66 Smith John 

67 Carey James 

59 Kennedy David 
61 Smith Geo 
63 McQuaigue Geo 
65 Campbell Alex 
67 Fecteau Ernest 
69 Paterson John 
71 Hutton Wm 
73 Hurst Albert 
75 Vacant 
77 Croskem Wm T 
79 Haylett Charles L 

♦ Duke st intersects 
89 Padget Wm 

97 Rogers George 
99 Coysh Albert 
103 Davis A Edwd 
105 Rusnell John 
107 Kennedy Thos 
Osman Wm 
109 Beauvais Octave 
111 Snooks Wm 
113 Murphy Mrs Jane 
115 Barrack Frank 
117 Statom George 
^ Duchess st intersects 
119 Pudsey Mrs Mary 
123 Nickle Adam 
125 McMeekin James 
127 Hadley John 
129 Durnan Miss M J, drs- 

129% Flynn John 
131 Goodwin James A 
133 Goodwin Joseph 
135 Carolan Thomas 
Collins Thos 
137 Stephenson Henry 
!!39 Smith Mrs Minnie 
141 Hamilton Brewing Assn 
143 Delaware Apartments 
Warren Mrs Mary 

♦ Queen st e intersects 
^ Ramsey lane intersects 

153 Lawlor Harold V 
157 McKean Scott 
159 McCaffrey Wm J 
161 Cox John 
163 Lawry Geo 
165 Martin Napoleon J 
167 Hackney Miss Sarah 
169 Roberts Norman 
171 Farrell Francis J 
173 Sheridan James 
175 Adams John 
177 Gent Percy 
179 Buckley Miss Ellen C 
181 Nicholson John 
185 Gardiner John A 
187 Lonsdale Richard 

189 Pelkey Alfred 
191 Butterfield Wm 

^ Sydenham st intersects 

190 Sullivan Wm J 
201 O’Salllvan Michael J 

203 Hyland Nicholas 

205 Smith Ernest 

207 Gleeson Patrick 

209 MoGUnn Wm J 

211 Griffith James 

213 Fleming Mrs Jessie B 

215 Hall Mrs Eugenie 

217 Sutcliffe Mrs Matilda 

217% Gee Fredk 

23 9 Rappaport Moses 

221 Wheeler Thomas 

223 Chalmers Mrs Cnariotte 

225 Brown Benj 

227 Meade Richd 

231 Dawson Alexander J 

235 Carter Wm A 

239 Blair Francis, express 

241 Delaney John 

243 Thompson Miss Jans 

247 Thompson Mrs Jane 

249 Taylor Mrs Edith 

251 Buckler Wm 

255 Fowler Cha? 

257 Livingstone Fredk 
259 Poole James O 
261 McFarren Richd 
263 Hurndall Wm 
265 Smith Mrs Barbara 
267 Paton John 
269 Kilpatrick itobt G 

♦ Coatsworth intersects 
277 CJalgey Wm J 

♦ Wilton av intersects 
281 Whatling William 
283 O’Donnell Michael J 
285 Fraser Alex 

287 Hardman Isaac 

289 O’Neil Joseph P 

291 Veitch Albert 

293 McKinnon Alexander 

295 Calsley Mrs Annie 

297 Jameson Wm W 

299 Nesbitt James 

301 Russell Charles 

303-25 Dufferin School 

327 Williams J Frank, confy 

329 Winnett John 

331 Rivers Frank 

335 Tanner lildwii 

337 Sawdon Robt 

339 Eagle Mrs Sarah A 

341 Mortimer James 

343 Hamilton James 

345 Bain Wm 

347 McLean Hector, uphol 

349 O’Keefe Daniel 

351 Barrow Rev Gore M 

353 Mc(?faw David 

855 Ingram John 

357 Bowen Geo H. phys 

859 Mansell Charles F 

♦ Gerrard st e intersects 
365 Melady Mrs Lucy 

367 Wlekett John 

369 Wallace Richard P 

371 Gairns James C 

373 Le Cour Robert 

375 Hynes Mrs Margaret 

C77 McFarlane Mrs Anabella 

879 Johnston Albert 

381 Dixon Robt 

383 Christie Mrs Jane 

385 Ridley James McG 

387 Hoffman Wm M 

389 McKay Geo A 

391 Westman Miss Mary A 

393 Burns John J 

West Side 

♦ R R crossing 

♦ Esplanade st e ends 
S-12 Tor Knitting Factory 

^ Front st e intersects 
38 Keno Wm 
George Philip 
40 Kirs Antonio 
42 Antoune John 

44 Bell Geo 
46 Vacant 

45 Goldberg Chas 
Sotiroff Mitre 

50 Jobson John 
56 Mateuke Isaac 
^ King st e intersects 
Fire Hall No 4 
^ Duke st intersects 
72 Sampson Wm 
74 Heron Wm 
76 Healy Mrs Margt 
78 Mara James 
80 Foote Mrs Elizabeth 

82 Cooper John 
84 Oliver James W 
86 Hunter George E 
88 Fiorini Angelo i 

90 Redcliffe Henry 
92 McGuire Jonu 
94 Austin George, exp 
96 Lowson James K 
98 Bradbury John 
Taylor Albert, rear 
102 Bacon Wm H 
104 Bacon Henry W 
106 Wheelans Robert 
108 Kennedy Patrick 
110 Vacant 
112 Robinson Albert 
.116 Sibley James, pattern 

♦ Duchess st intersects 
118 Graham Mrs Maria 
120 Forsyth Walter 

122 Flynn James J 
124 Richards Frank 
R6 Hallinan Miss Mary 
128 Perry Mrs Sarah 
130 Mason Mrs Mary 
132 Gauthier Theodore 

♦ Queen st e intersects 
144 Flumerfelt wenry 
146 Stewart James 
146% Keough Wm J 

♦ Ramsey la intersects 
148 Kelly James 

150 Vacant 
I 152 Daley Walter 
! 154 Rochester Chas J * 

I 156 Wassell George 
' 158 Snook John 

' 160 Rutledge Robert 

I 162 Cottrell Joseph 
164 Hunter Frederick 
166 McGrath Thomas 
168 Roffey Charles 
170 Brockman Joseph 
172 Gordon John 
174 Nye George 
176 Palmer Wm J 
178 Trebeley Chas 
180 Christie John 
182 Scott Thomas C, gro 

♦ Sydenham st intersect* 
i 184 Vacant 

I 186 Scotting John 
I 188 Sprague Chas 
i 190 Conway Joiin T, tlr 
192 Black Thos 
I 194 Bruxer Joseph B 
t 196 Marshall Robert G 
! 198 Walsh Anthony J, ahoo* 

I maker 

I 200 Woodstock Wm B 
202 McQuIllen Owen 
I 204 Wilson Johnston 
I 206 Walker Mrs Ellen 

208 Fox Charles ’ 

' 210 Shepherd Robt B 

212 Bastlan Thomas 
214 Barchard George B 
I 216 Humphrey Frank 
I 218 Foster Simpson 
j 220 Hawkins Mrs Annie. 

I 222 Sutton Thomas 
224 Walsh James 
226 Hlnde Fred W 
228 Hawkins Frederick 
230 Stewart James B 
232 Sutherland Adela 
234 Sims Mrs Jennie 
236 Johnston Lewis N 
238 Stinson Albert T A 
242 MeSherry Mrs Louisa 
I 244 Chapman Harry 
I 246 Winnett Vernon 
I 248 Simmons George 
; 250 Storm Miss Anne B 

! 252 Milne Wm 

i 254 Rogers Wm J 

^ Coatsworth intersects 

♦ Wilton av intersects 
270 Morton John 

272 McNeill Mrs Catherine 
274 McManem John 
276 Wemyss Duncan 
i 278 McGirr Sami M 
I 280 MeVean Fradk 
1 282 Owens Albert 

284 Kennedy Mrs Louisa E 
I 286 Anderson Wm 
288 Pogue John 
290 Campbell George 
292 Henry Mrs Elizabeth 

Douglas Ponton 

Real Estate and Finance 


41 & 43 Adelaide St. E. 


Telephone Main 60 



77 WELLINGTON ST. W. Limited 







294 Russell Wm J 
296 Armstrong, Frank, bldr 
298 Couse John H 
300 Tomlinson Thomas 
302 Lyttle Wm 
304 Winters James 
306 O’Hara Mrs Annie 
308 Smith Malcolm 
810 Jamieson Wm B 
812 Duggan Thomas 
814 Vllllers Wm 
316 Rosa John 
318 Patterson Sami 
320 Bushell John 
322 Swain John L 
324 Mitchell Wm 
326 Boyd Alexander 
328 McCaffry James R 
8.30 Christie Mrs Mary 
332 Snead Wm 
334 McCabe Mrs Mary J 
336 McWaters John 
338 Hambly Fredk P 
340 Brown Wm W 
342 O’Connor Mrs Mary 
344 Scholey Joseph 
346 Stewart Mrs Lillian 
4 Gerrard st e Intersects 
354 Yonle G S, carp 
356 McFarlane George 
358 Rolls Henry J 
360 Taylor Laughlln AV 
362 Doran James 
364 Orr Mrs Helen 
366 Logan Miss Martha 
Alexander Miss Sarah 

368 McCarthy Chas 
CTO Lowe Mrs Susanna 
372 Bum Mrs Catherine 
374 Haun Mrs Christina 
376 Hart Mrs Mary J 
378 Mogan John W 
380 Scholey Henry 
382 Bn steed Mrs Annie 
384 Comba Stuart R 
386 Klndree Wm R 
388 Blackburn Arthur R 
390 Pennylegion W’'m 


(Midway Annex), name 
changed to Edgtwood av 


(Changed to Bdgewood 

West from 126 Avenue rd 
to Brunswick av, ward 4. 

North Side 

6 Nicol Mrs Jane 
10 Chambers Wm T 
14 Wallis Mrs Minnie 
18 Piper Mrs Elizabeth 
22 Ewart John H 
24 Lyall Charles W B 
26 Weaver Mrs Ellzth D 
28 Pease Joseph 
30 McLaughlin Prof J F 
32 Parker E Gartly 
34 Haskins Mrs Ellzth S 
86 Etratby John H G 
38 (Sowans Alex 
40 Brownrldge Mrs A M 
42 McMurtry Wm B 
46 Rolph Alfred J 
48 Dixon Mrs Cecilia A 
50 Thomas Wm 

♦ Bedford rd intersects 
54 Pepler Arthur 

58 Fleming Frank A 
60 'Van Allen Mrs Letltla 
62 Vacant 

64 Bright Mrs Alice M 
Admiral rd intersects 
St George st intersects 
102 Keens James H 
104 Parker Mrs Annie 
106 Truss Augustus J 
108 DeWitt Norman W 

♦ Huron st intersects 
112 Macdonald Alex A 

♦ Madison av Intersects 

♦ Spadlna rd intersects 

♦ Walmer rd intersects 

♦ Kendal av Intersects 
146 Raitt Thos R 

South Side 

7 McCuaig John F 
9 lAUlco Wm F 
11 Matthews R C 
13 Virtue Arthur G 
15 Spence L Fletcher 
17 Yates Peter B 
19 Murphy Mrs Marion 
11 Gunn Wm 
23 Laughlln James E 
25 Stewart Joseph O 
27 Murray John I 
29 Craig T Arthur 
31 Tlbb Rev R Campbell 
33 Sails Seymour E 
85 Lawson Mrs Charlotte 
37 Bales Mrs Hannah 
39 Hopper Albert S 
41 Taylor Mrs Tilly 11 
43 Bonnell W H M 
45 Young Ralph E 
47 Kenuell John 
49 McDiarraid Bwen 
SI Fleming Charles E 
^ Bedford rd Intersects 
63 O'Hara Henry R 

# Admiral rd Intersects 
61) Horsey Albert A 

71 Stapleford Mrs Margt 
73 Carlisle Lincoln 
49 St George st Intersects 
81) Blackmore George 
91 McConnell Mrs Margt 
93 Hudson John H 
95 Sanderson Miss Margaret 
^ Huron st Intersects 

# Madison av intersects 
^ Spadlna rd intersects 
^ Walmer rd Intersects 

113 Bartram J Bogart 
115 Sutherland James A 
117 Williamson John W 
119 Wilkins Nicholas B 
121 CHark C Day 
^ Kendal av Intersects 


West from 86 Davenport 
rd to Hazelton av, ward 

North Side 

2 Jones Robt 

12 Pike John 

14 Connolly Patrick 

16 Ball Wm 

18 Lamontagne George 

20 Cox Wm E 

22 (jatterall Wm 

24 Caldwell Hugh 
26 Moody John C 

28 Brockhurst Chas G 
30 Giroux Mrs Mary 
32 Bailey Henry 

34 Robertson James 

36 Storey George 

40 Williams Mrs Alice 

42 Fraser Duncan G 

44 Whlmeett Charles 

46 Madgett Daniel 

48 Vacant 

South Side 

1 Harvey W^alter B 
7 Hackett Mrs Bridget 
Conlon Mrs Elizabeth 
9 Worthy Joseph 
11 Loudon Mrs Eleanor 

13 Qulnnell Henry 

15 Palange Pasquale 

17 Tucker Mrs Johanna 

18 Campbell Wm J 

21 Critterdon Miss Rose 

23 Crown Frederick A 

25 Smith James F 
2f7 Quinlan Patrick 
SI Lusty Charles 

.'1.3 Buttery Thouiiis N 

35 Copping James 

37 Plowman Charles W 
39 Madgett Mrs Susan 

41 Sanderson Leslie C 

43 Cambridge Mrs Annie 
Blackmore Reginald T 

45 Irish Henry jr 

47 Bolger John J 

49 McHale Ulrich 




(Spadlna Park) 


North from 58 Richmond 
e to Queen e, ward 3. 
........ East Side 

1 (Jounty Registry Office 

West Side 

2 Builders’ Exchange 
Brick Mfrs Assn 
Mason Builders Assn 
Master Carpenters- Assn 
Master Plasterers Assn 
Master Stonecutters Assn 

6 Scott Calendar Ck), The 
8 Ent to Lodge Rooms 
10 Grand Orange Lodge of 
British America, Bene- 
fit Fund 

County Orange Hall Bldg 
Grand Orange Lodge of 
British Am 


North from Queen e to 57 
Dagmar av, second e of 
Pape av, ward 1. 

East Side 

Not built on 

West Side 

Unfinished houses (2) 


East from a lane oft 
Bruce, first w of Shaw, 
ward 5 

North Side . 

66 Hamlll Adam 
68 Turner Samuel P 

South Side 

52 Bell Edward 
54 David Adam 




North from 272 Queen w 
to College, ward 4. 

East Side 

1 Peden James 
lA McCIeary Wm H 
3 Martini Mrs Sarah J 
5 Hazard Edward W 
7 Stephens Robt J 
9 Speck Benj 
11 Sedore Beni J 
13 Hunter Mrs Christine 
Miner Arthur 
Bannon Ed C, livery, 

16 Vacant 

17 Meaney Mrs Bessie 
19 Heller Simon 

21 Gallaher Mrs Catherine 
23 Vllllers Miss Sarah 
25 Kelly James, dairy 
27 Kelly James 
29 Rodgers Mrs Mary A 
81 McGuire Miss May 
33 Mitchell Miss Grace 
35 Shaw Frank H 
37 Spence John L 
39 Morrison Mrs Mary 
^ Stephanie st ends 
41 Brenner Harry 
43 Bailey Geo 
45 Messenger Philip 
47 Williamson Frank R 
49 Wllllamaon Robert C 
61 Boyle Mrs Mary 
53 Clark Rev Wm 
65 Nursing Mission, The 
^ Grange rd ends 
109 Bullock James N 
Marwood Wal ter 
Stilloway James W W 
123 Hunt Albert 
125 Thornhill Miss Sophia 
129 Ford Mrs Angelina 
131 Jarvis Mrs Mary 

^St Patrick st Initerseota 
133 Pownall George A 

135 Phillips Harry R 
137 McLean Mias Jessie 
189 Carr Maxwell 
141 Robinson Miss Jans A 
145 Mullins Mrs Catherine 
147 Smith Sidney 
^ D’Arcy st Intersects 
149 Martin Margaret 
151 Parkes Frederick W 
153 Doollng Mrs Agnes 
166 Wlnberg Harry 
157 Plante Frederick 
Erringham David 
157a Orick Miss Sarah 
159 Lavlne Samuel, phy 
161 Neveren Louis 
163 Singer Samuel 
179 Bristol Edmund 
^ Baldwin st intersects 
185 Vacant 
187 Caldwell David 
189 Hanlan Mrs Margaret G 
193 Waste Alphonso D 
Model School of Music 

196 Lowry Thomas L 

197 Gearln Mrs Ellen 
199 Singer Louis 

-01 McGuire Mrs Sarah 
201A Pelkin Mrs Miir.v 
20114 Brenner Nathan 
203 Elliott George, phy 
^ Cecil st Intersects 
205 Sheahan Miss Agnes 
207 Glionna Geo, phy 
Glionna Rocco V 
209 McMahon Thos P 
211 Baines Mrs Amelia 
213 Roberts Mrs Ella 
215 Reynolds Mrs Frances 
217 Jeffers Mrs Bllztn 
219 Milligan Mrs Catherine 
221 Marshall Mrs Ellzabotb 
223-225 Henry Mrs Emily 
227 Vacant 
229 Wood Sami T 
231 McMaster Robert S F 
233 Rabinovitch Simon 
235 Enusevsky Bernard 
2CT Shields Charles 
239 Hall Frederick 
2411 Cable 'Wm 
24S Parsons Rev Henry 11 
245 Kew Wm 
247 Browne Gavin 

West Side 

12-14 Crashley Thos, exp 

16 Wright Abraham 
18 Vacant 

20-30 Sovereign Mills 
32-38 Waterbury Chemical 

^ Phoebe st commences 
40 Kelly Mrs Nellie 
42 Emerson Geo 
44 Gemmell Robert 
46 Crowley Thos A 
48 Norris Alexander 
60 Rundle Wm 

Rundle Miss Etta, mne 

62 Olspin Wm H 

54 Salter Wm 
66 Spice Albert E 
58 Alter Louis 
60 Dee Richard H 
62 Alter Max 
64 Kenny John 
66 Quackonhush Mrs Anna 
68 Qnackenbnsh Arthur 
70 Taylor Mrs Annie 
^ Sullivan st commences 
Baptist Church 
76 Dimbleby Mrs Mary 
78 Eldred Mrs Jane 
80 Langton Thomas 
84 Monro Fredk 
86 Pullan Joseph M 
88 Carr Mrs Blanche 
90 Phillips Edmund 
92 Rabimoriz Israel 
♦ Grange av commences 
94 Rice Gordon, phy 
94A White Milton W 
94V> Back Wm 
96 Wilson Stewart 
96A Munroe Thos 
9614 Jennings John 

Western Assurance Company (Fife and Marine) 

Assets over $3,000,000.00 Cor. SCOTT and WELLINGTON STS. 

0. S. JAMESI Analyst and Assayer 






98 Levin Abraham 
98A Campbell Mrs Maude 
Upson Uriah L 
100 Strathy A Gowan 
106 Georgina House 
108 McIntyre Andrew 
110 Gibson Rev John B, MA 
112 Cooper Isaac 
114 Cooper Barnet 
116 Levaek Wallace B 
118 Lawrence Thos 
^ St Patrick at Intersects 
136 Beardmore George W 
160 Cawthra W Herbert 
^ D’Arcy st intersects 
164 Smyth Miss Annie 
156 Fryer Mrs Margaret J 
168 McLean Mrs Caroline 
160 O’Connell Miss Margaret 
162 Garland Wm J 
164 Glblln Wm J 
Voos Chas H 
174 Cosmopolitan Club 
176 Marshall Chas 
178 Brent Walter 
180 Turner Mrs Annie 
182 Lavine David 
^ Baldwin st Intersects 
186 Coulson Duncan 
194 Caldwell MaJ A Clyde 
196 Welch Thos 
198 Wlnnett Henry 
200 Alexander Mrs Ellen J 
202 Fir II kiln Harry 
204 Hammond Mrs Marla 
^ Cecil st Intersects 
206 Spragge Edward W, phy 
210 Morgan Mrs Ellen 
214 Eby W Perclval 
216 Beverley Rest Hospital 
218 Swabey Mrs Eliza A 
220 Phi Sigma Tau Chapter 

222 Meehan Mrs Ann 
224 Currey Matthew 
226 Mallory Marshall B 
228 Thompson Chris W 


(Old Northern av, North 
Dovercourt Annex), East 
from Oakwood av to Alber- 
ta av, ward 6. 

North Side 

16 Bain Donald 

South Side 

Not built on 


(Old Glendale av), n from 
Bracken av to Kingston rd, 
first e ot Klngswood rd, 
ward 1. 

Not built on 

East from end ot Roxbor. 
ough e, ward 2. 

North Side 

^ Highland av Intersects 
4 Mitchell Howard E 
8 Mitchell Rev Geo A 
12 Haiv y Fredk 1: 

14 Drury Chas L 
16 Follett Frank R 
18 Currier Chas H 
20 Eddis Wilton C 
22 Kantel Mrs Johanna 
24 Brlmson Chas 
26 Jackman Harry B 
32 Rutherford Samuel J 
34 Vacant 

^ Glen rd intersects 
36 Davies J Edgar 
40 Johnston David O 
42 Watt Ernest H 
44 Boyd Lawrence 
60 Martin Arthur W 
62 Adams J Frank 
66 Heron Orlando 
60 Evans H Pollman 
64 Sale Julian 
66 Phipps Rlchd J 
68 McAndrew John 
70 Vacant 

72 Gordon Misses (The) 

76 'I b'unson Alexander 
78 IVellington John R 

80 Brayley Geo A 

94 Trethewey Wm G 

South Side 

1 Langley John 
5 Vacant 
7 Vacant 
9 Gillooly Chas J 
11 Blackford Chas A 
♦ Highl^iad av Intersects 
13 Gardner Mrs Edith R 
15 Robinson Albert C 
17 Dunnigan Prank J 
^ Glen rd intersects 
35 Chisholm Geo T 
41 Meredith Sir Wm R 
45 Meredith .Tohn li 
67 Alexander Davin W 

81 May Charles P 
83 Vacant 

85 Morine Horace A 
87 Burk Joseph D 
89 Absent 


West from 1196 Yonge to 
rear of Avenue rd, ward 

North Side 

2 Gretes Valmetes & Co, 

10 Bavidge John E, cartage 

14 Take Jacob, real est 
16 Vacant 
18 Tough Henry 
20 Coombs Frank S 
22 Barradell Wm A 
24 Armour Gordon H, elect 
Armour Mrs Maria 
26-28 Toronto Whip Co 
30 Matthews Henry F 
32 Tomlinson Geo W 
34 Cook Arthur 
36 Hudson Harry P 
38 Onley Thomas G 
42 Barnard John 
44 Beare Charles 
44% Harris W’'m 
46 Hofland John J 
48 Farley James 
60 Shea Samuel 
52 Holmes Miss Emily L 
60 McBride Miss Nancy 
62 Fisher Thomas 
64 Ross Mrs Ellen 
66 Cninnben Alexander 

Cheshire & Hulme, paint- 
ers, r 

Fielding Leonard, contr, r 
68 T’liest James 
70 Gibson Mrs .fosephine 
72 Johnson Andrew 
74 Carpenter Mrs Matilda 
76 Wedekamm Albert 
78 Shill Rlchd 
80 McBride .John 
82 Brown Wm 
86 McBride Archd 
88 McBride Edwd 
90 Taylor Robt F 
92 Key Chas 
94 Grainger Arthur T 
96 Coburn Rev James 
98 Cosa Robert B 
10 Kerr John 
Snow Fredk 
102 Hilrbrcck .Tames 
104 Daniels Walter W 
106 Bentley Robt F 
108 Bentley Albert 
110 Harding Mrs Georgina B 
112 Ross James H 
114 Ashwood George 
116 Stephens James 

South Side 

17-19 York Radial Ry frt sta 
21 Howard Thos 

28 Edworthy Walter J 
25 Pearce Wm C 

27 Rochtord Wm J 

29 Vacant 

♦ Gange av ends 
31 Davis Albert B 
33 Miller Avery 

36 Johnson Andrew 

37 Colbran Edward 

39 Carr Thos 
41 Cm nor Wm 
43 Johnston Munroe H 
45 Truen Geo H 
65 McBride John 
69 Higgins Francis W 
71 Tomlinson Thos J 
73 Tew John 
75 Davis Edwin 


(Balmy Beach), name 
changed to Silver Birch av. 


(North Dovercourt Annex), 
West from 1626 Dufferln to 
Greenlaw av, 2 south St 
Clair av w, ward 6. 

North Side 

4 Dunleavy George 
6 Aldridge Ernest W 
12 Parrick Fredk 
18 Houlston FVederlck 

34 Ransberry James E 

36 King Frederick L 

38 McDowell Wm R 

52 Herron Wm A, lumber 
^ Elmwood av intersects 
60 Cudney Andrew 
66 Hurrell Wm 
68 McFarlane Robert 
70 Clark Wm J 
76 Wood Alex 
78 Wood Wm 
82 Silverman Max 
84 Anderson Geo A 

88 Arnott James 

92 McTaggart Wm 
94 Taverner Peter 
96 Ball Wm 

98 McIntosh James A 

♦ Greenlaw av Intersects 

South Side 

3 Collins Wm 
9 Aylward David 
11 Robertson Wm G 
17 Paterson Wm T 
25 Leach Harry J 
27 Edwards Joseph 
29 Baird Wm 

31 Dillon David 
33 Vacant 

35 Carson Thos 

37 Cordery Albert 

39 Nelson Andrew 
41 Daxon James 

45 Fitzpatrick Joseph 
55 Smith Wm 

♦ Elmwood av intersects 

89 Esplln Mrs Jane 

93 Apsey Chas E 

♦ Greenlaw av Intersects 

(New Toronto) 


(West Toronto), w from 
Indian rd to Indian rd cres, 
first n of Conduit, ward 7. 
North Side 

32 Bowes Wm 

38 McKenna Benjamin 

40 Verth John 

44 Bagley Walter 

South .Side 

21 Quinlan Thos 


West from 113 Davenport 
rd, ward 3. 

North Side 

2 Martin Fredk 
4 Hilborne Albert 
6 Howell Harry 
8 Copeland Sami 
10 Vacant 

12 McMaster Miss Henri- 

14 Baker Mrs Ellen 
16 Adams Wm 

15 McNamara Wm 
20 Hamilton Thomas 

22 Worthington Edmund 

24 King Robert 

26 Taylor John 

28 Madlll Benjamin 
30 Hurst Kiiherr 

32 Abernethy Robert J 

34 McRae Wm 

South Side 

1-3 Queen City Ptg Ink 

5 Sheffleld Joseph B 
7 Watkins Thomas 
9 Elkerton Wm 
11 Burn Thos 
13 Mackenzie Alfred 
15 Kemp Mrs Margaret 
’9 Beck Thomas 
21 Owen Peter 
23 Tndbolton Mrs Ida 
2.5 Wiinshntt Clitirles 

27 Crittenden Edwd 

29 Marks \vm 

81 Hiirdtrig Edwin 

33 Norman Wm 

35 Devereaux Bartholomew 
37 Carter Edwd 

30 Go in l ie John 
41 Madlll Wm 


(Old Russell pi), n from 
934 Queen e. ward 1. 

East Side ... 

1 Crldland Francis 
3 Seedhouse Edward 
5 Lincoln John 
7 Christopher Joseph 
9 Stewart Wm 
11 Meacham Wm 

... West Side 
Not built on 

Bast from 775 Yonge, 
ward 2. 

North Side 

2 Simonet Joseph 
4 Fogg Robt F, sign palntr 
8 Caiter Vivian 
10 Reddan Wm J 
12 Fllnn Thomas J 
14 Allan Mrs Catherine 
16-20 Parker R & Co, (hr) 

22 La Barge I'redk 
24 Crown Miss Caroline 
26 Wayman Russell D 
28 Hubertus Mrs Mary A 
30 Cullen Rlchd 
32 Squires Albert 
34 Worrall Wm 
36 Ogg Miss Jessie C, drs- 

38 Lawrence James 
40 Wilson Mrs Maggie E 
42 Dickson Wm J 
44 Johnston Mrs Orpiia E 

46 Smith Thomas 
^ Park rd Intersects 
60 Blcknell Alfred 
52 Beaton Kenneth G 

54 Cherry Earl 

60 Plummer Miss Elizabeth 
68 McGhle Wm C 
60 Defrles Mrs Agnes 
62 Williamson Miss Emma 
04 CholwUl Mrs Elizabeth 

66 Keachle John D 
68 Bourne Horace W 
70 Hewitt Chas 
72 Clark Mrs Sarah A 
74 Dobson Wm B 
76 Menzies Charles W 
78 Ijawson Mrs Ellen 
SO Scott Nathaniel K 
82 Hogg Sidney S 
84 Gorflnkel Max 
86 Trew Miss Mary 

55 Heyes Fleming W 

90 Taggart Miss Lottie L 
92 Pratt Peter 
94 Pratt Miss Mary 
Crooks Miss Jane 
96 Goggln David J 

South Side ... 

9 Downs Jeremiah 
11 Willis Wm 
13 Bell Telephone Co 


BURRUSS & SWRATMAN, Limited, General Agents. 12 Wellington St. E. 

Phone M. 1790 

— 06 — 





19 Key Wm H 
ai Dickson Wm J, prtr 

23 Kensett Wm 
27 Hertiei-I Uii-hanl 
29 Herbert Thos 
33 Moulton Joseph 
35 Willis Wm G 
* Park rd Intersects 
«a Williams Walter H 
71 Trotter Rev Thos 
73 Havward Frank G 
75 Richardson Maxwell A 
77 Evans Walter B 
79 Bishop Chas W 
81 Walton Thos K 
83 Moyle David 
85 Browne Mrs Eliza 
87 Burgess Jefferson C 


North from Mountstephen 
to Gerrard e, first e of 
Don River, ward 1 

East Side 

13 Daniel Mrs Rosa J 
15 Hadley Geo 
17 Miller Job 

21 Harwood -Jones Henry, 
mus tchr 
23 Pearson Wm 

26 Smith John 

27 Llvesey Isaiah 
29 Nelson John R 
SI Norton John 

33 Roberts Mrs Mary A 
35 Allendorf Mrs Emma E 
37 Mason Henry 
39 Kemoff Alexander 
41 Meldrum Robt A M 

43 Daniel Mrs Edith 

45 Toung Edwd 

West Side 

Not built on 

East from 70 Davenport 
rd, ward 3 

North Side 

2 Kettlewell Wm 
4 Nicholls Wm 
6 Lance Wm 
8 McLennan Wm 
10 Roberts Win 
12 Stockey Mrs Catherine 

44 Axbey Henry 

46 Young Samuel 

South Side 

1 Young Sami 
3 Worthington Wm 


North from 92 Sydenham 
to Wilton av, ward 2. 

East Side 

^ Currie pi commences 
^ Sutton av intersects 
^ St David st intersects 
41 Curdy Richd 
43 Graham James 

45 Vacant 

47 Vacant 

49 Vacant 
El Vacant 

53 Evans Mrs. Catherine 
86 Chute Charles 
67 Osborne James 
59 Green Arthur 
61 Woodard Wm 
63 Strickland Charles 
65 Mlllson David 
67 Matthews John 
69 Cowan James 
71 Yeoman Henry 
73 Wright Robert 

West Side 

2 Shaw Frederick 
4 J'ranUlin Mrs Bridget 
6 White James L 
8 Vacant 

♦ Sutton av Intersects 
^ St David st intersects 

46 Shock Bertram 

48 Barr Peter 

50 Taylor Alfred 
52 Swanton Thos 

64 Frauendorf Crandall 
66 Tillett Philip 
58 Schwab Frank 
60 Steele Mrs Agnes, nurse 
62 Bennett John 
70 Blythe Albert 
72 McArthur Mrs Minnie 
Gear Johnston 
74 Jones Wm 


North from O T K track, 
first west of Jones aT, 
ward 1. 

East Side ........ 

39 Groves Henry 

41 Hill Henry 
43 Barham Wm 

45 Spillenear Relnhai t 
47 Butcher Wm 
49 Lefroy Herbert 
51 Vacant 
53 Langley Harry 

West Side 

2 Noddle Richd 
4 Butler John W 
6 Brown Henry 
20 Blllinger Wm J 
22 Graham Henry 
^ Boultbee av intersects 

40 Page Arthur 

42 Ashbee Henry 
Russel Brick Co, yard 

bl.antyre .av 

(Scarborough Tp) 


North from 186 Carlton to 
Howard, ward 2. 

East Side 

9 Turnbull James 

II Thomson Wm J 
13 Hahndorf Henry 

15 Crowle Mrs Kate G 
17 Beatty Alexander 
19 Vivian Ernest 
21 Duval Jules 
23 FInagin Frederick 
25 Chambers J.-imes W 
27 Fraser Mrs Margaret 
31 Laurie A Alfred 
37 Bruce John 
39 Belden Arthur 
41 Hynes Wm J 
O’Neil Michael, r 
45 Thompson Mrs Georgina 
47 Ryan Timothy 
49 Vannevar James 
51 Chapman Alfred H 
55 Winters John R E 
59 Bartlett Sydney 
61 Wnggett Stanley A 
Griffiths Luther, rear 
83 Webb John W 
05 Norris Mrs Eleanor 
67 Barr James 
69 Johnson John W 
71 Beatty Miss Mary A 
71a Durnan W L, osteopath 
71% Durnan Walter W 
73 Perngini Tgnace 
Godfrey Wm R, r 
75 Taylor Harry W 
77 Scully Robert 
79 Jefferies Wm J 
81 Neales Miss Josephine 
S3 Fleury Morley 
85 Stalling Robert 
87 Macdonald James A 
89 Warren Alfred 
93 Cale Edmund A, contr 
97 Smith James 
99 Tompkins Albert 
101 Mountford Edwd 
106% Forster Edwin 
103 Crawford Miss Gertrude 

105 Kirk Benjamin 

107 Smith Horace 
107 Vi Wiltshire Chas 
107% Tuck Donald 

# Wellesley st intersects 
109 Back Wm G 

III Scott John 
113 Turner Robert 

Fagan Hugh, rear 

115 Sharpe John 

Brooks-Effard John 
117 Burfoot Mrs Jane 
119 Harsant Harry F 
121 Lambert Thomas 

126 Fowler Edwin 

127 Bailey Wm 
129 Bchoff Elgin 
131 Patton John 

135 Perrin A Poyntz 
137 .Jamieson Charles R 
139 Gardner Charles E 
130% Gouldstone John F 
141 Holland Fredk 

Buck John F, rear 
143 Weir Frederick W 
145 Andrews Mrs Isabella 
^ Bleecker pi commences 
149 Cousins Philip 
151 Cusslon Edmund 
153 Hoffmann Mrs Bolette 
156 Blunt Henry 
155% Ashworth Wm 
167 Beamish Robt O 
157% Dlack & Riddell, bxp 
169 Riley Joseph P 
161 Vacant 
163 White Geo A 
165 Peirce Henry 
167% Watt Arthur 
167% Vacant 
169 I.alor Thomas 
171 Moore James K 
I 171% Donovan Mrs Joanna 
1 173 Watson George 

175 Broom Mrs Mary 
177 Bates Charles W, photo 
181 Klein Mrs Annie 
183 Walters James W 
183% Pierce John 
185 .Tardine Jas W 
185% Pearson BenJ 
187 Olney Fred 
189 Heiman Frank 
191 Johnson James 
191% Trezise Sidney L 
193 Basden John 
195 Bell Mrs Margaret 
197 Parker David 
201 Lvne John 
203 Frogley Thomas 

206 Boynton Edward 

207 Graham John A 
2^ Hanna Wm A 

211 MacDonald Archibald 
213 Littleboy Mrs Helen 
215 Tozer Matthew 
215% Tozer Walter G 
217 Tillman Henry T 
219 West Mrs Mary 
221 Morris Harry H 

West Side 

6 Kusiar Arthur 
8 Nealv Mrs .lane 
10 Slddell Reeves 
12 West Henry J 
14 Blakely John H 
16 Cohn Joseph 
18 Woods John 
28 Lines Edward 
44 Wiggins Mrs Mary 
46 Jamieson Robert 
48 Ross Mrs Sarah N 
50 Charlton John A 
52 Hollis Wm J 
54 Trent Fredk 
56 MacKenzie Mrs Elizth 
68 Dawson Willis 
80 Howe Robert J 
62 Blamire Albert 
64 Earl Sidney B 
66 Alley Tobias 
^ Wellesley st Intersects 
110 Chadwick Wm 
Atkinson Leonard 
112 Drinkwine Henry 
114 Keeley Mrs Mary 
Manley Geo 
116 Bloom Leo 
118 O'Brien James 
120 Reid Allison J 
122 Davidson Mrs Jessie 
124 Fletcher Mrs Henrietta 
126 Curry Mrs Augusta 

128 Lennox Mrs Agnes 
130 Simpson Wm, contr 
132 McMaster Miss Minnie 
134 Dorrien Henry J 

256 MacFarlane Walter 
168 Maegregor Mrs Caroline 

160 Green Blendfor# E 

162 Fletcher Robert 

164 Campbell Wm J 

166 Lukes Miss Carrie 

168 Deacon E J 

170 McVeigh James 

172 Hilker Reuben H 

174 Hancock Chas 

176 Loomis Roy 

178 Walsh John, gro 

180 Tavlor Mrs Mary H 

182 Jlllard Frank D 

184 Saunders .John W 

190 Colleran Walter 

192 Gleeson Mrs Esther 

194 Pullan Ronald 

196 Williams Samuel 

198 Rodgers Mrs Isabella 

200 Ross Mrs Florence 

202 Michael Mrs Mary 

204 Martin John 

206 Prance George J 

212 Phillips Wm 

214 Boyd Robert J C 

216 Putnam Wm H 

218 Tomlin John J 

220 Dewar Stewart R 

222 Howard Richard H 

224 Fee Henry S 

226 Giles Wm 

2,30 Greer James 

234 Patterson Joseph, gro 


East from 149 Bleecker, 

ward 2. 

North Side 

1 Pickett Edward J ' 

2 Eke John 

3 Charles Geo 

4 Flnlayson Mrs Elizabeth 

. ... South Side 
Not built on 


East from 143 Sumach, 
ward 1. 

North Side .... 

2 Henshall Wm H 

4 Parker Ernest 

6 Cartwright Edwd D 

8 Stott Wm 

10 Pegler Thos H 

12 Moore Samuel 

14 Ross James 

16 Foster Henry W 

18 Vail James 

20 Hand John 

22 Reynolds Leonard 
24 Johnson Christopher 
26 Miller Isaac 
28 Cooper Chas 
30 Soufkis Paul 
32 Ibbotson Wm 
34 Garratt Owen 
36 Chilton Chas 
38 Vacant 

South Side . . . . 

1 Close John E 

3 Thomas John 

5 Burns Miss Mary 

7 Lake Mrs Harriet 

9 Tunstead Robt F 

11 Carson Hugh 

13 Tees Arthur 

13 Amer Walter W 

15 Graydon John 

17 Crofts John H 

19 Nicholson Wm 

21 Hlllyard George 


Sidewalk Doors, Etc. 

67 to 95 PEML ST. Phono Adolaido 1560 


— 97 — 




TIib Britisli Alumiiiiura Go., 


23 Jones Henry 
25 Patterson Wm 
27 Saunders Thomas 
29 Gravel Pierre 
31 Hale Forrest 
33 Hinton Wm E 
35 Allen Daniel 
37 Matthews Daniel 


East from Pape av to w 
of Brooklyn av, first n of 
Queen e, ward 1. 

North Side 

2 Heigh Wm 

4 Fuller John 

6 Smith Edwin 

8 Le Clerc Joseph 

10 Smith Arthur 

12 Pearson Russell J 
12% Harrison John D 
14 Keys Edwin 

16 Jewett George 
18 Campbell Joseph 
20 Currie Mrs Elizabeth 
22 Gilbert John, contr 

24 Thirsk Charles E, exp 

26 Donnelly Leslie 
28 Platt Charles 

South Side 

1 Ensminger G Wesles 

3 Robb David 

5 Sutton Mrs Mary 

7 Ferminger John E 

9 Reynolds Wm J 

11 Chandler Fredk, baker 

13 Surman Henry G 

25 Kerfoot Thomas 

27 Booth Henry M 


West from Greenwood av 
to Prust av second n of 
Gerrard e. ward 1. 

North Side 

6 Vacant 
8 Vacant 
10 Vacant 
12 Vacant 
14 Vacant 
16 Vacant 

South Side 

21 Vacant 
23 Vacant 
25 Vacant 
27 Vacant 
29' Vacant 
31 Vacant 
33 Vacant 
35 Vacant 
37 Milne Andrew 
39 McKay John A 
41 Graham Alman 
43 Klppen John 


East from 737 Tonge to 

Sherbourne, wards 2 and 3. 

North Side 

2 Traders Bank Apart- 

Burnham G Herbert, phy 
Risdon Fulton E, dentist 
Cummer W E, dentist 
Murphy Sterndale J, res] 

Tor Tropical Fruit and 
Development Co 
McLean R Gordon, den- 

Miller C Norrie 
Townsend Sherman B 
Ryerson Mrs Ma^ A 
Cameron Miss J S, hair- 

Risdon Miss Louise, mus 

Nicholls Bruce F, dentist 
Amsden Chas E, phy 
Laflammer Wm J, den- 

Macdonald J Percival 
McDonagh Andrew, phy 
May Mrs Caroline, mas- 

Borg Carl E, massage 
Hull Richard W Jr, den- 

Husband Frederick C, 

Anderson Howard W, 

Grieve G W, orthodon- 

Pearson Chas E, dentist 
Stewart Archibald, den- 

Balbrand Prof Paul 
McCarthy Miss Char- 
lotte, millinery 
Block Hugo 

Smith Mde Clare, phren- 

Mara Mrs Mary 
Durnan Wm L. osteo- 

Proctor Mrs Sarah 
4 Carnahan Vv J A & H, 

6 Bell Wm J L, barber 

8 Langley Geo S, clothes 


8% Smiley Miss Caroline, 

Porter Miss Bttie, staty 

10 Holmes Arthur W, arch 

12 McKenzie B E, phy 
Verrall Walter S, phy 

14 Richardson George A, 


16 McKenzie Bart E 

18 Ontario Motor Car Co, 


20 Cotton J M, phy 

24 Warwick Guy P 
34 Moulton College 

Thrall Miss Charlotte 
Central Meth Chnrch 
♦ Park rd commences 
48 Reeve Richard A, phys 
64 Bruce Herbert A, phy 
66 Leslie Joseph E 
88 Caven James G, phys 
90 Merritt W Hamilton 
134 Vigeon Henry 
144 St Margaret’s College 
Dickson Mrs George 
152 Home for Incurable Chil- 

164 Helntzman Gerhard 

172 Campbell Colin, phy 
176 McLaren George H, phy 
180 Rowland Thomas M 
182 British Canadian Busi- 
ness College 

^ Huntley st intersects 
184 Anderson Harry B, phys 
188 Catto John 
19C McFarlane Murray, phys 

204-206 Reformed Presby Ch 
Dempster Rev Sami 
210 Ainger Apartments 
234 Florence Apartments 
236 Vacant 
238 Vacant 
240 Vacant 
242 Vacant 
248 Vacant 

South Side 

1 Gow George, dentist 
Hume Guy G, orthodon- 

lA Freshwater Fred 

6 Chinese Laundry 

6% Sutherland Mrs Annie 


Grattan Francis, pic- 

7 Dlnsmore A J, furn mfr 

9 Taylor & Co, painters 

11 Wilks R F & Co, piano 


13 Ryan Theobald 

15 Mattie Mrs Mary 

17 Ellacott James 

19 Maher P, iivery 
23 Somers Thos H 

25 Old James 

29 Pringle Mrs Jane 
31 Brett Mrs Sarah J 
33 Goodchild John P, pny 
Faulkner Miss Mary, 

37 Millions Mrs F L 

39 Dutton BenJ, phys 
43 Davies Henry 
45 Cassidy John J, phy 
Westminster Pres Ch 
67 Cleland Fredk A, phy 
65-67 Hospital for Women 
69 BUlott John E, phy 
71 Ireland Alexander H 
4^ Church st ends 
75 Fenton Fredk, phy 
81 Wood Thomas H 
85 Vacant 

87-115 St Paul’s Ch (Ang) 
129 Harrlgan Patk J 
Blagdon Joseph 
131 P'ife Miss Margt 
133 MacMurchy Archibald 
MacMurchy Helen, phy 
^ Jarvis st ends 
139 Sproatt Henry 
145 Stevenson R A, phy 
156 Joseph Miss Mary 
169 Clow Wra 

166 Duncan J T, phy 

♦ Huntley st Intersects 

167 Boyd Geoffrey, phy 
171 Suckling Wm J ■ 

176 Stenhouse John, phy 

177 Rae George M 
181 Boyd Wm T 

187 Baxrett Robert G 
189 Clemes Mrs Emily, bdg 
193 Mllilchamp Geo E, phy 
195 Moore Herbert E 
199 Hallam John 
201 Beatty Adam A 
205 Wilson Geo H, phy 
207 Loftus Mrs Rita 


West from 794 Yonge 
city limits, wards 3, 4, 
6, and 7. 


North Side 

2 Reade Robt J, dentist 
Mallory F R, dentist 
Graham T Howard, den- 










































Avenue rd commences 

Scadding H C, phjs 
Dickson Charles R, phys 
Billings Mrs L F, bdg hsc 
Shenstone Norman S, 

Rowan Thomas A 
Wilson Robert S 
Parker Samuel G, phy 
Hamilton Herbert J, phys 
Starr Clarence L 
Baines Allen, phys 
Gibson Robt J 
lAyton David B 
Beattie Mrs Elizth 
Monypenny James 
Clark Arthur D 
Crean Miss Jessie 
Thomson Thomas C 
Bedford rd commences 
Heyden Miss B.irbara 
Lusk Chas P, phy 
Pierson Mrs Jessie, bdg 
St George st intersects 
Knowles F McGllllvray 
Westbourne School 
Curlette Miss M, B A 
Langmuir Matthew 
Huron st Intersects 
Bloor St Prea Ch 
Rudolf R D, phys 
Magee Hon James 
Madison av commences 
Burnham Miss Lillian M, 

Rralthwaite Mrs Lydia 
Noble Robt T, phy 
Mills John, orthodontist 
Trotter W Cecil, dentist 
Milner Beverley Z. phys 
Bank of Nova Scotia (br) 
Spa^ina rd CQmmences4tf_ 
Sutton Mrs Elizth 
McGill John D, under- 

Gage Wm J 
Walmer rd commences 
Clouse Elias, phy 
Dalton rd commences 

14 Hunt Alfred E, osteo- 

16 Jones Edwin C, dentist 
18 Hermiston George M, 

20 Wilson Robert J, phy 
24 Brown Frederick D 
26 Christie Robert 
30 Van Camp Jared C, , un- 

32 Webster A F, dentist 
40 Foy Mrs Gertruds A 
46 Nevltt R B, phys 
52 Johnson A J, phys 
62 Roberts James A, phys 
64 Gordon Mrs M D, dentist 
•Tones Newbold, phys 
66 Caven John, phys 
68 1 arker George W 
72 Parsons Harold C, phy 
80 Scanlon Mark 
82 Stone Daniel, undertaker 
♦ Bellalr st commences 
86 Bull Thomas H 
92 Pearoy Sanderson 
100 Toronto Orthopedic Hos- 

108 Cuthbertson Chas R, 
110 Vacant 

112 Easton Mrs Catherine 
114 Hall Mrs Elizabeth 
116 Burns Michael 
118 Byrne Miss Mary 
120 Faulkner Misses, drsmkrs 
Faulkner Miss Clara 
122 Lyon Mortimer, phys 
124 Greene E Herbert, phys 
126 Maclennan D N, phys 
128 Richardson T B, phys 
134 Alkins Wm H B. phy 
Harrison Fredk C, phy 
142 Delta Upsilon Fraternity 

144 Macdougall Miss Mary 
146 Ferguson Mrs Anne 
148-158 Westminster College 
160 Marrow Miss Lucy E, 

Church of Redeemer 

464 Brown W C, phy 
Unfinished house 
478 Franklin Edgar R, phy 
^ Brunswick av Intersects 
480 Bone Samuel, gro 
482 Sanderson Percy 
484 Haight Mrs Henrietta, 

Haight Horace 
486 McCormack Peter, tlr 
488 Schaefer & Thom, btebra 
490 Unser Wm, baker 
Unfinished bldg 
^ Howland av commences . 
Unfinished bldgs (4) 

496 Brock Geo S, gro 
498 Lipsett Misses, mlnrs 
504 Stalker & Dowell, Ids tlrs 
606 Douglas-Alien Electric Co 
Madden John J 
Goring Wm 

608 Hourlgan Daniel M 
Adams Alex C 
Morrison Miss M E, fey 

510 Dick Henrietta, confy 
610A Cole L Elmer 
512 Rahikainen John, tlr 
514 Rippon E V, ad\ novel- 

516 Urbach Charles A, florist 
518 Chaplan Myer, Ids tlr 
520 Little Matthew W, gro 
44 Albany av commences 
522 Knapp & Slayer, shoes 
536 Tee & Tee, rest 
588 Williamson John, flour 
540 Stables Robt J, btehr 
542 Vaisev Edgar, shoes 
544 Blumstein Solomon, tlr 
546 Anderson Robt, baker 
548 Burfoot Geo, gro 
550 Prince & Co, hdware 
552 Hali Wm G, gents’ furng 
Hall James 

554 Home Bank building 
Bartlam H S, dentist 
Uornell N W, caretaker 
656 Home Bank of Canada, 
The (br) 

Colonial Realty & Securities Corporation, united 


— 98 — 

Co n f ebe r a tio n Xi f e 

X O Rr O IM T O 

Canadian Comnany 

^ Bathurst st Intersects 
668% Morano Joseph, fruit 
660 Bryant A E, real est 
662 Ward Jesse, gro 
664 Lynch Jas, barber 
566 Rouda Harman, Ur 
568 King George Theatre 
668%-70 King George Apart- 

570a Joy Hudson, barber 
572 Minehan Rev Lancelot 
St Peters (RC) Church 

♦ Markham st Intersects 
682 Devonshire Confectionery 
684 Anderson Miss Margt, fey 


686 Hughes Mrs Maud, mlnr 
688 Saunders Frank, florist 
Jessop Levi 
Platt Wm G 

590 Younder Joseph, fruit 
Thomas James 
592 Jackson Harry, btehr 
Hardie Wm H 
Mackey Arthur A 
500-604 Unfinished bldg 
606 Keys & Co, hardware 
Loane Wm 
Cahn David 

608 Weese Ft-ederlck H, fey 

Matthews Mrs Charlotte 
Flshpoll John 
610 Struthers & Sons, drugs 

♦ Palmerston av Intersects 
612 Williton & Hunter, gents 


614 Holstein Wm J, clothes 

Furrer Paul H 
616 Doerr Gustave, halrgds 
Keyser Burton 
Norman Teller 
618 Brown Bros, btchrs 
Shiels Wm A 
618A Foggan Henry 
620 Smith Earl G, gro 
b20A Nowell Wm 

Ross Alex H, real estate 
Victorero Francisco 
Blum Chas ' 

622 Hohlstein Wm J, amuse- 
622% Vacant 
624 Young David 
626 Chinese Laundry 
628 Wilson Robt H, gro 
6S0 Du Moresque Chas H, 

632 Burns Benj, jwir. 

634-36 Power Charles, gro 

t Euclid av intersects 
Hagan John B, gro 
640 Chinese Indry 
542 Brod Emanuel 
644 Munro Donald 
646 Nattress John 
648 Arnold Wm 
650 Truman Wm 
652 Gammie Wm 
654 Carnall James 
656 Nightingale Harry 
656 Bliss Mrs Rebecca 
658% Charters Thos 
660 Phillips David A 
660% Winstanley Chas 
662 Buckley Geo, baker 
♦ Manning av Intersects 
664 Terry Frankland, drugs 
666 Welch Bernard, staty 
668 Hill Britton L, gro 
676-676% Vacant 

I 678 Mount Forest Produce 

I Co 

680 Burrows N W, btehr 
; Barreca Gartano, shoe- 

; mkr 

- 682 Fraser Alex 

■ B84 McChesney Sami, tir 

■ Lunt Alfred R, staty 

684% Brooke Chas H D 
686 Thompson Wm S & Co, 
real estate 

Smith John F. real est 
Hoskinson Cyril J 
688 Chinese Laundry 
690 Vacant 
692 Vacant 

♦ Clinton st Intersects 
694 Versasco Domlnlco, fruit 
704 Singer Henry 

706 Ewens John 
712 Davis John 
714 Carter Henry, 

720 Wilson Thomas, tlr 
722 Rolls Alfred 
724 Clay Percy 
726 Jamieson Samuel J, gro 
Hunter James 

♦ Christie st commences 

♦ Crawford st Intersects 
814 Honywlll Ernest G, gro 
824-6 Brighton Lndryr Op 

♦ Shaw st intersects 
828 St Croix Wm 

830 Spence Mrs Sarah A 
Reid Miss H E, phy 
834 Dale John A, gro 
836 Brown Miss Agnes, dry 

Rotz Norman 
838 Demars Dominick 
840 Bagloy Wm G, confy 
Horton Edwd 
842 Hooper Wm J, gro 
844 Wood James E, staty 
846 Adams Edwd J 

Adams Miss Clara M, 

848 Adams E & A, fancy gds 
Johnson Frank W. silks 
850 Clapham Sami, gents fur- 

• nishlngs 

850A Gibson Robt , A 
852 Vacant 

854 Bergland & Co, real est 
856 Singer Max. tlr 
868 Ide Willis A 

Whitehead Wm, drugs 
860 Hirons Wm D, gro 
862 Cohen Jacob, tlr 
864 Gillespie Alexander, bar- 

♦ Carling st commences 
866 Brennan Richard, btehr 
868 Locke George, confy. 

870 Flgary Wm H, photog 
872 Suroff Hyman, hdware 

Shelton Joseph 
876 Chinese Indry 

Unfinished building 

♦ Ossington av intersects 
892 Shankland James, Irygds 
894 National Furniture Co 
S96 Holllngshead Marriott, 


898 Meredith Harold S 
898% Meredith Harold S, tlr | 
900 Sanderson Isaiah, barber ; 
902 Sanders Arthur C, china j 
904 De Cristofaro Antonio, 

fruit ! 

906 Fletcher John, staty j 

908 Mole Miss Dorothy, mlnr i 
Cook Thomas i 

910 Bloomer Edward, barber 
912 Wilson Sidney A, clothes 

914 Nelson Thos, baker 
916 Medis Mrs Raffaela, fruit 
918 Imrie Miss L W, dry gds 
Latimer Andrew 
920 Skitch Wm H, tlr 

♦ Concord av Intersects j 

922 Hastings & Wilson, gro | 
922A Bleakley Miss Alice M 
922% Caldwell F R, dry gds 
924 Young Marshall B, shoes 
924A Yeats Donald A 

924% Macey Bros, tlrs 
924 %A Hanson Chas 
926 Chinese Indry 
928 Ryan John, wines 
Ryan Daniel 

930 Brown & Wellts, ids tlrs i 
932 Wills George T, btehr 
Oakley Wm J, bldr 
934 Clarke Bros, gros 
yS6 Creamer Fred J, reatr 
938 Hopeson John N 

Hopeson Mrs M J, confy 
940 Squire, Edmund H, men’s 
McDonald John 
942 Lewis & Stevenson, gros 

♦ Delaware av Intersects 
956 Emery Wm, hardware 
958 Basson James, mens fnrng 
960 Roberts Albert, cigars 
962 Spence Henry J, jwlr 
962% Dovercourt Hall 

Brown Chas W, dentist 

964 Barrett Chas, gro 
966 'White R H, real estate 
968 Fletcher Samuel E, to- 

970 Johnstone J W, baker 
972 Mc'l’aggart W O & Co, 
real est 

Mercer & Bradford, barrs 
Patterson Cecil J, bldr 
974 Vacant 

976 Dixon Charles E, barber 
Conger Coal Co (br) 

978-86 Varey John B, dry gds 
982 Pretty S Byron, drugs 
Postotfice (br) 

♦ Dsvercourt rd intersects 
984 Royal Bank of Can (br 
986 Dickie Herbert A, Iftir- 


988 Ringer Jas H, gro 
990 Tipp Geo W, barber 
992 Campbell D O, confy 
994 Horwood Mrs H, dry gds 
£96 Chinese laundry 
998 Totterdell Mrs Ellzth 
1000 McBrien F G, hdwre 
1002 Cardwell J A, sbees 
1004 Vacant 

♦ Westmoreland av com 
1006 Johuston Frederick B, 


1006% Chinese laundry 

1008 McLaughlin J S, amuse- 

1012 Horwood Mrs Mary E 
Perry & Tuck, real est 
Horwood Bros, exp 
1022 Fleming Bros, gros 
1C24 Knight Henry, confy 
1026 Brown Louis, tlr 
Unfinished bldgs 
1036 Brand Clarence W, phy 
Wood Jas H, phy 

♦ Salem av commences 
1038 Bailie Wm J, auctioneer 
1046 Chinese Indry 

1042 Lummis Wfn, barber 
1050 Caldwell Thos R 
1052 Munnings A A E, baker 
1066 Witherspoon Jas, btehr 
1058 Vacant 

1060 McKay Wm, confy 
1062 Thompson Wm H, fey 

1064 Philbrook Geo, btehr 

♦ Bartlett av commences 
1076 Notter John H, real est 

Begg A A & Co, bldrs 

Spink & Read, plmbrs 
1078 Newman J Wesley, gro 
10^ Dovercourt Twine Mills 
Shurly & Derrett, Ltd, 
twine mfrs 

1086 Munn Fredk J, phy! 

1088 Cook Wm R, phy 
1094 Bartello Antonio, fruit 

♦ Gladstone av intersects 
1096 Summerfeldt Wm H C, 


C P R Tel (br) 

Rogers Ellas Co, Ltd, 

1100 Ford Robt J, gro 
1102 Ayers John, staty 
1104 Vacant 

1106 Maloney Miss Lillian, 

1106 Anglo-American Medl- 
rine Co 

1110 Bauer Charles J, btehr 
1112 Rutledge Wm H, gro 
1114 Franco Joseph, fruit 
1128 Chinese Indry 

Snodden Wesley, coal 

♦ Dufferln st Intersects 
1180 Kerr Angus 

1132 White John, barber 
1142 Araey Geo J 
1144 McBroom W T, phy 
♦ Russett av commences \ 
1146 l^ulre W H, btehr ! 

1 1148 Seaman Arthur, gro ; 

I 1150 Snell Sami, hdwre • 

1152 Manley Wallace J, confy 
' Gough Walter 

1154 Squire John Jr, whol | 
' btehr I 

1 1166 Thomas Walter ] 

I ♦ Pauline av commences 
3166 Clegg John E, gro 

13 68 Sheehan D A, shoemkr 
1170 Taylor Mrs Margt 
1172 Chinese Laundry 
1174 Greenblatt Solomon, tlr 
1176 Singer Max, amuse- 

1180 Dixon W H, btehr 

♦ Brock av Intersects 

1190 Glllam Frank , 

1196 Cox Jas, staty 
Macdonald Colin 
Martin Gavin C 
1198 Curry Wm T, gro 
Gilson Chas J 

1200 Pearsall Frank L, jwlr 
Bailey Geo H 
1202 Tenute Fredk, fruit 

♦ Margueretta st Intersects 
1204 Hambly Matthew C F, 

real est 
Smith Geo H 
1206 Vacant 
1208 Ireland Albert B 
Sprecken Harry 
1210 Halre Wm J, cleaner 
Smith Henry 
1216 Lawrence E. hdware 
1218 Medd James, rest 
1220 Saunders Wm J, dry gds 
1222 Symons George, barber 
1224 Webb Miss H E, confy 
1226 Leslie Moses, gro 

♦ Emtnerson av commences 
1228 Oiiffln Joseph A, btehr 
1230 Vacant 
3 232 Vacant 

1234 Queen John A, shoes 
1236 Raynor Fredk, sewing 

Pooler Miss E M, music 

1238 Henderson Allen, barbr 
1240 Watt Thos D, baker 
1242 Rowan John, btehr 

♦ St Clarens av Intersects 
1250 Wellwood Arthur, shoes 
1252 Diamond Miss Ada, 


1254 Covert Hiram, gents 

1256 Wilkin Carl E, cigars 
1258 Vacant 

1260 Patterson Wm H, gents 

1262 Hetherington Jas C, ins 

Howson & Taylor, drs- 

1264 Markus Edwd, gen str 
1266 Vacant 

♦ Lansdowpe av Intersects 
1270 Imperial Bank (br) 

Skae Mrs Julia 
Cumberland Mrs Flor- 

Unfinished bldg 
1304 Wilson Mrs Nellie, gro 
1306 Chinese laundry 
1806 Brlgden Wm 
1310 Phillips Thomas 
1312 Paterson John 
1326 Archibald Wm 
Graham Wm 

♦ Railway crossing 

1372 Hancock T H, lumber 
1412 Beckett Mrs Mary J 

♦ Symington av Intersects 
1420 Hartman Frederick 
1422 Rhyme Wm T 

1424 Wilson David 

1426 Thornbeck Robt 

1428 Martin 'Wm 

1430 McCartney David J 

1432 Smith Emerson 

1434 Macdonala Mrs Jane H 

1436 Peel Mrs Celia 

1438 Partington John 

1440 Stanton George B 

1442 Cale Mrs Margt W 

1444 Lemon James, btehr 

♦ Perth av Intersects 
1446 Mickle, Dyment & Son, 

planing mill 

♦ Railway crossing 
3478-90 Canada Bread Co 

Imperial Bank (br) 

♦ Dundas st Intersects 
1566 Tucker Reuben 
1662 Sowden W’alter 
1568 Carroll Archibald 
1578 (jooper John 


STOCKS Bought and Sold on all the Leading Ex- 
changes. Prompt attention given to Orders 

— 99 — 



ASSURANCE CO. of Edinburgh 



0. M. McOOUN 

Manager for Canada 

Toronto Offices: 

Bank of Commepee Bldg. 


15S4 Barraclough Joseph 
1590 Patterson Frederick 
7620 Wilkinson Kdwd 

♦ Indi.Mti rd intersects 
1704 Bun'ill Alfred 

♦ Keele st intersects 

♦ Hnin nv commences 

♦ Oakmount rd commences 
^ pjndrtf' •;iv commences 

1870 Watts David L 
^ High I’ark nv intersects 
^ Qnel>eo nv intersects 
2014 White Octavius, artist 
^ Clendenan av commences 
^ Glen Donwynne rd com- 

♦. Kennedy av commences 
^ Runnymede rd com- 


2246 Macklin Herbert G 
^ Beiesford av commences 
2260 Jensen James J 
2266 Fish Fredk \V 
2270 Calvert Fredk W 
4^ r>iMie av commences 
^ Windermere av com- 

4^ Willard st commences 
Spears av commences 
st intersects 

South Side 


1 Stollery Frank, 

3 Singer Sewing Machine 

5 Apartments 

Rooms — 

1 Vacant 

2 Spircila Unbreakable 

Rustproof Corsets 
Ideal Skirt Supporter 

3 Vacant 

4 Williams C E, dentist 

5 Henderson Miss W M, 


7 Mitchener J G Co, The, 
ladies tailors 

7 Davies Wm Co TAd The 
(br) provs 

11 Henwood J M, phy 
13 MacCallum Jas M, phy 
15 Roddy Miss Elizabeth 
17 Nudel Mrs Isabel 
19 Lander John C 
21 Frawley S L, dentist 
^ Balmuto st ends 
23 Blair Chas McV 
Buggies Chas H 
Baptist Church 
^ North st ends 
71 Stapley Wm G 
73 Britton Jas E 
75 Harvey Fredk A 
77 Warren James 
79 Smith Mrs Elizth 
81 Allen Albert 
^3 Anderson xsorman, phy 
Macdonell Mrs Isabel 
85 Colville James, drsmkr 
89 McCollum John A, phy 
Cameron Mrs Minnie 
*92 Vacant 
^5 Hoch Percy 

St Thomas st ends 
‘97 Gamble Charles B 
99 Walton Matthew 
TOl Blakeley Mrs Ehzabeth 
T03 Hoskin Mrs Rebecca 
105 Wells Frederick 
107 Roedding Edwd, Ids tir 
109 Playter Nelson 
Conover Wm W 
111 Hill John, contr 

Church Mrs Elizabeth 
113 Burwash Rev Nathaniel 
127-Blaikie John L 
131 Caldwell Wm 
137 Pugsley John 
143 Phi Delta Tlieta Chapter 

147 Kennedy George 
151 McPhedran Alex, phy 
McPhedran Fletcher, phy 
Household Science Bldg 
^ Entrance to Queen’s Park 
McMaster University 
University of Toronto 
Athletic Field 
Devonshire pi ends 
MeteoroJogical Office 

319 Chesson David 

♦ St George st intersects 
329 Thorbum J D, phy 

331 Vogt Augustus S 
333 Hardy Patk E A, phy 
341 Westman Sami H, phy 
345 Gordon A K. phy 

♦ Huron st Intersects 
University Schools 

403 Faculty of Education De- 

♦ Spadina av ends 

415 Hooper Ralph E, phy 
417 Marlow Frederick W, phy 
419 Mahee Oliver R. phy 
425 Shore Allan, phy 

♦ Robert st ends 

Trinity Methodist Church 

♦ Major st ends 
459 Leaver Geo, gro 
4riA Young Arthur H 
•^63 Young A H, pictures 
463a Tod Philip 

465 Xornabell J L C, drugs 
P O fhri 
Abbott Miss Annie 
465A Swift Chas A 
467 Swdft & Co. Ids tlrs 
469 Haeberlln Walter, baker 
471 Axton Mrs Jessie 
473 Parks Wm J, gro 
473 A Brovs’n Miss Clara, 

Richardson Miss Mary, 

Crosby Mi.s3 Isabel, nurse 
Kavanngh Miss Mary, 

Maas Herman C 
475 Chinese Indry 
475A Baker Chas 
481 Brunswick Hotel 
^ Brunswick av intersects 
483 Vacant 

485 Stewart Wm T, gents 

487 Saunders Alfred, shoes 
-189 Ross Robt 

McFeggan James 
Robinson Mis Rebecca I 
491 Neal Albert, florist (br) 
493 Denyes Win & Son. gros 
493A Morgan Mrs May 
Young Philip C 
495 Denyes Wm & Son, btchr 
i95A Cumines Mrs Marion 
Boyd Mrs .Jane 
497 Vacant 

497 A Lambert Miss liCila 
Scott Miss Mernie 
490 Binnle ,T L, gents’ fur- 

501 Cook Merrill H, dry gde 

.50114 Mellor Edward A 

f03 Jenkins Mrs Mary 

505 Campbell Thomas 

507 Klophel Wm R 

509 Norris Richard D, drugs 

♦ Borden st ends 

511 Musgrave James, phy 
513 ^mlth Mrs Emily 
515 Clftffey Lewis A 
517 Orr Mrs Annie 
519 Brown Joseph 
521 Robinson Frank 
525A Chinese laundry 
^ Croft st ends 
527 Rydall John, wagon mkr 
529 Cameron P'redk J, coal 
633 Harper Raj^mond, hair- 

533A Shawcross James 
Swaokhamer Earl B 
Ivanoich Anthony R 
Bissett John 
535 Vacant 
535A Vacant 

537 Hodgson Miss Beatrice, 
Anderson Mrs Mary S 
Mitchell Archd 
Power Wm J 
McGuire Augustine 
5S7A Henderson Wm 
^ LlpplDcott st ends 
539 Bartlam J L & Co, 
steamship agts 

54l Kasanoff Edmond, printr 
Unfinished bldg 
555 Vacant 

557 Tackaberry - Stone, Ltd, 
clothing mfrs 

559 Noble George, dry gds 
Noble George W K, den- 

5G1 Strachan & Bennett, 

561 A Strange Wm H 
Nash Gerald 
563 Vacant 

563A Butchart Miss Mary, 

Dalton Miss Mary 
.563^ Nasmith Co Lid (br). 

565 Dominion Rank 
^ Bathurst st intersects 
5^ Davies Wm Co, Ltd 
567% Sinclair Ramsay E, 
real est 

569 Apartment House 

1 Harding Alfred E 

2 Margetts Wm H 

3 McGulrl J Stanley 

4 Shaver J Howard 

5 Weston Miss Grace 
560% American News Agency 

C P R Co’s Tel (br) 

571 ^fatthewson M’ss Ida 
573 Expert Ladies Tailoring 

575 Murdoch Alex, bowling 

677 Greenwood Joseph 
Waters Mrs Mary 
Drummond Chas S 
Harton Norman L 
579 Greenwood Joseph, shoes 
Drummond Chns 

♦ Markham st intersects 
685 P O (Station E) 

585% Sanborn Frank E 

Brown Arthur "W 
587 Gregory W S & Co, real 

Gregory Mrs S C, staty 
Todd Geo 

599 Ball Albert B, furniture 
^ Palmerston av Intersects 
627 Bloom I.,ewis. presser 
627 A Livingtone Miss Mary 
Clubb Clarence 
629 Fuller Walter 
Dove Chas B 

C29A MacAffer Miss Janet, 

♦ Euclid av^Mntersectg 
653 Kenney W’’allace A 
C55 Kehoe Joseph J 
657 Haskell Alfred 
659 Jenkins Mrs Marlon 

♦ Manning av intersects 
6^ Rnndell Walter E, gro 

Hyndman James 

♦ Clinton st Intersects 

699 Malot W’m Weather 
Strip Co, The 
6S9A Vacant 

701 Curry Edwin L, barber 
715 Buchanan Chns W, phy 
717 Tinsley James 
719 Phillips Richard 
721 Rutwell Henry, brk mfr 

♦ Grace st ends 
McGoor W^alter B 

737 Bennett Miss Jessie, drs* 
make r 

739 W^instanlev Thos 
741 Mitchell Wm H 
743 Philp Wm H 

♦ Beatrice st ends 

779 Whirlwind Carpet Clean- 
ing Co 

781 Reynolds Candy Co 

♦ Montrose av ends 
805 Vacant 

807 McBride Mrs Marie 
‘i09 Johnston Joseph 
Sll Hart Samuel K 

♦ Crawford st intersects 
8l5 Swain Wnn J, gro 
831 Grant Dohald 

♦ Shaw st Ibtersects 
839 Clubine & fMolloy. gros 
841 Armstrong) Mrs Mary 
843 Dean San^uel 

^45 White He/ury C 
847 Godbold Mrs Isabella 
851 Parker John H 
Miller John 

855 Chinese indry 

♦ Roxton rd ends 

S59 Moffatt John & Son, gros 
861 New York Ladies Tailors, 

863 McKechnie Samuel 
865 Saker George W 
867 Steger Louis 
860 Breckels Albert E 
871 McDonald Mrs Annie 
873 Major Wm 

Major Mrs Jessie, gro 
875 Taylor Thomas, furn 
Martell Mrs E M, hair- 

881 Cork J H, btchr 

887 McDonald John H, ooal 

♦ Osslngton av iDtersacts 
893 Corsan George H 

896 McConnell Rev Wm 

897 Jackson Sami T 
McGivern Miss Isabella, 


899 Cody W H & J L, under- 

901 McFaul Mrs Minnie 
903 MaePherson James P 
905 Brawn Franclg 
Haliday James 
907 Hambly Mathew C F 
911 Tuthlll Robert, drugs 
Arnold Miss Emma C 

♦ Concord av Intersects 
913 Robertson W H, phy 

Q97 "V Q f* a f 

933 Weller Robt W, btchr 
035 Vacant 

937 Beaumont Geo A. realeet 
939 Northcotl W'm B, staty 
941 Day Louis, gro 

♦ Delaware av intersects 
971 Jackson "Wm H, coal 
975 West Chas S, sec hd gds 
977 Clipp Miss Ellen M, shoes 

'977% Vacant 
981 Dominion Bank (br) 

♦ Dovercourt rd Interseots 
983 Davies Wm Co. Ltd, provs 
985 Devins Mrs Agatha, confy 
967 Boyle Samuel (L dry gds 

Richardson H E W, den- 

989 Perry Robt A, gents fur- 

991 Dawson Christopher, jew- 

993 Harlow Claude 
993% Eagen Miss Clara, mlnr 
Robinson Ralph 
Folk John it 
995 Absent 

997 Trott Albert j. staty 
999 Blair J W, shoes 
1001 Fox Smith, gro 

Woods Albert E, tin- 
smith, rear 

1003 Carter & Co, florists 

1005 Wilson Charles F, tlr 
1007 Snider Drug Co 
1009 Wilson Wellington J, 

1011 Black & Tufts, bicycle 

Blackburne Chas T 
1013 Little Mies Emma R, 

1015 Kaplan N & Co, ladles 

♦ Rusholme rd ends 

1041 Murphy Arthur L, phy 
1043 Conboy Fred J, dentist 
1045 Conboy Richd S, phy 

♦ Havelock st ends 

1061 Mahaffv John, fey gds 
Smith Mathew 
1073 Colbert Wm D 
Lennox Chas S 
1075 Davis Philip 
1077 Reilly Fredk D 
1079 Lnngrldge Wm 
1081 Crawford Henry .T 
1083 Robinson Justin W 
1085 Goenell George 
1087 Vacant 

♦ Gladstone nv intersects 
1129 Canadian Bank cf Com- 
merce (br) 

♦ Dufferin st Intersects 
1193 Fry W S & Co. gros 

♦ Brock av intersects 


Toronto Offioe, 49 Wellington St. E. 

London, Eng. 

Tel. Main 251 

6E0. R. HARGRAFT.Cen'IAgont 

Residence Tel. North 124 

T. C. BLOGG, City Agent 

Residence Tel. North ,54 

The Dovercourt Land 





24 Adelaide St. E. 

1195 Macdonald Herbert, bi- 
cycle repr 

1201 Birch .Tohn, H. contr 
Birch Bros, express 
1203 Moore Sami, phy 
1205 Wyckoff Frank B, gents 

James Nathan 'W, dec- 

1207 Anderson & Cuiiiming, 

1209 Harrison Chas, furn 
1211 Knoll Joseph, barber 
e Margueretta st Intersects \ 
1219 Maltby Wm M, drugs 
Summers Mrs Susan 
1221 Magneison Miss Chris- 
tine. mlnr 

1223 Crottie James .T, men’s 

1227 Warrener Henry B, 

1229 Ogg & Harold, mlnrs 
1231 Prout & Weeks, elect 

1237 Aikins Arthur D, confy 
1239 Greenaway Frank, flour 
1241 Graham John, gro 
1243 Warriner Geo W, shoe- 

1245 He inichiel Mrs Jose- 
phine, fruit 

1247 Rome Gemo, fruits 

♦ St Clarens av Intersect* 
1249 Mills Charlton A, dentst 
Fenton Miss Eva, chiro- 

1251 Bank of Nova Scotia 

1261 Moore A H, gro 
1263 Chinese Indry 
1265 Bray Wm, confy 
1207 Cars.'nllen & Co. shoes 
1269 Dowse Frederick W, hd- 

1271 Wilson George G, bar- 

1273 Stevens Tbos L, rest 
1275 Knight Rlchd, real est 
1277 Ash Frank, florist 
1279 Philpott & Sutherland, 
gents furnishings 
McGregor Archd 
1281 Cartwright Joseph, staty 
1283 Good James D, gro 
1285 Powell Mrs Annette, 

1287 Cairns J A, drugs 

Conger Coal Co (br) 
Postoffice (hr) 

1289 Hughes Ted. tir 
1291 Davies Wm Co, Dtd (br), 

Dunlop R A, dentist 

♦ Lansdowne av Intersects 
1293 Bank of British North 

America (hr) 

1299 WIgham -John W, phy 
13(11 Baird Norman, bldr 
1303 Milne Wm 
1305 Vacant 

1307 Sweatman Rev Seymour 

Fleming Jas, ctg agt 

♦ St Helen av ends 

1327 Smyth & Ryan, bldrs’ 

1331 Jones & Johnson Co, 

♦ Railway crossing 
1379-1387 Canadian Falr- 

banks-Morse Co, Ltd, 

1391 Boland Walter J 
1393 Vacant 

1403-11 Lochrie Jas, bicycles 
1413 Vacant 
1419 Vacant 

1421 Holohan .Tohn F, gro 
McKay Wm J, dairy 
'♦ Symington av iuterseets 
1423 Hunter James 
3425 Garrigan Edwd 
1425% Sharp Frank, bldr 
1427 Rea Francis 
1429 Shields James 
1431 Hansmann Otto 
1433 Walker Jas, gro 
1435 Dutchman Albert E 
1437 Amsbary Mrs Jane, gro 

♦ Perth av intersects 
1499 Mllnea Coal Co 

♦ Railway crossing 

♦ Dundas st intersects 

1545 McCormick Edwd, horse 

Unfinished house 
1553 Vacant 
1555 Vacant 

♦ Alhambra st ends 
1575 Vacant 

1577 Vacant 

1635 Gooder Garnet T 

♦ Indian rd Intersects 

♦ Indian Grove ends 

♦ Keele st Intersects 

♦ High Park av Intersects 

♦ Quebec av inter sects 

♦ Thompson av ends 

♦ Bertha st commences 
Davis Robert, gro 
Scroggs Sidney H R N 

♦ Windermere av com- 





(West Toronto), n from 
Maria to CPR tracks, first 
w of Clendenan av, ward 7. 

East Side 

1 Vacant 
6 Foreigners 
23 Foreigners 
25 Foreigners 
27 Foreigners 
29 Summerville Thos 

West Side 

Not built on 


North from 800 Queen e to 
Geirard e, ward 1. 

East Side 

7-9 Vacant 
15 Weston Edmund O 
23 White Mrs Alice C 

White Miss Clara, nurse 
25 Rickey Wm G 
29 Wainwright John H 
33 Glover John J 
.33 Workman Wm 
37 Wadham Joseph A 
39 Louthood Alfred 
45 Johnston John 
49 Dawe Wni 
31 Harvey Miss Della 
53 Carter Joseph 
55 Ernes John 
57 Ashton Mrs Jane 
59 Bentley John 
63 Graham Wm E 
65 Fielding Thos 
67 Cowan Norman 
69 Casement Joseph S 
71 McFarland Chas F 

Dom Mercantile Agency 
73 Mctlormlck Mrs Mary 
75 Allen John 
77 Farrow Frederick 
79 Bowerlng Ernest 
81 Taylor James 
€3 Holland Terrance 
S5 Groves Walter 
87 Bennett Sami 
91 Graham Robert, milk 
93 Bokes Thos 

96 Hunt Mrs Rebecca 

97 Camps Miss Margaret A 
99 Faulkner Edwd , 

101 Sanders Thos 
1(X3’ Robinson Wm F 
105 Whiteside Thomas 
107 Dorricott Thos A 
109-111 Harrison John R, gro 
♦ Cummings st Intersects 
113 Boden Thomas 
115 O'Riellv Thos 
121 Potts Frank 
12:1 Schmidt Gustave A 
125 Graham Geo T, dairy 
141 Burton Thos 
145 Evoy James 
153 Henman John H 

159 Barnett George A 
161 Cannon Fredk 
163 Swift Mrs Betsy 
165 Tayior John 
167 Ware Edward J, gro 
Dawson James 
169 Bell Henry M 
171 Gibson Arthur 
173 McMahon Michael 
175 O’Brien Bernard 
177 Stewart Edwin 
179 Douse Walter C 
181 McAtamney Mrs Mary 
183 Joyce John G 
185 Cay Chas 
187 Luke Jacob 
189 McCartney Thomas 
191 Hlelllker Joseph M 
193 Seale Frank H 
195 Nesbitt Geo 
197 Vanderven Frank 
199 Gill Mrs Mary 
201 Donald James 
203 Powell Robt 
205 Noon James J 
207 Glover George 
209 Huntley John 
211 McDonald Alexander 
213 Vacant 
217 Richmond Wm A 
219 Brain Albion 
221 Priest Charles 
223 O’Brien Jonathan 
225 Stokes Edwd P 
227 Butler James 
229 McKnight George 
231 Trengrove Richard 
233 England Wm 
235 Chinese laundry 

♦ First av intersects 
Bolton Av Sch 

West Side 

4 Masonic Hall 
Davidson Frank 
6 Gospel Rescue Mission 
8 Vacant 

10 Buxton ’rhomas 
12 Ostrora Geo 
14 Mullen Alexander 
16 W’lllis Henry 
18 Langstone Percy J 
20 Smith Hugh M 
22 Stewart Chas 
24 Leslie Albert 
26 Coughlin Thomas J 

♦ Clark st ends 
30 Wappes Ernest 

32 Sanbourne W'm H 
34 McCaffrey James 
38 Quigley John H 
38 Pike Mrs Mahala 
40 W'inn Frederick W 
42 Winn Fredk W, livery 
42% Vacant 
44 Chestnut David 
46 Grady Henry P 
48 Vacant 
50 Wilcox Geo 
52 Rice Richd H 
54 Page Edwd 
56 Fleury James R 
62 Paddoo Thomas C 
St Anne's (RC) School 
78 Hart Arthur 
SO Limpert Wm 
82 Bott Fredk W 
84 O’Keefe Mrs Margt 
86 Williamson Robert 
88 Barrlck John 
90 Crowe Miss Ellzih 
96 'Williamson Isaac 
W Tonens James 
100 Grey Walter 
loe Whiteside Wilson 
106 Worters George W 
108 Durle Wm 
110 Taylor Frederick W 
110% Fisher Mark S 
112 Valiant Alfred 
114 Knowles Alfred .T 
114a Kidman Mrs Charlotte 
118 Summers John 
♦ Cummings st Intersect* 
120 Burney Robert, sand 
122 McFjufden Chas 
126 Cllndlnnlng Wm 
128 Boulton John 
i:io Roberts Thomas 
132 McGovern Edward A 

134 Marshall Robert J, Exp 
136 Petry Thos 
138 Hodginson Wm 

♦ Elliott st ends 

140 Adams Thomas, shoemkr 
146 Bowerlng Chas, exp 
148 Johnston Percy 
1.50 McCarthy Henry J 
152 McGlennon Jolin 
154 Kingston Herbert 
156 Rouse Wanford J O 
158 Townsley Wm 
♦Alien av ends 
Fire HaU No 12 
162 Hunter David 

Summers Isaac J. rear 
164 Whittaker Robert, mus 

166 McKecknia Mrs Jessie 

168 Harris Geo 

170 Olllam Alfred E 

172 Hinder Samuel 

174 Burney Thomas 

176 Nelson John 

182 Brookes Simeon 

184 Wright Wm H 

186 Singleton Wm 

192 Barrett Christopher G 

194 Mrs Elizabeth 

196 Miller Joseph 

198 Bettrldge Walter 

♦ First av intersects 
234 Reidie James, gro 
236 Haywood Charles R 
238 Tomkins .Joseph 

240 O’Donnell Rev Thomas 
1 242 Bollens Wm T 

244 Covcll Elgin A 
I 246 McKeown Wm .T 


North from 44 Queen e t. 
Gould, ward 3. 

East Side 

61 Armstrong Rev Wm L 

♦ Shuter st intersects 

St Michael’s Cathedral 
79 St Michael's School 
81 Loretto Convent 
83 Loretto Academy 
St Aloysius School 

♦ Wilton av intersects 
Congregational Churcb 

97 Opperman Chas, dafry- 
99 Bridges Mrs Kate ES 
101 Tyrrell Mrs Elinor 
103 Meehan George X 
; 105 McBride Robert EC 

109 Wilson Mrs Annie 
i 111 Carroll Jas E 
I 113 Tranter Mrs Mary 

115-121 Holy Blossom Syna- 
! gogue 

I Geidzaeler Mark, carethr 

123 'Taylor Mrs Marla 
125 Hicks Mrs Elizabeth 
137 O’Keefe Eugene 

West Side 

I 2 Adam.s E Herbert, phy 

I 4-6 Padbury Mrs Martha 

8 Padbury Arthur 
10 Firth Wm A 
12-40 St Michael's Hospital 
50 McGahey Robert J, den- 

♦ Shuter st intersects 
52-54 Lockhart Mrs Ellen, 


60 Presbyterian Publications 






66 Waniica Mrs Annie 
70 'MacMillan Co of Canada, 
Ltd, publrs 

Burrows ; — Acton Bur- 
rows, Ltd, publrs 
Railway and Marine 

Photo Engravers Ltd 
Ansco Co, photo supplies 
Caulk L D Co, dental 

McCall Co, pattern publrs 
Parsons Thus J, staty 
76 O’Neill Miss Laura 
80 Foley Mrs Margaret 
82 McCarthy Ellas A 
84-88 Sanderson A B, Indry 
90 Faye Miss Belinda 
92 Grlpton Mrs Catherine 
94 Rivers Harry, Ice cream 
Dayton Apartmen is 

1 Harding Arthur 

2 Lucas Mrs Edith 

3 Adams Geo 

^ Wilton av intersects 
98 Italians 
lOO Scarret Fredk 
102 Attley James 
104 Cook Mrs Mary 
106 Maltby Mrs Mary, bdg 
108 Cassidy Prank 
110 Coady Miss M T, drsmkr 
112 Vacant 

114 Gloyns Mrs Margaret 
lie German Lutheran Cb 
118 Brown H A, express 
120 Stewart Mrs Jennie 
122 Dwyer Mrs Margaret 
124 Johnston Thomas 
126 Leonard D’Arcy 
128 Dear George C, novelties 
130 Gosnell Edward A 
132 Haney Frank 
134 Staunton The Misses, 

140 Truscott George 


(North Dovercourt Annex), 
north from 1244 St Clair 
av w to city limits, ward 

East Side 

^ Ascot av Intersects 
93 Drinkwater Stanton B 
105 Ames Fredk, gro 
111 Wells Walter W 
117 Carter Henry J 
121 Arnott Wm F 
125 Griffiths Chas R 
125% Shaw Chas R 
127 Cartwright Edgar A 
133 Vacant 

139 Fennell Walter M 

143 Deviney Wm S 

147 Laird Geo 

151 Russell Chas 

153 Ross Thos W 

155 Vacant 

165 Schofield Geo H 

167 Johnson John W 

169 Murgatroyd Harry 

173 Clarke Henry J 

175 Clarke Thos 

177 Bateman Jas 

181 Boden Edward D 

1^ Pullan Arthur 

189 Donaldson Alfred 

197 Woodllffe Joseph 

199 Frankland Joseph, gro 

203 Vacant 

205 HorspooIIe Frank 

207 Berry Harry 

209 Frankland Geo E 

213 Talt James 

225 Robison David H 

227 Smith John 

233 .Striith Geo 

247 Williams Thos 

257 Ward Mrs Rebecca 

263 Spence Wm M 

265 Barker Wm 

267 Cator Thos H 

West Side 

6 Anderson Heber S. dairy 
34 McCarroll James R 
40 Wright Henry E 
44 Dalglelsh Thos 
48 Davies Joseph 

52 Rldgway James D 
54 Rldgway Robt H 
90 Vacant 
104 Guthrie Geo 
^ Ascot av Intersects 
106 Vacant 

108 Niddry Garfield L 
Baylls Arthur 
110 Javan Egbert H 

McCormack W Gordon M, 

114 Fraser Frank 
118 Healey Mason 
124 Javan Egbert H 
126 Rees Miss Ruth 
128 Jarvis Albert 
130 Clurell Thos 
138 Wakelln Alfred J 
144 Bentley ,)oseph S 
194 Cardy Geo 
^ Hope St Intersects 
196 Saresky Arthur 
202 Peirce Nicholas 
206 Walsh John W 
216 Hntt .John E 
218 Brlgglnton Wm B 
220 Jones Samuel 
224 Tucker Geo 
228 Vacant 
2.34 Penwrlght Wm 
246 North Wm C 
^ Morrison av Intersects 



North from Ashbrldge’s 
Bay to Jemima, intersect- 
ing Queen e at 841, ward 1. 

East Side 

43 Brough John G 
45 Knights Mrs Isabella 
Raynor Henry 
47 Raynor Henry 
49 Ayre Thomas W 
51 Daniels Geo 
53 Gordon Duncan 
55 Wing Arthur 
57 Davison Adam 
59 Vacant 
61 Cowan Thomas 
65-67 Private stables 
71 Beamish George 
73 Beamish Mrs Anne 
75 Lewis Herbert 
77 Payne Thos 
79 NauIIs Arthur 
81 Rayner Mrs Emily 
85 Waste Products Refining 
Co, Ltd 

87 Bailey John A 
89 Inch Frederick 
91 Cochrane Mrs Edith 
93 Hodge David 
95 Blackburn Mrs Annie 
97 Sullivan Mrs Catherine 
Sullivan Patrick, cartage 

♦ Eastern av intersects 
107 Nod well Robert 

109 Hatch Mrs Alice 
111 Waldron Geo 
113 Call T Percy 
115 Shaw Fredk 
117 Benson Mrs Edith 
119 MacFarlane Daniel 
121 Squires Mrs Rebecca 
125 Barron Peter 
133 Horton Frank 
135 Wilson John W 
137 Geary Harry 
145 Watts Charles E 
147 Watson Charles P 
149 McCartney Andrew G 
151 Pearson Robert S 
153 Platt George 
155 Benner Ernest 
157 Myatt Moses 
183 Orr Henry, contr 
165 Breckon Albert 
167 Caine Solomon 
169 Nobbs James G 
171 Swallow Frank 
173 Burrows John 
175 Stoner Abraham 

♦ Queen st e intersects 
191 Lomas Geo 

193 Maddeaux Charles 

195 Newville Ernest 

197 King Joseph 

199 Hadden Mrs Mary B 

201 Hardy John 

203 Thompson Wm H 
205 Peak Joseph B 
207 Cassidy John F 
209 Livingstone John 
211 Kelly James E 

213 Lindsey Johnston G 
£15 MacDonald David S 
217 Durnan -Arthur W 
219 Walmsley Mrs Maggie 
221 Winter Robt W 
223 Wallace John 
225 Marshall Thos P 
^ Natalie st Intersects 
229 Gillespie Wm 
231 Vennels Arthur H 
233 Burchmore Geo 
235 Burns Mrs Amelia 
237 Van Buien Mrs Mary 
239 McDermott Edward 
Johnson Sidney 
241 Laing Peter M 
243 Brewer Edwd 
245 Vennels Chas 
247 Kelley Geo 
249 Martin Frederick B 
251 Wallace Wm J 
253 Reid Wm 
255 Clark David A 
257 Bush Albert 
259 Hardy David 
261 Youle Geo 
263 Flannery Michl 
265 Pottage Ephraim R 
267 Graydon James 
269 Dougherty John 
271 Masslngham John T 
275 Whltton Fredk B 
277 Richards Howard P 
279 Turner Chas H 
281 Dunigitn Edward 
283 Lennie John G 
285 Phillips Robt 
287 Bickerstaff Thos 
289 Croft Wm J 
295 Palmer Thomas 
297 Barrett Win 
Bone Wm C 
299 Newman Mrs Emma 
301 Goldring George H 
303 Allen Wm B 
305 Marengeur Alfred 

West Side 

Boat houses 
Athletic grounds 
Consumers Gas Co plant 

♦ Eastern av Intersects 

Hodges Cecil G 
Vacant (5) 

118 Millar John 
120 Lock John 
132 Gallon Miss Mary 
134 Vacant 
144 Baird Andrew 
146 Hubbard Walter A 
148 Brennen Hugh 
150 Mann Robt 
152 Schrier David 
154 Croker Edwd 
156 Mclnerney James 
158 Dales John E 
160 Absent 
162 May Harry 
164 Buckner Chas 
166 Elliott Archd 
168 Ansconibe James 
170 Ward Sami 
172 Buchanan Wm 
174 Waste Edwd W 
176 Lennon Wm E 
178 Charters "Wm J 
180 Buckner Geo 
182 Buchanan Robt 
184 Piper Chas H 
186 Moss Wm B 

♦ Queen st e intersects 
188 Collett Fredk 

190 Talt Chas 

192 Chadwick Albert 

194 Hogg Edwd A 

196 Gibson Prank 

198 Williamson Thos 

200 Moule Arthur R 

202 Smallwood Mrs Blanche 

204 Newberry Thos H 

262 Hardy David 
264 Hamilton Ernest 
266 Martin Albert E 
268 Roberts John 
270 White Willis F 
272 Smith Chas 
274 Cahill Patrick C 
276 Colllnson John 
278 Oakley Geo & Son, Ltd, 

284 Little Wm J 
292 Pemberthy Albert J 
294 Cleland Wm 
298 Brown George C 


North from Boultbee av, 1 
east Jones av 

. East Side 

7 Bedforq Wm T 

West Side 

2 Jennings Herbert 
4 Hall Wm 
6 Unfinished house 
10 Vacant 

12 Woodward Rowland 
14 Hall Henry 
16 Goode Herbert 


North from 380 College tn 
Bloor w, ward 4. 

East Side 

1 Nicholson Frederick R 
7 McConnell Mrs Catherine 
9 Popham Edward R 
11 Slevert John A 
-13 Cadesky Jacob 
15 Smythe Wm 
Smythe Hiram J 
17 Job Mrs Phoebe R 
19 Glover Wm 
21 Robinson Mrs Harry 
23 Nimmo Mrs Florence 
25 Heal Thos 
27 Loudon Mrs Hannah 
29 Macdonald Mrs Mar- 

31 Beatty Miss Elizth 
33 Gillespie Mrs Peter 
35 Thompson Joseph P 
37 Wood Walter P 
39 Cruse John 
41 Sinclair Edwin Q C 
43 Smith Charles W 
45 Butler Wm S 
47 Wesley John 
49 Moodie Miss Annie 
51 Hall George H 
63 Brough Robt S 
56 Fisher Chas 
67 Gardiner Arthur 
59 Colquhoun A H U 
61 Brodson Joseph 
Borgeson Sami 
63 Andrews Harris 
65 Kennedy Mrs Letitia 
67 Henehen Michl 
€9 Kerr James D 
71 Bowsfleld Mrs Margt 
73 Whitson Mrs Ja» 

75 Pearce John S 
77 Sydle Calvin W 
79 Worth Wm 
81 Staneland Samuel 
83 Leverty Martin 
85 Clark Herbert A 
Harris Geo 
87 Tates Wm T 
89 Wallace Wm 
FI Armstrong Oscar 
93 Taylor Wm 
'J5 Boyd Samuel I 
97 Davis Thomas E 
99 Lyle Harry W 
101 Millar Nell C 
103 Clark Mrs Helen 
♦ Ulster st intersects 
103% Sloane Mrs Sarah 
Newsome Miss Hannah 
105 Vacant 

107 Todd Miss Isabella L 

109 Oliver Wm 

111 Howard Geo 

113 McIntosh James W 

115 Firth John O 

117 Leaden Michael J 

119 Thompson Wm 




♦ Natalie st Intersects 
Dunlop Tire Co (works) 





21 Adelaide St. E. 

South Side 

119% Hopper Samuel T 
121 Moore Mrs Eliza 
123 Stewart Robt 
125 Hallam Thomas 
lltr Lennox Wm J 
129 Easton Mrs Emily 
131 Babe Wm 
133 Coupees Wm 
185 WUlttleton John 
137 Scher Abraham 
139 Cronkwright James W 
141 Courtney Samuel 
143 Craik Mrs Elizabeth 
143% Lowther Gerald F 
145 Atkinson Wm J, oils 
147 Bogart Fred C 
161 Wallace Geo D 
^ Harbord st Intersccte 
163 Weir A L, conty 
157 Morrow Mrs Frances 
159 Johnson Wm 
im Campbell Thomas M 
163 Acker Wellington M 
165 Mayne Wm 
167 Mothershead James 
169 Hyder Thomas, carp 
171 Aselstlne Herbert F 
1T3 Williamson Mrs Margaret 
173% Williamson John W 
Williamson Mrs Mary A, 

175 McGregor O P, paper dir 
177 Hall Milford O 
179 Carroll James 
ISl Riley Robt F 
183 Lackey Daniel 
185 Major Robt, shoemkr- 
187 Villiers Wm H 
ISO Atkinson Mrs Ellen 
191 Jessop Walter 
193 Murphy Denis 
195 W'atklns Robt 
197 Priestman Geo 
199 Storey Hugh 
201 Ellacott John 
203 Mead Wm H 
207 Humphrey Harold 
* Sussex ar ends 
209 Miller Mrs Emily E T 
211 Frazier E Warren 
213 Squler Wm T 
215 Allport Albert 
217 Pritchard Geo W 
219 Greenwood James 
221 Cooper Miss Clara 
223 Miller Robt 
223% Carlton Mrs Jennie 
225 Brown John 
225% Paul James T 
227 Stanton Alfred 
229 Garwood John W 
231 Lee Wm 
£.33 Raven Rlchd 
233a Keener Miss Ethel C 
233b Howard Joseph T 
235 Whitworth Mrs Matilda 
237 Phelps Geo 
239 Roclfhill Mrs Charlotte 
247 Bauckham Arthur 
251 Law Wm A 
253 Green Arthur 
255 Suter Henry P 
257 O’Reilly Mrs Elizth 
259 Jewell Frank 
261 Bawden Samuel 
263 Murray Mrs Martha 
2&5 Cottle Herbert J 
289 Shobbrook Wesley 

West Side 

2 Edmonds Sami 
10 Vacant 

12 Holmes Rev John H 
14 Thornton Wm 
16 Verney Geo 
18 Myers John 
20 Service John A 
22 Fraser Campbell M 
26 Vacant 
28 Wood Frank A 
80 Rupert Charles B 
82 Hafrlson Wm S, pby 
34 Wray Mrs Mary 
36 Baillie James L 
40 Manly George W 
44 Tushingham Joseph 
46 Boor Geo W 
48 Taylor James R, pntr 
50 Wilson Win 
52 Brooks Wm 

54 Fairhead Gilbert C 
56 Glionna Frank 
60 McKendry Mrs S, gro 
^ Vankoughnet st com 
62 Fewson Albert 
64 Kilner Wm 
66 Taylor Jas 

68 Drysdale Mrs Mary McF 
70 Latta Geo W 
72 Reid V7m 
74 Howard Wm E 
76 Vacant 
78 Hyde Walter J 
80 Walsh John 
82 Murley John W 
84 Webster John 
86 Eveson Samuel 
88 Barrett John 
90 Cockburn Hamilton 
92 Pike Mrs Elizth 
94 Fletcher Mrs Constance 
96 Murray John 
98 Shaw Edwin R 
100 Ham Percy W 
102 Warren Geo 
104 Owston Michl 
106 Forsyth Mrs Mary A H 
108 Johnston Wilson, exp 
110 Fess Christy 
112 Williams Wm M 
114 Reid Sami F 
116 Newman Mrs Eliza A 
118 McGee Edwd 
122 Dunbar Miss Winifred 
124 Clayton Alfred H 
126 Woodcock Chas A 
128 Armstrong John 
130 Hill Melvin 

Ulster st intersects 
142 Davies Mrs Margt 
144 Jordan Harry 
148 Ruddle Frederick 
150 Kendall Francis H 
152 Hanwell Wm 
154 Boothe David A 
156 Alexander John H 
158 Hague Francis 
160 McMlchael James W 
162 Wood James 
164 Cullen Robt 
Davis Henry 
166 Hyanis Mark 
168 Fuller Murray 
170 Somerville Rev James F 
172 Galloway Robert 
174 Robertson Duncan 
176 Smith Wm 
178 Mlchiel Mrs Eliza 
180 Broadbridge Herbert 
182 Smith Chas D 
184 Gleason Owen 
186 Clink Joseph A 
188 Currie Peter 
190 Stoll Eugene F 
192 Buckley Mrs Euphemla 
194 Nelles Wm E 
196 Honsberger Oscar J, gro 
^ Harbord st Intersects 
198 Cornyn Wm J 
202 Firth Arthur 
206 Dunnett James 
208 Moore Cedric R 
210 Roulston Thos I 
212 Taylor Wm G 
214 Bromley Albert E 
Fnbllc School 
♦ Herrick st commences 
236 Hallett Sami 
238 Mougenel Arthur 
240 Newell Edward 
242 Buckle Arnold 
244 Mougenel Charles 
246 Elkie Hugo 
248 Clark James 
250 Jones Sydney 
£52 Patterson Rlchd 
254 Brandon Chas 
2.58 Grady Jas 
Z58 Green Miss Rowena 
260 Vacant 
262 Fraser Geo 
264 Lowe Harry B 
'J66 Thompson David 
268 Linehan Michael J 
270 McMillan Wm 
272 Stanley Harry, ladies' tir 
274 Taylor James B, gro 
^ Lennox st commences 
276 Walker John 

278 Padwlck George 

280 Pirn John 

282 Wiggins Arthur V 

284 Ball Mrs Mary J 

286 Brown Geo 

288 Jarman Arthur F 

290 Rowlatt Mrs Mabel C 

292 Scott Mrs Ellzabath 

294 Mill Rendell 

296 Nicholson John T 

Nicholson Mrs Mary. 


300 Terry Mrs Ida 
304 McKlllop Thomas Q 
308 Hlgton John 
310 Stephens Miss Lucy 
33 2 Whalen Arthur 
314 Regan Bert 


South from Gerrard e, be- 
tween Carlaw and Pape 
avs, ward 1. 

East Side 

3 Brent Prank 
65 Lyske Thos 
59 Watson Henry 
61 Doersam Nelson 
63 Andrus Wilfred 
83 McMurray Miss Janet 
85 Middleton James 
91 Keeler Joseph 
97 Vacant 
99 Wild Paul 
331 Nicol John 
139 Eve Albert 
141 Beamish Robt J 
147 Sage Sami R 

263 Counsell Mrs Elizth 

265 Gaunt Geo 

267 Lowe Walter E 

269 Stock Ernest 

271 Kemish Chas 
273 Parker Fredk J 
275 Lafiamme Wm jr 
277 Matchesoii Kenneth 
279 Yelland Carl 

281 Greenwood Geo 
283 Stephenson Arthur 
285 Clark John F 

West Side 

262 Simons Andrew 

264 Bond Frank 

266 Campbell Leonard 

268 Barham Wm 

270 Shephard Leslie 

272 Given Sami D 

West from 96 Avenue rd 
to Bedford rd, ward 4. 

North Side 

8 Bowbanks John S 
10 Fisher Miss Alice 
12 Mlatt Wm H 
14 Hunter Mrs Charlotte J 
16 Clayton John 
18 Vacant 

20 Eby Mrs Catherine 
22 McKenna Chas 
24 Smith W Morgan 
26 Pogson Joseph 
28 Forson Mrs Agnes 
30 Leavens Mrs Lily 
32 Videon Henry, mfrs agt 
32% Cooper Mrs Grace 
36 Bemrose Frank B, TO- 
SS Shields James R 
38% Klrkaldy Wm S 
40 Patterson Mrs Fanny 
40% Swinbourn Miss P, drs- 

42 Fox Wm H 

44 Thomson Mrs Elizabeth 

46 Bell Duncan W 

48 Jamieson Mrs Agnes 

50 Watson Adam D 

52 Welch Thos 

54 Coggs Mrs Georgina E 

66 Fraser Donald 

58 Poole George C 

60 Clarin J Chas 

62 Deeks Chas A 

15 House Mrs Mary 
17 Parker Charles, bldr 
19 Duff Miss Marla B 
23 Galvin James Q 
25 Summers Frederick 
27 Lloyd Thomas 
29 Douglas George A 

Douglas Mrs Amelia, 

81 Frier Robert H 
33 Soper John, tlr 
35 Wattle John 
37 Norwich Mrs Mary 
89 Brlgden Wm H 
41 Graudjean Philippe 
45 Hargraves Mrs Annie C 
47 Martin Francis J 
49 Harris James 
SI Brennan Miss Cathertne 
53 Moat John B 
55 Teagle & Son, contra 
67 Bowman Arthur M 
59 Sutherland Walter S 

Bast from Klswlck to Les- 
lie, first n of G T R tracks, 
ward 1. 

North Side 

32 Hayes Walter, exp 

34 Sergeantson Arthur 

36 Crocker Wm 

38 Arnold Edward J 

40 Thaln Alex 

42 Dunkln Mrs Ellen 

44 Fletcher John D 

46 Lougheed Geo C 

48 Allan Thomas J 

50 Godwin Wm T 

4^ Jones ay intersects 

52 Fletcher Robt A 

54 Hewitt Herbert 

60-62 Unfinished houses (2) 

64 Curry James 

66 Emmerson Hugh 

68 Smart Joseph 

70 Boothroyd Arthur 

72 Griffith Miss Annie 

84 Hayward Fred 

86 Marker Wm 

88 Hackett George 

90 Hayes John 

92 Medlock Charles 

94 Bowkett Robt C 

96 Jones Thos 

98 Horner Wm 

100 Cameron Andrew 
102 Turner Ralph 
104 Williams Harry 
♦ Condor av begins 

120 Vacant 

326 Freeborn Wm 

130 Seniscal Fredk 

^ Seymour av begins 
138 Major Sami 
140 Moore James H 

142 Greenwood Wm 
144 Bell John W 

South Side 

1 Davis Wm T 
7 Hayes Henry 
11 Woodward Geo 
^ .Tones av intersects 
61 Leithwood .Joseph 
63 Heddleston Harry 

85 Bradshaw Albert 

67 Weeks Wm 

69 Wheat Charles W 

71 Garbe Edwd 

73 Trevorrow Robt 
75 Silk Wm 

81 Squires Wm 
81 Cardey Robert 
85 Hole John 

87 Biles Henry 

89 Vacant 

91 Fell Joseph T 

93 Harrison John C 

95 Marrs Mrs Mary 

97 Vandolph Veral 

99 Townsend Geo 
115 Carter Robt A 
119 Murphy Wm T 

121 Lindsay Fredk 
123 Marrs Andrew 
127 Unfinished house 

131 Milstead Walter 

143 Bllllnger Walter 

68 Moore Thomas C 

General Insurance Agents and Brokers OFFICES: 2 COURT ST. 

(Ground Floor) 

SHAW&BEQQ Phones: Office, Main 856, nesldence. North 168S; 

Collegre 6098 




149 'jwynne John 
153 Bird John 
135 Seale Arthur 
157 Shutt Harry 
169 Pollard Alfred 

West from Roncesvalles 
av, opp Dundas to Indian 
rd, ward B. 

North Side 

12 Cochrane Airs PJIiza 

14 Alnybee Chas H 
18 Garth Geo H 
no Ellis Joseph 

^ Alhambra st commences 
UB lAmg Ueorse 

28 Stewart Colin 
30 Cox Andrew D 
32 Powley Jacob S 

34 Wells Charles P 

36 Cheevers Henry W 

38 King George 

44 O'Brien George 
4(1 Watson Mrs Olive 
48 AVallace Andrew 

50 Wilson Frederick F 
52 Lind Adam A 

54 Edwards Arthur J 
Howard School 
76 Boyes James 
78 Ewing Robert 
88 Williamson Joseph H 
DO Fairty Irving S 
92 Page Frank E 
»4 Reid Wm H 
96 Weldon Isaac H 
98 Whatmough Arthur E 

South Side 

1 Graham Mrs Margt 

15 Drummond John 
21 Falconer Thomas 
23 Kitchen Geo I 

26 Wells Mrs Josephine, 


27 Layfield Robt 

29 Brown Joseph P 

81 MoKee Mrs Elizabeth 

35 Rayworlh Thos 

37 Caswell Wm A 

39 Rooke Chas H 
41 Hunter James P 

45 Smith Herbert E 
47 Bedlngfleld George 

51 O’Neil Charles J 
57 Cnthbert Thos 

59 Howe Edgar P 
61 Vacant 
63 Vacant 

66 Jaffray Geo G 

67 Prosser Mrs Margt 
69 Vacant 

71 Millar Rlchd T 


North from Hogarth av to 
Danforth av. ward 1. 

East Side 

1 Bell Alex, oontr 
3 Bryce AValter 

6 Anglin Robt AV 

7 Jacobson Julius W 
9 Watson George A 

11 Vacant 

^ Woolfrey av Intersects 

13 Cobb George 

15 Vacant 

17 Salisbury Henry G 
19 Dennis John H 
21 Vacant 
29 Tyley Wm 

33 Fellman A AI. mus tchr 
35 Hamilton David 
39 Brown Wm J 
41 Marsh John M 
43 McCrea Geo L 
45 Brydon Geo H 

West Side 

8 Yarnold Robt J 
10 Madden Thos R 

12 Munro Peter F 

14 Davis AVm J 

16 Whealey Wm H 

^ AA’oolfrey av intersects 
^ Fairvlew boul ends 

^Dearbourne av ends 
IS Jossell I'rank 
Unfinished church 


North from 330 Carlton to 
SackvlUe pi, ward 2. 

East Side 

8 Sbarratt Mrs Jane 

7 Howell Joseph W 

9 Blffen Chas 

11 Tracey AVm J 
13 Ross AVm 
15 McDowell John 
17 Gibson Robt 

West Side 

2 Cnlross Mrs Christina 
4 Lepper Arthur 
6 Fenton Ransom 

8 Woodley Mrs Ann E 
10 Robb AVm 

13 Thaln James 
Stansdeld Mrs Jane, r 

14 Yard AVm T 


(Bedford Parkl 


East from Scarborough rd 
to city limits, first south 
of Kingston rd, ward 1. 

North Side 

1 Absent , 

South Side 

Not built on 


North from foot of Tyrrel 
av to St Clair av, ward 5. 

East Side 

Not built on 

West Side 

28 DInwoody Jeremiah 

Dlnwoody Leah, mus tchr 
32 Cude Harry 
# Benson av commences 


(West Toronto), w from 
1.381 Dundas, first n of 
Humberside av, ward 7. 

East Side 

3 Kennedy John 
5 Vacant 
7 McBride AVm E 
9 Hall Robert 
11 Brandel Miss Flora 
13 Croney John F 
15 Dickenson Chas 
17 Lusk Fredk AV 
19 Barkes Geo 
21 Mathers Sami 

West Side 

Not built on 

East from 509 Christie, 
through Wychwood Park, 
ward 5. 

Not built on 


(See Archer) 


(North Dovercourt annex) 
West from 1406 Dufferln to 
Lansdowne av, ward 6 

North Side 

12 Connor P’rank 
14 Evans AVm 
16 Vacant 
18 Mougenel Geo 
20 Anderson Daniel 
36 Pickering Wm 
# Llghtbourne av Intersects 

68 Lever Wm 
60 Vacant 
66 Porter Geo W 
68 Hogue Wm 
70 Vacant 

74 Hurd Geo A W 
110 Lappln Airs M A 
112 Kossl Antonia 

126 Smith Robt 

^ Primrose av Intersects 

156 Esson Ale.x 
158 Vacant 

4^ St Clarens av intersects 
Canada Foundry Co, yds 

South Side 

1 Stuart Mrs Helena 
^ Llghtbourne av intersects 
77 Cooper Henry M 
115 Vacant 
117 Imola Nicholas 
119 Crawford AA'm H 
121 Zecchinl Rlchardo 
123 Morrow Christopher •' 
125 Hubbard Ernest 

127 Crlss Antonio, gro 

^ Primrose av intersects 
149 Robinson Alary F 

157 Dicks Chas 

Toronto Pressed Steel Co, 
Ltd, The 

Wilkinson Plough Co, 

^ St Clarens av intersects 
Canada Foundry Co, yds 


North from 634 King w to 
Richmond w, ward 4. 

East Side 

17 Larkin Thos J 
Irvine Geo 

19 Weinstock Bernard 

21 AVaywell Thos 
Black James, rear 

23 Alcoek Mrs Susan 

25 Clark Mrs Sarah 
■33 Hay John 

4b Adelaide st w intersects 
35 Rashkofsky Mrs Annie, 

Rashkofsky Louis 
37 Regina Frank 
39 Friedman I^zarus 
Gottleib Bot: 

41 AVeinstein Sami 
43 Caplan Horace 
45 Cadesky Simon 
47 Nicholson James 

49 Mills Wm 

* Camden st ends 
51 Dive Spencer 
53 Reynolds Sami 
55 Cohen Joseph 
57 W^illinsky Isaac 
Friedman Jacob 
61 Alexander Louis 

West Side 

8 Corrigan Airs Mary 
10 Douglas AA’’m 
12 Miller Sidney H 
14 Allen Wm G 
16 Availing Joseph 
16% Vanuch Frederick 

18 Wallace Mrs Alinnie, drs- 


2(1 Keeley AA'm 

22 Srlgley Ernest 

24 Coates Harry 

26 Slade Oliver 

28 Curtis Airs Mary E 

50 Needham Joseph 

^ Adelaide st w intersects 
St Andrew’s sq 


(Spadina Park) 


South from 529 King w, 
ward 4. 

East Side 

1 O’Hanley John 
3 Ewing Airs Alary 
5 Douglas Ralph 

7 Green Frederick H 

9 Busby John 

White Thos 

11 Iteyiiolds Arthur 

13 Reynolds Robert 

15 McLean John H 

West Side 

2 Welch Arthur 
4 Jordan Michael 
6 Delill Charles 
8 Goss Frederlclc 

10 Aliddlvcon Alfred 

12 Alclntyre John 

14 Carson Airs Elizabeth 

16 Hanna James 

West from 530 Yonge tO' 
Surry pi, ward 3. 

North Side 

14 Myers Mrs BUsabsth 

16 McAllister Mrs Alary 

18 Vacant 

20 AVilson John T, uphol 

22 Allan John 

24 Sherman A G, express 
Shipway Albert 

26 Mulholland Airs M A 
28 Dies Chester 

30 Gamble David 

32 Dunn David 
32a Voss Andrew 

34 Lane Miss Clara 
34a Rowland Jas 

36 Henr.v Thos 

38 Robbins Geo H 
40 Brown Mrs Jane 
42 AVilson Rev AVm F 
46 Catto Chas J 

^ St Vincent st intersects 

South Side 

I Mathews Mrs Grace 
9 Jeffery Edward 

II Edwards Frederick 
13 Crawford Airs Alary 
13*,4 Terry Mrs Annie 

16 Brady Albert 

17 Finch George 

19 McKyes Mrs Isabella 

21 AVilson Miss Alary 

23 Lines Harry 

25 Pitman John 

27 Authors Hartley G 
29 Cooper Mrs Mary 

31 Grainger Airs Elizabeth 


33 Kelly Benj 

35 Sims Miss Florence 

37 AlacNaughten Henry F 

39 Mitchell David J 
46-47 St Vincent Apts 

4 St A'incent st Intersects 
55 Griffin Geo 
67 McTavish Rev Daniel 
59 Law Robt 

61 McKenzie Airs Martha A 
Catchpole Benj * 

63 Absent 

66 Elmore Franklin H 

67 Shuttleworth Mrs Emma 
69 Sanders Herbert J 

71 McDonald Angus 
73 Turner John 

76 Carnahan AVm J A 

77 Deaper Cecil 

89 Douglas John D 
91 Woods James W 
93 Monahan Mrs E 
95 AA'iitkins Edwd J 


(Bedford Park) hill AV 



(East Toronto), east from 
Norwood rd to Main, first 
n of Gerrard e, ward 1. 

North Side 

10 Hopvvood Thos 
12 McKinnon Edwd 
4 Enderby rd Intersects 
20 AVeir AA'm .1 
22 Little AA’m 
24 Vacant 


Pine Doors 

L. A. DeLAPLANTE, Limited 

Office and Factory : MAIN ST., EAST TORONTO Phones Beach 230.231 

— 104 — 



South Side 

^ Enderby rd intersects 
31 Garbutt Fredk W 
33 Baxter Geo 
35 Vacant 

37 Macdonald George S, pub- 
39 Vacant 
41 Vacant 
43 Vacant 
45 Forsythe Thos 


West from Davenport rd to 
Bathurst, first u of Dupont 
ward 4. 

North Side 

^ Huron at Intersects 
^ .Madison av intersects 
^ Spadina rd intersects 
^ Walraer rd Intersects 
Keinlal av Intersects 
Dartnell av commences 
2 Turner Jas 
4 Mundle Andrew 
6 Kelshaw Mrs Klizth 
8 Maxwell Wm M 
10 Vacant 
12 Doherty John 
14 McQuade Edward 
IG Watt Joseph A 
^ Howland av intersects 
^ Albany av intersects 
^ Bathurst st Intersects 

South Side 

Not built on 


South from Taylor, first 
w of Sumach, ward 2. 
East Side 

1 Boss Thos 

3 Bailey Albert 

5 Lietcher Fredk 

7 Bralthwalte John 
■ 9 Tomlinson Joseph 

West Side 

2 Hart Arthur 

4 Brown Mrs Jane 

6 Hart Wm 

8 Lemyre Joseph 
10 Smith John 

12 Taylor Geo 
14 Lumb Smith 
16 Irwin Joseph 


North from 460 Kin^ ® to 
Queen e, ward 2. 

East Side 

11 Popovicht Chas 

13 Hawke James 

15 Ensworth Walter 

17 Wright Wm 
21 Curran John 

23 Curran Francis J 

25 Dooley Thos 

27 Montreull Ulric 

29 Fennell Walter 

31 Potvin Victor 

33 Morrison Samuel 

35 McLennan Mrs Mary J 

37 Staneland Mrs Sarah 

39 Dunlop Hugh 

41 Feeney Thos 

43 Noonan Ambrose H 

West Side 

10 Bronhy Michl 

12 Squires Loyal 

14 Pember Albert H 

16 Dennis Mrs Edla 

18 Perkins John Jr 

20 Klrkoff Christopher 
22 Thompson Walter 

24 Thompson Edward 

26 Latimer Mrs Hester 

28 Blakeley John 

30 Heri)ert George F 

32 Costigan Matthew 

34 Johnston ,Tohn 

36 Barraclough Henry 

38 Plummer Mrs Amelin 

40 McNichol .Joseph 

42 Shangraw E B 

44 Jacobs John 

46 Allen Eugene 
48 Stalker John 
Rosburn John 
50 Labovitz Wm 

East from 181 Pape av, 
ward 1. 

North Side 

2 Ireland Charles 

4 Clancy John 
8 Dunlop Patk 

10 Shaughnessy Wm, contr 
Broadhurst Thos, r 
Hill Wm, r 

Bates Wm N, r 
Haight H H, r 
Marshall Frank, r 
Thompson Wm H, r 
Williams Edwd, r 
Kehoe Jas, r 

18 Black Thos 

20 Haynes John 

22 AVhite Charles 

South Side 

1 Walker Mrs Mllllcent 
3 Evans Richard 

5 Carlton Wm 

7 Rickard h'redk C 

11 Gloster Thomas J 
13 Barling Mrs Susan 
l.V Vacant 

17 Hays Andrew 

19 Malnes Albert 

21 Lewis Mrs Mary, nurse 
Barker Wm 

23 Lee Andrew R • 

25 Heeney Robert J 

Name changed to Archer 


("West Toronto), w from 
Indian rd to Indian rd 
cres. first s Humberside 
av, ward 7. 

North Side 

16 McGregor Mrs Elizabeth 
18 Campliell Albert E 
20 Kay Percy 

22 Fleming Wm 

24 White Albert F 
26-28 Vacant (2) 

30 Stuart Henry 
32 Wallace John C 
34 Parker Angus M 

South Side 

1 MacKenzie Alexander 
3 Noden Frank A 
7 Wagner J C, furn 
11 Vacant 
13 Vacant 

23 Case Roland M 

25 Cork John H 
27 Kirkland. Alex 

31 Shaver Wra 


East from 151 George to 
Sherbourne, ward 2. 

North Side 

2 Beck Adam, cigar boxes 
Toronto Machine Tool 
Plating Works 
4 Bedean Chas, metal wel- 

♦ Stone Cutter la Intersects 

South Side 

9 Sturch John 
11 Middleton Elijah 
29 Madden Wm 

Harris Wm H, rear 
Souray W'm, rear 
31-33 Bias Corsets, Ltd 

Snider J E & Co, mfrs 

36 Toronto Feather & 
Down Co 

43 Paper Goods Co, ijtd 
4.5 Vacant 
47 Vacant 
51 Vacant 

♦ Stone Cutter la intersects 

North from Eastern av to 
Danforth. av, crossing 
Queen at 712, ward 1. 

East Side 

1 Anderson Robt S 
5 Guest Geo 

II Williamson Charles 
13 Blbby Robt 

Walmsley Joseph 
15 Hurley James 
17 Rodgers Hugh 
19 Batt Mrs Marguerite 
27 Ralph Robt 
29 Ryan Mrs Eliza 
31 Lawson Geo W 
33 Tustin Fredk C 
35 Bates Adam 
37 McKibbin James 
39 Held Robert 
41 Sheehan Mrs Mary 
43 Cox Herbert H 
45 Sklllen Samuel E 
47 Cox Walter B 
49 Mandavllle P rank G 
51 Anderson Frank E 
53 McAvoy Owen T 
55 Mitchell Thomas 
67 Sloman Henry 
59 Smith James O 
61 Foley John J 
73 Fahey Michael 
75 Begley James 
79 Whittam Allen 
81 Lafferty Daniel 
83 Edger Geo 
85 Stewart Wm B 
87 Ruhmohr Malcolm 
89 Cruise Bros, roofers 
Cruise Geo W 
91 Baker Stewart J 
93 Smith Charles W 

♦ Queeu St e iuterseets 

106 Dolson Edgar A, dentist 
Walsh Mrs Elizth 
109 Chinese laundry 

III HIne Sami 

113 Coleman Wm J 
115 Wood Wm F 
117 Crawford Wm T 
119 McEachern Nell D 
121 Hughes Ephraim 
126 Odd Fellows’ Hall 
131 Royal Canadian Blcyols 

136 Todd Mrs Francs* 

137 La Belle Anthony 
139 McLaughlin Michl J 
141 Jarvis W’m H 

143 W’atson Thos J 
145 Milne Alex 
147 Irwin Mrs Martha 
149 Fraleigh Albert J, phy 
151 Bowles Harry 

♦ Kintyre av Intersects 
161 Huniphreys Thos 3 
163 Smith Henry 

165 Ryndress John 
167 Labelle Arthur 
169 Doraelle Mrs Elizth 
Domelle Wm 
171 Murdock Wm 
179 Queen City Concrete 
Paving Co 

199 Queen Alexandra School 
221 Gospel Temperance Mis- 

221A4 Bennett Arthur, pain- 

223 Francis & Co, confrs 
225 Dorman Jas, shoes 
227 Bolan Wm P, gents furn 
229 Butcher Harry, cigars 
231 Lavoie Richard 
233 Thackaray John F 
2.3S Argue Wilfred, shoes 
235)^ Znrfass Herbert A, gro 
tlrone Harold W 
237 Tomlin E A. btchr 

♦ Elliott st intersects 
239 Bible Frank H, gro 
241 Hlne H S, btchr 

243 Vacant 

245 Ebbs Wm, barber 
247 Selway David 
251 Selway Alfred H 
257 Bibet Auguste 
259 Cowling Arthur W, sheet 

♦ Allen ay commences 

263% Chinese Indry 
265 Tustin Wm H, flour 
Pearson Harry 
267 Barrett Mrs Christina 
Patterson Wm 
275 Broadview Y M G A 
289 Rees Miss Johanna H, 

291 Morga.ason John S, confy 
293 W’allace James G, cigars 
301 Hamilton Wm T, phy 
303 W’eller Henry & 

805 Weller Hedley E 
♦ First av commences 
,337 Cowdy Oliver, gro 
3S9 Grady John, dry gds 
Aaron Morris 

oil Maunder Thilbert C,. 

343 Garrett G H, hdwre 

346 Dunstan Robt J, barber 

347 Milligan, Russell & John- 

ston, real est 
Kerr Bryce 
349 Berrle Thomas, gro 
349% Bell P ordon, cigars 
361 Miller Wm, gro 
353 Walton Chas W, cigars 
355 Nasmith Co, Ltd, (hr)' 

3.57 Chinese Indry 

359 Probert Charles, btchr 

361 Jacobs F A, drugs 

Bancroft Ijoster J, dentist! 

♦ Gerrard st e intersects 
363-366 Bank of Ottawa (hr) 

Union Life Assce Co (brp 
367 Vacant 

S69 Bovd Mrs E J, dry gds 

371 Boyd W J 

373 Retter Harold G 

375 Campbell Wm, umbrella* 

377 Steele, Peter P, shoes 

Steele Gilmour J, dentist 
Standard Brick Co 
379 Woodward B M 
381 Woodward B M, drugs 
Postoflice (hr) 

385 Sneath Charles R, phy 

♦ Simpson av commences 

St John's Pres Church 
421 Hart 51 rs Dora 
423 Mitchell Kussell J 
425 Marshall Richard 
427 Armstrong Joseph E 
429 Gould Thomas D 

♦ Victor av commences 
431 Addison Wm L, phy 
tS."! Forman James C 
437 Steele Peter P 

441 Corrigan Rev Richd 
446 Gallagher J A, phy 

♦ Langley av commences 
453 Linden John 

Robinson Robt H, phy 

459 Jupp James 

460 Walton Albert ID 
469 Cook John W 

♦ Riverdale av commences 

473 Redway Wm E 

475 Binder Joseph 

477 Cowdy Oliver 

479 Zarfass Henry 

481 Zarfass Geo F, baker 

483 Zarfass Geo F 

485 Gilbert Mrs Janet 

487 Peacock M E 

489 Bennett Mrs Annie 

491 Quigley John 

493 Ryan John J 

495 Purvis Wm L 


H 6 nr 7 W. Evans, Phone CoUeg^e 8S7 F. H. Qooch, Phone North 1243 


26 Wellington St. E. Tel. Main lisa 

— 105 — 

GIBSON BROS, estate 

Phone Main 1428 


♦ Withrow av commences 
wl Kedway Horace P 
605 Coulter Wm 

507 Jupp J W 
609 JoTies Reginald A, phy 
611 Jefferies Arthur K 
613 Fee Alexander 
615 Harris Wm T 

♦ Bain av commences 
533 luogan Thomas 

535 Brookes Frank D 

♦ Sparkhall av commences 
643 Flaxman Edwin 

645 McGlashan James 
647 Werthner Christian 
649 Abbott Chas jr 
551 Freeman Mrs Margaret 
683 Haughton David 
585 Wright Sami 
687 St Matthew’s Lawn Ten- 
nis Club 

♦ Tennis cres commences 
623 Smith Wm H 

625 Flint Edgar 

627 Landell Chas D 

629 Whitfield John 

631 Wright Wm Q 

633 Andrew Edmund 

635 Beer Ernest A 

039 Clarke Kobt C 

641 Craig Wm B 

647 Hiehardson Robt S, Dhy 

♦ Hogarth av commences 
649 White Geo A 

651 Summerhayes Wm P 
653 Hewitt Miss Marie 

666 Robertson John 

657 German Mrs Louisa 
669 Warnault Octave 
661 Kidd Trueman W 
663 Punk John 
665 Moore Wm 

Corking Mrs Emma 

667 Moore Mrs Harriet E 
669 McKee John 

OTl Lloyd Felix G 
673 Vanston Geo J 

♦ Woolf rey av commences 

676 Cardy James H, gro 

677 Burns J L, phy 
679 Dolson Edgar A 
681 Miller Geo W 

683 Martin Thomas H 
€85 Noakes Bertram 
687 Hollier Fredk 
€89 Calgev Geo M, btchr 
691 Bell Bowen E. gro 

♦ Fairview boul commences 

♦ Dearbourne av com- 


739 Preston & Chisholm, real 


741 Hiltz Miss M M & Co, 
dry gds 

743 Powell Walter, dyer 
745 Armstrong Robt J, flour 
747 Marriott G & Son, confr 
749 Wm Davies Co, Ltd, The 
751 Floyd nenry T 
753 Anderson J D, plinbr 
765 Vickery Wm 
767 Foster Thos 
769 Downes Bowers, men’s 

West Side 

86-94 Rlverdale Roller Rink 

♦ Queen st e intersects 
110 Kalisch David, clothes 


112 Florio Prank, barber 
114 Stone Geo B ' 

116 Curtin John 
118 .Tones Geo A 
120 Donald Geo 
122 Thompson John jr 
124 Farr Terence 
126 Carnegie Wm J 
128 Vacant 
134 Willett Alfred 
136 Looze Fred W 
140 Bond Fredk W 
142 Hume Alex G 
144 Sparks Robert 
150 Vacant 

162 Gibb John, dairy 

♦ Kintyre av intersects 
164 Ham Jesse 

166 Gray Henry S 

Itw McCitmmon DulM 

170 MacDiarmid Herbert C 
1*2 Overholt Mrs Esther 
174 Allison Wm H 
176 Crozier Chas 
178 See Stewart A 
180 Wallace Joseph 
1,S2 Cheethara Harry 
1S4 Ingram Albert E 
186 Wilcox Stephen 
188 Johnston Thos 
190 Porteoiis Fred 
192 Allen James W 
194 Plymouth Brethren Gos- 
pel Hall 

200 Lynn James 
202 Blow'ing Joseph 
206 W'right Wm 
208 Blackburn Mrs Elizabeth 
210 Sparrow George 
212 Lowry Samuel 
214 Shorrock James 
216 Reasor Geo 
218 Stover Albert 
220 Spencer Frederick 
224 h'ree Methodist Church 
226 Vacant 
228 Redford John W 
230 Buckland Albert J, pntr 
232 Paris Richard 
234 Sterling Bank of Canada 

♦ Elliott st Intersects 
236-240 Home Bank of Can- 
ada (br) 

’242 Robinson Wm J 
244 Fouracre Walter J 
Abraham John K 
246 Sheppard Frank 
250 Glover Richardson, exp 
252 Osborne .Tames R 
254 Fraser Charles 
256 Crowley Mrs Ellon 
2.5.8 Wright Wm T 
260 Heffring John J 
262 Bond James W 
264 Graham Wm 
266 Sullivan John P 
272 Helpern Isaac, ladie.s’ tlr 
276 Fowler John H, stock 

280 Watson Jas, pdlr 
282 Erikson Louis E 
284 Somerville Mrs Jean 
2.86 Roe Richard 
288 Boyes Tnos H 
290 Knowlton Wm J 
294 Butler W^m, tlr 

Congregational Church 
^ Mountstephen st ends 
302 Watt Peter A, gro 
.304 Hall Prank 
306 Olivant Henry 
308 Watklnson Geo L 
310 Pirn Arthur W 
312 S A Hall 
.318 Leader Oscar 
320 Downing Thomas 
326 Davis Joseph 
328 Peckham Mrs May 
.330 Collett Charles R 
346 Vacant 
348 Gem Theatre 

Veltch Ernest C, dentist 
3'50 Leidy E Fletcher, Ins agt 
Clegg Horace, pimbr 
3,52 Moses F H, hdware 
354 Beckett John C, tlr 
356 Keel Frank, jwlr 
Boyce John 
358 Vacant 

.360 Bowers Wm A, florist 
362 McNally Sami A. barber 
366 Harris Albert, liquors 
368 Davies Wm, provs 
♦ Gerrard st e intersects 
Public Library 
380 McMillan Jonii 
Lowry John 
Addy Henry 
Lonergan Thos 
Brown John 
Riverside Park 
644 Powell Robert 
646 H.-trris .lames 
658 Cruttenden T 5V D, contr 
660 Hubbard Wm P 
662 Huhhard Frederick L 
664 Boyd Robt 
670 Treloar .Tohn D 
672 Booz Frederick 

6*4 F.air Robert 
678 Wickect James A, contr 
682 Hiltz Wm W 
686 McKichan Matthew D, 

690 Elder Alexander B 
692 Vacant 

7_12 Ward Archeson T 
716 Brick 'riiomas, contr 
Brick Miss Sarah, nurse 
718 Mitchell Wm J 
740 Kirkpatrick Wm E 
740% Hill Clarence E, phy 
742 Saunders John, clothes 

744 Metropolitan Bank (br) 
Archer & Son, real est 
Ellis Wm 

746 Spagnolo John, fruit 
748 Lunn & Martin, pntrs 
Martin Arthur 
Martin Mrs Ruth C, dry 

750 Ritchie R Barlow, shoes 
752 McCord Mrs Bertha F, 

754 Pashby Bros, btchrs 



West from 268 Spadlna av, 
ward 4. 

North Side 

8 Little Johnston, bkr 
12 Stables 

16 Albert Apartments 
Davenport Philip 

1 Henderson Earl 

2 Lloyd Loflus L 

3 Ker Fredk M 

4 Duiister Ernest 

5 Partaner John 

6 Vacant 

20 Bucksey Geo 
22 Kyle James 
26 Houston W’ra J 
28 Markey John 
30 Wright Robert 
32 Allen Mrs Mary E 
.34 Urqub.nrt Miss Mary 
.30 Fogarty Robert H 
38 Jaques H 
40 Carlyle Fredk R 
42 Sutton Albert F 
44 Scott Wm 
44% Sykes David 
46 Mansell .Tohn B 
4.8 Orr Wra 
50 Jones Thos 
52 Lodge Albert 
54 Sparrow Wm 

South Side 

7 Amovy Wm J 

9 Leverington Mrs Martha 


North from 1352 Queen W, 
to north of Bloor w, ward 
6 . 

East Side 

5-7 Vacant 

9-11 McCartney Owen, blk- 

17 Lefler Joseph H. livery' 

^ Noble st ends 
19 Goldthorpe Bros, exp 
Goldthorpe Mrs Elizth E 
21 Jlinnoch Alexander 
23 Millar James 
Shephard Chas 
25 Vacant 
35 Kinnear Philip 
41 Dukelaw Peter 
43 Dault Walter 
45 Sharland Thos 
♦ Earnbrldge st ends 
47 March Mrs Mary 
49 Wilson George 
.51 Idong George J B 
53 Smith Edwin G 
55 Wra.r John D 
67-63 Harrison J A, coal 
65 Gibb John 
67 Hunter Thomas R 
71 Weeks Chas 

73-79 Cannon T & Son, Ltd. 

Contractors Supply Co, 

81 Hastings Geo W 
83 Gammage Silas 
85 Hickerson Geo A 
87 Hickerson Marsiiail C 

♦ Railway crossing 
121 Maoey Sign Co 

♦ Florence st ends 
123 Robinson Fred 
125 Woods Wm J 

127 Laughran Mrs Annie 
129 Duck Francis H 
131 Hennessy James 
133 Horner W'm 
135 Robinson Martin 
137 Green Wm 
139 Wilson Alex M 
141 Fleming Alex 
143 Leach Leonard 
145 Slack Thos 
147 Bulger Martin 
149 Johnston Wm 
Tye Percival 
151 Wilson John, gro 

♦ Middleton st ends 

♦ Frankish av ends 

203 Hance Geo B, liquors 
Snell Geo 

205 Irish Chas, shoemkr 
Rose Harry 

207 Sheets Oliver E, gro 
Dykes Paul 
’209 Chinese Indry 
209% Williams Mrs Bessie 
21] Williams Lionel 
211% Mansell Fredk 
213 Wallace David 
215 Spence Mrs Lillie 
217 Chambers Edwd 
219 Summers Alex C 
221 Stacey BenJ 
223 Cusack Thos 

226 Murray .Tohn 

Muir Miss E, drsrakr 

227 Pike Goldwin 
227% Liddiard Geo, gro 

♦ Marshall st ends 
229 Marshall Mrs Mary 
231 Vacant 

233 Paterson Mrs Elizth 
235 Tabb Fredk C 
237 Griffiths Henrv 
239 Mitchell Alfred 
Hands Arthur 

♦ Brockton pi ends 
241 Marshall John, btchr 
243 Marshall .Tohn, gro 

Keeler Humphreys 
245 Galloway .Tames W 
247 Sloan Geo 
249 White Mrs .Tane 
251 Norrie John 
Wallin Geo 
2.7.3 B.vrne .Tas 
2.55 Schofield Alfred 
257 Keith Archd 

2.59 Pecquet Edward 
261 Correll Geo T^ 

263 Duckworth Wm, produce 
265 Vacant 

Brock Av Gospel Hall 

♦ Dundas st intersects 
2o3 Sanderson R G 

29,i Irwin John .T 
^ Atkin av ends 
3)3 Thompson James E 
315 Shand Wm 
.317 Chapman Harry 
319 Mnrphv Jas 
321 Vacant 

323 Brooks Mrs Mary J 
325 Patterson James N 
827 Fairgrieve Arohlbald 
^ Moutray st ends 
.329 Mnrton .Tames ,T 
331 Burns Robt B 
.3.35 Woods Cornelius 
339 McCarroil James 

♦ College st Intersects 
355 Levack Sinclair W 
357 Cuddaliee James R 

3.59 Latchford .Toseph 
361 Wilson Wm H 

363 Somerset Miss Della 
.365 Allen John W 
367 Holman James 'T 

♦ Lindsey av ends 



Electric Motors 

All Sizes In Stock 

— loe— 




Est. 1873 Phone Main 1889 


S69 Sumner Joseph, gro 
S71 Henry W S 
373 Craig Thos A 
375 Cable Thos C 
377 Porter Mrs Jessi* 

37V Coles Robert 
381 Harrington .Tohn 
383 Holland James F 
385 Whale Thos 
387 Chaplin Chas jr 
389 Brown Frederick J, confr 
891 Varey Wm A, gro 
^ Muir av ends 
393-395 Canfield Bros, gros 
897 Booth John J 
399 Fegan Wm 
401 Collins Daniel J 
403 Brent James 

406 Hillock Patrick J 

407 Hand John 

409 Anderson Andrew 
411 Wilson George I 
413 Bythell Reuben 
415 Waddell Mrs Kate 
417 Bowman Wm 
419 Wallace Wm T 
421 Rowe Arthur 
^ Chesley av ends 
429 Sykes Thos L*D, bldr 
431 Kerr Robert 
433 Arey Charles P 
435 Woodward Jas 
437 Gallagher Alfred I 

439 Darroch Wm P ' 

441 Stewart IV Wilson 
443 Palmer Richard 
445 Sheridan Wm 
447 Pretty John, shoemkr 
449 Vacant ' 

449a McPherson Alex 
449% Dawson Miss Ellzth, 
451 Ralph Wm 
451% Wilson W’'ilfred 
# Cobourg av ends 
453 McEachern Catherine 
455 Hearn John 
467 Knight Albert 
459 Watt Thos 
461 Jarman W’m 
463 Vanvelzer Deonard 
465 Patterson Gee A 
467 Thomas Henry J 
469 Watts Geo 
471 Taylor Key Edwd H 
473 Rhodes Mrs Mary , 

475 Pry Mrs Levenla 
477 Defier Joseph H 
Defier Joseph O 
479 Harrison Geo 
481 Mayo John W 
483 Hamilton Miss Marian 
485 Dowden Charles M 
487 Bartlett Cyril E 
489 Armstrong Thomas 
491 Armstrong Mrs Jennie, 

^ Newsham st ends 
515 ci.'incy Henry J 
617 Kennedy W'm N 
B19 Groff Angus W 
621 Hlngston Wm 
525 Prouhart Peter 
527 Graydon John T, contr 
629 Simmonds Chas 
633 Mitchell Thomas 
635 Riddell Robert R 

Riddell & Turner, carps 
637 Roberts Herbert W 
5.39 Colville John E 
541 Horne Alexander 
643 Johnson Donald G 
645 Davis Frank H 
647 Bayliss Miss Fanny 
549 Clarke John R 
551 Boyd E Ellsworth 
653 Dockrill. Vernon 
655 Hall Earl C 
^ Awde St ends 
659 Cowan Robt 

McKechnie Mrs Sarah 
561 Van Blarlcom Geo B 
663 Simser Ernest 
Carter 'Wm 
565 Dittler Albert 
567 Harrison Thos 
669 Geer Prank 
573 Sheldrick Harold B 
575 Vacant 
677 Hotchins Morris 

587 Ball Percy W 
589 Ogden Mrs Adeline 
591 Klnchen George A 
593 Wakeford Henry 
595 McDennan Thos R 
597 Kerr John F, pntr 
^ O’Connell av ends 
599 Winston Mrs Kate 
601 Mair Alex 
603 Waite Maxwell 
605 Alexander Wm G 
607 Welsh Sami J 
4 ^ Bloor st w intersects 
617 Hall Alfred 
619 Brandon Arthur 
621 Ford David 
623 Smith Stanley 
625 Holllngshead Thos 
827 Shepherd Harris 
629 Dancy Fredk A 
631 McDonald Mrs Mary 
633 Wlce John 
635 Saniger Geo 
637 Gibson John W 
641 Robinson Robt 
643 Stewart James E 
647 Irwin Joseph 
649 Webber Wm 

Burrldge Edward 
659 Allen Chas H 
661 Foden David 
663 Holland Geo 
665 Young John 
Dindsay John 
667 Chatterley Albert, gro 
671 Hill John H 
673 Stevens James 
P75 Thompson J Sami 
677 Moxon Thos W 
679 Reed Miss Bertha 
681 Bowland Wm 
683 Kerr Alex 
685 Shine Sami 
689 Wensley George A 
691 Fraser Robert G 
695 Dlnton Wm 
697 Sufren Ofizras 
699 Jones Albert 
701 Simpson Mrs Agnes 
703 Braden Matthew 
705 Harrison Fredk 
707 Duoran Wm F 

West Side 

8 McDowell James 
10 Blight Wesley 
12 Ginsman John 

14 Skelley Mrs Elizlh 
^ Abbs st commences 
16 Barnes Richd 

15 Greene Mrs Margaret, 


20 Haves John 
22 Smith Wm A 
24 Dlvock Alfred 
26 W^elr John 
28 Worsnop Miss Mary 
30 Worsnop Eli 
32 Stone Edwd C 

Stone Mrs Jane, drsmkr 
S4 Smith Mrs Dorcas 
36 Wltherall John O 
^ Maple Grove commence* 

46 Tobin Mrs Elizth 
48 Robinson Wm W 
50 McKinney Mrs Sarah E 
Congregational Chnrch 
56 Todd 'Thomas W 

Todd Miss A B. mus tchr 
Todd Miss R R. pby 
oS McKinlay Duncan 
60 MacBeth Wm J 

MacBeth Wm D C. phy 
^ Seaforth av commences 
62 Goodchlld James 
94 Coultherd Mrs Matlld* 
68 Dyson Mrs Mary 
68 White James 
TO Nash .Tas 
72 Murdoch Robert 
74 Garhntt Richard, exp 
78 Horner Wm 
80 Brown John 
84 Hopper Chas 
86 Holmes Wm J 
^ Cunningham ar com 
^ Railway crossing 
122-44 Outwood Coal Co 
122 Forsyth Thomas 
146 Wilcox Fredk 

150 Whitehouse John 
152 Doyle Edward 
154 Vacant 
156 Vacant 
158 Chalk Wm A 
160 Ransbury James A G 
^ Delaney cres commences 
164 Thwaites Chas R, exp 
166 Rankin Mrs Agnes 
168 Deroy Chas 
170 Daniels Herbert 
172 Rich Ira W 
174 Dalton Richd 
176 Allison Joseph B 
178 Blatherwick Henry ' 

180 Scott James 
182 McNlchol Charles V 
184 Newey Edwd 
190 Hance Geo B 
192 Soady Mrs Elizabeth 

194 Phillips Chas 
196 Shaw Albert 

195 Struck Philip 

^ Wyndham st commences 
208 Hooper Henry 
210 Getty Alex S 
212 MacKonzie Geo 
214 Young Thomas E 
216 Sharpe Mrs Annie 
218 Holden Mrs Annie 
220 Woolnough John 
222 Davis Herbert S 
224 Aikins Robert O 

228 Scott Robt 

230 Harper Joseph W 
232 Quigley Mlchl 
^ Shirley st commence* 

234 Hamm W V P, contr 
Hamm Mrs A P, gro 
236 Bow Alexander 
238 Hamm Robt 
240 Hill Mrs Eether 
242 Caldwell Philip 
244 Chamberlain Mrs Susan 
246 Cox Richd 
248 Kemish Wm J 
•250 Ewing Mrs Elizabeth 
252 Freeman Thos H 
254 Hefner Win 
266 Parke Mrs Elizabeth 
258 Checkley Wm J 
2TO Kendall Robert 
Carson Robt 
264 Diddard Geo 
266 Yacnnt 

268 Moralle Matthew 
274 Warehouse 
276 Brockton Hall 
^ Dundas st Intersect* 

278 Britt Travers 
278A Brown Frank B 
280 Carberry Mrs Jane 
2S0A Herd.sman Joseph W 
282 Robinson Horace R 
282A Vacant 

282-286 Moroney John, livery 
Melhuish A E, vet surg 
288 Baker Miss Dorina, drs- 

290 Doyce Mrs Rose 
292 Houle Albert J 
298 Abbs Robt, florist 
300 Drake Pascal W 
302 Hodge Robt 
304 Pounder Wm 
316 Oakley George W 
318 Fortune John 
220 Brimer John 
322 Elliott Arthur V 
324 Salter Theodore 
326 McDeod Angus 
328 Thompson Fredk G 
S?0 Davis Edwin T 
^ College st intersects 
344 Dickey John 
346 Hill Thomas 
348 Hunter Albert 
350 Ricketts Geo A 
352 Metzler Henry P 
354 Brenn.nn James 
356 Travis Stephen A 
356% Robertson David E 
358 Martin Albert 
360 Heddon Mrs Mary 
360% Brown Ernest 
362 Hill Charles E 
364 Fennell Henry 
364% Stewart Mrs Annie 
366 Craig John 
868 Jackson Joseph, btefar 

370 White Henry 

372 Fenton Mrs Sarah 
874 Jackson James 
376 Hunter Wm J 
378 Martin Georee 
880 Thackeray Ethan 
382 Henderson Wm C 
384 O’Brien John C 
886-400 Brock Av Sch 
392 Adamson Wm 
394 Teasdall Thos R 
404 Maloney John 
406 Newton Edmund D 
408 Ryan Wm 
412 Musgrave Mrs Mary 
414 Kltching Percival J 
416 McKowen Wm 
418 Watts Wm 
420 Hamm Wm H 
422 Ames James A 
424 Rutherford Robt 
426 MePhee .John W 
428 Ausman Harry 
430 Smith George 
4.32 Patterson Wm 
434 Punnett Reuben P 
436 Dryden George 
438 Haskett Henry J 
440 Boyd Mrs Dee 
442 Burns Thomas J 
444 Bunting Robt 
446 Douglas Charles W 
448 Scott Ehenezer 
450 Wilkinson Ernest 
452 Kirk Wm 
454 Babe James 
456 Griffin John 
458 Montgomery Samuel R 
460 McDonald Donald 
462 Cubero Mrs Blanche 
464 Mitchell Samuel, pntr 
466 Wright Edgar 
468 Train or Wm R 
470 Holmes Thomas 
472 Steele Peter 
474 Graham Thomas 
476 Crosbie James 
478 Unfinished house 
482 Williams Charles A 
484 Spence Bertram W 
486 Anderson Walter 
488 lllberg Wm 
490 Sinclair Everett R 
492 Kahlla John 
494 Knlmala Richard 
496 Da Rose Miss Florence 
498 Winchester .John 
500 Carter Edgar 
.502 Gregg Wm 
604 Follls Wm H 
.506 Mitchell .Joseph B 
508 Deckle Wm .1 
510 Galvin Mrs Jane 
512 McGill Robt A 
514 .Jones Thos B 
616 Plunkett Sami 
528 Coutts Thos G 
.532 Dittle Frank H 
534 Sullivan Mrs Margt 
536 Wlddowson Ernest 
538 Dennis Francis E 
540 Parker Fredk 
642 Harrison Wm 
544 Stlckells Ernest G 
546 Boutledge Francis 
548 Miller Sidney 
.550 Benson Wm A 
553 Barringham Arthur B 
5.54 St Clair Harley 
556 Vacant 
558 Cooper Geo H 
560 Richmond David 
562 Williams Griffith 
570 Boland T J 

Boland Jas F. mkt gdnr 
572 Boland Mlchl T 
574 Boland James F 
.582 Egan M Joseph 
584 Dennie James 
586 Tner Henry 
588 Rigney Mrs Mary A 

Rlgney Miss Kate, mn* 

590 McGeough James F 

592 Kerr A J 

594 Peterson Alex 

596 Aldred Geo R 

598 Vipond John A 

600 Marshall Mrs Catherine 

602 McCoskery Daniel 





604 Shamhrook Harry A 
606 Dnnn Robert 
608 Vacant 
610 Brown Hiram 
612 Harrison Mrs Jane 
614 Tackaberry Wilson 
^ Bloor St w Intersects 
618 Sully Joseph, foundry 
620 Barrett Clias 
622 Keen Mrs Lucy 
624 McLean Reginald 
626 Keffer Mrs Barbara 
628 Montgomery Wm H 
630 Black Robert J 
632 Dew Mrs Ellen 
634 Pinch Chas H 
636 Wfay Hennas 
638 Mond Charles H 
640 Galhralth Archd O 
642 Newblgglng Andrew C 
644 Hunter Wm C 
646 Pldgeon James 
648 Kennedy Mrs Harriet 
ftW) Lloyd Stewart 
652 Mason Stew'art 
«>2^ Williams Wm H 
654 Parsonson John 
656 Chalmers Stewart 
658 Holllnger Wra 
660 Seitz Chas 
062 Darby Walter R 
666 Pauli Rev E F 

Brock Av People’s Mis- 

684 Howes James 

686 Fabian Gordon 

688 Burton Geo B 

060 Turner Richard P 

692 Clark John 

064 Loach Wm H 

696 Hunt Wm C 

098 Mlddlebrook Joseph N 

700 How Dennis 

702 Herring John W 

704 Lllburn Jas 

706 Donnelly Jas 

708 Gamble Arthur 

710 Leach Fredk G 

West from 112 Sheridan av 
to Brock av, ward 6. 

.’-lorth Side 

8 Overkott Conrad 
10 Edwards Wm 
12 Everden Thomas E 

South Sid# 

Not built on 

North from 1032 Queen w 
to Humbert av, ward 6. 

East Side 

1 Weir Harry 
3 Crane Wm H, marble ctr 
Liaise & Healey, printers 
7 Bell .John 
9 Grosset James S 
11 Burrows Albert 
13 Reid Samuel 
15 Craig Thomas 
17 Brown Mrs Rachel, bdg 
19 Black Wm 
21 Bayliss H W, mus tchr 
23 Roadhouse Anson A 
25 Donovan John 
27 Brown John 
31 Shunk Elmer 
33 McGill John 
85 Young Charles 
37 Francisco John 
39 Curtis Peter 
41 Shepherd Alfred 
43 Fischer John 

46 Cotts Mrs Sarah 

47 Hutchison John 
49 Hansch Charles J 
51 Dev Robt 

63 Reid Jas B 

56 Hawkins George W 

57 Rabey Charles W 
59 Hill Joseph A 

61 Lindsay Mrs Christina 
63 Stover Abraham H 

66 McCreary Wm 

67 Andrews Fredk A 

8 Brown Mrs Mabell# 

10, Carson John 
12 Wise Mrs Annie 
14 Carter Miss Sophia 
16 Lovely Thomas 
18 Edward Chas 
22 Bedford James I 
24 Dance Mrs Sarah 
26 Gourlle K R, dairy 
28 Plrrle Robt 
30 Parker Richd 
32 Black Henry W 
34 Banger Henry 
,36 Johnson Oliver E 
38 Rossiter Michael J 
40 IVard Robt 
42 Winton Mrs Annie 
44 Hall George 
46 Radey Mrs Anne 
50 Barclay Wm A 
52 Cahill Thos 
54 Studholme Thos G 
56 Cahill Thomas 
58 Mlchle Mrs Charlotte 
60 Wilson Donald 
62 Crowther Ernest 
64 Cooper Wm W 
M Hudson George H 
^ Breathwaite Mrs Isa- 

Breathwalte Miss Isa- 
bella, drsmkr 
70 Rlshworth Thomas 

North from 17098 Queen e 
to Dagmar av, ward 1. 

East Side 

St Clements (Ang) Ch 

17 Toy Walter B 

19 Fenwick David 
21 Stein Frederick 
23 Smith Wm E 
25 Redlcan Frank J 
27 Rainer Chas H 
29 Fleury tra 
31 Steadman John 
33 Young James 
35 Clarke Chas 
.37 Drummond Hugh L 
.39 Flett Oliver 
41 Hart Jeremiah, contr 
43 Liddiard Arthur A 
45 Bolton James 
47 White Shedden 
49 Philpot Wm 
61 Dow Wm 
63 Stone Edley 
67 Nevan Wm 
.59 Pickard Wm 
61 Sweetman Arthur F 
63 Hamilton John W 
65 Blackmore Arthur 
67 Moss Wm 
71 Furey Bryan u 
73 Touchbourne Robt H 
77 Frame James R 
79 Robinson Wm F" 

81 Cuff Edwd J 
83 Cowan Wra T 
85 Weston Harper 
851f> Maxwell Solomon S 
87 Thomas T Joseph 
91 Stewart Wm N 
93 Lee John 
95 Patterson Geo 
97 Kelly Joseph J 
99 Potter Alfred 

191 Kiddey .Tames 
103 Rhodes Geo 
195 Turnbull Wm J 
197 Mihell Edwin H 
109 Ehrhardt Frank 
111 Terry Arthur 
113 Findlay Mrs H J 
115 Bell James 

West Side 

2 Tomlin Henry . A 
4 Dynes Peter 
10 Thompson Harry 
12 Sweetman Mrs Julia 
14 Harper Walter P 

18 Wilson Wm A 

20 Dayton Jas 

\ 26 Edklns Albert E 

I 30 Gumming .Archibald 

32 Bell David 
34 Stephenson George B 
36 Andrew James T 
38 Schoenfeldt Lewis 
40 ^blnson Carles W 
42 Helntzman Mrs Caroline 
44 Vacant 

46 Elliott Robert H 
48 Boland John 
50 Jeffery Arthur J 
52 Nichols AVorthy 
66 Hogarth Thos J, exp 
62 Bushell Rev .John 
64 Craig Joseph S 
06 Hoare Jas C 
68 Skelton John 
70 Donaldson Thomas H 
72 Vacant 
74 Moore .Tames R 
^ Brighton av ends 
78 Hendry John 
98 Collard Chas 
102 Maddock Charles 
104 McGregor James M 
106 Greenwood Joseph 
KW Makings George 
112 Lewis Wm 
114 Ritchie Isaac 
116 Vacant 

118 Armstrong Edmund B 

120 Ik)cke Silas R 

122 Baker Gifford 

124 Kimberley Mrs Lois 

126 Thhetson AA’in 

128 Mackintosh Mrs Amy 

130 Gormley Robt 

132 Fuller Abraham S 

134 Dean Thos H 

136 Kritzor Wm 

North from Queen e, third 
e of IClngston rd.ward 1. 
Not built on 

East from 99 Bathurst, 
ward 4. 

South Side 

3 Morgan James 

Mason & Risch's Plano 
Co Ltd (hr) 




South from Paton rd be- 
yond Janet, first west of 
T^ansdowne av, AVard 5. 
Grenadier Ice & Coal Co, 
ice houses and coal 

West from 150 Shaw to 
Dundas, ward 5 

North Side 

2 O’Brien Jerome 

4 Blayney Wm H 

6 Beaslev Mrs Elizth 

8 Shaw Wm 

^ Givens st intersects 

Hunnlsett Frank jr, whol 

♦ Argyle pi commences 
24 Hudson Mrs Ann 
26 GriggB Sami 

South Side 

1 Miller John 

3 Hosier Mrs Annie 

5 Sexton John 

7 Coulter Jas 
Heire Robt 


43-45 Thomson Sami, coopr 
^ Givens st Intersects 
47 Lambert Mrs Mary 


(West Toronto), name 
changed to AVatklnsoii av 




North from 354 College to 
Dupont, Ward 4. 

East Side 

1 A^an Der Voort G M, 

Porter Wm J 
3 Manning Mrs B, cigars 
5 Newton Jas, shoemkr 
7 McBean's Hall 
9 MacICenzie Mrs Mary 
11 Paterson Geo C 
15 Hay Wm D 
17 Southcombe Mrs E 
21 Hamilton Mrs H.annah W 
23 Smith Wm G 
25 Hogg Mrs Margt 
27 Tripp John E 
29 McQuillan Thomas 
33 Latimer Miss Margt 
85 Daniels Miss Jane 
39 Saunders Mrs Frances 
41 Wilson George H 
45 Chambers Mrs Phoebe 
47 Wilson Wm A 
49 Carey Johnston 
51 Walter Charles 

Walter Miss L B, elo- 

53 Hlncks Rev Wm H 
55 Stewart Alexander M S 
57 Duthie John B 
59 Vacant 

61 Scott J Fairbairn 
Fortune Mrs Martha 
63 Bryce Wm 
65 Fisher Mrs Myra 
67 Banter Benjamin 
69 Saul John C 
71 Kennedy Lyman A 
73 Gilbert Albert T 
75 Sharp Sylvester J 
I 77 Emerv Fredk R 

I 79 Newcombe Mrs Bertha 

: 81 McDermott Mrs Margt 

j 83 Vacant 

85 Cockburn Rev Edward 
87 Jubh Mrs Margt 
89 W’lTght Mrs Sarah J- 
91 Lindsay Mrs Annie E 
^ 93 Squire Norman M 

! 95 Elsnsser AV’m C 

■ 97 Anger Wm I-I 

99 Curran .Alfred 
' 101 Craig Sami A\‘ 

j ^ Ulster st intersects 
j 103 Butler Michael J, gro 
195 Laidlaw Miss Maggie 
107 AVilllamson John 
109 Ritchie John H 
111 Shereck Simon 
113 Baggs Wm 
115 Benneyworth Albert H 
119 Gllmour Joseph H 
Codeling Root J 
121 Williams W J, plmbr 
! 123 Sherer .las . 

i 127 Vacant 
I 129 Vyvyan Langley 
i 131 Holtorf AVm 
i 1.33 Tavlor Robert 

1.35 Brethour Miss E, nurse 
I 137 Burkholder Aaron 
139 Menzies Mrs Rebecca 
141 Clendenen Albert W 
143 Jones Lewis B 
145 Coleman J Henry 
1 147 Macann Miss Bessie 

I 149 Pike Jacob 
1 151 .Tones Wm C. contr 

153 Johnston Mrs Martha 
1.55 Knowlton Walter 
159 Hall Alfred E, shoemkr 
161 Johnson Duncan S 
163 West Albert 
165 Typ Fredk 

Llathway Richd H 
167 Tye Mrs Jennie, gro 
^ Harbord st Intersects 
169 Graham Robt 
’71 Farrance Arthur R 
173 Thorpe Geo 
175 Keith Geo 
177 Smith Albert E 
181 Bentley Mrs Agnes 
183 Shaw Markham 

Canadian Ornamental Iron Co., Limited 

(Complete Equipment for any size Building) 




After Hours. 
Beach 162 

West Side 

Motor Generators, Wires, Cables 
Osram Tungsten Lamps . . . . 



70 I 

Factory Products, Limited 
220 King St. W., Toronto 

— 108 — 

The Dovercourt Land 





24 Adelaide St. E. 

185 Eishbaum Frank 
189 Bethel Meiioiiite Mission 
191 Davey Dudley L B 
193 Boyd Abel 
195 Vacant 
197 Pyatt Herbert 
199 Jeffrey Arthur 
201 Stevens George Jr, florist 
203 Alexander Mrs Jessie 

206 Bromley John 

207 Powney Robt G 
209 Collins John N 
211 McIntyre Dougald 
213 Briicken Edwd J 
217 Calder John 

219 Grady Mrs Annie 
221 Gordon Alex 
22! Gordon Alex, gro 
^ Sussex av intersects 
225 Gosiiel Mission Hall 
229 Follett Eleazer 
231 Scott Charles W 
233 Binkley Fredk 
235 Merrick George B 
237 McIntosh James, pntr 
239 Blackburn Albert 
241 Kennedy James, florist 
Kennedy. Mrs J, drsmkr 
247 Hare George 
249 Campbell Mrs Jennie 
251 Morell James H 
253 Waller Mrs Emily 
255 Hopper Mrs Annie 
257 Mooney Mrs Hessie 
259 Pritchard Harry D 
261 Warren John W 
2fi5 Milne Alexander S, carp 
289 Milne George 
271 Walker Chas It 
272. Bond Edward G 
273% Miller Louis 
275 Vacant 
277 Brown Mrs Rose 
277% Hammond Herbert 
279 Abbott John H 
281 Brown Robert 
283 Lancaster Thomas S 
285 Vernon Mrs Sarah 
287 Dale Harrison 
289 Rodgers James, dairy 
^ Bloor st w Intersects 
313 Canfleld A W. phy 
■Stiff George U 
315 Glllls John A 
317 Farmer Sidney 
319 Johnston George W 
321 Drew Edward 
323 Landreth John H 
325 Gillard Mrs Georglana 
327 Little Mrs Mary E 
329 Livingston Lauchlan M 
331 Southworth Thomas 
333 Quarringlon Geo K 
335 Sheldon John 
337 Barj. David 11 
339 Cook Joseph 
343 Underwood Wm 
345 McKay Wm A 
347 Higgins Stafford 
349 Black AVm A 
351 Gray Wm A 
353 King Joseph H 
355 Nornabell James L C 
357 White Hugh 

^ Lowther av ends 
373 Magee Mrs Emma H 
375 Mallon James W 
377 Little Jackson L 
383 Eaton Robert Y 
385 McMahon Frank 
393 Bain J Watson 

396 Thompson Wm I 

397 Smith Wm J 
399 Smith Robert 

403 Colwell Mrs Minnie W 
407 Jones Ernest, phy 
409 Wakefield Mrs Eliza- 

411 Philips Francis 
413 Montg-omery Joseph 
415 McNairn W Harvey 
417 Morson 'Walter R 
419 Thompson Geo 
423 Gillespie Geo E 
425 Finberg Max 
427 Gilbert Sami T 
429 Cork Wm C 
, 431 Murray Angus 
^ Wells st Intersects 
Kendall W] 

^ Bernard av ends 
473 Da Costa Ernest C 
475 Kennedy P C, mus tchr 
477 Burns Robert E 
489 Gray Rev John 
481 Somerville Rtv John 
483 Hodgins Wm 
485 Tingle J Bishop 
487 Hartley Fredk 
489 Boake George W 
491 Kelly John J 
493 Snaith Win 
495 McCrimmon Abraham L 
497 Power Chas W 
<S9 Dodd H Stansfleld 
5cl \v ei!s John N 
503 Crawford John T 
505 Stone 'Wm H 
507 Butler Thomas W 
509 Matthews Isaac G 
511 MoQuhae Mrs Susan 
513 Gissing Mrs Ellzth 
515 MacDonald Hugh F 
517 Kirkwood Thos M 
519 Shannon James N 
t521 Newsom Johnson G 
523 Stewart Mrs Ellen 
525 Hally Robt O 
527 Fov Augustine 
529 Pritchard Mrs Emily 
531 Reburn Henry jr 
533 Grant Thomas S 
535 Pipon Mrs E Louisa 
537 De La Matter Henry 
539 Thorne Albro M 

West Side 

2 Galloway H A, dentist 
Carnahan John 
McCorquodale Mrs Ther- 
esa A 

4 Ahern Miss S, mlnry 
6 Hall Fredk W, tlr 
8 Harrison Mrs Eva, tlrs 
Dominion Bus Coll 
10 Reed Reginald F 
12 Brown Wm J 
14 Brett John H 
16 McKinlay Mrs M 
18 Nesbitt George M 
20 Hunt Henry, phy 
22 Brown Abner 
Parker Harry W 
Parker Mrs A, vocalist 
24 Sawyers 'Wm J 
26 Henderson Mrs Elizth 
28 Gllber Moses 
“0 Cooper Mrs Esther 
32 Smith Mrs Lillian 
34 Henderson James 
36 McArthur Mrs Margt 
38 Ontario Institute of 

40 Burgess Mrs Maria 
42 Blck Wm 
44 Conlin Miss Rose 
46 Hay Mrs Mary E 
48 Haugh Win D 
50 JIcGrath Mrs Margt 
52 Rogers Asa C 
54 Duncan Lytle 
56 Bartlam James 
68 Morden Natlianiel S 
60 Chesher Alfred 
Carter Haloid, phy 

63 Browne Wm A 

64 Helli'well Frank H 
66 Cook Wm 

68 Ward Wm 

70 Fox Wm C 

72 Tisdall Henry W 

74 Murray Charles B 

76 Thompson Mrs Delilah 

78 Ward Robert A 

80 Constantin Mrs Rosa 

82 Fax George E 

84 Forfar Charles 

86 Fairbanks Wm 

88 Ryder Mrs Isabel 

90 Montgomerv Henry, phy 

92 Boyd W’m B 

94 Vacant 

96 Vacant 

♦ Ulster st intersects 
10? Harper John R 
108 Harrington Mrs Fanny 
IJO Coutie David 
112 Wright Mrs Anna 
114 Sale John 
116 Armour Sami J 
118 Peters Arthur E 
120 Zeillnski Jacob, phy 

Whitney Cnas 
122 Davidge Wm 
124 Livingston James 
126 Braund James E 
Hunter John 
128 Davey Andrew R 
130 Price Joseph 
132 Moore James H 
134 Burns Mrs Ellen 
136 Lawrence Oliver 
138 Brown Charles T, exp • 
140 Olsen Fredk 
142 Bromley James 
144 Nealy Arthur 
146 BroadhriUge Henry R C 
148 Dickerson I red C 
152 Usher Herbert 

154 Pattenden Mrs Harriet 
156 Farwell Fredk 

158 Benson Adam 
160 Boyd George H 
162 Carnall Harry 
164 Parrett Geo. dairy 
166 Tero Thos J 
168 Walker Joseph H, gro 
^ Harbord st Intersects 
170 Clsterna Paul, cabtmkr 
172 Barker Frana 
Perpaul James 
174 Schubart Wni, btchr 

Schubart Miss A M L, 
mus tchr 
176 Murray Wm 
178 Naughton Charles 
180 Adams Charles 
182 Baker Edwd S, gro 
184 Connery Joseph 
186 Brown Mrs Margt 

155 Hague Wni 
190 McBain Hector 
194 Brunswick Garage 

156 Baldwin Mrs Eden 
Jones Mrs M E. nurse 

198 Krumrayh Mrs Emily 
200 Lumbers Thos 
202 Mauthe Philip 
204 McDonald Wm 
206 Davis Garnet 
208 Purves Thos R 
210 Doust Mrs Ella 
212 Davey Peter H 
214 Delaney James M 
216 Goudle David W 
218 Hutchinson Arthur 
220 McGillivray Archd 
224 Willis Frank H 
226 Morrison James N 
^ Sussex av intersects 
228 Pattlson G' E, gro 
230 Morris John 
232 Pattlson Miss Jane 
234 Stothers Geo 
238 Challands Joseph 
240 Hollingworth Arthur 
244 Fleming Wm 
248 Bown Henry 
?50 Wilson Harry 
252 Nicol Mrs Margt 
256 McKnlght Mrs 'Sarah 
258 Robinson G H, uphol 
260 Vacant 

264 Threlkeld Mrs Fannie E 
266 Bolton Mrs E H 

Munns Miss J H, nurse 
268 Conner Carlton W 
270 Lanceley Mrs C B 
272 Webb Henry C 
;!74 Christie Mrs Mary 
276 Seaward Herbert J 
278 Rutherford John 
280 Rankin Albert C 

Malloy Miss Laura, nurse 
282 Robinson John T 
284 Henry Geo J 
286 Barnes Walter J 
288 Vaughan Alfred A 
292 Puritan Laundry Co 
294 City Dairy Co, Ltd, paint 

^ Bloor st w intersects 
308 Graves Mrs Ida 
Brown Samuel 
Stanley B'rank J 
312 Dennis Vernon H 
314 Scarfe Mrs Annie 
316 Bensley Benjamin 
318 Dick Archd B 
320 Joyce Richd H 
322 Haines James A 
324 Harris Clement 

326 Cull Arthur G 
328 McIntosh Robt J 
330 Vacant 
332 Reeve Herbert J 
334 Porter Edwd 
"36 Laird Mrs J B 
338 PhilpO'tt Mrs A L 
340 Gouriay Mrs IjOttle 
342 Angline Mrs Marian 
346 Wallis George 
"48 Ashworth Edwd M 
350 Vacant 

352 Flarrison Miss Jennie 
354 Broadbent Geo 
356 Hlnch Mrs EfCle J i 

358 Thompson Wm S 
360 Budd Richard C 
362 Allen Edwd 
"64 Rogerson Wm 
366 Spence John 
368 Marks John W 
370 Snyder Noah S 
S72 Bolton Norman E 
374 Leak Wm 
876 Pinkerton John M 
378 Begg Charles G 
380 Allan Frank B 
382 Andrews Fredk 
384 Brown Miss Lillie E 
386 Borden Bradford T 
♦ Barton av intersects 
390 Nlddrle Wm H 
392 Vanstone Lucius N 
394 Brumell Mrs Emily 
306 Lloyd Henry H 
398 Cork Samuel E 
400 elute Arthur R 
402 Wills E Gordon 
404 Beckett Sami G 
406 Vanslckle Wm D 
408 Smith James T 
410 Stove! Albert E 
412 Jennings John 
416 HIckling Charles 
418 "Walker Harvey 
420 Walker G Hawley 
422 Ferguson Mrs Henrietta 
424 Smith - Harry T 
426 Redfern John W 
428 Herson Mrs Ellen 
4-30 McDougald Duncan J 
432 Jacobs Ralph 
434 Prichard Alfred H 
♦ Wells st Intersects 
468 Beeraer Arthur A 
470 Dwyer Philip 
472 Hairbly Geo 
414 Battisby James T 
476 Chadsey Stanley B 
478 Denison Reginald 
480 Kennedy Alfred E 
482 McLarty Mrs Hattie 
484 Wright Wm H 
488 Shurly Ray F 
4.98 Brcadner Robert 
490 White Harry S 
492 Milne Wm S 
404 Bone John R 
496 Roche Francis J 
498 Reggin John 
500 MacKenzie Donald R 
502 Phinnemcre James 
504 MacGowan Sheridan C 
606 Ashcroft Robert 
IC8 Butler Mrs Marg: 

510 .Tames Edward W 
512 Bnouy Wm S 
514 Dickens Thos, tldr 
516 Valleau Wm J 
518 Hutchlr.s'm Msivin J 
520 Tow Wm J 
522 Wlnlow Chas J 
524 Forbes Wm J 

“The greatest piano In 
the woiTd,” is the written 
testimony ot De Pach* 
mann, the world’s gfreat 
pianist. See this piano at 
193.197 YONGE ST. 


— 109 — 

Fairbanks Standard Scales 



26-28 Front St. W. phone main 6120 


526 McWilliams .Tas D 
628 Whiten George L 
630 Taylor Wm J 
532 Medcalf Duncan M 
634 Fleming Ernest M 
536 Smith Mrs Jane 
638 Johnston Wm 


West from 424 Yonga to 
Teraulay, ward 3. 

North Side 

4 Heath Mrs Martha 
6 Poster Wm 
6% Williams Joseph 
8 Jones Robt 
10 McChesney Isaac 

12 Simpson Mrs Maria 

14 Carlyle Mrs Agnes 

16 Fraser Simon 

15 Titus James II 

20 Merrill Benj 
22 Jones Wm 

South Sid* 

13 Morden Caleb 
15 Tremble Joseph 

17 Labovltch Harty 
19 Minn John M 
19% Parson Thos 

21 Sharp Wm 

23-35 Webb Harry Co, Ltd, 
candy mfrs 
37 Hoffman Joseph 
39 Egan Mrs Catherine 
39% Sadler John T 
41 W^hitney Joseph 
43 Worrall Wilfred G 
47 Benlah Hall ' 




North from 1228 St Clair 
av w, 2 west of Duflerin, 
ward 6. 

Not built on 


West from Kippendavle 
av, 1 south of Queen e, 
ward 1. 

North Side 

2 Carrutheis Joseph J 
4 Peel Fredk H 

6 Staneland John 

8 Pessey Wilfred C 

South Side 

1 Hodgson George 

3 Law Thos 

6 Harper James H 

7 Huntington Jas 

9 Cross Alfred 

11 Powell Mrs Ellzth 
13 Nailer Thos 
15 Whitney Koy 


West from 12 Soho to Spa- 
dlna av, ward 4 . 

North Side 

4 Celfets John 
6 Dzlalowski Samuel 
8 Abrantovitcli Barnet 
10 Goodman David 
12 Safcovlts Samuel 
14 Sherman Arthur 
16 Robchlnsky Jean 
18 Cashel Abraham 
20 Duke Mrs Ellen 
22 Warren David 
24 Rubin Isaac 
24% Forcht Samuel 
26 Stelnhart Nathan 
28 Surdin Louts 
30 Malkin Frederick 
32 Epstein Harry 
64 Creighton Abraham 
66 Herman Max 
68 Rubin Sami 

South Side 

1-3 Welch Albert & Son, 

16 Trumbley Wm 

15% Alton Joseph 

17 Banks David 
19 Mowat James 
21 Little Frank 

25 Giordano Domlnlco 
27 Scott Mrs Margaret 
31 Hagan Mrs Lena 
35 Reich Frank 
37-39 Vacant 
41 Drake Lewis 
43 Cassells Louis 
45 Schneiderman Frank 
49 Watts John 
61 Appleby Gordon 
53 Moore Rlchd B 
55 Malone Mrs Rose 
57 Vacant 

59 Norton Herbert G 

(Humber Bay) 


(Norway) east from Wood- 
bine av, fifth n of Kingston 
rd, ward 1 

North Side 

10 Johnson Joseph H 
16 Morley Edwd 

20 Hiteshue Wm O 
26 Undehhill Joseph 

28 James Harry 
30 Bannister Wm 

34 Hulse John 
36 Britton Percy 

38 Glover Charles 

44 Goodborne Chas A 

46 Coates Robert M 
48 Gill Harry D 

62 Meldrum J Carter 

South Side 

7 Gardner Edwd 

11 Weir John 

15 Harris Frank 
23 Rigby Wm 
25 Rolls Arthur 

29 Hess Arthur J 
33 Priestley Daniel 

35 Johnson Oswald A 

39 Reeves Arthur 
41 RO'bertson John 

47 Hess John W 
51 Hess Harrison 


(Oakwood Park), west 
from Alberta av to Oak- 
wood av, ward 5. 

North Side 

Not built on 

South Side 

Furness R G 



West from 1060 Shaw to 
Oseington av. Ward 6. 

North Side 

4 Cunningham Thos 

6 Lecornu Wm 

8 Ashley George 

10 Beck Alexander M 

12 Kidd Chas 

14 Leaney Wm H 
16 Earle Walter I 
20 Gulley Leonard 
22 Metcalfe Charles 
24 Ried Mrs Josephine 
26 Drake Edwd 
23% Marshall ,lohn 
28 Prior Wm S 
30 Bevls Alfred W 
32 Winder Wm 
•a Warry Alfred 
36 Leef Geo B H 

South Side ........ 

7 Hughston James 

9 Earl Wm 

11 Simpson Andrew 

13 Stevenson John D 

15 Halllwell John 
17 Coulman Jas C 
19 Tasker Geo H 
21 Taylor John A 
23 Knapp Howard D 

26 Shone Wm A 

27 Vacant 

29 Cameron Albert E 
31 King John 
33 Boucher Albert E 
>36 Reesiby Wm T 
37 Bowstead Thos 
39 Keith John C 

BUTTERNUT (Chester) 

Bast from Ellerbeck, third 
^orth of Danforth av. ward 

Not built on 


North from Chatham to 
Danforth av, 1 e of Leslie, 
ward 1. 

East Side 

3 Bruce Wm 
5 Hutson John 
9 Law Harry 

West Side 

Not built on 

West from head of Slmooe 
to 161 MoCau], ward 4 . 

North Side 

McCaul School 
Ersklne Pres Church 
20 Griffin Mrs Martha 

22 Yates “Wm R 

24 Cosentino Augustin, gro 

♦ Murray st commences 
26 Miller George B 

28 Annarillo Vincenzo 
30 Welsdorfe Moritz 
82 WUllame George 

64 Matthews Wm H 

South Side 

♦ Slmcoe St ends 

1 Teigman Ferdinand B 
3 Hanly John 

6 Stewart John 

7 McManus Miss Frances 


9 Riley Wm B, plmbr 
9% Green Joseph 
Silva Moses 

11 Pauman Garson, soda 

♦ William st ends 
13 Gilding John H 
15 McLean Miss Annie 
17 McManus Patrick J 
19 Longo Rev Joseph 

23 Orensteln Benj 

26 Manning J Alex 

27 Knowlton Miss Ellen 

29 Guerin Mrs Margaret P 
31 Reardon Fredk J 

38 Vlgus Arthur 
35 Manley Vincent P, gro 
37 Rose Alex L, tlr 

(Old Prospect, North Do- 
vercourt), north from St 
Clair ac w to beyond city 
limits, 1 w McRoberts av, 
ward 6. 

East Side 

6 Collins Chas J 
15 Hay Wm H 
27 Casey Edwd 
31 McLean Geo H 
36 Taylor Albert H 
65 Pilling Wm J 
57 Foote Percival 
73 Sandwell Thos G 
83 Watson Wm 
^ Norman av intersects 
93 Brittain John 
95 Smith Thos 

Murgatroyd Wm 
97 Collins Chas 
99 Johnson Thos 
105 Wise Robt L 

109 Casten John W 
113 Slater John J 

117 Blackwell Chas 
121 Trainer John 

125 Hunt Sydney 
129 Pugh Wm 

135 Sutton Wm 
139 Vacant 

143 Bennett Joseph 
151 Scott Ebeuezer 
157 Vacant 

165 Comfort Herbert J 

169 Carter Horace R 

171 Bearwood Thos 

♦ Innis av intersects 

West Side 

♦ Lambert av commence* 
64 Grundy Rlchd 

70 Gray Stephen 
74 Albin Albert' 

78 Packer Geo 
80 White John 
86 Werden Lorenzo N gro 
88 Collum Sami J, real e*t 

♦ Norman av Intersects 
98 Winder Robt 

106 Mackenzie James 

110 Sedgwick Daniel 

118 Vince Fredk A 
124 Simmons James 

126 Patterson Keith B 
134 McClelland Kobt 

136 Knight Chas H 
142 Jefferson Fredk 

144 Blackman Ernest N 
146 Blackman Daniel 
364 Culver Thos S 

170 Jenkins Geo 

172 Cruttenden Lewis 
178 Walters John 
186 Beardwood Wm 
390 Herman Geo 

♦ Innes av intersects 


South from 307 Wilton av, 
ward 2. 

>..*>*.. East Side . . .w . . . . 

1 Warwick Wm 

2 Potnton Henry G B 
8 Spiers John 

4 Jones Walter 

5 King Wm 


North from Queen w to 
Marion, first w of Sorau- 
ren av, ward 6. 

East Side 

3 Johnston Wm J 
5 Sangster Mrs Florence E 
7 Allen Charles C 
9 lAbby Itobert C 
11 Freeman Wm H 

16 Anderson Andrew 

17 Otto Sami P 

19 Finkle Philip H 
21 Streeter Thomas E 
23 Kelly Michael J 
25 Galloway John L 

27 Van Malder James 

28 Grant Walker J 
31 Hancox John 

33 Bennett Wm P 
85 Macdonald Donald 
41 Murray Thomas W 

48 Gibbons John A 
45 Barry Maurice 
47 Logan John F 

49 Matthews Michael 
51 Rogerson Thos 

5.3 Palmer Frederick 

66 Blake Frederick C 
57 Copping Harry 

Allsopp Fredk 
59 Eakins George B 
61 Duguid James 
Bailey Wm W 
63 Martin Lewis 
65 Hall Chas W 

67 McHolm Ernest R 

West Side 

6 Lillie B A 

Ramsay E. Sinclair 


8 Ray Frederick A 
10 Boyle Rev Temple S 
12 Isaac John 
14 Stewart Francis H 
16 Clendening Herman C 



— 110 — 

Phone Coilegre 8595 


72 QUEEN ST. WEST Send for our Booklet on 


18 Oillelan Peter 

22 Ramsperger August 
26 Spence John 
# Harvard av commences 


(Old Sarah — Chester, north 
from Danforth av, first w 
of Don Mills rd, ward 1. 

East Side 

19 Smith John B 
21 Strong Thos 
Nedham John, r 
27 Shipp Harry 
29 Howeli Wm 
SI Walker Thos M, gro 
37 Cowan Gavin 
39 Baker Herbert 
41 Chambers James 
43 Kelly John 
45 Vacant 
47 Vacant 
49 Sherrifts John 
51 Vacant 
53 Lang James 

56 Levinsky Wm 

57 Montgomery Alex 

69 Low David 

4^ Pretoria av commences 
111 Baldwin John T, contr 
113 Everden Wm 
115 Harding Albert M 
117 Ernshaw Arthur K 
119 McComb Wm F 
121 Cooper James 
123 Bradley Joseph 

126 Perry Joseph 

127 Hay Joseph 
129 Wallace Chas 
131 (31ttins Richd 

133 Cuthbertson John 
147 Beloham Percy 
149 Buckingham John 
151 Harrott John 
153 Cooper Thos B 

West Side 

2 Roffey Roland H 
8 Fromow Ernest 
May Claude 
56 Grant Tnos 
Noon Henry 

58 Hall Adam 

60 Maffey Austin 
62 Adams James 
64 Conn Chas 
68 Sutherland Christopher 

70 Whitney Sami 
72 Laugher James 
74 Jenkins Arthur E 
76 Pritchard Edward 

♦ Dartford rd ends 
78 Emerson Geo 

80 Lord Chas J 
82 Johnson James 
82% Tucker Geo 
84 Hall Wm, express 
84H Elliott Edwd 
88 Malcolm Alex 
90 Wright Harry 

# Westmount av ends 
138 Hauier .lames 

140 Williams John 
142 Pett Wilfred 
144 Absent 

Nicholson Thos 
146 Wooding Mark 


West from 124 SpadlnA at 
to Brant, ward 4. 

North Side 

2 Hall Philip H 

4 Mid wood Mrs Julia 
6 Emery Chas W J 
8 Holbein Wm M 
10 Ayres .Tas 
12 Clarke Alfred G 

14 Teague Alfred 
16 Landon Geo 

15 Hynds Samuel 
20 Teo Horace 
22 Vacant 

24 Reid Thos 
26 IVllson Joseph 
28 Tinsdnle Frederick 
30 Gracey Mrs Antonetta 
32 Wilkinson Frederick 
34 TjP Mes drier Alfred H 
.36 Kemp Jas 

38 Carroll James 
40 Adams James B 

42 Martin Albert Q 

44 Ford Henry G 

46 Loughrey James A 
48 Auchlncloss John 

50 Wardman Mrs Susan 
54 Bowman Benjamin 
56 Miciclnskl Thos 

South Side 

5 Newton John B 
7 Lang Mrs Sarah C 
9 Gibson Allan C 
11 Pringle Boland 
15 Wooton Bmeat 
17 West Alfred 

19 Moore Robt M 

Wilson Wm C & Co, oils 
23 Matthews Wra 
23% Webster Edwd B 
2.5 Garratt Jamea 8 
27 Manuel Samuel 

20 Nixon Melville 
5PV. Gessey Chas 
31 Kayes Joseph 
31% Berry KO'bt J 
33 Vacant 

35 Smith Richard A 
37 Haf;eTty Mrs Bridget 

39 Hallman Clayton S 

43 Rennick Joseph 

45 Tuero Jose 

47 Gouldlng Mrs Catherine 


North from 406 Queen w, 
to Cameron pi, ward 4. 

East Side 

1 Samuel Edwd 

3 Britton Mrs M.argt 

5 Waxmore Jecque 
Wilson Mrs Emily 

7 Krouse Samuel 

9 Avnar Harry 

11 Cohen Jacob 

13 Rows Walter 

15 McMahon John L 

17 Reilly Michael 

19 Brtsbin Solomon 

21 Dancyger Jacob 
23 Goldman Samuel 
25 Perelmuter Harry 
29 Vacant 

31 Vacant 
35 Vacant 
37 Pox Mr.s Annie 
39 McIntyre Mrs Lillian 
41 Thompson George 
43 Isaacs Jacob 
45 Plnemark Harry 
47 Stopuck Louis 
49 Kruplnsky Max 
51 Waltman Morris 
Waltnian Hiram 
63 West Joseph 
55 Snider Solomon 
57 Berken Sami 
59 Mlttle Louis 
61 Marcus Abraham 
63 Basson Sami 
65 Laborskey Jacob 
67 Nevlns Cecil H 
69 Wells Mrs Phoebe 
71 O’Brien Mrs Annie B 

West Side 

2 Thurlow James 

4 Milligan Wm 
Gargan Matthew 

6 Thompson James C 
Shorey Wm 

8 Alexander Sydney 

10 Creelman Mrs Ann 

12 Cronk Sami 

14 Glazier Solomon 

16 Rosenbloom Mrs 

18 Glazier David 

Ewing & Murphy, stall 
bldrs, r 

Wood H L & Co, cabt- 
mkrs, r 

Holmes S & Son, stair 
bldrs, rear 

Turner Harry W. wood- 
turner, r 

20 Bosin Joseph 
20% Woolfson Isaac 

22 Sosslnsky Lools 

24 Deitchman Morris 
26 Brownstein Isaac 
28 Quinn David 
30 Kornfeldt Samuel 
32 Lifchis Mrs Jennie 
36 Ramm Julius 
38 Singer David 
40 Milne Benjamin 
42 Solkovitch Samuel 
44 dayman Moses 
46 liCwis Ralph 
48 Goldenberv Louis 
50 Frankel Heyman 
52 Sajal .Joseph 
54 Setin Aaron 
56 Lelboylch Ellas 
58 Nusbaum Isaac 
60 Friedman Sami 
62 Hershorn Israel 
70 Gaffe Emanuel 
♦ Cameron pi commences 


West from 70 Cameron to 
Vanauley, ward 4. 

North Side 

2 London James N 

South Side 

1 Gaffe Eli 

3 Margolis Bernard 

6 Cooper Robert A 

7 Butterfield B’rank D 
9 McKnight Hugh 

McKnight Miss G M E, 
mus tchr 
11 Gelber Moses 
13 Honnon Max 
15 Weiss Isldor 


North from South of Wal- ,! 
lace av to St Clair av w, 
first w of Northern Rail- 
way, IVard 6. 

East Side 

103 Allan Wra G 

105 Thomas Mrs Ellzth 

107 Agnew Geo A 

109 Dennis Wm 

111 Gehrken Fredk T | 

113 Allan Alex 

116 Cooper Harry B I 

117 Middleton Harry j 

119 Newlove John B ! 

121 Scott J Carl 

123 Elliott Edwd A 

126 Daws Arthur J | 

127 Huntley Thomas I 

129 Hay Edwd 

131 Clements Arthur ; 

133 Waterfleld John G 

135 Pen ton Herbert T 

137 Jones Fredk C 1 

139 Armltage Charles 

141 Haycock Albert E i 

143 Dennis Frank | 

145 Potter Henry A . | 

147 Scott James i 

149 Barber Henry 

151 Kelsey John, real est | 

163 Brobyn Albert E 

155 Nicholls Harbert H S 

167 Beath Wm D i 

159 Moody Robt i 

161 Vacant 

163 Wctt.ach Harry I 

163% Frost Geo C, contr 
165 Spear Arthur M 
^ Wallace av Intersects 
167 Spenceley Alfred i 

169 Burcher Thos H 
171 Campbell Wm C ' 

173 Farrell .Tames .T 
175 Williamson Frank 
177 King John J 
201 Niebergall & Co, lumber 
205 Connell Anthracite Min’g 1 
Co Ltd, (hr) 

249 McBurnie John jr i 

251 Clendenen Chas E i 

253 McBurnie John 

2.55 Nevlson Francis 

257 Furness Robt G i 

259 Vacant i 

261 Vacant 

263 Vacant 

265 Vacant 

267 Vacant 

^ Lytton av commences 

477 Hogan .John 
479 Reid Arthur 
481 McHenry John 
^ Colllus av commences 
Unfinished building 
^ Davenport rd Intersects 

West Side 

92 Chambers Fredk L 
94 Frame Daniel 
96 Vacant 
98 Abbey .lohii 
100 Hird Benj 
102 Tulloch Alex 
104 Vacant 

106 Griffiths James A 
108 McKee Isaac J 
ilO Vacant 
IlOA Vacant 
112 Vacant 
114 Vacant 
116 Vacant 
118 Vacant 
120 Vacant 
122 Vacant 
124 Duffy Albert 
126 F.ikins Alexnnder 
128 Duncan David 
130 Kirkland Andrew W 
132 West Wm G 
134 Taj-bat Mrs Margt 
1.36 Steven John A 
138 Swales David 
140 Ashbee George - 
142 Birrell David 
144 Cole Alfred L 
146 Brown Wilbert E 
148 Riendeau Joseph 
160 Mason James L 
152 Caves Hobt H 
354 Scott Adam 
^ Wallace av Intersects 
166 Pogue John J 
368 Raitt Geo 
370 Strachan Sami 
1T2 Betts Isaac 
174 Adamson Robt A 
176 Boak Robt, contr 
176% Goldring Herbert D 
178 Warner Eli B 
ISO Mourner Thomas J 
182 Slaney Wm A, 

184 Daniel Georgs 

186 Wright Adam 

188 Davey Walter 8 

190 Wimpenney Mrs Margt 

194 PO'lnton George 

196 Low Alex 

198 Durham Whitney 

200 Ezard Abraham 

202 Nagy Paul 

204 Burger Anthony 

206 Tucker Wm J 

208 Garrett Wm 

SilO Dabner Sydney O 

212 Dickson Alexander 

214 Dnrle .Tames 

216 Howard George 

218 West Thomas 

220 Blackburn Clifford E 

222 Baker Prank 

224 Whittington Ernest 

226 Randall Thomas 

228 Crompton Joseph 

230 Vacant 

232 Cassin Lawrence 

234 Scott Mrs Mary 

236 Lewis Allen 

238 Richards Wm 

240 McBurnie Thos 

242 Baxter Richard T 

244 Lumsden Harry 

266 Briggs Wm 

258 Mazengarb Edwd 

♦ Antler Intersects 
260 Ross Mrs Laura 
262 Chambers Henry 
264 Powell Herbert S 
266 Colllson Prank 
268 Bryan Harry 

270 Faithful Franklin J 
272 Thomson Peter Q 
274 Bain George 
276 Smith Benjamin 
278 Smith Stabler 
280 Fingland Andrew 
282 Hunt Ephraim T 
286 Gillett Alfred 
310 Grogan John J 

♦ Royce av intersects 
434 Goddard Stephen 


I Phone Main 1481 TORONTO 


Yachts Docked and Wintered. MARINE RAILWAY 

— 111 — 

J. D. YOUNG a, SON .eo ffS^H^.I'SinoAo 


CAMi*m:i,j, .v> 

416 Regan fohn 
418 McWilliams Robert S 
420 Fleming Frefleriek 
422 Heffron Michael 
424 Peart Mrs Catherine 
426 Boynton Mrs Anna 
428 Donahue Geo 
430 Walters Chas C 
432 Harrington Thos 
434 'Shewring Frederick 
436 Martin Wm 
438 Woodburn George 
486 Robinson James 
488 Bolam Robt 
490 Vacant 
492 Vacant 
514 Sutton Fredk 
516 Auchlncloss J Frank 
518 McLarty James 
620 Miller John 
♦ Davenport rd Intersects 

690 Williamson Robert 


(Beyond St Clair av), name 
changed to Prescott av. 


(Old Crnikshank av, Mid- 
way A iiiexl, east from 
63 Ferrler av to Pape av, 
first n of Danforth av, 
ward 1. 

North Side 

♦ Carlaw av Intersects 

♦ Moscow av intersects 

16 Beasley Chas 

18 Leader Geo 

20 Jones James H 

South Side 

♦ Carlow av intersects 

♦ Moscoe av intersects 
15 Leader Walter 

17 Eldridge Thos 

19 Jordan Richd E 

21 Hayden Henry 
23 Britton Win 

(Humber Bay) 

<01d Herbert), w from 
Osier to G.T.R., second n 
4)f Royce av, ward 6. 

North 'Side 

Not built on 

South Side 

Penfound Varnish Co 

North from Ashbrldge’s 
Bay to beyond Danforth ay, 
crossing Queen e at 943, 
ward 1. 

East Side 

1-9 Rickey Francis, boat 

16 Moss Chemical Mfg Co 
Fuller & Stanbury, pork 
pkrs, r 
IT Vacant 
il> Curtis C, pntr 
83 Stewart Wm N 
35 Connell Mrs Isabella 
37 Moore Samuel 

46 Chanter Wm 

47 Segrlff Fredk C 
51 Loveridge James 
63 Cowle Thomas 
67 Chowns John 

83 Bunting Thos J 
85 Crawford Geo 
87 Greenaway Albert W 
89 Duchsne Antoine 
91 Plddes Wm 
93 Vacant 
95 Fenney Alfred 
97 Ball Samuel 
99 Donatt Herman 

Factory In rear, vacant 
101 Black David 
103 Dick Wm 
103% Clarke John B 

♦ Eastern av Intersects 
105 Howard Jas 
KIT Bird Bernard M 
109 Shuttle Mrs Elizth 
111 Hollingsworth Samuel 
113 Sells James W 
115 Baker Alfred 
117 Tucker Henry 
121 Clark John 
123 Ward Harvey 
127 Downing Thomas, dairy 
129 Palmer Gordon 
131 Smith Sydney 
133 Johnston Mrs Margaret 
135 Aldom James E 
137 Coggins Wm . G, roofer 
139 Coggins Wm E 
Fuller J Robt 
141 Crowe Robert O, fruit 
143 Fahey John 
145 Maloney Miss Annie 
147 Maloney John 
173 Fogarty Joseph, florist 

176 Bird Thos J 

177 Pett Chas 

179 MacDonald Mrs Annie B 

^ Queen st e Intersects 

181-199 Kent-McClaln, Ltd. 

347-353 Loose J M & Sous. 

Ltd, piano actions 
^ Gerrard st Intersects 

♦ G T R bridge 
International Varnish Co, 


♦ Withrow av intersects 
549-565 Vacant 

^ Bain av Intersects 
060 Irvin Mrs E M 
561 Crew Richard J 
563 Growden James 
565 Running Mrs Emma 

♦ Dingwall av commences 
667 Bowman James W 

569 Lester Egcrton H H 
571 Morris Thos 
573 Bolton Mrs Elizth 
587 Bond Harry B 
^ Frizzell av commences 
589 Wheeler Chas G 
591 Harrap Geo A 
593 Robert Percy 
595 Vacant 
597 Brines Robt 
599 Foley Wm J 

Scamniell Ernest H 

♦ Wroxeter av commences 

♦ Strathcona av commences 

657 Brickenden Thos E 
659 Simpson Wm 

♦ Dresden av commences 
Vacant houses (4) 

♦ Harcourt av commences 

♦ Danforth av intersects 
SCI Vacant 

803 Black .Tohn E 
807 Smith Leonard 
800 Cubboii Wm 
811 Heaps Thomas 
817 Brown Roliert S 
821 Feeney Wm 
823 Butler Wm J 
825 Vacant 
827 German Sami 
829 Dunlop Wm 
831 Else Fredk 
833 Vacant 
835 Brooks Albert 
837 Sangulns Wm 

839 Horn Albert H 
841 Crarkuell Geo 
843 Briggs Thos 
847 Robinson Geo 

840 Llnfoii (Ibarles 

861 Collaciitt Sherwood 
855 Taylor Wm 

♦ Canning av intersects 
867 Webl) George 

875 Armstrong Fred 
877 Rowell Ernest 
SSI Smythe Mortimer C 
883 Gatenby Thos 
885 Mitchell Geo C 
887 Bartle Frank 
893 Frankish Thos 
895 Pink Alfred 
905 Orr Thos 
90/ Banks .Stephen 

West Side 

2-4 Schofield-Holden Ma- 
chine Co 
8 Kerr James R 

Morri.son .Toseph 
10 Rowe Albert, baker 

Vacant (2) 

26 Vacant 
28 Vacant 
30 Elge Falten 
32 White Lewis 
34 Harris Sami 
36 Austin Henry G 
38 Stroud Alfred 
38A Burgess John 
38B Thompson John 
40 Miles Prank 
42 Lacey John 
44 Peters Louis 
46 Thorogood Arthur 
48 Burrows Wm S 
50 Lynn John 
52 Lunn TVm 
54 Hewitt Wm 
56 Owens Edwd 
58 McRae Duncan F 
60 Newby Mrs Sarah 
62 Deas Chas 
64 Parsons John 
66 Vacant 
68 Vacant 
70 Vacant 
72 Cornell George 

Ferron John 
74 Myntt Enoch 
76 Hamilton Jas 
78 Roger Wm 
80 .Tohnson Christopher 
82 Johnston Mrs S A 
84 Pollard Wm 
86 Rianiilton John J 

♦ Eastern av Intersects 
100 Flemming Mrs Maria 
102 Miville Haspin A 
108 Fleming Robert 

Fleming Miss Annie, nrse 
110 Buckner Samuel 
112 Dailey James 
112 Collard Chas H 
114 Wilkins Matthew 
116 Ford Fredk 
118 Austin Frank 
120 Rickey Francis 
122 Dailey James 
124 Beaumont Frederick S 
126 Glover Claude 
126% Newth ^arry 
128 Jordan ^ml 
ISO Bowes Lewis P 
132 Cooper John 
134 Cooper GsyIb 
136 .Charron Wm 
1,38 Bird Frederick 
140 Speedle .Tohn A 
142 KingsmIH Jesse 
144 Oke I Franklin 
146 Watts Mrs Eliza 
148 Baker John 
150 Ryott Edward C 
152 Hamilton Robert B 
156 Rickard Nicholson J B 
158 Strader Arthur 

160 KIngdon George 
162 McKinley Mrs Mary 
164 Glllson Herbert L 
I 166 Roy David J 
168 Smallwood Wm 
172 Flint George C 
174 I.eslie Lt-Col J Knox 
176 Relnholt Wm 

♦ Queen st e intersects 
160 Bolton Henry B, carriage 


^ Natalie ends 

Phillips Mfg Co, Ltd 


♦ Gerrard e Intersects 

♦ Rlverdale av ends 

♦ Withrow av intersects 

♦ Bain av Intersects 
500 Maynard Fred 

Withrow Park 
^ Danforth av Intersects 

Vacant (2) 

820 Elliott Wm 
826 Moses Edwd 
828 Vacant 
830 Taylor Herbert 
832 Kelso Mrs Grace 
834 Bell Percy 

836 Beil Wm H 

838 Vipond Rev Frank 

S40 Schmidt Henry 

842 Harris Geo 

844 Lodwick Harold 

846 Sparks Herbert 

850 Barry James 

♦ Canning av Intersects 
864 Jackson Joseph 

868 Usher Edward 
870 McKim Robt 
878 Stock Albert 
382 West Leonard C 
886 Courtney Thos A 
894 Cooper Frank 
90S Bolton John 
910 Taylor Chas F 
918 Pearce John 


North from 864 Bloor w to 
city limits, ward 5. 

East Side ........ 

1 Hazlett Miss Letltla 
Anderson Miss EUzth 

3 Ellis Thomas W 

5 Travers Joseph, contr 

7 Vacant 

♦ Irene av commences 
9 Tasker Joseph B 

11 Lanim Mrs Sarah 

13 Firth Linton 

15 Clarke C Laugton 

17 Vacant 

19 V'acarit 

West Side 

2 MoFarlard Mrs Anna 

4 Tipson John 

6 Hobbs Geo 

8 Moore Archd 
10 Crerar'l R 

12 Symons John 

14 Mulklns Wm H 

16 Rey.iolds Richd H 

18 Wilson .lanes I'l 

20 Inkley A' thur B 
28 Giles Wm G 


East from 143 Y jnge to 
the Don. wards 1, 2. and 

North Side 

2 Wing Waldon A, chiro- 


Courtlce James A, real 

Forsf'r Geo F 
4 Wilson Wallace, carp 

3 Shackleton Mrs Dorothy 
Witkln Victor, r 

Gift John, artist r 
Burgoyne Edwd, r 
8 T,ewis Wm J 

Black Miss Sarah J 
10 Eyer Walter 
12 McCoIl Miss Margaret, 

14 Taylor Walter 
18 Reeve John E, phy 
22 Denison Harry 

Denison Mrs ^ora MoD 
28 W’hltehead John 
30 English Mrs Rachel 
C.arlton Garage, rear 
Jackson Mrs Marv, r 
32 Stone W H Co, under- 

S4 McCullough H Allan, phy 
36 Martin H P, phy 
38 Carlton Apartments 
Laraont Clarence J 
Wood .Tohn W 
Cooke Hugh M. phy 
Brown John W 
Robertson R Lloyd 
40 Best Mrs Margt 
42 Underwood Miss Theresa 
44-6 Friends’ Church 
48 Carpenter Mrs Rose 
50 Brown Alex 
52 MaciMahon Thos 
58 Martin Geo 
60 Brown Geo 
62 Chinese laundry 

Library Bureau 


Card and Filing Systems, 
Office, Bank and Library 

45 YOlige St. 

Factory, Isabella 
Street, Ottawa 


dealers in 

64 Jerreat Walter, barber 
66 Gould Solomon, tlr 
# Cbtirch St iDtersecU 
72 Townsend C J & Co 

84 Goldsmith Perry, phy 
SO Scott Mrs Jessie 
4 Mutual St intersects 
M Gray Mrs Jennie, phr 
Gray Elizabeth R, phy 
100 Hewitt Wm H, phy 
102 Gearing Thomas V, blur 
104 McKlbbln Miss Isabel 
108 Alien Norman, phy 
110 Edwards Mrs Elizth 
4 Jarvis st Intersects 
114 Hallet James H 

Gnusby Edgar E, dentist 
116 Happer Miss Elizth, mine 
118 Souch Mrs Victoria 
120 Weese Mrs Margaret 
124 McEauchlln Mrs Eliza- 
beth. bdg 

126 .Tones D Ogden, phy 
130 Thomas M Augustus 
132 Dwyer Mrs Florence 
McGee John A 
184 Pyne Albert R, phys 
140 McDonagh Geo R, phy 
342 Field Mrs Sarah 
144 Seccombe Wallace, dentst 
146 Ellis Charles S 
148 Shlngler Mrs Elizabeth 
150 Fletcher Beniamin 
152 Ivey John D 
^ Homewood av commences 
154 Oldrlght & Mackenzie, 

oldrlght Wm, MD 
166 Blachford Horace P 
168 Blachford Charles E 
172 Woods T Ambrose 
^ Sherlourne st intersects 
176 Ford Mrs Eliza A 
ITS Hough Philip M, carp 
180 Fraser James 
182 Dimock Mrs Isabella 
184 Page Frank H 
186 Page Frank 11, drugs 
^ Bleecker at oommencet 
Rt Peter’s Church 
180 Wllklnaon Rev Frederick 
18t2 Bellers Donald J 
194 Robertson Rev Andrew 
194a Naylor Chns 

Chapman IVm .T, glove 

196 McKnlght Miss Elizabeth 
196A Vacant 
198 McKinnon John, tlr 
19.8a Brown Frederick W, gro 
^ Ontario st intersects 
LOO Adgey Mrs Martha 
Barker Samuel, barber 
200^6 Leldy Mrs May, mlnr 
202 .Tarvis Harold, baker 
204 Vacant 

£06 Ollvlera Miss Mary 
208 Ivena Richard 
210 Wilson Mrs Eoulse 
812 Forfar James B, phy 
214 Knox Robt D 
216 Doan Robt W 
218 Foster John G 
220 Murray F VJ, dentist 
222 Holmes John 
224 Manuel Frederick O 
226 Hume G O, dentist 
Hume Miss ROD, phy 
228 Hennessy James W 
230 Bryans Wm F, phy 
232 Gray Mrs Elizth 
234 Parker Wm H 
236 Colby Alfred F 
838 Alexander W H, phy 
240 Morison & Son, furriers 
240% Jelfs Jas, pictures 
242 Brown Thomas, hdwre 
244 Baycroft George B, diT 

246 Byron Edgar A, staty 
248 Balch Wm H, baker 
250 Gilpin Thomas A, gro 
262 Clayton Meat Co. Ltd 
^ Parliament st intersects 
254 Janowszky Laszlo 
2.54% Williamson Thomas 
256 Derraitt George G 
258 Colyer Lindsay 
260 Wilson 5Vm J 

262 Begg George M 
264 Hardy John C 
266 Hand 5Vim 
208 Megan Michael F 
270 Aiken Miss Amy, nurse 
^ Metcalfe st commences 
274 Mason Samuel A 
276 Currie John 
278 Thompeoo Andrew 
280 Miller Allan F 

Miller Frederick R, phy 
282 Van Norman Charles C 
286 Meech Chas 
288 Lumbers Henry 
292 Hamblin Wm 
294 Loggle James 
296 Horton Thomas 
298 Bee Edward C 
300 Adgey Mrs Martha 
^ Snckville st intersects 
808 Brick Benjamin 
814 Corrigan Thomas B 
^ Woodley pi commences 
818 Hatch Mrs Phoebe L 
320 Vacant 
SA Fair Charles H 
326 Carroll Geo J 
328 Johnson David E 
^ Bowman st commences 
330 Ardern Thomas 
336 Humphrey Geo 
338 Cranston Mrs Eliza 
340 Ingram Alfred E. pntr 
.342 Muirhead Robertson 
844 Brackinreld Thomas 
S46 Ross John 
^ Snmach st Intersects 
Riverdale Park 

South Side 

3 Carlton Chambers 
Hardy Geo B, dentist 
Freure Ernest E, music 

Dickson R O, dentlat 
Skelton Jas, real est 
3 MacBrien Miss Olivia, 
mus tchr 

Barton Edwd, vocalist 
Schuch E W, mus tchr 
Archibald Wm Y, mus 

Pickford Sami W, real 

7 MeLellan Miss Isabella 
Methodist Church 
21 Stark Thomas H, phy 
23 Kyle Mrs Sarah J 
25 Paton Miss B, drsmkr 
27 Divert Madame Annie 
29 Fisher Tlios TV 
Ifl Thomson Walter P, phy 
37 Houseberger James R 
39 Grant Peter A 
41 Austin Mrs Frances C 
43 Balfour Wm 
47 Stokes Robt J 
49 Pickering Chns H 
51 Lowey David F, shoes 
63 Vacant 

55 McCurdy Mrs C, bdg 
57 Williamson Miss Elizth 
59-61 Slaughter Joseph 
^ Church st Intersects 
67 Maxwell Leslie A, den- 

Carnahan Wm J A 
69 Greenberg Robert, Ur 
73 Pettigrew Robert, bicycle 
Burns Albert E 
75 Vacant 

77 Mowry Mrs Minnie 
Burns Albert E 
79 Watt Miss Isabel E 
Watt Miss Mary A 
81 Adams Geo S 
83 Butler Miss Matilda 
85 Arnott Miss Scotland 
87 Bothwell Clemens J 
89 Mehr Hyman 
91 Wright R, plmbr 
^ Mutual st ends 
93 Chambers Mrs Mary 
305 Snelgrove C V, dentist 
107 Jeffrey Andrew 
111- Howard Gershom P, den- 

^ Jarvis st intersects 
117 Doidge l^roduce Co 

119 Lambert Miss E, confy 
121 Clark David A, phy 
Williams Mrs Mary A 
Allan Gardens 
^ Sherbourne st intersects 
165 Yoiing Albert 
167 Vacant 
109 Johnston S, phy 
171 Morrison Mrs Catherine 

178 Shlell R Telfer, phy 

175 ‘Banks Miss Isabel 

176 Clarke Mrs Mary 

177 Klnnear James A, phy 

179 McCulloch Wm 
^ Beaton st ends 

181 Hendry Wm B, phy 
183 McaLachlan Arch W 
j85 Save -ames R 
187 Procter Mrs Elizabeth 
389 Davidson Mrs Margt 
391 Westman Miss Clara 
193 Sears Ernest F, gro 

196 Smart Ell, btchr 

# Ontario at Intersects 

197 McFaul Mrs Annie E 
189 Nlckell James 

291 Copeland Edward 
203 Ormsby Roibert P 
205 McIntosh Mrs Jennie 
207 Wlsker Thomas 
209 Craig Thomas B 
211 Bailey Mrs Marie T 
213 Redderoth Rev Augustus 

216 Spooner Frank, gro 

t Berkeley st ends 
Noble John, phy 
221 Robertson Alexander 
223 Vacant 
225 Brennan John 
227 Norris Frederick J 
229 Cain Miss Minnie, notions 
229% Pimstone Abraham B, 

Eddlestone Morris 
231 Shier Ellada P 
2.33 Hltchlnson Mrs Margaret 
235 Stephany Wm. barber 
237 Carlton Shoe Repair Co 
Cocking Joseph J 
239 Becker Mrs Mary S 
£41 Piske Fredk 

Lautz Henry J, mus tchr 
245 Canadian Bank of Com- 

^ Parliament st intersects 
251 Fisher Robt E, dentist 

265 Morrison Fredk W 
2-57 O’Connor John W 
259 McKinnon John G 
261 Hurst Mrs Ada 
263 Waldron John 
265 Coocb Hertiert T C 
£67 Vacant 

269 Andrews Fredk G 
271 Rosenthal Joseph 
273 Hammell Walter 
275 Cherry John, hrs dealer 
277 Hnllsworth Wm H 
279 Waring Jamee 
281 Perigo Geo H 
^ Dermott pi ends 
283 Niblock John T 
285 Leary Samuel 
287 Guest Mrs Elizth 
289 McColl Angus B 
291 Hopkins Edward J 
295 Neilson Hugh 

Nellson Miss Janet, nurse 
297 Brown James J 
299-301 Browm & Cooper, 

303 Cooper Robert J 
305 Sanderson John 
307 Fensom John 
309 Dixon Robert 
311 Butler Edward P 
313 Meehan John 
315 Freyseng Peter 
♦ Sackville st intersects 
317 Sweet John H. gro 
319 Beatty Robert J 
321 Miller James 
323 FIvnn Mrs Agnes 
326 Wade Wm P 
327 Cook John 
329 Ross John W 
331 Kesder Jesse 
333 Freeman Henry G 

335 Willis Mrs Marla 
^ Gifford st ends 
337 Schmidt Albert K 
339 Logan Wm J 
341 McLeod J Norman, contr 
84S Beatty Wm 
345 Carpenter Wm J 
347 Lyons Mrs Elizth 
Ewing George 
349 Balkwlll Wm 
351 Lucas John 
2.53 McFadyen Allan 
355 O'Leary Mrs Selina 
357 Kinloch David 
359 Lawton Arthur W 
361 Hanson Thos 
,363 Short! Richard 
365 Milling Wm M 
367 Macready Arthur 
369 Cornish Stanley 
371 Ferris Wm S 
373 ilcFadyen .Tohn 
375 Morrow Mrs Esther 
377 Chambers Thos 
379 McDonald Miss Mary 
881 Ball Charles B, confy 
383 Silk Fredk W, btchr 
^ Sumach st tnteneets 
385 Scott James P 
387 Goodrich Wilber C, publr 
389 Fox Mrs Mary J 
391 Lennle Alexander 
393 Blackburn Mrs M J 
395 Shea Jeremiah 
^7 Thomasson George B 
399 Brown Mrs Jessie W 
491 Quigley James 
403 Barnes Charles H 
405 Lawrence James 
407 Edwards Thomas 
409 Duffy Thos 
411 Starling Wm 
413 McClelland Mrs Margaret 
415 Harpley Thos 
417 Gorman James 
419 Hickey David 
TjOnsdale Richd 
421 Vacant 
423 Lovett James 
425 Charters Wm 


(West Toronto), name 
changed to Connolly 


(West Toronto), name 
changed to Miller av 


North from 256 St Patrick 
to Bellevue pi, ward 4. 

East Side 

5 Jones Thomas 

7 Symons Vincent 

11 Burbridge Alfred 

West Side 

2 Botsford Mrs E H 

6 Knight D George 

8 Kirk Wm R 
10 Hosier Thos 

12 Thomas Mrs Sarah A 
14 Hards Chas 

16 Black Ale.x 
20 Hickey Frederick 
22 Galloway Frank 
24 McDonald Wm C 
26 Breslove Moses 

McGREQOR & MclNTYRE, Limited 


Circular Stairs, Window Guards, 
Truss Rods, Bolts, Castings, Etc. 

67 to 95 PEML ST. Phono Adelaide 1560 




The BRITISH ALUMINIUM GU., Ltd., London, Eng. 

PARKE & LEITH, General Ag'ents for Canada 
Offices and Warerooms: 60 FRONT ST. WEST, TORONTO 


North from 644 Queen e to 
Thompson, ward 1 

East Side 

11 nennessy Joseph L 

13 Burd Delbert 

ir> Miller Richard A 

17 Scott Joseph R 

19 Fallon Jas 

21 Howard Chas T 

West Side 

10 Smith Mrs Isabella 

12 Tomlin Benj 

14 Godfrey Mrs Grace 
16 Conner Rosswell 

18 Dawes Jamen 

20 Balfour John 


East from 885 Osslngton av, 
first s of Davenport rd, 
ward 5. 

Not built on 


North from 240 St Patrick, 
ward 4. 

East Side 

3 Barrager Chas F 

5 Elliott James H 

7 Davies Geo C 
9 Vacant 

13 Davies Samuel 

West Side 

4 Rudd Mrs Julia 

6 Ruback Harry 

8 Black George 

12 Baxter Arthur E 


(Norway), east from Wood- 
bine av, first s of Gerrard 
e, ward 1. 

North Side 

2 Thornley Ernest 
4 Button Alfred 

♦ Devon road begins 
26 Vacant 

28 Fludlay Duncan 
30 Vacant 

32 Mudie Jas 
34 Vacant 

♦ Golfvlew av commences 

South Side 

7 Poweil Alfred 
9 Vacant 

17 Yielding Thos W 
21 Hill Samuel 
25 Hickingbottom Wm 

29 Robinson Edgar 

33 Carter Frederick W 
37 Guthrie Mrs Agnes 
41 Dodd Geo F 

43 Booth Joseph 
Robinson PYedk C 
51 Hobson Wm 
53 Barras Mrs Mary A 
59 Pickard Wm J 

♦ Hawthorne Garden com- 


♦ Hawthorne av ends 

34 Vacant 

36 Hanna David B 

44 Robertson John S 
46 Vacant 

50-54 Jackson Maunsell B 
^2 Kemp Albert E 

100 O’Loane John T 
102 Vacant 

106 Bryant Geo E 
110 Proctor Wm J A 
128 McBrien Fredk G 
... South and West Sides ... 
9 Keating Edwd H 
29 Cox Arthur 
31 Jarvis Harold 
33 McBrien .iamt^' H 

35 Newman Thos A 

37 Rennie Robt 
43 Hay Edwd 

49 Wilkins Ernest 
61 Irvine R Norman 
53 Vacant 

55 Anderson John O 
O Dale av ends 

♦ Mackenzie av ends 
75 Wilson C Lesslie 
77 Vacant 

83 Hutchinson Wm H 
87 Carroll Mrs Mary A 
89 Dymond Allan M 
93 Love Martin 
95 Vacant 
97 Harper Clifton 

101 Paul C Fredk 
105 Vacant 

115 Fleming Chas H 
121 Vacant 


(West Toronto), w from 
Jane to beyond western city 
limits, second n of Bloor, 
ward 7. ' 

Not bnilt on 


(West Toronto), n from C 
P R tracks to Lloyd av, 1 
w ry tracks, ward 7. 

East Side 

Railway siding 

West Side 

^ Junction rd intersects 
Moore Benj & Co, paints 
I’ugsley, Dlngman & Co, 
soap mfrs 
20 Farrell Wm 
24 Veal Wm G 
48 Harper Joseph H 
80 Douglas Jas 
^ nirons St commences 
1.30 Sutherland John 
134 Cork Geo 
136 Wiight George 
138 Still Thomas 
140 Wright Fredk A 
142 Hyde Wm 
146 Wright Mrs Agnes 
148 Haines Geo 
150 Copeman Geo 

30 Sproul Geo 
32 Barker Jesse W 
34 Vacant 

North from Eastern av to 
1111 Queen e, second e of 
Pape av, ward 1. 

East Side 

Not built on 

West Side 

28 Norfolk Fredk J 
30 Allen Mrs Annie 
32 Collins Chas W 
34 Meehan Geo 
Dinwoodie .John 
36 Mason Geo J 
38 Rogers Wm B 
42 Evans Edwd T 
44 Stewart Wm J 
46 McKenna John J 
48 Cooper Sami 
50 McBrien Thomas H 
52 Nev/man Geo 
54 Goddard Wm R 
56 Keillor Wm A 
68 Cameron Mrs Elizabeth 
60 McFarlaue Wm 
62 Virgin John A 
64 Bills Stephen H 
66 McOulnness John C 
68 Furlong Michael 
72 Vacant 

74 Beckett Joseph C 
76 Nash Robt 
78 Jackson Wm 
SO Weldon Malon 
82 McTnnis Archibald 
84 Thomas Fredk G ' 

86 McCann John 
88 Peebles Peter 
90 Milnes Edmund 
92 McPherson Charles 
94 Morris Geo H 
96 Moroney Mrs Catherine 
100 McTavish Angus R 
102 Dinsmore John J 
1(M Butler ('ha.s W 
106 StorcN- Win J 
110 Charters Alex 


West from 58 Augusta av 
to w of Ryerson av, ward 4 

iNorth Side 

^ Denison av intersects 
22 Miles Joslah 
24 Fell Mrs Mercy 
26 Foreigners 
28 Soloway Abraham D 
30 Becker Joseph B 

32 Olassraan Thomas 
32% Cohen Joseph 

34 Cohen Simon 

36 Papemick Nathan 

38 Skerrltt Martin 

40 (Christopher Antonio 
Sylveral Sylvester 

^ Ryerson av intersects 

44 Vacant 

46 Perkins Cha.s H 

48 Homan Albert H, pntr 

50 Covert Wm 

52 Todd Mrs Frances 

54 Wells Philip J 
56 Martin .John 

58 Robertson Wm M 
60 McNeill Michael 

South Side 

^ Denison av intersects 
17 Unfinished 
19 Unfinished 

21-31 Lawrence Geo, baker 

33 Unfinished 

35 Unfinished 

37 Grosa Sidney 

39 Malins Wm 

41 Murray Wm 

^ Ryerson av intersects 
■43 Torpy Mrs Margaret 

45 Kennedy Edward 

49 Davenport Walter S 

51 Ball Mrs Louise 

55 Cuiierty Mrs Catherine 


Name changed to Kendal av 




Including old Elm av (be- 
yond Nanton av), Castle 
Frank av and Castle Frank 
cres ; a continuation of Elm 
av, east, south and south- 
east from Nanton av, first 
north Dale av, wards 1 
and 2. 

. . . North and East Sides . . . 
^ Elm av ends 
8 Holder John 
10 Allen Wm 

West from 490 Jarvis, 
ward 3. 

North Side 

6 Keeley Thos 

8 Owen Trevor R 

10 Grape George 
12 Horsraan A J 

South Side 

1 Francis Wm Q 
3 Holden John B 
5 Wright James 

7 Lafontaine Henry J 

9 Blue John H F 

11 Nichol Miss Susan 


West from 34 Henry to 
Spadlna av, ward 4. 

North Side 

♦ Beverley st Intersects 
16 Spragge E W, phy 

20 Neidenberg Max 
22 Levlnter Samuel 
24 Delamere Lt-Col Jos M 
26 Watson Mrs Isabella 

t ’ Ross St commences 
8 Macdougitll Miss Stella 
30 Hatton Henry 
32 Lynch Miss Alice C 
34 Schwartz Sami 
36 Simington Mrs Rebecca J 
Drummond Miss H, artist 
38 Howarth Mrs Mary 
40 Guerin Michael 

Guerin Miss Celia, drsmkr 
42 Farewell Mrs Emma 
♦ Huron st intersects 
44 Seymour Mrs Mary 
46 Landsberg David 
48 McMahon Mrs (Catherine 
50 Allsopp Samuel A 
62 Fowler James R 
54 Lelthead Thos 
56 Montgomery James H 
^ Glasgow st commences 
68 Church of Christ 
Cecil Hall 
60 Chinese laundry 

South Sldo 

9 McGee Wm F 
11 Rogers Mrs May E 
15 Stoddart Geo 

Connell Mrs Margt 
^ Beverley intersects 
23 Wilkinson Donald 
25 Sigal Moses 
27 Ryerson Mrs Emily K 
29 Locke George H 
.31 Glionna Donato A G 
33 Burton Mrs Elsie 
36 Talt Miss Jessie 
37 Vacant 
30 Rea James B 
41 Pipon Mrs Maud 
43 Duncan Mrs Elsie 
45 Brookshlll Frederick 
47 Leahy Miss Annie 
Brady Mrs Johanna 
49 MacKerrow James 
^ Huron st intersects 
53 Tuck Robt W 
55 I^ee Mrs Alice 
57 Hall Chas 
69 Baines Wm B 
61 Cheer Blake 
63 Fowler Wm T 
65 Greeiirpss Morris 
67 Caswell Thos 
69 Wood Francis 
71 Edwards Robert O 
73 McMillen Wm 


(East Toronto), e from 
Beech av to Willow av, 
second n of Queen e. 

North Side 

14 Hewitt Wm J, contr 

South Side 

1 Vacant 
3 Ward Fredk 
5 Hope George A 
7 Mills John S 
13 Gardiner Thomas 
16 McIntyre Rev Edward A 


North from Danforth av 
beyond limits, second east 
of Woodbine av, ward 1. 

East Side 

1 Matthews Mrs Alice 
3 Ward Fredk 
♦ City limits 

West Side 

Not bnilt on 


(West Toronto) w from 
Barrett av to Western av 
first s of Conduit, ward 7. 

North Side 

16 Butchart James G 
18 Smith Louis 
20 Norton Gordon 



Assets over $40,820,000.00 
Insurance in force over $128,274,000.00 

— 114^ 

KENEN & SELICK, General Agents 

PHONES MAIN 1419-4894 





iGanadian Company 

22 Robertson Joseph D 
* Indian rd intersects 

46 Miller Robert 

66 Barton Chas 

68 Brown Frank L 

South Side 

18 Stirrett George 
21 Holmes John F 

23 Blair Wm J 

25 Vacant ^ ^ 

« Indian rd interacts 
46 Moffat Mrs Catherine 
49 Proctor Mrs Louisa 
63 Inman Mrs Margaret 

67 Pratt Nathaniel A 
Pratt Miss B G. mus tchr 


(Chester). Name changed 
to Playter Crescent 


North Irom Armoury, 

Drill Hall, to Chestnut pi. 
ward S. 

East Side 

1 Rosner Israel 
3 Welnstock Wm 
5 Keenan John 
7 Steinberg Philip 
Brown Louis, r 
9 Silverstein Harris 
11 Siegel Simon 
13 Goodman Mrs Rebecca 
Ward Mrs Elizth, rear 
15 Whalen Mrs Annie 

Cohen Joseph, sec hd 
gds, r 

17 Nlsnavethy Lazlr 
19 Soltzberg Joseph 
Siegel Max, r 
21 Slatkin Sami 
Bilber Chas, r 
23 Zunger Joseph 
Bloom Jacob, rear 
25 Fagot Jacob 
29 Jewish Synagogue 
Nieinan Isaac 
31 Miller Morris 
33 Toronto Jewish Mission 
37 Finelsteln Max, gro 
39-41 Jewish Synagogue 
39 Cronlsh Sami 
41 Rleman Hershell 
43 Miller Louis 
47 Bochman Max, baker 
49 Klein Chas 

61-53 Canadian Soda Water 
Mfg Co 

55 Lipshitz Sami, turn repr 
Vacant, rear 
67 Hotra Peter 
69 Weintraub Alex, junk 
Nass Lasker 

♦ Agnes st Intersects 
61 Elchenhorn Sami 
63 Welsbrod Morris 

66 Altwerger Mrs Clara 

67 Scblelfer Isidore, pntr 
09 Jeffers Wm 

71 Ferber Rev MIchl 
73 Allen MIchl 

76 Polito Matteo 

77 Speers Rlchd 

♦ Edward St Intersects 
79 Greenspan Wm 

86 Salsman Louis 

87 Lemer Henry 

89 Pearls tein Maurice 

Lerner Nathan, bicycle 

♦ Elm st intersects 
111 Defalco Nlcholo 

113 Vacant 
115 Longer David 
117 Mlville Mrs Marianne 
Newton Edward 
119 Tannenbaum Charlea 
Perry Sami, r 
121 Silverman Abraham 
123 Fanutz junn 

Winchenzo Miss Mary, r 
126 Lutcla Pitt 

127 Cannavdcci Dominlco 
Franclto Antonio, r 
129 Naples' Felix, gro 
in Polllgrean Jamea 
133 Genoiso James 
135 Bennatay Joseph 
137 Kopman George 
139 Welngarten Anshel, bot- 

141 Hoffman Nathan, gro 

143 Pemblere Joseph 

146 Lasowsky Max 

147 Mahofsky Alexander 
149 Leon Sami 

161 Wolinsky Louis 
153 Annatsil John 
165 Genarin Farcus 
157 Gladsteln Max 
1{W Sherman Darla 

Kaplansky Louis, r 
161 Sciarronl Dominic 
163 Deblacho Philip 
166-167 Manso Niehola, gro 
♦ Christopher et Interseote 

West Side 

2 Roher Israel, gro 
4 Waxman Abraham 
8 Marks Mrs Mary J 
10 Arbis Isidore 
Levine Joseph 
12 Foreman Harry 

Mundersher Nicholas, r 
14 Hootnlck Louis 

Sherman Fishell, rear 
16 Robinolitz Sami 
18 Fnankel Paysach 
20 Ftsch Jacob 
22 Bochnek Abraham 
24 Schwartz Moses 

Kavishansky Solomon 
26 Horwltz Joseph 
28 Halpern Sblomon 
30 Lehr Sami, btchr 
32 Roe James 

34-36 Reiman & Schwartz, 

Reiman Mendel 
38 Fitzgerald Wm 

Jerewsky Herman, r 
Mandenberg Alex, r 
40 Goodman Sami 
42 Goodman Samuel & Son, 

Broomer Abraham, r 
44 Applebaum Harry 
46 Shoom Hyman, gro 
Rapp Samuel, r 
48-62 Roumanian Hebrew 

54 Goldhar Max, btchr 
56 Jewish Synagogus 
58 Wolman Sami, shoes 

♦ Agnes st Intersects 
60 Lipshitz Max 

62 Kushner Hyman 
62% Hershenhorn PIncus 
64 Kohlacharich BenJ 
64% Steisel Max 
66 Dimeensier Saral 
74 Ross Benj 
76 Springe Earl 

♦ Edward st Intersects 
78-80 Nlcolettl Francesco, gro 
84 Vacant 

88 Puccini Louis, gro 
90 Serino Dominick 
92 Hyde Maurice 
94 Vacant 
96 Orego Antonio 
98 Pauledo Joseph 
100 Scoletto Joseph 
102 Cornelia Michael 
♦ Elm st intersects 
108 Edwards Herbert 
110 Mtdenberg Alex 
112 Lipervltch David 
114 Berkowltz Rev Isaac 
116 Etenzon Max 
118 Sacaclo Antonio 
120 Tisel Frank, bottles 
122 Aleovitch Samuel 
122% Driller Louis 
124 Tsarusky Abraham 
126 Fried John, gro 
128 Englander Abraham 
130 Schlff Kalme, gro 
132 Sherman Louis 
Chalfan Max, r 

134 Goldstein Samuel, gro 
Kooperman Morris, r 
Shappiro Abraham, r 
138 Mogelesky Simon 
138% Perove Louis 
140 Barton Louis W, painter 
142 Poissenor Solomon 
Vacant, r 
146 Cohen Samuel 
Vacant, rear 
148 Vacant 

150 Sandelman Joseph 
152 Solomon Isidor, gro 
Hurwitz Harry 
154 Foreigners 

Sirotak Alex, r 
156 Wagman David 
158 Loffza Israel 
160 Robinson Wm 
162 Nuncio Vespo 
164 Schindler Geo 
166 Ciocla Giovanni 
Vacant, rear 

168-170 Mignalca Claudio, gro 
Bonomt Stefano 

♦ Christoph er st intersects 


(.Da visvllle) 


(Midway Annex) name 
changed to Ainsworth rd 


North from 140 Front w, 
ward 3. 

Not built on 


(North Dovercourt) west 
from 1440 Dufferin to Prim- 
rose av, ward 6. 

North Side 

2 Vacant 
4 Ross Chas 
6 Vacant 
8 Vacant 
16 Vacant 
22 Lazarus Joseph 
24 Perry Dominick 
26 O’Neill Jas 
28 Stewart David 
30 Farro Allesslo 

♦ Llghtbourne av intersects 
M Thompson Jas M 

98 Plnkham Wm 

South Side 

♦ Llghtbourne av Intersects 
101 Mills Samuel 
103 Caroline Jas W 


North from 40 St Joseph 
to St Mary, ward 3. 

East Side 

♦ Irwin av ends 

♦ Inkerman st ends 
9 Snowden John 

11 Henderson Gerald M 
13 Ross Mrs Sarah 

16 Dawson Alfred 

17 Vacant 

West Side 

St Michael’s Coll grounds 


(West Toronto) name 
changed to Miller av 

East from 675 Yonge to 
Jarvis, ward 3. 

North Side . . . 

8 Postal Station F 
Hamilton Henry E 
8 Conway Mrs Margaret 
10 Briggs Mrs Annie 
12 Hendershott Mrs Nettle E 
14 Cunnington Mrs Wm 
16 Baker Charles 
18 Thorne Mrs Victoria A 

20 Davison John L, phy 
22 Barron George 
30 Davidson N Ferrar 
38 Nell Rev John 
40 Rae Henry C 
42 Creighton James B 
44 Hayward Walter J 
46 Dunkleman David 
48 Musgrove Fred 
60 Bain A Urquhart 
52 Montgomery Miss Jean 
64 Pratt Frank M 
66 Evans Mrs Annie 
58 Knowles Richard 
60 Snell Mrs Ida 

63 Ames James H 

64 Coleman Mrs Sarah A 
66 Johnstone Robert C 

♦ Church st Intersects 
74 Fleming Arthur 
76 McMahon Wm J 
Palmer Frank, rear 
78 Clucas Henry 
Johnson Wm, rear 
78% Irving Joseph 
80 Shields Mrs Matilda B 
82 Howe Etna D 
86 Gillespie Walter 
88 Bond Hedlelgh B 
90 Booth Walter E 
94 Davison John B 
96 Moure Ferdinand A 

La Plaza Apartments 

Rooms — 

1 Macmurchy Mrs Lucy 

2 Wood Sami G 

3 Baird Paul 

4 Lane Henry J 

6 Wilson Chas A 

8 Sheppard Edmund B 

7 Da Vine P T 

8 Vacant j 

9 Wright Edwin D 

10 Saunders John R 

11 McLeod Henry J 

12 English Mrs Johanna 

15 McCallum Robt 

16 West Miss Josephine 

17 Baird Daniel S 

18 Frankish Wm R 

19 Werrett W A 

20 Kilgour David E 

21 Wood Wm J 

22 Weverstall Alfred A 

23 Smart Miss Mary H. 

Toca) tchr 

24 Kerr Miss Janet M, 


26 Falrweather Mrs Mar- 

South Side 

1 Scott C a, dentlat 

9 Siittie Alex 
11 Leworthy Wm T 
13 Scatchard Walter H 
15 Hazza Mark 
17 D’Beterre Mrs Anato 
19 Gamble George 
23 Lee Fredk G 
26 Green John 

Amsden Chas E, phy 
33 Macdonald John K 
41 S A Children’s Shelter 
43 Brown Mrs Annie 
45 Joselln Edwin J 
Joselin Arthur 
47 Moses Frank 
49 Crow & Murray, horM 

61 Murray James 
63 Wltham Andrew 
66 Stlbba Wm J 
69 Fraser Robert L 
61 Hodgson Thos 
65 Dobson Wm E. prop mM 
♦ Church st intersects 
77 Blggar Geo C 
79 Vacant 
83 Sewell Mrs K F 

86 Henderson Mrs Mary 

87 Wood Mrs Ann 
89 Smellle Thomas 

91 Stevenson Mrs Annie 
93 Pentecost Ashton 
95 McQueen Mrs Annie 
97 Pate Wm J 


Government, Municipal, Corpora- 
tion and Industrial, Yielding 
from 4% to 6% 


— 116 — 

W Bralthn-aite Her Kdward 

101 Campbell Sheridan 
103 Provan Alexander 


(Old Czar) west from 728 
Yonge to Queen's Park, 
ward 3. 

North Side 

2 Meech Richard, btchr 

4 Kain Kichd 

6 Spencer Thomas E, gas 

8 Kenny David R, fruits 
12 Hackett Misses 

14 Boweu Stephen 1) 

16 Pldge \Vm C 

18 Mclnnes Miss 0, drsmkr 
■20 Maclilem ITederlcU 
22 Gordon Henry 

24 McCleiiuan Andrew VV, 


26 Walker Ilayuiond Jr 
28 Williams Walter O 
■30 Byrch Wm P 
32 Ely Mrs Henrietta 

34 Wright Chas E 
Jtaliuuto St commences 

30 MacDonald Archibald 

38 Cochrane James 

40 Brakefield Mrs Elizth 

42 Sanders Rlchd J 

44 'I’hornton Mrs Sarah M 
40 Marks Wm J 
48 Vacant 

60 May Mrs Isabella 
52 Mitchell James F 
54 Cosgrave Thomas P 

Mossom Dundas M, vet 

56 Smith Arthur 
68 Lynch Robt 
60 Murray Mrs Ellen 
Long Gilbert 
62 Banks Wm 
64 Smith Mrs M J 
66 Canfield Mrs Amanda 

♦ North st Intersects 
68 Rooney Mrs Vlctorine 
74 Anderson Miss Sophia 
76 Townley Wm A 

78 Toews Peter 
80 Sailer Miss Letltla C 
82 Butland Jas G 
^ Falrbalru Wm H 
86 McBrady Louts V 
88 CuIIand Samuel 
90 Miller Daniel 
92 Donaldson B Stewart 
94 Robinson Thos H 
96 Coles Mrs Sarah 
98 Fllnn Harold E 

♦ St Thomas gt commences 
100 Mackie Alexander C 

102 Pipe Miss Jessie 
104 Rice Wm P 
106 Payne John 
108 Vacant 

110 Andrew Reginald B 
112 Haygarth Predk 
114 Hanna Samuel R 

South Side 

3 Barron John H 

5 Robson Mrs Marian 
7 Levitt Arthur 

9 Armour Archd 
11 Arnot James H 

18 Butchart Miss Elsie 
♦ St Nicholas st ends 
15 Unfinished 

17 Brittain Frank 

19 Nelson Mrs Matilda 
21 Hines Wm B 

28 Reeves Jesse D 

25 Elliot Joseph 

37 Redditt Mrs Maryr 

29 Thompson James 

81 Richardson Charles M 
33 McNeillie Jas P 

35 Tipp Chas 

37 Ingram Miss Annie 

39 Collahan Mrs Charlotte 

41 Knott J W, painter 

43 Jameson Mrs Annie 

45 Clarke Mrs Ella 
♦ North st lintersects 
55 Stouffer David 
57 Hawley Styles G 
59 Beare Mrs Mary J 
61 Hornibrook John T 
63 Guay Theophile 
65 Palmer Mrs Annie 1 
67 Grant Miss Mary E 
69 Irwin .John 
T1 Bush Everett A 
73 Gilker Mrs Elsie 
75 McCabe Alexander 
77 Bums James W 
79 Stephenson Rev F C 
81 MacDonald Duncan A 
53 Howartb Mrs Margaret 
85 Cooper Miss Mary A 
Gordon Miss Sara, nurse 
89 Page Co, contrs 


North from 426 King w 
to Adelaide w. ward 4 

East Side 

11 Fleming Robt 
13 McHugh Edwd 
15 Coats Andrew 
17 Barry Peter 
19 Ault & Wiborg Co of 
Canada, Ltd, printers 

'West Side 

♦ Oxley st commences 
24 Kupitz Ed'wd' 

26 Gow David 
28 Springer Max 
30 Cooke Mrs Mary P 


(Norway) w from Green- 
wood av to Byron, first s 
of Danforth av, ward 1. 

North Side 

62 Ryan James 
58 Jobln Arthur 

76 Blake John J 

50 Wight Thos 

South Side 

1 Reed Henry E, mkt gdnr 
47 Robb Wm R 
49 Lee George 

51 Henrichs Herbert 
65 Magee Arthur 

71 Reed Wm E, mkt gdnr 
75 Hibbitt Geo 

77 Hibbett James 
81 Crew Chas 


(Old Soho av and Soho, 
West Toronto) w from ry 
tracks to Barrett av, sec- 
ond n of Bloor w, wards 6 
and 7. 

North Side 

♦ Dundas st intersects 
8 SlmmonJs Henry 

44 Cates Edward R 

46 Bourcart John 

48 .Spall Sidney J 

50 Champion August 
52 Rankin .Toseph W 

64 Piper John 

♦ Sinclair av commences 
78 Madigan Myrt 

South Side 

♦ Dundas st intersects 
43 MacLean Robt 

1.5 Connell Thos 

47 Vacant 

49 Archer Edwd 

51 Little Francis H 
63 Long Geo 11 

69 p'reer Orry St George 
61 Fyfe Harry 
63 Stiles Miss Martha A 

65 Thompson Sami M 
67 Tucker Fredk 

69 AVhite Hugh 
71 Merritt Melville A 


West from Greenwood av 
to Prust av, first n of Ger- 
rard e, "Ward 1. 

North Side 

24 Heaman Geo K, bldr 
Unfinished houses (4) 

South Side 

Unfinished houses (7) 

(Toronto Island), n from 
St Andrew's Church, Lake 
Shore av, ward 4. 

East Side 

6 Phillips John 
Itanieit James H 

7 Cole Orill A 
Millard Fredk 

9 MePhail Henry 
Strathy Hugh 

11 Watts Walter A 

13 Near Sami G 

15 Linton Robert .T 
Morgan Ethelbert 

West Side 

4 Anderson Mrs Margt A 
6 Hanson Lionel 

8 Luke Wm A 

12 Regan Thos 

14 Darlington Wm H 


North from hay to St. 
Lawrence square, ward 2. 

East Side 

British Am Oil Co. Ltd 
Toronto Iron Wks, Ltd 

♦ GTR crossing 

GTR frt office and sheds 

♦ Mill st Intersects 
41 Watton HMiry 
43 Kennedy Thomas 

♦CPU crossing 
C P R office and sheds 

♦ Tiite st commences 

53 McOinn Patrick 

55 Vacant 

^ Kront st.e intersects 
Can NortTferu Out Ry frt 
offlce<» and sheds 
Can Northern Transfer 
Co Ltd 

93 Oraham Tee Co 
97 Fraser Andrew 
101 Falardeau Isaac 
T03 McEwen Mrs Mary 

♦ Worts av conunences 
St Lawrence Square 

West Stde 

National Iron Works, Ltd 
Eastern Construction Co 

GTR crossing 
Min st Ijitei'sects 
OPR tracks 
50 Davis An hd V 
52 Elpbick Frederick 

54 Harrington Jeremiah 

56 Lofthouse R B 

♦ Front st e Intersects 
88 Clark James 

90 Anderson Robt 


(Midway Annex), name 
changed to Erifulale av. 


East from 421 Brock av, 
third n of College, ward 6. 

North Side 

2 Hillock Thomu 
4 Merry Frederick 
6 Sheppard Geo H 
8 Vacant 
12 Oates Alex 
14 Hummell Ross F 
16 Fergnson Wm 
18 Laughlin John G 
20 Price Bertram M 

73 Hodgson Mrs Clarissa 
75 Vacant 1 

Guarantee Company of North 

A SON, Gen’l Ag^ents, Mail Building*, Cor. King* and Bay 

— 116 — 


Quickly and Quietly SEE ■ 



PHONES MAIN 988-980 


South Side 

1 Frith Wm 
5 Bush Wm H 
7 Dawkins Wm 
11 Saunders John 
13 Barefoot .lames 
15 Iseell John W R 
17 Buchanan George 
19 Saviile Henry 


(Scarborough Twp) 


(Chester), north from Dan- 
forth av, second west of 
Logan av, ward 1. 

East Side 

41 Unfinished house 

43 Unfinished house 

47 Astin George L 

49 Holland E<l\v[i H 

51 Croxall Fredk E , 

.53 Smith Chas B 

55 Houstin King 
57 Gray Alfred 

59 Jennings John 

61-79 Unfinished houses (10) 

87 Hawthorne Albert A 

89 Gladwell John F, bldr 

91 Unfinished house 
93 Unfinished house 
97 Neale Geo 

99 Murrott Geo 

101 Burdett Joseph C 

103 'Sedgwick Wm 

107 Deverell Mrs Esther 
111 Newson Richard 

113 Smith Robt B 

115 Ellames Robt \V 

117 Chessell Geo W 

119 Cameron W'm 
121 Reid Thos .4. 

123 Crane Thos B 
12.') .Tilde Harry 
127 W'alker Henry 

Unfinished houses (2) 

131 Mills Wm E 
133 Whitehouse Isaiah 
135 Ince Thos 
137 Hill Wm J 

West Side 

14 Vacant 
16 Vacant 
18 Vacant 
20 Wright Harvey 
22 Wilson Henrv 
24 Simmons Wm G 
26 Phypers Wm E 
28 Unfinished house 

44 Duncan Wm S 
46 Martin Fredk 

48 Hale Albert N 
50 Mears Jesse 

52 Pinfold Albert W 
54 Irwin Wm 

68 Price Samuel H 

60 Pesme Eugene 
64 Welch Wm J 
06 James Walter 
^ Bridge Geo 

70 Hill Wm E 
78 Waterhouse Harold, 

80 Parsons Geo ’ 

82 Harry Joseph 'I 

84 Ha'wthorne Albert 

88 Jeffrey Robt 

90 Hutcheon Mrs Bllzth 

92 Smith Eric F 

91 Farquhar Alex 
90 Mayo Archibald 

100 Williams Jas 

102 Robinson Wm 

104 Black Wm 

106 Unfinished house 
IPS Coppin Geo 
108% Vacant 
110 .Tones Benj 
Rrettell W m 

114 Gnzey Thos 

116 Whitehouse Wm 

118 Woodall John 

120 Porter Ernest 
122 Harrott F H 
126 Shaw Geo 

128 Richard.? Geo 


Tel. Main 1067 

The Dovercourt Land 





24 Adelaide St. E. 

130 Nicholls Chas 
132 Gillespie Wm 
136 Grant Alex 
13f! Fraser John 


North from 114 Queen w 
to Chestnut pi, ward 8. 

East Side 

7% Kramer Abraham 
9 Goldberg. Chaem 
11 Sendell Cuthbert 
13 Davidson Sami 
15 Schoptiseh Solomon 
17 Brown M A, berr 
19 Mendel George 
21 Hirshenhorn Sami 
23 Greisman Max 
25 Bireuaranz Moses 
^ Albert at ends 
37 BaUiessarre Vincenzo 
41 Mack Mrs Ida 
43 Yaffee Mendel 
45 Figenblatt Abraham 
47 Pantzer Sami 
49 Brown Alls 
51 Fagin Jacob 
53 Cohn Bernard 
55 Rosen Mrs Bertha 
67 GUioksteln Barnett, tlr 
# Louisa St ends 
59 Simrod Israel, btchr 
61 Waldman Reuben, shoes 
63 Tobin Harry 
65 Zipper David 
67 Bochner Paul 

69 Jewish Synagogue 

71 Slttsamer Louis, btchr 
73 Guntovnic Sami tlr 

75 Balakofsky Louis, plmbr 
77 Davidson Morris 

79 Finkelman .Joseph 

81 Gold Max. grocer 
S3 Pollack Isaac, btchr 

85 Rosenstein Mrs Ann, 

S7 Brown Joseph 
89 Gottlieb Gordon 
91 Sharman Jacob 
93 Wilder Chlam. dry gds 
95 Jackson Albert C 
97 Alter Isidor 
99 Vinebroon Abraham 
101 Saix Louis 

103 Dees Gilbert A. catrtw 

105 Peeman Sami 
107 Wounsch .Joseph 
109-111 Chestnut Rt Mission 
113 Baker Samnel. tlr 
113V, Kozda Daniel, barber 
115 Stolbert Towija, btchr 
119 Greenberg Solomon, fish 
Glass ^lomon 
Clarfeld Jacob 
^ Agnes St Intersects 
123 Sakla Sami 
125 Bloomenfield Morris, rest 
127 Vacant 
129 Athens Harry 
131 Graizer Jacob 
l."3 Ginsberg Jacob 
135 Rerastein Abraham 
137 Colby Fredk 
139 Spring Abraham 
141 Mossman R D, gro 
^ Edward st intersects 
143-145 Magglacamo Bros, 

# Elm St Intersects 
161 Chinese Indry 
163 Vacant 

16314 Molen Mrs Rose 
165 Hill Chas 

167 Pearl Abraham, bottles 
169 Eisen Max 
171 W^einstein Mrs Fanny 
Blank Morris 

West Side 

# Armoury st commences 

70 Orlesman Merits, rest 

72 Griesman Merits 

74 Debensky Mrs Lyna 
76 Zipper Mrs Annie 
78 Tucker James 

80 Cutler Wm 

82 Rogaschinskv Mrs Bessie 
S2V Hlouzer Philip 

84 Peldt Louis 

86 Month Mrs Sarah, gro 
88 Wlneshanker Sami, bl- 
clcle repairer 
90 Vacant 

92 Vacant 

94 British M B Chnrcb 
96 Bambrlck Wm 
98 Brown Mrs Mary 
100 Hesvinlck S I, buttermkr 
Grolsdorf Rubin 

105 Besvlnlck Jacob 
104 Karnes John, cabs 

106 Gertabeln Nathan 
Gertsbein Samuel, rear 

1 108 Gertabeln Abraham 
Bohn Abraham 
Schaffer Mandel 
110-112 Gertsbein N & C, 

114 Chertiarsky Max, gro 
116 Vacant 

118 Spence Thomas H 
120 Winegard Harry 
122-4 Somers Charles, gro 
^ Agnes st Intersects 
126 Katz Ury 
128 Finkelstein Max 
130 Kauf Sami 
182 Newman Samuel 
134 Bobsin Abraham 
136 Marlow James 
138 Bemaro Antonio 
140 Lltewltz Simon 
140% Simons Sami 
142 Rubinoff Rachmlel & Son 

^ Edward st intersects 
144 Motta Frank, gro 
146 Cnstanino Raphael 
148 Laraia Mrs Amelia 
150 Bailey Robert 

153 Muccino George 

154 Ixibraico Nunzio 
1,56 Manfrida Dominico 
158 Fil omena Forll 
160 Valendo Antonio 
162 Bran.gawcio Donatia 
164 Zlncome Stanislaus 

# Elm at Intersects 
166 Corrothero Mrs Sarah 
166% Vacant 
168 Vacant 

170 Matman Joseph, feed 
172 Frankirchen Toda 
174 Klieman Jacob 
176 Kissilewsky Simon 
178 Amato Faustiiio 
1.80 Cnrumone Joseph 
182 Greenhnum Kalman 
184 Cosovltz Israel 
186-188 Rotsteln Bros, Junk 
1,8(5 Rotstein David 
1.88 Rotsteln I.,ewls 
190 Himmel Benj 
190% Frohmen Abraham 

195 Qoldhar Mayer 
184 Starkman Jacob 

196 Pepper Max 
198 Zenner Solomon, produce 
200 Bozolo Constant 
202 Yuskewltz Mrs Dora 
202% Dlnkin Louis 
204 Salaminsky Philip, gro 
206 Thiofora Mariana 
206 Rotrtenherg Jacob, pntr 
210 Alexander James 
212 Ferro Thos 
212% Johnson Mrs Annie 
214 Twicue Michl 
216 Eichler Max 
218 Solomon Joseph 
220 Salerno John 
222 Applebaum Frank ■ 

224 Pompin John 
226 Leone Zaccari, gro 

^ Christopher st commences 
230 Tor Genl Hosp Free Dis- 


(Old Chestnut Park rd) n 
from Roxborongh e, then 
east and then south to 
same. 9rst east of Yonge. 
ward 2. 

West Side 

Not built on 

North Side 

2 Vaux Harry E 
6 Vacant 

8 Matthews Mrs Camilla W 
10 Mara Henry S 

14 Gibson Ralph B 

16 Russel Wm B 

18 Grant Garnet P 

20 Greig Robert 

22 Falconbridge John D 
24 Kamerer Robert E 
26 Rolph Joseph T 
30 Milligan Arthur 
32 Scheuer Edmund 

34 Suydam Henri H 
4b Cluny av intersects 
40 Stevenson George 
44 Anger J Humfrey 
46 Irish Mark H 

48 Smart David W 
50 Gundy S Bradley 

62 Gooderham Norman R 

54 Dixon John 

56 McCarter John B 
68 Wood W Lloyd 

60 Fitzsimons James B 
70 Armstrong Henry I 
72 Sutherland Robt B' 

^ Thornwoed rd commences 
74 Clubb Arthur F 
78 Nerlich Henry 
82 Gagnler Harold T 
84 Fensom Geo H 

86 MacLean Hugh C 
88 Freeland Edwd B 

South Side 

15 Carrick Wm H 

17 Smoke Samuel C 

19 Watts Frederick B, pby 
Watts Edwd 

21 Gow Geo 

26 Kingston George A 

35 Wright Henry J 
39 McLeod Norman if 
43 Goad Victor 

49 Fitzgerald F W Gerald 
53 Donagh J Ormsby 

55 Reid Hugh 

67 Sinythe Robert G 
59 Bertram John H 

61 Barwick Mrs Ella A 

87 MncMurchy Angus 
77 Barrett Wallace 

West from Avenue rd, se- 
cond n of Davenport rd, 
ward 4. 

North Side 

2 Des Brisay Mrs Sarah E 

4 Withrow John A 

6 Morrison Mrs Annie 

8 Pole Frederick H G 

10 Rowland Frank M, acet 
12 McKay Rev Wm J 

14 Vacant 
16 Vacant 

22 Hull Rlchd W 

24 Moore Geo L 

26 Sullivan Miss Annie 

28 Hewsbn Wm G 

39 Vacant 
32 Vacant 

34 Buchanan Geo 
36 Vandervoort Geo M 
38 Vacant 

40 Dickson John T 
42 Mitchell Wm 

44 Vacant 

46 Huston Wilfred B 
48 Crocker Earl S 
50 Hunter Wm H 

South Side 

3 Hamilton Mrs Isabella M 

5 Matthews Mrs Sarah 

7 Pntmim (Jeo A 

9 Campbell Miss Rhoda 

11 Scott Mrs .lane 

16 Pooler Herbert G 

17 Carnahan Harold 
19 Westervelt Alex P 
21 Tinning John B 

23 Martin Mrs Annie D, 


25 Boone Edward 

27 McFadden .las A 

29 Holland Fredk M 
31 Maulson Fred H 
33 McClellaud Robert 
,35 Foy Jns C 

37 Hlnckxon Mrs Saretta P 
39 Geiger Henry J 
41 Elderkin DeWitt T 
43 Leask David R 
45 Edwards Harry O 
47 Lew'is Adam L 
49 Ross Fred H 
51 Barber Wm H 
53 Anderson Mrs Alice E M 
65 Jardine George B 
57 Wade Mrs Mary E 

(Toronto Island), n from 
288 Lake Shore av, ward 4. 

Bast Side 

7 MacKendrlck Wm G 
11 Goad Mrs Agnes 

11 Hoag Mrs Irene 
21 Goad Chas E 

31 Rolph Alfred J 

.Jarvis Aemlllus, rear 
.33 Ardagh Irwin .1 
35 Mlchle Chas 
Wright Ernest 
37 Hargratt John 

West Side 

6 Roberts James 

8 Turner Chas 

10 MeCheyne Robt M 
Hill Alfred 

12 Chadwick Geo 
18 Allan Frank B 

Royal Canadian Yacht 


(Old Oaklands av. East To- 
ronto), north from Dan- 
forth av to city limits, 1 
w of .Main, ward 1. 

East Side 

Moody John 

Hammett Thomas H P. 

West Side 

Not built on 


North from 726 Bloor w 
to St Clair av, ward 5, 

East Side - 

3 Pearcey John 
5 Cuthhurt Mrs Sarah E 
7 Newborn Samuel, who! 

9 Cassidy Thos P 
11 Coveart Alonzo 
13 Thompson James A 
15 Stewart Alex 
19 Gregson Wm 
21 Cameron Archd 
23 Robertson Wm 
25 Davies David E 

96 Hartwick Wm 

97 Lawson Thos 
99 Snook Albert 

101 Temple Thos 
103 Hart Charles 
105 Morgan George 
^ Barton av ends 
135 Barr John 
187 Bailey Stephen 
139 Pickering Wm H 
141 Thompson Harry 
143 Verzaci Dominick 
145 Vacant 


Properties FOR SALE in ALL 
PARTS of the City and Suburbs 

61 Victoria Street 




Phone Adelaide 314 TORONTO 



147 PIppy Leri, contr 

149 Doble Wm 
151 Lund Stanley W 
153 Heney John 
155 Williams !^edk 
161 Beck George, exp 
163 Springham Fredk 
109 Borland Wm. contr 
171 Cundall Mrs Elizth 
173 Robinson Mrs Jane R 
175 Dockeray Robt W 
4 Fellis ar ends 
193 Huff Charles S 
195 Phillips Thos J 
197 Garner James C 
199 Laidler George 
201 Lamb Wm L 
203 Larter Wm jr 
205 James Richd G 
207 Howard John 
209 Grlffllth Wm 
211 Scott Wm J 
213 Kenyon John 

216 Wilcox Mrs Elizabeth 

217 Sarracino Peter 
219 Kinnee Wm 

221 Brown Frederick 

223 Irvine Andrew 

225 Beatty Geo R 

2129 Brown Wm J 

231 Walters Geo 

233 Fraser Thos 

235 Bryant James C 

237 Prince Miss Dora 

239 Maguire Clifton 

241 Sinclair Wm 

243 Robinson Thomas 

245 Handy Gilbert W 

247 Cook Frank 

249 WoolHngs & Co, btchs 

♦ Yarmouth rd intersect* 
Epworth Meth Church 

259 Ashley Wm 

261 Neville Miss Frances 

263 Hyland Gordon, phy 

205 Kerr Robert 

267 Weaver Earl 

209 Vacant 

271 Webster Wm 

273 Hart Henry 

275 Holbrook Mrs Charlotte 

277 Manuel Joseph 

279 Barrett Patrick L 

2S1 Wheeler Albert 

283 French Pldwd 

2.37 LeCocq John 

2S9 Miller Clarence J 

291 Chinese Laundry 

♦ Dupont intersects 

325 Robertson Coal & Wooc 

♦ C P R intersects 
351-359 Clarke & Clarke, Ltd 

leather mnfrs 
361 Woodward Albert 
363 'Simmons Charles 
365 Ford Chas 
367 TTrvin James 
Stttt Fr^erlck, r 
Kesteven Henry C, r 
369 Young John, produce 
377 Lockerbie Wm H 

♦ Davenport rd Intersects 

♦ Braemore av commences 

♦ Tyrrel av Intersects 
655 Edwards James 

663 Edwards Charles 
689 Dnnsford Orlando G 
695 Edwards Mrs Elizabeth 
697 Edwards J B & Sons, 
leather goods 

♦ Benson av Intersects 
617 Edwards Wm H 
625 Jordan Horace ,S 

637 Blackwell Mrs Mary R 

♦ St Clair av Intersects 

West Side 

♦ Pendrith av commences 
146 Corbet Robt 

Corbet Mrs Kate 
146% Mulvey James 
148 Reed James 
160 Pettle Albert J 
162 Kenyon John H 
104 tSweetlng John 
156 Stubbs James H 
158 Walker Wm F 
160 Thomson George 
102 Stewart John 
164 Harman Albert 
166 Cross Cecil 

Woolford Fredk 
166% Alexander Abraham 
168 Fish Walter 
170 Craig Mrs Elizth, gro 

♦ Essex av csmmencea 
176 Gould George H, gro 
178 Gould Geo H 

180 Bills Mrs M A, fey gds 
182 Fitzgerald Wm J, gro 
184 Porter Wm J 
194 Waugh Joseph 
196 Keogh Joseph 
198 McKelvle J Harry 
Brownlee Wm 
200 Blakely Henry 
202 Ball Robert 

204 Winter F'redk P, gro 

♦ Garnet av commences 

205 Clarke Sami W 
210 Thorburn James R 
212 McBain Geo 

214 Aldous Wm, dry goods 

216 Chinese laundry 

218 Coon Arthur L 

220 Phillips Henry 

222 Greenwood Andrew 

224 Wilson Wm 

230 Morrow Herbert J S 

♦ Yarmouth rd Intersects 
232 Weaver E N, barber 
234 Holgate Leonard 

238 Crover Arthur J 
240 Grierson James A 
242 Wallace Sidney 
244 Coulson Alfred 
246 Medhurst Alfred 
248 Gordon Wm S 
250 Routledge Horace 
254 Danby F G, gro 

♦ Melville av commences 
258 Payne Alfred E, dry gds 
264 Hughes Lorinda, shoes 
266 Markham Chas E, btehr 
268 Sibley Louis 

270 Callicott Chas 
272 Fowlle John 
280 Wills Mrs F L 

♦ Dupont St intersects 

♦ C P R Intersects 

346 Jones Bros, stove cast- 

352 Apted Geo 

354 Lawrence John A 

356 Whitehead John 

372 Jones Thomas 

374 Wilson David, gdnr 

380 Wells Wm 

384 Redlaw David 

390 Smart Louis 

396 Stead Miss Annie 

402 Finch Fredk C 

♦ Davenport rd Intersects 

♦ Tyrrel av intersects 

564 Sharpley Charles, gdnr 
588 Sharpley Mrs Fannie 
590 Lewis Henry 

♦ Benson av Intersects 

618 Jordan Walter & Son, 

620 Jordan Albert 
628 Moores Geo 

♦ Glenham av commences 
642 Punnett Dore H, gdnr 
646 Punnett Richard, gdnr 

120 Brant Wm 

122 Crocker Edwin 

124 Mansou Wm 

126 Hooper Charles 

128 McLachlan Cameron 

130 Eastern Seymour B 

132 Prust George A 

134 Walker Frederick 

136 McDonald Mrs Nettie L 

138 Fitch Edward 

142 Harden Wm 

144 Vacant 

♦ St Clair av intersects 


West from 228 Chestnut to 
University av, ward 3. 

North Side 

Not built on 

South Side 

9 Presllo Chas 
11 Sullivan Andrew 

13 Yudenfrant John 
16 Swelman Harry 
♦ Centre av Intersects 
27 Marks Joseph 
29 Miles Samuel 






North from 80 Esplanade e 
to 71 Bloor e, crossing 
King at 101, ward 3. 

East Side 

City Weigh Scales 
3 Murphy W J, horse sheer 
5-13 Vacant 

♦ Front St e intersects 
25-27 McWllliam & Everlst, 

whol fruit 

Barker Fred, apples 
27 Peterson A E W, apples 
Club Coffee Co 
29 James F T Co, Ltd, flsh 

♦ Colbome st Intersects 
31 Billinghurst A J, teas 
SlAEdmcndson John F, 

whol fruit 

33 Stronacb & Sons, whol 

33% Punchard-Birrell Co 
Empire Clothing Mfg Co 
Gilchrist C M & Co, whol 

35 McBride Bros, fruit 
American Hat Frame 
Mfg Co 

Toronto Cartage, Ltd 
41 Clemes Bros, whol fruit 

♦ King st e intersects 

65 St James’ Parish House 

♦ Adelaide st e Intersects 
75 Public Library 

79 Wearing Joseph, assayer 
81 Vacant 
83 Vacant 

83% Ward Rowland B 
85-87 Canada Pipe & Steel 
Co Ltd 

Cluff Bros, iron and steel 
85% Vacant 

♦ Lombard st Intersects 

89 McLeod & Kenney, 

Kimber Robert L. fac- 
tory supplies 
91 Imperial News Co 
93 Superior Mfg Co 
93% Vacant 
95 Vacant 
95% Batten Geo 
97 Cox & Andrew, Signs 
99 Wlckett A R, barber 
101 Draves E A, rest 
103 Cook Fredk J, rest 
103% Hogg John, knit goods 
Scott George & Co, photo 

105 Johnston Joseph, prtr 

♦ Richmond st e Intersects 
107 Millar David, furnaces 
109 Macdonald & Sons, Ltd 

Star Iron Co, Ltd 
111 Goldstein Benj, dry gds 
Sweet Harr.v 

113 Cooper G H, plumber 
Lettie Miss Elizabeth J, 

•115 Electrical Specialties, Ltd 
119 Sparrow Geo & Co, hotel 
kitchen outfits 
121 Guest & Co, plumbrs 
121% Lan.gstone Thos W, 

Green A B, elect special- 

Ryan Miss Caroline 
Hendershot Wellington, 
mfrs agt 

123 Blake W E & Son, Ltd, 
church supplies 
125 Nettleton J W, gro 
127 Wilson Henry A, cigars 

♦ Queen st e intersects 
129% Blumhardt & Foster, 

real est 

Home Realty & Business 

Riverdale Land Co 
131 Chinese laundry 
Gardiner Mrs Anna 
131% Worthall Leon E, bar- 

133 Carey Herbert, bdg 
133% Jenkins Mrs Ellen 
Fogarty Rlehd J 
135 Authors & Cox, art limbs 
137 Salisbury & Fetterly, el- 
ectrical engineers 
Toronto Stamp & StencU 
Works Ltd 

Fell I C & Co, engravers 
Hadley John, die sinker 
McKeiidry Wm, mfg 

137% Halligan Christopher, 

Mullen Archd D 
McMaster Matthew 
139 Hicks Harry Co, plmbrs 
141-3 Lyon N T Glass Co, 

145 Dawson John Ltd. cloth- 
ing mfrs 

145% Sim Mrs M.ury 
147 Richardson J E & Co, 

147A Excelsior Apartments 
149 Rubber Tire Wheel Co, 

151 Thorne Geo, shoemkr 
153 Sutherland Hugh. Ur 
153% Penton Wm C 
155 Day-P'ryer Co, sign ptrs 
155% Colby Mrs Mary 
157 Chinese Indry 
159 Allen Wm, tir 
161 Holupka Mlchl 
163-165 Armstrong Miss An- 
nie, bdg 

167-169 Labor Temple 

Labor Temple Co Ltd 

♦ Shuter st Intersects 

179 King John S, phy 
183 Kirkup .Tames, dyer 
185 Schllllnger Wm, Indry 

Cottage laundry 
187 Wade PhUip 

180 Kantel Emil A, mfrs agt 
189% Green E A, mfrs agt 

Merchants Mercantile 

191 Peterson Mrs Agnes, bdg 

19.3 Brown Mrs Katie, bdg 
195 TYatson tVaiter H. bdg 
197 Baxter Mrs Isabella, bdg 
190 Hatch Mrs Mary, bdg 
201 House J F, tire setter mtr 
203 Fenton Wm J 

Dominion Pence Co, Ltd 
205 Hawkins .Tas, contr 
207 Chinese Indry 
207%. Halsley Mrs .lane 
209 Johnston Henry W, pntr 
211 Persovsky Max, tlr 
213 McArthur Wm H, barber 
215 Chesne.v Eber'ezer, cigars 
217 Hawley John, provs 
Sheridan Lawrence 
219 Starr Geo 
221 Brown Mrs Ella 
223 Wardrop Mrs Alice 
225 Walsh Bros, stained glass 
Chinese Indry 

227 Wallace Miss I D, staty 
229 Squire T W, gro 
♦ Wilton .av Intersects 
241 .Tones Mrs Margaret G 
243 Kelly James S, horse- 

245 Bell Archd, dairy 
247 Ringland Robert, shoe- 

Culvert Mrs Kathleen 
249 Chinese laundry 
251-3 Good John & Co, gro- 

Good John 
255 Hawley John 
257 Todd Percy, btehr 
261 Spicer Geo IV 
263 Killingray Herbert, confy 
265 Fountain Wm J 






The Canada Metal Co., Limited 


- 118 — 





267 Jackson Mrs Ellen, rest 
269 Milne John 
273 Spooner Frank 
273H Spooner Frank, gro 
275 Medlock Wm, barber 
Taylor Arthur 
277 Chisholm David, cleaner 
279 Chinese Laundry 
181 Hernon A T., btchr 
287 Forey FrettK 
^ Gould St intersects 
289 Woods G M, gro 
289 H Vacant 
291 Vacant 
29114 Vacant 

293 Saunders Mrs Josephine 
295 Roy BenJ W 
297 McGowan Arthur E 
299 Dunne Miss Annie 
301 Caldwell Mrs Frances H 
303 Ford T J & Co, pblrs 
University Medical So- 

Canadian Text Book Co 
307 Shumer Louis 
309 Kindle Edwin 
311 Scherer Leo 
313 Chinese laundry 

Jackson Mrs Lila, drsmkr 
315 Moore Geo 
317 Edgar Robt 
321 Caven Mrs Margaret 
323 Scott Harry A 
325 Bansley J C, dentist 
327 Irish Protestant Benevo- 
len Society 

327A Stinson Miss Rebecca 
329 Wright Arthur, phy 
331 Williams Mrs Jennie 
333 Grasley Mrs Susan 
335 Hutchinson Wm 
'337 Carr Wm H 
339 Virtue & Co, pblrs 
Book Brokers Co 
341 Burnham Albert * 

Burnham Mrs Sarah, bdg 
^ Gerrard st e Intersects 
349 McLeod Mrs Elizabeth 
351 Vance Albert 
353 Jones Mrs Catherl; 

355 Eyden Percy 
?57 Flnnigan Mrs tlrs 

359 Ross John, plmbr 
361 Kosky Myer, tlr 
363 Bee Miss M E, baker 
^ McGill st intersect. 
363^-366 Fickard Wm 

369 Pickard Wm J 
371 Pickard Wm 
373 Chinese Indry 
375 Haskln Jacob, gro 
377 Cairncross J H, carp 
^ Ann st intersects 
379 Stansfield Wilfrid, gri 
381 McElroy Waiter 
383 Blunt Ernest F 

Commercial Text Book Co 
385 Klernan Wm 
387 Palframer Jobn, btchr 
Wilson Mrs D R, shirt 
Shields Thos 
389 Rennick Wm B, gro 
391 Stuart David G, wines 
393 Carnahan W J A & U, 

^ Carlton st Intersects 
411 McKeown h'rank 
413 Karrys Wm 
415 Marshall John 
417 French Miss Effie 
419 Slack Mrs Mary 
421 Finn Mrs Margt M, 

423 Kennedy Mrs Margaret 
W'ood st Intersects 
425 Wright John plmbr 
427 Hallatt Mrs Allison 
429 Jeffery Mrs Jerusha 
431 Banks Miss Maude, vo- 

433-443 Public school 
# Alexander st intersects 
445 Gillespie Sami 
447 Berry Robert J 
449 Harrison Berney 
451 Donges Mrs Beatrice A 
463 Robinson Mrs- Annie S 
455 Dawson Robt 


457 Inwood Harry 

459 Donaldson Miss Margaret 
461 McAlister Miss Cecelia 
463 Robinson James 

465 Walsh Sanil J 
467 Cober Jacob R 

460 Henning Miss Annie 
471 Purkis Fredk J 

473 Chlre Mrs Ethel 
473% Dale Mrs Mary 
475 Humphrey J A & Son, 

Humphrey C E, watch- 
case repr 

^ Maitland st intersects 
477 Chinese Indry 
481 Cole Jacob M 
483 McNeill James C 
485 Do.linage Mrs Sophia 
487 Stanbury Jas W 
489 Wallace Robert M 
493 Giles Mrs Eliza 
497 Truax Philip 
499 Speight Mrs Sarah 
507 China Inland Mission 
Helmer Joshua S 
Wellesley st Intersects 
611 Shlerlaw Geo 
513 Cluhlne W’m F A 
517 Canadian Vehicles Ltd 
519 Granite Curling and 
Skating Co, Ltd 
Granite Bowling Club 
639 Vacant 

# Montelth st commences 
551 Reynard Christopher 
Meecham Wm E 
553 Brown Mrs Annie 
665 Lovls Ernest J H 
559 Grant Mrs Mary 
561 Castor Ira 

Caster Sami, bldr 
563 Davis J F, dancing tchr 
> Gloucester st intersects 
^63% Coxon Charles A 
Cole C E C, phy 
565 Kewin Edwin 
565% Suddaby Wm A 
567 Porter Miss Nellie 
567% Daniels Walter J 

660 Thompson Miss Hannah 


571 Ford Thomas J 
673 Morrow Mrs Caroline 
Parker Thos Y, contr 
575 Jackson Mrs Margaret 
577 Peacock Daniel A 
579 Macdonald James 
583 Stewart Mrs Mary 
685 Sylvester G P, phy 
^♦Isabella st Intersects 
589 McCutcheon Miss Nettle 
591 Graver Mrs Margt 
593 Sommervllle Ja. 

595 Elierby Miss Lucy 
697 Banks Geo E. plmbr 
Banks Henry 
699 Massie Henry 
601 Cross Alfred J 
603 Rogers Wm E 
605 Knlveton Mrs Elizabeth 
607 Romanelll Joseph 
611 Bayles Thomas S 
^ Charles st e intersects 
615 Ensmiuger Mrs Catherine 
617 Strain Mrs Mary 
619 Henry Mrs Charlotte 
621 Bridgemau Edward Q 
623 Loses Mrs Ellen 
625 Perry Mrs Margaret A 
627 Gorrle Miss Elizabeth 
629 Hastle Robt 
631 Speer.s Hugh 
633 f'ringan Alex T 
^ Hayden st intersects 
647 Bowerman Louis E 
649 Andrews Andrew O 
Findlay Mrs A E 

661 Thompson Robert J 

West Side 

2-16 Greey Wm & J G, mill 

18-20 White & Co, storehouse 
22 Scythes & Co, Ltd, fisher- 
men's supplies 
^ Front st e Intersects 
♦ Wellington st e ends 
28 Hyslop James C 

30 Magor Son & Co (Mont- 
real) mfrs agts 
32 Queen City Chambers 
Scott & Walmsley, un- 

Queen City Fire Ins Co 
Hand-In-Hand Ins Co 
Fire Ins Exchange Cor- 

American and Foreign 
Marine Insurance Co 
Millers & Manufacturers' 
Ins Co 

National Mining & De- 
velopment Co 
Hounsom J E, acet 
Irrlng A S (estate) 
Canadian Guardian Lite 
Ins Co 

First Floor 

3 Moore Eugene, brkr 
Moore Wm, brkr 
4-5 Prisoners’ Aid As.n 
of Can 

6-7 McCabe John J, brkr 
8 Scott & Walmsley, Ins 
OA Vacant 
9B Mlnto Tea Co 
9C Small pelce H B, adv 

Fisher John, land agt 

11 Wharton Thos A 

12 Husband Cameron, 


13-18 Cohen Julius & 
Josephy, wool 
Andrews Herbert V, 
wool dir 

19 Wri.ght A H, mech en- 


20 Standard The 

21-25 Heatons Agency 
fin agts 

26 Vacant 

27 Vacant 

29 Chambers Henry H, 

mfrs agt 

30 Storeroom 

31 Hegler E B, real est 

Second Floor— 

40 Rlgg & Co, Ltd, mfrs 

41 Williams R M, artist 

42 Machinery Supply Co 
Hughes fiavld W, brkr 

43 Robinson Wm A, lu- 
bricating oils 

Northern Crown 

Lumber Co 

44 Morley Wm J, 



45-40 Malcolm J, 



51 Gilmor Angus 


ins agt 

1)2 Walker Charles, 



53 Souvenir Postcard C 
34 Burroughes & Watts, 
Ltd, billiard tabls mfrs 
36 Turtle Hall Hotel 

♦ Colborne st intersects 
38-40 Clcerl Chas & Co, pro- 

42 Bon Accord Building 
Ash Henry J, com mer 
Dewdney Jewelry Co, Ltd 
Tuero J & Bros, cigar 

Lawrason-Doughty Co, 

Empire Clothing Mfg Co 
44 Ash Henry J, warehouse 
46 Morley, Ewing & Co, 

♦ King st e Intersects 
56-60 Senefelder Building 

58 Smith David Engraving 
and Lithographing Co 
58-60 Phillips W R & Co, 

♦ Court st ends 
62 Monetary Times, Trade 
Review and Insurance 
Chronicle (weekly) 
Monetary Times Printing 
Co of Canada, Ltd 

Canadian Engineer 
BIggar-Samuel, Limited, 

64 O’Keefe Daniel, prtr 
VanKoughnet Arthur * 
Co, envelopes 
VanKoughnet Arthur, 

66 Orfoid Fredk, real est 
68 Swift Chas & Co, shoes 
Lacon Wm T, broker 
70 King Dangerfield 

Campbell R J, sign paint- 

Campbell & Son, photo 
Levy Bros, workshop 
72 McDougall Horace, teas 
74-70 Might Directories, 
Limited (Members As- 
sociation of American 
Directory Publishers), 
Phones Main 2229 and 

Proprietors of 
Dominion Press Clip- 
ping Agency 
Bulletin Service Co 
Directories of the 
World Advertising 

Might's Daily Trade 
Reports Sales System 
Directory Sales Agency 
Directories of the 
World Reference Li- 

Publishers of 
Toronto City Directory 
Ottawa City Directory 
Toronto Maps 
Trade Lists 
Professional Lists 
Farmers Lists 
Construction Reports 
Engineering Reports 
Trade Reports 
Memorial Albums 
Printers of 

Multigraph and Type- 
written Letters 

Stationery and Envel- 

Price Lists 

Furnished for any De- 

78 Home Bank of Canada 
80 Ancient Order Foresters 
Whelan James 
82 Druggists’ Corporation, 

Pitcher Dr Zina Co, pro 

84 Can Box Lunch Co 
SO Brorao Mineral Co 
88 St James Chambers, s e 
90 Britt Travers B. emp 

92 White J P, barr 

Jenkins Automatic Fen- 
der Co 

Hill F W, real est 

♦ Adelaide st Intersects 
96 McLellan Mrs Minnie 

Johnston John 
Sargent Sami 
Mac Realty Co 
Simpson Fred, sign pntr 
98 Fawcett Thomas, tobac- 

100 Stephenson Belting Co 
Morrow W Bruce, mfrs 

100-102 Lawson W A, farms 
Hall J C, Fur Co 
104 Armstrong Henry, cigars 
Nuttall John H 
1C6-108 Chinese rest 
110 Stevenson H M, signs 
112 Chinese Indry 

♦ Lombard st intersects 
114 Chicago Hat Works 

Fisher Arthur H, carp 
Art Metropole (hr) 

116 Schell Erasmus, gro 
118 Elberle G, shoemkr 
Barthau Peter, r 




— H9— 




Special Attentione'iven to 
asomentoTEstates. Prompt Returns 

61 Victoria Street 


120 Rochester Lamp Co of 

120% Fernandez Victor, ci- 
grar mfr 

124 Windsor Hotel 

♦ Kichmond st e Intersects 
126-128 McLaughlin Motor 

Car Co, Ltd 
McLaughlin Carriage Co, 

130-132 Chinese rest 
134 Chinese Christian Assn 
186 Bherman C P, dentlat 
Bond James 

♦ Queen st e intersects 
^ Shuter st intersects 

St John’s Chapel 
200 St Michael’s Palace 
Cemetery Trust 
240 Smith K H, pntr 
242 Smith John 

Smith Mrs Julia, drsmkr 
244 Gray John E, plmbr 
248 Heariie .Mrs Sarah 
248 Imfour Daniel 
250 Gegg Bdwd, bailiff 
252 Murray James 
254 Soul Wm, express 
258 Stanle.v John M, gro 
258 Bateman Wm, liquors 
262 Curry Isaac, drugs 

♦ Wilton ay intersects 

264 Aikins H Wilberforce, phy 
266 Bentridge Albert 
268 Clarke Robert K 
270 Hndgln Mrs Lydia, drs- 

272 Henderson Frederick 
274 Johnston Geo 
276 Tait John 
278 Parkinson George 
280 Vacant 
282 Vacant 
284 Vacant 
286 Evans Alfred 
288 McKlmm Thos 
290 Gower Wm B 
292 Mosley Mrs Sarah J, bdg 
294 Armstrong John H 
296 Vacant 
298 McGuey Frank 
300 W,irner Robert 
302-6 Novi-Modi Costume Co 
308 Delavouet Vincent, cutler 
310 O'Connell Mrs Mary 
312 Harvey Frederick 
322 Working Boys’ Home 
Smith Simon G 
^ Gould st intersects 

St James sq (For street- 
ing see Victoria st) 

♦ Gerrardst e Intersects 
390 Smith Wm 

392 Leonard George N 
398 Chinese Iiidry 
398 Camber Andrew L 
400 Nelson John R 
402 Henson Joseph 
404 O’Brien John, gro 
^ McGill st intersects 
406 Finn Harry, gro 
408 Vacant 
414 Strong James 
416 Howell George L 
418 Copp Bros, Ids tlra 
^Ann st Intersects 
420 Jecks Montague C, pntr 
422 Davison Mrs Emma 
424 Dent Walter 
426 Gamey Nell 
428 Durrett Herbert 
430 Rigby John L 
434-6 Somerset House 
Sehmuek Chas 
^ Carlton st Intersects 
438 Rome P Frank, gro 

442 Rotstein N L, Ids tlr 
444 Smiley James 

446 Fagge Geo 

443 Ross Miss Jessie 
450 McGee W m 

452 Cook Mrs Eliza 
454 Fryer Mrs Ellzth 
456 Ferguson Miss Jane 
458 Collins James 
460 Whltehouse Wm 
464 ( irford Frederick 
466 Deutscher Vereln Hall 
^ Wood st Intersects 

488 Higginbotham Mrs Sarah 
Millar Adam H, phy 
470 Cox Mrs Charlotte 
Northern Cong Church 
484 Hall Frank 
486 Goldner Miss Jennie 
488 Covington Mrs Hannah 
490 Mead Mrs Ruth 
494 Prior Mrs Annie 

♦ Alexander st intersects 
496 Sliney Mrs Elizabeth 
498 Nicholson Andrew 

600 Sampson Mrs Sarah A 
502 Geudeus George 

Geudeus Miss Martha, 

504 O’Brien John J 
506 Clark John E 
508 Calrncross Methven J 
610 Dunn Clifford C 
512 White Richard H 
514 Peel <Mrs Theresa 
516 Chinese Indry 

Fisher Mrs Agnes E E 
518 White Richard H, gro 
Tate Roht 

♦ Maitland st intersects 
520 Uren John F. phy 
522 Gibbs Mrs Ellzth A 
524 O’Hearn. Michael J 
.526 Leathers Albert, contr 

Donley James, contr 
Graham Park, contr 
628 Cuddanee Mrs Mary F 
530 Blackburn Miss Joanna 
882 Patterson L L 
5.34 Holding Mrs Jessie M 
536 Vacant 

538 Klteley & Hill, hdg 
540 Camplln Charles 
642 Lnnd James 
544 Avery Miss Jessie 
646 Crawford Hngh L 
548 Playtner Henry R 
350 Canadian Horological In- 

Moss Sydney 
Moore Fredk W 
■♦ Wellesley st intersects 
552 Walls Miss Harriet 
554 Hall Mrs Annie 
556 Gallaher Charles 
558 McVicar Mrs Emily 
560 Jackson Mrs Hannah 
562 Nagle Miss Nellie 
564 Maundrell Mrs Ellen 
566 Grant Mrs Lucille 
568 .Stiff Thomas 
.570 Chinese Indry 
572 Parsons Wm 
574 Peppintt Geo 
576 Scott Wm 
678 Oates Fredk W 

♦ Dundonald st ends 
580 D’Arcy James 

582 Holmes John G 
584 O’Hara Mrs Grace 
522 I'inicy James 
594 Dixon Mrs Bertha 
598 Gloucester Apartments 
de la Haye Miss Vietorlne 
McCalley Miss Ellen M 
O’Malley Peter 
Ducas Mrs Louise 
White Cecil 
Cheadle Walter H 

♦ Gloucester st intersects 
508 Sanderson Herbert M, 


600 Howard E R 
608 Kennedy Mrs Kate E 
Hamilton Miss Josephine, 

Boyne Miss Ellzth, nurse 
Barnard Miss M L, nurse 

♦ Isabella st intersects 
612 Vacant 

614 Cleland Joseph D 
618 Gamble Mrs Matilda 
620 Malcolm Mrs Jennie 
622 Thompson Chas H 
624 Stock Henry E R 
626 Stewart Robert L, phy 

♦ Charles st e intersects 
632 .Manhattan Apartments 

Ardiel Dancelot T H 
Henry Alex 
Drake Mrs Jennie R 

Thorne John D 
Edwards Miss Gladys 
Rodger Kennith A 
Boulter Henry 
Edwards Ernest W 
634 Brady Mrs Louise 
636 Wllrich Miss Rose 
638 Carrier Mrs Emma 
640 Ryan Wm 
642 Howells Miss Carrie 
644 Hay J Russell, massage 
♦ Hayden st intersects 
648 Thorpe Wm B 
650 McKay Robert 

West from opp 83 Osslng- 
ton av to Doveroourt rd, 
ward 5. 

North Side 

2 Chatterson Albert 

4 Dunbar Frederick E 
6 Lane Lewis E 

8 Hey wood John 

10 Merritt John E 

12 Vacant 

14 Bray Charles 

16 Burns Robert 

18 Paterson 'Wm 

20 Seager Percy 

22 Schoales Richard 
24 Yokes John 

28 Lockie Bverard J 
30 Craig Joseph 
36 Rankin Wm 

42 Thomson John 

46 Crulckshank 5Vm H 
Lasher George 

48 Reid John W 
50 Payne John 

52 Dempsey Andrew 

54 Dinsmore Edward T 
58 tVilloughby John S 
60 Muir Mrs Mary A 
62 Ralston John 

64 Morris Mrs Maria L 
66 Paterson Mark J 
68 Stafford Thos R 

South Side 

1 Millar James 
3 Walters Newton 

5 Chapman Mrs Mary 
7 Le Gard Albert (5 

9 Walton Robert P 

11 Blair James ■ 

13 Smith Alexander H 

15 La France John R 

17 Rowles Arthur 

19 Weinerl John 

21 Randall Edwin 

23 Collins Frank S 
♦ Lakeview av ends 

39 McCullough Robert W 
41 Forster Alexander 

43 Byam Fremont R 
45 Bell Fredk J 

47 Bogart Alonzo A 

49 Robinson Wm 

53 Wolfe Carl 

55 Ritchie John 


(West Toronto), name 
changed to Perth av. 


(Toronto Island), w from 
centre of Chippewa av to 
Clandeboye av, ward 4. 

Not built on 


West from 146 Montroa* 
av to Crawford, ward 5. 
Not built on 


North side Queen w, be- 
tween James and Terau- 
lay, ward 3. 

Basement — 

Engine, motor and ventil- 
ating system, James 
Bannan. chief eng 

Ground Floor — 

City Engineer’s Depart- 
ment, C H Rust. CB, 
chief; G G Powell, prin 
asst eng; C L Fellows, 
CE. deputy 

Roadways hr, City Engi- 
neer’s Dept, M A Stew- 
art. asst eng 

Sewers hr. City Engi- 
neer’s Dept, J D 

Shields, eng 

Railway and Special 

IVorks Dept, E L Cou- 
sins, asst eng 
Toronto Hydro-EIectrle 
System, K L Altken, 
mng eng 

Medical Health Dept, 

Chas J Hastings, MD, 
Medical Health Officer 
City Parks Dept 
Deputy Chief of Police’s 
office, Wm Stark dep- 
uty chief, David Archi- 
bald chief inspector 
Police Dept, Staff In- 
spector’s office. Geo 
Kennedy inspector 
Police Court Clerk’s Dept, 
C McK Morrison, chief 

Children’s Court 
Clerk of the Peace, H B 
Irwin, KC, barr, chief 
elk; John T Evans 

Division Court (First) 
Clerk’s office, A McL 
Howard elk 

Tenth Division Court, E 
H Duggan elk 
Bengough Thos & Co, 
stenographers and 
court reporters 
Industrial Exhibition 
Assn, Dr J Orlando 
Orr, mgr and sec 
City Architect’s Dept, 
Robert McCallum archi- 

City Property Dept, R C 
Harris commr 
City Street Cleaning Dept, 
R C Harris commr 

First Floor — 

City Treasurer’s Office, R 
T Coiidy treas, John 
Patterson deputy 
City Auditor’s Dept, Wal- 
ter Sterling chief audi- 

Tax Collector’s Office, 
Samuel Vance, Henry 
Lumbers, W L Bell. E 
F Bush, S H McComb, J 
D Woods, Samuel Baird 
and James T J.ackson, 
collectors. Joseph Har- 
ton Chief of Revenue 

City Waterworks Dept, 
James McKinlay, chief 
receiver. George H Mit- 
chell detail examiner, J 
A Royd and Jas Max- 
well. chief insprs. 

Police Court and offices 
Police (lourt, Lt-Col Geo 
T Denison, K E Klngs- 
ford and Peter Ellis 
police magistrates 
Police Clerk’s Office, 
Roht McClelland, chief 

Police Department and 
Headquarters, Lt-Col 
Henry J Grasett. chief 
Detective Dept, Walter 
Dinican insp, Alex G 
Mackie, Sergt 
License Department, E 
C Davenport, Issuer of 

Division Court Cham- 
bers. F M Morson, 

Division Court (First), 
F M Jlorson, judge 



L" A. DeLAPLANTE, Limited 

Office and Factory: Main St., East Toronto. Phones Beach 230-231 

L«t Us Quota 
You on 


— 120 — 



County Court Clerk’s Of- 
fice (County York), 
•lolm Uichardsoii clerk. 
A N Middleton deputy 

County Court Chambers, 
John Winchester, Ed- 
ward Morgan, F M 
Morson and J H Den- 
ton, judges 

Cltr Relief Office, Alfred 
Coyell, city relief of- 

Exchequer Court (Adrair- 
nlty division), Hon 
Jaines T Onrrow Judge 
(Osgoodo Hall), John 
Bruce district registrar. 
It S Rtonehouse mar- 
shall, George Angus 
official reporter 
Surrogate Court Office, 
John Winchester judge, 
Arthur F Wallis, regis- 
trar, John Cowan, de- 
puty registrar 
County Crown Attorney, 
Rlclid H Greer K C, 

Sheriff’s Office (Toronto 
City). Frederick Mowat 
sheriff, James W Severs 

SberilT’s Office (York Co), 
F K Daville sherlBf, 
Alex Sutherland deputy 
J E Severs bailiff, John 
Bye clerk 

County Court, Y'ork Co. 
John Winchester, Ed- 
ward Morgan, F M 
Morson and J Herbert 
Denton Judges 

Second Floor — 

City Council and offices 
City Clerk’s Dept, Wm A 
Littlejidin clerk 
Registration Office for 
Births. Marriages and 
Deaths, W A Littlejohn 
dlv registrar 

City Solicitor’s Office, 
Henry L. Drayton, KC, 
corporation counsel; 
Wm Johnston city so- 
licitor, Henry Howltt, 
Charles II Colquhoun 
David B Kerr, and G 
A Urquhart, asst soli- 

Mayor’s Office, George B 
Wilson priv sec 
Assessment Dept, James 
C Forman commr, W 
Geo Farley insp, Albert 
E Lyon asst to the As- 
sessment Commr, F B 
Morrow, Stewart B 

Burns, H M Graham, 
Joseph Moses. G F 
Bromley, Henry O 

.Tohnston, Tx)me M 

Sinclair, W’'m H Clay, 
Wm M Miller Edgar O 
Burnett, Thomas Law, 
Harry Nixon and Hugh 
F Kerr, assessors 
Municipal Reference Br 
(Public Library) Miss 
Dora Spears librarian 
Nlcol George B, marshal 
of Assize 

Board of Control Office, 
Thomas McQueen, sec 
Court of Revision, P H 
Drayton, chairman 

Third Floor — 

City Surveyor’s office, 
C Unwin chief 
Board of Education, W C 
Wilkinson sec-treas, J I' 
Hughes senior inspr, W 
F Chapman, W H El- 
liott and E W Bruce, 
C H Bishop supt of 
bldgs, F B Hodglns, so- 

Department of Medical 
Inspection, Wm E 
Struthers chief medical 

Railways and Bridges 
Dept, City Engineer s 
office, Edwd L Cousins 
engineer in charge 
Main Drainage Works, A 
B Garrow res engineer 
Medical Health Dept, la- 

County of York Law 
Assn, T H Barton, sec 
Workman Frederick, care- 
taker • 

(Toronto Island), n from , 
208 Lak* Shore av, ward 4. 

East Side 

I Smith Egbert 
Carmichael Fredk 
3 Townsend Sherman 
Livingston Geo 
5 Hebdige Arthur H 
7 Price Frederick W 
7 Segsworth Robert F 
11 Willett Sami ! 

13 Mvles Patk 
17 Petrie Henry W 

West Side I 

Not built on ■ 


(West Toronto) n and * 
from Clendenan av to Que- 
bec av, ward 7 

East Side 

53 Holmes Shelaon S 
61 Cope Wm C 

67 Jackson Harry J, bldr 

71 Stevens Joseph H 
73 St Clair Edmund 
81 White John D 

89 "Vacant 

West Side 

48 Mlnto Mrs Annie 

54 Cowan Royden G 

72 Doane Ira 
86 Hamm John 

90 Absent 

66 Marshall Wm S 
98 Watt John 


North from 730 Queen w, 
to Mansfield av, ward 6. 

East Side 

1 Lucas Henry, die mkr 
7 Roppeobort Louis 
9 Chowsky Morris 
13 Hootner Isaac 

16 Salamonski David, tlr 
^ Crocker av intersect* 

17 Molesworth James 
19 Jennings Thos 

21 Henry Mrs Margaret 
23 Vacant 
23 Vacant 

37 Watters Bartholomew 
37% Cheer David A 
30 Lambrick Mrs Mary 
^ Robinson St intersects 
41 Granery Philip, gro 
43 Leask Wm M 
45 Yeomans Geo H 
47 Rennie Robt 
49 Smallpage Wm 
51 Field Geo 
53 Moody Miss Ada 
57 Joyce Sami 
59 Wheeler Geo 
61 Bell Henry L 
63 Shea John C 
65 Clinton Geo 
65% Mountain Thos 
67 Tvrer Albert 
67% Clarke Wm A 
69 Short Wm 
71 Fallahay David J 
73 Vacant 
77 Stevens Andrew 
79 (Jrlfflii John C 
81 Carr Thos 

83 Gansbarg Simeon 
S3 Buchanan Wm 
87 Healey Patrick J 
89 McBwen Bernard 
99% Whittaker Sami 
91 Sheppard John 
93 Kirkpatrick Raymond 
95 Gregory Mrs Sophia, gro 
97 Daniels Mrs Mary 
99 Harrlugtou John T 
99% Whittaker Sami 
101 Pike Arthur 
1C3 Cooper John 
105 Walsh John 
lOT Dingle Edmund 
109 Shea Michl 
111 Dew Geo W 
113 Stagg Frederick J 
115 Ducie Patk 

119 Strain Mrs Margt 
121 Kilk Geo 

123 Shakespeare Benj 

126 Hnzlett George 

127 Shehove Newman 

120 Reeve Alfred 
131 Wilson Albert 
133 Fulton John 
135 McGowan John 
137 Miles Wm Ezra 
1S9 Showeross Joseph H 
141 Drew James 

143 Hanlon Wm 
145 Baker Geo 
147 Scott Nelson 
149 McKeown John 
151 Billings George 
163 McIntyre Mrs Mary 
155 Mason Thos 
157 Rlckward Arthur 
159 Cook Rlchd 
163 Haynes Mrs Sarah 
165 Mabey John 
167 Little Robt D 
169 Munford Fredk 
171 Fletcher Alfred 
173 Laughton John B 
175 O’Grady John J 
177 McCulloch John 
179 Spinks James A 
181 Sorrell Robt 

♦ Arthur st Intersects 
185 Seymour Geo, btehr 
187 Kirk John 

101 Hewer Thomas F 
193 Larkin Frank 

196 Jenkins Thomas 

197 MacBeth Andrew 
190 Norris .Tames B 
203 Benson Wm 

♦ Plymouth av Intersects 
247 Campbell James 

249 May Harry N 

2.51 Wiggins Joseph B 

253 5’oung David 

255 Weston James H 

2^T Brown John 

2.59 Forbes Thomas 

261 Canessa John, fruits 

26.3 Wortley Frederick 

265 Collardo Gabrlelo 

269 Law.-ance Dominick 

271 CIto Natale 

273 Pinda Sunde 

275 Ray Lewis 

277 Carmal Gabriel C 

279 Adelene Antonio 

281 Dinan Frank 

283 Adaskin Samuel 

285 Duffy Owen 

287 Di Marco Raffuele, gro 

West Side 

6 Hood John 
8 Cull Arthur 
12 Stenneth Fredk 
14 Smith Anthony 
16 Bryant IValter 
18 Hackett Daniel 

♦ Crocker av intersects 
20 Callan James H 

22 McCue Wm 
24 Sterling Henry 
26 Schofield John 
,30 Middleton Enoch, exp 
32 Snedden Wm 
34 Bainbridge Robt 
38 Malianey M J 

♦ Robinson st intersects 
40 Rutledge Frederick 

42 Gougeon Chas V 

44 Casey John 
46 Christie Aiex 
48 Watson Jas 
50 Wright Thos 
52 Stibbard Thos J 
54 Ridout Wm 
56 Mastraugelo Joseph 
58 Lindsey Robert, bldr 
60 Doyle James J 
62 McAvay James T 
66 Hurd Mrs Ellen 
68 Dorward Walter 
74 Grimley Richd 
76 Roberts Geo W 
78 Smith Frank 
80 Leedham Christopher 
82 Gardner Arthur 
84 Hogg J P 
86 Gates Alfred 
88 Holton Edwd 
90 Crowley Timothy 
92 Banalli Lorenzo 
94 Russell Chas 
96 McMasters P'redk B 
98 Parkin Bruce 
100 Martin Patrick, exp 
1P2 Lang John 
104 Ardito Genuaro, contr 
106 Raffaelo Ruffl 
108 Hall James 
110 Thomson Itobet 
112 Johnston Samuel 
114 Greenfield Harry 
116 Hagan George A 
118 Chapman Fredk 
120 McBride Arthur 
124 Sleeth Frank 
126 'Tudlow Richd C 

♦ Bellwoods pi commences 
J28 Nelles Alex, gro 
130 Bousfield John W 
1.32 Lawrie Chas 
134 Lewis James 
136 Davis Geo 
148 Hamilton Wni A 
150 Dempsey Thomas, gro 
152 Dawson Arthur 
154 O’Brien James 
160 West Presby Mission 
162 Boyles James 
164 O’Connell John R 
166 Curtis John 
170 Poster Francis 

♦ Claremont pi Intersects 

♦ Arthur st intersects 
182 Fraleigh E H, drugs 
184 Legge Mrs Nellie 
186 Drewett Richd 

188 Goddard Walter 
190 Reid Wm 
192 Harvey John 
194 McMillan Wm 
196 McMillan James, gro 
198 McMillan John jr 
200 Mundy Mrs Lavlnia 
202 Quigley John J 
204 Cook Granville 

♦ Plymouth av Intersects 
206 Smart Amos M 

208 Grealis Wm 
210 Snider Sami 
212 Graham John 
214 (Jlass Mrs Louisa 
216 Pollodlui Jioglndo 
218 Oswin James 
220 Hardy Frederick 
222 Addis James 
224 Demerlo Louis 
226 Alliston Harry 
228 Johnston John A 
130 McMillan Joseph 
232 Brown Thomas 


SUITE : 603-604-605 Traders Bank Building, Yonge St. 




PHONES: Office, Main 4949 

Res. Main 7673 

230 L.ingevln Chas 
238 Angus Alexander 
242 Ward Wm 
244 Charles Wm R, gro 
♦ Treford pi commences 
24fi Glo Joseph 
248 Cascone John 
260 Gannella Giullo 
2B2 Deplnto Mattio 
254 Cancelii Pato 
286 Marlnellie Lnlgi 
258 PasQuale Ckione 
260 Johnson Geo 
262 Rose John 
264 Spizzerri Carmen 
266 Nolan James 
268 Turner Edwd 

Bamhardt D'Arcy B 
270 Archer John 


West from 170 Claremont, 
ward 5. 

2 Attwell Albert G 
4 Hynes Robt 
6 Haskins Wm G 
8 Conroy Mrs Margaret 
10 Payne Frank 
12 Clark Joseph 
14 Clark Mlchl 
16 Newton John 
18 Reid John J 
20 Lang Mrs Ellen 

(Moore Park) 

Name changed to Heath, of 
which it Is a continuation 

clarence sq 

East side of Spadina av, 
at the head ot Wellington 
w, ward 4. 

North Side 

1 Paul John IV 

2 Gordon Wm, bdg 

3 Sutherland Donald B 

4 Shephard Chas 
6 Byrne James H 

6 Lewis Isaac 

7 liadden Janies 

8 Chapell Alfred • 

9 Walsh Robert 

10 Smith Chas C 

11 Crump Frederick J 

13 Brown Mrs Isabella 

12 Palmer .Sanil H 

14 Allen George F 

15 Mack Win F 

16 Christie Jas 

South Side 

23 McNair James 

24 Fraser Robt 

25 McGuire Edward 

26 Byers Douglas A 

27 Birch Harry Y 

28 Wilkes Mrs Elizabeth 

29 Anderson Alex 


(Deer Park — including old 
Schiller av), w from Ave- 
nue rd to Russell Hill rd, 
ward 4. 

North Side 

6 Roberts George R 
8 Shaver H Howard 
M Lawrence John W 
12 Howland Lnclen B 
14 Smith Enstlce 
16 Saunders Bernard D 
32 Langmuir Prank H 
42 Blaln Hugh 
48 Lorie Solomon 
54 Strathy Stuart 
68 Maulson Frank E 
60 Vacant 

-♦ Warren rd intersects 
62 Vacant 
70 Castle George 
72 Cassels Hamilton 
76 Brown David 

1 Cowdry Edmund 
5 Hammond Fredk S 
49 Blake Hume 
65 Brown Robt C 
71 Grasett Henry J 

(Old Edmund av), north 
west from Poplar Plains 
road to Clarendon av, 
ward 4. 

Northeast Side 

2 Jephcott W'm C 

4 Annesley Francis C 

6 Beck Herbert H 

Southwest Side 

1 Roden Frank 

3 Hcllniuth Isador P 

5 Walker Ewart B 

7 Laldlaw John B 
9 Vacant 

South from Summerhlll ar, 
Rosedale addition, ward 1. 


E.'ist from 25 Grant to Bol- 
ton av, ward 1. 

North Side 

♦ Howie av commences 

32 McConnell Wm G 

34 Wall Joim C 

South Side 

11 Haines Mrs Hannah 
13 Black Tbos 
15 Fitze John G 
17 Bloomer Mrs Lillie 
23 Price Ernest 
27 Ellis Mrs Mary J 
29 Schrum Wm 

33 Whittaker Edward 

35 O’Neil Mrs Jane 
37 Wills John 

North from G T R In rear 
of 68 Edwin av, ward 6. 

East Side 

1 Paris Jas 
3 Sheard Abel 
5 Yokom Walter S 

West Side 

Not built on 


(Including old Classic pi), 
east and west fiom 308 Hu- 
ron, ward 4. 

North Side 

2 Lyons Ephraim J 
4 Branciere Paul 
6 Murtou Mrs Florence B 
8 King Mrs Christina G 

10 Paton Peter F 

12 Millard Mrs Ellen B 
14 Vacant 

16 Noble Mrs Emma 
18 Huggard John 
20 Alexander Joseph 

♦ Spadina av intersects 

♦ Old Classic pi 

2 Lachner Geo L 

Brundige John A 

4 Smith Mrs Mary 

6 Watt James D, tlr 

8 Nutt George 

South Side 

1 Ewart John 

3 Gould Mrs Rachel 
Campbell Miss Katherine, 


Oram Miss Louisa, nurse 
Allan Miss Margaret, 

5 Baillie Miss Catherine R 

7 BuIIer John 

9 Cook Alexander 

11 Robertson Miss S J 

13 Cameron Henry 
16 Selby Jas W 

17 Vacant 
19 Christie Wm 
21 Collins Mrs M 
23 Newton Mi-s Margt 
♦ Old Classic pi 
1 Lloyd Wm H 
3 Laidlaw Mrs Mary 
5 Hancock Mrs Mary A 
7 Morson Mrs Jessie 
9 Webb Mrs Sarah 

(West Toronto) n from 
Bloor w, intersecting Dun- 
, das St No 1997, to C P R 
tracks, ward 7. 

East Side 

187 Carroll Robt 
197 Pearson Augustus 
♦ Gleudonwynne rd Inter- 

365 Taylor Joseph D 
369 Vacant 

.371 Connell Alexander 
373 Tutty Thos A 
381 Thompson Edwin 
383 Anson Arthur T 
385 Maxwell Wm 
387 Dunn James G 
389 Hull Mrs Barbara 
^ Annette st Intersects 
405 Molson Otto 
407 Bourne David 
415 Livingston & Scott, skirt 

417 Lankin Albert E 
419 Ashw'ood David 
421 McMahon Peter 
427 Whitmore Lafayette 
431 Walter Wm H 

4.35 Mably Joseph M 
437 Scriven Frederick J 
441 McDougall John 

44.3 Proctor John S, contr 
447 McLennan Alexander 
453 Irvine John 

4.55 Brown David A 

461 Proctor Frank, real est 

463 Beattie John A 

4G5 Irvine Alexander 

469 Horn Wm E 

471 Edgers Samuel W 

475 Atkinson Richard 

481 Grundler Geo J 

48.3 Chnffey Percy 
485 Miller James 

487 Rafferty James P 
493 Martin Alfred W 
^ Dundas st intersects 
531 Hutchinson James 
533 Salmon Fredk C 

5.35 Southey Thos 
537 Kiernan Geo 
539 I,nff John 
541 ! ’ck 'Vni G 
643 Earl Edwd 

545 Spiegelman Abraham 
647 Wellman Lazarus 
549 Knight Fredk J 
551 Blackstock George A 
553 Rhodes Ifredk 
555 Vincent George L 
557 Jewell Thomas 
559 Palmer Lome 
561 Linton James 
563 Gibson James P 
565 Bradd John 
569 Greenblatt Moses 
571 Vacant 

57.3 .Schwartz Enoch 
575 Cleeves Henry O 

577 McCarter Mrs Catherine 
679 Miller Mrs May A 
581 Slater Wm 
.583 La belle Samnel 

586 Vacant 

587 Binns Thalberg 

West Side 

^ Glenbolm drive com- 

♦ Glendonwynne rd Inter- 

308 Walton David C, contr 
310 VanDusen Clifford R 
^ Rowland st commences 
332 Wright Thomas P, contr 
336 Vanstone Thos E 
340 Dllworth Joseph 

344 Lynes John 
348 Mallaby Peter 
350 Murphy Wm J 
3.32 Irwin Frank H 
354 Rice Allan B 
358 Ellis James A 

# Jennings ay commences 

# Annette st Intersects 
394 Milne Wm 

396 Wanless Herbert P 
398 Bennewltz Pair! 

400 Rush John 
402 Crisp Robert 
404 .Moyer Harvey M 
406 Hann Wm J 
408 Read Henry 
410 Robertson Wm 
412 Andrews Robt W 
414 Dougins George B 
416 Walters Joseph 
418 Welderick George W 
420 Davis Wm S 
424 Brown Henry 
428 Williams Joel 
430 Follls W Russell 
432 Lynch Joseph 
434 Clow loaeph 
436 Reynolds Thomas R 
438 Fell Wm G 
442 Cunnings Bertram 
446 King Robt . 

450 Whitehead Wm G 
454 Borland Charles B 
466 Vacant 
468 Vacant 
470 Hart Daniel 
472 Bolton John M 
476 Burt Matthew C 
486 Bell Wm 
490 Holloway George 
494 Thurston Wm D 
496 Musson John Q 
500 Holman Thos 
502 Bain Francis 
^ Dnndas at Intersects 
534 Smyth Wm S 
536 Belcher John T 
542 Lappagp Mrs Jane 
546 Povey Henry C 

# Marla st begins 
566 Trott Albert G 

562 Wansbrongh Mrs Martha 

564 McGill Archibald 

568 Paxton Peter E 

,570 Jenkins Frank H 

576 Pearson Frank 

586 Madge Fredk 

588 Parks Edwd 



(Formerly known as pairt 
of Empress crescent), west 
from Dowling av, first s of 
the GTR tracks, ward 6. 

North Side 

Not built on (ry tracka) 

South Side 

16 Qlanelll Alfred W H 

17 Raymond Wm B 

28 Cowan Herbert S 

27 Farrell Wm H 

29 Ambrose John R W 


West from 277 Niagara to 

Straehan av, ward 5. 

North Side 

^ Stanley ter Intersects 

4-6 KIndel Bed Co Ltd 
10 Doyle Patrick 
12 Archer Mrs Jane 
14 Richards Ernest 
16 McKeag Joshua 
18 .Tohnson Young 
20 Daniels David 
22 Worley Sami 
24 Morris Fred 
26 Hall Thos 
28 Johnston Thos 
30 Callan Wm 
32 Smythe Joseph 
34 Vacant 
36 Reilly Charles 
38 Pancott Henry A 



Largest Exclusive OSTRICH FEATHER HOUSE in Canada 





Real Estate, lavestoients and Loans 

■f O Office Phone, Main 4S98 

Xo loronio dl. Reg. Phone, Coll. 2939 


234 Reid Thos A 

South Side 


TEL. MAIN 3627 

40 Meadows Joha S 
42 Cook DaTis 
44 Scott Miss Mary 

South Side 

^ Stanley ter Intersects 
^ Stafford st ends 
3 Vacant 

5 Christie Mrs Hannah J 
7 Broomhead Wm 
^ Wellington la ends 
9 Vacant 

13 Marshnli Mrs Mary 




(Spadlna Park) 


North from 40 Mansfield 
av to city limits, ward 6. 

East Side 

1 lannaca Biaggrio 
3 Strachan James B 
5 Chantler Wm 
7 Paradine Win B 
9 J’eel Thos H 
11 Black Wm, btchr 
^ Henderson av intersects 
13 Slean Mrs Annie, gro 
17 Vacant 
19 Pringle Wm 
21 Lee Mrs Annie E 
23 Hibbins Alfred 
25 Maguire Mrs Mary 

Montgomery Miss B, drs. 

27 De La Hooke James A 
29 Whitten Robt 
31 McKethnie Mrs E 
33 McAlpin Nell 
35 McDowell Albert 
37 Wright Chas 
39 Whitten Robt 
43 ICingswood Arthur, tlr 
45 Wurtz Wilmot B, dentist 
Henderson Miss Addle, 

Henderson Richard 
^ College st intersects 
49 Chinese Indry 
53 Brown John 
55 Robertson Joseph 
^ Courtney pi commences 

60 Nicholson R Arthur 

61 Nicholson George, bldr 
63 Tomlin Wm E 

65 SkipiKJn Edward 
67 Patterson Wm 
69 Young Writ 
71 McDonald Angus 
73 Roach Cha,s 
75 Vacant 
77 Ashton Rlchd 
79 Dewsbury Thomas H 
81 Whytock Peter B 
83 Dixon George E 

86 Goodman Walter P 

87 Yost John R 

89 Alderman Chas E 
81 Smallwood George 
93 Smallwood Miss Emma 
95 Smallwood Charles 
97 Smallwood Wm 

Smallwood Bros, contra 
99 Smith Mrs Ixtnisa 
101 Cain Edmund 
103 Perry George A 
105 McKee Stafford H 
1(X7 Hopkins Robt E 
109 Fentllman Thos 
115 Ford liiohd 
117 McCne Patrick 
119 Atkinson Arthur E 
121 StreOt John 
123 Logan S F 
125 Mathewson Robt W 
127 Galvin Patk J 
129 Allln Jas G 
181 Reid Samuel G 
133 Hart George J 
135 Malcolm Wm 
137 Veitch Alex 
139 Belbin Geo E 
Griffin Chas 

141 Saunders Joseph H 
143 Clinton St School 
159 Sutcliffe Thos H 
161 Pattullo Henry 
163 Park Geo 
165 Cole Robt 

167 Blumbergh Louis, tinner 

169 Neal Edwd T 

171 Wills Robt 

173 Sharp Cbarles S 

175 Lowe Mrs Annie 

177 Rowatt John 

179 Adams Robert J 

181 Turner John 

183 Turner George 

185 Campbell Alexander 

187 Smith Henry J 

189 Dundas Edward R 

191 Gordon John C 

193 Martin Llewllyn M 

195 McQuay Wm 

197 Gribble Geo A 

199 Hutcheson T H, plmbr 

201 McLachlan John 

203 Cross Cecil 

205 Peacock Harry 

207 Abbs Robert, contr 

209 Adams Thos 

an Saunders John, exp 

218 Thompson James 

216 Wood James W 

217 Waltho Chas J 

219 Hussey B W 

221 Robinson Edwin, roofer 
223 Joedicke Chas 
225 Hutchinson Anthony J 
227 Hamly Mrs Ann 
229 Lightfoot Wm 
231 Hamly James E 
233 Dunham Chas H 
235 Whytock Wm, btchr 
^ Harbord st Intersects 
237 Mayes Chas 
239 Doxsee Jesse H 
241 Ford John J 
243 Hurst Walter, exp 
245 Neal Geo J 
247 Ellison Wm 
' 249 Broderick A A 
251 Garrett Geo A 
253 Bennett Arthur J 
2.55 Partridge John H 
257 Duncan John 
250 Herder J ohn 
261 Forward Wm 
263 Williamson Robert 
265 McLeod Daniel 
267 Mansell Henry 
269 Boyce John H 
271 Wilson .Tns 
273 Betts Geo 
275 Rotbwell Frederick W 
277 Curtis Chas 
279 Bavlngton Geo W 
281 McCrlndle John 
283 Cnthbertson Hugh 
285 Hyde Frederick C 
2S7 Walker Mrs Annie 
289 Palmer Frank 
291 Cox Charles 
293 McKay Hugh 
295 Curtis Cornelius 
297 Ramsay Robert H 
299 Gill Alexander S, plmbr 
301 Ruck Wm 
303 Sands Francis 
303% Knipe Wm J H 
.’OJ bavis W'm 
305% Morton Mrs Florence 
507 Sinclair Geo 
"07% Wilson Win 
309 Bedford Arthur 
311 Tweed John 
313 Ward Mrs Mary 
.31.5 Prior Edward 
317 Brennan James 
319 Ebach \5’m F 
321 Mnrsicniin Dominico 
323 Wilson Frederick 
Wilson & Co. contrs 
325 Stirling Thos H 
327 Robinson Geo 
329 Wells Mrs Caroline 
329% laing Carl P 
331 Cheesbrough Miss Char- 
lotte M 

331% Ecknardt Mrs Cathe- 

333 Kemp Wm H 
835 Tran J Milton 

337 Wright Geo S 

339 Hutchinson John W 

341 Lettau Herman 

343 Alston Chas 

345 Lewis Mts Jane A 

347 Byrne Henry 

349 McArthur Mrs Effie 

361 Hill John L 

353 Armstrong Alex 

?55 Bastedo Cornelius N 

;157 Murray Robert 

360 Wales George H 

363 Vacant 

365 Diamond John E 
367 Vacant 
369 Vacant 
371 Vacant 
271A Vacant 
^ Bloor st w Intersects 
373 Gillespie Wm 
377 McBaln David 
381 Jeffries Chas 
Manuel Peter 
383 Armstrong James 
387 Newman Geo 
389 Ross Wm G 
391 Wake James 
393 Ball Geo 
305 Rose Herbert 
397 Holland Albert 
399 Samuel Fredk W 
401 Morrison Norman 
Crawford Wm J 
493 Vacant 
4(» Sutton Edmuud 
407 Macdoiiell G'eorge A 
409 Anderson Geo A, contr 
411 Cooper George C 
413 Staley Stanley 

416 Churchill Joseph 

417 Harkes Alex 
421 Fraser Wm H 
423 Nelson Anthony 
425 Mathews John H 
427 Mldgley Albert E 
429 Vacant 

431 Thompson John F 
433 Henderson David, bldr 
435 Searle Wm 
437 Thomas Richard 
439 Vacant 
441 Hall Robert D 
443 Shea Mrs Catherine 
445 Vldler Alfred 
447 Cotton Robt 
449 Davidson Adam 
453 Pook Oliver 
455 McBaln Alexander 
435% Taylor Percy 
♦ Barton av Intersects 
463 Rawlinson H G 
465 Smith Chas R 
467 Rawlinson Henry, exp 

Rnwlb.son Herbert C, 
, tinner 

409 Yates George W, exp 
471 Ball Matthew 
473 Parton Richard 
475 Milner Mrs Susan 
475% Ryan Mrs Mary 
477 Lovedny James 
479 Hawken Charles S 
481 Brown Benj H 
483 Cohen Louis 
485 Phillips Edgar 
187 Howie John 
489 Vacant 
491 Sawyer Arthur C 
493 Sinclair Wm 
495 Sharp Thos 
497 Bartello Chas 
499 Lawson Robt M 

Burton Mrs Gladys, drs- 

501 Keay Adam S 
503 McLean Mrs Mary 
^ Follls av Intersects 
5<B Luther C M 
507 Goodsir Jas F 
509 Roxborbugh Henry C 
511 Barry Edwd 
513 Krause Adolph 
.521 Coch Fredk T 
523 Froud Mrs M A 
525 Scarff Wm 
.527 Rathbone Charles 
529 McGowan .Tames 
531 McCready James E 
533 Klngdon Mrs Martha 

533% Clarke Francis 
535 Wlxon Robt 
537 Edmonds Arthur 
539 Foster Wilfrid 
541 Knox Alfred C 
543 Newton Lewis 
545 Rahikalnen John 
547 Marsh Fred R 
649 Goad George N 
551 Dodgson J Harry 

558 Gordon James 
5.55 Klopp Herbert 

557 Harblnson James L 

559 Stanton Mrs Jane 
561 Barbour David 
663 Jessop Wm 

565 Johnstone Edwd 
567 Hill Fredk 

560 Randall Charles O 

571 Blackwell Mrs Martha J 
Blackwell Miss E, nurse 
ilTS Martin George M M 
575 Brent Frederick W 
577 Fletcher Mrs Margt 
^ Yarmouth rd Intersects 
601 Bear George A 
603 McIntosh Wm 
665 Vacant 

6C7 Watson IValter D 
609 Calvert Wm J 
611 Grills W’m 
613 Hamilton Thomas 
615 Fanlkner Wm 

Fayter Miss Martha, nrse 
617 Gaimer Arthur 
619 Pratt Joseph 
621 Kelly John 
623 Marsh C Wm 
625 Pitcher B Stanley 
627 Dalton Warwick C 
629 Ball Alfred 
633 King Wm 
4 Dupont st intersects 

West Side 

2 Antonacci Pasquale 
2% Leon Michl 
4 Cahill Thos 
6 Ashby Charles H 
8 Atkinson John H 
10 Dempster Wm 
12 Veltrl Frank 
14 Sosso Louis, barber 
^ Henderson av Intersects 
16 Honess Basil 
18 Blackwell Arthur E H 
20 Mitchell Salvador 
22 .Tones Mrs Christina 
24 Kelley Richard J 
26 Powell Thomas 
28 Pavey Edwd 
30 Campbell Wm 
32 Vacant 

♦ Gore st commences 
34 Richardson Frank 
36 Thorn Chas 
38 Hedges Chas 
44 Chamberlain .Miss K M 
^ College st intersects 
50 Grover Thos 
62 Mcllroy Sami, exp 
56 Christian Workers' Mis- 
sion, The 
66 Whelan John 
72 Butler Alfred 
74 Butler Geo 
76 Beal Wm P 
78 Vacant 

82 Norrish Ernest L 
86 Hedges Joseph G 
88 Dee Joseph 
90-100 Methodist Church 
102 Orser James 
104 Williamson Geo N 
106 Casseday Mrs Alice D 
108 Hall Mrs Margaret 
110 Tompkins Horace B 
112 McDowell Wm 
114 Murray John A, piano 

110 Nightingale Clareuce 
lieVa Caplan Rev Henry 
Caplan Miss C M, nurse 
118 Dunne Edward, contr 
120 Leighton Chas B 
122 Martin Bertrand 
124 Smith Andrew 
126 Culley Sidney 
128 Hadley Geo 
130 McIntosh Mrs Sophia 


Real Estate Agents, iSlSIwr 

Estates Managed. Properties Bought, Sold and 
Exchanged. Rents Collected. 26 TORONTO ST. 

— 123 — 


Real Estate & Insurance 


PHONE MAIN .... 726 


132 Green Riohd 
134 Hicks Oscar 
134 Adams Robt 
136 Hyde Mrs Elizabeth 
138 Grandin John, pistr 
140 Booth Harvey E 
142 Medland Wm G 
144 Smyth James G, gro 
146 Fess George, house mover 
148 Watson Wm 
152 Walker Wm J 
154 Cohen Abraham 
156 Chinese Indry 
158 Thompson John II 
160 Cummings Henry H 
162 fitter Stephen, gro 
164 Jory Franklin P 
166 Cuff Mrs Jane 
168 Gardner Wm 
170 Judge John V 
172 Bryant James E 
174 Borland Roht 
176 Florington Harry 
178 Levy Charles B, gro 
^Jersey av cotnmencM 
180 Harper Mrs M, gro 
■ Harper John 
1S2 Murrode John M 
186 Johnson Thomas 
188 Long Howard 
190 Bell Joseph K, pntr 
192 Banks Charles 
194 Stent Predk 
196 Craggs Mrs Susanna, 

198 Eoesel Mrs Marie 
202 Carleton Sami 
204 Scallon Bros, gros 
204^4 McCall Edwd 
2C6 Fisher Harry 
208 Hayward John F 
210 Neaie Albert E 
212 Emo Alfred 
214 Calhoun Chas 
216 Cumming John 
218 Taylor Thos 
222 Reddick Wm H 
224 Edgar James 
226 McFarland Mrs Jane 
^ Harhord st intersects 
236 Coleman r redk 
288 Elliott Frank 
240 Mayers Saul 
242 Nokes Win J 
244 IngHs Walter F 
246 Woodcock Frank D 
248 Woodcock Miss Alice C 
250 Campliu Mrs B J 
252 Elshworth Mrs H, drs- 

254 Wilding Duncan 
266 Van Norman Harry H 
258 Carter Chas 
260 Wright Wm J 
262 Butler John It 
264 Garrett George S C 
266 de la Haye John 
268 Heffron James J 
270 Garrlty Walter A 
272 Lusby Wm J 
274 Itogers Geo M 
276 Vacant 
278 Wood Edgar J 
280 Wood Mrs Ellen 
282 Sibley E & Son, uphols 
Sibley Edward 
Sibley Alfred G H, r 
Sibley Albert E. r 
Hutchison Mrs Harriet, 

C P R Co's Tel (hr) 

284 Vacant 
286 Bowen Price 
288 Hill Mrs Gertrude, mus 

290 Westerby Mrs Annie 
c08 Hickerson Kinnear 
Hickersou George 
310 Montgomery John W 
312 Archdekin Mrs Jennie 
314 Jones T & Co, contrs 
330 Bowden J W 
332 Vacant 
342 Robertson Geo D 
844 Gain Henry 
346 Myers Henry .T 
348 Gibson Wm R 
4^ Clinton pi commences 
352 Zingg Fredk H 
354 Liddell Walter T 

# Bloor at w IntertMCt* 

372 Qoodchlld Arthur 
376 Jlfklns Frederick A 

382 Halligan Wm 
,388 JIfkins W L 
416 Vacant 
418 Henry John I 
420 Lee John S 
422 Clendennlug Ernest 
426 Stewart Alexander 
428 Saul Fredk 
428% Tubman Wm J 
430 Nash Wm 
432 Beattie Thos 
4.34 Hawthorne Win 
436 Hammond Harry 
438 Pickering Mrs Ann J 
442 Douglas Wm 
444 Smith George G 
446 Brash Jamea 
448 Brash James 
450 Hartwick Mrs Teresa 
452 Hutchison James 
454 Grant Charles 
456 Harrison David 
458 Griffiths Wm 
460 May John 
^ Barton av intersects 
466 Wilson Frank 
468 Lines Mrs Jessie 
470 Marshall Wm 
472 Wlddlcombe Wm 
474 Currier Adam D 
476 Gilmour Joseph R 
478 Yonge Alex 
480 Hague Wm 
482 Toms Wm 
484 Glmblett George W 
486 Croft Arthur W 
488 Gratton John W, contr 
490 Crowhnrst G D. dairy 
492 Wills Frank 
496 Enright Cornelius 
498 Purssord Chas E 
500 Smith Harry 
502 Campbell Joseph J 
504 Vacant 

506 McClure Matthew D 
506% Isaac Wm J 
508 Watson George 
610 Vacant 
510% Vacant 
612 Vacant 

4 Follis av Intersects 
516 Moore George, piano mfr 
.518 Ne.nte Charles, bldr 
520 Phillips Albert E 

522 Hill Alfred 
o24 Williams F D 
5'20 Ouirk Miss Katie 

523 Hogarth John A 
530 Cook John P 

532 Downey Wm 
534 Wilson Wm H 
BIO Campbell Duncan 
542 Schleihanf John W 
.544 Sumner Miss Belle 
546 Foster Chas 
548 Lush Hugh 
550 Loveless Chas 
652 McCullen Mrs Mary 
554 Fowler .Tames 
556 Gayfer Harry S 
558 Fisher John C 
660 Avery Hayward 
562 Skitch Thos A 
570 Plllls Henry, gro 
572 Millsap Miss Elizth 
574 Sneers Wm H 
676 Turnbull .Tames 
578 Bovd Joseph 
580 Cole Alfred T 
5,82 Pe.irn Joseph 
584 Bonnell Fredk L 
586 Nobles Rev Henry R 
588 Ferguson Rev J Joseph 
♦ Yarmouth rd Intersects 
604 Vacant 
606 Wood Chas 
608 Evans Joseph 
610 Cox Wm 
612 Allen Edwin 
614 Allen Albert 
616 Beresford John 
618 Vacant 
620 Barlow Thomas 
622 Grass James 
624 'Marsh David 
626 Scott John H 

6.30 Harvey Richard 
6.32 Ernst Peter 
634 Capel Harry 

Name changed to Lonsdale 

West from 348 Clinton, 
ward 5. 

North Side 

2 Eccles Machine Co 

South Side 

1 Coulter John 

3 Caswell James A 

6 Tugwell Edwd 

7 Paradine Wm 
y Bailey Wm H 

11 Boorman Edgar S 
13 McManus Joseph 
19 Butwell Benjamin 


North from G T R to 
Queen w, first w of Dunn 
av, ward 6. 

East Side 

1 Harrison Mrs Sarah 
3 Hernon Andrew T 

6 Wilk e Geo A 

7 Moe James W 

11 Hamilton Miss Margt M 
1.3 Peers Mrs Florence 
19 Boolsteel Philip J 
17 Kennedy James 
21 .lose Richard 
27 Zryd George J 
'29 Jenney Mrs Annie B 
89 Stevens Fredk 
91 Robinson Gordon 
93 Vogan Wilfred L 
95 Godfrey .Tohn M 
97 Brown Nathaniel B 
99 Thomson Harold P 
101 Alkens Tames 
10-3 Watson Gro 
105 Eldridge Miss A, gro 
109 Vacant 

111 Fisher Mrs Bessie A 
Todd Mi£s Margt 
113 Barron Donald P 
115 Barr Wm 
117 Emery J Gordon 
119 Briggs Mrs Mary .1 
121 Meiulelson .S.aml 
♦ King ..I w Intersects 
137-141 Holy Family School 
143 Keeler Percy A 
145 Smith Mrs Margt 
F’a.irfield Harry B 
151 Routley Obadlah W 
153 Linklater Wm 
155 Stinson James 
157 Frick Wm D 
159 Vacant 
161 Darragh Alex T 
163 Ward John ,T 
165 Moore Edwd 
167 Sloan Wm W 
169 Somerville Miss Mary 
Somerville Jliss Margt 
171 Yeoman Thos H 
173 Leppan Mrs Margt 
181 Pringle Wm A 
183 Armstrong John M 
185 Dixon Wm J 
187 Adams Mrs Elizabeth 
180 Fleming John Jr 
291 D’Entremont Louis A 
103 Feldstein Samnel 
195 Brady Francis A 

199 Matthews Harry E 
201 Ifeariis Robert, florist 
207 Bailey George 

200 Macdonald Caleb S 
200% Crowe Ernest 

211 Brow'nlee John 

211% Bryant Mrs Catherine 

213 Parsons Mrs Annie 

West Side 

6 Gilmour Joseph 

8 Lloyd P'rank E 

10 Sutherland Jas H 

12 Davidson Thos 
14 Moon lu J 
16 Judge Geo M 
18 Lewis Edwin C 
20 Crocker Jolin B 
22 Robinson Mr.s .lane 
Anderson Mrs Emily G 
20 Wallace George W 
28 Gourlay Wm 
30 Hawthorn Ernest B 
32 Rowe Sami S 
84 McKay George E 
36 Burbank PYederlck D 
40 Tremeear Wm J 
42 Waddell Alex 
44 Sears 'I'hos H 
46 MacDonald Chas L 
48 Wright Andrew 
60 Wilraot Henry P' 

52 Dargavel Roderick B 
64 Miliar Rowland J 
,56 Lambe Hugh 
58 P'loody Edwd 
60 Rosser Harry P 
62 Hamilton John H , 

64 Glatt Carl 
66 Stuart VVni 
68 Zimmerman Louis 
70 Smith Alfred T 
72 Paine John B I 

74 Martin Harry G 
76 Nett Arthur C 
80 Simpson Henry 
82 French Chas G 
84 Cook James A 
86 Colter Chas F 

Queen Victoria School 
^ King St w intersects 
1-4 CoTtin John 
l.u Young Wm D 
128 Thompson Norman J 
180 Tindale Frank H 
132 Anderson Walkiiishaw 
IM 'Willard George W 
136 Lewkowlcz Anthony J 
188 Lancaster Wm F 
140 Charlton Wm B 
142 Amtiridge Henry A 
144 Burrows Robert S 
146 Kearns James 
148 Harris Wm G 
152 IValker Albert B 
154 Case .Tosepb 8. bldr 
156 Brown R Norman 
158 Kilgore J M 
160 Gray Wm T 
162 Arland Wm H 
164 Bailev Chas L 
166 Goodfellow Jas 
168 Barrington Joseph W 
1711 .Manson .Alexander P 
Hi Spen -e .Tames, phy 
206 Laws Wm 
■'08 MoElrov Wm H, contr 
210 Rogers Edwd A 
212 Temple Geo A < 

214 Veale Ambrose J 
216 MacDonald Ivan S 
218 Zammers P'rancis J 
Reid Henry 

Berimageonr Mrs Sarah 
Taw'se Miss Bella, artist 


West and n from opp 41 
Rosedale to Rowanwood av, 
ward 2. 

...North and Plast Sides... 
1 Boulton Mrs Charlotte 
5 Saunders Edwd 
15 Moore Wm H 
21 Breckenrdge James C 
2.5 i:rant Rev Andrew S 
.35 Ebr Joseph F 
.37 Bicknell James 
^ Crescent rd intersects 
49 Northway John 
bl Kerr Miss Emily 
57 AVilHams Richard S 
61 Mulock Wm jr 
63 Jepheott Alfred 

... South and West Sides ... 
40 Longwell Alex 
42 Hamilton Wm A 
48 luaird Alexander 
♦ Crescent rd Intersects 
52 Dixon John .T 





70 1 


220 King St. W., Toronto 

24 Adelaide St. E. 


The Dovercourt Land 






North from Queen e, first 
w of Jones av, Ward 1. 

East Side 

Vacant houses (8) 

West Side 

Robinson Sanil 
Vacant houses (9) 


(Old Coatsworth lane), e 
from 277 Ontario to Parlia- 
ment, ward 2. 

North Side 

Not built on 

South Side 

1 Curphey Richard 

3 Chateiiy Fredk 


(Old Edwin, West Toronto) 
north from Ryding ay to St 
Clair av, 1 e of Runnymede 
rd, ward 7 
Not built on 


East from 453 Brock av, 
fourth n of College, ward 

* North Side 

2 Sharpe John 

4 Martin Thos 

6 Routery Fredk 

8 Cowan Wallace B 

10 Hinchlllte Percy 

Vi McDermld Archibald 

14 Elliott Joseph 
16 Gavine Win 

-e Archer st commences 

South Side 

1 Goward Arthur 
Lallier Adolphus 

3 Atkinson Benj 

5 Wright Miss Zina 

7 Lee Herbert 

9 Hopkins John H 
Roberts Harry 

11 'Wusten Isaac 
13 Hunt Wm 

15 Vacant 

IT Johnson Arthur 



(Humber Bay and Runny' 


(Old D’Arey, West Toron- 
to), west from Kennedy av 
to Jane, first n of Bloor w, 
ward 7. 

North Side 

Loads Mrs Cellna 

South Side 

Not baiit on 


East from 61 Yonge to 

West Market, ward 3. 

North Side 

4 Warren E D & Co. brokrs 
United S:ates Fidelity 
and Guaranty Co of 

8 Lyman R B & Co, 

6-8 Nordheimer Bldg 
Rooms — 

30 Whitehead Wm E, 
mfrs agt 

Inglis Neil, mfrs agt 

32 Vacant 

33 Vacant 

34 Vacant 

35 Vacant 

36 Vacant 

40-41 Thomas Harding 1‘, 
mfrs agt 

42 Murray C B, broker 

43 Provincial Life 1ns Co 
English - Canadian 

Investments, Ltd 

44 Va ■■ nit 

43 Hahn Waltber, vocal- 

50-56 De Foe Miss Helen 
M, artist 

52 ( lenieiLs Al W. mfrs agt 
53-54 Catty H D Co, pa- 

55 Vacant 

55% Armstrong Wm, art- 

57 Economic Acetylene 
Burner Co 
(ieigy-Ter Meer Co 
Canada Carbide Co 
OO-tJl Mitchell (Jharles J 
Co. importers 
Mitchell Verbatim 

Safety Code Co 
Young & Co. teas 
.Mitchell Self-Testing 
Safety Code Co 
62-63 Vacant 
64 Caverhlll, Learmont 

& Co (Montreal), 
whol hnware 
03 WelghlU Richard W 
4 Victoria st commences 
32 Fry J S A Sons, cocoa 
Sliiwe J H, mfrs’ agt 
34 Merchants’ Counter Check 
Book Co, Ltd 

36 Bolte Auguste, brewers' 

Jarvis & Grubbe, whol 

38 Vacant 

, I,eader lane intersect^ 

40 MacGililArray Bros, whol 

40% Canada Watch Case Co 
Klein & Burrows, watch- 
makers’ supplies 
42 Asher, I.«6soa & Co, 
whol fancy gds 
Scott Printers Ltd 
44 Adams J R & Co, mfg 

East India Mfg Co. gro 

46 Braiidram - Henderson, 
Ltd. paints 

48 Llquozone Co of Toronto 
50 Victoria Mfg Co, whol 

52 O’Reilly W J, contr 

Pitner Gasoline Light- 
ing Co 

54 Morin J H & Co, paints 
56 Ross D C & Co, mfrs 

Edwards J E & Sons, 
leather goods 

58 Canadian Specialty Co, 
grocers’ sundries 
Poliwka Emil & Co, mfrs’ 

Investment Exchange Co, 
stock brokers 
Kew Printing Co 
Canadian News Bureau 
Porcupine Plurrlgram, 

60 Metropolitan Importing & 
Mfg Co, Ltd, novelties 
60% Vacant 

♦ Church st intersects 
62 Ferrier & Co, produce 
64 Sleeman & Sons, brew’rs 
Martin John IV, mfg 

Tozman Reuben, cloth- 
ing mfr 

Automatic Hose Heel Co, 

Barrett Christopher, po- 

66 Berlin Lion Brewery, Ltd 
68 Vacant 

70 Bamford Joseph, com mer 
Simpson Cbas S, fruit 

72 Yaffe Jacob, furs 

74 McKinnon Allan A, com 

76 Bacon Wm H. cartags 
Hutchison, Omand & Co, 
ammonia mfrs 
Fairbank N K Co The, 
soap mtrs 

78 Parsons, Brown & Co, 
whol gros 
80 Vacant 

82 Speme David, whol frnlt 
84 Contts J Ai: Co, fruit 

Andrews George, prove 
Belknap & Son, fruits 
86 Patterson Wm & Son. 

* com mers 
88 Vacant 

90 Daw’son-Fllliott Co, whol 

Dawson Henry W, real 

South Side 

11 Anglo-American Develop- 
ment Co, Dtd. financial 

Keith Charles W, prtr 
Jardine J B & Co, whol 

Lake Erie Boiler Com- 
pound Co, 

Brown, Boggs Co Ltd, 

Kelis Co, The, medicines 
Hygienic Laboratories, 
Ltd, gro sundries 
Standish Mfg Co Ltd, 
washing powder 
Standish Wm T 
13 Buntln Reid Co, who! 

17 Brunet Peter, barber 
10 Brouse, Mitchell & Co, 

^ Scott st ends 
23 Chambers W T & Son, 

25 McIntyre. Son & Co, 
whol dry goods 
27 Hiland Wm P. tlr 
29 Dustless Brush Co 

Autographic Register Co 
of (’an, Ltd 
31 Stormont Hotel 
33 Stanbury James & Co, 
mfrs agents 
35 Lochore Alex, tlr 
37 Scales J W Ltd, tobacco 
^ Leader Lane Intersects 
39 MeSweeny G M, cigars 
41 Atteaux Dyestuff & Chem- 
ical Co, Ltd 

Eze ilfg Co, Ltd, gro- 
cers’ sundries 
43 North British Rubber Co, 

45 Thorne A M & Co, twines 
47-49 Hayhoe R B & Co, 

Robinson H M & Co, floor 

Samaria Remedy Co 
D D D Co, pat meds 
Canadian Introduction 
Co, mfrs agents 
Avallone Co. mail ordrs 
51 Kennedy Hardware C!o, 

63 Hobbs Hardware Co. 

International Importing 
Co, cutlery 

66 Independent Cordage Co, 


Ontario Binder Twine 

♦ Church st Intersects 

67 Cuneo Fruit and Imp Co 
69 Jersey Creme Co, bottl- 

73-77 Manning Cold Storage 

SI Toronto Fireproof Cor- 
ering Co 

Woodburn G H, cigar 
• mfr 

Ryan J J, com mer 

83 Vance & Co, whol fruit 

(East Toronto), east from 
Barrington av to city 
limits, first n of Danforth 
av, ward 1. 

North Side 

Toronto Type Foundry, 
repair dept 

Coleman Av Pub School 

74 Robertson Louis 

76 Elliot Wm F 

78 Walton Herbert 

SO Richardson Wm L 
82 Embletou Wm 
96 Felstead Geo 
100 Gilding Geo 
102 Grant David H 
^ Dawes rd intersects 

South Side 

69 Bell Andrew 
71 Lummis Oliver J 
73 Darnborough Chester 

75 Matthews Sidney 

77 McConnell Miss Emma 

79 Baylock Arthur F 
81 Knights Wm K 
85 Elliott David C 
89 Elliott J Willis 

91 Brandon John W, baker 
Dawes rd Intersects 


North from 960 Eastern 
av, ward 1. 

Not built on 


West from 166 Beaconsfield 
av to Gladstone av ward 
6 . 

North Side 

6 Courtney Albert E 

8 Noonan Wm J 

10 Harrison John S 

12 Lewis Henry 

14 Rutledge Thos 

16 Marshall Wm 

18 Shaw Wm 

20 Bradd Wm 

22 Axworthy Frank 

24 Membery Edwd 

26 Flight Mrs Gertrude 

28 Ritter Wm 

30 Evans Albert E 

32 Palmer Wm 

34 Young Charles H 

36 Norton James T 
38 Bilton Edgar E 

South Side 

3 Yeo John 
5 Howitt Alexander 

7 Swan Alex 

9 Robson Wm E 

11 Cunnlngton Matthew 

13 Rogers John 

15 Jennings Alex, conti 

17 Addison Mrs Mary J 

19 Williams Wm A 

21 Perry Wm H 

23 Richardson Wm 

25 Brown Harold S 

27 Skinner Chas, painter 

29 Robertson Maxwell 

31 Hayward Frank G 

33 Todd John H 

35 Morrlsi'n R-ibt 

37 Green Charles 


A different Player-Piano to 
any other 

193-197 YONGE ST. 

— 125 — 

the union trust CO., LIMITED 

OfRees and Safa Deposit Vaults : TEMPLE BUILDING 

Chsirtered Executor, Administrator, 
Trustee, Etc. 

FUNDS TO loan 
O n Mortgages 


West from 448 Yonge to 
St Helens av, also from 
Sorauren av to Ronces- 
valles av. also from Sun- 
nyside av to Keele, wards 
3. 4, 5 and 6. 

North Side 

2 Oddfellows’ Hall Bldg 
1 O O H Hall and lodge 

Rooms — 

1-2 Hopkins J Castell 
Annual Review Pub- 
lishing Co 

3 Coutts Miss M A, hair 


4 Corrigan C A, dentist 

5 Ross John F. dentist 

5% Vacant 
6-7 Arnold 



8-9 Mason 





C Angus, 


10 Bayne Vincent 

11 Bbind John B, dentist 
12-1'!-14 Ball George L. 


Ball Earl S, dentist 
15-16 Domestic and So- 
cial Club 
17-18 Vacant 
19-20 Wallace Carl V, 

21 Vacant 

22 Forbes A W, dentist 

23 Armstrong J W, den- 


24 Vacant 

25-26 Currie T A, dentist 

27 Crosby (ieo W, pby 

28 Lewis Ml'S L, chiro- 


2© Frontier Press Co 
30-31 Woods Wm J, den- 

32 Vacant 

33 McKay Mrs G, Chris- 

tian Scientist 
4 Robertson Mrs J. ladles’ 

6 Mitchell Thomas, vlolls 

8 Vacant 

10 Warehai sky Aaron, Ids 

13 Thomson R L, tailor 
14-16 Upper Canada Bible 

Canadian Bible Society 
18 Ardagh Arthur 
22 Canadian Foresters Hall 
First floor 
Second Floor 
Canadian Order of 

201-202 Walton-Ball Wm 

203 Basters Casper H, 

204 Vacant 

205 Theosophlcal Society 
301-302 Forster Edwin, 


303-305 Armstrong John 
W, dentist 

Ziegler Orlando H, 

401 Vacant 

402 Vacant 

404 Vacant 

405 Vacant 

406 McPherson Thos J, 

501 Skinner Wm C, real 

602 Vacant 

503 Ross David, vocalist 

504 Vacant 

605 Canadian Purity 
4 ssn 

506 Floyd Wm M, dental 

507 Graduate i-furses’ 


26 Capon P J, dentist 
ZInkan E J, dentist 
Colter C F, dentist 
Coram Japies W, dentist 
BothwelJ John A, dentist 
Doherty Wm H, dentist 
28 Bishop Mrs Joan, drsmkr 
Y M C A Building 
MacLachlan J P, dentist 
Bro%vu J Price, surgeon 
Ontario Society of Ar- 

Gageu R F, artist 
30-40 Y M C A Bldg 
50 Vise Matthew 
62 O’Reilly Charles, phy 

O’Reilly Brefney R, phy , 
64 McLaughlin R G, dentist 
56 Browning Mrs Margt A 
58 Redden Bdwd H 
60 Embree Luther 
Bmbree M H, phy 
62 Macdonald John 
66 Ryerson G Sterling, phy 
74 Donohue Mrs Annie, 
ladles tlr 

76 MacMonagle Mrs Flor- 
ence J 

78 Smith Mrs Adelaide 
SO Roblin EMmund 
82 Lynhurst Hospital 
84 Vallary Mrs Agnes 

Alexander Mise Blizth, 

86 Goldie Wm, phy 
♦ Elizabeth st intersects 
Zion Cong Ch 
90 Vacant 
92 Smith G B. phy 
Jones Warner, pbjr 
96 Wlllmott J B & W B, 

Wlllmott J Branaton 
100 Primrose Alex, phy 
102 AJISson Claude V 
Royce Gilbert, phy 
Lowry Wm H, phy 
Lewis Ernest A, optician 
110 Tor Bible Training School 
McNlcol Rev John 
112 Starr PNG, surgeon 
116 Henry Mrs Igjuisa 
^ Bnt to Queen s Park I 
142 Worts Mrs Mary 

♦ University ores com- 


184 Shoenberger Mrs Bmlly 

19S Canadian Institute 

Royal Astronomical So- 

200 Beardmore Walter D 

♦ St George st commences 
Pnbllc Library 

236 McKenna Charles, phy 
McKenna H P, dentist 
McKenna John A, phy 
238 Beebe Fredk W 
240-242 Royal College ol 
Dental Surgeons of Ont 

♦ Huron st Intersects 
244-252 Grace Hospital 
262 Boase J B 

Boase Ltd, ladles tailors 
364 Ferguson John, pby 
Ferguson E W, phy 
266 Sllverthorn Gideon, pby 
Arnott John P 
Broadway Meth Ch 

♦ Spad'na av intersects 
268 Can Bank of Commerce 
270 Leake Mrs A H, confy 
272 Heath Wm J, florist 
274 Avenue Chambers 

Gray & Jardlne, real est 
Canadian Express On 


6 Gooding Thomas J 

7 Quigley Jas A 

8 Cordingly Mrs Ellzth, 


10 Goodfellow Miss Hat- 

tie M, mus tchr 

11 Neild Miss M, drsmkr 

12 Vacant 

13 Chelew A & Co, real 


14 Rothwell Miss L, cos- 


20 Haynes Geo 

21 Lambert Miss Minnie 

22 Freeth Mrs Martha 
23-25 Clrcelli Antonio, ar- 

24 Hall Clarence C, mus 

26 Vacant 

27 Carman Hayunga, mus 


28 Mandersen Miss Jane 

B, dressmkr 

29 Vacant 

30 Harris Harry 
32 Dawson Lily 

276 Blackburn A R & Sons, 

278 Pink Wm G, shoes 
280 Beebe F W & Son, gents 

Dom Exp Co 
Breen Miss M J, drsmkr 
282 Broadway Drug Co, Ltd 
Clayson Co, skirts 
’Welton Geo B 
284 Frost S A, florist 
286 Hopkins Chas, confr 
288 Rinello Glo, fruits 
290-292 Brick Leon, amuse- 

'25H Argyros Jas, rest 
296 Rosenberg Morris, ladles 

29S Tasker John, rest 
300 Ward C A, storage 
.'102 Vacant 

♦ Robert st commences 
804 Bush M E, gro 

306 Gebirtig Manuel, amuse- 

308 Stevens Bros, fish dlrs 
310 Lewis Miss L K, mlnr 
312 Henneberg Henry, confy 
314 Wynn Misses, artists 
316 Tyrell Melvin, barber 
ns Wicks T H. jwlr 
JOO Brown Mrs S, cohfy 
Brown George 
322 Palmer Charles, staty 
324 Chard E W, hardware 
826 Henderson G W, drugs 

♦ Major st commences 
330 Shields Miss Agnes 
840 Sands T R, tlr 

342 VandusBB W B, gents 

344 Thaler M & Son, ladles 

346 Dunsheath R E & Co, 

248 Kllner T B, flour 

.360 Freeman Frank G, btehr 

352-54 Van Der Voorts, mlny 

♦ Brunswick av commences 
35G-37C Brunswick Block 

366 Tamblyn Gordan, drugs 
368 Ellis F A, jwlr 
360 Harrington Chas A, bar- 

Conliij Albert 

.362 Livingstone Geo D. baker 
364 Blgwood T H, shoes 
aee Tucker Walter, btehr 
Shire J Stanley 
368 Tegart Miss M. mlnry 
Corbin Wilfred 
370-370% Smythe’s Bazaar 
370 A Currie Wm, tlr 
37CB Noble Robt, printer 
370% Macdonald Peter C 
370%A Zllllax Geo 
.372 Lemaltre E G 
374 Ward Wm O, btehr 
376 Atkins Esdale, ladies tlr 
3/8 Vacant 

380 Nicholson F R, provs 

♦ Borden st commences 
382 Vacant 

.384 Vacant 

386 Rawlinson G J, bldr 
.358 Vacant store 
Cohen David 
390 "Vacant 
392 Vacant 

394 Gibson & Bruce, m’nrs 
396 Miles A W. undertaker 

♦ Croft at commence* 
Christ Church 

♦ Llpplncott st Intersects 

400 "VValmsIey & Sons, photo 

402 Wright John, confy 
Parley Wm J 

404 Maxwell Miss M B, dry 

412 Spotswood H A, drugs 
Cotterill Miss Margt 
414-416 Morris Nathaniel, dry 

418 Jeeves Chas, shoemkr 
426 Hall Mrs Marian, confy 
422 Halls Mrs Minnie T, 

424 Hind Mrs Florence, mlnr 
New Mrs Eleanor 
426 New & Hind, tobaccon- 

428-30 Pippy H T, baker 
432 Temes Jlrs Rose 
484 Hooper Jonathan, dry gds 
Breakell Miss Theresa 
Adams John 
Wills Gordon 
McLean James K 
Ivens Miss Etfie, ladles 

434a McConkey D M, real eat 
436 Vodden A & W, dyer* 
436% Reynolds H R, barber 
43S White Abraham, gro 
440 Metropolitan Bank 

♦ Bathurst st intersects 
Presbyterian Church 

460 Colling Rev Joseph S 
Colling F J, phy 
462 Townley Jerold R, confr 
Sullivan John 

462%LalidlflW M L, dentilt 
464 Williams Mrs Kate, art- 

466 Whitson Miss Jean, mlnr 
468 Shapiro Herman, jwlr 
Rabkin Solomon, optician 
470 Staveland Frank P, real 

472 Rowley Robt, drugs 

♦ Markham st Intersects 
474 Sexton I’ F, hdwe 

Imperial Hdwe Electric 

476 Hutton James, barber 
478 Chinese Indry 
480 Uiiser Frank, baker 
482 Martin Mrs Florence, 

484 Halre Wm J, cleaner 
486 Jamieson James 

Mackey James H, real 

488 Evans W Hague, book* 

♦ Palmerston av intersects 
Baptist Church 
Church of the New Jer- 

♦ Euclid av Intersect* 

548 Peerless Furnace Co 
650 Mimms Wra C, plmbr 
652 Rowen Wm, gents forngi 

Clemens Chas J 
664 Gamble George, tlr 
666 See & Fetch, mlnr* 

558 Millar John S, slaty 

Hodgins E & Co, real 

660 Strong Herbert J. dry gds 
562 Evans Mrs O J, confy 
564 McKee Geo E, gro 
566 Arnold Wm, btehr 

♦ Manning av Intersect* 

668 Grigor John, gro 

570 Steinberg P’nilip, tlr 
Steinberg Louis, Ids tlr 
572 Butler Nathan N, real est 
.572a Schoenchen Conrad, furs 
674 Hetherlngton Mrs May, 

Harland Wm 
574% Shanley P'rank B: 

57 6 Vacant store 
Day Fredk S 

680 Milling Wm J, shoe- 

682 Garrett George S 

Doran Alex K 
Martin Mrs Eliza 
584 Walnwright Prank G 
iStevens Miss Annie 
Bennett Harry B 



41 43 Adelaide St. £» 


186 — 


77 WELLINGTON ST. W. Limited 





see Hoffman James H, barber 
688 Bricknell Chas, confy 
690 Greer H A. drugs 
Post office (br) 

Richards Geo H 
690V4 Reid Mrs Ellen 
692 Johnstone J W. b^er 
Bulmer Mrs Amelia 
694 Chinese Indry 
^ Clinton st intersects 
596 Bartlett Alfred L., shoes 
698 Davis Sami A, cigars 
600 Stables James, fish 
602 Lenahan W J 
604 Cross & Urquhart. gros 
Pltley Wm A 
610 Nasmyth Alexander 
Sim James, contr 
612 Liste Mrs Anna, mlnr 
614 Bagts, Matthews & An- 
doniades, confy 
Bagis Jordan 
616 Yeats Joseph 

Fretwell Geo, florist 
Parker Walter E 
622 Excelsior Roller Rink 
Butler Bros, contra 
626 Vacant 

628 Roberts Wm C, real est 
Liongmore Albert 
630 McKeown Miss Lilly J, 

Cook Joseph 

632 MoBretney Wm J, confy 
634 W'ilson Norman M, confr 
636 Gordon Miss Martha, 

Gourley David 
638 Casey James L, gro 
640 Mumford Bros, btchra 
644 Grlmshaw Thos S, drugs 
646 Masales Norman J, barbr 
Hannam Norman S 
€48 Moonev Biscuit & Candy 
Co Ltd 

Graham Miss Margt 
^ Grace st intersects 
650 Vacant 

654 Martin Ernest E, gro 
6BC Sinclair Robt, dyer 
058 Queen City Realty Co 
660 Devlin Anthony H, gro 
Robinson Joseph I 
002 Thomas E A, btchr 
Spark John H 
668 Chinese Indry 
670 Chinese store 
Griffith Robt 

♦ Beatrice st Intersects 
672 Poyntz Wm, btchr 
t;(_> Mackay James 

674 Curry John, real est 
680 Vacant 
682 Vacant 

682A Munro Mrs Annie 
684 Gordon Mrs Harriet J 
684A Harris Thos 
686 Noxon & Munro, real est 
Batters Mrs Mary 
Weinacht Herman, tlr 
688 Brown Fred A, gro 
McNeil S A 

690 McMahon Jeremiah, bar- 

Clarke Ross 
692 Cohen H & L, tlrs 
Voile Regis 

698 Henderson Sami E, real 

702 Ledgett Frank, hrdware 
Kuch Hermann 

♦ Montrose av commences 
710 Bannon Wm J, tlr 

Davis Clias H 
Johnson Nicholas 
712 Vacant 

714 Siiiderman Saul, tlr 

♦ Crawford st intersects 

♦ Shaw st intersects 

770 Gangel W & Co. drj' gds 
772 Ivory Henry J, gro 
774 Gregg Mrs R L. real est 
Cox Miss A E M, mlnr 
774A Haworth Lawrence 
Dewar Mrs Mary K 
776 Vacant (store) 

Edington Walter S 
778 Webster Miss K. E, Ids 

Welland Miss Lucy, mlnr 
778A Reid John 

780 Culman Miss E G, dress- 

780A Sniderman Ben), ladles 

790 Howse Chas E, baker 
Clay Chas E 
792 Vacant (store) 

Guest Sami H 
792A Paterson John G 
794 Ratcliffe Wm A, studio 
Flagler Geo A 
796 Cooper Mrs K E, confy 
Lodge Miss M J, drsmki 
Moses Abraham 
^ Roxton rd intersects 
802 Harrison C E, leather gds 
8U4 Chinese Indry 
810 Forbes, Munro Co, dry 

812 McConnell A W’ra, btchr 
814 Chinese Indry 
818 Legge James E, confy 
822 Griffin Ahram B, gro 
824 Jackson Geo, shoes 
820 Travlss Donald, btchr 
828 Hislop Hugh D, staty 
830 Rogers George, gro 
832 Davies Wm Co, proTi 
^ Ossington av intersects 
834 Browne Ephraim, gro 
836 Ruthven Frank, , gents’ 
Ruthven John 
838 Hill Wm A, real est 
838'/. Elliott lames, plmb,’ 

840 Whetstone Thomas, hd- 

842 Graham Wm J, gro 
844 Piddlngton A J. florist 
840 Bank of Ottawa 

Armstrong Harry W 
848 McFadden W M, optician 
848% Hall & DoIIerv Electric 

848A Mulholland Miss L 'D, 
Mitchell Clarence 
856 Burls E M, staty 
Burls Charles 
858 Robinson Roy K, Jwlr 
860 Canadian Institute for 
Physical Training 
Barton James W 
^ Concord av commences 
862 Graham W A, phy 
Graham Robert H 
864 Clark Robert P, tlr 
866 McCullough J, shoes 
Robinson John T 
868 Dyment Thos H, gro 
870 Barrett Geo, willow wks 
872 Sommerville Sami B, Ids 

Lawson Mrs Ella M 
874 Sonimerville Mrs Ellzth, 

Somme.'villf Wm 
880 Sawtell Alfred B 
882 Pearsall Geo 
884 Drury Robert 
886 Birch Frank, tlr 
888 Mahaffy J M. dry gds 
890 Cochrane J M, confy 
^ Delaware av commences 
892 Snow Ch.arcs T, confy 
894 Hathway Richd, btchr 
Hathway Edwin O 
896 Williamson Robert T, gro 
898 McfJnlre Charles, barber 
924 Pike Miss L B, mlnr 
926 Henry George J, shoes 
Doncaster Leonard W 
Sheppard John L 
928 Scott .John L, dry gds 
930 Park Thomas, gro 
932 Carpenter Mrs Lucy, 

Schulkins Wm steam ftt 
934 Barrington T G, plmbr 
Schulkins Wni, stm ftr 
936 RndcIIffe David, gro 
Gibson Hartley 
988 Meek Vernon W, drugs 
^ Dovercourt rd Intersects 
962 Perry Geo D & Co, 
Godfrey Norman 
966 Vacant (store) 

Day Ernest A 
Davison Chas 

968 Helpert Morris, tlr 
Mathews John E R 
Badgerow Richd H 
970 Vacant (store) 

Wlllcock Mrs Charlotte L 
Conyers Hamilton 
972 Bedford James 
Magee Malcolm G 
Whalen Wm 
974 Vacant (store) 

Quinn John W 
Francis Miss Christina 
Letteney P'redk 
976 Thomas Robert A, phy 

♦ Rusholme rd intersects 
998 Johnston James W, tlr 
1000 Allport Thos, shoes 

Vacant (2nd floor) 

1604 Bethany Orphanage 
Mellick Miss Annie 
1006 Saunders Frederick F 
Vacant (upstairs) 

^ Havelock it commences 
1032 Wood Wm, bldr 
1034 McCarthy Mrs J 
1036 Vacant 

mis Gilmore Richard W 
1040 Benjamin Harry 

Benjamin Mrs Jennie H, 

Benjamin Miss F, mlnr 
1042 Campbell Mrs Margt F 
1058 Manley M, bldr 
1060 Young James W 
1062 Barron James 
1064 Graham Mrs Emma 
1066 Ward Mrs Mary A 
1068 Steele James C, gro 

♦ Gladstone av Intersects 
1070 Somers John S 

1072 Daniels Moses J 
1074 Wright Miss Ada, drs- 

1076 Bachly Chas E 
1078 Price Charles 
1080 Estes Wm 
1082 Johnson Mrs Isabel 
1084 Rnssell John W phy 
1086 Fowler James barber 
1088 Gooder Garnet J, clothes 

1090 Magee Wilfred H, hard- 

1090A Macnamara Geo A 
^ Dufferin st intersects 
♦ Sheridan av intersects 
115S Gilles Chas J, pntr 
1160 Ingleby Wm T, bldr 
1162 Cunningham Mrs Edith 
1164 Melhnlsh A E 
1166 Mottram ITyce 

Mottram Miss Maud, 
mus tchr 

1168 Skeeles Richard W 
1172 Brown Robert B 

1174 Fair Russell 
1170 Crealock Mrs Matilda 
1178 Peer James T 
1180 McLeod Mrs Grace 
1182 Farrants Edwin 
1186 Crealock Stephen J 

♦ Brock ar intersects 
1230 Hart Wilbert, dings 

♦ Margueretta st intersects 
1232 Kelly Hugh, gro 

12S4 Baw'den Wm J, confy 
1236 Stephens Edwin 
1238 Shaw' Burt 
1240 Moorhouse Mary A 
1242 Maynes Mrs Jane 
1244 McGeough Daniel H 
1246 Emery Thomas 
1248 Moroney John 
1250 Campbell T J, btchr 
1264 Hastings Peter, gro 

♦ St Clarens av Intersects 
1266 Elliott Wm H 

Bock Stanislaus G, phy 
1268 Gillam Mrs Jane 
1270 Bellams’ Mrs Kate M 
1272 Bastine Eugene 
1274 Totten Samuel J 
Wood Wm 
1276 Taylor Edw ard 
1278 Sanderson Robert H 
Bonar Presby Church 

♦ Lansdowne av Intersects 

♦ Sorauren av intersects 

i 1296 Grant George H 
i 1298 Hart Geo P 
1300 Webb Henry B 
1302 Snedden John 
1304 Duncan Wm 
1306 Arnold Abner H 
1308 McGinnis Miss Florence 

130SA Huston Harry 
1310 Walker W'-m B 
1312 Licence Robt P 
1314 Licence Mrs Ellzth 
1316 Hamer M Smalley 
1S18 Roll Richd 1 
1320 Easson Grant 
]o20A Allen J Oscar 
1322 Kenmure Wm 
1322A Pridham Walbert 
. 1324 Harrison Jocelyn 
1324% Vacant 
1326 Sanderson Walter J 
1320% V Paisley Gordon C 
1328 Rice Arthur R 
1330 Ellis Joseph H 
1332 Cole John H 
1334 Matthews Miss Louisa 
1336 Vacant 
1338 Collins Thos J 
1340 Heron Fredk D 
1842 Rutledge George B 
1344 Tickner Ronald S 
1340 Helse Herbert 
1348 Todd Joseph 
1350 Lindsay John H 
1352 McAuliffe Daniel O 
1364 Drury Arthur 
1356 Brillinger Mrs Jennie 
1358 Baker Chas W 
1360 Moss John A 
1362 Cowan John P, gro 
1.364 Wallace Jas H 
1366 McGuire Albert F 
1.368 Gill Wm J 
1370 Reeder Albert W 
1372 Vacant 

♦ Junction Lynd and Park. 

way avs 

1392 Secord Joseph L 
1394 A.Iamson Wm R 
1396 Williams Henry S 
1,398 Inglis Alex P 
1400 Gardner Harrj' P 
Note — For balance of street-- 
ing, see Walter st 

South Side 

1 Vacant 

3 Webster A E. dentist 
Woollatt R Sidney, den- 

6 Dean W Ernest, phy 

7 McKeown Walter, phy 
9 Malloch Wm J O, phy 

11 Ten Eyck John F, phy 
31 Strachan School 
♦ Teraulay st ends 
53 Garratt A H. phy 
55 Graham Joseph, phy 
61 Hiscott Dermatological 

Moote-Scott Mra K H 
Scott Ftancls J 


1-3 Chrysler Harriet, 

2 Wilson Miss B Lois, 
- mus tchr 
4 Vac.ant 

5-7 Hodges Miss A B, 
Ladies’ tlr 

♦ Laplante av ends 
Hospital for Sick Chil- 

♦ Elizabeth st Intersects 
General Hospital 

♦ University av ends 

135-141 Tor Conservatory of 


Toronto Conservatory 
Schl of Expression 
143 Gallle Wm B, snrg 
Ryerson E S, surg 
Strathy G S, phy 
Robertson Edwd, phy 
145 Young W A, phy 
149 'rechnical High School 
159 Wilson Wm .1, phy 
Wilson Norman K, phy 
161 Stacey C E. phy 

I NQIIRF the British America Assurance Co. (Fire) 

I II 1^ incorporatect A.D. Is33 

Losses Paid Since Orgranization over $35,000,000 

— 137 — 


TBLBPHONE MAIN 642S Office and Residence S27 George Street 

163 Todd J H, phy 
Coxnell Walter 
165 Todd James A, phy 

# McCauI St ends 

167 Powell Isewton A, phy 
Thomas Roy H, phy 
169 Fenton Lukins 
171 Thistle W B, phy 
173 Bedson Geo E 

176 Currie Charles J, phy 

177 Griffiths Wm A 

179 College St Registry for 

Trenw’lth Albert 
181 Burke Mrs Sadie 
183 Moat James S 

186 Thom Mrs Mary 

187 Tourex Barton, lus 
Henry st ends 

189 Wiliinsky Abraham I, 

191 Toronto School of Lan- 

Berlitz School of Lan- 

De Lestard Guy 

103 Srlgley Mrs M 3 

Henderson John 3, artist 

196 Landsberg Abraham H 

197 Evans L Hamilton, phys 
199 Vacant 

201 Polnton John W 
203 .Smith A A, dentist 
207 Davidson Alex, phy 

# Beverley st ends 

*211 Cawthra Mrs Anna C 

# Ross st ends 
223 Alison Mrs Annie 
229 Stewart Andrew 

233 Perrier G W, drugs 
Thorne Horace 

235 Hill & Parkinson, grocers 
Hill Thomas 
235% Vacant 

237 Temple-P.nttison Co, den- 
tal supplies 
^ Huron st Intersects 
239 O’Dell Mrs Emma 
241 Carveth G H, phy 
Carveth W H, phy 
243 Monro Mrs Mary 
246-249 Metropolitan School 
of Dancing Ltd 
Sage M J 

247 Sage & Co, confy 
251-253 City Storage, Ltd 

256 Frazee Storage & Cartage 


Frazee Lorenzo D 
Frezee Miss Gertrude S, 
mu 3 tchr 

257 Davis John W, rest 
259 Ferron H Co, undertakers 

Flint Robt S 

261 Electrical Wiring, Fixture 
& Supply Co 

261A Milligan Joseph G, 
clothes repr 
(Dwelling vacant) 

263 Cooper Ernest O, calen- 

Dominion School of Nurs- 

# Spadlna av intersects 
267-9 Curry Block 

Conger Coal Co ibr) 

Ward Wm A, marriage 

Rooms — 

1-4 Mills J A, dentist 
5 Johnstone J F, music 

6-11 Remington Business 

12 Kirkwood Miss Mary A 

13 Rutter Walter H 

14 Vacant 

15 Schwab Miss Clara 

19 Campbell Miss Mary, 

17 Jones Jfrs Lottie, drs- 


18 Pugsley Miss Minnie, 

mus tchr 

19 Vacant 

20 Vacant 

22 Thomson George, phre- 


23 Vacant 

24 Vacant, 

25 Remington Business 


26 Vacant 
27-28 Vacant 

29-32 Morfitt BenJ, care- 

College Hall 

271 Cotton & Wright, mlnrs 
273 Asquith Stanley, shoe- 

275 Barton A & Co, real est 
277 Vacant 

279 Toronto Motorcycle Sup- 
ply Co 

281-291 Alexander B'oek 
281 Acheson Wm H, tlr 

Acheson James, mus 

283 Wright Win, tlr 
285 Evans Robt W, barber 
287 Rosenbaum Joseph, Ids 

Lnsw'orth TFm 
269 Benner Estate, real est 
Hill Chas 
Misha w Robert M 
291 Vanderlip Joseph H, rest 
293 MacDonald Ronald, shoe- 

vn Q 

295 Taylor Chas, rest 
Cross Ernest 
Hicks John J 

307 College Steam Dye Works 
309 Morrow Ilolbert, alga's 
311 Chinese Indry 
313 Fife Walter S, pictures 
313% Mooring Benjamin, tlr 
315 College Press The, 

Griffin Miss M, drsmkr 

321 Keefer Edwin, dentist 
323 Heasllp Mrs Sadie, drs- 

325 Adams J P, dentist 
Burgess Fred 
327 Willson Herbert, phy 
329 Hill G E, dentist 
331-3.3 Ellis Harry, undertkr 
335 Grove George E, bicycles 
Celenis Mrs Clara B 
343 Dunlop Coal Co 

♦ Augusta av ends 

345 Collins Simon, Ids tlr 
347 Vacant 
349 Vacant 

351 Sherrin Jas. dyer 
353 Beveridge J C, furn 
;-55 Dominion Artificial Limb 
Co Ltd 

Macartney Geo F, photog 
Edls Thos, pool 
357 Ball & Co, neckwear 
St Stephen’s Ch reading 
room, rear 

# Bellevue av ends 

381-89 Pure Gold Mfg Co, Ltd 
Greening T B & Co, cof- 

Todhunter, Mitchell A Co, 

391 Fuller Thomas R 
393 Huff Wm. plstx 
396 Pauli Herbert G, arch 
399 Wicks T, bamboo wkr 
403 Hurd John H, cartage 

^ Llpplnoott st intersects 
409 Cleary .Tohn F, gro 
411-13 Gluckman Daniel, 

415 Allen J R, upholsterer 
417 Sproule Robt T, btehr 
Allen James R 
419 Low J T W, harness 
Tierney Mrs E, drsmkr 
Tierney Miss H, drsmkr 
421 Bingley Bnrton, bicycle 

Lonton Leonard 
431 Davies Wm Co (hr), provs 
^ Bathurst st Intersects 
Hull Chas A, garage 
^ College pi commences 
457 Automobile Owners Assn, 
auto supplies 

459-61 Cork J Milton, gro 
463 Roney Edward S, tlr 
465 Chinese Indry 
467 Mason George F, plmbr 
469 Mason Geo F 
471 Clarkson F Arnold, phy 
^ Markham st intersects 
St Paul’s Evangelical 

491-493 Freemasons Hall, 

499 Wright Miss Ada H, dry 

Wilson Perry 
Rea Mrs Mary 
601 Shaberman Harry, tlr 
Egan Mrs Virginia 
603 Banquet Tea & Coffee Co 
Skelsey Thos R 
Martin Mrs Ann E 
605 Taylor John F, drugs 
Palmerston av intersects 
607 Archibald Thomas D, 

♦ Euclid av Intersects 
637 Vacant 

539 Papernick Abraham, 
clothes repr 
Town Mrs Lottie M 
Henry John 

^ Manning av intersects 
541-543 Smith Arthur 
Thompson Wm 
Daniel Chas L 
643 Walker Mrs Helen W 
565 Johnston Adam, confr 
Clarke’s Eclectic Short- 
hand College 

667 Blumbergh Nathan, hrd- 

669 London Chas W, painter 
671 Moffett Robt, undertakr 
683 Vacant 

685 Giuffre Joseph, fruit 
687 Corner 6I1 sb illnnie, dry 

Chalk Mrs Alice 
589 Moore Geo, barber 
691 Greaves Wm, btehr 
593-.595 tlreaves Wm, gro 
4^ Clinton st intersects 
597 Standard Bank of Canada 
(College st br) 

599 Brown Harry, ladles tlr 
Cookson Edward 
601 M & W Corset Co 
601A FalrleyoW'ilson B 
Butler Chas 

603 Rozell "Win J. pictures 
6G3A Stevenson Ernest F 
Cockburn Frank 
6.33 Skilling Wm, shoemkr 
635 Ferris Walter, confy 
Hanna Albert 

637 SmlUi & Rosenzweig, Ids 

639 Russell Alex, dry fdi 
641 Becker W Q, drugs 
^ Grace st Intersects 
643 Sterling Bank (br) 

Baker T Sharpe 
645 Downey Patk J, flour 
647 Chinese Indry 
Sage Alfred 
Atchison Frank 
649 Boggs A A & Co, real 

Sylvester James H 
Harris Arthur 
651 Rosenberg Morris, tlr 
653 Vacant (store) 
653-655-Central Business Col- 

655 Vacant store 

661 Mara H S, real estate 

663 Vacant 

665 Dunsford & Young, elects 
O’Neill Leo, plmbr 
667 Gentle Frank, gro 
Charlebols Mrs P 
Schw-arze Mandel A, pho- 

695 Chisholm Mrs A B, dry 

Chisholm Miss C G, drs- 

Muir Mrs Mary, drsiiikr 
697 Pinckle E ercy C, confy 
Higley Mrs Hanna S 
^ Beatrice st Intersect* 

699 Stokes James H, gents’ 

♦ Montrose av Intersects 
Vacant (new church be- 
ing built) 

♦ Crawford st Intersects 
783 Jfaran-Atha Hall 

♦ Shaw st intersects 

799 Seager John R, plmbr 

♦ Roxton rd intersects 
829 W’ation John, phy 

S31 Le.ggo Ernest A. drugs 
r'allis Chas O, dentist 

♦ Osslngton av Intersects 

838 Bank of Hamilton (br) 
Wilson Ghent, dentist 
Wolfe Chas P 

Bickle Geo T 
Browne 13 N 
Maepherson Mrs Flora, 

835 Bemrose Thos, violin mlr 

839 Keen G Harry, barber 
841 Stevenson Miss M, mlnr 
843 Keen George, pntr 

845 Steele Arthur Q 
847 Henderson Jas B, hdwre 
Hodgetl Root C 
849 McKiiibin N B. real est 
851 Mantel Morris, ladies tlr 
I'latt Percy 

853 Pretty & Soil, shotinkrs 
855 Mayers Solomon, clothe* 

Keen & Churcher, drs- 

Locke Robt 

859 Woods James McB, phy 
IVliitaker Ernest E 

861 Zllllax Christopher 
863 Dame Alexander A, phy 
867 Clark Wm J, phy 
869 International Academy Of 
Music, Ltd 
597. Vacant 

899 Danard Mrs Caroline, 
mus tchr 

Griffiths Geo A, contr 
901 Hall Wm M 
903 Lawson Joseph H, phy 
905 Semple Arnold, dentist 
907 Webster John D, phy 
919 Vacant 
921 Vacant 

923 Hamilton Miss Nellie 
939 Vacant 

♦ Dovercourt rd Intersect* 

941 Canadian Bank of Com- 

Richardson Harold N, 

♦ Busbolme rd Intersects 

997 King Herbert J, btdr 
999 Griffin John H 
1001 WllUanmon Henry L 
1003 Holmes Thos L 
1031 Owens Misses. The, 

Gleeson Frank L 
1033 Vacant 

1035 Herder R & Son, gros 
1037 Oldfield Francis 
1039 Hills Donald A, elec 
1041 Hewitt & Co, publrs 
Carnduff Joseph 
1043 Woods Mrs Susan 
1045 Pringle Mrs Margt 
1047 Woods Michael J 
1049 Thompson Edward ▲ 
1051 Woods Wm J 
1053 Kelly Thos J 
1055 Mason Mrs Edith 
Pearson W'm J 
1067 Clegg Thomas 

♦ Gladstone av intersects 
1063 Westlake Jas B. btehr 

Strongman Wm A 
1067 Hodgins Geo B, confy 
1009 Parnworth Edward J, 

1071 Morrison Bros, drugs 
Morrison F J C 
1073 Wilkinson James H, 

Forgie Mrs Margt 
1075 Smallwood H & Co, tlrs 
Chatterton Arthur 
Proctor Wm 

♦ Macklem av commences 

21 Bevler Mrs Emma l, 

BURRUSS & SWEATMAN, Limited | Insurance 


— 128 — 




PhoneADELAlDE 1962 

145- W7 Queen w. 

1077 Foster Robt J, dry gds | 
Clark Wm I 

1079 Chinese Laundry I 

1081 Bell George R, shoes 
1101 Webb George W 
1103 Armstrone G H 

1106 Krcmer Theodore 

1107 Berry Francis 
1109 Stafford Thos J 
1111 Hughes Samuel 

^ DuSerln st Intersects 
1313 McUinniss Robt C 
1115 Tindall Mrs Frances 
Wlthoy Goo 
1117 Hogarth Frank 
1119 Donald Geo 
Simpson Robt 
1121 Doherty George C 
1123 Willis Roland 
1125 Vacant 
1127 New Arthur H 
1129 Atkinson Arthur 
1131 Wiseman Joseph A, real 


1133 Kertley Geo E, plmbr 
Ramsay James A, 
Seager Chas E 
1135 Cunnington Miss M E, 

Cunnington James 
1151 Newley Wm G, staty 
1153 Keily Thos J, gro 
Griffin Norman L 
^ Sheridan av intersects 
College St Methodist 
1177 Fox Paul 
1179 Soguen Paul 
1181 Vacant 

1183 McLellan Mrs Isabella 

1186 Glllla Edward S 

1187 Vacint 

1189 Wlntermantel Karl 
Hinton Alfred W 
1191 Hutcheson Herbert F 
1193 Race Fred 
1195 Clement Stephen 
1197 Bennett Fredk 
1199 Wagner Edwd J 

# Brock av Intersects 

1209 Fawns W Sidney, phy 
1211 Donnell Robt 
1213 Neilson Artiiur 

Hudson Fredk W 
1215 McDonnell Wm J 
1217 Squirrel Mrs Minnie 
1219 Giiiam John M, reai est 
Gillam Geo J, phy 
1221 Rycroft Thos S 
Robb Fred McD 
1223 Ross Geo C 
1225 McNally Wm J, mus 

1227 Munger Wm A 
Damburn Mathew 
1229 Mitchell Frank L 
1231 Splttal Wm B 
1233 Cherry Wm W 
1235 McLean Thomas J 

^ Margueretta st intersects 
1237 Platt Edward S 
1239 Bradley John J 
1241 Higgins Mark 
1243 Myers Morley 

1246 Stanbury Arthur B 

1247 Ross Duncan 

1249 Knight Mrs Lucy 
1251 Sibley George 
1253 Chinese Laundry 

♦ St Clarens av intersect? 
1265 Fligg Mrs Anna, gro 
12M Crampsev Jas D 

1261 Fields Wellington H 
Black James 
1263 Woods Daniel 
1265 Bishop Edward A 
1267 James Mrs Sarah S 
^ Lansdowne ay Intersects 
. Unfinished houses (8) 
(Not cut through to Sor- 
auren av) 

1283 Collins Charles 

1286 Beaton Colin C 

1287 Grant Alfred D 
1289 Moir John G 

1291 Putland Wm A, painter 
mus tchr 

1293 Gregory Mrs Frances R 

1295 Jackson George 
1297 Wellwood Wilbert, dairy 
1299 Stuart Geo T 
1301 Fuerst Fredk E 

1308 Butler Aaron N 
1306 Sutton George 
1367 Macdonald John 

1309 Mushet Wm 
1311 Powell John G 
1313 Prewett Arthur H 
1315 Marion Mrs Alice 
1317 Magner Edward 
1319 Good Percy S 
1321 Veala Joseph 
1323 Fillingham Wm J 
1325 Irwin John 

1327 Williams Charles 
1329 O’Neil John 
1331 Puffer Mrs Ina B 
1333 Hansford Walter W 
1335 Hills Henry 
1237 Latimer Mrs Mary A 
1339 Brandon Matthew S 
1341 Filey Wm T 
1343 Herod Albert B 
1345 Williams Tbomas H 
1347 Brokenshire Herbert 
1349 Lackle Wm H 
1351 Sharp Thomas 
1353 Boutette Fredk J 
1355 Bryan Thos H 
1357 Rods Moses S 
1359 Brest Anicrose J 
1361 McGhie Thos D 
1363 ■W'Ullamson Wm 
1365 Clarke Alfred G 
1367 Clarke R Claude 
1369 Daymen! Ernest A 
1371 Wright James 
1373 Bowes Thos 
1375 Brokenshire Frank E 
1377 Avison Wilfrid H, 

1389 Fegau Wm G 

1?91 Brent Miss Rebecca 

1393 Goodenow A Howard 

1396 McCarthy Danl 
McCarthy Herbert 

1397 Dunlop J Allan 
1399 Weir Mrs Isabella 
1401 Orr John T 

1403 Knechtel Mrs Mary A 

1406 Leslie Chas J 

1407 Hallman Nathaniel 
1409 Cates Albert E 

1411 Kershaw Mrs Mary 
1413 Scheinmann Louis J 
1415 Aldridge George 
Note — For balance of street- 
Ing. see Waiter st 


South from 457 Collage, 
ward 5. 

East Side ........ 

Not built on 

West Side 

Dingle Albert 


East from 807 Tenge to 
e of Park rd, ward 2. 

North Side 

2-16 Heyw'ard Percy G, 

6 Heyward Edwin 
10 Taylor Robert 
18 Tweedie Mrs Marion 
^ Severn la commences 
M Spry Harry 
30 Dwan Michl J 
34 Butler Wm 'T 
38 Hawes Fredk 
40 Parkinson Mrs Rosa 
42 Elliott Frank S 
44 Stevenson Mrs Alice M 
46 Harrigan Geo 
48 Musgrave Mrs Susanna 
52 Reppen Wm 
♦ Reynolds st commences 
58 Patterson Mrs Annie 
00 Price Edward 
64 Ashcroft Joseph 
66 Walker Andrew 
08 Hail Charles D 
70 Hutchison Ralp), 

76 Newton Frank H 
84 Dobson Miss Annie 

96 Smith Ficdk J 

♦ Park rd intersecis 

118 Wookey Mrs Charlotte 

122 Shepard Mrs Eliza J 

124 GeaJe Charles H 
128 Ledger Wm R 
lao Baker John 

1S4 Thomson John J 

136 Smiley Mrs Charlotte B 
140 Medcalf Miss Mary 

142 Dayfoot Rev Philo K 
146 Donaldson Wm F 

148 Passmore Chas M 

152 Reddick Rev David 
154 Steele James A 

South Side 

17 Garden Alex 
23 Vacant 

25 Mitclicil Edwd W, plmbr 
35 McLaren John, hlksrath 
Duncan Wm, rear 
41 Fiegehen Walter J 
43 Shackleton G H, pntr 
45 Curtis Septimus 
47 Coombs John 
67 Rodgers John 
63 Moyer John, horse train- 

67 Wallace Mrs Mary 
71 Saunders Miss Francis 
73 Emery George 
77 Murphy Alex R 
81 Hardy Edwin A 
86 Lovell Herbert V 
89 Caiger Chas 
93 Smith Frederick J 

97 Kavanagh Mrs Eliza 

♦ Park rd intersects 
109 Belden Reuben B 
117 Robinson Percy J 

119 Robinson George H 

123 Ross Frederick 

125 Jopling Elizth A 
129 Barrett Wm 

131 May John S 
135 Claikson Thos 

137 Campbell Wm N 
1.39 Austin Adam 

141 Schwalm Mrs Mary 
143 Moore Miss Mary 
145 Podmore John 

149 Bell Anthony 

151 Robertson Robert S 

153 Hume Mrs Mary 
155 Stark BTank H 
157 Guminersou Chas N 
159 Bauckham Fredk 
163 Thom Rev James 
165 Bain Donald 

169 Bretz Jacob 
171 La Tour Joseph O B 
175 Balnbridge Miss Kate A, 
mus tchr 

Bainhridge Miss Nettle 
177 Hutchison Mrs Emma 


(West Toronto), west from 
G T R tracks to Campbell 
av, second north of C P R 
tracks, ward 7. 

Not built on 


West from Woodbine av, 
second north of Queen e, 
ward 1. 


West fiom opp 389 Soraur- 
en av, ward 6. 

North Side 

6 Fairy John 
10 Roadway Ira 
12 Delville Pratt Geo 
14 Houser Wm M 
16 Baskervllle Samuel 

Baskervllle Miss Nellie, 

18 Bell Victor 
26 Noble James 
28 Bovell Kenneth 
30 Duff Andrew 
32 I’arsons Charles 
34 Young Allan 
36 Toms John 
:’,S Littlewood Bentley 

40 Campbell Alex F 

43 Pearce Wm 

44 Beddls hYank 

South Side 

3 Vacant 
5 Palmer John G 
7 Forsyth Thos 
9 Garieby Alfred A 
11 McCauslan Mrs Elizth 
13 Wright David 
15 Acheson John H 
17 Harman Edmund 
19 Harlock James 

Unfinished houses (6) 


West from 54 Jarvis to w 
of Francis, ward 3. 

North Side 

12 Vacant 

14-16 Dunham J E, feed 

^ B’rancis st intersects 

South Side 

Llvington John, biksmth 
^ F'raucis st intersects 

North from 860 College to 
Van Horne av, ward 6. 

Bast Side 

1 Singer Alfred W 
3 McAdam Mrs Bliza C 
5 Singer Albert L 
7 Bates Ira 
9 Nicholson Albert D 
11 Waddell George D 
13 Hawthorne John D 
27 Tyrrell Edwd N 
29 Choquette Robt 
31 Douglas Fredk A 
33 Brasier Sydney C 
35 Moon Wm 
37 Howes Edwin J 
39 Carey Thos F 
41 Paisley John 
43 Bennett Mrs E 
45 Pollard Augustus 
47 .Milloy Joseph E 
49 Massie James 

Massie Mrs S. vocalist 
51 Milloy Thos C 
63 Gulton Mrs May B 

O’Hara Miss Gertrude, 

55 Corrigan Fredk S 
57 Bennett Henry M 
59 Mitchell Thos 
♦ Dewson st intersects 
81 Smith David M 
83 Chelew Alfred 
85 Gipe Emanuel C 
87 Smart Harry L 
89 Fullerton John E 
91 Swalm Miss Isabella R 
93 Hodglns John 
103 Van Horn Charles F 
105 Irwin James 
107 Barker Alfred F 
111 Slbbald Henry G 
113 Wessels Ernest 
115 Bonghner Ira O 
117 Ross George 
119 Pettit Chas 
121 Rose Hugh 
159 Atkins Sami A 
161 Harding Chas T 
163 Arms Walter H 


Sole Agents for the “Goetz” Post Caps, Etc. 


IN STOCK: Beams, Channels, Angles, Bar Iron and Steel 

67 to 95 Pearl St. Phone Adelaide 1660 

— 129 — 



COMPANY - LIMITED, of^London, Eng. ALUNIINIUM wi¥?,*ga^.ti'’nB4finrioWetr^^^ 


lfi5 Benns Geo 

167 Walkcy John 

16!) Haskayne Richd 

171 Hudson Geo B 

17S Armstrong Harry A K 

175 Henry John J 

177 Garrett Mrs Margaret 

179 Burke Frank W 

ISl Bonnell Richard J 

183 Woods Edward C 

1S5 Stinson Abraham 

187 Cooper Ernest O 

189 Hyde Roswell 

191 Bennett Wm 

193 Sinclair Wm A 

19r> Ward Tlios J 

197 Spottiswood Henry J 

199 Nicholson Frederick L 

291 Timpson Robt J 

203 Stioud Victor G 

e Hepbonrne st Intersects 
207 Phillips James 
209 Pollard Oswald S 
211 Fraser Peter 
213 Morrison Samuel 
215 Fulton Mrs Catherine 
217 Collins Russell T 
219 Ball John S 
221 Crane Uoht H 
223 Overton Edwd A 
225 Pearce Henry 
227 Seddon Frank 
229 Nelson Robert 
231 Hussey James B, painter 
233 Davis Albert E 
235 Jones James 
237 Mills Ernest 
289 gteane F W 
243 Wood James 
243 Large Fredk W 
247 Long Chauneey 
249 Blaber Arthur J 
251 Morrison Wm 
253 O’Connor John 
255 Heron Mrs Mary A 
257 Lucas James C 
363 Dnnn Edward 
267 Tilbury Wm H 
269 Beadle Wm 
171 WInterfield John 
275 Davey Edward 
277 Irving John 
279 Vacant 

2S1 Tulley Fred, shoemkr 
♦ Bloor st w intersects 
303 Prayer Wm 
305 Hodgson Robt 
307 Delamont Albert W 
309 Coats Mrs Charlotte 
811 Firth Ralph 
313 Ball Joseph 
815 Copping George B 
317 Fames Wm J 
319 Krlgbaum Nicholas L 
321 Scott John 
323 Sturgess ll’m K 
3^ Hamilton Albert R 
327 Gedge Thos 

^ Northumberland st In- 

329 Williams John P 
333 Carter Alfred, pntr 
3K5 Peacock Robt 
339 Le Drew E M, contr 
341 Thornton Robt 
343 Entwistle Thos A 
347 Lines Mrs Ann 
349 Booth Frank J 
351 McLean Andrew E 
353 Jones Robt C, tinsmth 
356 Vacant 

3.57 Le Drew George A 
359 Bennett Wm 
361 Dundas Alexander 
363 Dickson Wm M 
387 Chapman Harry 
369 Coe Wm A 
371 Rowatt Mrs Annie 
373 Bell Lionel G 
375 McCormick Frank 
377 Sutton James H 
319 Speziale Domenico A 
Morton Geo H 
383 Greisman Louis 
385 'Whallen Mrs Susan 
387 Acton Richard 
289 Cook Walter W 
391 Sinclair Duncan N 
303 Jones Robert B 

395 Eddie John 
397 Palmer Pr.ank 
399 McKellar Mrs Sarah 
401 Tough Geo 
405 Bristow Arthur 
407 Hill Thos H 
409 Woolfrey James 
411 Tiller Aimrtias 
413 Brown Walter 
413 Shaw Wm J 
417 Le Drew Albert 
421 Kllgour Wm 
423 Eward Thos 
425 Hudgins Jas R, horseshr 
429 Vacant 
431 Roberts Jehu 
433 Roberts Chas 
435 Roberts Nathan 
437 Roberts John C 
439 Peterkin David 
441 Ogilvie Frank 
44-3 Hayward Mrs Eliza 
445 Jewer Alfred 
447 Jewer Frederick 
Berwick W^ilbert 
449 Warren Arthur J 
451 IVest F.dwin 
453 Learned Geo 
455 Ogg John 
457 Bodkin Wm 
Reed Wm H 
Nidderv Garfield L 
459 Conk John 
4A3 Henru'ks Ifrs Violet 
465 Cross Henry 
467 Hales Edwd 
409 Hall Herbert 
471 .Stone Timothy 
473 Sellors Walter 
475 Mayne Harry 
477 Vacant 

479 Robbins Frederick 
481 Mann George 
483 Downing John A 
485 Picton Edwd 
487 Grindlny Mrs Lydia 
489 Wahrer Michael 
491 Balment Bertram 
493 Cannon Wm 
495 Kirby John P 
197 Clift 3’homas 
499 Winterfleld Albert 
501 Terrlson John 
503 McEIwaln Miss Essie 
605 Horton Ernest R 
507 Crossley Alfred 
513 Mnrchment Mrs Susan 
515 Manuel Peter 
517 Vacant 
519 Scott Grindlay 
♦ Hallam at Intersects 
637-543 Dovercourt Conserva- 
tories, A J Frost prop 
543 Frost Arthur J 
563 Frost Arthur G P 
o5o Hall Albert E 
557 Wood Henry E 
559 Champion Herbert 
561 Dodd Geo 
567 Roberts Thos 
569 Serrlck Daniel 
571 Butler Robert 

578 Steacy Richard 
575 Sedge wick Russell 
577 Jarvle Andrew 

579 Clark Percy 

581 Matson Reginald 
583 Matson Frauds T 
585 Bennett Sami 
587 Seagrave Richd jr 
589 Mathias Charles T 
591 Beech George 
593 Fleming Robt 
595 Dunstln Joseph 
597 Rostance Albert 
599 Ives IV m 
601 Seagrave Richd 
003 Smith James H 
605 Iredale Charles H 

West Side 

3 See Mrs Elizabeth 

4 Slnden Wm J 
10 Smith Henry 
12 Robinson Wm 

14 Kennedy Miss Frances B 
16 Stone .Tames J 
20 Guy Wm J 
22 Ashworth Wm 

24 Brignall Joseph J 
26 Everlst Frank jr 
28 Tate Wm A 
30 Kellam Geo AI 
34 Quigley Wm G 
36 Deeth Harvey N 
38 Vacant 
40 Aykroyd Geo 
42 Barnes Thos G L 
44 Plaxton John A 
46 Meek Mrs Elizth 
48 Martin John G 
60 Lefneskl Henry 
52 Sllvertborn Mrs Annie B 
64 Thompson John B 
66 Dale James 
68 Browiiiscombe Albert P 
CiO Hancock Hieland 
62 Moon Robert 
70 Armstrong A Bosworth 
72 Passmore Richard 
74 Archer David .1 
76 O’Reilly James E 
78 Raker Walter 
SO Dill Wm 8 
82 Plummer IVra T 

Bloom Mrs M Inez, mus 

^ Dewson st intersects 
84 Likens Cliarles H 
86 Braun Henry 
88 Jennings Prank T 
90 Vacant 

92 Feather Henry Jr 
94 Tho-mpson W Arthur 
£8 Black Fredk W 
100 Dingman Arthur 
102 Harper Alex 
104 Wood Joseph H 
106 Clarke h redk H 
108 Clubb Wm H 
1 10 Wilson J Peers 
112 Wells Gerald A 
114 Yeaseleey Sutton 
116 Beck Mrs Mary J 
118 Lundy Wm 
120 Rowell John D 
122 Higgins Walter P 
124 Johnson Miss Lavina A 
126 McBride Richard H 
128 Berry Carlton W 
130 Hall Henry B 
132 Smyth James F 
1®4 Petrie Daniel C 
136 Soalfe George A 
164 Ovens Edward W 
166 Gardiner .las 
168 Mcllimirray Wm 
170 Scrimgeonr Richard 8 
172 Kirby John 
174 Clarke Henry 
176 Fdgeciimlie .lohn 
178 La Belle Thos R 
180 Williams Darius 
182 Robb Claude M 
18+ .Smith Wm P 
186 Nleld Henry 
188 Kyle Walter 
180 Bunker Amos 
192 Ratchin George 
194 Coates Marshall 
lfl« Reid Wm 
198 Mills Henry C 
200 Auchlncloss Alex 
♦ Hepbourne st intersects 
220 Concord Pentecostal Ch 
222 Steele Lome P 
224 Beattie Wm 
226 Henderson Wm J 
230 Green Mrs Emily 
234 Walker John H, decora- 

236 Atkins Louis W 
242 Armstrong Geo H 
244 Macey Fred 
246 Wills A 
248 Clark Jonathan 
260 Heiphum Mrs Jean 
252 Hara Geo 
254 Wood Mrs Alice M 
256 Smith Shelley A, gro 
258 Martin Wm G 
260 Brown Frank 
262 Greenaway Richd 
264 Lithgow Chas W 
276 Greenly Miss Dorothy 
278 Burnett Robt W 
^ Bloor st w Intersects 

294 McDowell Wm W 
Brownridge Austin G 

296 Vacant 

295 Strachan David, shoemkr 
300 Ryan John, express 

310 Stephen*' Llewellyn A 

312 Ross M Allan 

314 T.e Moine Win 

S16 Wilshaw Chas 

318 Neill Wm 

320 Standing Wm E 

♦ Northumberland st Inter- 

322 Sowerby John 
324 Oliver Edmund C 
326 Franks George 
828 Carmichael Wm R 
330 Morrison Donald 
332 Wilson Andrew 
334 McCaul Thomas 
336 Calhoun Wm A 
338 Culbert James 
340 Scott Robert W 
342 Love Andrew 
344 McClure Joseph 
346 Witchall Ernest J 
348 Levy Lawrence J 
350 Agnew Thos C 
354 Spry James 

Spry Miss Louise A, 

366 Redhouse Wm A 
358 Saunders Frank 
360 Barnard Benjamin S 
362 Brackstone 'Thomas 
Usher Prank J B 
.364 Exley IVm 
366 Carter Thomas 
368 Bailey Wellington A 
370 Welland .John F 
372 Woodcock John 
374 Sparling Frank A 
376 Rae Wm 

378 Helson Mrs Susannah 
380 Mackay Frances 
382 Mitchell Austin R 
384 Miller Wm 

386 Sparkes Mrs Mary L 

388 Nosworthy Richd 

390 Leonard Maurice 

392 Mercer Mrs Edith 

.394 Elliott Chas H 

.396 Pettet Wm 

388 Orr Oliver O 

400 Darby E Lestock 

402 Young Henry L 

404 ’Wallace Herbert 

406 Young Wilfred 

408 Williams Wm M 

410 Billings Wm H, contr 

412 Grieve Alex M 

414 Whitworth Wm 

416 Twigg Henry 

420 Cornwell Kenneth B 

422 Meldrum Robt 

432 Woolway Mrs Mary 

434 Peacock Arthur H 

446 Waddell John A 

436 Poyutz Wm 

438 Weiss Mrs Maud 

440 Hale Frank 

442 Clatworthy Cecil G 

448 Huggins Geo F 

450 Finlay Chas 

452 Allison Harry J 

454 Duffln Sami 'T 

456 Wrigglesworth Mrs R 

458 Marshall Stanley 

460 Reeve Walter 

462 Dunbar Alex 

464 Crane Albert W 

482 Thompson Albert 

484 Bodkin ’Win 

486 Harris Frank 

488 Thomas Robt M 

490 Joedicke Carl 

492 Kelt Edward 

494 3'aylor Thomas 

496 Thomas Clarence E 

498 Witchall Ernest 

500 Humphrey Wm 

502 Knox Arthur 

504 Mackay Wm 

506 Black Mrs Rebecca 

,508 Stephens John 

512 Carruth Robt 

514 Smith Fredk E 

516 Bosworth Stephen 
518 Wilkins Stephen F 
♦ Hallam st intersects 



Estates Managed. Second Moptgfages Bought 


— 130 — 


|T O R O IM T O 

1 Canadian Company 

BS8 Chadwick Robt 

540 Earl Geo Jr 

642 Vacant 

544 Laurence Wm 

646 Cockhurn Marshall J 

548 Smith Sidney 

550 Mitchell Charles H 

552 Rockwood Cassius C 

554 Barton Geo 

556 Vacant 

558 Falconer Mrs Charlotte 
560 Neill David B 
562 Satterley John 
564 Davis Arthur 
666 Cowan Wm H 

Woodliouse Miss Marian, 

668 Hutchens Wm J 
tira Elson Andrew O 
576 Smith James D 
578 Stork Thomas 
580 Norman Albert 
582 Garratt Geo 
584 Bearcroft John 
586 Jones Corbett T 
588 Townsend Fredk 
594 Dyson Wm 
596 Lonsley Herman J A 
608 Knowles Benjamin M 
600 Ross John S 
602 Berry Sidney 
604 Stutchbury Mrs Hester 
Wilkins Miss Julia 


(Old Beresford av, Midway 
Annex), north from Boult- 
bee av to northern city 
limits, ward 1. 

East Side 

3 Fox Geo C 

5 Pearson Joseph 
7 Dickinson John 

9 Dickinson James W 
11 Padfield Walter 

13 Williams Alfred 
15 Arnold Geo 

17 Brown Fredk J 

19 Brown B redk J 
27 Jones Geo 

29 Maynard Wm J 
31 McGavin Josiah 
35 Rowell Alfred 
37 Pearson Mrs Amy 
39 Armour Robt 
49 Murray Andrew 
61 Johnson John T 
63 Pickles Arthur, gro 
♦ Shudell av intersects 
57 Hopkinson J C, gro 
59 Anthony Albert E 
61 Humby Arthur W 
1C7 Maid Chas 
109 Ball .Tames 
111 Shank Wm H 
113 Brunt Lome 
117 Wakefield Chas 

West Side 

2 Lak Luwe 

4 Hodges Chas 

6 Blackinore Albert E 

14 Sanders Arthur 

20 Morton Geo 

♦ Hunter st ends 

46 Coates Mrs Mary J 
48 Cresswell Albert 

♦ Shudell av intersects 
76 Painter Harry G 

78 young John 
80 Green Wm 


West from Dundas to Clara, 
third n of Bloor w, wards 
6 and 7. 

North Side 

2 Leith Elridge W 
4 Cook James 
6 Pharis Bert W 
8 Briggs Henry A 
10 Moses Joseph 
12 Smith Chas W 
14 B'redenburg Melborne 
16 Timney James 
18 Moffatt John 
24 Hill Rowland 

26 Anderson Mrs Mary C 
Anderson Miss Mabel A, 


28 Hyvarinen Henry 

30 McMilian John 

32 Wilson Albert E 

34 Stitt Mrs Margaret 

36 Brownrldge Wm 

38 Price Jackson 

40 McIntosh Donald 

42 Bennett John B> 

44 Falkner Joseph 

46 Rosser Frank B 

I 48 Craig John 

' 50 Grant John B 

52 Clark John 
54 Pittis Alfred B 
56 A vent S T, bldr 
58 Cuttell Sami J 
60 Ormsby Mrs Maud 
62 Mackey Robt W 
64 Hayward Frank G 
66 Mackey Mrs Margt 
^ Indian rd Intersects 

88 McEown John M 

92 Plow James 

96 Whetham Thoa 
100 Blair Wm 
104 McCurdy David S 
108 MacDonald James E H 

^ Indian rd cres Intersects 
114 Bamber Joseph 
116 Waters Fredk G 
♦Western av commences 
124 Vacant 
126 Vacant 

♦ Woodville av Interaecta 

♦ Keele st Intersects 

♦ Oakmount rd intersects 
250 Unfinished 
252 Unfinished 

♦ Pacific av Intersects 
304 Kerr James E 
308 McNair Donald 

♦ High Park av Intersects 
346 Dymond Wm H 
348 Moore Alfred W. bldr 
350 Wright George E 
352 Rayner John C 
356 Vacant 

♦ Quebec av Intersects 

South Side 

1 Thompson Rlehsu^ 

8 Voliett Thomas T 
5 Elliott Alex 
7 Houden John 

9 Potter Albert IT 

♦ Sinclair ends 
11 Hamilton Herbert 
13 McNair Sami 
15 Perry Geo S 
17 Cadden John 
19 Lyon Edward A 
21 Hagel Archibald J 
23 Chisholm James 
25 Irwin Geo B 

27 Macey Thomas J 

♦ Barrett av ends 

29 Rockwell Emory 

31 learning John B 

33 McArthur Alex 

35 Riddell John M 

37 Hughes George 

39 Strong Robert B 

41 Harris Wm J 

43 Corner Chas J 

45 Winfield Thos J 

47 Pattison Chas J 

♦ Indian rd intersects 
81 Price Ernest R 
87 Watts Jas 

89 Attwood Walter 
91 Wilcox Mrs Ann J 

93 Garrett George B 
95 Hember Aubrey J 

97 Thomson Wallace Q 
99 Howse Wm G 

♦ Indian rd cres ends 

♦ Woodville av intersects 

: Keele st Intersects 
Haln av ends 
♦ Oakmount rd intersects 
305 Clark Geo E 
307 Unfinished 
♦ Pacific av intersects 
♦ High Park av intersects 
357 White Bara O 
361 Harris Melvin 
♦ Quebec av Intersects 


North from Eastern av to 
Queen e, first west of Mor- 
ley av, ward 1. 

Not built on 


(Old Carlton, West Toron- 
to), east from Ford to Osier 
thence s e and e to Camp- 
bell av, first s of St Clair 
av, ward 7. 

North Side 

1 St Mark's (Ang) Chnrch 

♦ Osier st Intersects 
40 Vacant 

♦ Laughton nv intersects 

South Side 

Public School 

♦ Osier st Intersects 

♦ Laughton av interaeots 

(Moore Park) 


West from Roncesvalles av 
to Indian rd, second s of 
Howard Park av, ward 6. 

North Side 

4 Hughes John 
6 Cowan Harry 

8 Jack Hubert H 

10 McWhorter Thos A 
12 Blackford Gordon 
14 Hare Harold U I 
16 Gausby G Herbert 

18 Tomlin Mrs Ellen 

20 Dyer John W 

22 Goldring Miss Alatilda 

24 Craig Thos H 

26 Lyons Fredk W 

28 Harding Charles W 

30 Spotton Mrs Louisa 

32 Wray Wm E, dentist 
34 McGee Henry B 

36 Best Sami G 

38 Peters Mrs Amelin 
40 Hurst Joseph E 
42 Smith John A 

♦ Sunnyside av intersects 

70 Stewart Wm 
72 Stanners John 

74 Ransom John M 
78 Lowry Jas D 

78 Almond J Edwd ‘ 

80 Wilkinson Nelson W 
82 Miles Walter 
84 Gouldlng Edgar W 

South Side 

1 Langmaid Clare A, phy 
Barber Edmund 
3 Jones John A 

6 Ashcroft Jas H 

7 Kennedy Harry C 

9 Peake Albert E 

11 Grant Wm 

11% Robinson Mrs Sarah 

16 Millar David 

17 Reid Jas 

19 Johnson Mrs Esther B 

21 Tlndal Edwd 

23 Stewart Thos A 

25 Davis Thos W 

27 Vacant 

29 Leavitt Mrs Gertrude 

31 Healey Mrs Catherine 

33 Smith Benj F 
35 Pugh Joseph H 

37 Vacant 

39 Philip Robt J 

♦ Sunnyside av Intersects 
66 Sinclair Alex 

61 Smyth Fredk 
63 Harding Fredk 
Clemens Geo E 

66 Conway John P 

67 Torston James A 
69 Frenckel Moise 

71 Savage Albert S 

♦ Indian rd Intersects 

75 Patterson Arthur A 
91 Wrigley G Weston 

93 Anderson Wm 
97 Mix Thos 
113 Stratford Alex 
115 Sakamoto Geiita 
117 Vacant 

Unfinished houses (3) 


North from 324 Dundas to 
St. Anne’s road, ward 6. 

East Side 

6 St John Thos 

7 Logan Mrs Jane 
9 Coffey Mrs Mary 

11 Lawrie James 
13 Stephens Harry J 

16 Robinson Hiram B t 

17 Ford Harry R 
10 Webb Isaac 

21 Boyle David . 

23 Spicer Benj ■ 

25 Coulter Edwd 
27 Balmer Charles J 
29 Verrall Wm 
31 Hind Wm 

Coolraine Av School 

West Side 

8 Kirkpatrick Geo B 
34 Dickson John 

36 Johnston J W 
38 Mackenzie Alexander 
40 McDougall Wm J 
42 BIckell George 
44 McPhall John 
46 Brennand Geo 
62 Lydon James C. mus tchr 
54 Bradley John R 
56 Upton Josiah • 

58 Williams G B ‘ 8 

60 McEweu Wm W 
62 Ruickble Robert B 
64 Butler Nathan N 
66 Vanderhoof John B 
68 Cooper Mrs Mary 
70 Johnson Richard A 
72 Battye Thomas 


(West Toronto), n from C 
P R tracks to Davenport 
rd, second w of G T M 
tracks, ward 7 

East Side 

41 Collins Douglas 

43 Unfinished house 

45 Gale Walter 

47 Pflug Frank 

63-69 Unfinished houses (9> 

♦ Brandon av ends 
71 Cox Emmanuel 

73 McLaughlin Robert 
77 Bennett Robt 
79 Bailey Robert J 

83 Brown Jas 

87 Kushney Michl 

89 Llnsley John J 

101 Barber Geo 
107 Beecham Isaac 
109 Pitman Henry J 

113 Smith Mrs Isabella 

115 Heath Thos 

117 Uden Ernest W 
119-125 Unfinished houses (4> 
127 Cranfleld Herbert P 
129-141 Unfinished houses (7) 
157 Caldwell Thomas 

West Side 

20-30 Beath W D & Sons, 
Ltd, machs 

68 Meyer Charles J, btefcr 

♦ Kingsley ay commences 

84 Kingsley Mrs Helen 

90 Kendall John F 
92 Varcoe Joseph A 

96 Schallenbeiger Walter 
100 Mooney Mrs Mary 

Mooney Newbury, dentist 
Mooney Chester N, phy 

102 Fleming Thomas 
104 Bulstrode Mrs Mary 

106 Johnston Simon ' 

112 MakolskI Michl 

114 Bodner Frank 

116 Macedonians 

118 Sukoto Henry 


STOCKS Bought and Sold on ail the Leading Ex- 
changes. Prompt attention given to Orders 

— 131 — 


ASSURANCE CO. of Edinburgh $63,750,000 


Manager (or Canada 

Toronto Offices { 

Bank of Commepee Bldg. 


120 Deduke John 
124 Boyd Isaac 
126 Neville Henry 
128 Hehdon Wm 
130 Simmons Chas 
132 Barnsley Arthur 
134 Vacant 
136 Poultney Robt 
164 Rowntree Wm 


East from 157 River to 
the Don, ward 1. 

North Side 

8 Melbulsh James H 

10 Flinn Chas 

12 Le Grandeur Archd 

14 Corner Wm J 

16 Henderson Robt 

18 Wilson Chas 

20 Johnstone Thus S 

22 Fanow Wm 

24 Evans John 

26 Pouliot Theophlle 

28 Bass Wm 

20 Fox Henry E, artist 
32 Craiiahnw Herbert 
^ Dabelle Joseph 

40 Glenn Patk 
42 Gibbs Oliver 
44 iicKny Wm G T 
46 Forest Imuis 
48 Felllon Joseph 
50 Stevenson Wm J 

South Side 

1 Smith Thos 
5 Geddes James 
7 Krisklnen David 

9 Campbell Joseph 

<>14 Wentherill Chas F 

11 Parker Albert T 
1114 Bremner Wm 

13 Everingham Andrew 

15 Herbert Geo 

17 Towell Alfred 

19 Coleman Alfred 

21 Lyon Geo 

23 Mathews Thos 

25 Lafontaine Leon 

27 Bailey Walter 

29 Bax Jacques J 
31 Kern Wm 

83 Lafontaine George 
35 Crosby Wm 
37 Adel Nathan 
^ Brown James 
41 Nesbitt Mrs Ellen 



West from 1178 Yonge to 
city limits, v\'ards 3 and 4. 

North Side 

4 Met Ry station 
18 Walker Morris 
20 Davidson Geo 
22 Robertson Geo 
♦ Gange av commences 
26 Crowley James 
to Phllpott Walter 
32 Man waring Wm 
34 Lehman Joseph 
36 Carter Mrs Rose 
38 Hughey Roht 
38-46 Public school 
50 Edwards Richd 
52 Grant Mrs Agnes 
54 Brooks John 
56 Hackett Mrs Eliza J 
58 McKenzie Wm 
60 Vacant 

62 Ferris Stephen T 
110 Ivey Thos J 
112 Mason Gershom W 
114 Gormaly Andrew S 
116 Pole Mrs Margt 
118 Sheriff Alfred A 
^ Oaklands av commences 
146 Davis Allan R 
148 McKay George P 
150 McKay Frank G 
162 Jellett John M 

154 Scott Thomas 
156 Stewart George 

155 Jeffrey Mrs Marlon A 

100 Miles Mrs Martha 
102 McDougall Douglas U 
164 Hammill James H 

100 Fontaine Wm J 

♦ Avenue rd intersects 

176 Atkinson Mrs Frances 

178 Hall Chas M 

180 Stephen Rev John 
182 Blackstock Geo A 
184 Borron Bdwd B 
186 Bond C H Acton 
188 Rowland Miss Edith 
190 Hoskins Miss L B 
192 Vacant 
194 Wood Wm A P 
196 Capewell Herbert 
198 Walker Herbert R 
ICO Vance James M 
2IM Cox George B 
206 Franklin Herbert 
208 Proctor Frank T 
210 Taylor Geo C 
212 McGee Chas D 
214 Green Reginald 
216 Cowan Mrs Patterson 

♦ Rathnelly av intersects 
218 Etches Harry 

220 Crawford Harry W 
'222 Wilkinson Ellis H 
224 Smith Ernest W 
226 Pridham Wm 8 
228 Greer Mrs Martha J 
230 Rose Geo M 
232 Rowe Frank H 
234 Mussen Chas 
236 Scott Fredk W 
242 I'ayior James D 
244 McBride Wm J 
248 Watson Mrs Elizabeth 
248 Mllburn Robert B 
250 Read Mrs Roxana 
252 Banks Arthur E 
254 Carman Prederlclt 
256 Wright Frederick 
258 Thomson George 

South Side 

1-3 Dalrymple Wm A, den- 

♦ Crown st commences 
11 Supply Yard 

C P R Depot 
C P B freight sheds 
C P R Co’s Tel (hr) 
41-09 Standard Fuel Co yard 
75-81 Toronto Pottery Oo 
83 McGinnis Wm 
85 Scott Mrs Isabella 
Rogers John, rear 
87 Morse Robt 
8714 Cook Miss Clara 
89 Middleton James 
91 Wright Wm J McK 
95 Truax Mrs Emma 
99 Oration Wm 

101 Norman Percy 

103 McWilliams John 
105 Jennings Henry 
107 Abbs Chas 

109 Canadian Cereal & Mill- 
ing Co, Ltd 
111 Cherrier Joseph D 
113 Proctor Wm R 
115 Ballour Mrs Josephine 
117 Blacklev Wm 
119 Isard Frekd S 
121 Walty Pereival D 
123 Tnrquand J Leonard 
125 Paterson Mrs Louise 
127 Smith Elmer H 
129 Pnidhomme Charles F 
131 Worth Ch.arles L 
1,83 Ewan Prank R P 

136 Ansley J G Frederick 

137 Fletcher Herbert M 
1.89Sweatman Mrs Susanna 
141 Bleasrtell Walter H 

143 Findlay Walter A 
145 Smith Chas G 
^ Avenue rd intersects 
167 Boyd Ertwd J 
169 Brown Mrs Mary 
171 Draper Selby 
173 Boomer Charles H 
175 Cunningham Richd G 

177 Daltry Osborne B 

179 Parke Roderick J 
1.81 Anderson Edward H 
183 Johnston Wm 

185 Parker Thos 

187 Mackenzie James H 
ISO Henderson Robert B 
101 McMurrich Arthur R 
19.8 McBride Andrew D 
195 Jackson Walter E W 
197 Hunt Geo H 
199 Burch Harry 
201 Masson Mrs Jessie 
203 Snell Mrs Margt 
■JO.l Lyon Arthur L 
207 Northcott Joseph R 
209 Stevens Wm J 
211 Brooke Walter S 
213 Carmichael Frederick 
216 -.Jackson Arthur 
^ Rathnelly av intersects 
223 Spearman Wm J 
225 Martin T Moore 
227 Rous Mrs Ruth M 
229 Spires Fredk W 


(Spadlna Park) 




East from 13 Toronto to 
Church, ward 3. 

North Side 

2 Shaw & Begg, Ins 
4 Eewley Thos. exp 

0 Ambulance, Mounted Po- 

lice and Patrol Wagon 

8- 10 Police Station No 1 

14 Schofield -Holden Mach- 

ine Co, Ltd 

Narrow Fabric Mfg Co 
Might Directories Limit- 
ed. r e 

16 Middleton Arthur G 
South Side 

1 York Chambers, s e 

3 Canadian Northern Exp 

Co, wrehouse 
7 Vacant 

9- 11 Toronto Furnace and 

Crematory, branch, r e 
13 Woorthridge T & Co, r e 

15 Toronto Rowing Club, r e 

Blast from 65 Clinton, 
ward S. 

1 Nicholls Geo 

2 McKane Wm 


North from G T R to 1311 
Queen w, ward 6. 

Bast Side 

1 Grand Trunk Grade Sep- 

^ Springhurst av Intersects 
5 Lynan Andrew 
7 Gayhart Wm 
9 Barnard Fredk 
11 Hines Arthur F 
13 McAlister Joseph F 
15 Stewart Harold L 
17 Wright Mrs Letltia 
1'7)4 Erickson Willard P 
19 Stone Elijah 
21 Wardlaw Miss Margt J 
23 Goddard Wm H 
23% Duff John 
25 Henderson Geo A 
27 Sparling Mrs Eleanor 
29 Howell Ward H 
31 Grant J Lewis 
33 Wallace Wm M 
35 Hethrington John A 
37 Ross Geo 
39 Daniel J Wm 
41 Roden Alfred J 
43 Foote James B 
45 Stewart Wm J 
47 O’Connor Thomas 
49 Kirby Christopher 

Kirby Miss L M, music 

51 Drysdale Wm P 
59 Metcalf Frank 

61 Deck Charles P 

63 Vacant 

65 Vacant 

75 Aikens Rev Jolin W 
77 Fahey ,T Macdonald 
79 Stewart Charles 
83 Begg Martin S 

85 McDowell Bdwd 

87 Johnston Chas T 
89 Everist Lewis 

91 Arnold George M 
93 Aston J Whitmore 

95 McCutcbeon Mrs Charlotta 
97 Weston Wm H 

Weston & Co, machy 
99 Breckenrldge Mr* H J 
101 Ferguson Hugh 
103 Cade Rev Robt 
105 Misener N Benton 
107 Donner Mrs Jessie 
lOe Llater Mrs Catherine 
111 Browne Alex M, contr 
113 Tucker Arthur 
115 McKay Angus M 
117 Goodlng.s Harry 
119 Bryce Mrs Emmeline J 
121 Giles Mrs Jane 
12.8 White Harry E 
125 Tuthlll John V 
Leslie George H 

♦ King st w intersects 
147 Dowsluy G W O, phy 

Dowsiey Mrs Jane 
149 Corcoran James 

Corcoran Miss J, nurse 
151 Morrison Miss Ellen M 
Webber Mrs Elizth 
153 Brown Chas 
155 Ireland James 
157 Power .Joseph 
159 World Dunaas C 

World Miss Frances, mu* 

163 Hendry Andrew 
165 Love Amos F 
167 World John H 
169 Parkdale Hospital 

♦ Melbourne av ends 
183 Abet Herman 

187 Hopkirk John 
189 Lambert Mrs Ada 
191 Prior Richd 
Hortop James 
193 Walker WalUr 
195 Dowton Herbert H 
201 St Mark’s Cburch 
•207 Bell Telaphone Co, Ltd 
Munro Donald, r 

West Side 

6 Maloney Patrick J 
8 Tait Wm 
10 Kenney Wm J 
12 Gingras Henry 
^ Springhurst av intersects 
14 Graham Joseph 
16 Moore James 
18 Turner Wm J B 
20 Liberty John 
^ Trenton ter commences 
20% Hall Harry 
22 Staunton Edwd 
24 Second Alfred O 
26 Fraser Thos 
28 Snell Clarence R D 
30 Huffman Peter M 
32 Longman Arthur W M 
34 Budd Benj C 
36 Sinclair John 
48 Klein John H 
60 Ball Ernest S 
52 Jennings Samuel 

64 Scott Wm, bldr 

66 Knott Charles Q 
68 Oadsby J Oscar 
60 McKa^e Hugh H 
02 Breckon Geo P 

64 Halligan Thomas 
66 Pratt Fredk H 
08 Black Abraham E 
70 Hanna John 
72 Gibbs Harry E 
74 Flynn Patk J 

86 Turner John .J 

88 French Hubert 

no Timmins .James S 
04 Stevens Edward A 

96 Gell Mrs Eva 

i 98 Cassell Mrs Eliza J 
i 100 McKay Peter T 

coMiRciftL umoii CTiNCE co.urr.. 


GEO. R. HARGRAFT, - General Agkit 

Phone Main 251 TORONTO 

— 133 — 

The Dovercourt Land 





24 Adelaide St. E. 

1(K Broddy James C 
104 Wilbur John H 
lOB Scott Wm H 

108 Fountain Robt 

110 Blatherwlck John n 

140 Beresford Apartments 

1 Smith Freeman 

2 Raphael Ralph 

3 Sinclair Fdmund 

4 Clarke Ernest F 

5 Pocock Hubert, osteo- 


6 Miller John A 

7 Adams Arthur W 

8 Goodman Arthur 

9 Wiggins Forrest N 

10 Clarkson F Lome 

11 Crooks Geo L 

12 Schell Norman 

14 Stephenson .Tohn E 
16 Voelker Harry G 
18 James Tudor C 
20 Vacant 
22 Jennings C C 
24 Medill Mrs Eliza 
28 Grant Alex 
30 Malcomson John 
32 Darling AVm H 
34 Putts Snmi H 
30 Manley Percy 
4 King St w intersects 
146 Dunn Thos H 
14S Lundy Robert D 
160 King Robert S 
162 Clarke Benjamin A 
154 Skene Mrs Eleanor E 
156 Fidler Miss M. mua tchr 
Fidler Miss B, mus tchr 
158 Irvine Mrs Eiizth 
160 Dalrymple James S 
162 Good Thos 
164 Jewell Albert N 
166 Bailey Fredk W 
170 Copping Edwd 
172 Grant Kenneth 
174 Aston Joseph 
170 Alma. Henry 
178 Staughton Henry 
180 Pringle Geo A, contr 
182-88 Presbyterian Church 
190 Brown Thos N 
192 Vacant 
194 Day Richd J 
190 Kyle Miss Catherine 
198 Waghorne Robt 
200 McQuarrIe Kenneth F 
202 Carter Joseph M 
204 Stewart Miss Janet 
208 Rumford Thos H 
210 Gladwin Geo 

Roller Skating Rink 
Fire Hail No 18 

North from opp 1609 Queen 
e to city limits, ward 1. 

East Side 

^ Ashvale av commences 

27 Vacant 

29 Stock Mrs Mary 

31 Cox John 

33 Ball Arthur 

85 Pritchett Wm G 

43 Glllson Geo 

♦ Ashlynn av commences 
61 Vacant 

55 Ramer L David 
67 Fulton Wm 
63 Hanson Wm A 
69 Lindley Wm 
71 Luke Robt J 
73 Rudge Basil F 
^ Ashbridge av Intersects 
83 Schoales Joseph 
89 Alcock Paul 
95 Gordon Sami A 
101 Bamher Richd 
103 Martin Chas 
109 Branson Thos W 

♦ Gerrard st e intersects 
381 Lucas .John 

455 Case! Fredk W’’ 

^ GTR crossing 

♦ Danforth av intersects 

West Side 

14 Bell Herbert 
16 Parker Hunter 
22 Clay James 

26 Thomas George H 
28 Auburn Mrs HannaJi 
30 Burton Norman 
34 Hall James 

36 Cater Henry 
38 Field Fredk 
48 Pease Horace C 
60 Quarrington John 
52 Wright Leonard 
60 Charlton Wm 
64 Gillespie James 
66 Hillis Richd H 
70 Kerr Wm 
72 Le Sueur Philip 
78 Topham Wm 
84 Gibbs Wm 
96 Clumber House 
98 Mundy Wm 
100 Bessell Alfred 
104 Kemp Fredk 
112 Parsons Mrs Clara 
124 Hugh 
126 W^asson David 
128 Flowers Matthew H 
1.32 Bilby Wm 
134 Handy Albert 
140 Berry Thos 
144 Gray Geo R 
154 Hawkins Sami 
164 Bedwell Edmund 
178 Vacant 
180 Jaffray Wm Jr 
184 Paddon Chas J 
188 Paddon Thos F 
196 Ketcheson Philip D 
214 Pemble Sydmer 
222 Hail John J 
230 Galley Chas 
235 Hewitt Mrs Agnes 
238 Bird Wm D 
240 Reid John 
242 Delacour Philip 
^ Gerrard st e intersects 
258 Dunn Geo 
272 Graham Robt 
274 Heath Hiram W 
308 Gallagher John 
330 Mort Geo 
336 Thompson Thos 
338 Brown James 
340 Vacant 
342 Pavne Chas 
344 Ellis Albert 
346 Vacant 
?48 Wllmer Edwin 
350 Moffatt Wm J, gro 
,'*52 Ayres David 
366 Carter Fredk C 
Sheppard Albert E 
358 Payne Chas 
390 Vacant 
392 Stevenson Geo H 
440 Vacant 
442 Vacant 
444 Vacant 
44h Vacant 
448 Vacant 
450 Vacant 
452 Engelsman John 
454 Vacant 
456 Vacant 
458 Burrows Thos 
464 Corless Mrs Ruth 
^ GTR crossing 
, Harris Coal Co, Ltd 

! 504 Dunn Geo 

570 Buckner Chas W 
^ Danforth av intersects 


(Sn-ansea) . 


North from near 1000 
King w to Bloor, ward 6. 

East Side .... 

^ Defoe st intersects 
49 Callan Wm 
51 McIntosh Alexander 
53 Climo John B 
55 Millman Mrs Eiizth 
57 B.ntstone Frederick G 
59 McLeod Mrs Mary 
61 Poyntz Wm S 
63 Dopp James 
65 McNeill Nell 
67 Houston Mrs Eiizth 
69 McVicar W'm H 
71 Rogers Mrs Annie 
73 AVard AVm J 

79 Mackie Joseph 
81 Doty Mrs Amanda J 
83 Hutchinson Wesley J 
85 Kusiar Charles 
Ashton James 
i 87 McVlttle Robert 

j 89 Corblt W J 

1 91 Jones Andrew 

I 93 Todd James D 

95 Meehan Connor J 
I 97 Galls her Robert C 

1 99 Henderson John 

161 Good Moses J 
103 Armstrong Wm Q 
106 Stuart Thomas 
^ Queen st w Intersects 
179 Metcalfe Alfred 
181 JIcLean Wm J 
183 Nauftts Alfred N 

Larder Mrs JIargt B, 

186 Hay Robert 

187 Smyth Mrs 8 H 
189 Henry Mrs Ellen 

193 Vacant 

195 Vaughan Rev Lewis B 
197 Taylor Chas 
201 Harkins John A 
203 Ludloper Carl 

208 Farr Miss CharlotU 
j 207 Bennet Alfred W 
1 *18 Scott Wm L 
I Scott Miss E S. vocalist 
I 218 Ward John A 
217 Johnston Charles 
219 O’Toole James J 

Creenan Miss F K, mus 

221 Schulte Mrs Eleanor 
223 Kelly John 

226 Lake Arthur H 

227 DeGruchy Chas H 
229 Smith George O 
237 Cloney Walter 

239 Kuhlman Norton V 
241 Sommerville Norman 
Bellwoods Park 
^ Arthur st intersects 
i 249 Lane Mrs Emily 
1 251 High Mrs Alexandria 

i 263 Malnes Archd 
255 Eider Norman 
257 Vacant 

259 Downs Mrs Margt 
261 Faliis Charles O, dentist 
i Moffatt Mrs Ida 

2tS3 Le Riche Hugh 
2«6 McGill David 
I 267 Bittle John 
I 269 Hughes Henry B 
I 271 Stemmann Albert J 
273 Aldridge John, oontr 
275 Hutcheson John 
277 Wheeler Edward 
279 Selwood Chas 
281 Tulley Walter 

286 Till IMwln 

287 Montgomery Wm 
289 Schofield Alfred J 
291 Morgan Mrs Minnie 
293 Rees Edward 

299 Bills George B 
301 Martin John A 
i 303 Waghorn Cecil O 
t 308% Gilpin James 
‘ 306 Jardine Mrs Mary C 
807 Nelson Samnel 
309 Burford Sami C 
311 Bateson George P 
SIS Lee Arthur M 
Bell John A 
I 315 Broderick R S 

317 Murdoch Mrs Amelia 
319 Siegel Hyman. gents’ 

321 Bain John 
323 Gorman David 
■ 326 Griffith Edward S 

327 Harris Wm G jr 
329 Sinclair Mrs Mary 
3.33 Kearsey John P 
* 335 Vacant 

339 Muirhead Richd J 
, .341 Blanchard Harold D 

343 Egan James 
- .343% Stafford Thos 

i 345 Carstalrs John S 
; 347 Barker J ohn 

349 Seymour Henry 
349% French Mrs Mary I 

353 Hunt Harry W 
355 Spence Rev Benj 
357 Love Robert W 
359 Connery Francis C 
361 Avery Mrs Louisa 
363 W^ickett Freuk G 
309 Lynn Donald A 
371 Wright Andrew E 
373 Breuneii Harold B C 
375 McMillan Alexander 
^ Cinder av ends 
387 Urquhart Henry P W 
389 Jones Frederick G 
391 Brown John E 
393 Smith Fred 
395 Suddard Thos M 
897 Bennett Joseph 
399 Potts Geo 
401 Keevil Geo R 
403 Gardiner Mrs Mary 
405 Hayward Albert E 
^ Sully cres intersects 
^ College st Intersects 
618 Berry Frederick J 
517 Greenwood Wm 
519 Greenwood Herbert 
621 Harper Charles 
523 Butterworth Edmond 
525 JIcCombs Geo 
527 AValsh John 
629 Stanley John 
631 Halllday Thomas 
523 Cross James 
535 Howe Mrs Mary A 
Parr Miss Jane 
537 Willon John R 
639 Patterson Robt H 
541 Le Roy Eugene 
543 Sklrving John 
645 Thorne Chas H 
547 Elliott Wm A 
549 Miller Rev David 
653 Pepper Harry, shoemkr 
555 Jones James A 
5.">7 Morrison John 
559 Svkes Robt W 
661 Rozell Wm 
603 Jeffs Mrs Sarah, gro 
Jeffs Isaac 

4 Harbord st intersects 
569 Gillespie Wm J, gro 
571 McDowell Robert 
673 Glenney Geo W 
575 Pagett John 
677 StubblngB Wm H 
579 Clark Alfred 
581 Hamilton James 
583 Adams Wm 
699 Scott Geo J 
603 Turk Chas 
605 Hutchinson Leonard 
607 Stewart Alex 
609 Melvin Bentley 
€11 Durham Robt F 
613 Stevens John 
615 Cockbnrn Frederick G 
617 Hlscock Harry 
619 Hardie Wm 
623 Harman Harry D 
€25 Preston Geo 
627 Stewart James, hdware 
647 Lonev Mrs Jean 
649 Williams ’€ Burton 
651 Macdonald David 
653 Frame Samuel 
655 'Faragher Wm, bldr 
657 Jackson Joseph 
659 Wilson Mark N 
661 Travers W Frederick 

666 Hopper Mrs Hannah 

667 W’ileon Thos 
669 Searing Samuel 
669% Vennell Wm B 

351 Policy Richd 




— 13 »— 




671 Proctor Matthew 
eaOH Vennell Wm H 
Sn Proctor Matthew 
673 Gower IValter 
675 Braun Wm H 
677 Asquith Mrs liliza 
679 Dunbar John J 
681 Burgess Jas 
6S3 Balmer Philip R W 
6S7 Taylor Percy W 
689 Gooderhain Charles H 
691 Wilson Moses A 
693 Duern Howard 
697 Abbott Wm J 
899 Owen George J 
701 Valllear James 
703 Woolrich Herbert 
705 McSweeny Geo 
707 Turner Thomas 
709 Allworth Henry A 
TU Bythell Wm H 
713 Talbot Wm J 
716 Havlland Samuel J 
♦ Bloor St w intersects 
719 Spencer Wm 
761 Partridge Robt H 
763 Fisher Grenfell W 
775 Winterbottom Brierley 
777 Eastley Predk 
787 Grant Fredk 
789 Wood John, contr 

West Side 

^ Defoe st Intersecu 
Public School 
Crawford St Meth Ch 
28 Sherman Wm 
76 Hudson Hev Albert G 
78 Rudd Chas H 
Kl Scott Andrew 
84 Ryan John 
86 Ashton James 
88 Boundy Frederlok 

90 Hodges Mrs Addle 
92 Deadlay Mra Annie 

91 Ireland Allan 
96 Price Arthur B 

98 Armstrong Frederick W. 
cattle dir 
100 Pringle Chas 
♦ Qneen at w interstcte 
Leadlay E & Co, tan- 

Logie pi commences 
108 Parry Ernest H 
110 Jackson Joseph S 
112 Kerr Wm 
114 Anthonv Frank 
116 Burns Edward H 
118 Irvine Wm C R 

123 Fead Andrew 

124 Hearld Mrs Rachel 
126 Pears Edward W 
128 Cheer Miss Teresa 
130 Black Wm J 

132 Dennison Mrs Fanny 
184 Scott Walter 
136 Webb Edward H 
138 Love Charles J 
140 Klnnler Miss Ella 
142 Patterson Robt A 
144 Hay Thos N 
140 Mavbec Ellsworth 
148 HoKatt John 
160 McHardy Emma 
152 Hall Wm J S 
164 Henley Mrs Georgina 
156 Orr Robert J 
158 Fisher Thomas 
160 McIntosh Newman N 
162 Smith James A 
164 Frizzell Augustus 
166 Roddls John W 
168 Lubelsky Slgmond 
170 Morrison John 
172 Haynes Edwin E 
174 Lowry Wm H 
176 Peregrine James A 

^ Lobb av commeacss 

178 Hunnisett Henry , cattle 

182 Johnston Charles 
190 Pugsle.y Alfred 
192 Kiiinear Wm, cattle dir 
104 Wilson Joseph 
188 Brown Wm T 
200 Parkhlll Wm 
202 Cowan Mrs Frances A 
204 Tolton Wm C 
208 Lemon Wm E 
210 Gordon John 

312 Cunningham Wm C 
214 Hunnisett Frank Jr 
216 Zeagman Chas J 
220 Shuhrook Alfred Q 
222 Johnston Andrew 
224 Davis Mrs Ada 
226 McNair Mrs Sarah J 
230 Wilson Wm 
21^ Lake Wm H 
234 Price Frederick 
236 Simpson Robert L 

Simpson Miss M I, drsmke 
238 Sykes Rev Chas A 
240 Tutblll C J 

Bellwoods Park 
^ Arthur st Intersects 
256 Kennedy James, gto 
258 Miles John B 
260 Ivor H Roy 
262 Bero Alexander 
264 Diddle Charles P 
266 McCormaok Wm H 
368 Stubbs Bsrry G 
270 MoCreight Miss Sarah 
272 McComb Samael B 
274 Horde r Mrs Cora 
276 Russell John W 
378 Hassell John 
280 Wilson Wm 
282 Meredith Henry T 
284 Robson Wm T 
286 Lord Harry 
290 Ban-on Harry 
294 Hay George 
296 Robinson Robt, contr 
298 Clipperton Wm jr 
300 Cooper Miss Annie B 
SOB Montgomery George H 
304 Cronk Mrs Elizabeth 
806 Imrle Robert 
^ Harrison st commtnces 
308 Henderson Jamea B 
310 Henry George 
312 Boland Edwd T 
314 Norman Herbert 
316 Brazier Mrs Ellzth 
318 Peterman Adam E 
332 Seon Philip A 
834 Kennedy James 
336 Kirk John D 
338 Booth George 
340 Flagier Mrs Henrietta 
342 Collard Miss Merrlllla 
344 Kelly Andrew J 
346 Woods Francis H 
348 Needham Henry, contr 
350 lies John 
352 Linton Wm J 
354 Townsend Mrs ■ Helen 
356 Carson John H 
368 Honse Edward G 
860 Henderson Samuel B 
362 Shaw John F 
364 Wright Henry 
366 Remnant George 
-368 Cooper Louis 
370 Aylesworth Morley 
372 Blue John 
374 Kenney Patk J 
376 Prout Wm 
378 Gregg Henry 
380 Hlnnenkamp Frederick 
380% Paton George 
882 Fenny John W 
384 Curren Jeremiah W 
386 Leader Johnson F 
388 Keevll George W 
390 McDonald Donald 
392 Bird John L 
304 Nicholas Edward 
396 Lough Hubert R 
398 Livingstone Wm 
400 Dunlop Wm E 
402 Desonrdie Andrew 
404 Trimmings Edwd 
^ Snily cres Intersects 
^ College st intersects 
496 Burnett Ernest 
498 High Jacob 
500 Flnlayson Mrs Mary 
502 Jetikinson iValter 
504 Parker Arthur E 
608 Metcalf Holtby 
516 Newman Geo E 
518 Detwiler Noah 
520 Dewar D Jarvis 
522 Vac.ant 
524 Vacant 
626 Vacant 

528 Bennett Henry N 
Hutchinson Norman 
630 Dawson Thomas 
632 Dawson Thomas J 
634 Vacant 
536 Greenaway Thos 
538 Jordan Charles B 
640 White Walter 
558 Hutt Henry 
560 Yearsley Alfred 
562 Macrae Alex, contr 
EC4 Gordon Mrs Harriet J 
566 Remain Miss Ida 
568 Lennox Albert 
#70 Ogg Wm 
572 Guild Robert T 
574 Hlrbond John 
676 Calvert Joseph 

♦ Harbord st Intersects 
694 Thomas Chas W 

606 Kelly John A 
698 Parker Robert 
600 Lucas Wm B 
602 Klllone Chas 
604 Book Roy 
606 Buchanan Chas 
608 Reading Andrew L 
610 Wallace Geo 
612 Smith Geo 
614 Arkley Lome M 
616 Vacant 

618 McKeilar D.aniel B 
620 McLean Miss Emma 
622 Manderson Jamea 
624 White Benjamin 
626 Quealey Thomas 
628 Utley Fred B 
630 Laverty Wm 
OSa Bourdon Augustin B 
634 Lennox James, plstr 
636 IJttle Wm 
086 Cockrill R C, mus tchr 
Anglo Canadian School 
of Music 

640 Dick Peter E 
642 McMullen Samuel B 
644 McKinnon Walter L 
646 Forsyth Edwd T, 

666 Ott John R 
668 Young Wm L 
670 Rees Edwd 
672 Locke Charles 
674 Henderson Wm J 
676 Henderson John 
078 McFarlane Wm 
680 Sturgeon^Thos 
CS2 Mather Thos 
684 Baughman Charles 
686 Armstrong Josiah 
688 Mitchell Joshua V 
690 Grigg Mrs Isabella 
692 Shaw Mrs Marv 
694 Bartlett Mrs Eltaa 
696 Wood Harvard L 
700 Take Abraham 

704 Snider Mrs Harriet A 
706 Raymond Oliver 

705 Leaney Walter 

710 Kinsella Mrs Helen M 
712 Lamb Peter R 
714 MacLachlan John P 
716 Swift E Sadler 

# Bloor at w Interaecta 
718 Franks Harry, dairy 
720 Smith Mrs Eliz, dairy 
722 Wood Mrs Sarah 

724 Brett Henry W 

726 Waters, Robert W 

728 Sawyer Arthur B 

730 Proulx Rebecca 

734 Alden John P 

730 Stutchbury Mrs Katrina 

738 Stalnsby John W 

740 Thomas Isaac 

742 Parker Sidney C 

744 Robertson Wm 

746 Henry David 

748 Dennes David 

750 Britton John 

752 Hazlitt Mrs Mary 

754 Conway John 

758 Martin Robert 

762 Bottrell Joseph 

764 Lowe Wm E 

766 Cole Robt J 

768 Walker Wm 

770 Vacant 

772 Vacant 

774 Hill Richard 

770 Evans Benj 

778 Galbraith John 
I 780 Schultz Wm, plmbr 
782 Potter Thos 
j 784 Burt Joseph 
1 786 Wicksey John E 

788 O'Donoghue Jas 
792 Haddock Wm J 
794 Churchill Thomas 
796 Pennock Norman 
798 Spensley Henry 
800 McCue Edward 
SC2 Tovell David S 
804 Wilcocks Edgar J 
^ Thom at intersects 


(Uld Taylor pi), e from 86 
Trefann, ward 2. 

North Side 

2 Sear Benjamin 
4 Elston Mrs Margt 

South Side 

Not built on 



East from Yonge to South 
Drive, first s of Roxbor- 
ough e, ward 2. 

North Side 

2 Dineen Frank B 
I 6 Bingham Charles D 

I 8 Lewis Montgomerie 

i Hutchinson Geo 
12 Sberrard Henry A 
16 McWblnney Wm J 
22 Lee Wm H 
I 24 Folger Benjamin W 

I 26 McLeod Charles 

I 32 McGaw Thos D 

M Edmonds Charles E 
j 36 Kerr Mrs Marian 
38 Francis Gwyn L 
42 Greene Richd H 
48 Kleiser Rosseau L 
50 Osborne J Ewart 
# Cl any av Intersects 

60 Wright Alfred 

! 64 Hall Alfred 

72 Hamilton Thomas H 
74 Willmott W Earl 
78 Holph Frank 
80 Osier Hon Fleatheraton 
84 Near W Wallace 
88 Cameron Alfred B 
92 Gough Richard P 
100 Nqrrls Charles C 
110 Davison Robert C 
j 112 Smith Chas P 
, 116 Wood Mrs Margt E 

I 118 Colleran John J 
1 120 Gooch Frederick H. 

! ^ Wrentham pi Intersects 

j 124 Mortimer Chas H 
126 Vacant 

132 Wills Hamilton B 
134 KoweU Newton W 

i 142 Boone Chas S 
i 146 Baillie Frank W 
158 Deacon Frederick H. 

162 Vacant 
166 Wood Frank P 
170 Boone Chas A 
^ Lamport av commeneea 
176 Lumbers .Tames 
178 Ramsey Jas G 
I Dixon Miss A L, nurse 
I 180 Hall Mark 
i 182 Lumbers Leonard O 
184 JuII T Worthington 

I South Side 

21 Brown Mrs Elizabeth 
j 23 Mllburn T Edwd 

, 27 Bouvier Louis P 

29 Townsend Charles J 
■ 35 Boultbee A. arch 

j ^ Cluny av intersects 

61 Beaty John W 

63 Mackenzie Alexander 
71 Milligan Wm A 
j 73 Clarkson Geoffrey T 
^ Bosedale rd ends 

Solder, Sheet Lead, Lead Pipe, 
Brass Ferrule^, Traps and 
Bends, Pure Block Tin Pipe 

The Canada Metal Co., Limited 


— 134 — 




21 Adelaide St. E. 


MAIN 1*^® 

81 Aull Mrs Annie C 
83 Liowndes J Montgomery 
85 Harris Mrs Jean G 
87 Clark Geo M 
89 Page Walter 
91 Vacant 

99 Steele Mrs Richd C 
V Park rd ends 
111 Neely Charles H 
119 Burns Mrs Sarah 
121 Husband Augustus C 
133 Russell Frank J 
185 Horsman Harry 
137 Thompson Mrs Hester 
^ Wrentham pi Intersects 
139 Parsons Silas R 
141 Anderson Mrs Louisa 
143 Thompson Boyce 
145 Ratcliff Frederick I. 

149 Turnbull John 
151 Holllnrake Thomas A 
165 Henderson Joseph 
ISl McGregor Joseph H 
163 MllUgnn George 
165 Junkin Robt 
^ Lamport ar commences 
167 Cholwlll Mrs Mary O 
171 Kilmer George H 
176 Foster Albert 
181 Brown T Albert 
185 Shaw Wm H 


West from e of 15 Clare- 
mont to Bellwoods ay, 
ward 5. 

North Side 

2 Vacant 

4 Bradley John 

6 Vacant 

^ Claremont st Intersects 

8 Shaw Wm E 

10 Lowe Harry 
12 Smith Charles 

14 Johnston Edward 

16 Bryant Melville 

18 Farrant Walter 

22 Bell Edwd 

24 Coulter Geo A 

South Side 

3 Grimley Joseph 

5 Curts Frank 

7 Tolson Fredk 

4r Claremont st intersects 

11 Hind James W 

15 Campbell Frank 
15 Boyce Albert V 

17 Vacant 

19 Bell Wm 

23 Gibson Miss Rachel 

25 McDonald Mrs Florence 
27 McMnrray Frederick G 


(Old Ulster av), north from 
896 College to Bloor w, 
ward 4. 

East Side 

♦ Vankoughnet st Inter- 


♦ Ulster st Intersects 
121 Hayes Wm 

123 Vacant 

135 Hambly Henry 

137 Jones Wm 

139 Spraggon Hansell 

♦ Harbord st Intersects 

♦ Herrick st Intersects 

♦ Lennox st Intersects 

West Side 

6 Miles George 

8 Jarman Walter 

♦ Vankoughnet st inter- 


92 Batty James 
94 Ferrler Mrs Emily 
96 Plume Chas 

♦ Ulster st Intersects 

♦ Harbord st Intersects 

♦ Herrick st Intersects 

♦ Lennox st Intersects 





West from 114 Beacons- 
fleld av to Gladstone av, 
ward 6. 

North Side 

6 Rice Mrs Caroline 

8 Taylor Wm A 

16 McGee Thos, pntr 

12 Hill George 

14 Dllworth Joseph 

South Side 

5 Phillips Edward 

7 Medforth Mrs Susan A 

9 Packer Alfred 

11 Mclldoon John 

13 Watchorn Miss E L, gro 

15 Anderson Sami G 

17 Gilbert Mrs Louisa 
19 Nollyer Edgar 


South from 5 CotUngham, 
ward 3. 

Not built on 

(See Cronyn av) 

(Midway Annex), name 
c hanged to Canning av 


West from 826 Yonge to 
Avenue rd, ward 8. 

North Side 

2 Bigwood Thos H 
8-10 Vacant 

12 Shannon Miss Isabella 

14 Conquergood George L 

18 Greenville Mrs John 
20 Gleeson Thos 

22 Lyons Fredk 
24 Rush George W 
26 Pearson Mrs Margaret 
28 Carter George H, uphol 
30 Flnlayson Wm J 
32 Freer Nobel 
34 Clark John G 
36 Craven John 
40 Specht Arthur 
42 Brisbln Henry 
44 McGregor Henry 'W 
46 Cross Levi A 
48 Cooper Herbert A 
50 Price Wm 
52 Brown John 
54 Crowther Miss R, drsmkr 
56 Lynes Kieran 
56% Hudson George 4 
58 Fewster Mrs Elizabeth 
6C Mouncy Wilson 
62 Vance 
64 Stookwell John R 
66 Warmlngton Charles 
68 Keemar Joseph 
70 O’Neill Michael 
72 Heffeman Timothy 
74 Stepnenson Wm A 
76 Burgess Wm 
78 Vacant 
80 Stuart Alex 
82 Carr Wm 
84 Everest Edward 
86 Bennett Wm 
88 Lott Charles 
96 Hawker Harry C, gro 
Smith Mrs Martha 
♦ Beilalr st Intersects 
; 98 Gibson George 

[ 100 Cantle Wm J 

I 102 Turner Edward 
i 104 McMahon Joshua 
106 Clemens IV A 
108 Keating Frank 
I 108% Hardill Bertram 
110 Spring Thos H 
1 112 Cloakey Frank 

I 114 Maycock John H 
I 116 Wood Robert jr 
118 Wood Mrs Caroline 
120 Wayte Robt, contr 

122 Llngard Wra 
124 Rowland John 
126 Wood Samuel 

123 Gibson Miss Jana 

128% Story Robert 

130 McSweeuey John J 

132 Brown Mrs Isabella 

134 Richardson Ja.sper. dairy 

138 Boggs Miss Harriett 

140 Marshall Richard 

142 Seagram Arthur W 

146 Lovell Mrs Mary 

148 Smellie David jr 

160 Tamblyn Wellington W 

152 McClure Jesse 

154 Hewlett Thos 

156 Brooks Wm 

158 Cartwright Geo A 

160 Chapman Wm 

164 Gordon Philip 

166 Greenwood Joseph 

South Side 

3-5 Cnmberland Hail 

King Chas F 
7 Hazelton Mrs Susan 
9 Vacant 

II Smlthers Mrs Mary 
13 Allen Mrs Ellzth 
15 Butler Alfred 

17 Gorfinkel Max 

19 Kay Mrs Agnes 
23 Charlton Wm 

25 Chessum Arthur C 
27 Grineau Chas 

20 Morgason George 
Evans Wm 

31 Ough Ernest 
33 Murphy Jeremiah J 
35 Smith Herbert 
37 Redpath Robert 
39 Green Miss Margt, 

41 Hayward Charles W 
43 Annett Philip H 
47 Upton Walter J 
49 Kirkpatrick Andrew 
• 51 Klnoade Wm T 
53 Toliver Mrs Josephine 
Roberts Roland, r 
55 Crofton Fredk 
57 Pyne Chas 
59 McGee Joseph 
61 Hutchins Walter 
63 Pownall Claude 
65 Cousins Mrs Mary 
67 Cargin Robt 
71 Thompson Miss Martha 
73 Toulmin Mrs Annie 
75 Wainwrlght John 
77 McCalden Wm J 
79 Lynch James 
c 81 Hodkinson W.alter 
63 Guthrie John 
85 Reid Arthur L , 

87 Lott John 
89 Hobson Mrs Martha 
91 Worthy John 
93 Cooper George 
♦ Beilalr st intersects 
97 Boddy Hiram, gro 
99 Shearer Alex 
101 Flay Albert 
103 Hodglns Thos 
105 Lytle James 
167 Vacant 
1C9 Richards John 

III Elnor Herbert 
113 Devine Charles M 
115 Jeffery Charles 
H7 Wilkinson James A 
119 Bland George 
121 Watson Henry 
123 Scott Thomas J 
125 Grant Robt Y 
127 Appleton Mrs Jennie 
129 Jordan Robert 
131 O’Connor Wm 
133 Gardiner John 
135 Hammersley Wm 
137 Hardlnge <5 M 
139 Waters James 
141 Robinson .Tohn J 
143 Cantwell Wm 
145 Knight Alfred 
147 Markman Albert B 

Judd Henry 
149 Gillies Robert 
131 Aldrich Harry 
153 Houtby Geo H 
15.5 Sweezey Miss Mary 
1.57 Brown Wilfred G 
159 Simpson Charles B 
161 Spronle Mrs Henrietta 
163 Jenklnson A C 
Austin Percy 

165 Willmot Mrs Ellzth 
Cole Warwick V 
183 Wallace John 
185 Hopkins Alfred 


(North Dovercourt), name 
changed to Delaware av 


East from w of Bolton av, 
between 118 and 120, to 
Warden, ward 1. 

North Side 

♦ Bolton av Intersects 
18 Brent Fredk W 

20 Linnan Mrs Mary 
! 22 Skene Wm J 

34 Perkin Arthur W 
26 Reddle Robert J 
28 Peas John 

♦ De Grassl st Intersects 

I South Side 

1 ♦ Bolton av intersects 

1 Allcroft Ernest 
9 Harrison James R, gro 
13-15 Godbold James F, 

17 Russell Fredk F 

♦ De Grassl st intersects 
31 McArthur Wm 

35 Denford Hiram 
39 Reeve Alfred 

45 Denford Richd S 
47 Tbompion John H 
49 O’Neal Michl 
51 Totten Geo N, gro 


West from 86 Brock av, 
ward 6. 

North Side 

' 12 McLachlan .lohn B 

20 McLaughlin Mrs Mar- 

South Side 

7 Gafney John M 
[ 9 MacPherson Norman W 

' 11 Kerr Alfred C 

I 16 McElroy Wm A 

I 17 Abercrombie Wm 

I 19 Edls Henry J 

j 25 Ford John 


i East from Blair av, first n 
of Sydenham, ward 2. 

North Side 

Downs Thomas 
Potter Alfred 
Parkin Fredk 
Stewart Thomas 
Painter Wm 

South Side 

Not built on 


North from 1192 Queen • 
to Myrtle av, ward 1. 

East Side 

1 Tyndall John H 
3 Entwistle John 
6 Sawyer Chas F 
23 Glen Sami 
27 Maunder Edward W 
29 Daldry Charles W 
31 Shaw Chas 
33 Ream Wm R 
35 Morin Israel 
87 Moloney Wm 
39 Macdonald Archd J 
43 Claxton John 
47 Stevenson James 
51 Gorringe Wm R 
55 Shepherd Alfred 
111 Barless Allan 
113 Ardron James 
Jones Wm 
115 Hopkins Geo 
117 Wreatham Mrs Ellen 
119 Lubar Albert 
121 Cushon Geoffrey 
123 Vacant 

CXJ K\KT St General Agents Gore MutuaU London Mutual, Perth Mutual, 

OllAYY 06 DUlJlJ Traders and Dominion Fire Insurance Companies 




OFFICES; 2 COURT ST. (Cround Floor) 


Office, Main 8S6; Residence, North 1685; College 6098 

— 135 — 

F. J. SMITH ^ CO. 




1?5 Pick Wm 
127 Vacant 
129 Vacant 
^ T>o«l FT Intersects 

137 Norton Peter 

139 Vacant 

141 Hadley Charles 

155 Vaxrant 

163 Webbs Edwd 

♦ Sproatt av intersects 

391 Purnell Geo 

303 Mnrtin Samuel 

397 Booth John K 

399 Rockwell James 
401 Findlow Robt H 

403 leaver Charles 

405 Lennox Wm 

407 Ross Henry G 

West Side 

18 Senonr Lewis 
ao Costello Mrs Mary 
22 Porter John 
24 McConnell Thos 
28 Harrison Geo 
30 Holland John 
32 Trwin Wm 
34 Rums Parld 
44 Hurley Mrs Mary 
46 Kearns John J 
48 Weir Alex 

52 Tyndall Marmaduke. 

54 Tyndall Geo R. contr 
56 Lunnev Mrs Lr-tiise 
58 Tmnuev Christian 
06 McCartnev Wm 
68 Holland Patrick, btchr 
Holland John 
Bovd Isaac 

70-72 Willingham Wm J 
74 Bovd Isaac 
76 Coombes Sami 
90 Rreaklev Edward 
92 Brown Wm 
W Creel an Arthur 
96 Miller Christopner 
08 Marra Andrew 
100 Renoldi Miss Lena 
102 Pusome John P 
104 Gray Hamilton 
116 Coates Vernon A 
11614 Monkman Richd 
116A Jackson John 
118 Long David J 
120 Nolan J. whol btcbr 
Tierney Mrs Catherine 
122 Chapman W’^alter 
124 Bramley John T 
132 Hudson James 
# Doel av loterseets 

138 Crothers Jas 

140 Parker Frank T 

142 McCarthy Mrs Louisa 
144 Kencard Geo 

146 Stacev Mrs Margt C 
148 Gillespie Richd 
150 Sutton AVm A 
152 Rawlings Joseph 
154 Vacant 

156 Vacant 

158 Forester Robt 
160 Vacant 
162 Vacant 

164 Vacant 
166 Vacant 
168 Vacant 

170 Blumberg Canute J 
1T2 Aehllng Wm 
174 Hflmp Benjamin 
176 Allen Jos^h 
178 Cooper Miss Minnie, gro 
4 Sproatt ar inttrsacts 
384 Coleman Sydney 
386 McPher.son Andrew 

392 Agar Edwin T 

304 Woolgnr Horace K 
396 Pett Edward W 

398 Hnnun Marshall A 

400 Sterihen Geo 
400% Elliott Thos 
409 Pickering deriah 

404 Barker John A 

406 Steadman Joseph 

408 Fisher Albert 


East from 109 Elizabeth, 
ward 8. 

North Side 

Not built on 

South Side •••. 

1 Shear Goodwin 
3 Haberman Abraham 
5 Vientrob Isidore 
7 Levine Mrs Esther 
9 Vacant 


North from Front e to 
Eastern av, first w of the 
Don, ward 1. 

East Side 

1-37 W'icket & Craig, tan- 

.... West Side 

12 Wickett & Craig, store- 

14 Bailey Thomas C 
16 Murphy Henry 


Name changed to Charles 


East from near 235 Pape 
av to Jones av, ward 1. 

North Side 

2 Montgomery John W 

4 Colby Arthur 

6 Case Fredk A 

8 Giroux George J 

10 Colby Chartes 
12 Davis Wm 

14 Woolley T Charles 

16 Auziere Adolphe 

15 Bates David 

20 Brooke Victor 

22 Quarrlngton George H 
22% Gill Arthur L 

24 Gardiner Wm D 
26 Ironside Sandford 

28 Bvrne Mrs Catherine 
30 Shlwell Wm L 
32 Hoare Joseph 
34 Humphreys John R 
36 BuIIey Samuel 
42 Shields Francis J 
44 Thomson Sidney 
46 Nash James 
52 Donohoft John 
54 Johnston Wm 
66 Cook John, gro 
6.S Burke Wm 
70 Jago Richard F 
72 TempertoD Charles B 

74 Jennings Charles 
V6 Humphrey Ernest 

78 Jones James H 

82 Russell Ernest E 
Wyatt Philip H W 

84 Dunbar Howard 

♦ Gait av commences 
SB Vacant 

90 Randall W’’m E 

92 McKay Joseph 

South Side 

1 Blake John 
1% Harran David 

3 Humpage Geo 

5 Luscombe Thomas 

7 Campbell James A 

9 Lapiere Joseph 

11 Brown Robt 

17 Johnson Alfred E 
19 Bennett Harry G 

21 Stover Edgar 

23 Ferris Herbert W 

25 Drohan Wm C 

♦ Brooklyn av ends 
Bertmount commences 

57 Smith James 
59 Goodhead Arthur J 
61 porter Arthur, express 
I 65 Wainen Wm 

i 67 Kellum Mrs Annie 

75 Shields Thomas 

77 Howard Emma 

79 Ijcfeuvre Charles 
81 Lithcrland Alfred 

83 Losee Mrs Elizabeth 

91 WMlson Frederick 

93 Sinclair Mrs May, confy 
Ciani Dominico 

97 Mansavallina Alfredo 
99 Moni John 


East from Glen rd to 
Castle Frank av, first n of 
Howard, ward 2. 

North Side 

5 Darling Robert 

4 Scott James 

6 Kelly Morgan 

8 Gray Robert M 

10 Gordon H D Lockhart 
16 Heward C Edln 

20 Gordon Alex B 

^ Powell av commences 
30 Blake Wm H 
80 Lockhart Reginald R 

♦ Maple av ends 

40 Walker Thomas L 
42 Robertson Wm D 
44 ^TcEnT'hren Wm H 

♦ Nanton av commences 

♦ Hawthorne av commences 

South Side 

1 Johnston Strachan 

5 W^ilson S Frank 

9 Hodgins Frank E. K C 
15 Labbett John 

21 DvrofiDt Albert E 

♦ McKenzie av commeoees 


North from 72 Queen e to 
Qerrard e, ward 8 

East Side 

17 Coyle Mrs Annie 

19 Davio Chas 

21 Cornfield Sami 
23 Gurofsky Han*y 

25 Cheetham Edwin 
27 White Wm T 

29 French Mrs Mary 
31 Bain James D 
33 White Henry 
33% Humphrey Mrs Marion 
37 Richardson W’^m T, exp 
39 Grose Peter 
39% Jepson W'alter L 
41 Price Mrs Mary J 

♦ Shuter st intersects 
97 Clark John, exp 

♦ Wilton av intersects 
101-133 Simif!i?on Robt Co, 

Ltd, stables 
135 Glass Louis 
137 Ehre Upe 
141 Ehre Abraham 
145 Smith Mrs Harriet 
147-151 O’Keefe’s Garage 

♦ Gould st Intersects 
1S7 O’Keefe’s stables 
189 SedcD Fredeiick W 
191 Curtin Vincent 

198 Bltschy Wm 
195 Purdy James 
197 P’redenburg John 

199 Fisk Frank 

201 Smith Mrs Mary A 

203 Parsons Archd 

205 Doheny Miss Catnerine C 

207 Cunningham ITngh 

207% McNnmnrn Mrs Annie 

209 Doyle Patrick J 

211 Bowman Nathan 

213 Leonard Arthur 

215 Feeney Michl .T 

217 Little Mrs Emily 

West Side 

12 TurtT & Son, carps 
16 Fulton Geo 

Thom.son Kenzie 

18 Payne Wm 

26 Canadian Suspender & 

Mfg Co 

28-30 Down Thomas & Co. 
brass founders 

20 Hack r'redk, garage 
Brown J R, painter 

♦ Shuter st intersects 
84 Greenwood Simon 
86 ^Varehouse 

♦ Wilton av intersects 
140 Alexander Mrs Jessie 

♦ Gould 8t Intersects 
les Brown Matthew 
170 Sproule George F 

172 Novak Abraham 
174 Smedley Mrs Emma 
176 Brewer W^alter 


(Old Major, beyond Bloor), 
north from Bloor w to 
Lowther av, ward 4. 

East Side 

5 Vacant 

7 Russell Ivan .1 
9 Borland Jas H 

11 Glass Hugh P 
13 Near Sami G 

Unfinished houses (3) 

27 Cummings Edwd J 

29 Kennard Henry 'B' 

31 Henderson Ernest M, phy 

33 Power John F 

35 Groves Wm E 

37 Vacant 

39 Turnbull Mrs Ellzth M 

41 Daly Herbert J 

West Side 

6 Rutherford Edward B 

8 McCrea Mrs A D 
10 Harris John G 

12 Yates Mrs M E 
16 McKinley James 
18 Armstrong John J 
20 Watson Robt J 

22 Bastedo Carl A 
24 Bartlett Hcv S T 
26 Troy Miss Mary 

28 Rawlings C Stanley 

30 McLean E Smith 

32 MacLaren Rev David 

34 MacDonald Hugh J 

36 Wright S L 

38 Moore Fredk 
Winters Albert, rear 

40 Grant Arthur C 

42 Graham H E 

44 Westren Fredk V/ 

48 McMurrny Mrs Elizth 


Including old Chester, east 
from Cambridge a v, 
through old Norway to 
eastern limits of East To- 

North Side 

♦ Don Mills rd commences 
24 Smith A J, biksmth 

40 Brown Henry F 
42 Yoke Charles S, Indry 
56 Wilson Robt, amusement 
North Riverdate Rink 
Danforth Halt 

♦ Ellerbeck av commences 

♦ Plavter boul commences 
152 Pestell Alfred W 

154 McKay Mrs Ellen 
156 Doughty Chas 
164 Allen Heniy S 

Danforth Avenue Meth 

♦ Jackman av commences 
176 Playter John L 

188 (5ostlin Isaac N, gro 

♦ (Chester av commences 
206 Vacant 

226 Daniels Coal Co 
230 Black Christopher 

♦ Arundel av commences 
238 Meades Ebenezer G 
240 Pink Herbert .T 

242 Child W Detos 

246 (Curtis Wm 

248 Morrison Wm, phj' 

250 Gibbs John, amusements 

♦ Logan av intersects 
258 Muir John, gro 

260 Mallfndine C P, btchr 
262-264 Taylor Adam, dry gds 
266 Bell Arthur M, phy 
268 Corbett Mrs Mary 
270 McGuire Wm P 
272 Weir James 

♦ Ferrier av commences 
302 Ferrier George N 

♦ Carlaw av intersects 

510 Harrold Fredk G, coal 
and wood 

316 Unfinished store 
SIS Unfinished store 
320 Unfinished store 


■H ^^0 I W ■ ^0 ■ m j OFFICE, FACTORY and YARD8-EA8T TORONTO 

1 Phones Beach 230-231 

— 136 — 





322 Unfinished store 
324 Unfinished store 
326 Winkle Harry, hdware 
328 Llttleford Walter, dry gds 
330 Clements Edwd, gro 
^ Moscow av commences 
334 Pitman Chas 
342 Penford George 
360 Baker Daniel 
352 Chinese Laundry 
354 West James 
356 McAdam James 
358 Keir David 
^ Pape av Intersects 
360 Frankland Henry R 
390 Hamilton Malcolm 
396 Rees Charles A 

♦ Eaton av commences 
402 Dornan James 

^ Woody Crest av com- 

♦ Langford av commences 
480 Eteridge Wm, cattle 

♦ Leslie st intersects 

690 Pre.ston Roger, mkt gdnr 
722 Roberts Charles, harness 

724 Binns Cyril, blksmith 

♦ Greenwood av Intersects 
726 Drohan Wm J 

930 Wilson John G 
932 Thomas Edwd H 
934 Dobson Wm 
936 Nicol Geo 
970 Harris John B 
994 Harris W & Co, glue 

1074 Page Steven 

Woodbine av intersects 
Colridge av commences 

♦ Cedarvale av commences 
1312 Walker John S. gro 
1316 Rushworth John 

1318 Dodson Ezra P 
1320 Marriott Alex 
1322 Vacant 

1324 Mennonite Mission 
1340 Lennox Chas W 
^ Gledhlll av commences 
1392 Jackson Wm 
1420 Meagher Thomas 

♦ Chisholm av commences 
1490 Locke Rev Hugh W 

Hope Methodist Church 

♦ Main st intersects 
1802 Walters Wm R, phy 
1606-8 Cobbledlck Nelson B, 


1524 Chinese Indry 
1628 Blaylock Wm H, gro 
Butler Harry 

♦ Barrington av com- 


1530 Donnelly Henry, shoe- 

1544 Davidson Norman 
1662 Drummond David 
1578 Vacant 

1582 Roberts Harry. har- 
ness mkr 

1584 Stoba Albert C, tlr 
1586 Lloyd Chas D, barber 
1588 Coleman P O, Frank 
Abbott P M 
Abbott Frank, btchr 
1590 Brandon John W. baker 
1592 Sharpe Joseph C, gro 
1600 Vacant 

1604 Paterson Bros, gros 

♦ Dawes rd Intersects 
1608 Johnston Arthur, boots 

and shoes 
1610 Society Hall 
1612 Vacant 

1622 Givens Wm H, dry gds 
1636 Gilding Frank, whol 

1638 Armstrong Frank 
1640 Sheard Mrs Elizabeth 
1642 Gallagher John 
1644 Empringham Alfred 
1646 Shonlker Henry 

♦ Kelvin st intersects 
16,52 Marchment Sidney 
1654 Mudge Wm 

1656 Ford Thomas 
1658 Ram-say John 
1660 Vacant 
1062 Allbright Wm 
1664 Robertson Wm N 
1666 Bradley Wm F 
♦ Leslie st Intersects 

South Bide 

^ Winchester rd ends 

♦ Broadview av ends 

1 Gilmore Miss Lavlna, 

3 Playter's Soeifctv Hall 
Peaker Harry, dentist 
5 Birrell & Maciver, confrs 
7 Smith F’redk W, drugs 
9 McKay John F, fancy gds 
11 Vacant 

15 Bates Edwin, boots and 

15% Bates Edwin 
17 Young Gordon V, btchr 
17% Webster Robt 
19 Van Loan Richd. gro 
21 Young James W 
29 Shales John H 
TO Goodwin Edward Q 
81 Ralston James W 
87 Thornton Allan S 

96 Vacant 

97 Vacant 

Danforth Av Ivlelh Ch 

♦ Bov/den ends 

181 Richards Charles W 

♦ Hampton av ends 
183 Beesiey Mrs Ruth 
217 Chinese Laundry 

219 Grainger Abraham, bar- 

221 Cherry Thomas, boots & 

Davlo John 

223 Iredaie Ralph, hardware 

^ Logsa sr intentets 

235 Kettle Joseph, confy 
237 Dorst Jacob, btchr 
239 Dorst Jacob, gro 
O’Neil James 

241 Carson Armour S. barber 
243 Parsons Bros, pimbrs 
Parsons John H 
255 Powell Joseph A, gro 
4 ^ Fenwick av ends 
257 Balkwill Janies T, drugs 
259 Hlnchliffe Wm. gro 
^ Carlaw av intersects 
301 Carter Mrs Frances E 
303 Banks Ernest 
305 Baker John 
307 Wescott Routlifle 
311 Fayle Mrs Louisa, gro 
^ Gough av ends 
343 Barnett John, btchr 
345 Barnes John, confy 
Jamieson Henry 
347 Vacant 
349 Banks James 

Goulbmrne Albert E 

♦ Pape av intersects 
375 Unfinished house 
377 Unfinished house 
379 Vacant 

381 Haindl Bros, contrs 
Haindl Wm 

391 Mills John H, mkt gdnr 
399 Retter Wm H 
4i3 Campbell John 
Gray Frank 
415 Jobln Alexander 
417 Hayes Thomas 
419 Pentney Chas 
431 O’Donohoe Wm 
^ Jones BT ends 
507 White Robt 
^ Leslie st intersects 
591 Phln John A 

Horsfall George W, r 

♦ Byron av ends 
677 Vacant 

683 Stone Henry 

689 Robinson George 

691 Femes John 

693 Kellinger Albert 

717 Dean Joshua H 

721 Jobin Alphons 

723 Preston Wm G, gro 

♦ Greenwood av Intersects 
743 Wren Thos 

745 Perry AVm 
I ^ Lincoln av ends 

♦ Lamb av ends 

853 Hainan Edwd. mkt gdnr 
9C3 Javan Rudolph, gro 

♦ Erie ter ends 
915 Malcolm John 

^ Rhodes av ends 
921 Prisley Arthur F 

935 Lavery Edwd, dairy 
^ Coxwell av ends 
941 Pilch Arthur 
1013 Andrews Jesse 
^ Hillingdon av commences 
1019 Cox Frank 
1027 Rose Wm F' 

1031 Jones Geo 
1033 Vacant 
♦ Drayton av ends 
1193 Smith Hedley 
1213 Newton Edwd, gro 
1215 Clark Edwd 
1217 Balam John 
12TO Hewitt AVm 
^ Woodbine av intersects 
1255 Watt Peter A 
1259 Cummins Jervase 

♦ Amroth av commences 
1261 Hughes Wm 
1269 Gaskell Joseph 
Poole Ernest 

1399 Metcalfe Christopher J 
^ Westlake av ends 
14.59 Richardson John, contr 
1461 Britton Carson H. phy 
1469 Courtney AVm J 
1471 Terry Wm 
1473 Stephenson Mrs Lucy 
1475 Allan R George 
1477 Denyes Frank H 
1481 Vacant 
148.3 Oldschwager Fritz 
1485 Stephens John 
^ Main st Intersects 
Drummond David & Son 

1555 East Toronto Feed & 
Produce Co 
1563 Bangay Sami 
1565 Vacant 
1567 Vacant 
1669 Vacant 

1571 Brotherston AVm M 
1675 Brotherston Wm M, gro 
A Quest av commences 
1577 Vacant 
1579 Vacant 

1601-3 Empringham Hotel 
Empringham George 
^ Dawes rd Intersects 
1605 Brewer C D. billiards 
Brewer John 

1600 Traders Bank of Can- 
ada (brl 

1611 Freeland AA''aIter 

1613 Anthony Mrs Christina 

1615 Foote Donald 

1619 Snowball AVm 

1621 Bovce Edmund T 

1623 Eby John A 

1625 McGill David 

^ Kelvin av intersects 
1647 Ormerod Mrs Blizth 
1653 Pickering Samuel 

^ Luttrell av ends 


(Old Robert pi), w from 
opp 21 Trefann, ward 2. 

North Side 

2 Rogers Mrs Johfinna 

4 Trueman Mrs Mary 

6 Prevost Mrs Bella 
8 Swartz Jacob 

8% Goodman Benj 
10 Hayden Wm 
10% Taylor Seymor D 

South Side 

1 Smith Michael 

3 Budman Joseph 

5 Marks Simon 

7 Vacant 


West from opp 158 McCaul 
to Spadina av, ward 4. 
North Bide 

2 Edgar Mrs Jennie S 
4 Wald Mrs Mary 
6 Zuckerman Max 
8 Kelly Thomas 
10 Lysky M 

14 Cunerty Terrence J 
16 Menton Wm, bldr 
18 Menton Patrick 

Menton Miss K. drsmkr 
20 Vacant 

22 Cohen Morris 
_4 Narrol Moses 

26 Kyle Geo 

28 Coyell Alfred 
30 AVhltrtiead Mrs Kate 

33 Wanty Wm, bldr 

34 Schell Wm 

3b Castrucoi Harry A 
Italian Pub Co 
La Tribuna Canadian 

38 Vacant 

42 Goodman GabHel 
44 Clifton Wm 
46 Balo John 
48 Ball Ephraim 
60 Rafelman Abraham 
52 Helpert 
^ Beverley st Interaecta 
64 Helpert Israel J 

66 Pifko Chas 

68 Italian National Clnb 
80 Pullan Elias 

84 Lunenfeld Wm, gro 
86 Swartz Morris 
88 McCann Mrs Mary 
90 Crook Chas H ' 

92 Muto Vincenzo 
94 Stinson Mrs Mary 
96 Allan George 
98 Adams Geo 
100 AA^lre Bertram 
102 Vacant 
106 King Gerrard A 
108 Vacant 

110 Kennedy Mrs Elizth 
112 Moffatt Roger 
^ Huron st intersects 
114 Lavlne Jacob 
116 Morrison F’redk 
118 Shapiro Sami 
120 Heck Albert 
122 Montgomery Daniel 
124 AYalter Joseph 
126 Hartman Louis 
128 Shapiro ATax 
130 Spooner Ernest 
132 Cooper John 
134 McGill AVm H 
136 Smith Leonard 
138 Corridan Miss Nora 
140 Cameron .Tohn 
Henderson John, r 
142 Street Lawrence 

South Side 

I Parkes Geo K 

3 O’Hearn James .T 
5 Ungaro Angelo 
7 Donofilo James 
9 Thomas Norval C 

II Gariett Mrs Carolina 
13 A’’acai!t 

15 MacCarl Albert E 
19 Cohn Samuel 
21 McCue Miss Susan 
23 Owen Richard S, pianos 
25 Burns Wm J 

27 Owens John 

29 Pancer Samuel 
31 Holford John, contr 
33 Crottv JIargt 
35 White Geo B 
37 I!ar.=ottie Sam! 

39 Morrow Mrs Charlotte 
41 Storehouse 

^ Beverley st intersects 

67 Johnson Sami 

69 Gould Isaac 
71 Levine Morris 
73 Purse Wm J 

75 Burns Mrs Sarah J 
77 Kenney John H 


Henry W. Evans, Phone College 827 


26 Wellington St. E. Tel. Main llso 

F. B. Qoocb, Phone North 1243 


GIBSON BROS. >‘cal estate 

^ ■ Phone Main 1428 


79 Turner Frank 
Turner Fphraim 
81 Walters Mrs Mary 
83 Zlehr George 
85 Pancer Abraham 
87 Smith John S 
39 Kaller Sami 
91 Jacobs Zola 
93 Krongeld Jacob 
95 O’ljeary Louis 
97 Lavery Stewart 
99 Gearing Thomas G 
101 Rosenthal Israel 
103 Helper! Mrs Edith 

106 Krangle Mrs Sarah 

107 Mirochnick MonI 
♦ Huron St intersects 

109 Cukier Joseph, gro 
111 Walker James 
311% Borsa Gaetano 
113 Sheinian Sami 
115 Billing Mrs Emma E 
117 Darragh Edmund B 
119 Goldstein Joseph 
121 Davies John U 

Billing W H Music Co, 

123 White Alex S 

125 Houlgrave Thomas 

Houlgrave Mrs Charlotte, 

127 Sexton Wm B 

129 McMahon Patk 

131 Webster Henry 

133 Taylor Henry 

1S6 Crossley Wm 

137 Mcficar Loughlin A 

139 Macdonald Mrs Ellathra 


(West Toronto), name 
changed to Colbeck av. 

North from rear of 660 On- 
tario to rear of Howard, 
ward 2. 

East Side 

17 Beauchamp Mrs Ellen 

19 Hall Frank 

21 Mason Harry 

23 Terry James H 

25 Dumbleton Wm H 

27 Blenkhcrn Wm H 

29 Hllder Chas 

31 Thompson John J 
33 Richmond C J 
89 Blake Mrs laiulsa 
41 Hackett Samuel 

43 Hastings Thomas 
45 Williams Mrs Ellen 
47 Cree Hugh 

49 Bailey Hobt 
51 Green Daniel 

53 Swain Chas 

55 Mason George R 

57 Clumpus Wolfe 
69 McMinn Wm 

61 Sorensen Soren P H 
■63 Hart Grant 

65 Tims Wm 
67 Priest Wm H 
69 Atkey Wm 

West Side 

2 Burke Wm 
4 Griffin Wm 
0 McCord Wm H 
10 Blake Harry G 

18 Caffrey Henry 

20 Pulfer Ralph 

22 Skimin Walter 

24 Vale Walter i 

26 Jones Richard ' 

28 Richardson Almond 

30 Larose Mrs Maud 
40 Ferguson Edward 
■42 Blackman Sidney 

44 Charlton Robt 
49 Douglas James J 
60 Morris John 

Darling pi commences 

54 Holland Henry 

56 Scott Mrs B'rances 

58 Taylor John H 
60 Wiltshire C E 

62 Regan Dennis 

West from 54 Darling av, 
near Ontario and Howard, 
ward 2. 

North Side 

4 Neal Wm H 

South Side 

Not built on 

East from opp 14 Doncrest 
rd to Sarah, ward 1. 

North Side 

2 W’hitney Robt 
4 Frost Ernest S 

6 Woodyear Edwd J 
8 Law Robert 
10 Hanrahan Patk E 
12 Voung John 
14 Ross Alfred 
3 6 Kelley Mrs Margt 
18 Moore Miss Lydia 
20 Vacant 

22 Shambrook Sidney 
24 Lindcp Thos 
Berry Benj B 

South Side 

1 Pollock Andrew 

3 lAcant 


North from Bridgman to 
Davenport rd, ward 4. 

East Side 

Boake Mnfg Co, lumber 
^ Davenport rd intersects 

West Side 

4 Bradley John 
8 Kettle Mrs Harriet 
12 Jackson G 
14 Pope Cecil 
16 Morris Arthur- 
18 Florence Alexander R 
20 Everton Wm 
22 Mullen Horace 
24 Mullin James H 
26 Bingham Sidney 
28 IVallace Ernest 
34 Seagar Ralph A 
38 Everton Mrs Annie 
40 Vacant 


Name changed to Hills- 
boro av.